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Ep 459 The Real Reason Liberals are Fighting for this Piece of Obamacare

2017-05-15 | 🔗

In this episode I discuss the problem with one of Trump's tweets. I also address the real reason that liberals are fighting for this specific provision of Obamacare.

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they won't you know the events leading to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best inherent in on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love her thither renegade republican within about gino preacher joe our you today let the weak begin dan i had a crazy travelling all around my daughter in the chimney plastics contest the thing she did the regional thing up in south carolina the regional competition i was crazy
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back your ira precious precious metals gold and silver we always like someone you can touch and feel folks are i add a couple story today i wanted to get to a lot happened over the weekend where we were gone you had the meda we should start off with the trump tweets folks is getting this get no little loony turns out so trump to heated was a friday night or i think it was friday night retreated but it was a big story over the weekend trump tweeted out regarding director call me i think it was friday he said i really hope there are no quote tapes about our conversation so call me doesn't leak anything insinuating that you saw this right yeah yeah yeah it had been insinuating that they are the meeting they had apparently they had a couple of private dinners and in
add meeting there were numerous things discussed in one of the things supposedly discussed in that meeting was the fact that trump was not in fact under investigation trump said they called me told him that so he's been known to lie frequently that's been a no call me is that stuff right there that combes like a it's a leak fast out there you know they can make you unplugged it die quick enough with the with comey leaking stuff to the press so trump trying to send a pre emptive strike there and said hey listen there could be tapes on this basically yours you better hope there are tapes now folks couple things on their side have to get to write off from a law in force in perspective number one it is not illegal to record people's conversations in a one party consent state now just you i obviously have had you know my story i'm sort of one's illegally by member of the press stag recorded or a conversation because i live in florida each
eight has a different policy on recording i wanna be clear in this cause liberals already saying was this illegal but he did illegal did he break any laws if this recording habitable happened in washington dc which is a one party can said area which means is that means that of one party consents to the recording which would be to parties i can record yourself ok record a conversation but if one party consensus what a one party can sense the means it is legal you see is a one party can said state meaning that this it sounds kind of bizarre but if i a conversation with you joe and irish call the conversation without telling you i consented to recording it right i don't do you know what i'm saying india showed how near it all good its legal and you may not like it you may not think if its ethical and moral duty to record you but it's illegal yes it does how can we ever amber new york was a one party consent state and the reason this is important kind
on the lawn forcemeat theme we had for friday show which did bonkers numbers by the way is if you're in state that one party consent is much easier for the cops to get things done because think about joe fire arrest you want a counterfeit charge and i a joy i need you to cooperate ok we're gonna cut you loose ripe and i need you to make a call to your supplier natal super coffee here that shit haughty and jean marie aren't you should do that much of the shell major drink my coffee before but be aware we have guessed today so if i wondered if i wonder what will we call role you write row you into the bigger gas and police jargon if you want to sound his whole strictly little whose did i i'd say john make a call you supplier will you know i'll talk to the united states attorney but consider drop into charges now you to call your supplier in a two party consent state and ass for counterfeit get him on tape to get him to get evidence against him to party could said state you who is here we have to say to him hey supplier
yo joey begged doughnuts counterfeit supplier i'm recorded right now at either to tell the police unless they but it doesn't matter a visa you recorded goby just assumes its for reason it's gotta hang up devolves girl about forget about it cause forget about it so it's really i've just try to give you again i don't do liberal talk boys liberals you know they they just say hold trompe may have done something illegal and they stopped the thinking after that because you know most of em we're just dopey and they like silly talking but i give you the deep dive on the show you how can i get you are out and i'm i'm happy if you leave up knowing a little more when you get them when you got him so cops really don't like to party consent states i live in a two party consent state by the way if one of the parties is in the
maybe that's recording is recording a guy that lives at the two party can sense they it doesn't matter so even though i live in florida let's say you call me from washington d c and it's a one party can sense they joe you still can't record me in florida i live in a two party can i didn't know that i didn't know that yeah yeah because i had another report wants from another conservative out nice guy wasn't being a jerk raising but half way through the interview after that tobacco with i did record he got all by the way i forgot to tell you you know this being in recorded tool and i was like while you no kind of cool with that but you should have told the beginning because i don't have to i d c i make yeah you do what you do you don't even know the lie in your report you any wasn't vienna jerky just really did know so in florida record someone in florida that's why with those calls joe this customer service causal like this calls being recorded that's why they say it universally because nomadic doesn't matter where you call him from it matters where you calling to catch it now getting back to the point
because your liberal friends our trump community when we did not commit a crime ok trumpeted nothing he you may not agree with it but he didn't commit any cry because they both parties were in washington dc which is a one party consent state meaning of trump consented to the recording then it's ok now so we clear on that because this liberal talking points out of control of her people on cable news who really just idiot just making stuff up all my god she may have committed a crime he didn't you're a dope you don't know you're talking about move along now having said that try engage our audience you joe in a little bit uncomfortable conversation sure i mean i say uncomfortable this is uncomfortable for me because i'm just be clear i understand the battle were it i completely get that the left by the way someone compliment that your services looks where'll moment someone sent an email saying how great your audio work was on the show they said it sounds terrific mistletoe gyp were yet so thank you for that but they should show sounds great but here's the
i had the delay their because i'm trying to are try to see how i frame this about honeybees vehemence i get the battle worded i understand that not all democrats want to be clear on that but the liberals are liars that they really hate the country that their anti anti communist as david hearts would say in other words where the anti communist fighting for liberty there against us so meeting they don't have print both are just against what we stand for that's what david horwitz always meant i did hold shows on this the at the anti com it is idea which i love and very accurate david horowitz from the freedom centre he has as i do that the left doesn't really stand freddy they may just stand against us because where against communism and be government control so no matter what it is like if they have the left have sustained but muslims throwing gaze of buildings because there are there against us then that's why because you know that's where you get this this idea joe that with amongst conservatives i call my gosh i dont get it the left is supposed to be for algae bt rights but they stand for these people these these
he's is who throw gaze throw buildings off have to understand they don't care there we are the anti communist and they are the anti anti they will stay just want to stop us because in order to concentrate their power over government the far left i am maybe i don't they this enough in order to concentrate their power and enact their big government troll agenda sata conspiracy theories absolutely what they do they ll fight anything we stand for their fight high taxes they ll fight low taxes they ll fight anything it doesn't matter if school choice programme empowered liberals which they don't they would fight for not against school choice it doesn't matter very little what they say is true that just the auntie of the comments so i understand what they're doing and i guess they're trying to destroy the trump administration and what i really dont like is one republicans pile on the trump administration when they make basic mistakes and that a handling things behind cod stores with him jail because they add fuel to the liberal five
when they diminish trumps political capital and i believe the bigger wars is more important is that make sense yet like by us nit picking every little thing trump does wrong it publicly diminishes trumps political bank account which he needs to combat the left and i think lot of these republicans and swinging districts and a lot easier look it's trying to look like principle guys are nit picking every a thing trump dies in an effort to make em you don't make themselves better at the expense of trump which is hurting is political bank account which is in turn empowering the left is it you know what i'm saying there oh yes i am not doing that right now i'm not nit picking the guy but the tweets they got they gotta stop i'm sorry folks i know a lot of you a big trump supporters i've been very vocal trying to support him on the tax cuts on trying to get a obama
european not so much on trade in other issues but you cannot tweet that you may have tapes on the former fbi director you you just can't do that is the present united state i mean maybe precise of course you can do it and that's why i started off the show by saying he didn't do anything illegal i'm not suggesting he did violated the law but folks i mean you're the present the united states retreating out on an open twitter account it's making the country look silly i'm sorry if you let me give you let me give you two reasons why number one if you have the tapes do you really want everybody you deal with politically right now whether the fbi director yo the chaplain he's prime minister the cabinet secretaries do you really want them thinking you're recording everything so number one if you do
the tapes do you really want people to know it number two if so number ones bad rachel the heavy if you going to meet with the president do you really want your conversations recorded again not illegal but i think it's time for us to say listen we can't move forward if he could you can't do that but number two if he doesn't have the tapes we have a bigger problem because now the presidential credible you shot now it's like oh i heard you say anything on twitter to scare people again i you don't want to see the presidency be heard by this idea i understand the bigger fight were engaged in folks but i think on if we're going to help him advance the principles it matter to us in this bigger fight he has maintain a political bank account large enough to move big issues and right now i just don't see that happening not what what's going on i mean he's
he hurt himself bad with this thing with this debate this tweet right move and i want to get that i want to be to beat it up too much but it's important to understand a bit i do get the bigger fight me think about cnn the sweet they did you see this joe this is almost think that this is beyond ridiculous cnn tweeted a story not tweeted i'm sorry i'm lost them the twitter store so they put out a story that trump prefers to scoop of ice cream to one in the rest of this year what did you see that no i didn't see that some folks go to my facebook page i'm thereby gino to verify page scam account i'm the one with the blue check one cannot say that the pet myself back with a couple scam pages out there does it are you posted on my wall green shots of cnn reporting a story about full donald trump prefers to scoops of ice cream and this i'm a big this up joe i swear sligo look it evokes bethink i'm making this up did you what you saw that to my wife is industry
she says she sought through yet its we're not making it up so that again i just say that the show i get it i understand the bigger fight out there i get it that way not be nit picking this guided there i get it that the left always show solidarity no matter how bad there people arming obama targeted people the irs we had four people kill them bagasse work where was the left's coffer up for a special prosecutor the answer joe nowhere so we shouldn t pick this guided them but this one where i really hope someone from the trump administrations listening i don't i don't you know he's taken advice for major but i don't care about the tweets i care about those kind of tweets they really everyday ear the herd is credibility or they hardest credibility and we can't move the ball forward if his credibility is damage can i go to work thing on this my yet again do you write ahead go right ahead you please puke it and i hope i still of that for those eu best unless we that's the radio term for people who use really over the top aspect would speak it get radio
got round our third do you wanna do one more little bit store it's quite all right we'll just related you remember go back day that was it they had like shadows david's casey case for that reason it was also over the top i can't get enough of it are sure i'll get a complaint is when i go overboard odds which is pretty common on the show i get an email echo carry enough with the puking stepfather and my box tomorrow afternoon therefore joe i dont get it i don't i always said joe quite all right only one more thing on this as for the special prosecutors according to the media growing louder and they're not growing louder ok it's a couple a idiots on the left you want a special prosecutor for the for the trump russia collusion fairytale because there's no such story it's a made up fabricated story i've got a saloon
into this thing i'd like to pitch you just quickly here you want a special prosecutor for the trump collusion fairytale make a deal with the left you say ok i'll give you that but i'll tell you what you give us a special prosecutor we want to reopen a hillary clinton kiss you watch how quickly left fault because remember folks i want to be absolutely clear and that you will not find a credible democrat in the eight years the obama administration despite the benghazi scandal the irs scandal fast and furious the p phone records scandal the geo scandal vs scandal you will not find one credible democrat that called for a special prosecutor special she's special prosecutor on any of those cases the hell email scandal nothing but now all of a sudden that they have a fake news story totally fake news no evidence at all this trump russia collusion now they want to special prosecutor so i say the ball near courts they were going to point to special prosecutor one for hilary on the
email scandal to see what information the russians got offer email server and inside get me we're gonna appointment for top hat sets out new watch the joe they will back off so quickly you know why because as i tweeted this weekend the difference between neo i'm a scandals and the trump scandals is the obama scandalous show actually happened that they got retweeted i up like twenty seven hundred times so that's the way you do but these people are ok what's waiting at the damned the obama scan this is important to some go along with the left i figured out this week after some long deliberation and i thought to myself i got to discuss this on the shelf for you that you picked up brickhouse nutrition yet their dawn to dusk product i get tremendous feedback on there is a there's a regular agatha shout out to one of my regular listeners and emails i think your name is it or or noah abbot
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email me your results as i've not obviously evokes about usually every single sponsor for every hundred complimentary emails you always get one guys unhappy about some i'm telling have not got one that eve and nothing but splendid reviews about this point but not spend your wheels on this brick ass nutrition that calm down let us give it a shot you won't be disappointed that are now i love the true she little shout out there do read all your emails folks ok so this weekend i'm sitting around i'm thinking to myself with this obamacare thing why you're the one matters rachel we say it all the time you measure the why the why the white embraced the why when you understand why democrats do what they do everything makes sense because they seem to do things all the time that are contradictory you know it's like i brought up in the beginning of the showing their fight for oh gee bt equality while they'll refused to call out islamists who throw gay people off buildings many like one that doesn't make sense but we contradictory well it doesn't make sense when you understand that tape they see our global
power as a causing israel is terrorism like we ve cause they because we ve cause global poverty and they respond by becoming terrorist so which is not stupid i mean this is nonsense but did they that's where the anti anticommunist thing comes in but it so when you understand the wide it makes sense but this thing about obamacare their fighting show not only want to call it passionately because it's up it's not like based in principle theirs thing going on with the essential health benefits thing i saw a bunch is he your manual tides rama manuals brother these far left guys arguing vigorously to reserve the essential health benefits in its name that for a reason near the left's always been engaged in a war on language in the essential health benefits good provision of obamacare is basically this if you were going to offer an insurance products joe in the obama care exchange so they say you were running chose insurance company you were going to offer insurance plan the quote
essential health benefits package were a bunch of things you had to cover as an insurance plant to sell their products on the market we clear on it now they have been fighting to preserve this with a fury and i'm thinking to myself cash why why why why there's gotta be a white and this week and i had just dispersive of of and i figured it out this into a little the riff by charles crowd hammer talking about community rating and it makes all the sense in the world now the essential help this package as an insurance company best to cover everything from the sector needs to hair transplants to whatever cancer treatments now they frame it essential health benefits because they wanted they do this all the time so they want to make sure the conversation gets changed from you what you they want to make sure you the debt that you believe them it's it's free
i'm getting at is whenever they talk about noticed the language they use its critical they'll say while ensuring companies have to cover you know whenever hair transplants i mean this is just on ethical if they dont and you get the impression joe when you when you listen into this that the insurance companies are paying for this out of their own pocket never say is a mandated essential health benefit is something joe armor cost has to pay for joe was buying in insurance plants so you noticed show no one ever says the obvious like every take up yeah manual was defending i wanted to be honest and say that we believe the government should mandate that gel play for train hair plant chair transplants now you ve seen joe you know joe doesn't need a hare trash joe as like elvis hair jos gap look here that i do in these ten years older than these but is less grazed than i do joe doesn't want that but when they talk about it need defended they don't talk
at it that way they manipulate the language to make you believe that it's some kind of gift from the insurance company dr rath realising joe you are in fact paying for it even if you don't want it and i thought why why well here's the why the democrats were brilliant and i don't mean this in a qualitatively good way i mean it strategically they were strategically brilliant the way they set up obamacare what they do it is they mandated a set of of of things you have to and then they mandated what the price was gonna be through community rating so they said joe insurance companies have to pay i'd hair transplants is this you can't charge more than this amount of this amount was the community rating the i rating provision at this before so if you were saying the warm across it is with these new we're gonna get a plan to covered here transplants and everything else then you couldn't a more than this amount of money should think about what they did they man aided joe armor caused by a product but they told the
parents company you cared charge jail for that product makes sense joe it would be like essentially mandating every american by a corvette men telling chevy but you can only charge forty thousand dollars so what happened folks the insurance companies took massive losses on every plan just like chevy would take a massive loss at every corvette what's corvette thirty thousand set out and even over they cost anymore i mean i bought my one music i bought it for thirty thousand gosh i had two thousand one target top which was nice i'd love that's where i met my wife and i had that car so what happened just like chevy lost a boat load edna think about the amount of money about the two in about three years at the insurance company in their nationwide obamacare change plans because of that that they had to offer these quotas central benefits couldn't charge for them above a certain price edna lost but
six hundred million dollars o folks think about that number put in perspective when i just told you the secret service their entire budget for a year is only about two billion dollars at no law cost six hundred million dollars up about a third of that in a couple years one insurance company on the phony pricing mechanisms so you may be saying yourself if you following this conversation like i know you are saved the smartest audience around based on the email feedback i get get him islamic make good call you prob saying yourself well what social typically brilliant about that in here we go by having insurance companies lose money and understanding there we're gonna lose money i don't think they expected just the clear out of the gate the obama administration expected this degree of losses are right
i just want unwanted because then you get it the conspiracy theory stuff that doesn't help any of us my doesn't help i think they understood they understood they insurance companies are going to lose on it but not this amount but they set it up in such a way that one the conversation started about what insurance companies have to pay for not what you have to pay for right yoke as they set up essential health benefits the conversation and talking points through the media in such a way that you think the insurance companies are paying for they knew that benefit never go away because then what happens joe if you take away the republicans quote take away essential health benefits then people in a public good what do you mean by george but these are going to have to pay for my cancer treatment not all you a paying for your cancer treatment in your hair transplant but the media and the democrats understood if they put that in there they would make the price they d products prohibitive prohibitively expensive now what's the genius part they knew once a lost money that event
we this obamacare we subject to legislative repeal they understood they could lose an election in this thing could go away one day but putting the essential health things in their joe and fighting for it they knew el private insurance company would come back in a market be able to offer products only with those with the also they had already taken again i don't think they understood they would lose almost a billion dollars edna but they understood that the corvettes let me give you of an analogy that chevy was losing so much money on corvettes that when finally what if if let's say the republicans where to get elected i think i think the democrats in the beginning even if they get elected we'd mandate these essential health benefits nobody will ever this go away because once you convince the public that government is paying for the corvette everybody's gonna wanna everybody's gonna to want the top line corvette don't take away my corvette what would happen then chevy would never sell corvettes again in the future at all because can never make money this is it it was i thought about it
we can make this this is why their fighting for this essential health benefits because once the essential health benefits go away and use people joe you don't have to buy a corvette you could buy afford focus you could buy a lamborghini you can buy whatever you want they understood that ray market pricing would take over again because people who were and afford focus budget would by the ford focus of people in one of the labor guineas by the labour guineas date everybody by a corvette and you ve rack up chevy with lost and then you say okay now all you can buy what you want no companies going back in the market because they wrapped up so many losses that they don't even have the ability to price their product fairly again because they have to make up for the losses they made in the years prior you get what i'm saying juliet yeah chevy was lose and twenty thousand dollars a car for three years and then all of a sudden neural how the free market price corvettes again the corvettes gotta be sixty it's gotta be a hundred because they have to make up
all those losses and they understood which was strategically brilliant that if you keep the essential benefits if you keep it as long as you can there is no way free market healthcare whatever went now what's the end game here i'm telling you this is why their fighting for this you think they care about here transplants joe no care about this did that then out of this mess the lobbyists do but data they understand that she ran up the losses again you'll meet the free market prices system can never ever work as long as you hold onto that essential benefits think is even if it goes away years later the longer hold on it no losses rack up they will never be able to sell products at a free market price again so what would happen then we'll think about think this through what are they calling for now folks i'm telling you did that the footnote russian steel is line for a moment don't doubt me on this through i doubt me i know i know i'm right i'm sure of it you're here
think at simultaneously calls to maintain the essential health benefits which they won't go away because in a free market will take over why oh your hearing calls for what for go pay an outlook hair theirs who baby is by the way now everybody emails me thanks by everyone i haven't seen anyone not end of so i know we got loyalists there always leave it with taxpayers this is what they're doing their hoping that once sake it's wiped out they can hold onto it as long as possible right you restore at the market as long as possible make chevy sell corvettes for forty thousand dollars when they were seventy maintain it for a couple more years wipeout or give reason europe's companies wipe out chevy then all of a sudden if the republicans repeal it it's impossible for any these companies come back in a market has been taken twenty thousand dollar losses on every car for five or six years and then what happens show in for them the come back in a market they'd have to price to corvette at a hundred thousand limb what happens the publican say a hundred dollars
for a corvette are you kidding me they were sixty thousand year you guys you score with us you capitalist you're screw it is over we don't want aid i think the government should by everybody cars for sixty thousand dollars that is the plan i'm telling you don't doubt me on this for a second that is why they are they do not want to go rate of this essential health benefits because they want to use it as a cudgel to beat these insurance cup be deceived me be these insurance companies over the head make sure they lose money forever that way they can never get back in a market that way if they do get back in the market they ve lost for so long that they're gonna have to overcome their insurance products then there use those overpriced insurance products to say look these people a ribbon while these insurance companies any only solution to this joe is single payer government healthcare ladies and gentlemen it is not a conspiracy theory if it actually happens i'm telling you that's why they're doing i folks executed for tuna did i really upset
jeremy greatness your ship last week i'll talk to you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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