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Ep 465 Political Correctness is Killing People

2017-05-23 | 🔗
In this episode I discuss the damaging effects of political correctness on our national security.   I also discuss a troubling story brewing on Capitol Hill which is being largely ignored by the media. http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/22/sources-democratic-aide-suspected-of-major-security-breach-under-government-protection-in-pakistan/   Finally, I discuss the paradox of high tax rates and revenues.  https://www.cato.org/blog/new-estimates-corporate-tax-rates?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=267ad778cf-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-267ad778cf-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-267ad778cf-143016961&mc_cid=267ad778cf&mc_eid=3fd7404a34
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Bond. You know all the sandy supporting our bombs at me. I m right back, I'm out here to pull any punches right. The deadline GINO show this is the great irony of conservatism, even liberals win under conservatism, ready to hear the truth about Amerika. Are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can, even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote? For you does Bonus showed its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bonn Jean, I wasn't there. The renegade Republican with thereby genome research show. How are you today, man I'm doing good what a night? Oh, my gosh, crazy last night something happened to be less I've really upset about. I can't get it out of my head. I you never ever wanna, be felt like you were taken advantage of and light, tonight. I really feel like I got seriously like screwed over by something I'm using a lot alike:
like you know, like Yahoo list from like Eliseo Silverstone. I was now, I'm I'm really like fired up about the whole thing. It was very upsetting what happened, but you know I do a lot of favors for people folks. other things behind the scenes. I don't talk about a modest ready, pats on the back or anything, but don't ask me to do some an enchantment gosh I am. I gonna do to talk about today? This Manchester attack last night, because it's something I've been discussing for a long time and its critical. You understand the difference between access control and security and how it pretty, instead delineation points outward secure zones and non secure zones and The terrorists are always going to take advantage of this folks. It's going to. It a serious problem for us and it has to transition us from a fireman attitude towards putting these fires out after they happen, which is what we're focused on now
and arsenic mode, starting these fires in advance and stopping these terrorist attacks from happening at all. Where there's there's no way in she's gonna make upon a sense. I promise you, but I discuss this way on MSNBC in regards to the Sochi, Russia Olympics. What was that three four. I remember I discuss this problem. How But yours is only going to get bummed out now the terrorists are going to take advantage of. So I got a bunch of gift. Let's get right to it, they show brought you buy a friend to birch gold group love these guys, as I'm see stability in my retirement folk stock markets hitting new eyes daily, that's great, but the question a lot of people are wondering is: how do I protect my harder
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ouch gold, that calm slashed Dan did. I request your free information kit I'd. So that's what I'm talking about a long time ago at the Sochi Olympics, there was a bombing in a train station outside of Sochi off your member, this Joe, but it was it was not at the Olympics. It was at a train station going there. They brought me on MSNBC was an early morning had on a weekend Nan. They wanted me to talk about what that, what the ramifications work for that for the Olympics, which was like a week ago and I said the problem we're gonna have and in light of what happened in Manchester last night, the problem are always going to have problem. We have always had the secret services access can role, is not security. Its access control, the words a ticket to an area ground? They concert a ticket to the Olympics, take it to a football game. Isn't says: control device, the ticket controls its inner who doesn't location alarm cost doesn't have a ticket? Joe does not get access gotcha? That is
A security devise if Joe access to the divine through the joys access to the event and nobody, that's Joe down on the way. In the event, that's not Security, they control we got in but terrorists can walk in the door and do what they want access controls. Not security Why do I bring this up because trolling access is one always assumed to be security. It's like all. Yet you get up a ticket to give that doesn't mean anything. Ok, the sea, Service has been really smart about this over the years. Say you need a ticket to get. It presidential rally right Unita? You didn't take it with a bar code over maybe they understood that there's an access control point, but that's not where the security starts, so your lined up or chewed up you're overseas. To get into presidential speech for Donald Trump with your ticket, the old security is at the security starts at the ticket taker boot right all will see who gets in who that is
the security. That's only the access control to the event. These are the same thing delineation point between all parties. Secure area, not secure area has always been that ticket taker for most of american most of the world, but not the secret service that make sense you like, if you ve, got one to a presidential speech and the secret service was doing it the way most people do it like they did at the event last night. Listen, that's not me, lay poured solved in an obviously tragically open mood. I'm just try, to explain to you hope we ve some business leaders, people who own big arena stop that you're. Looking at this all wrong, the old view, that all the security starts where they were, we control who comes in it? Who doesn't that ticket taking point right? That's not the way, the secret service. Does it. And a man explain why, in a minute we have the but inner in middle rings of security, and that out ring starts way before you even get to the checkpoint. Where someone takes your ticket, you walk through a metal detector magnetometer. Now I
in explaining how exactly we do what we do- it's you know for obvious reasons, even my third book, I, like I touch on it enough of weight and not give out any secrets it's coming out soon by the way in September. For those who are interested There are ways there are ways we we do things that ensure that before you even get to the checkpoint, it someone's. Given you a look, see, let's say and there's ways to do that. A number of ways to do that. There's another There's enough, there's a number of detection ways to do that to you to pick up on things. Ok now not suggesting the whole world needs to do that, because its prohibitively expensive, but I am going to suggest a way to fix this, because When you do security, the always show, in other words, not our responsibility until you get to the ticket taking point what what happens, what happened in Sochi, all the Olympics? secure, ok, we'll just bomb the train station outside of wood You gotta do they're gonna get it. You know a ticket to drive the train station, you gotta, get a ticket,
on a trade, but there was no ticket to walk into the lobby. What happened, dinner at Fort Lauderdale. Are we couldn't get in the terminal, we'll shoot someone at the baggage claim what I've been there, was it a Prague what happened in what was then the was an attack overseas that that not that long ago, Brussels, the browser, the Brussels attack same thing, you can't get into the terminal get on the plane. Hit him in the ticket taken area. Folks, the point I'm trying if you view security as an at an access control as secure areas versus not The terrorists are just going to keep moving farther and farther out to the areas that aren't secure as it makes Sure, like the area to grow cancer. The security started at the access control point getting into the stadium. So what are they I do a woman? We don't know who it was yet, but apparently looks like a suicide bomber at this point, a confirm it, but I've heard some pretty reliable reports this morning.
They just waited for everybody to walk out. Now you may be saying: ok! Well, what's your point, then say they move the security outside the arena, and that was the access control point. Then eight hit him on a train. Exactly that's the point on making When you view security is access control and you have a secure area, not secure area the terrorists. Keep moving outward now, we're not words the not secure areas they hit us before you get to the access control point now. when you do it the way, the secret service. Does it new view, security more holistically, and you view it. An intelligence gathering thing detection, you know why a cooperative effort between locals and local intelligence, gathering local cops. You start to pick off these threats before they happen that way this is where I'm getting to the arsonists firemen analogy. If we constantly confused security with access control, they're gonna beat us. Every time
wherever we set up the secure location where you here You get in here, we gotta magnetometer, they'll, just sit outside so ins. of trying to be firemen in putting these fires out. After they ve started suicide bomber walks up through a magnetometer. Is suicide bomber goes to Ariane ground. They concert folks. That's all you know well and good that we set up secure perimeters, but unless we stop this stuff in advance to really vigorous intelligence gathering. While I'm gonna be crystal clear on this, because I had a real problem with this- an essay meditatively while still respecting civil liberties by the way, unless we stop this stuff in advance, they are going to beat us every single time, because you are confusing security with access control and they're gonna wait till they hit the since control point they're not going to go through. It noticed detonate right there. Every time you can't beat that game. They will always win you
reason? I bring this up as we have seen a concerted effort over the last eight years, the Obama administration and an prominently amongst liberals Joe build the plaza oh and others. We ve seen prominent effort to constantly come to warfare; in other words, these the organizations that are then that they'll sue for every and everybody backs up. We can't survey on Mars, Why can't you why You know what I'm saying every person access? Islam is what are you saying that is as as terrorists? That's ridiculous idiots liberal say that, but you breathe I'd, say you know eighty, it's as if to say: big Dwight, liberal dogmas, I would say no, but folks review a tip in the N Pd or any other police department in the country. That there's spirited radicalization going on Spirit in a negative way, not spirit and spiritual all leeway. Yet
radicalization go out in a mass- and you need why? Why do you need some kind of extra permission to go in there and surveillance? It's a public place. They accept anybody even if it's private, if they can get an informant in their. Why would you not do it Joe you- and I both know with a hundred percent certainty that if that was a key What church, where there was a pastor and a catholic church, recommending the bomb We have major: U S, cities, there would be a thousand. the FBI agents in the pulpit tomorrow. But of course, because it's it's it's in there, Nothing politically incorrect about doing that, but some reason, we ve succumb to the dreaded political correct that may put The correct atmosphere, the far left and we're forfeiting, road safety. As a result, folks stable always beat us at the access control game. It is, it is impossible.
Ultimate Tain strong security posture is firemen you're, always putting out fires, always when you start focusing on the arsonists think starting fire starting in town Just fires going out there shaken trees. Gathering in tell you can cut this stuff. Often event. Can you cut off all of it, of course not. But it's inexcusable that we ve had this phenomenon of known war. Not loan was no Kay; Oh w and known wolves where we ve let people go you sort after the bombing in New York recently, where they ve been on our radar. You ve seen it overseas and due to political correctness, we ve been unable to follow up on this stuff. It's unbelievable! If we don't trust and come to mind a Boston greater jeffersonian brothers travelled overseas. They had tax records, apparently did it the system used to monitor goes in and out of the country and we're not been going known. Wolves is inexcusable folks.
again. I am not in any way suggesting a reactionary police state. If you listen to the show, you'd know that, so please don't email me, stupidity, I don't they. It should pool essayed meditate on on the entire population to try to get a need. when a haystack, it's an absurd way of conducting investigations, but this focus on being firemen and putting out attacks afterwards is apt. Lastly, in sand and add a little had Tipp the J Secular who was on Hannity last night, he made a terrific point. Any feeds right into this arsonists versus firemen argument over China make for yawns now against. Since you know, Sochi, Russia said Joe? Don't you find it odd that, after these attacks, like the tragic attack last night Manchester the next day- there's, always arrests, always theirs. these are rests in investigating what how'd you get all these people all they were on our rate of what also now there's an attack and you can overcome political, politically school erotic, human beings and inertia poet,
Correct is now you make arrests, folks, you ve seen it over and over and over again brought those parents. The next stage will always rates. Always we got twenty people in custody. Why they custody day before wow? You know we can't just arrested because their muslim no, what nobody saying that nobody suggest that you should arrest anyone, because their muzzle that's ridiculous. But if you have hard evidence, that's people may be involved in a potential terror plot, you're not following up. That's absolutely inexcusable! I'm sorry! I just wanted to give you an inside perspective in this. This is outrageous and I don't recall seen any of this when I was on the presidential protective division. When I was on the president's detail- and we had a domestic threat to the president. Believe me, there are a lot of class three threats: class, one class to class three being the worst. There was no political correctness. You know you are a class three thread. You know
you will be and watched. That's it Oh, my god, my god it we gonna, hurt his feelings. I mean you couldn't violated constitutional rights or her, but you are. Watch. You know what I'm saying it was that, as all men are we gonna hurt your feelings is a joke suggests. The way we are handling want ports with total disgrace. I what else we talk about, got like four five stars: are totally corporate tax stories gratefully about tax credits. To that their melted, then it was the voting rights acting yesterday. I here's what I thought was interesting. Yet Joe, you don't have that sound d from their shoots yeah. I know I've been beaten up the Trump Russia thing, and forgive me folks. I don't mean to just dinner behalf or you with this story, but the real problem. Having with it is not only that's a fairy tale and it's a method at yesterday's go back and listen to yesterday shop. You have any doubt that this is a complete fairytale, but the real problem. Having with it now, is it starting to distract people from the real issues that were happy
right now. Tax cuts, Obama care, but there's a story that broke yesterday. That's just unbelievable and its scope and potential damage to the United States and its being comp. neatly. Drowned out had tempted the daily collar for doing work on this, but the stories being completely drowned out because the Democrats are obsessed with lying to you about the Trump Russia fairytale and this is, a left, leaning, liberal attorney, Abu, probably heard malnourished, which goes on Fox with the instrument I built to be a fair guy, I mean a lot of liberals have no principles. I wouldn't accused him of that, but this is him. talking about the dangers of this Trump rush investigation will meet punishes clip. I want to talk about how dangerous it is.
we're ignoring a story, that's an absolute threat to our national security right now that I promise not many of you ve heard a play that cut first, I'm here not as a supporter, Donald Trump. I vote for Hillary Clinton. Very proudly. I'm here is the order of civil liberties and construing statutes, narrowly as they were written. I just don't see a crime here I see perhaps some political wrong doing. I see leaking information on both sides, but even if, for example, the campaign coordinated, which there's no evidence of a coordinated activities with Russia and even of Russia and the campaigns energy- wouldn't it be better if Trump were elected, that's political wrongdoing, but it's just not a crime. Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated and prosecutors only allow
look for evidence of a federal crime and the reason I think trumped may benefit from this is this will be a secret preceding Mahler? Is a very honourable guys, we're not going to leak anything and, in the end, he's gonna find no crime. Maybe he'll issue a report which, in my view, would be improper because he only hairs half the evidence, only the prosecutors part of the evidence, but he will say: there's no crime may be the worst case scenario for the trip administration is, maybe Flynn gets indicted for lying. as an probably pardons and that point, but it's two years from now or year and a half for now and in the meantime he has a reprieve. While I mean focus This guy is a Democrat. He eat, principled, wondered sadly few and far between these days, that was just a minute was about a medical job in some of them. Summation of what nothing of
I've been saying: there's nothing there, there's no there there. Now. I only play that one can. I wanted to get to it yesterday, fit better at yesterday's show, but Joe did a lot of work and I felt bad after the show em like MIKE S where they hit a MIKE. I miss the I missed the sound cut, but that just goes to show you how to spending all this time distracted on what nothing there's, nothing there there and that's the left, telling you about it, but here's a story that was just amazing Did you hear this story about this guy in run up a mine? The add enough. You can cover this an old seaman piano not over there. There are a bunch of house, I t staffers. Ok, they they hit the sky in Emberon, a man and his spouse and brothers. They had a four million dollar contract with the house, represent the count as four million dollar com
track and all of a sudden, it's come up that these guys, who had access to email, accounts to sensitive high level information in the Congress in the House of Representatives, foreign intelligence. Things like that transfer the e mail system. They had access to a Dnc Ipad with passwords. They fled the Pakistan role, Now this is story? They fled to Pakistan by the way- other kids out of school got on the, moving truck and that was it will take it to the plain and Atta Dodge as soon as possible or while under suspicion. Now this thing has been squashed. This thing has been Kobayashi this thing has been hidden because they dont this is conspiracy theory like the Trump Russia nonsense and some are you know things that are going on this? Is it
actual story that Democrats will not touch and the media has black gun at that gone near now, from what I'm getting from very credible people, there's some heavy shoes at are going to drop on this thing, folks, again idle to engage and hyper hyperbole. I don't exaggerate stories were effect, but you put a couple of points together right now and at a minimum we have a. only highly suspicious potential threat to national security. These ideas staffers had access to all of the emails or the people they were working with up on me. They were suspected of some fraud. There were some suspicious payments, coming from. I ran and all all of a sudden, they pick up and leave their loud and county homes, this guy, I'm on a family and
out to Pakistan, but let's not cover that. Let's talk about Trump, the Trump Russia fairytale despite zero evidence. Now, why would this story be squashed because who were they work and for. The Democrats if this was a republican staffer this beyond the news tomorrow. I'll put the story in the show. Note spoke snooping. You follow this story at the daily caller. You're gonna see their result. If we talk about a smoke, this fire this house's burning down- and I want nobody- is touching story- terrified AV tried outbreak as nutrition. Yet so let me take a quick start, brick out, so I did Fox news that tests or yes, I did. I did Fox news this weekend and I stayed up in New York. I was in studio and I stayed in a really terrible. Hotel was awful things. What else? Hotels, we're like the bed is like five hundred years, also sink in, and so your feet or like ten feet above your head,
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public school system as it is being drained by sculpture. You point to be a narrative I'll, show you how the process made it up in her lying, not to advance your cause, not to advance their not to advance your causes to amend their cause, their causes, power, consolidation and control. Now one of em- that's always bother me. Is this idea that the corporate tax a useless over and over, and it is very specific reason why liberals cause that we call for they the corporate tax to be high, which is the business? Corporate actual sounds really phantom, but such tax on business. Now we have one of the highest, both real rates and effective rates in the entire world, so the the real read the Oda? I should say not scratch that nominal rates and real rates and words are nominal rate. If you factor in the Obama CARE
and a lot of the other state local taxes closer forty percent. That's a ridiculously high business tat. Now the effective or real rate is as high as that, because you can claim the Dutch. So if you're hot, if you re just forty percent, but you claim the doctrine for say new equipment you bought, you may pay a little less either way. We are one of the highest rates in the world. I think we're number three in real rates and number one in nominal right. So we're really hot. Now one of the arguments, the liberals constantly making the reason they love the corporate tax. I want to be clear on this is because they can they don't make it personal. In other words, when you hearing compact, you think it's coming out of your while it. When you hear a business tat Joe, I got screw it that just businesses like I'm, not gonna pay for that, while the Joker, the corporate taxes, when you look at the corporate tax and the capital gains tax ones, attacks on businesses, the others attacks on investment- and you look at the research you'll see consistently began. This isn't for liberals, united to like research, and they this is for conservatives, libertarians and Democrats who will look in a blue
When a few things, when you look at the research on the corporate capital gains tax Joe, you fall that you find that the tax burden falls on consumers and employees and accompany because corporations are just collections of people, whether you like it or not, that aliens recollections of pet animals, they are collections of people. So when you hike attacks on a business and every business, what are they do? They hide their prices. Rubber corporations are just tax collectors for the government. That's all they are. If you like, a tax on a business, the businesses which, let me just make this real simple for joe- where does a business get its money? From customers, customers who also going to get their money from if Jos T Shirt company, we you get your body for people by tee shirts right off the governments, maybe more money from you. Where are you going to get the money? The cost of our saying pleasure? or you. If you have investors, you're gonna pay a lighter dividend or you can. for them less return on their stock or other.
Frazier pays it. Ok, who pays the corporation people so far again at the stories like this driving is the one in Cato which put the show. No, it's about the corporate tax, because. As I've insisted to you from the inception of the show two years ago to be the liberal requires you, I hate to say this, to be a total ignoramus on economics, our are nothing more than tax collectors for the government when you ask them to collect more, before the government they collected from the people they get money from you. This is not complicated. It's only copper if we're dopey liberals warrant interested in the reality of cash flows and economic point. I'm trying to make here too, as it. when you so they'll, always argue for a hike in vehicle tax. Even she's me, the corporate tax, even though hikes in the corporate tax rarely led to increase revenue at all. So if their first argument is that we gotta get those businesses because its fair to do it. So, let's increasing
factory. Their second argument is, while they should pay more because anything could they need to help us pay down, but that that government bureaucrats and elected officials ran up either one of those things happen: you're increasing taxes really on customers and people and you're not paying them. So here's a quote from this peace and Cato about the United Kingdom's experience with the corporate tax. At a really really high corporate tax in the pre Thatcher years ended the Thatcher uses Walmart Thatcher, so there's that they recently been in there in the United Kingdom by the webs is beating this not out of us on corporate tax rates. Yours is amazing because you would think in that area the world were corporate taxes and taxes in general, on the big welfare state.
Or worship, you would think they would have a lower rate, but I mean higher rate, but they have a lower rate than us. So here's a quote from the peace in the past thirty years there appears to be little evidence that cutting the corporate tax. They cut it from fifty to Joe percent. Fifty two percent, that's insane to nineteen percent. There appears to be very little evidence that it is fundamentally reduce revenue at all. The animals at my vision is fundamentally reduce revenue. Now here's the number The percentage of national income that the corporate tax rates has traditionally been one point: seven percent to three point: five percent of GDP. So just to be clear on this, no matter what the rate was in the UK, the amount of money raised was about one point: seventy three point: five percent of GDP: well, they caught the rate again he caught the re. Follow me liberals. This isn't complicated fifty two percent to nineteen percent. Now what is two point: six percent of GDP idea, what smack, given a middle words, always been an error
likely that two point six percent GDP, which at the lower show the ninety percent, rather than the fifty percent rate The same is a nineteen eighty five, when the rate was forty percent. So far you have to be asking yourself if you have common sense, which I know is tougher liberal. If we can lower the rate, and raise the exact same amount of money while lowering right means. Lowering prices for customers means lowering the tax load for businesses read, so they can grow and yet we can raise the same amount of money. Why would we do it? Because the liberals are not interested in that folks, liberals are interested in control of businesses. The way they control businesses is by taking their money. Even if it's a smaller amount of money. Please understand what I'm telling you they don't care spending government they care and about action. The government power they would rather have control. Ninety percent of a crush the economy than ten percent of a huge cod. they can control it. Please
understand? That's what you think! Liberals don't know these numbers smart once they but then I just don't care. I bring this up because the now that the Trump tax, but when he gets back onto the Trump tax reform plan when he gets back on you as soil and might pencils up on their work. and now you're gonna, hear these dumb arguments again and again and again to your liberal friends, and all you need to do is ask them. If give me an example anywhere in the world, where cutting the corporate tax great overtime long term is decrease revenue. We just give me an example. Just show me, the number show me something anywhere: they can't do it folks because it doesn't exist there, just making it up or more quick thing. I wanna hit before Ria before we role here, so there was a big Supreme Court case yesterday and voting Rights ACT on North Carolina congressional districts. Now this matters to you, because the Congress.
of this research gerrymander all over the country to very long complicated reason why their gerrymandered as badly as they are now there's a rumour out there that its largely benefited Republicans, but a lot of the non partisan analyses show that that effect is minimal. It's really not benefiting Republicans at much at all. Not degree. Democrats want you to believe it, because we have massive. Member redistricting only applies to the house for obvious reasons: the Senate, racist or state. Why can't we district estate? I got three District New York if the tax it you can do so only applies to the house and the Republicans have significant majorities in the House of Representatives, claiming that congressional dishes have been cut up the benefit Republicans now again, a lotta nonpartisan analysis has shown that that that effect is major League over Bigley overstated down trumpets, they re its overstate significantly. It's just a democrat excuse why they keep getting their budget, but it is interesting, is Supreme Court. Yesterday they ruled that the North Carolina redistricting was done.
Merrily it benefited Republicans, but it was done at the expense of black voters. But now that's deliberate liberals against stop thinking now, because now you're happy again, you say Republicans, don't like black book up whatever you can turn off the show. Now for conservatives, libertarians and Republicans or interested in intellectual arguments and liberal stupidity, you have the red into the details of what happened to understand. Just how confusing the ruling was higher. As Thomas was. A great conservative actually ruled with the liberals on this one, which each traditionally does any time races entered into equation. He just doesn't feel that rates should be factor. We're gonna, be a truly colorblind society than then colored shouldn't or skin color shouldn't factor into Rigel seems obvious. So, but what is interesting is the congressional district. Twelve in North Carolina that was up for up a debt was the subject of the Supreme Court case
they had changed the black boat or percentage to fifty point, six, six from forty three point: seven seven, and it was that district that was struck down now, if you're, following the show here political will come again, so the district was changed from forty three point: seven, seven percent black congressional district twelve to fifteen. six six, so you may say well how did that disadvantaged blackboard? Exactly folks? That's the point that this is confusing. Now, yeah I got to get to that cuz. I ran for Congress and I know how this works. Cuz of the Republicans are hurt badly by the redistricting. It was done in Maryland. They should have stay at for seats in Congress and now down to one I would have had to if I would have won that one seat that I've lost by one But the problem there say now is all Now, instead, now keep the Voting Rights ACT, you cannot dilute the votes of black voters. Are the words you can cut off
acts of black voters here, but cut off blocks a blackboard here and stick em indifferent district show. So you David their voting percentage, the voting rights. I what Also there saying now can't do. Is you can't put a significant portion of black voters into a district, because if you don't put Let us vote. If you put them in one district, then you don't the vote and other districts where they could influence the election if you're scratch? your head, going. What are you talking about? She always everybody else because if, on the one hand, the voting rights actual says, you can't diluted, Blackfoot location, North Carolina increase the black boat from forty three to fifty percent, but the corporal. No, no, no. You pay all the black voters and district, so they couldn't vote another elections. What, everybody's scratch. You know how it's going, what their house God are we supposed to dilute the black vote or concentrate the block vote vote again. Liberals stop thinking now but concern
If you have to start, you may say what what's the solution the solution, posters and I want to leave you with by gay what the hell does happen. Star. Considering skin color keep neighbour lines intact and that that was the original intention. The House of Representatives to give local neighbourhoods and local communities influence in the United States federal government for who cares the percentage of black or hispanic or green or blue or indian or chinese or Asia. Who cares? Keep them a birds, the gathering, you won't have this problem. Instead, we focused on using mathematical formulas and we're all over the place Ray matters, but if it matters too much, which is what they said- and there are no, no, you pack them all of one district black voters. But if there's too much we're here to strike that down to again we become obsessed with identity politics due to the left, and it's really inexcusable what they ve done. I folks Exit effort unit in
Really appreciate it, I will see you all to you just heard TAN bond GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.