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Ep 458 Liberals Are Going to Lose Their Marbles Over This Latest Trump Policy

2017-05-12 | 🔗

In this episode I address a Trump policy on crime that is going to drive liberals wild.

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bond you know all the sandy supporting fallen bombs at me i m right back i'm not here to pull any punches right the deadline juno show this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals win under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can one your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i love renegade above him at the bonn gino priests joe how are you today i'm doing good it's far riding dan annex for another great week of listeners ships lot to talk about today let's get right through it today show brought your buddies at my patriot supply you know i love these guys folks preparedness it matters
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check it out okay so i did a fox news hit this morning and i was talking about an issue very sensitive to my heart and i felt before i thought i wanted to be be very careful here in my language because this is a very sensitive topic understandably with people and i get it how there a lot of emotions involved i i dont like political labels but you know people are in love with them so i have to give you something i consider myself a conservatory and i think it was dana lash euro you know coined the term but i i may conservative would libertarian leanings in a number of areas my libertarian leanings our lot on on on some policy issues on some foreign affairs issues but i'm largely a conservative when it comes to economic spare tax why taxation that kind of thing but what i am not for is for policies that don't work just because they make for good talking points and i went on foxes wanted to discuss a new d o j policy by jeff sessions the attorney general which i support
robustly vigorously proudly loudly whatever you want to say here's what happened during the obama years there was an effort by the erika hold their justice department in conjunction with barack obama believe me this didn't happen like holder just made it up out of thin air to discredit our justice system and what they did is they would use to talking points the disk and the justice system at the federal level africa i mean besides their war on police at the local level as it sets out what i'm talking about you that two separate fight but a merry real one nonetheless be but at the federal level jody the two things they wanted to discuss always they wanted to discuss what they called disparate impact and prison overcrowding now let's address these things one by one and how barack obama and his attorney general i recalled would put reason assign focused exclusively on talking point to get you to think things were happening that weren't really happening first thing they would say they would say what disparate impact what tat meant to them is
there are more minorities in prison or greater population the printed press population is minority that makes up the general population so that these are not the actual numbers but example would be let's say you know why black sir but on all fifteen percent of the population and they were say eighty percent of the prison population than they would say look black americans are being discriminated against because there's a higher portion of black americans in prison right will folks that's that's a non secular it doesn't make sense are you alleging that those black americans in prison which one shouldn't be impressed do you know what i'm saying joe like using collective data like that to show a disparate impact in other words the effective the justice policies effected black americans differently
well show me one of those people who happens to be in jail for the wrong reasons and we will all here you out but you can't make collective statements that individual cases it doesn't mean they do that for reasons that this is a typical liberal thing it's it's meant to gauge you in an emotional conversation and emotional conversations sadly tend to not be bound in red they are doing it now with obamacare they're sending all these people go to town halls with really grant that really horrible cases we showed that jimmy camel cases well though he wasn't have town hall but please let us go and these are horrible cases people in town halls my wife had cancer i'm not way trying to diminish that but folks individual cases we don't know the circumstances which you have no idea why should we make a national policy based on an individual case when nobody
we don't have your medical records nobody knows what you did with your insurance did you buy ensured nobody has any idea so making now criminal justice policy in saying ok we're going to do this because there are too many but americans in prison without saying why there in prison is so what happened was that you in the second issue by the way they would use disturbed to be clear my two talking points as they would use prison over overcrowding since or overcrowded nearer to many minorities in prison ok well prisoners being overcrowded is another don sequitur because as i said on fox is warning on the head was joe prison there crowded with criminals you're not jig again you're not telling me about who shouldn't shouldn't be a prison edwards they're not saying bobby smith president he shouldn't be they're they're just and not others too many people in prison where why are they present while because they killed rape so drugs beat up people say
and people are ok well which ones you want to let out not our job crowded you're ruining my talking point occasional build more present pray dont want to build more prisons we needed a talking point now the talking points for the left where those two things disparate impact and prison overcrowding because why the why matters i gavin said this in a while we haven't you said that the divert the theme of our show the renegade republican podcast has always been explaining the motivations and why would the left want to empty out presents why well i really want to empty our prisons what the left wants to do is the left always needs to appeal to identity politics and racial animists because that's all they have i haven't mentioned this in a while but liberal party of j f k is debt new brill america understands it none of their policies have mainstream appeal not of joe because i know this because they never put their policies on any campaigns their policies are raise taxes take away people's health care and give it to the government
people where they can go to school did not have these none of these as you have any major regulate and red tape people of their growth government none of these a mainstream appeal the left understands that that's why you will never see campaign sign that says i'm going to raise your taxes take your healthcare tell your kid where to go to school you never see it so what do they do the left is one election not a lot i mean they're getting crushed the national up but they still hold seats and the democrats still have mainstream parties status because joe they ve sought a different strategy since the j f k yeah the times a j f k they move more towards identity politics which requires them to label you in say you are pure black america your hispanic america you are union america you are gay america you're transgender america and by the way the republicans hate you and we will defend you this is make no mess
folks i i can't distill it down to any simpler of a point here for you to take out of us the left's policy political strategy strictly that isolate people into little boxes blackmail spanish amerika gay america union america and makes or they know how much republicans hate you i do now the evidence of it just look at their campaign its attitude to the radio show he has a great compilation jason put together over there of democrat adds over like the past twenty years there if you allow republicans they're gonna black churches are not joe you ve heard right yeah cbs you carry had the back up the cool it was divide and conquer divide yes exactly divide and conquer and divide people into groups right you can pin on the matter they pick on themselves i bet you may say like well that silly of course they're going to pin that on themselves as being a black american or work no they're not my wife there's a sporadic she know she's hispanic she's colombia that's not our she i
finds herself would she try gouges her life and says what do i need what's important here is number one mom number two spouse number three employees at the company she works for you no number four member the community upon number five member of our holy redeemer church you don't have a say in july last thinks she's worried about is identifying yourself as it is back it's it's it's not what she does the left wants it to be number one because then they want is a look and republicans hate you saw this they do it all the time we had a you know a member the as with them when ready care and bombing it came about this there those adds with paul ryan pushing grandma off the cliff other identity group the other identity group was seniors republicans hate you to the end this is everywhere you name group i will oh you a strategy messaging strategy by democrats and liberals too
oh that group how much republicans hate them any ideas it the democrats we're going to defend them and therefore you should vote for us in other strategies but an abysmal failure they ve lost the presidency they ve as the house it was the senate indians governorship they lost by the way the aha mayors race last night that was the race where tom whereas the dnc chair came out said because the democrat running for the roma may your ship was not a pro abortion advocate that they shouldn't support him or her whatever maybe for his man or woman but doesn't matter also they didn't and the republican want so nice job thanks tamper as again so these people are maniacs there used to be series of blue dog democrats who are pro life that's they're not welcome any by their only about identity politics you are this and republican hey you that is if only strategy the democrats have now going back to how this ties into criminal justice reform
they needed a wedge issue on imprisonment again to make people believe that republicans or go out there in bull connor tied fashion which is ironic because those world democrats us people buddy bends besides the point forget the history firmament and republic we're going out there with paul horns and and night sticks and these police were added control they were just randomly locking up might our the americans for crimes they didn't commit keep reminding can't point to any actual cases of this that's why they use the collective dated what i'm saying juncture do they never got like hey look i'll be swiftly should be a job they got no not all look at mine but the americans they shouldn't be in jail ok wait while which once well i don't know all of them i don't really you're ruining my entire talking point so the democrats
seized on this issue would be the obama holder administration obama rob regime to say look these republic it's her put you in jail every one of you hunting you down like dogs ladies and gentlemen i hate to steal a line from rush loved the death but he always says don't doubt me like a footnote in credit rush you don't doubt we are this do not doubt be i'm telling you are giving liberals and democrats way too much credit if you think this is a hybrid balikh statement they wanted to the believe republicans where these awful you know fell law and order guys who were really jack booted thugs who were hunting down minorities have put them in jeff and keep her mind again although they could point you know systemic abuse at all they just there its use random collective statistics that have no meaning outside of the individual cases again which people shouldn't be in jail now keep in mind never mentioned the facts show that of the
large minority population in jail has largely preyed upon people we might all ready community joe you you you know baltimore city well you're not like our jos only been working in that market for like eight hundred years it is a largely black in the spanish city largely black correct yeah now there are tons of galicia tons of good p bought by that goes without saying she would have to say it but given out dopey liberals are in a biscuit sure of bees where i've done a lot of campaigning in baltimore city there are tons of good people over there and though this people a preyed upon routinely by chris i mean literally preyed upon by wolves among them absolutely those or go to jail but what does it matter that their black or a sporadic or green or blue or what what's the difference if you're a black american in baltimore city work in your bought off in your you're a plumber gettin up at five in the morning when you work chalk and you come out a guy broken your
why should he be let out of jail because he's hispanic or black auto because there's germany black jail what what what are you talking about so the point i was trying to make this morning on the show is that they got rid of the bobby and administration as as a result of that talking point republicans are coming to get you all and put you in jail is due to this policy that basically scrap the minimum federal sentencing guidelines okay so here's the obama administration em up let's target black americans and hispanic americans and make these people think the republicans hate them therefore we can leverage the you know their votes in intellect so let's tell them that the robbie and thrown in jail and as a result of that we're going to fix this and what they did joe this is the action item they did that i spoke about this morning they threw out or distorted the minimum spread sentencing guidelines to the point that they were almost useless now
it was a federal agent joe i have some experience with this and what i said today's this what happens when politicians and bureaucrats like barack obama eric holder who have little no experience in the real world of law enforcement stick themselves into law enforcement for a purely political game again to leverage the talking point that republicans are coming after minorities which is nonsense the federal government the way this works are used to work before obama is as a result of either they be out of control street crime sixty seven these it is in the nineties there were a lot of policies implemented in the federal government to get criminals off the street show one of the things they do is they said we're gonna institute minimum federal sentencing guidelines what that means is f bobby smith is arrested for twenty kilos cracker whenever it isn't he hasn't you go to jail for let's say ten years no matter what job we clear on this
there was no judge well it was a little bit and i'll get that the same but there was very little discretion involved now i get it a lot of libertarian friends in mind might say wow wow that's really harsh should we be putting people in jail for you know what if they just made it listen guys and ladies i get it but that's not how this system worked they had a few people send me one guy had a ban from my facebook page i mean really nasty message be keep my guide no experience of law enforcement and all but he's comedy web page and you know what you're talking about what are you just that people should go to jail for smoking part no did you ever listen to my joe joe and i've only talked about this what five hundred times folks i get it load full street offenders were simple possession i've set a thousand times i think we should make it a really expensive parking ticket ok met effect that may be more you're right you're right jail what if you said i know it's a seven hundred i'll take it
get it i understand sitting our drug wars been largely ineffective and we should target treatment alone but that may we should throw out all of the every single drug law ever unlike we start may the main lining heroin tomorrow morning the way it would work in the real world folks because indeed the obama justice apartments theory and this was man you get locked up for spoke in a joint you'd find yourself a federal prison for fifty years now know now here's a dose of reality liberals again please turn out now this is the fact the portion of the show the portion your interested in emotions that when i was a secret service agent for over a decade using federal these statutes to prosecute criminals you would get the low level so let me just use an example that doesn't have so much emotion embedded in the drug war let's use the example of a credit card fraud case now even better use counterfeit when we're locked people up for counterfeit we would usually get the past or in other words the guy that's egos and seven eleven with a counterfeit hundred dollar bill joe the way would work is
seven eleven would usually figure out from hope from the bank that they got a counterfeit one hundred right now now door the course of a day is very rare for you to get a hundred dollar bill excuse me so seven levin would go i'll yeah that guy i remember him for he came in and he bought a piece of bazooka gum ever bazooka fight sets you never those bazooka gobs you re does love the men like the comedy idea then because it's right there the complex on the other by the rapporteur so the way work is if you have a hundred dollar bill it's counterfeit the typical pass would be you'd by someone really small and you get to change it real money so you go when you buy a bazooka gum for five cents and you get you no ninety nine plus dollars in real money back so the guy the seven eleven would go back look at the tables and yet i came in at two o clock very as they give us the tape we'd figure out relatively quickly who the guy was maybe they had it amber outside with a license plate and then you go and you like the guy up in a federal crime of possessing repassing counterfeit joe
you may say to yourself here's the lip this is where the liberal narrative stops again the fact portion of the show proceeds now joe nine out of ten times back i was never prosecuted anyway so we in the liberal world he goes to jail for a hundred years by eight did not think right path that can count on friday is a jet ok that's what really happened fact portion of the show continues it gets here's the way really works you lock him up and you he gets a lawyer you logic federal camps there are three ways to lodge a pc document to get the arrest warrant for someone in the federal system three way it's ok three one two three four the liberals have to do that slow took you can draw up a complaint a complaint is a document that lays out the shocking way for liberals the probable cause added turn you go you swear out that complaint you get an arrest war
you go and arrest the guy for passing the counterfeit second way you can go in front of a grand jury you can have him indicted the third ways it through a process called information which is really just a glorified complaint you either way you have to prove probable call that's the guy in the seven eleven video joe pass counterfeit ok make sense right yeah spain and you again the federal system when i worked there the way with typically work is rarely and died a guy like that because dropping in indictment and letting go later on to use him you know like in other words hey we're going to the charges but you can help us get the guy you got the counterfeit from makes sense merely dropping indictments really difficult it's possible but it's hard it's like an act of god to get rid of it so we were
we do that you would just lodge a complaint get an arrest warrant complaints are dismissed listen to me folks for liberals ok if you still tuning and even though this is the fact based partnership complaints were dismissed all the time happens every day all over the country why because you get the guy there s more you interview he confessed is sometimes sometimes a lawyer up if they lawyer up no problem you talked a lawyer you listen i got a music video want to watch it what you whether there's bobby smith pass an account if you have the lawyers that dump joe the lawyers can me five minutes point ninety nine out of a hundred times guy goes back it what do you need to know who you get the counterfeit from ok what do you do then all the united states a journey up no maybe half the time the united states it
and you'll be like i you know what we're gonna dismissed the complaint against the sky and we're going to use use them to get the other guy what do you do you get the guy to call the distributor the counterfeit you record the call you gave them saying joe typical you know gum shoe investigative detective tactics is nothing new to me this nothing complicated to be clear on this the complaint is it always dismissed but what happened then the old system before obama through the minimum sentencing guidelines out the window and screwed everybody is you could go the lawyer joe this is important for all the liberals out there you'd say hey lawyer jones i got bobby on tape here's a dear brother you and i now with the minimum federal sentencing guideline is for passing counterfeit sky is gonna get five years in jail note discretion there was very little judge discretion so joe if he went to jail and you out of my video he was gone for five years well obama do that out even now the chances
bobby going to jail at all job we're pretty much swim dana because they were dismissed the complaint or built did the federal sentencing guidelines was a point system so if you racked up a certain amount of points you could get some time off the scent so for the people and if i if i get confusing stop me what they let's just use the first half of the people say the complaint was dismissed and we would use them as cooperate or tried to get the big fish rang out yet the other half they they pass the lot of counterfeit you dont want to let him go completely so what would happen with those people there's a point system so a few wrapped up say ten points you could get time off the sense and how did you get points you got points like one point for acknowledging responsibility to points for substantial
cooperation you get what i'm saying just so you could go to the judge and say what the prosecutor with do it say judge you know where we're going to give this person whatever four points for cooperating to help us get the big fish what the left doesn't understand is that's what happened the real world saying that the guy bobby got locked up for a hundred dollars a counterfeit what the jail for seven thousand years you just making it up you don't understand when you use that stupid talking point to one but where the sense and guidelines or now what happened joe in the real world and talk to you a federal agent friends if you dispute eddie of what i'm telling you in the real world they go to the guy past the counterfeit say hey we got you on tape pass an account if you know what the lawyer would say you brother and it starts with a i have a lot of kids listen show but it
you guy because you know what the lawyer knew the lawyer knew you were never going to be charged cause obama wiped all of that stuff out through holder he there was no way there were no made a month they were still in effect but what they would do joe and drug cases where this was prominent is they would tell they instructed the assistant united states attorneys do not include the amount of drugs or in this case a corollary the amount of counterfeit past he now you may symbol why would they do that because mandatory sentences were tied to the amount of counterfeit or the amount of drugs you gave him saying if you i'll smith got caught pass at a third ten pounds of cell in a thousand pounds a crack me bobby swift was gone for twenty years you leave that out and that madame senses thousand pounds a crack twenty years oversight bobby's only subjected to say six months genius it was a junior scam now
concessions said now about our daddy oh that's not the way we're gonna rock and roll here what you're gonna do is you're gonna stick those amounts back in there and now now you can go back thankfully is a federal agents they have lower aim in your guy serious you looking to twenty years not all the end they got while the usa way way proper rock obama said those no more minimum sentencing i like you don't have to go to jail for twenty not all the new age he said there is so you see how in the real world things work differently than in the liberal world it's just nevins echo or more equally story about this but i forget that he signed up for seniority be it in case you miss the news that the urban gino show is coming very soon i did a little thing with steve days yesterday on steve data show and see our tv but we are only have that we immortal events show we have people been
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for reason so use promo code bond gino bio energy and i'll get ten dollars off our whole cost of the programmes of their evolve programming spat seven dollars a month a box of the meat sector consummate turkey sandwich in new york dally probably even less than you get all of that programme should go to see our tv that come putting promo code bungee know today thanks a lot i appreciate that might hear one more angle on this and i don't usually gets you heavy with the criminal justice stories but i think this is important because it gonna they get sums up how liberals live in a world that just doesn't exist or they do say something republicans are putting black people in jail and has been a people in jail and people buy it because they don't do the homework like well hope whose in jail it shouldn't ok no one but
another thing the pause me by this is oh prisons are overcrowded argument again prisons are overcrowded with criminals if you know somebody should be led out then go get a lawyer and appeal the case but that's not happen it i mean it pollack even this morning and she brought up interesting story i was thrown about my really work out of a sense of urgency interesting than i thought to be interesting for the audience shaggy tell about what happened on us and i said you know what that's right maybe they should let you know that this is an exam
pull of how overcrowded prisons when we don't build new prisons but we just seek to let people out this is how it affected me you know a while back i'd known joe at the time but i'd wait we weren't due in the pod cast i was living its run a park maryland then i woke up one morning and i had my at the time tat she was to my daughter i go downstairs was about six thirty in the morning and it's freezing in my house whose winner and i was like what the hell and i look in the doors open to my kitchen did you stories are job by eta my cows the door opened in my kitchen because the door my kitchen joe had one of those spring hinges where in order magically close no matter what and the first and it came to my mind was to someone stand up
the door how did they get in my house and you know what to do i had my daughter so i african excited i put my daughter down on the ground like ran over the door thinking alright i'm enough the surprise the sky and like that's it like it just go time you know and there wasn't anybody there there was a shoe one of my shoes and my garage door was open and i was i damn it and it was crazy because when i walked down stairs you know when you in that morning fog at an even bother look around so i turned around to look around and all my stuff was god they broke into my house while we were home antonov ever told the story i may have a may not have happened a long time ago but it was a devastating moment i mean that the sanctity of my home was just broken and you can never ever get that back i mean we just had a really really tough time after that but
where the story gets bizarre is they stole my wife's computer and my wife is like a genius with computers i mean she's so savvy with computers even computer people anyway shrilly smart yes he is yet joe no israeli yes with so much that so a lot of them we grew stuff often she's i couldn't you dobson stood right i am sure that if you that but she says they stole the computer she goes but i have this thing on automatic backup with whatever it was out of account even explain what she did but it was it was connected to the cloud do an automatic backup thing so she goes you watch it was a bad these eddie
stu something on a computer so keep a minor and that no disrespect to the animal the county p d but you know they did their best they i think they did the late and prince when they try to get fingerprints but you know you're not really a huge priority for them or even i was home palm breakin so my wife's like i'm gonna do the detective work here she turns a computer on and sure enough these dogs these two eddie it's what did they do they started like skyping and taking pictures of themselves on the computer which were promptly downloaded to the computer my wife that at the house after the automatic backup she's like look at these areas listen no one going to accuse criminals of having any breads here's the point of the story my wife did a lot of detective work for the police department she gave them pictures she gave them an ip address she gave them everything and to their credit they want and found the guys and arrest the them you know what happened to them nothin
eng while despite an extensive laundry list of other crimes zip out because even though i had a big public profile at the time in maryland they they dig detectives who were not really nice and very professional were very were brutally honest they were like a brother that these things are taken seriously the justice system is basically to clogged up cases i was like you're kidding you're at your absolute you must be kidding me we have this guy hook line sinker you should be in jail for five years ten years minimum for a break and while people were home and you know what happened i think he played that i don't even know what he don't like felonious smallbury in the umpteenth degraded gave me like a twenty five dollar take it to have a nice day a crab compensating them for the time folks that's what then when you get a justice system focused on liberal priorities and not your priorities i get it i understand from my libertarian friends the consequences of a prolonged drug war that shown little results i get it i understand that but
then you waiting somehow that we should empty out our prisons because there's a crowding problem as if we care about like the old crowded oh it's tool with cell is that uncomfortable what would you like would you like a snake do you want a massage you want us to deliver papa johns you dogs folks the priority us in our safety first amnesia what do you eat the solution is problem is not the empty at the prisons are empty out the core rooms are not prosecute people the solution is spend some of the billions of dollars we waste without overly bloated federal government and start hiring more prosecutors start building more courtrooms and you know what start building more presence build a mega prison you commit a crime in the united states you damn well better go to john i don't care what percentage of the population goes the jail if that percentage of the population is preying on the rest of us like we're a bunch of them sheep its inexcusable and you don't have to be
some die hard law and order guy to understand that we should be entitled to a safe and secure environment effective policing and effective prosecution of the stuff the animals amongst us when they pray on us she was about why and i wanted to get to a couple other stories blue slips your bomb care thing but will have to get the sum of next week but i appreciate you alternative folks thanks for a greatly listen shipped off your next you just ten bonn gino she did then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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