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Don’t Let These Patriots Dance Alone (Ep 1244)

2020-05-06 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disgraceful arrest and prosecution of a Texas business owner for opening her business and trying to feed her kids. I also address the disturbing story of the takedown of General Mike Flynn and I produce all of the evidence you need to conclude that the government has failed us. Finally, I play a terrific new campaign ad by the Trump team. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn, no one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard from a friend of mine who is in events. That heart is where all the leaders we ve been waiting for them: for someone else to leave Europe? while leaders are emerging everywhere. Shelly Luther in Texas and others out, there is well who ve had enough of this tyranny. What am I talking about I'll get to that debate and I have, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not kidding when I tell you this stunning not so much time why nobody likes timelines, but Chronology of the assault on MIKE Flynn from a larger perspective, the Aceh than his civil liberties? That is so deeply disturbing. It's gonna rattle your cage. I promise you I've been like picking at my now all morning, really upset
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Do our last night. I don't. I don't know how we come out of this. At this point,. The economy is falling apart. We have said Outing flowering tyranny everywhere governors usurping powers, they don't have to do basically shred there institution religious assembly assembly, the operating a people's business is business is now are forced to justify his eighty Mccarthy legal legal genius whose on Fox often is a former United States attorney said you know, in a free country. The obligation is on the government to tell you why your business is essential to shut you down. The obligation is not new to prove your essential of the government to open up do you understand everything's backwards? Ladies and gentlemen, now find people are standing up. We interviewed Jack's Myers on yesterday's show the owner of a tattoo shop who was literally arrested. I brought out of it
shop in handcuffs for daring to open nor do we shop because he has to pay the rent in his kids, God forbid. He did that. Yesterday, a woman by the name it. I want you to remember this name, a woman by the name of Shelly Luther in Texas. She owns a hair salon. She dared to hope. Per salon and which threat repeatedly in Texas in Texas. This in Governor Abbot. I'm a big fan, the governor of Texas, huge, and I think you ve been great. I've interviewed a you a lot on Fox. What are you doing out there Why are you allowing this to continue say: ok who Shelly Lutheran and what does this mean for I get to the flint stuff Kelly Luther was arrested and is being said the seven days in jail thousands of dollars in fines, because her,
and her hair style was our going broke and kid feed their kids because of these unconstitutional lockdown. This is now. Shall we lose? you have a spine of absolute titanium, steel. God bless woman, this is her in court yesterday in front of the judge who tries to chastise. Are you should be ashamed, judge and she We demands Shelly Luther apologize for daring to open up our business, and maybe this law go away and Shelly Luther says double barrel a finger, I ain't apologizing for squat. I didn't do anything wrong. I've got a feed. My kids here is forty five seconds of Shelly Luther responding to this outer control outlined, judge in saying not today not today, Not on my watch and not today, we only people in Washington DC, who had half the gods of this page, place, Shelly Luther Janjaweed
to say that I have much respect for this court and laws. And that I've never been in a position before and it's not someplace that I want to be, but I have to disagree with you, Sir, when I, when you say that unselfish Because feeding my kids is not selfish, I have here less that are going hungry because they rather feed their kids. So, sir, if you think the laws more important than kids getting fed and please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut the salon. Yeahs, God bless you. We need more. This I've told repeatedly on my show, it's time to dance. What do I mean dance? I don't mean Footloose, Kevin Bacon, style folks,. There's a video I was shown.
By another activists, friend of mine, in the conservative moment, she's been through a lot of fights. Show me this video once Of a guy in a park to real video set of movies and fiction, it's a real videos grainy, but its old. I play it on the show, but honestly it's an audio show first and there's nothing really to hear that's a guy in a in its green, any gets up inserts dancing in the dance is kind of crazy. Nobody even knows what kind of dance is doing, but it's not. He gets at first people laugh Adam goes on for a minute or two after about two And it's the laughing dies down a little bit, but a guy gets up and start stance and whether all of a sudden there, person gets up and in a fourth four and one slash ten, a twentieth and in the whole park of hundreds of people. Dancing with this guy. It's a real video. The videos about a lot of things, so
psychology sociology, group dynamics, leadership, so bad a lot of things but I mention this video a long time ago. My shows one of my most recent you shows ever. I think it's called its the dance I'm not really sure. But there's one valuable point. You should always take away from that video. It's not that who gets up and dances? First, that's really gonna change things. It's the one who follows the first person to get up and joined the debts that says to the the crowd, we're, not gonna! Let them stand alone, lady German, don't let Shelly Luther stand alone. The cement and thou messing with you, It's time to help Shelly Luther I who but you know you may say how that's a fair question. We have to get behind these people, don't let them dance alone.
There are a number of different ways we can help. If you live in Texas anywhere in Texas Grey, but your governor he's a good man, but he works for you. I need you, please: I live in Texas or I'd be doing it myself. I'm using my show is a vehicle to help this woman. That's the best. I can I'm a Florida resident. My vote doesn't matter for Gregg Abbot. They may, if you run for president. His office should be bombarded. You should get a busy signal for seven, a trade ours today with phone calls. Shelly Luther should be pardoned immediately and these fines wiped out. Apparently in the Dallas area. Also ask you to help Shelly Luther's business out game where China best Ladys JAM. We can't help everyone, but if we're just that first person,
first guy who gets up it, doesn't let Shelly Luther Jack's, Myers or others dance alone. We can save this place, it's worth saving we been in far darker before, think about it, we got hammered by the great depression and then World war, two back to back hundreds Thousands of young Americans dead fight the Nazis and their fascist. Take over what was gonna be the entire globe. If we didn't stop, we been a darker places before I'm not here to lady that we're in a really dark place now, but the waiters, it is we're all going to have to take something on the chin. Here I left my job a long time ago. A secure pension and a job candidly. I love the lot the secret service it hurt me almost went bankrupt aside a joke, the darkest day was my daughter needed braces and we couldn't even pay the orthodontist because we have no money left. We need
up, and not let Shelly dance alone. All that any of these people, dance along the fall minds in your state, if you're, not in Texas, if you're in full You're, a New York flood, the phone lines of every city council member every mayor every governor, every delegate, every rep every state centre. Flood, therefore, I did ask and why they are prosecuting innocent Americans for trying to feed their kids post office numbers on Facebook. You are obligated to call them we're not left. This we're not the violent once. That's the left this thing, but you have the right. And the obligation now is a freedom, loving flag waving american page you to love this country and whose ancestors have handed you down the greatest constitutional republic in the history of human kind. You have an obligation. To honour their memory and fight this fight now, if this is loud to persist. People like Shelly Luther will be US tomorrow. Remember
on offer said do not speak is to speak and to refuse to act is to act, to understand up right now and one last Note here govern rabbit again with all due respect, and I mean that that's over use phrase, usually men to insult peep, I'm not trying to do that. I know you liberty. Loving patriot, you must partner I'm hoping by the time the show is over, that they show that I get a bunch of emails. Dad you're shows already irrelevant. He already part of that would be the greatest day. My life, for the show to be a bit show to be totally dated, and behind the ball would be the greatest day of my life. You must pardon Shelly Luther and everyone else as well. If the former governor of Virginia can pardon people who were felons in order to get them on the voting registries you can.
Hard american patriots trying to feed their kids today today, not tomorrow now one more moment of this dark times folks, but you were born into it, Time cannot lead Shelly Luther dance alone. Ok, let me say at the rest, shall because folks is another segment, it's gonna be troubling. The here, but again we can't run from this. What the hell was the bar Mahler team doing so now. I thought you might find it's the same story. It is, absolutely clear that the Debar Mahler Probe was an f a continued effort from twenty fourteen on to tear down a three star General American Patriot, like MIKE Flint, I'm gonna, walk through this case from star to finish, showing you the anomalies and the corruption, and I promise you it is going to rattle your belt. I before I get
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I know we say it alot, please read this, but I'm I'm do. I may have to beg. I thought if I could get in There's a table in front of me right here. If I could get down genuflect on a knee here and beg you to read this. I please I need you to read this piece of factors that combat obey. My show notes today bond. You know that slash newsletters, the website you can subscribe to the show notes: it's free we're, not gonna spam, your inbox, I e mail, you these show notes, and these articles every day this is a must read. Please we're just gonna Fox NEWS, directly ones which got that's fine. Here's the articles by the great Grey green destiny work Flynn. Bombshells cast doubt on Mahler prosecutor, Brandon VON cracks, compliance with the quarter, but the mother team did to MIKE. When to cover up the attack on this american patriot is unbelievable and Emily, as the questioner and ask again like I asked of Governor Abbot. Why isn't this woman been pardoned yet Shelly Luther? Why
Bob Mothers team, not under a full federal investigation right now, let's walk through the evidence. So who is and grab whose Mahler, whose went quick, Primmer, Might Flynn obviously Three star General transnational, secure adviser, targeted target in trapped by the FBI. Bob Mahler Special Council appointed by the carbon of justice to investigate the fake rushing collusion hoax Really there investigate the collusion hopes by Mahler, because he knows it's a hoax when he's appointed may have twenty seventeen Malta is there to set up an obstruction of justice trap for the Trump administration. That's it The purpose and his team, we good. I dont liberals Ipad Satellite about interested, I'm just telling you the truth. Ok, Bob Mothers team is not there to investigate russian collusion. He knows and twenty seventeen its oaks. He knows it. Because in January twenty seventeen deep I'm a resource of the russian collusion narrative steal his This is the resources are interviewed by the Ep Yahoo. Tell them it's a hoax Mahler noses he's only there to set up doctrine of justice trapper trump too?
Constantly Pope Trump Interview with people arrest, ah propolis, arrest, Roger Stone, arrest, Michael Cohen, and to get trump too far. Your people on the team and do other things which obviously I thought he should have done early. Ridden Mahler. Now and now you see why because I'm Alors team was clearly corrupt and then they were going to charge tromp after this with obstruction of justice, a hunt Percent, that's mothers purpose, Van Grech, Brandon VON Grech is one of the mullahs prosecutors who a. I want to keep it family friendly, a for MIKE Flynn. He has age attraction to my flim here bizarre, what we would call an unusual jurists case and the secret service. Unusual interest. Why you sending all these letters to this, but then why are you so unusually interested in MIKE Flint Van Grech? Legally speaking, of course, why?
Because they wanted a chef, went up, let's walk through this one by this is absolutely devastating from the Fox NEWS piece about again. What Mulder team Van Graph is on most in did them. There was a court order issued to the mud to the mother. You have to provide MIKE Flynn. With any materials relevant is the fence. This is a standard order. It's called Brady material. You care skewed anyone in the federal system without turning over evidence that may indicate their innocence. It's it's! It's unethical and illegal salt the order. This is what we are talking about from the Fox NEWS: peace The order also requires the government to submit favourable defence evidence to the court, including possible. Peach men evidence that talk about presidential impeachment. That- could undermine witnesses. Even if the government believes the evidence not to be material work, I can. At this and think about just now. Clear what would van grass worse for smaller Judge Sullivan
is the judge in the MIKE Flint case to prosecuting and for a fake perjury charge? He did not like the FBI Van. And Mahler know this because f B. I said he didn't like that says to them standard practice. In the beginning of the case, hey Bob We have to turn over any evidence standard practice. Deputy They Kate, MIKE Flynn, is innocent or may, impeach, a witness is credibility. That's what you're talking about to the peace is important. Van Grass again working for smaller, has long inform Sullivan the judge that the governments so call Brady obligations when I was just talking about referring to prosecutors duty to turn over exculpatory materials to defend these have been met, they ve been met. Keep this interesting. They ve been mad because all this no material continues to surface these handwritten notes from the FBI about setting up when it goes on it.
Toby, twenty nineteen filing vanguard, Denied governmental misconduct and issue the court that the government has complied and will continue to comply with its discovery and disclosure obligations. Colluding those imposed pursuant to Brady and the courts standing what're, you, your track in me here right. I hope so. Van Grech working for smaller says no. No! No! We don't. Any evidence indicating wins guilty that we should have turned over to the lawyers. We don't have anything else. This is an actor of twenty nine June yet suspiciously all of these notes from the FBI about how do we approach is to be set up when for perjury just surfaced recently, but Van crack. What is Johnny cocky signature say now know. Now we ve complied with the Brady material. We ve, given you everything, but you have it all gets worse. So you were hiding things, work, to forego the FBI where the hell are you again.
This guy's going to turn out to be the third worst director of the FBI seriously after call me, and maybe we'll throw another one in there will give him a pass for now, given just a bronze medal as the worst director of the FBI in modern history, it gets worse. Ben Grass, again work and from all or from the Fox NEWS, peace. We're gonna go back this Fox news peace to later, then argued the Sullivan that wins. Contact. Communication with Russia went to the heart of that inquiry. Talking about the You at the White House and Van Grass said that wins alleged, false statements to the FBI and the January twenty four twenty seventeen interview or So lonely material The inquiry but Gregory The fosters because answer Babbage streak bigger, be crystal clear. What to say more, team is now suggesting that they interview when at the White House, because they were interviewing him about this russian collusion hoax, they Know- is a hoax museum
I've already interviewed the sub source and knows that all the material from the sub Sources- fake Crack is now arguing that now we had an interview flint, because we had to get to the heart of the russian collusion thing: but is Re Gregory says in a fox visually? By that time the FBI had already cleared Flynn of any improper ties, coordination or communication with Russia. Just did Before the Euro view would violate the White Ass, the wash their posts story we covered earlier in the week, declaring that FBI B have reviewed floods caused with the russian ambassador and found nothing illicit. So now Van Grass is lied about producing all the materials relevant flints defence. They hadn't we're just getting them now. Fbi notes, do we set about for perjury or are we squirrel, Mama Logan? I kind of material. No. I'm just saying now,
crack is suggesting you that not all they had to conduct the interviewer Flint at the White House about is called with kisses here, because it was a material. It was the Part of the inquiry into the russian collusion thing, which is bizarre because on January fourth, theirs internal FBI. Communication just discovered just discovered Todd. Van cracks had not told me. There is no more material just discovered by the way suggesting that they have been cleared. Flint. And there was no derogatory information run him on Russia. I thought it was the quote. Part of the unicorn. I totally. Material to the Russia Prob. You mean Mr Prodi, you already concluded when there was no derogatory information and he had no role in what happened to the sky is a colossal epic, cosmic level, M theory, multiple universes level, disgrace I am so disgusted and grow staff.
You know by the beginning of the show you want to know why I'm upset now, not only for the Shelly Luther story, people being locked up for open their businesses, not only affected going bankrupt in the government, doesn't care and alleged bail out the states with money we don't even have, but we now have a media full propped up Full Soviet Union Cuba, north korean media, desperately covering up known, as you only have Fox news covering it, and Dependent journalists and empty dear, do investigations. Like me, don't call me a journalist, I wanna be insulted. Jeff Karlsson chuck Ross. Molly Hemingway Sarah Carter, John Solomon, that's if techno fog on Twitter, Under Cover Huber, I don't even know who they are. These are the real journalists. Nobody covering this, you have three star general who they had information indicating was innocent. They hid from the government, swore they didn't and then viewed Romano charge. They already knew was vague.
Where's, the media Here's the illegal filing a Van Grech and tests what he said and court talking about Winslow. Statements by the way huge had Tipp to Techno fog can It is true house rosy memos on twitter, again, actual journalism being done on twitter This is why a lot of these highlights from here's grand statements flints false to the FBI. On January, twenty four twenty seventeen were absolutely material. How how were very material de, I all ready, investigated Flynn on this fake russian connection that they tried to set em up within twenty four team. With look over spent Latona covered the Cambridge dinner at already concluded. It was no good. There was, Oh derogatory information, and grant, is lying
anybody. This is a good for the United States government. You finance, they worked for you. That's consent of the governor battered anymore. Now who's it on that interview should just to be clear. The rate of viewing of January twenty for the White House, despite the fact that dearly to the worst imposed found nothing wrong with flints communications with the Russians. That's the put em at ease, so you can set em up Marjorie TRAP, there's an actual f b. I note in creating their setting up in a perjury trap and the lawyer governments lying about. If they know we were interviewing about russian collusion. Tat we already knew was a hoax. Who was in that interview January. Twenty fourth the infamous Peter Stroke, love bird who was one of the main investigators on the market? before he got fired for his text the smelly, Walmart people and all the other devastating stuff.
Peter Stroke is in that interview at the White House number one call me every: they sent a few guys over scruple car we just sent him over. We just knew the administration wouldn't catch on big frog. Jim call me why and fraud but there's another guy in that in view of the White Ass, what might win with setting up in a perjury trap about. Call he made to the russian ambassador. The FBI already has the transcript of Why are you interviewing I'm about to call you have to call. Because you're setting them up in a perjury trap. Pay might do you remember the call their rights The train or give him the transcript too, It's his memory remember the call the whole thing they got Why do I didn't remember every detail. The call there's another of you agent, be worse agent, Joe Bianca. Why is Christopher Ray Can now clearly clearly.
One of the worst directors and FBI history. I'm sorry, I love the administrate. This was an awful appointment, Christopher Ray needs to leave the job immediately immediately I get it for an election. I understand the political consequences of doing this guy's. Ago. He has got to go He is clearly in the way of truth and justice. Now, Chris, for re. Why are you not producing the other agent in that room? We ve heard from Peter stroking his lies. There was, another agent interviewing MIKE when Joe Bianca. If MIKE Flynn lied Bianca was the no her in the room and Peter Stroke was the end of your. We know that in that interview is MIKE Flynn. Age Joe Piazza who's, taking notes about the interview IP, stroke, was asking the questions, those no So then, transformed into an FBI, three o to form that's what it's called I haven't. We heard from Bianca wise
FBI hiding him and why isn't re producing Bianca it gets even worse, had tip rate at Techno underscore fog on twitter. The great one about the great ones of in the great one part two attack. No, who discovered this one? So age, Joe Periodic apparently was transferred to San Francisco awhile back separatists can you get any farther away from Washington DC? The answer is, of course you can so here screen cap from Techno fog of the FBI Zone website up the San Francisco office in the hierarchy and it shows that one of the eight Saxon charge system special agent in charge is Joe Bianca Interesting he gets transferred to San Francisco, you might as well transfer Do another universe, Pizarro Superman World, get him any farther away from the sea. Strong to San Francisco and
It starts to develop on Bianca because people start say nay. He was in on the Might Flint interview two of my when really live. Well. Why the no take in every? Why can't we talk to him? What? Because He's being hidden and bizarre super manner, but here's what even more bizarre after the heat, our some pr go. Look at this. The f b- I don't website pr is named magically disappears from the safe Francisco office hierarchy. Gosh, isn't weird no Bianca PR got no Bianca where's Bianca, don't forget that Piazza took Denotes part That's gonna come up again in a few minutes. That's just some administrative logistics thing. Stroke did the talking pm. Did the writing know that matters Eyes, Christopher re hiding Joe Bianca.
Not only was Joe Pianka the note taker in the disgusting January 24th, two thousand and seventeen interview MIKE Flynn about a transcript. The FBI already has of a call with a Russian there's, no derogatory information on at all. There they are to set him up perjury trap project in and get him to lie No crimes have been committed, create perjury cry by getting him lie and fabricated, primarily p he's got another interesting role in this, which may explain which may explain. Why direct array is hiding Joe Piazza in the San Francisco office fifty two million miles away from Washington DC. I get a little bit I personally, but you get the point. This is from the idea report here. Listen to this one. Es, I say one, who is that at Joe Bianca folks was response.
For confirming that the woods far was complete and for double checking the factual accuracy review to confirm that the file contained appropriate documentation for the assertions in the five application. So, as I say, one widely believed the BP anchor was all responsible for the woods, father, Woods, father thing I've been talking about, for I don't know three and a half years now have written to books about the woods. As a file? The FBI keeps that documents the facts Dave used in Pfizer application to spy on someone or the evidence and how they verified. The woods file in this thing case indicates that their facts, the steel dossier and others that they had no verification words. They spied on Donald Trump Use. A dossier, they couldn't verify and the people
my father, was supposed to keep the wood spots showing they verified it. Who maintains it's the same guy? Who was the note taker in the FBI disgusting Interview, MIKE Flynn at the White House in January, who is seemingly disappeared off the FBI website? Why are you hiding GOP Anka? Now it gets even worse, Mahler team seem to behind hiding Joe Pianka to We have then crack lying about discovery and opportune material, hiding it Mahler sky. We have mothers guy again lying. That Flynn was central to the russian collusion claim when the FBI, as Their own note says: there's no derogatory information and was going to shut down the case. We of the FBI, hiding the age, and it was in the room, interviewing Flynn who took the notes. Also can be neither the guy who is supposed to verify and keep the file the very,
The dossier was never verified. Any seemingly disappears, whereas Mahler on that one give a big had Tipp the rosy memos on twitter here. Another grain account actual journalism them. What show you? What else Van Grass in the Mahler team did too Might Flynn to make sure not only they set him up, and not only make the agents who set him up disappear. But they were really big. Demolish team on manipulating transcripts again Tip rosy mammals, look at this one, the highlights this when you may be sent my god. What is that? Well, watching on the Youtube Youtube that consultation on you can read. It had a little bit, but. This is true transcripts back to back on top of each other, but are they transcripts up there, transcripts of John Dowd, who was up an attorney further present Trump calling Mike flimsy attorney for illegal conversation now
the more report, somehow the transcript that the Multi behalf Mahler team, you know, Van crack in those guys conveniently leave out that when, when down from trumps defence team, is calling might flings lawyer daily this one line he's, look, for some information about, like a joint cooperation agreement, any says: listen! If you, can without having to give up any confidential information, in other words, dowds very clear deadlines lawyer that ever you tell me, I don't want it to be eighteen confidential, but dad not what the Mulder Report says them Reports, as you know, there's information that it became the president. We ve got a national security issues, so you know we need some kind of heads up. I'm just for the sake of protecting all our interests. If we can remember what we always said about the present feeling towards Flynn, and that still remains deleting deleting the part that says
now you have to give up any confidential information deleted it in the Mulder report tell me again, Bob Mothers, a patriot and hero, no I'm done with Bob Mother you want to defend bomb alors character. I did this joyous above all. Thank you for your listen great. Thank you for your military. That's all! That's great! The pass and good we're happy you, sir. What You did this. Man is a disgrace. You will vote for ever remember for the stain you put on this republic with God awful lying potential criminal investigation into MIKE Flint, not criminal investigation into when your criminality in your investigation into MIKE Flint you deleted the part of the transcript, would plunge lawyer where their specifically not asking for confidential information. You deleted that. So what
point again had Tipp rosy members here at one point, when's the french team says: hey, listen, don't you think we should get a hold of the transcript of the phone call between MIKE Flynn in the russian ambassador. Being that that's what Bianca ongoing Stroke interviewed flint about the White House is called the russian ambassador. How do we of winds. Why don't can't we get the transcript well worse, not because these snakes Van grack in the Mahler hacks. What are they We're not are giving you the transcript. Here's around weren't you. They say the government further represents that it's not relying on any other recordings or of any person for purposes of establishing defended, skilled or, terminate sentence. Nor are there any other recordings that are part of the sensing record notice, get out of this, what you want to get really pissed radio
referred brow, recording the transcript vey manipulated and they use that when flinch keeps us. Your charge again with why in about a phone call, he had have the transcript How do we know he lied? Can we see the transcript point? Doesn't remember all call they say no, Are we going to rely on the trips we manipulated without. Ah, full melon. Why. No, you can't have the transcript were actually charging him with. You can only the transcript we manipulated and lied about. Gets better by better, I mean catastrophically apocalyptic. We worse. Not only be lying about the purpose of the meeting lighting about the FBI, material or hiding lying
The purpose of the probe lying about the Russia probing close lying about evidence. They have lying about transcripts, there are also lied about deals. They ve got many get through. The second me right. My last sponsor, because I want a role through this because unbelievably this gets worse. They show also granted by our friends, are good friends it Tommy John. I was a consumer of be John Products way before the response or shows more than happy to take the mind beloved Tommy some working from home, used to be the fan I fancy very professional turns out. It's really. Their comfortable less you wearing Tommy job Tommy Jarvis, something for everyone? No matter where you were, from home. What your home situations from super, soft and breathable underwear, which do you know, what time is it anywhere? Is I like em much we have the issue in the issue is: when you agree power, they go to the
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the lies just keep piling up the manipulated transcripts, the hiding a material, the hiding of agents, Joe Bianca, let's, them to Mars, And can be an astronaut find the mare down all radio show? Let's leave em like Matt Damon in the Martian, we'll get him some seeds and stuff and they can use their owner human waste, the Palais Potatoes member that movie the Martian. Not only that, but they were cut this ideal, apparently as well the monarchy a little. So I deal with MIKE wins. Prior Lee go Council from Covington in Berlin. You know, we're gonna Berlin that hired Eric holder Obama's merger and general. Yes, that one. So apparently MIKE Winds, former legal team was cutting side deals with the corrupt multi want to see bad boy. Look at Sidney want to Sydney Palace filing they just found about this little gem recently to so
In addition, Mr Wynn's council has found further evidence of misconduct by Mr Van Crack. You know mothers guy. Not only did he make baseless threats to invite to indict Michael and Sun, Michael and Junior, he made a side deal should be made aside. You're, not the prosecute, Michael chiefly as a material term of the plague Raymond, but require that it be kept secret between himself and the coming ten attorneys expressly to avoid the requirement of GIG Leo Keighley, was it a Supreme Court case where you have to Produce any kind of deal you made to get someone to test by if I get need a test. Violence Bob and I cut a deal with Tony than I have This clause that the also everybody understands what Tony's incentives are ganglia. Don't ever forget ganglia? Giggly, our brain very important cases government apparently didn't want any one else to know that they had threatened general Flynn with the arrest of his son and a day
wooden prosecutors son if General Flynn test my? Why wouldn't want you wanna know? Well, it's transparently obvious, as I discuss the other day they clearly, one, a general Flynn after lying disgusting filthy charges against them. They were to use Flynn in the Mahler proud to testify against President Donald Trump But they do want a court to know if they cut a deal to get him to do so, because then it seems like flints not do it out of the goodness and kindness of his own heart. He shall we do. Stay out of jail, so they hit this ideal. But that's what bothers team told the core oh no, Bob Mahler Special Council T their own signatures on this there's advance track again Brendan ran crack, he said so the judge, no agreements promises, understandings representations have been made by the parties or their council other than contained in the writing. Herein
normal any such agreements. Promises understandings representations be made unless Did you in writing and signed by your client defence counsel and the special councils office? That is a lie. Folks, that is a lie, Covington wins old, horrible attorneys, and why hire them? its own email said there was aside deal that they didn't tell the court about Ideal, they hid because if they were going to use when to testify later they don't want anyone to know he was testify because he was trying to keep his kid out of jail they say my gosh. Can this get any worse? Oh, of course it can. Of course you can. So you know that interview Joe Bianca took the notes on the journey twenty fourth interview at the White House about a transcript they already had with Peter strove. P,
go stroke Flynn in this situation, room at the White House trying to catch him in a perjury trap about a transcript. They have right. There. What the Notetaker, Egypt, With their hiding on Mars, with Matt Damon in that bubble, he explodes. So Bianca's, the Notetaker and notes, get transcribed onto an original three o to two and three o two summary those notes we still haven't seen so just days later, but is it enough be awesome where again Christopher Ray you're, not only hiding piano? Why are you hiding the original three or to re answer? The question answer the question you work for that's, not a campaign slogan. You're, not a tyrant this isn't the gestapo. This is the f B. I Where is the original three out to PR took? No, what's it was submitted to the FBI system where,
or is the original summary of PR is notes. The one that according to multiple people have reported on, it may not be so good for the FBI, in other words the original notes may indicate they didn't believe. When was lying, we don't have it like we don't have the guy who wrote used to form the original three or and two we don't have. We don't have pianka either because he's on bars, Matt, Damon. Now what's really interesting about that, because this tweet from a writer the epic times mister spat respond. Sorry from seeing your last name wrong. This is at Peters, fab. Four, big Times Peter Stroke, text state and one of his tax to his girlfriend he's a page FBI lawyer that here. While trying not to completely rewrite the document quotes
a way to save and its reject its voice. What does that mean? The maids Peter Stroke is texting. His lawyer girlfriend LISA Page a lawyer for the FBI, may right hand, woman, the Debbie director, the happier who was not in on the interview, but is intimately familiar with legal, language and how to charge someone with the line to the FBI line to a federal agent, the charge Flynn discharge charged with They're, probably reading the initial three o too, and in that your tour indications flints telling the truth. We don't have that regional, three or two, and as its being edited over and over and over and over again.
To make it sound, like Flynn, is more and more guilty. And page and stroke or involving letting process for native you page wasn't even in stroke at one point gets worried. The document may be straying so far from what Piazza actually wrote down that it may not preserve his voice. That's what the rejected name it, I'm trying to preserve redirected voice. That reduction is clearly piazza. Now, you see why Christopher raise hiding Joe Piazza wouldn't really devastating. If Joe Piazza went up in front of a correctional committee and said that three o too that stroke submitted after six thousand different at its being hyperbolic. There were quite a few, though that's not mine, that's not what I wrote we wait with charging him in an interview in it of you know two three or to that aren't the actual interview notes. Ass now, mine listened Joe Piazza. I mistakenly thought
while back that you may have been a white had a good guy in all this. I thought I think I was wrong and I apologise to the we. I really did. I thought the rest, He was being quietest because we may he may have flipped. He may have still may have so our whole doubtful judgment, but where are you man Where are you what is oath, meaning you? You know when you hold up your commission book with the FBI in Eurasia right hand, I did it. I was an eighty Levin federal agent, just like you are, I know I'm not as important as special as you. You got to be involved and to set up a Mite Flynn. I may not be the historical figure involving the biggest political scandal in american history, but I raised my right hand and held up a commission book to and swore to defend. It early that I didn't matter to any of the people involved. Where are you Bianca? What are you doing? can't we find him. Why are they holding back? Why can't Congress, the elected representatives of the people. He's having with the FBI and the constitution. Nothing. There is, however,
there. There are, however, the establishment of three branches of government. The Congress wears off say over the F B. I, where are you where? Why can't we talk to Bianca. And why we stroke China preserve his voice? Why not just tell the truth. You may say, come on this can't possibly get worse. The sky Van Crack seems like a really bad apple, always does there's even more there's even more. Here's ran Grech, again I told you they were threatening General Flynn son Might Flynn Junior. Prosecution to get Flynn the talk in and they hid the deal? If your son He won't prosecute. You son view testify against others. They hid the from the court. They lied to the cord about the existence of that site. Deal Basically, what were they get a charge MIKE when son with
we were all over this contract. Apparently MIKE Flynn had with people from Turkey, people from. He fled, might have been lobbying on behalf of now To charge fled and his son with violations of our lobbying fairer laws, foreign aid, registration act was you have to that you're working on behalf of the turkish government not apply It set a senator. Please tell me, get this. The government has to show beyond reasonable doubt that MIKE Flynn an agent of a foreign government, and his son, that's what we get ready to nail him with well Go though few talking about life from the judge, here's the chill this whole thing in the joke is on US mothers team. Wouldn't even prove Flynn, was working for the government of Turkey. Look at this as
we we produce the receipt. Tarpaulin ain't gonna, like that, the evidence for those who hate the receipts. So. The judge asks the Mahler team you made a request. For financial aid from EU. They say you made no requests for financial information from Turkey. Correct. Here's smaller seem correct. But the bottom line as far as the governments investigation was and even try to get this information correct. Yes, sir, that's correct the judge you following me, the judge says tamales hack, which others you ready to charges guy with lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. Do you Eve have the records. Eddie was lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. No, did you even ask now to picking it up.
You know I included in the show notes again today, winning I going on the screen, but it's in the show notes again by Jean Oda Consolation Newsletter. Please read it. An article on the wash them examiner by June Galiano a former. B. I remember the FBI. Oh yeah, no, I believe, is a CNN commentator. Read it gallery. I know it's like I've had enough. I've had enough of this would happen if, when visit disgrace, he's very CS. I tried to find a reason, defend the FBI and believe this. Is an innocent mistake. Enough. Folks, it gets worse. Remember I told you earlier in the show. Nowhere in forget my place. I said the fact that people It was the no takers gonna matter well. Why? Because of PR got, took the notes on flimsy interview where they said he liked
And P Uncas notes are used to create the FBI. Three owe to the summary of the notes which the original one is seemingly disappear, because Christopher re magically can't find it. And stroke is texting is lawyer, girlfriend we're massaging the three o to two massaging it and worried about preserving p anchors voice that pretty damning in court. Now, if the FBI, Jim Stroke, who didn't even take the notes, massaging the notes that would be pretty damning core. Wouldn't it especially if the original notes of seemingly disappeared Well, I wouldn't be if the process should theme lies to the courts and not a stroke. Didn't have to preserve piano, his voice or anything because I was p, it was strokes, notes, not Bianca's. Like no way they wouldn't lie about who wrote the notes? Well,.
Whether they were lying or not, sure by day, most clearly misrepresented, and I am being very nice right now. Representative who wrote the notes to the court's. You don't believe me here. Go, exhibit too He had evidence file yes, This is a submission by mothers, hack, team of corrupt Democrats to the core where they say: hey. We misidentify the authorship of the hand, written notes from the flint, a view on January, twenty? Fourth, the notes: government had previously identified as strokes. Actually the other agents and what government had identified, as the other agents notes are actually strolled, always in that amazing.
I'm leaving? The exports gives out. Now you see why there Haydn Bianca Bianca's notary, for the three or to pee Goes on Mars would Matt Damon, they don't want peace, Gotta tell you anything about what he wrote down in the interview. Could splendid Libya to view the original tree. You probably says Flynn didn't lie, or some indications of the original trio, too is disappeared. Christopher raise hiding it on Mars, Wit, Matt, Damon Joe Stroke actually massages the three o two produces multiple drafts, then rack and mothers team, as we showed the other day keeps pretending that the draft submission thing. The headline was a mistake when it wasn't says: oh by the way, I'm sorry we told you those we strokes notes because he was
one writing the trio to again and again and again till it told the story we wanted, but those were actually peacock is after we got busted. Sorry, my bad. Let's wrap this up now go back to the original Fox NEWS, peace from Gregory, which is worth your time along with that Galiano piece in the worse than his amateur So here's disgraced Christopher Ray the current FBI director hears is sorry defence to all of us that the conservative tree house, by the way you who has a right up on this as well from the Fox NEWS peace. So question about a lot of this. Why Van Grech, the Mahler team didn't produce all this material. The FBI notes about the set up where the three Two is and all this, that here's Christopher raise pathetic defence as the Fox NEWS in the peace with
Guard the certain documents in the Flint matter from the twenty sixteen twenty seventeen time period that are now the subject of reporting by the press, the FBI, obviously, producers materials to the eye g in: U S attorney DORA, the Flint invest destination- was initiating conducted during this time period under prior leadership. Are they going to call me under the, but we already know commies loser. You don't have to add that, since taking this array stressed the importance of strictly abiding by established processes without exception ray, is firmly committed to addressing the failures under prior FBI. Visionary goes blaming combing, while maintain the foundational principles of rigour, objectivity billion ownership in fulfilling the FBI's mission to protect the american people and defend the constitution. You get it, you see what he's doing their notice, what he says The investigation into MIKE Flynn started in twenty hadn the door on probe ray Safari and his pr flax. So nano. We gave DORA the United
attorney investigating all this for billboard. This whole scandal gave up that information to DORA probe within twenty nineteen when it started what you doing with it for two years: I'm twenty nineteen MIKE wines thus. The geisha starts twenty seventh and you may say: well, damn did you read that it says they gave it to the idea to, and the report report started rat and twenty seventy twenty? Eighty two really. But where is any of that me? I d report so Christopher. Super patriot, the sequel! You know Sean because call me the superpowers. You re Super patriot, the sequel. Where was ITALY age, so that you telling me Michael Horowitz inside you report, there's no discussion of the notes were, but how do we set up when perjury? Ok, that's never mentioned. You didn't think to bring that up with the idea. Where is it any energy report.
Noticed what Elsie leaves out again had to begin? four years on this one. Nowhere in that statement. Do they mention that these We're turned over the Mahler probe to why. Because raise clearly covering for the fact that Bob Mothers Team Van crack in these hacks that engage in this whole thing I just put out, therefore, you had, all of this evidence of might flints innocence. The entire time re conveniently leaves that out of the statement and they prosecutor three star general and national, secure advising the United States President Trump anyway gross. Disgusting I want to play. This is quick, add on this because it says so so devastating and damaging. First, I want to which what do we have? First policies:
Biden first or is it, but this is an ad bread, parse, gallantly fantastic digital team and the trumpery election. Together. I want to send the show on this day, because our and it on kind of semi, don't no showing you how absolutely incompetent and inept of a candidate Joe Biden has become a total disaster we all know the red allegations, salaried allegations is dealing with now, but by has never had an attachment to the true. He is a key is a chronic liar, a serial liar, here's devastating add of some old mainstream media news coverage when Joe Biden Miss running for president running for office in the path of him, making ridiculous claims, being surrounded by media people decades ago check. This is about fifty
second check this out splaining to do? They knew question stem from a tape remarks biting during an April campaign appearance in New Hampshire. I went to law school on a full academic scholarship. The only one in my my class said have a full academic scholarship will back the law school and in fact it up. In the top half of my class, I was the out standing still in the political size department at the end of my graduate with three degrees from undergraduate school honoured, sixty five credits, only dollar twenty three credit Biden now concedes he did not graduate in the top happened, is working class that he does not have three degrees from college and that he was not named outstanding political science student in college use weeks, as Biden actually went to school on, a half scholarship ended up near the bottom of his class and one only one degree. Not three Joe Biden rank seventy six than a class of eighty five at the universe. If Security Syracuse law, school honey, this guy comes off this whole thing. As a fly weight and now Biden says we can write. His memory had failed
memory seems to fail him off I sincerely down it's gonna get any better if he is elected president. We have to deal with him and his cereal misrepresentations for the next four years. I thank you again for tuna in. Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly again and with the greatest of respect ass, you spread the show around what happened. Might Flynn is a disgrace. What happened is Shelly Luther is a disgrace. The republic's knock and defend itself. As my good, Brandon activists. She knows who she has told me repeatedly. We are the leaders we ve been waiting for. Don't let Shelly Luther and dont wet might fled dance along I see it, you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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