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Ep 462 The Trump Witch-Hunt Continues as Gutless Republicans Play Along

2017-05-18 | 🔗

In today's show I dismantle the liberal arguments for a special counsel to investigate Trump. This case has been a witch-hunt from the beginning.

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bond you know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want it will at long last a nanny state to control my life on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host dan bomb g no i love into the renegade publicly within body of these joe how are you did all set ready to go dear how you do it yeah good let me just lay this out for you right away put her all out on the table today show may be a little scatter shot and my apologies for that there is just so much to talk about today and so much has happened that i took to pay
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clock yesterday no comes out from the deputy attorney general rod rose and stating that he is announcing the appointment of a special council to investigate tromp russia fairytale myth the rocks been story job we're not upstairs year we never have been if you listen i library you know that and only to defend myself for the thousands of time but what i want i just don't get it are we invest i dont even understand what we're doing here we're a point special prosecutor to prosecute what i don't want to then what's happening here we are lost in control of literally of the government the government is just this supposed to be a constitutional republic a representative democracy and we ve total control so deputy attorney general appointed a special council rob
smaller who was a former fbi director who i don't know i know who he is but i dont know and personally i should say be more precise appear to have a pretty decent reputation by partisan wise a great that doesn't matter liebermann as a great reputation to that doesn't mean we should appoint him as a special council to investigate you know why tax fraud at the euro a golden tax if it didn't happen function there's a witch hunt now why am i bringing up policy because job you know i was gonna pull sound on this but it's a waste of time it's a waste of time it's a thirty five then it show at its a total waste of time all you have to do is use the internet and go google pelosi schuman forget pelosi just google democrat calls special prosecutor
special council cause they're not actually the same thing but just google democrats calling for a special council to investigate tromp despite the fact that job i cannot say this enough nobody has yet told anyone what the crime it understand what's a crime not to talk about their colluded one collusion by the way which didn't happen opens prove that no prove figure approved opens even provided scintilla of evidence of good motion is a it's it's turn devoid of any legal meaning what does that mean may they had a conversation on the fault it's not a crime to quote collude even though that no one's even made a credible allegation of collusion theirs no one is alleged crime so job where we
cover in this story for weeks has as as ever boon us by late roger ales died today to which you know despite the allegations against them you know i i met roger else then added them in and just up thanks for what he did you know world centres at heart says one include that i just found out this morning and you know that you as the former head of fox news programming wanna put them out there but just google democrats calling for a special council i say that because late gentlemen one of the points i made on the shell repeatedly and joe you you ve been here would meet obviously from the big there's never been another e p on this shall write sent for joe i've made the point repeatedly on the show the democrats don't stand for anything that all
but the institutional the proportionate democrat party and the liberal propaganda woman out there they don't stand for anything ladies and gentlemen now why am i relating to you and rigour in relationship to the special council because the democrats call for a special council repeatedly pelosi humor all the dep just google it yourself don't take i beg you listening to this shop because i've got a liberal don't take my word for it he said do your own homework and that's why joe and i include show notes in the show with actual links look it up yourself what i telling you it's true again i could place i'm from now i don't even want to bother joe with this joker we go to a montage
i'm a crash calling for a special council because it would take twenty minutes because they all did again google it yourself so where principle people republicans good republican sir a lot of bad rhinos out that there is actually the rhinos heard this great step but we are principle people conservatives libertarians and good republic as liberals are not they wanted a special prosecutor they got especial she's a special council they got a special council yesterday a guy who's known across they put the partisan i'll to be a relative straight shooter rob mahler former rubber mullah former head of the fbi and what it mostly come out and say this morning no no this is no good let me quarter this is weak
an independent commission that is free of the trumpet ministrations meddling late ways joam traits tat these people shouldn t mention awards name in vain my apologies especially in light of anger i am angry and i'm sorry he's up like i don't do these things for but i hate those shows when i get in i do have a note of optimism where problems here we have a bit of it it is separate foxier joe optimism i i don't like angry shows and my wife doesn't like them either and i don't want to leave you guys with a sense of like it's all bad we're all gonna die we are we live at the girl it is time in american history to be alive so most prosperous time ever mean really should thank god you're alive now the united states but i cannot emphasised you enough i beg you i implore you i cry out to you on hands and knees begging you to understand that their deed liberal portion of the democratic party hates
country they hate you hate all of their enemies and anyone who is an obstacle to their acquisition of power make absolutely no mistake do not be fooled for a moment they never what is a special council ever what they wanted was to take down a democratically elected president because he was an obstruction to their control agenda they wanted total control the health care system and they knew with hilary they were on their way to single payer and its stop the minute trump got elected they wanted total control the economy by furthering the tax ike agenda obama started on their hilary it stopped under trump it wanted total control of the education apparatus in the united states by eliminating school joys wiping a charter schools the port importing into the government in education sector
harry that was gonna stand in the way of school choice they lost it when trump got elected them want to expand the deep state and a regulatory apparatus by expanding the government bureaucracy and empowering the government bureaucracy to rule without making laws and it stopped under trump i'm not a huge fan of the moral but good portion of the trump agenda have already said that on the show trade or a couple things i'd i wish we would like is tax got plan there is absolutely no question that the swamp creatures the rhinos the liberals and the democratic establishment got smoked in this last election and it will not let it go they never ever wanted a special council they wanted to take down the trump administration and keep her mind you may say well why would they call for a special council because they needed something to say that is it joe
never thought that the debbie e g and by the way just to be clear that deputy attorney general rod roses seen appointed the special council not the many general jeff sessions for a very clear reason which was so a mistake in my opinion the turning general refused himself now from the russian investigation based on false charges against him which was a mistake tat terrible more so rose in seeing now is in charge of that and that's why sessions now let me it to you so it makes sense that this is just one sentence on eight will people read on a radio they pay decent was exorbitant go here is the at you in the sea far the code of federal regulations its chapter six therefore chapter six that governs the appointment of a special council it says the attorney general or acting in this case act because remember sessions accuse himself will appoint is she'll council when he determines that
criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted folks the criminal investigation what is it joe when jim call we were still the fbi director just one who are three weeks ago and was may hill he clearly stated there wasn't a criminal investigation it was a counter intelligence investigation had he did remember that they were not the same folks there not the same thing the counter intelligence investigation ongoing within the fbi based all indications are publicly available information whereby stone russian meddling in the election which has been going on forever it made clear to a number of people including democratic senator diane feinstein an republican centre chuck rashly that donald trump
was not the target of the as the gay should you liberal dope sweet your thirty fourth thick skull what point is this do you not get show these people are savages the stock market down three hundred points yesterday people in a panic sissy public all over the place bail out o o gosh radiator special prosecutor this kid finger clown in illinois what a joke mccain i mean thank for your service i mean it gaza never want to be a prisoner of war and i don't mean to take away from this guy's record of service one bit but that does not entitle you to say red tape gillis things john mccain this is our life style investigation what are you talking about joseph armor cause i'm as my good friend them
do you know what the prime time denominate these eyes for a nobel prize because they don't that's that's good i like that's good that you write that down you need to start right now i've down dude filipinos your company may no longer arise goes to them though ball prize ride out nobel dough ball you listen to four hours of conservative talk radio every morning correct five to ninety around the bbc be em what what's that crime joe now tat he would show does joe they provide these kicker is these little like news bits he asked the listened to why chalk do the trick thick in the morning he listens to fry agreed the news i sometimes probably hangs around and listens to michael read the news late arrival bruce elliot show have you ever an actual crop knows the cry what is it has at joe has we would call them the shore with evidence
a cry not know there's no crocker where what is it what's the crime let me read this again the part of sea afar chapter six about the appointment of a special prosecutor for all the liberal daubs out there who are in cape ball of using logic and reason when energy erecting acting geopolitical appoint a special council when he determined that criminal investigation of a personal matter is warranted what's the crime you know i had to take another known i have like why i should take a picture and the support of my notes that air priceless i've wines everywhere the point that's why i was like worried because i want i don't like to do is its leave you yet the show with like man that was a lot but i don't get the whole so the big picture questions here going over the beginning democrats want of the special council so they said they got a special council
and now policies complaining that there's a spy sure council again showing you liberals have zero prince policy is a godless godless spineless the eye i mean the bottom of the barrel politician who will do anything anything to destroy these countries hence the witch hunt yet which on any no aids it's it's i tried to give our some credit on a show yesterday i was given due in a little interview and i said well you know she didn't call for impeachment so maybe she start to be reasonable you know what are you can't even do that one day and she's already back to throwing the country under the bus now i have a line to something else i wanted to point out to tie in a bit of a bit history into this to show oh you how the democrat media comp again is not committed to principles so they want to spend prosecuted and get what they're saying this mess prosecutor she's me special council should have been appointed accordingly
i see a fourth chapter six because of a criminal investigation nobody is point bout anywhere that there's a criminal investigation including the former fbi director who clearly said it was a counter intelligence investigation based on russian meddling and was not as the geisha drop so what's the crime now do you remember jos awhile ago we hit member we had the debt ceiling crisis and they reserve bcg the budget control like the sequester we did a show on this we would do a meek algiers for an hour and it was a while ago the democrats in the media the media just total told a lie her sides zero and i do mean zero respect for the media i'm telling you as an agent ben time under a around these people overseas these are a few things a second these are morally principle people the media i must tell you that in moral the prince more moral principle they are i would i would try
a misdemeanor convict before i would trust the media person they are savages and they are liars do not trusting people as far as you can throw them and based on lot of him eat you can't throw them very far they are the worst that dregs of society now when the bus the crisis was going on under abominate then the sequestered bcg recite the budget control act there was an analysis started the situation i'm pretty sure was by essen p the bonn raining company and they were talking about the the the fish go worthiness of the united states in other words hate this neo a lot of money and in there was a line about uncertainty and the damage rats amazingly despite the fact that this is with the report said it i know you're left you i remember some of this the unseen de was for the future budget situation because we were borrowing that borrowing
which might hear the word a bond rating agency said we are in real trouble right now the united states because of the uncertainty the future financial situation because we don't know if we haven't tax revenue in the future to ever pay off this government debt the demo that's a their media clowns who become on themselves every day one out there and said all look the republicans holding up the budget process even the rating agencies are citing that uncertainty in the republicans are destroying the country what are you talking about democrats in their media clouds are magical at turning a democrat problem into our problem the democrat problem they want to spend money we don't have s m p says that's causing uncertainty and we have a big price right now you better fix this right away and the democrats charter around because the republicans we're trying to stop spending a lot of money and make it a republican problem and these stupid
goats in the media play along railway why am i bringing this up in relationship to pelosi because what are democrats doing now by these constant calls for impeachment like this maxine waters who is it it just now incredible human being she's not to be taken seriously by any serious purse don't ever met maxine waters or the southern poverty law centre to be there to totally not credible laughable organizations that you make yourself look like an idiot by even bring so the democrats you're more than happy during the budget negotiations to cite uncertainty by the republicans trying to hold up mass spending bills saying nothing at all this uncertainty collapse the government yet the democrats right now or causing geometric we greater uncertainty by calling for impeachment meant any spare
the council even though they dont go on a special council because now that they got a special council there are already accusing the special council of meddling despite the fact that the guy appointed the head special council robert mauler robert bula worked for obama ambush and has by paul since supported this folks the bigger umbrella point that i i i need you to take out of this did though the democrats or lost party the liberals hate this country they ve always here this country they see us as a bunch of imperialist they have never forgiven the initial constitution of the united states for not wiping out slavery they have they did it will end there was it's a stain on this country forever as its a stain on most countries in the world that that thou instituted some form of slavery but did
they see us having imperialist tendencies they hate free markets they hate freedom they hate this country if you don't understand that you are listening to the wrong show and listen i don't care about looking to be accepted by the dc establishment in the fancy pants media listen go like yours i don't care i die give zero blanks and for those who followed me on twitter luck i give zero it rhymes with hits about what you said i've been seriously dc bubble people see or i give less than zero i dont care because a dark sky look at him in a bomb through liberals or hate america please understand what i'm telling you these people hate this country policy will thank the stock market she will take the obama care bill despite the fact that obamacare collapsing right now on its own a core joe is
but we're bailing out everywhere there just cancel these plans everywhere a couple weeks ago across the country they will take the economy the school system they will take to healthcare system they will slam you over the head with a baseball bat tomorrow morning if they could if it advance their power and control agenda make ab only no mistake very uncertainty they cited in the budget negotiations which was wrongly cited by the way they are pausing now ten times greater they are lapsing country right now and they don't care not one iota cause they're savages are no quick break here but i do have to i want to get the sum up the mr solana want to leave you
we're gonna remind you of that yeah he's a large powers like put is i had a rough day is joe a better off all right i've you signed up you ever see our dvd listen folks at a great conversation with a couple of capture the details i received the management at sea are tv yesterday a super excited about the future here get now i mean it i know i work here i know it's hard for me to be objective about it but i'm telling you get it now you got my show coming up a work and other details now you can see a preview of the show at sea or tv that it's a short when you have to be a member to see the whole twenty minute interview in some of the sum of the footage
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oh bonci no b o n giant i'll sign up today i'll give you a couple more hours off or i folks go to see our tv that common sign of tat one more point before i move on to a more optimistic note here to show you how jim call me is not is not being on the up and up here jim call me is about jim call me the former fbi the right of course it was his fire that initiated this whole spiral of democrat media fabricated scandal because that's all they are remembered republican scandals are make allegation confirm allegation go find evidence late right out and democrats scandals are evident slaves you interface deny evidence deny evidence against tax that that's that's it i mean that we have we never ever accept that ever ever ever that's why i can't stand the media but one more thing on this so democrats are running around calling for an obstruction of just this charge against tromp wow that's fascinate most of these democrat
sir legal buffoons in idiots ordinarily but they're just proving what we already know by saying that their alleging that they call me memo now to backtrack about jim call me allegedly and wrote in a memo while he had a meeting with trump we know that that satellites had a meeting with shrub not long after the trump election and call me apparently does big prolific notetaker and regarding the mike flynn the former national security adviser investigation call me alleges in a memo that trump said i hope we can find i hope we can find a way for you to clear him he's a good guy call me wrote that the memo now call me in typical jim call me fashioned joe found a way to make sure that this was led to the present this memo after he was fired not before now
a couple of points on this number one how is that of sharks and justice job have you ever been pull over by the cops know yet many talented hand net a meter unfortunately i'm a little known fact about me way too many times i had a corvette the w six what's been pulled over more times than i care to discuss the show today if use a police officer a man i really hope you can let me go that may not be why comment but i mean now you're not a lawyer but did just seriously neither am i but i have a deep experience with the legal system and been a cop in a federal agent you really believe that describe crime i've even ass do you really have everybody had everybody's bowled over over it's boys it man i hope you can let me go now that it's not a cry folks now here's that their friends now that's what that's what
he's alleging trop set i hope you can let this guy got there's a difference if you were to say by the way i want to give a shout out to my law enforcement friend rocco for giving me a little heads up on this one because he's absolutely right this was the analogy he used if you say the cop hey i really hope you cannot be go by the way a hundred dollar bill set not my lab wait for you if you do that a totally different ballgame box it's called a quid pro quo way something for something that's totally different nobody is alleging that happen nobody now so quit broken something for something is a major league problem legally here's the number two problem if you try to timid data if you say to the cop in other words hey i really hope you let me go and arm insolence your carry it and in the pants holster what your glock forty three and you start fingering mac lock forty three i guarantee you can have a big problem with that coffee if you make it out of their life ok you started
you start put your hand that god he's gonna poles got out he's going to make sure that you put your hand off that got understand that we show you know montague killed if that's it ever so you have quit pearl i want intimidation again nobody's what you got either so called is is slipping this memo did now here is call me during a shoutout gregg jarrett fox news who is a lawyer for writing this and a fox news opinion pits because he's absolutely right showing how call me just box themselves in because the call me memo makes no allegations whatsoever of obstruction of justice but now them he is calling for obstruction of justice jim call me just themselves donald trump of any wrongdoing now joe you probably thinking well how did he do that jim call me has the head of the fbi joe if the president obstructs just in front of him but he's in the office has an absolutely no obligation to report that he didn't reporting
so what does that mean what tat means is call me a memo that was trying to cheat call me apparently is that bright which was trying to damage tromp inadvertently let's tromp off the hook because now what's jim call me going to say i think about it joe undergrowth what's call me going to say jim call me did you think trumped obstructed justice in front of you yet yes i think you did while sir why did you reported because because why did the whole the information hostage case i got fired with that's not an answer folks not an answer or germ is it a world the trouble right now he either witness them actually have just this which is by the way i wanna be crystal clear which is no indications that at all intimidation quid pro quo quid pro quo when the memo none but even if accordingly media allegations and silly democrat allegations of obstruction of justice either he would instead and failed to report it failed to resign over it or he didn't witness it and just
just the absolve trump of any wrongdoing here screwed himself like there's no tomorrow he has no idea ok on a little bit of an optimist by the way did there's extorted today in them in the wall street journal up at peace by feel grants are stored in opinion peace but it's a really good one about economic twins in the treasury borrow money and i know that sounds really complicated but it's not the quick just a bit before i get to an optimistic knows it and i want to talk about this more tomorrow is worth a little bit of trouble right now with the economy we borrowed so much money that when interest rates go up these interest rates rise high enough but they rise higher than the rate of growth in the economy will be in real trouble in other words if you have to borrow money at five percent for a project you think it's only gonna returned four percent and you're going to lose money i said brought the porter rico thing and yesterday showing how interest rates go up in the united states this is a real problem folks if the economic growth rates
four percent and interest rates a seven percent and you have to borrow money to fund projects you're losing money so feel gram as a really interesting take on this role i get to tomorrow's summit of foreign and i need the little boat so you don't have to spend your wheels think it a throat but it's a really really good piece but on an optimistic note because i know this was a bit of a depressing show and i know i don't intend to use the goodness number one we're we're all christian
now i should say in my some atonement i get in the audience we have jews buddhists hindus i respect all different viewpoints on i am where christians at my house and be this is just the task right does the test i am absolutely convinced about you know you ross wrote a great book or why the universe is the way it is about the value of suffering and sacrificing the book is great i mean the essence of it is easily astrophysicist than i interviewed wants a w may island of hosting over there and he's really fascinating he lays out the scientific case for god but that he also talks about the value of suffering and when i took away from one of the chapters of the book as this is a try out i mean god put you here with free will give you try out for your ticket to the second creation they'll get so upset about the now about the failings of human beings
may we ve had values of human beings from time immemorial be there you name it there's been abuses of power at tyrants success just what human beings do but all you can do is led your life and a good morally upstanding way and know that no matter what happens here on earth there's always a there's a second creation there waiting for you if you're willing to do the right thing i don't wanna be preachy but it's easy to get lost in the material world sometimes and think i tol common apart and you know what it's not idiot human beings come apart all the time just don't be a part of it ok number two for practical folks we're still winning major things are happening at the state level matter fact that you're a great report yesterday the state of oregon to oregon a liberal state show where they only rejected limitations on a liquid natural gas masai michel my gosh what's the big deal it's a huge deal it's going the first one on the west coast dissimilar real state of organs maryland has a republican governor massachusetts hazard
public and governor illinois is a republican govern we have white the democrats out at the state federal and local level and i have a note here court appointments are coming up to it tromp manages to get reelected or rather republic it manages to take the next for your term we are going to clean up at the court level too and appoint actual construction strict construction is who obey by the constant obey the constitution and don't use it for toilet paper like the liberals we're still winning we're winning everywhere the democrats can talk all the smack they want where winning we all them everywhere a second piece of good news nobody trusts the media anymore the me is totally but clown themselves now you may say to us about the unused to like the media to sign it ok well here's a pole i just saw and i had tipped amali hemingway within tweeting this out talking about it on fox only eleven percent of republic kids trust the video folks
you can and you know what i get it you know media hacks listening you may be like while we don't care we don't really need republicans outgoing fibres ones it you don't the kids are fifty percent of the country and would only ten percent of them were eleven to be precise eleven percent of dress you i got news for you your business models in a world the trouble focused no we trust you you ve lost all credibility you have none you ve lied to us for fifty six the years and we ve caught up here your business man it's done it's over you can keep talking to your liberal kooks in a bubble and that's fine but you're done last point it there is it up a pole recently about com taken you approve disapprove of the gym commie fire sixty two percent of respondents either approved the firing or couldn't care less what does that tell you joe i wrote my first book i call that life inside the boy offer reason when you're in the dc c babylon you do which oh and idea we focus on conservative content every day this is a huge story
what farmer jones in arkansas thinks about this story he's giving the double barrel middle finger which i'm doing right now i could you not to the diesel the establishment because he doesn't care cod is access big dissolve gear i get the government offers back so we can feed america noble who cares diesel obsessed with chopped followed daddy fired call we did everything lapsing no one cares but you nobody nobody hers you are the only ones you care about is how to leave you in an optimistic that where winning we're waiting for sorry but a little longer to tomorrow i want to get into that some of the dangers of this special prosecutor too and i want to tell a quick story about when i was a secret service agent and how we had a real
are we really potentially high profile investigation but it goes to show you the dangers of special prosecutors and council's job they get they want to be on tv and i'll tell story that approve it that some of these guys are really bad intentions that's the danger they're all rights are mr marcia talking just ten bonn gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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