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Ep 466 Terrorists are Taking Advantage of Stupid Politicians

2017-05-24 | 🔗
In this episode I discuss why we will never defeat the terrorists with the political class we are now stuck with. They care more about spying on Americans and false charges of "Islamophobia" then they do about security. http://circa.com/politics/barack-obamas-team-secretly-disclosed-years-of-illegal-nsa-searches-spying-on-americans     I also address the Trump budget proposal and the California single-payer healthcare proposal.  http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article151960182.html
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damn bone jean aiming to stop free speech to this speaker can no longer speak is exclusively a far less than the den bungee knows i'm talking to moderates and the democratic party who actually interested what's going on not wine lemmings walking off a cliff into an abyss and stupidity waiting to hear the truth about amerika the rich did the rich did they lend money to people who bought homes and we'll never pay the money back sounds like a great business plan mono showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gino renegade about looking at the budget have reached show how are you today always glad to be here mr bonde gino folks out thank you very much from both
joe and i want all the super be males i'm sorry i couldn't get back to everyone i e mail the few people back but yesterday was a the biggest day we have ever had over two years doing the pod gas astronomic numbers on downloads and listens overnight so thank you very much me we just blew it out of the water they a fact ironically joey tat let me in about two o clock saying you now have you see the numbers and closes out because of our monitoring system at about eight o clock at night eastern time eight p m for various reasons but them i was stunned i may we had we had blown pass than the number by about seven p m that we'd though highest that we never had so thank you very much i would like to talk about today as i said on yesterday show you can always exe back to arrest the day after an i've been very concerned about this because why weren't these arrests for the manchester bombing at the area on the ground they concert made the day before that was the whole
but of yesterday show that if we cannot become arsonists and start fires rather than the fireman we are now putting out the terrorist fires afterwards nothing's going change folks you cannot move the perimeter out far enough to stop these people what are you going to do so you are the whole country with metal detectors i want to go a little bit more today and i also want to talk about the trump budget yesterday because it's just insane some of the nonsense of here not their rhetoric wise right today show brought you buy a friends at brcko group love these guys you know what the stock market any new eyes every dance great you know we love that make no mistake but we have to be very clear for folks a lot of us getting older and page out there you know we want a little but its stability and our retirement stability in our inner and diversification in our asset portfolio these guys out of birch gold group with the federal reserve's policies promoting inflation a lot of loose monetary policy lot of loose money sitting around sitting around there now i've always been worried about inflation you know if you grow at three
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god no commitments s got a birch gold that consular stand learn how bessie and gold and silver can protect your savings ok so yesterday as we set on the show and i gave a tipp d j secular brought this up on hand of these programmes the night before it's always immediately after these attacks joe you see while arrests have been made on right now i have fox on in the background to my studio here and arrested multiple arrests in this case now granted folks to be fair i'm not king a shot it you know my father i have the manchester constable you know that british shed the british police or anything else i'm not doing that and yes after the fact evidence presents itself after a terrorist attack even in the suicide bombing you have shrapnel the shroud can usually traced back be traced back to a specific gas supplier you have dna said but because the suicide bomber kills himself and alone with everyone else so you have dna from there you
you can find some identification you start died dissecting the network you start dissecting email traffic financial transactions and you are going to find other people so but i arrests were made afterwards again i don't want to make it out like while they just knew this was going to happen and they let it go that's not not an o t what i'm saying ok joe but what i am saying is when you hear things and i am quoting multiple new sources your folks you know i don't get ahead of myself you know i don't do hyperbolic talk on the show i don't and gazing conspiracy theory stuff like the trump russia story or some of the other stuff going on out there here is a quote from the media sources about the suicide bomber he was on the radar joe how many times are we gonna hear about this you know it my third book i judge finish there's a chapter on this about the noble phenomenon known wolf not law well how we knew about these people they were on the radar and yet they still manage to pull off attacks it happens over and over and over again
need al and ford who had to the bomber at the we're gonna grab the grundy concert it happens overrun were again and they they perpetrate their crimes afterwards we look back and say what went wrong well not to repeat yesterday show because i don't want to do that but i strongly suggest you listen to it i guess that i really appreciate the traffic on it but i wanted to i think it overnight how do i know this down for my audience to make these simple digestible you know tidbits of now jake and take out of the shelter of the waste the lot of the time so the point of yesterday show joe was u k move security perimeters out far enough to deter terrorist it's not possible folks it is imposed we'll just look at what happened at the sochi olympics in russia the olympics was locked down so bomb the train station i get my
laughter at i'm not i'm not that it's not funny you it's it's it's frustration it's i don't know how to respond to people who will like i had there are some really really bright security people on tv right now doing cable news hits and i appreciate everything they ve done and right you know it's couple its people had a couple points out there are ways to make your target a lot harder keep blueprints of your facility keep cameras out there there are ways on the outer perimeter me one of the ways i would suggest people do this if you want to sport stadium is so you have magnetometer show that your hard perimeter right your magnetometer other right where someone supposed to come up with a weapon it because he's a terrorist a bomb wore an explosive your magnetometer in your bag checkpoints ring and check the banks are the point where that person ass to stop well what they gonna do joe there's gonna die they right outside the magnetometer checkpoint this all you have two choices you can expand your perimeter outward now we're network but it folks at some point you're still
i have a collection of people at a magnetometer amateur checkpoint that sadly can be killed so the point make yesterday's move the delineation point between the secure area after the magnitude where'd you get it i'm saying and the un's your area before the magnetometer is too far you move it out the farther first move out it it it's a it's a game we cannot win so in yesterday's show i made the point it that that's not possible one one way if you're if you're determined to stick to that government wide failed approach to doing things because it's never gonna work one of the things you can do is you can least but there are eu de teams explosives or disposal teams out of use canines and these cato is a very very good obviously for the evil but their abilities to sniff out they above there what is the eskimo terminates you talk people out there they very sophisticated sniffers out there these dogs is you have to hire bunch of dogs and
ways to do i don't want to get into and i'm not gonna get into some of the ways of secret service does it but the secure area does not always start at the check point there are ways to use dogs tamil about the crowd may will find that that that bomber frankly before you get aids again job just show you how that can't you can't beat them you can only help mitigate the threat a little bit what's gonna happen when the dog sets well musn't secret servicing when explosive dogs or train their train to sit literally sit down when they smell and explosive so in the secret service it was like these other dogs it you are like oh what's up you know it observed now i guess i guess about with the bad guy detonate exactly that's the point that's why i'm trying to tell you folks it this game of one upmanship can't possibly be won the way to do it is a breaking these networks up and come our citys now here the two things you need to do so today show was access control is not security could you have
secure area and unsecured area no matter which way you cut it where do the dogs that did walk all over the country the dogs so we can only go out so far too so you just wait for the sea where the dogs aren't you they when the dog sets audio it you can't win that was a point yesterday show today shows this you have to be our the way to be law enforcement and intelligence arsonists and break these plots up it advances the two s is here the two asses surveillance and sources folks we ve gotten away from this we ve gotten away from this for two reasons the surveillance infrastructure in the united states has become polluted when this matter date argument the usa and insiders have become so obsessed with the easy way out which is accumulating method data information on every single american and being able to tap into that that we ve forgotten the old way of doing things that's actually surveillance the bad guys and now i'm not saying there now surveying the bad guys joy was get emails from insiders on this you don't know what you're thinking
must be i do know what i'm talking about i know exactly what i am talking about because i've actually done criminal investigative work rather large cases that significant nexus is to terrorism so don't tell me i don't know what i'm talking about we have actually done this kind of stuff skull vestiges of work old shoe golda you know come shewed detective why now the weight do this the two ass this year the way to stop these tactics in advance its focus on surveillance for us we're doing it all wrong right now and there is a link i haven't shown us today i strongly encourage you to read it's been on drudge been head lining all morning from circuit outcome says that the united states government the usa has been so focused on the method data program that they have let the rules lapse and they ve inadvertently or an advert leap and spying on innocent americans and they're out there they traffic whether its phone in or email record now folks that ship surprise anybody i warned you up
this i warned you over and over his lord act and said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely you give the usa access to all of the matter dear emma traffic in cell phone data the citizens of the united states and he well well we're not going to use it unless we have a fine court warrant of course there's gonna be and around and with this story exposed today is that they were using search criteria to tar it innocent americans who in some cases had never spoken to a foreign target we ve only been talking about this on the show you joe for two years now warning you how dangerous it is so what does that do it does two things surveillance focuses on everybody rather than exclusively the bad guys what does it do it dilutes the trust of the america people in the entire surveillance infrastructure which defeats the whole purpose you can have a government it doesn't have the trust of the people at all and secondly it wastes a lot of assets targeting innocent people have nothing to do with anything at all i e
tromp administration would susan rice decided and the obama administration decided to target them and fabricate the fake trump russia's story because they lost the political rights these big frauds now ok those are the problems problem one relating surveillance information on every body when we don't need it and by the way by the council's rights problem to the political power i'm here with politicians using it for political reasons like the obama administration that how do we fix it folks play some rain has really disturbing and i strongly encourage you to take this into digest row about the type these surveillance capabilities of the federal government whether the fbi secret service or any other federal at out there are extremely limited this isn't classified information it's not even for official use only is bridge pretty easily publicly available if you look at it now i bring this up not of the highlighted on the show and necessarily i bring it out because you the people control the government do you have a representatives members in your local federal state representatives and it's up to you
bring this up with them to change it because i changing my answer big platform but it's not a big enough platform to change the entire to you know architecture the federal government overnight we can't survey of these people we don't have enough bodies and when i say sir veil i'm not talking about the old school mission maybe a method i'm talking about the old school barney miller type stake ass were actually watching people who are suspect folks i'm telling you this is behind the known wolf phenomenon where we know what's going on but the people pull off the attack anyway because nobody was watching them now are we going to be able to at every single terrorist suspect in the united states now folks but we could get pretty darn close and we should be asking why the fbi and their special surveillance group in these other federal entities out there don't have the surveillance capabilities to do that if we needed we are wasting our time
of money on all kinds of duplicative nonsensical federal programmes and yet we're not watching people and i'm not sure by violating their constitutional rights are often not talk about when these be i'm talking about listen you're in a public place terrorists aspect the fbi every right just like you and i were joe follow that person around now we can follow them in their house without a search warrant we followed mendous someone else's house without a search warrant but if we think something's up we'd better damn well clear that person on that and someone better sign off on that that this person is a threat before more people die we have the german we increase our surveillance capabilities the united states and i'm telling you i gotta give exact number but we don't have even a thousandth of the reality we need to surround these people so they're going out pulling off attacks anyway secondly number one solution surveillance pump up our surveillance assets dramatically were wasted money everything secondly sources were not do what it folks were not there
open source is well look again to be fair where develop resources were not developing to developing them through the degree we need to disrupt the tax and why is that while we're not do and surveillance number one because of the bad monetary decisions and leadership am i what are these things it was often the united states we're gonna spend billions of dollars on security upgrades we could spend a half for that just on surveillance periodic surveillance beforehand joe and also because of the fear of islamophobia as i said yesterday of course muslims are involved i've you know saying this is just ridiculous but we have stupid liberals who want to appear in the character of republicans worried about their kids and they are you guys are islam for no you're just more out your ear you know you're just truth fobs you're just afraid of the truth you idiot so i've no really i have no real time for you in a serious argument but i feel the need to put their caviar there because i i you know it's one it should be obvious but it stupid liberals sadly now nothing's obvious anymore but these
i'm a phobia label has politicians running scared and the enhanced that i don't do this shall be terrorism deterred title assure these terrorism the terrorists are taking advantage of stupid politicians and they are at work we catch people masked that's like islamophobia well that's just dumb if there's nothing going out of the master is absolutely no reason to surmount people i would say the same if it was a charter or sent a god or gore temple if europe they are calling for the death of americans you damn well better get an fbi iron door nypd or police ass it in their surveillance what's going on that's why it's not happening and that's just complete total coward at camp it is really just pure bought adulterated stupidity it's gonna get people killed we need the surreal these p and when nothing's going on we back off that's just the way that's ok number two sources we're not develop and sources because we're majors tied into surveillance to us this year because we're not panic people into these communities because there been lawsuits in warfare by interest
groups who do not have the american interests in mind they are only concerned about accusing people of islamophobia there been interest groups out there that is it while you put people at a muslim commuter train develop sources god forbid that happens it why not we ve done that in every other ethnic community united states we have problems before what i'm italian i'm italian i bought gino either as on half a tie inaction my father's all the time i mothers irish german and english but joe yeah i have never once i like that with the italian mob and there are mobsters and our italian or russian mobsters as well for bob stairs everywhere i mean there's your coups others japanese mobsters you don't say like all we're not gonna stick someone in a community because we're we're gonna be profiling italians you're not profiling italian show your profiling now at dobbs it's no different in islamic community if you sense there is a problem in one specific portion of an islamic community one neighbour that they are calling for
jen against americans or something like that why did they get a free as no one does it about russian someone says is about the japanese you coups nobody says it's about eighty or your profile and based on religion now we're profiling start death and destruction you doped nobody cares about the religion nobody has nothing to do with the religion you idiots and that's why we're not developing sources are giving up these these people in advance folks shaken this is tough requires you to make some really tough decisions the real world developing sources in federal law enforcement is not a simple one you have to go out you have the shell out a lot of money folks you have the shell out a lot of time you have to meet with people in cryptic location sometimes you gotta get phones phones at her you know you got it you gotta engage in ways to communicate with them that are behind the scenes you have to get them on record devices you have to convince him do things i don't wanna do developing sources it's really hard work but one we're not develop
sources in the community because people threatening to shew because its targeting com but he's when it's not it's targeting a they criminal act in an act of or are the united states terrorism then it's over i explained i want of joe i think so yeah fungal not all the way through priority we clearly like you we cannot we can't afford folks anymore this they were on the radar not sent if they were on the radar the first question you should be asking is why did we have a source and why weren't we surveilling that's it and the story today show us also brought you by bodies it brick ass nutrition genome big fan these guys adamant miles over they develop one of the most amazing seeing products i've taken in a long time i really joy at how to use this week has called on the dusk you know a lot of us had this problem with entered you will get a little older you know we have really busy days for five o clock comes around and we're like cash i don't need a nap i need a full blown to our sleep all right they're put me at one of those eggs they have any airport you take a map it right you won't need it withdrawn today
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goes to show you my big frustration liberals is they don't live in the real world they live in a world they create a fantasy world the world of intentions not a world of results and when the results don't meet their standards they just a are the result of move the goalposts me liberals do this all the time and what are the buggy since we have is conservative just to be ideologically you but you're bound to truth no matter what and liberals aren't they're bound to talking points and it's just absurd so couple things on the budget yesterday so trump propose a budget it is a four point one trillion budget now for those liberals who were already screaming off my card is gonna kill the poor joe where we ve cut to the bone i want you to keep in perspective something inflation adjusted numbers ok meaning today's dollars so don't you know cause i know liberals they always whatever you say to a liberal they always have a dumb talking point return it's ninety two percent of time is wrong so today were spending for point one trillion dollars jody europe
where the dark ages the bill clinton years the last year bill clinton member the dark ages no telephone snow computers were living in india in our thoughts and burning growing is things like take care cave drugs for communication that was that was the draft report of the time schedule your correct cave joy that what are they budget was inflation adjusted so today's four point one trillion what do you think the budget was an acquaintance years i can't even get to point two trillion that's inflation adjusted so during the door gauges and click nears obviously you can kind of sniff my sarcasm year the budget was half of we're spending now so for all of you liberal buffoons they are talking about how oh my gosh we ve cut the budget to the bone trumpets throwing all ladys off the cliff he's killing babies puppies everything he's throwing them right now meet greater you're just an idiot ok
you are the same people that out the benefits of the clinton years but the quit meares we were spending half as much money so my question to you is a bill clinton muscle phenomenal and the gotta be so great in the bill clinton years then can we returned to the two point two trillion dollars are spending on are not i mean it was at phenomenal i was just getting wet again it it goes to show you as conservatives were bound the facts in reality and liberals frankly aren't folks are bound to rhetoric and cheap talking points it makes no sense so a couple a highlights in this budget and is a really good piece of them while she journal today and they talking about some warnings from some old democrats and the warnings here we go yeah the warnings from democrats who were not around there now these but this is different this is that i know what you're thinking the warning i'm ok we're all gonna die from this budget but these doubts about some warnings from all democrats you ever more reasonable when they said that listen edmund muskie is one of em and bob carry was another what these there they were democrats senators
said listen folks we can continue to support unbridled spending on title mid programme so security medicare medicaid because if we do that it's going to crowd out every other out suspending its a mathematical certainty we have deprived our ties and fix these programmes soon while of course joe you know nobody so here are some numbers which should really scare you a little bed now leave you with a little bit of an optimistic note sources purity medicare an interest on the debt show of the four point one trillion dollar budget proposal of one point nine trillion so you're almost half way down your monies cuba the four point one sure trillion dollars but it's not our tax revenue that's the proposed spending let it be clear and we don't have four point one trillion dollars will what will have idle now maybe three point five trillion but of the four point one tree we're gonna spend what we
still have to borrow money to spend that half of that is social security medicare and interest at one point nine troy defense which is by the way a total vacuum sucking up all our might the social security medicaid part not the fence we need that defense is six hundred billion so everything else between social security medicare and interest the fence everything else is one point six trillion dollars so when i say everything else i mean f b i mean h h ass the obamacare subsidy snap you know welfare type programme employment you're all this stuff is another one point six trillion dollars the whole budget they were trying to make in the old days when democrats actually had sound mind years if we don't do something about entitlements folks it's not possible we will actually crowd out the entire spending the fbi secret service d a snap programme the foods than programme it's all going to be crowded out
it's only one point six trillion of the four point one trillion dollars were spending folks something has to be done in the future and it is just com italy disingenuous to insist to americans than if we don't do some about social security america that we're gonna be ok it again i understand for people fifty five and older it was a different deal and we should avoid any yeah you know any changes stamp of people fifty younger to just lie to them and tell them that these programs are going to be there for him it's just totally disingenuous now a couple quick things on this liberals are howling jason firm specifically one of obama's all economic divide advisers firm in seattle in his mind today in the wall street journal and he says he's talking about how the budget the trump budget assumes three percent growth and he's have an amount that he's a comma cash it assume three percent growth this is ridiculous this is totally inaccurate this is crazy folks the historic
average gdp growth postwar aboard to three percent growth why now the why matters the why matters why would jason firm and an old obama hack economic adviser why would he put an up at the wall street journal timed appropriately for today joe why would he put that no wall street journal today and assail trumps three percent growth target well what do you think a bomb as growth growth their average growth rate there were three percent is like one one and three quarters something like this you're absolutely right yet job obama's obama's grow average growth is about one point ninety percent so firm in now for this guy supposedly an economist this is a political article he wrote make no mistake he claims is trying to portray as an economic one but i'm telling you it's not it's a political hid peace design to absolve obama any blame and put out the mark
during the past iran on it wasn't obama's spot the economic growth they did one point nine percent that trump shooting for three percent he doesn't understand that had whimsies up against the night the economies this is this all idea of secular stagnation which i've i've warned you about repeated the idea that the economy is in everything that can be invented has been granted and we have to start to accept this one point nine two percent growth rather than the historical rates of growth three percent it's not true folks don't buy it it's a total met now even worse about peace will drive me crazy is he takes a shadow break it in the opening of the pieces were reagan projected high growth rates too well herman not understand that one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and one thousand nine hundred and eighty six the reagan growth rates six five and four percent did he our new strength discards supposed to be an economist and then he says and by the way reagan projected
three percent or she's me high growth is well and failed to meet those growth rates not true at all just making that up of why i don't know maybe he just doesn't like republicans but he also says in its drive me crazy and that contributed to the debt and arabian yours folks again that's just stupid and he talks about how the tax cuts contributed through the day we all know that's not true we all know it's made up if you listen to the show tax cuts two enormous growth rates six five and four percent after they were fully implemented on the tax revenue to the government doubled by the time reagan got out of office there just making it up you can't trust these guys they are not genuine people they just make stuff up now one optimistic note which i discussed in vienna last week shows because that the debt situation dire we owe a lot of money below twenty trillion dollars we're gonna be in another massive deficit next year's well the matter what trump spends because really we'd have the cut just about every ounce discretionary spending we get back about if our gdp growth can
faster than government so weakened hit three and even four percent growth job and i m not suggesting we should kroger but i just want to be clear folks i'm just trying to give you the pure math so just don't don't email me any nasty grams on this i'm not suggesting we should do this i'm just telling you the math of it even if government were to grow at two percent a year but we grow gdp at three to four percent the ban we can hold and we can we can hold those growth rates consist in over time the budget will balance itself overtime even if we do nothing else i made a sister at her simple math show if we always certain amount of money but the growing our income every year and ours ending is growing at unless a rate that means we're going to have more and more and more money left over remember the magic of compound interest is most powerful force in the universe so they did the budget choices dire and i know under sell that to anybody listening we owe a ton of money big government is sucking the energy out of the room three and four percent is going to be difficult
but it's reachable with tax cuts and regulatory reform but if we can hit those three and four percent and we can keep the growth of government to two and three percent eventually over time they got the budget will eventually ballots overtime so that's it a slightly optimistic note given the democrats or panicking where a girl like our cotton people of or food stamps vote we have forty four people forty four million people on food stamps i'm sorry you can't tell me in the richest country in the world three hundred thirty million people that over a tenth of the population can possibly feed themselves i i'm sorry i just i listen i've my christian at heart the saved by jesus christ i been absolutely passionately believe that but i don't for a second that that jesus christ wanted people who could feed themselves to be fed by others and by others by the way you may have a problem feeding themselves themselves remember there are people out there can there botch off out there right now who are working to pay tax
that was to feed other people who are perfectly capable of feeding themselves and don't want to i'm not suggesting everybody on food stamps does need them that's not what i'm saying i'm here saying in a country of three hundred thirty million people you can explain to me using logic and reason that forty four million people are completely incapable getting themselves i'm sorry it's like it's out than that of men of what are we the congo it does make sammy's no it doesn't make sense its ideological job which again trying to explain that the liberals is just ridiculous because you're going crazy right now because trumpet parliamentary work requirement for food stamps if you're able bodied able to do it the website i got i got you out of work or what you mean you have to work i've been eight teach a man to fish did they miss that i don't get it i find story that is it is this one is just again freezing through the narrative of just pure on adulterated liberal stupidity here so you know they i've always been pushing for single pay or health care all across the country that was they want a national programme the single payer healthcare like they have in mind
the countries around the world now that as i have explained to you the economics of this before there are only two ways to allocate scarce resources in a society folks whether its gold silver a doctor's time it doesn't matter scarce reach everything scarce there's not non limited amount of anything even an unlimited amount of air okay there thing is limited in some respects the way we do it a market society as we price those products and people who need those products work for them when those private sir and high demand and prices go up more producers put command because they can make a profit which in turn lower surprise it's only worked around here history with everything from flat screen tv to lay a guy surgery joe it's no mystery people in the united states have more stuff then people eddie in the world because we price stuff that incentivize people to produce stuff so that they can get at the people who can afford the price of the stuff call capitalism liberal should open a book sometime liberals don't like that
so the first way to allocate allocate resources prices they prefer rationing now that's what single pay or healthcare its government run healthcare there it is it's not price the government is paying for the health care so when the government pays the health care using third party payer themselves taking your tax money you paying for it there is not enough money to go around because the resources are limited folks the dock there's time is limited if a doctor works eight hours a day joe he doesn't work b seven hours a day because the government declares single payers in effect government run healthcare the data is an increase of twenty six hours copy let make sense a tough time without one propaganda so yet do choices ukip price the doctors time
but now the government took over single pay or health care so you still have eight hours and you still have a massive request on the doctors time but now that prices are working so more doctors our jumping to take advantage of would have been high prices and a high demand season now what has happened you still have high prices because the prices are and that the fact that people need to see the doctor doesn't change now the government has to do something else so they ration so what they do is they picked their favorites or they date they say while you have to be closed down before you see a doctor here the rules so what do you get costs go up because you have a third party payer that government this is critical you understand this third party payer systems always lead to increased costs because they disconnected patient from the doktor the patient doesn't care about the cost because pay they ve already paid their tax dollars that's why nobody knows what a hip replacement cost anymore then i'll pay now that why does the government that what is that
do not care about the quasi they try to get as much as they can because i know you're not paying they don't have to be price competitive so cos always go when a third party pair system so now you have single payer costs go up because there's price control joe you're not paying you already paid through tax dollars and you have this control problems because the government starts to ration because they have the rash and because their massive demand on a doctor's time and is not bad there's not many more doctors coming into the system because you're not so devised by high prices which is withdrawn people use more flat screen tv but doctors are producing more doctors time because there's no price joe does it make sense there's no price signal the signal disappeared the government took it over your rationing so california proposes and this is this is this is just said this is so
who's gonna say it's almost tragically hysterical how dopey liberals can be california wants do a single pair system in california the cost of this thing wait for folks get ready for this but let me put it perspective first the california budget the entire budgets a hundred eighty billion the cost of california single pair is full hundred billion dollars twice the cost of the entire budget that's the cause california single payer because of the third party payer fact and now the name it's gonna have to happen because of it and according to the same romano be and i put this piece the shown a threat it is court line from the peace but really just sums up liberal stupidity the cost this is seen as the biggest hurdle to creating a universal system it is or what is guided by democrats all of a sudden figured out that when they factored it sounded gray every place can get health care for free what's the problem would free healthcare or court again
ass the analysis is seen as the biggest hurdle for creating a universal system good luck california guide vote for that single payers system so the rest of the country can see just how bad is you know i really mean it i want to see people get hurt and it would lead to death and destruction rationing but i'm telling you right now if you pick this you will become a cautionary tale for the entire the rest of the forty nine states in the united states or the fifty cars obama that there were fifty one you up you will become singularly responsible the cautionary tale everybody uses to not do single payer i promise you all right folks thanks again for tuning in a really appreciate it with some ship last night i talk the answer you just heard ten bond gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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