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Ep 464 Devastating New Information Destroys the Trump-Russia Lie

2017-05-22 | 🔗
In this episode I address the total collapse of the Trump-Russia "collusion" fairy tale. I also discuss the aftermath for the Democrats. https://static.theintercept.com/amp/key-democratic-officials-now-warning-base-not-to-expect-evidence-of-trumprussia-collusion.html
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bond you know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want it allows a nanny state to control my life on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host in bonn g no i wasn't there the renegade republican within bounds universe joe our you today a man hang in there ready to go dance yeah maybe we ll talk up i need list folks what i say you told me about it to the hyper believed but i don't want to bombshell story because there's nothing in their frankly be didn't already know but it really sums it up glenn green wall to is not a conservative and all glenn greenwell who worked
with snowden on the essay case he writes at a place while the intercept has a peace which is on my facebook page this morning if you want to read it also included in the show knows that is just a devastating to the democrats right now and they trop russia which what we call the front beginning joe the fairy tale evokes it was made up i warned you on this show what joking once again and i have warned you every day since you are being lie too it is a fairy tale and the green while peace is devastating damage dating came out this morning so drugs it's all over the place so i'm reaches a couple quick quotes from that and you you can't should we leave this show still leaving this meat if you do i mean you really need to see psychological help you do you need or or psychiatric whatever it is you need to seek out because you're just refugees
you're being why do to your face and european willing soccer argue in paris there might be that comics i should manage scalp worried you would bear i mean really falling apart pathetic ok today show but you bob he's afraid freedom vast you got one of this if not you need to lie nineteen to twenty second obviously this year july nineteen to twenty seconds the paris resort las vegas the most libertarian city in the u s this is like the premier conserved terry libertarian festival around you can't miss that's what i'm gonna be there so you want to say hello come on out don't miss it to notice the largest gathering of free mise they bring together every one who cares about liberty to spend the ultimate three days together learning sharing networking and more networking critical folks i learnt from the book the blacks one they have won i'm sure there's going to be there i'm going to be there kennedy's going to be there deneen borelli's going to be there they have the lib x series libertarianism to the extreme no more gun control dont vote it just
courage is yet these are real titles the stuff go out there listen to it folks check it out whisper something in your mind celebrate the life and career of steve forbes that his 70th birthday major think tanks and freedom organizations are going to be there cato heritage state policy network the atlas society have an exhibit hall a trade show
for liberty and any of them film festival godaddy register go to freedom fast start com that's freedom fast that car i'll be there use used a promo code see our tv one hundred see your tv one how do you get a hundred dollars offer even call eight five five eight five zero three seven three three freedom fast i'll be there see there okay so green walls piece in the intercepting the stories collapsing joe man have warned you over and over folks that i can't tell you and nor would i try to influence your unnecessarily your political leanings all i can influences what i believe the truth is and get the truth out there and i say influence the truth because the truth is an out there right now if you want to continue to vote democrat and be a liberal go right ahead you listen to my show i'm happy to have you i'm happy to have a legitimate conversation with you but i just want
you don't understand that you are going to be humiliated by these trump russia fairytale now greenwash peace let's get right to the nuggets here and there are a lot of nuggets when i tweeted that this morning matter fact an old friend of mine from maryland as woman dare bali was nice she was tweeting out excerpts from the peace and euro usually a tweet out one of these is treated like ted because there are so many gems in your here's the first one a committee source now when i say committee to be crystal clear precise about what we are all talking about we don't confuse the left this listening with arguments then at the house intelligence committees that have access in the clearance to read the information on the trump russia's fairytale this is a democrat come he saw ass you wish to remain anonymous is a quote i dont think that solutions are going to meet people's expectations ok our heads there's number one now that right away should be a sign that something was up green
what goes on here is a quote from ike morale who in case you don't know who might morale is its m o r r yellow might morality the acting cia director under barack obama mike morale actively endorsed hillary clinton and trash trump which is kind of unprecedented reformer intelligence guy in an opposite peace basically saying he was an unwitting agent of the russians joe the major role it is for the liberals you who may be a little slow on this this guy was the acting cia director under obama who endorse tailoring here's a quote from him this weekend that is if you are a liberal you going to be crapping your pants after this if you're reasonable which unfortunately ninety percent of liberals aren't here we go mike morrell keeping out just to me to set this up before i quote it there you know the lie where the smokers fire he said
it's ok well people looking for smoke people looking for fire here's the quote there's no little camp fire no little candle there's no spark there's a lot of people looking for ladies and gentlemen again this guy was the acting cia director now green what goes on i'm not going to read many more quotes a piece goes on forever but greenwell talks about the dna former dna jim clapper folks dna for the liberals in the audience stands for director of now snow intelligence dozens therefore do not intimidate director of national intelligence jim clapper have you seen any information on europe russia collusion know he has it diane feinstein senior senator democrat again for the liberals demo grad da demo rat
the california yes i know i didn't break it down perfectly syllabic leaders was intentional where all hook don't relaxed for that particular hooked on firefox works and obey you a job that you follow riggers is there no ball prize at i guy i don't think i've ever got more emails on a common including mine on the shop diane bides time asked twice in two who separate appearances on sierra with both blitzer obviously i like wealthy nice guy might be huge fantasy and in these days but we must always be nice to me do you any evidence of rust in collusion there's a lot of news stories rather really is there any evidence guys you know to the liberals out there for the sake of the country at one time we were united american i gave out of a passionate appeal on the vin show on friday night for you know about this story just begging trump the kind of guy
for it now because its clear as day and this is why i was but when i say go for and i say you know what just do it rethink conservatives have wanted to do for the last fifty years school choice balanced budgets compare if international tax rates just go for joe what's what are you waiting for what's the point the liberals have shown you their collective asked us right now pie couldn't say that i'm leavin show but it's my part guest it's a family shall but they have lived would you what they are about you have our own people on the inside on record job saying again there's no fire there's no candle there's no spock you have the thing and they don't care they don't care because each one have warned you about on this show for the two years we ve been doing it and this audience you ve grown it with me liberalism is never about the truth it is about
dancing in agenda on how they control things and that's it immigration has nothing to do with immigration for liberals or what love illegal immigrant no they don't they lie votes i boy industry you a long time ago when crews inserted a poison pill immigration documented let into an immigration piece of legislation that said it was something to the effect of and i want a pin it all on a crusade i think it was a good idea ok tell you what we if we considered amnesty right but no one could vote if did that otherwise you came here illegally so will you can stay but you want the democrats that no decision we should say to you that again are you don't tell me an issue tell me any issue and i'll tell you how the democrats don't
about the truth they only care about power they need votes for power illegal immigration helps them if illegal goods can vote they don't care about illegal immigrants at all not one bit they would throw you out tomorrow if you are if you're listening to this new came here illegally david throw you out tomorrow if it up here here's this is crazy but shall play gave reef permitted if days tomorrow the republic they ve never do it but if they put forth a piece of legit they should tomorrow that's everyone here illegally we are going to send you back your home country reverent maybe el salvador mexico wherever it may be and you can vote i did states elections from mexico as affair however for us to go back home and lit democrats when the devil quite right away would say how you i will take that right but what do you mean working to support all these people folks they don't care on taxes my gosh
but he thought i got a story today i hope i get you have not i'll get to it tomorrow some cato cato which is just a magnificent website and nine organization and email less care has a piece out about corporate tax which i get to admit it should the same thing i would tell you liberal riad arranged the corporate tax rates paid out dead fair share cato a peace that using webs get ready for this nah burs data is that long enough for it when you cut the tax rate it doesn't matter the businesses we will pay an almost equivalent amount of taxes because they grow matter back almost all the projections of lost money for corporate tax cuts are totally nonsensical the numbers don't mary up folks liberals don't care about the truth they don't care about any of this they are absolutely hell bent on
dancing this trump russia false narrative despite the fact that their own people all looking for it begging for information job digging piles and piles of emails and full transcripts and everything s cannot fight in a scintilla a shred of evidence of any of this even happen and these morons more france will continue to tweet about it it's it's it's disappointing it's a time depressing but again i'm trying to leave you with an optimistic note before i kind of move onto another thing i want to cover today here's the optimistic note here when this collapses on these idiots out it's going to because one thing you can do is you can't fabricate evidence without being exposed you can't you care creed any more and you may say all listen i got a conspiracy theories folks i mean i gotta lotta emails about me you know and you know what
stand on the world trade center and south rich i'm not i just don't i worked in the government with the highest clearance i'm sorry i just i've seen from a different perspective you have i d we respect your opinions i deeply respect your emails i read them but you but able to sway me one bit that what my view on this is right i mean i'm just basing it on what i know from being inside the government when i've heard from people in it and i think a pretty reasonable analysis i don't even know where i was going with that it was with you man what i was going on about conspiracies give them this is that this is a u all the evidence that's right now shit see i rarely forget where i'm going but that one is kind of passionate for me so absurd you banks joe you can find brake ate entire case against trump this mistake mysterious you know trump russia very good for nothing i get it i will but i pointed to make some use are you sure you folks trust me you can't you can't fabricate a phone call
using like a trump impersonator to putin and introduce it is evidence go and look we have call between a truck impersonator reboot and saying vladimir what do we need due to screw over the united states and mrs clinton when this election you can't do it they would have audio experts the bug that big tomorrow morning you can't fabricated email from scratch it leaves digital footprints you can't put from fingerprints on the russian presidential pals folks you can't fabricated case the democrats or going to fall on their face with this and here is the optimistic note that's what i want to leave you with not that the media has any credibility left they dont there a joke it's that there are far sighted zero respect for for mate leftwing media brought me i mean it's literally zero and none there is i know these people i've dealt with them they are the worst the worst they are the dregs of society if you only saw what i saw in the secret service with some of these people you would
the horrified at their lot morals their ethics digit and by the way most of we're just really sincerely not bright i mean it i'm not kidding i might say that they're just really not bright at all like you would talk to him about stuff i remember this foreign trip can economics i think we're over and croatian this media guy creep it it and we were talking about the debt load with but with a policy of visor from the united states be i was having a conversation with them and i was an aging and listening to this media guide try to try men which i made would like third grade level understanding of economics i was i do but the big boy talk you just go sit over there in your press better take pictures it i'm tellin you job was humiliate fall on their face here there that the the small shred of credibility they had left with a small shred of america certainly not us joe is gonna be god it's got they have nothing history is going to humiliate the left on this case now
a little bit of an additional expos a here against the media i want to tell you something quickly that the something is sensitive to joe when i because we were dealing with it for a long time just to show you how badly the media has floundered and and and and blown up this trend investigation i mean blowing up late blown up his it's out there doesn't exist right when joe and i we're doing this podcast during the presidential election they were too stories joe knows about that were fed to me by they're not anonymous sources to me right but they is to remain anonymous i a job i know just formally with one he may not be for movie i do not a rehearsal show with gel beforehand because i like a more i d rather one yeah yeah i know it i know the one you that's the one you when i which we thought was like she did that to that too that that's amazing
they were too stories about hillary clinton who said to me by again not anonymous sources i knew the names of the people i know who they were and i'm telling you and i'm staking my entire professional reputation on it with you these stories and the sources were again on credible they were first tat witnesses from people who had high level security clearance is an aim stories about hillary clinton once before we are not the one jos thinking about that were absolutely devastating now there is a problem and it number one we never ran with the details of the story as we knew them because week we could not bull and triple source it and i don't want to be embarrassed i don't want to lose my credibility with you all i get not a tweets about people come here for their news every day and i appreciate that i'm never going forfeit that away in search a few extra listens it's not worth it to me we gave you can
but about around about although i absolutely knew this story be true but we couldn't double and triple check and why am i telling you this because working with a report from an outlet that's not a hack into mainstream media its outcome derivative out late but it's not a left leaning out the am i going to say who because the person did not me permission to chat i would never do that anyone but i was working with a media person onto these stories and you know they refused to write the story and i totally understood despite a lot back and forth because as one of the sources and one of them would not for obvious disclose their name i didn't other case we and find the parson involved in the case although there were multiple witnesses that had happened but we couldn't a person to say it happen or i think she on the person and even want to talk about a for obvious reasons now for that should tell you something these were anonymous sources just like you not
to them again to me i never gave up the names for the media person and never would but these were beyond credible unimpeachable sources for stan people reza maze you wouldn't believe you said you'll never believe what this story about mrs kuhn and they never wrote the story stories would have been horrified and really i'm convinced altered people's votes and they never but the story and i respected this media out before that gazeta do you know what we don't run with with that which the fight unless we can personally get from this source on the scene and and the reason i bring this up as you realise this and to tie this backdrop russia this entire trump rush a fairy tale the conspiracy theory it entirely based on innuendo anonymous sources from people who hate trump and aid viewed reading of history in such a way that if you make it painful to try and tie people together the entire case
yet the media has run with this story every single day humiliating themselves and that's why when you talk to your liberal friends i want you to remember that story the need to any tell him how the media's biased that are a bunch of accident a path a fox news and bribery conservatively you guys are already at you guys rural morons folks its the other way around i'm telling you would part first hand experience as a candidate service agent and bubble and as a number of journalists but as a guy who had two major scoops that were never run within still have it i'm still hold them they turn up dead joe remember just just getting just so what you but that's probably have kept two major i'm telling you from someone on the inside you have it all backwards
the main stream left wing media are fairytale tellers teddy rocks been drop a quarter in the back in they'll tell you any be a story they want for clicks member going caserta washed imposed the fact checker saying they were cheering and the wash deposed newsroom as they broke have one day click wreck a good congratulations you also broke you one day credibility loss record you have nothing you have nothing more oh it's the conservative air or their media are the ones who are actually do in real journalism you guys should be embarrassed really and the left wing i'm telling you i lived it i got a couple other here myths that they can propagated but before i get to have you signed up for sea or tb yet here i appreciate all the positive feedback on my pilot episodes at the damp gino show proud to say coming soon we'll work it out the logistics now it's a professional shows we want to make sure we give you the highest quality content we have all the best hd cameras it's gonna be commercial free now it's out that you just the damned mancino shown by the way we're doing a lot of great you're gonna be unbelievably impress them i'm imploring
please go side up at sea or tv calm you'll get markov in shells even crowd or show you'll never have to watch anything else again commercial freedom watch on your computer your laptop you can sing it's your tb watch it on your smartphone you get michel ma contributes these data showing up my show come up all available for around eight some want that's nothing compared to your capable of europe for this crap like cnn and amnesty and see who needs all that garbage where the place to go see or tv here's the promo code you get ten dollars off work i'll be back a box him up spawn gino bioenergy hyaena witches unsurprisingly my last name see our tv that i'm promo code bond please go sign up give us a lucky will be very impressed i promise you see our tv their camp budget by now the media credibility obviously with conservatives already gone but there is some portion sadly have made you americans still takes these people seriously but
i just want to show you again how they fabricated narrative now we ve got into in the past about the clinton surplus and how that's you again i was you from the audience our eye with the clear service but it's him gordon i never talk about it because it's really not even a consequential anymore i talk about the mythical bill clinton budget surplus because it always to me is the template for how a completely false easily debunks story becomes part of the mainstream media lexicon it becomes fat just by repeating it over and over that's the idea i spoke about a friday show with live in my friend tim daughtry calls you know i always writes about what was called gaslight joe gas lighting is this concept after them movie gaslight light hitchcock movie where it repeat a lie confidently over and over again and you isolate people from the truth that lie becomes in fact the true and if
if you ever see the movie the girl on the train that recent movie with that emily lady i forget her last name how the girl the train without giving away the plot the moon movie goes into that's how they repeat a lie so much that it becomes believed in the woman is a false sense of reality about what's going on that's what happening right now with democrats with the trump russia story but move there's another thing because the c score for trump care is to come out on wednesday joe this is be a big deal sure you her because joe does the morning show it to be cbs i'm sure you heard the last c b o score for the last plan and remember they said this media like pirated over and over again oh my gosh twenty four million we're gonna lose coverage yeah yeah for and joe says like tat because i mean honest just god joe probably accept it is fact do but joe joe being too you sure the shell probably remembers the shall we did with that what to see bio score sad folks that's not
what it said you're being gas lead again it's but people i just folks i just heard it on a on another news that work that's not liberal and i was like i can't believe are repeating this that's not what the c b o report sent just to be crystal clear on this just like the trump rush fairytale daddy i dont know how many times this can be the bug the sepia report on trump and i'm not a fan of this trump care planter all let me be clear on that i'm not there at the point of the shoulder the point of the show today is about falls stories merit is fed to you by the left advanced by the media that ok gorky false and easily this that people still believe or the truth couldn't surplus perfect he never read a serb was ever the debt what every year only idiots i believe that but if you say it billy suppose you want urinary as an eighty or think they're gasoline podgy or believe the boy but it could serve a helper then you show them figures like how'd you run
plus if the debt when up a real you just don't what you're talking about ok right whatever dope whenever you say that you do do you think whatever this twenty four million losing covered that's not what the report says the report said that when you wipe out the individual mandate in other words the government penalty for you buying overpriced insurance that's what the individual mandate under obamacare was folks you have to pay a penalty to the irs for get a load of this for choosing not to buy crappy overpriced insurance so do i buy crappy overpricing or do i pay the irs you you like that who likes a while we'll get it where is that like an example of effective policy by this happy overpriced price the georgia the governments can still more of your money ok thank you the beating will continue until morale improves what why the report said when you dumb
each individual mandate and you don't force p to pay the irs we're not buying crappy overpriced insurance jaw they won't by crappy overpriced towards this was not that it did said nothing about people losing coverage it said people choosing coverage talk don't or two totally different story lines now i was storyline that's the truth became an air the job care narrative is almost comical in other words do realize what they're saying in that initial sepia report and you'll still your people parity right before this wednesday sepia report again on trumped care to hear yet again joe they'll say twenty four may it will lose lose or choose loser just answer the question loser choose that that not to pay for all they'll chooser so your ideas are then we should find them and make them pay the irs that but he said that nobody's
they will lose insurance they just made it up they made it up and it is still being pirated out there it just it's pathetic it really makes me sick they are another us narrative i saw today along my yeah long lines of the theme been repeating the shop so there story i saw the news today and to be air there were some concern but if leaning or i should say rather fair outlets that reported this story to from another anonymous source i mean it's this incredible unanimous sourced how three days into the trip the foreign trip it is true is really exhausted that system why should that be a story well it's a scam only because the liberal media wants to pay tromp as a guy who just not prepared news lazy and doesn't want to do what he said he was gonna do which is due this really you know vigorous vibrant robust foreign trip they want to interim as an oath you get what i'm saying here we come so this is more here the is exhausted he vocs
according to see be entered the bank this i have been there on the ground about putting myself on the back i'm not a braggart those are you know me i don't get into that stuff i was with secret service for twelve years i was a number one weapon that data is immediately to you but get a number of foreign led advances where i coordinated soup to nazi entire foreign trip i did indonesia did the czech republic manufactured didn't you indonesia multiple times and i did the trip to afghanistan also involve the multiple trips as transportation advance and other things i've been on far trips repeatedly i'm just establishing a base level bona fides i'm telling with one hundred percent certainty again this is a false narrative ever the president is exhausted on the trip you know why wait way get ready for joe this is gonna be breaking too liberal knuckle heads you really are some of the dumbest clouds on the planet there's a time change tween here in the middle east
there is there not on eastern time no they are not they are ours ahead of us spokes two years how time changes work let me explain this for the liberals because they really dopey in their ever trumps exhausted he's die he's not gonna make it this old off looking to be so lazy i've been there with bush i been overseas with the first lady i've been overseas with president obama thereon tired because when it's when it's done the clock in the afternoon in jerusalem it's what eight o clock nine o clock in the morning here in the exact time change and they probably haven't slept all night oh a guy she's tired this guy's clearly enough joe who has no business being present now thereby the story and the fact that trop cancel that event he was doing i'd centre volcanoes place was tired now that's what the stories reporting is that story only if europe
liberal buffoon looking to feed a story to the media look in a lap it up ok again nothing against some of the outlets at publix stuff cause it's the anonymous source i fall but folks happens all the time when i was a child rotation advanced let me explain you how these things work you run those motorcade route overseas gosh fifty sixty times you go through and mark safe house you wanna know relocation spots you have to know everywhere to go but you have to run the motorcade route for the president overseas in the specific order why wealth it should be pretty obvious if think about it from your perspective the route for joe to see be em where he works back to his house is pretty well known if you throw root in between there or you cancel cbs the roads totally change right john vice a job stop at atlanta bread fracture i think it's close right now on richie highway and sovereign apart dec
lately changes the rude joe now has to go down richie i waited with different answers it changes the rout maybe he goes back maybe he's gotta go do something to fifty two point is when i the t s guy transportation guy that was the worst thing that can ever happened it screwed up everything once you insert one event or cancelled it throws all of your roots forever the obvious reason some folks it happened all the time the president would come out obama president bush they would higher there was a grudge austin i remember one trip not gonna say hobo got sick happens all the time only with the trump administration because liberals hate him and they loved false narratives is it traps exhausted this is they're not gonna report you have no idea why he can maybe was exhausted the point is present are always exhausted it's only a story because they want to show lack this guy free single trip that trip to indonesia the when i did that they screwed up the whole thing they were like
we're going to skip this last stop at this place and we're gonna go right to the airport unlike dude we have motorcade vehicles shutting down traffic from here to the spot where do you want me to do move em you're talking about hundreds of pop passport postponing presidency indonesian secret service you have hundreds of these guys what do you want me to do parliament a bus yes what we want you to do it happens all the time i didn't see mr obama exhausted i ask that he can't do it frankly box i'll be was exhausted who knows at the time there was a volcano thing going on is a complicated story what happened in indonesia but we had to get him back out an error quick so but they point of trying to make use because you read something in the paper it may not necessarily made this point of foxes weak it may not be a lie joe but it is distortion of the truth in the advancement of an agenda that believe me is not yours and isn't trumps instead of just being honest and writing he may be
custody may not but these kinds of things happened all time they're always car balls and presidential trips which is an absolute fact that they ignored basing our jobs basically it is a big of a guy he got so much stuff to get to the castle wrote a great peace today in the wall street journal about the discipline of markets just snapchat you're snapshot being missed right now by the markets was a great peace because it really highlighted to me the difference between governments how you can fail in government repeatedly every day and you still get to take taxpayer money you fail when you are publicly traded company that's it you don't you get sick at a restaurant the restaurants wiped out you know retail who gets wiped out you see the foot locker loss what seventy percent of their value over the weekend it's so i want to get too that a little back to get there tomorrow and a story about with cato with the corporate tax these interesting i know i get it sometimes economic stuff but i've made the point
you over and over the tax cuts do not equal tax revenue losses i've said that over and over just look at the data there's a great very short piece of cato and all that give you from tomorrow showing half britain cut their tax free from fifty two percent of the corporate cite the ninety percent joe and how much money you think they lost not zero very lose out in egg nothing but all attacks in a stupid argument on the left and i get restoring tomorrow hopefully to about this trump tax credit for school choice attacks credit to give job way for they wanna give inner city kids importunate scholarships to go to school really oh but the liberal those are going wild already and it's not even down on paper because god forbid you give kids
a scholarship to go to school and other evil rich people pay the bill we can't have any of that so i gotta get to that tomorrow too but thanks for tuna deforestation listen and arm of in on friday really appreciated thanks for listening to me scribe and every by the way you're subscriptions and i too am really help us of you subscribe to the show it gives us a big huge bob i think we're down as close to like sixty on out of all the pod guess and in the news in politics array that's really impressive out of that hundreds of thousands of particles thanks for subscribe it see you just ten bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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