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Ep 460 The Civil War is Here

2017-05-16 | 🔗
In this episode I address the troubling details surrounding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.   I also discuss the story about Trump and the sharing of classified information with the Russians.   Finally, I address the the destruction of our constitutional norms by liberals obsessed with Trump.  http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/266197/civil-war-here-daniel-greenfield#.WRkWBQoWf3c.facebook
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They don T know all the sandy supporting Darwin bonds. In me, I come right back. I'm out here, Poletti punches right. The deadline Juno show this is the great irony of conservatism, even liberals, way under conservatism, ready to hear the truth about Amerika. Are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can, even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bomb, Jean, I walked into the renegade Republican with Amboise GINO. Pretty should show how are you today a baby, I'm doing good, that you knew well yeah man doing great lot to talk about made so much breaking news. Yesterday I was in a car and yet heard the story about the Trump allegedly giving up classified information to the Russians and the media again calling for impeachment. I wonder when this all vessels out and peoples that you eat the crying Wolf phenomenon, but the left another way.
folks. How often can you cry for impeachment arrest a black hanging, decapitation of ridiculous. Had these people are hysterical before people just stop listening, I mean I'm not here to give the Democrats advice strategically. I'm not, but I think for the better. The country. If you're looking to save your party, you guys just half the calm down, I mean Ahmed excitable Guy. Don't get me wrong, I disagree with his little putting their and I could be oh shit all, but I'm not strategically stupid You guys got a relax. I mean every ten, it's it's like a preacher, mad nobody's listening anymore. I made it should say something approval ratings. Art are particularly high. You know, let's, let's give the facts here and I am you don't be golden calf worshippers that great doing great approval
approval ratings haven't moved down at all, I mean relax with the impeachment talk ashore and I'll get into that. A second couple things you need to know. I also your the Seth rich stories getting. Weirder by the minute the Dnc staffer, who is who was killed tragically killed. I mean story, apparently there's some Wikileaks connection. Now it's is getting more bizarre by the minute Patricia bought you by bodies it birch gold. looking for some stability, new retirement, your eye array or your eligible for him when K. Yes, I'm asking you to give have just a calf course. I ask you to give a look at friends of Brcko B. I r c h gold give them a look. They they will send you precious metals, not if I have five oz of a precious metal right in front of me, silver in five oz of silver chain, with kind enough to send to me, I like to touch it at the stuff. I've been a big believer in being able to look and feel,
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I can legally move your eye when area for one cat, a risky stocks in bonds into a precious metals IRA. Brcko dotcom, Slash now check him out, ok, so arm before it gets all that stuff make a Brzezinski who is who is a big new Brzezinski daughter who holds the more, George, you have you seen her Georgina morning, Joe she's she's, the co host to the show with with Joe Scarborough, just a real their gaze, you're gonna get married gray, congratulations to them I've! Never! da the Show- and you know, full disclosure your honor for office, I had a pr person, a nay you stead, send Thou glass and they were on the less so it I don't like to take part shots at these people, because they have a but every success will show and MSNBC. And although I don't like the network, you know some people find it. Interesting, ok, fair enough, but she did something this week, Kelly and Conway? That is all right. Let's go, you know the story of you. You know Joe and I know, coordinate like get it will but of an honest response. Rosato tell me with his hawk about but
This is really horrible. Now Joe no is Joe is been in. How long you working at the PCB em the radio station. Almost thirty years. I say the radio station for Joe. He knows what it is, but for the bodies so Jos, in the conservative talk radio business, the what I call the agitation mid sphere, educational entertainment, which is would just show, is for a really on time and Joe. What are the golden rules is. Actually, when I met Joe, I was doing get ready to do it. I was rather for Senate Maryland. Those ready get ready to The radio station I started talking to Joe beforehand you know we hit it off, we became Francis was five six years ago gas really long time job. You can vouch for me on this. The golden rule of talk, radio and tv and cable, heads and cable news is what happens off the air stays
the air you bet and their rights to be. There were yes, my procedure, Joe now Joe said this forcefully, because this is like this is it I didn't notice, I did say the silver role. I didn't say that the brass rural, I said the golden rule when you go into this, your job. When I talked about a lot of things before I went on the year me Joe I'm everytime, you tell me about photography and stuff. Like that, I mean it was nothing united. Ebbed, we didn't say you think I'd be uncomfortable, saying on the air today was, but if we did, God forbid, said the Joseph Dan I broke. My Yesterday punches hidden hates it. You don't go on New year's just in a room talking armor caused the mare and, you believe, punches guy interface. So Brzezinski goes on the air and tells this story about Kelly and Conway Advisor to the president and one of his campaign erupts campaign managers and she goes this amounts to have around the said here all the time it MSNBC
and when the segment would end she would take out the earpieces she'd be like man. I got camp if I'm doing this, I have to take a shower, in other words, Senor waiting that she was uncomfortable defending trump in in the interviews now folks, regardless of that happened there, not, and and given that make a Brzezinski didn't, have the ethics tonight they that I can't trust the air ethics that she's telling the truth about the story but assume match. true that Kelly and Conway did say that you never ever ever. Do that ever. It is like a major breach of ethics. Folks, I do a lot. I don't do it some BC anymore, I've I've. Them down the last five or six times? I am not saying that the take a unnecessary, shouted just don't do it is no use in doing it. It's a total propaganda outlet, but I fascinating, because I do fox and and another outlets all the time, and I can't even imagine in that thirty seconds before
go on the air, were you talking to the producer in your lapel MIKE and he's talking in in your in your I can even imagine, and putting that stuff on the air I asked you know. Occasionally I get students from colleges and one of the very first thing, z than the first or second thing is you dont repeat things you here in the studio and and and most of all, when somebody says off the record, it means off the record. Forget it, you don't talk about it, you don't show show off about the people. You know there's an issue of trust you. I have to have that trust, if you're going to, let you know, do a good job. You'll, never get gas on your show again, I I think it's the fact that you know what the morning Joe and they have a reasonably decent size audience that they feel come pulling enough selling out their gas, but here I could tell you and grand lesson they haven't asked me, so I dont want to be like Mama appear and where will you don't have any and every day I mean I'm, I'm gonna spend your. We as I've never had a solicitation from them
beyond their show, but there are there out. I mean I wouldn't do their show, no matter what, even though I have a book coming out, and that's just that, that's just a horrible breach of ethics, so I thought I'd bring that story, because a lot of you don't get the behind the scenes and how these cable hits work. You go to a studio. You plug a little thing in your ear. The producer talks to you, for you know sometimes just briefly but if you are new gas, they may talk to you for like a minute or two. I d say something I got me are having problems in all my kids and I put that stuff on the air, and I mean it's just really bad stuff in a terrible breach of decorum and ethics. It just doesn't happen so Wemyss NBC should be ashamed themselves. Ok, Also one other thing. Yesterday we had the story break about the president. A chair classified information with the Russians during an oval office meeting. Here is the crux of the story because it's very complicated and I don't want to come off like I'm trying to fanned either side without the background knowledge to do so? We don't do that. Do this on the show, but the President United States Present Tromp Hattie, an interview were meeting
It's a better way to say with the russian Foreign Minister and the russian foreign and russian ambassador in the oval office in that Olaf office meeting, it is now alleged by anonymous sources, which I always question that the president gave some classified information in regard to a tip about laptops on planes that that the terrorist groups were looking to plant explosives and laptops on on planes. that the president decided to discuss this with the Russians and, in the course of discussing it, he gave up the city which the information was obtained from that city. the critical piece of information and potentially identifying the source of the information and a lot of the liberals and some republican lawmakers are now alleging that, by giving up that city, they may have infer Jeopardize the life of the information source now the president had not exe acted meeting thrown out the schedule with your jordanian and without was it that jordanian king a today so that
as to me and many others that they may in fact be jordanian source. Nobody knows, folks years that the island Let's, just still this down to some quick talking point, so you have some information are the number one the president can share whatever classified information he wants. I can't be clear on that, so anyone alleging too you that this is somehow a crime, and that saying was prudent, I'm not saying it was wise. Are we clear on that? I'm just saying The legality of it is not in question. The president could share I also find information with whoever he wants. If the president, the sides, go into a meeting with the Saudis. Anyone so let the Saudis know that there is an imminent terror threat in Saudi Arabia and its information they got from the Israelis. The president is perfectly within his presidential authority to do that. We clear on that. There is no question of legality at all the question of prudence. The whiteness of the decision is an entirely different. What they're the Washington Post story
which broke. This is alleging that the president was it in a bragged brag Adele just mood and was just do is to show that the Russians, how impressive his access to information was. Will you now? I dont know how to prove this proved that, because you can't get in the president's head- and I dont know the information But the story- I will say this to be to be fair, both sides. I don't trust anything. The washed impose says I consider him credible source, but the Washington Post as have the name of the city which, if that is the critical piece of information that seems the Lehne, some credence to the story, but what I do I dispute That's the story is again this this anonymous sourcing. Now a lot of these people? Are there are deep state hold verse from the Obama administration, some of them just don't like Trump and when I think happened here is this meetings? What happens with these meetings shows redoubts or give another words. There's a note taken in the room. They may want to brief people in Congress
about what happened in the meeting cuz import meeting with the Russians, so in the region, out that city may have been there and the league may have come from some deep state hold oversaw. I would This caution, everyone to take a deep breath on this. This is not a crime, it may not have been prudent. We will we will see, how sick, how that information now destructive a potentially was, but the left go into hysterics over every little thing is amazing. Now Ass night. I got into a little twitter back and forth with some knucklehead who I really can't stand this guy. I think he used to work at media. I am not really sure he works at the washed in free beacon, Ouch surprised urged pretty good outlet that they had better higher standards, but so they seriously this guy. This novel had Gallic Squares board. What we as some dumb comment to say, but he doesn't understand why I'm bothered by the story- and you it is out of people- are put two and two together. My regular listeners
but Joe when I get into this a little bit here? You can understand why I am so upset about the story. I am if it does turn out that it was break, though, show it in an trump reveal the source inadvertently or adversely. By bragging. I should say then yeah, that's a big mistake in Vienna. We should defend it because a truck I mean it's not what we do here, but we do oh that yet. But what bothers me about is the left hypocrisy on the issue because, as we reported Joe here GOSH a year ago, maybe more as I wrote, conservative review. As I put on my facebook page, we hadn't on him, eatable source and I mean absolutely unimpeachable first hand. Knowledge who relayed to me information about the Hillary Clinton, server and information. on that server, which was highly destructive and at the server was in fact compromise that information relate to me a year ago. These coursers unimpeachable, I mean not impossible, but by any credible journalistic standards enemy.
Ignore that story altogether, swipe tweeted last night that basically, I find a kind of hypocritical but the media ignored the classified information story on Hillary Clinton server, but is now in total hysterics about this Donald Trump, Sir. I'm not saying that it's right, because two people may have done it. That's what the left does. Does I hate that what Bush ran up allotted there too. Ok you're admitting debt is bad. It's worse under up we don't do that here. If there was a breach of class by formation was unnecessary to wrong trump. Does it is wrong? When Hilary does we don't know that yet about the Trump thing now, so I am questioning everyone to take a step I cannot believe everything you read and washed imposed the problem, with the story. Is the media had no interest in that story at all and we put it out? DE, I wrote a pc conservative review and I'm guessing most people in the media probably surrounds budget, always a conservative Diskiver than Joe. You not you know being eighty deep executive producer of the dead, the renegade Republican, shall we don't put stuff out here that we can't backup, rightly
a pretty devastating story. A long time ago we held back on because I had a tough time getting the source to verify the exact details where they were critical. Tells the story we had to leave out. As a producer. I gotta tell you Dan and our listeners, debt you're, very conscientious on one- have won back. I'm really yeah yeah really knew now, because I made it that one point job as I go. Bob said language is put to start gosh this. It was pretty. We had a pretty good but it wasn't the sourcing. I need you story about the classified information on Hilary server? The sources, absolutely one hundred percent the unimpeachable, there's no way you can, this guy, doesn't nobody's talk media first hand out, but my and this is what bother me about this twitter war with this knucklehead Griswold, he responds back. He says in what what unit You live in where they cover the Clinton email story. Shit What I said I didn't say that
I didn't say that in cover the Clinton email story, I would specifically talk about the classified information on a server which was largely ignored. How do I know that, because I was the one that broke the story about means that this is what bothers me about it. This is what I hate about twitter, because I really get bothered by this. I'm not going to pretend anymore have a thick skin. I do in some occasions, but not with two, I will go crazy on your twitter and a heartbeat if you, if you call out my integrity, Firstly, when you don't understand the story, the problem with twitter is people or in a rush to be a smart ass on twitter attitude can give oh smartness responses in the least them time to try and get a lot of retreat and this guy not knowing my history with the classified information story, my source that looked at the damn server and new people who did not knowing history at all, he responds back in any response. With some Starkey comment about me losing congressional see, which I hope, spine. Hysterical people have never run for option
and had no guts themselves to run for office. Commenting upon people who you know I came with one point on which he congressional seat would what it did not the biggest upset in it. It probably based on the cook PV. I why these one of the biggest upsets it in it modern history in Congress I mean it's just you can look it up here its again at some silly braggadocio? That's! U simple! Base numbers! This guy's making comments about you know me run for offers use supposed to. kind of a journalist get over yourself. Man precedes the fact that not that I'm obsessed with social media, followings or anything- but you know we ve device the following among the people who care what we have to say. This clowns got like this. My new little following on twitter. This whole job is getting people to listen to him that maybe you should do a better job yourself. Building your own Ortiz Freestyle, calling out other people I folks today is tat. He shall, by bodies a brick house of each I dont, the dusky I got a really great email this morning from a woman who said that the she's a
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their story, so idea see staffer, but the name is south. Rich was tragically killed. As I said, we opened up the show now the affair a story from law enforcement at this point has been that it is a rob. What is a robbery that have gone bad in Washington DC now, why story was suspicious. Is it happened right around the time of a lot of the Wikileaks information of the Dnc emails, so this cause the big rockets that was this guy killed miscalculated. Now. I am very, very, very sceptical. I really want to call it a conspiracy theory cause there's some good evidence here. I don't know any other way to describe. It are very sceptical of these things because I worked in the government for a long time you see I clearance and one of the points I try to make the people off. That is most conspiracy theories While the government are nonsense- and I give you two reasons why number one the government is to say
many people and is certainly not a knock on government employees. It's a knock on the bureaucratic apparatus. It's not set up, in a smart way to contain information. It's not governments that smart enough to do this. It's not smart enough to pull off massive conspiracies. Secondly, there are so many leakers within them. Of madness. Such a motivation to leak information, especially the friendly reporters, that if there was a major conspiracy with the meagre, within a day and see within the Dc Police department. The hide this case, I am absolutely sure we would have heard about a red, so here in a nutshell. This guy Rich was Dnc staffer, an rod. Wheeler he's a good man forward. These cops super competent is it was a private investigator. It is still as working on the case and found out that South Rich was communicating with Wikileaks. So the when I the idea of floating out their chow was at this Seth Rich Guide, Dnc staffer May, in fact, if, given this cash av emails from the Dnc. That's all that's become the sub
this entire Russia, and that is why this important that's become the subject of the tree Russia collusion fairytale. The idea there is that this is all nonsense that the Russians did not hack into the Dnc begin. this information, that the information was given by rich sands, rich to wiki leaks and put out there and enrich was in sub subsequently killed, and it was made to like a robbery gone bad now. That's me! That's an interesting x files theory and I'm real wheelers, not wrong, Wheeler says a one point that the on his computer, south richest computer evidence that he was communicating with Wikileaks. I have absolute. no reason to question broad real wheeler. I know rod he's a good man. Right is not a hyperbolic media. He's got enough. Media is a fox news. Contributory doesn't need to do press releases, he probably finds it more annoying and anything that people are calling so that
may be true, and I do I do, but I believe this portion of the story that right- was communicating wiki these and may I don't many hard proof if she had but may have been assessed price of the information that Wikileaks got on the Dnc. Now I dont believe that he was killed because because it doesn't make sense smoke. So I'm just from lobbyists B, Super pursue for a minute put together a spy novel right. Does it make sense to you without a guy leaks information to Wikileaks, damaging to the Dnc, the Democratic National Committee, a major organization, very powerful, no question about it, but after he leaks the information we would you have the guy killed, knowing that Knowing him isn't going to stop the story, it's gonna stop. The guy goes he's dead, tragically,
but it's not going to stop the store. It's just not going to do it matter fact. If anything is going to keep the story alive, as I just said it doesn't make it. said spoke. I mean not that one of the things we used to do. I oughta be very delicate where'd you one of the things we used to do. We were secret service agents. Is you have to put yourself in the mind of assassins and bad guys I mean that the very real wets hard to do when you, because I'm not it will you know we're not deranged people agents like that they don't you think like the range, the assassins, what it's very difficult to put yourself in that mindset, try a lot of guys in the secret service. Didn't wanna go! Do the internet crimes thing, because no one wants to sit there and get the mind of a child pornography. For they just don't want to do it. It'll disrupt your whole. It's just so disturbing Nick guys, don't like doing it, they just didn't want it. It's a tough position stamp it it's you the similar kind of mentality with assassins it's hard to get in their heads, but I'm asking you for a SEC and they get ahead of it of a Dnc higher up there would have come
needed a hit on this guy after he gave Dnc sensitive Democratic National Committee emails to Wikileaks, assuming he did it. Work Would you say: ok, first, you gotta get a hitman day. Let me walk yourself through this practically. How do you find it? It man, you're gonna, leave some computer tray some phone records some, even if it's a cricket foreign is going to be a phone records somewhere. How do you get Aren T laid IRAN. They hit, man doesn't talk if they hit banners caught, it is caught. Also, there are probably maybe surveillance cameras, Hattie, there's gotta be a staking out of the location. Once you kill the guy, you gotta make the gun untraceable where'd you get the gun for. Do you realize how many investigative breadcrumbs are left behind when all they I do was basically fire that guy. and have the guy prosecuted later on. They would have been heroes. Hey this guy gave up information, the Wikileaks is bad outfit and we caught it just doesn't make sense I have not disputing at all that this guy may have been in communication. Were wikileaks and may have been the source, but I'm just suggesting to that. Have
The guy killed is we morally disgusting, but I don't see it. making any sense for me tragic story, Teachery perspectives that make sense Joe. You know being anything to suppress the story now. Putting that aside for a second, then I dont believe that that's the reason the guy was killed. I think we may have in fact, been a robbery got bad on the other side of this. If South Rich was these the words the Dnc email leak, you realise that the entire trump Russia Luzhin narrative just fell apart like that, because the Democrats are basing their entire story on an entire Agents assessment, that's ever shown conclusively that the russian government hacked into the deep, never doubted there are patterns,
never shown conclusively the russian government hacked into the Dnc what they They have shown us that there is a pattern of activity that may indicate as such, but if they did see emails. It were so damaging to Hilary were given over to Wikileaks by a Dnc insider folks. The whole Russia story falls apart. The Democrats to be a world world of heard, I was committed anyway? The guy this morning who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. Who is right we read in on this story and said if this is the truth, if it turns out that Rich was the source of the Dnc emails that the Democratic Party is involved in one of the big. scandals in the last thirty or forty years that they did. We have known this studio, I mean they would have known it. from the Dnc at that point right, the DMZ, what advise it. This guy's email account be compromised or he had been sending emails to someone else
he ran with this Trump Russia story regardless, knowing the entire time it was completely false folks. This is a really really big, I'll do not dismiss this story is a couple of angles on this that you are. You haven't heard. Yet that's one of em all right here. One last story. I wanted to talk about today because it's it's a disturbing story, shake it this tomorrow, Daniel Greenfield I tweeted out O Daniel Greenpeace. peace. Let me just cheese, because I don't want to miss this other big data thing, because it's the topic I m fascinated by Daniel Greenfield has a piece of front page man that I tweeted out and you're gonna put it in the show notes today and I may be included tomorrow, show as well, but the title peace is the civil war. Is here and I get it, he read the title nearby, Oh god, she we go another, you know we don't do drama pieces here. Folks is a very, very, very well written peace by Greenfield and
He lays out the case. I'm gonna just quote this line. Maybe I'll get into a little more depth tomorrow, because it's a really big topic. He says political conflicts become so, wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority, the pie he's trying to make any makes new out. The peace is at a point. I've tried to make on the show all the time that the left is not principle. You can't argue the left on principles, because they have no prince They only have a guiding ideology and appoint tries to make us think about it. Show when the left had the presidency Iraq Obama was all powerful federal court rulings did matter room when the federal court ruled against them on environmental issues and Obama just ploughed ahead. Do the regulatory apparatus and just ignored the law. The left was all about. It went up when they are when the President enacted Dhaka, DARPA circumvented, the constitution completely in Britain, Bree wrote the idea, prosecutor aerial discretion, all of a sudden I left was all for it. I'll put right central power. Matters forget what everyone else has now that
Thompson Office, they take the exact opposite approach. Presidential power doesn't mean anything the courts are in charge. The point he tries to make is that the people are not willing to accept the authority and a point I made in the past to only says different words is that of the left. Doesn't like big government job? Mrs, did you say that wrong? Not oh, I do say it rather than on the left likes liberal government. The big government is run by Republicans. Left is a total meltdown, so the point Greenfield making the pieces that were already in some ideological civil war. Now, one side Nepalese and the rule of law, no one suggested knowing credible and I'm not talking about like fringe elements. Folks, I'm talking about actual people in DC people with credible political profile. Very few people suggested Barack Obama. Was it look like illegitimate. I mean I said about Obamacare a thousand times. I think it's socks. I think it was terrible, but I accept sadly, it's the largest wish we would get rid of it since we think the country can
continue when we as conservative say that, but the left says no, but when we lose an election, nothing matters whatever guy says, despite his constitutional authority trump, nothing matters, I'm going to throw it out that can't possibly continue because he says at one point I'm getting a little deeper than I wanted to go. See some really really a lot in this piece He says at one point: if you are a government operator, a bureaucrat a politician unfortunate some point: you're gonna have to pick sides either you are for, and you accept the fact that Trump is the present. And should be subjected to the constitution and the regular rules, another fidelity to the law or he's not and leaks. Are okay, ignoring you know, Trump executive orders, ok, ignoring laws. Trump signs are ok either you accept that. Are you don't but did this is this is binary at this point out
and at that civil war is already begun, fascinating piece out our talk, a little bit more about it to mark is it said, there's a couple of things in air that are really juicy. Here's a a couple stories, I say you know I m fascinated by big data. You know the turkey problem, we are Oconto Bertrand Russell you, how big data is a great thing, but big data can lead to big errors if you're not careful about it, because if the big data changes people's behaviour and they all move in the same direction? You can cause a massive knowledge crisis through big data. What does that mean? If you have more, data should be smarter, not have, information is wrong and big data was one of the one of the contributors to the housing crisis per Bertrand. Russell Turkey problem always sums it up nicely that if you had a bunch of Turkey's on a farm and they were just born and Turkey's could talk and get on the internet and they were actual to be killed a year after their birth to be eaten, you know
three hundred and sixty three hundred and sixty one thousand three hundred and sixty two. You would see these turkey send an email to their friends going bad. You guys all got to come here. This is great farmer Jones leads us he's got us all fat, he keeps! Wolves away, keeps the bears away. We got a nice warm turkey pit, we can kick turn around the greatest thing ever all the Turkey should information is not wrong their information, hundred percent accurate, they have been fed for a year. The walls are kept away, they gotta greater, keep it. They all show. while these Turkey's they three sixty vow off with their heads. They all die at this in time. The information wasn't wrong, just lead to a distortion in behavior, so Turkey's would not have showed up. They have this information so be very, very careful with big date. I can't say enough big day can and does lead to big errors when it's not handle the responsible. What happened in the housing crisis every by housing housing, security is you're gonna securitized. These these
these mortgages. This is great. You know, housings gotta go up forever boom and edit didn't and everybody loss. At the same time, people wouldn't have ordinarily invested in housing. Did it because of the big data problem, but the information spreads there were two stories I saw this week that the I've every time I see them, I'm always I cautioned gotta, though whether medical records, the Obama, but care provision that mandated medical records now has all of these doctors buying into this same medical record programme and the medical record programme is costing them all kinds of time with their patients. Now this is more. operational process problem in a big data, bigger problem but in other words the doctors, Iraq. Right now, Joe? They have fifteen minutes with a patient and fourteen is spent filling out a computer for so now you go into the doktor to talk to the doktor about your health problem. What are you doing? you're engaging in a big data gathering process that actually prevent you from talking to your doktor about your health problems with a pretty interesting than, and secondly, in this room is a real kicker. They're doing I'm Pattern Analysis programme in Chicago and
The analysis parts of the programme figured out that, even if your friends arch are in a gunfight, nurse are hit the and the others victims, more likely to be a criminal later so they're doing this. Data gathering program, if it's kind of like a minority report than trying to figure out who is more likely to commit crime later and one of the problems are having is people who are victims are now being given like a probability or a likelihood of being criminals later, simply because they were surrounded by people who were involved in crime or they were victims of a gunshot themselves, be very careful about big data. Folks, I'm Tellin, you big errors, follow when you don't judge the data with it with an without umbrella view and you're, not very careful about what happens. If the disengage longitudinal overtime be very careful about correlations, the turkeys would have figured out Sunday, three sixty six, all those other turkey's are got to be very careful eye forsaking, for see ya tomorrow, you just ten Bonn GINO. She did.
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