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Ep 468 Please, I'm Begging You, Fight Back Today

2017-05-26 | 🔗

In this episode I address the radical left's obsession with boycotting and how we should fight back. 

http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tim-graham/2017/05/25/usaa-business-military-families-backs-out-veteran-supporting-sean#.WSdkF-0Sz6c.twitter   I also debunk another nonsensical liberal talking point about the Obamacare replacement bill.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/cbos-catastrophic-omission-1495754159
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog then bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves you any examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i wasn't that eradicating poverty with their budget ovaries joe how are you today we quite well daniel quite well folks i have a lot cover and i have a little more of a sombre topic i want to start to show it today but very emotional for me but before we get into that
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a bit of a kind of a somber no yesterday in my zeal to get content to you through in the shop so you understand what call of the shows are we spend folks the idea joe and i had about a year ago cuz we change the format of the show if you go back and listen to the library uc was a totally different show two years ago the idea was to give you kind of the drudge report now podcast everything you needed to know in thirty five minutes on your commute to work and the thing you needed to know in terms of how it fits into the larger ideological fight you know why does this who aboard race and allay matter like we talked about last week we talk about that very few others about not patting ourselves on the back there are other good content there can be no but yesterday in my zeal to get across content at the end of the show i left out some important details and bothered me my wife's i really loved you show and thanks for the listener ship but your story about the down syndrome commercial
she said you know you never got your point across and that's that really the first time she's ever said that mean i was disappointed because that story meant a lot to me and i feel really bad about and i got some touching moving emails from brandy and mark and other people out there who sent me emails who have children with down syndrome and the point of the story of trying to make yesterday about the the commercial that's pulled in france with children who have down syndrome and the gist of the commercial was the idea there trying to get across as these children are still capable loving even though they may not be capable of everything summer without dingy down syndrome is these are loving children and the left is bad by that and they want the ad pulled from the air and i find that disgraceful and they want it pulled from the air because they say it's the equivalent of violence i'm not making this up folks instead actual quote and violence against women who chose to abort children
down syndrome folks the point i try to get across that's utterly repulsive your pulling and add from the air that trying to save the lives of children with down syndrome and the reason i wanted to talk about that story folks is the these children god does not mistakes this is not a spiritual podcast folks it's not a religion show but life is life is a spiritual shell and everything that guides me i am a sinner i am a flawed man like every one of you i have deep personal flaws i pray every day to defeat but one thing i know is god does not make mistakes ever ever i know this i know it i know it the in a deep and penetrating way
down syndrome children according to the left they treat these these loving beautiful incredible kids as some kind of a mistake do you know discussed i feel when i hear that think about i've been around many many people with with similar physical and and impairments and and and obstacles in there these are the most loving unbelievable kid you ve ever seen joe i know you ve been around a lot of these children yourself and adults they d you find it a little odd folks that they have almost no capacity for evil in them but we do god doesn't make mistakes we do and the point i was trying to get across is it it just speaks to the savage brutality left these loving children out of changed countless lives and our
your for an absolute reason a reason you and i may never know that the left cheek treats them cheap commodities to be wiped out in the womb we try to save their lives they treat us as we're doing violence to them is frankly disgusting and i apologise to you really and i mean it for never for not getting there
point across that's what i was trying to say folks i met your preacher but we are dealing with peru tally on the other side of the political i'll absolute brutality the wiping out of lives if god makes mistakes god doesn't make mistakes god never ever ever ever makes mistakes is rebuke for kids they're here for a reason and it's a damn shame that people on the left don't see that and want to wipe them out disgusting and thank you for the e mails for all the parents out there to carry these kids everyday lives are rich by these kids ok i have a lot to talk about today when we get back to this was so yesterday is a big race in montana the congressional race the gene for day
one last night just proves my point again that the democrats and and there there there activism is all astroturf folks they you understand they have yet to win in election at the federal level of any significance at all so last night there was a and at large congressional seed up programmes in montana for those we run familiar with montana pilot montana has one congressional seat in the entire state the ecb the national seats are allocated is by population and for about seven hundred thousand people per seven hundred thousand people estate gets a congressional seat so if you fall bitch in seven hundred thousand and one four million unless there's a redistricting you're probably only gonna have one seat he gave it up saying job numbers they don't and up and give you two with young let's i think montana population one million or so so they don't round up you have to
to a certain critical mass and a redistricting before they give you a second congressional seat so the way congressional sees work at some stage only have one because their population is big enough that's the case in montana where there was a special election last night to fill the sea that was abandoned by ryan's inky who took the and secretary the interior job in the trumpet trade and so especial election is an election that happens outside of the regular mid term cycle now the democrats because there's a democratic governor in montana even though trump one the state by twenty boys seem to think they had a shot at the sea ran a bernie sanders clone kid you not mine an average is ridiculous against the sky g and forte now gene for day had an enforced an incident with a reporter i'm not gonna get into that i just you know what stuff happens i e g and fourthly apologize i think it was the right move you know it happens i did the guy i think the frankly
reporters and apologize to i think i don't know why you know g and fourthly the eighty manned up no why the reporter gets a pass to i think everyone would acknowledge the situation was poorly handled by both sides but these reporters seem to think they have some entitlement to jam stuff in your face you know to treat you garbage i'm a reporter you i mean it's it's really unfortunate though thing happened but the point trying to make is this was a nationally publicize incident according to allegations and some accounts and and keep a mine i disputed i yesterday amongst people i was talking to friends the account that the event by by how it's been portrayed but there's no doubt they were some physical altercation anxiously that yeah but despite the national publicity angie in fort who was the republican candidate for congress i mean exited there's no way this reflects you know you know we could have made it gone away he would have i guess is a good way to say joe
despite all of that joe g in fort they still one in and around one by six seven points will see when the final votes or talent the point of trying to make your folks is that democrats can't win elections anymore all of this the rallies and the ashraf turf and that the protests and what was the angry woman marge or whatever one day empty lisi the million woman i don't even know what it was called the woolly mammoth marching yahoo doze i mean i i have no idea what the label for this thing was any more who knows all i know is that all this stuff is astroturf yet and i mean it because you're not actually winning elections ladies and gentlemen you know we have this thing in the tea party revolution where we showed up but we did it that we actually voted and we took back the house we took back they said and eventually we took back the presidency also wiped out governors across the country democratic governance we want now ok great away you talk about a congressional race in montana
but why matters folks again how does to relate to the bigger issues and trends going on false here's the problem nationally with a democrat they lost the louisiana senate run off after the trump election to the republican they lost the the yard the re so far georgia though that they didn't get the fifty percent that technically lose are still race coming up for that georgia rate but they have yet to seal that the amount they lost montana on one federal race you would think with all this anger joe they be clean and up like the tea party did you think but not all are they not cleaning up there actually losing again so hook yeah say you're subway what what all this anger coming from folks it isn't astroturf paid for or not saying we should ignore it there's unquestionably genuine anger at trump by some democrats but what of china pages large majority this is fake its body it's not real you're seeing it now what's going on what had amino get too that the second
but you're seeing it in this race in montana again the guy get sent a physical occasion with a report of its report and all over the country joe many still winds by six seven points and theirs interesting piece i saw this morning if forgive me i think it was on national review but i don't remember exactly not a wash them examiner i'm a guy says in the peace don't the democrats find it odd that the deadly the republicans out or rather vote for satan rather than a democrat like really like is almost nothing you can do about capacity for i've just i'm just quoted article but almost nothing you can do right now to get people republicans about democrat but you can get democrats to vote a book as trumped saw in pennsylvania in michigan wisconsin joe which we called by the way if you go this in the show because i knew a lot of democrats voted for trump so here's the plan let me sum it up for you you know post
new deal right you have to your presidency the republicans didn't have the house for decades the house of representatives right the reply larry sabatino's done a great job summing this up and rush has spoken about it to i don't want to take credit for these ideas i'd this is not my student of history approaches it's just me studying others santos hasn't peace showed its fastening eases the republicans we're out of power in the house of representatives for so long for decades that they learn to be a subservient party in other words show all they ask for is not to advance republican initiatives anymore but just to get a seat it table you gave him saying so they have no control of committees they could do anything for say we're can't agent yeah exactly like i've lobby and dogs but a bay work condition to judge be subservient anti just basically whatever you have to do to get a seat at the table but do nothing to advance actual conservative initiatives ok when that changed and the republicans took back the house
and the presidency in the reagan years they never got that mind set out they now learn how to do with the democrats did and be the actual governing party in power in advancing conservative initiatives on bringing all of this up not because i'm trying to do some kind of a quick history lesson but because that's the problem with the democrats right now in reverse they still think you're in power that they still think they votes listen to me and listen clearly please they control nothing they hope the majority of governor ships they don't told the legislative slits seats at the state level they don't controls they chambers they don't control the supreme court they control the presidency there control the house representatives they dont control the set it we do but they have been so use due from eight years of barack obama and here controlling the house of representatives and the senate in
fancying therefore left agenda they are not used to being out of power and being relegated to a minority party so there's still acting like they are in charge of what does this mean to ford last night for last night montana election for the had anything instead of taking a step back figuring out what went wrong with their far left radical and and trying to move towards more recent ability like maybe we should move away from men in the women's bathroom stuff in north carolina and maybe we should start getting back to things like that really matter like coal minors and west virginia job growth joe they retreated to even more identity politics falling in love with black lives matter attacking cops attacking republicans attacking well they ve got more radical and they hold up thinking there still in charge and they're going to advance that agenda that is already fail it is going to pay
from a long time to learn to get back in the sand box again and that's what happened last night in montana they re bernie sanders acolytes tried to say stop rich people saw you get rid of a brother the they put it our boy had on him to make them seem like a populist which was a joke anymore just like they lost in louisiana and although georgia's tough probably gonna lose in georgia to i think they're phelan withdrawal systems when you withdraw from the drug of power in a job you are absolutely right a good way to discredit there get like tat the the shakes right now yeah yeah yet there and there really read their rear retreating back to these silos you may say well you know why you s going to moderate the republicans republicans euro we suggesting republicans thickly conservative ideas because they work that's the point like one again stick to conserve ideas conservative ideas actually work tax cuts actually work personal
of care rather than government healthcare actually works school choice actually works that's why when republic retreat it didn't reagan years will reagan did at least and start to work servant of agenda we win in the whole economy what he was re elected and a landslide but when democrats retreat back to do our part left ideas men into women's bathroom the war on cops you know this this this clause warfare struggle identity politics they keep getting wiped out the bottom line is that had underlined this because after yesterday's mistake not getting to the point i wanted to get to the point on this the democrats is currently constituted retrenching and acting like you're still the party in power advancing radical liberal ideas when you're not and you have no ability to control that agenda at all we'll never ever get them to fifty one percent not in this they'll they need to take back the house and senate it's not gonna happen it's like fetch for those are you watch a movie mean girls which i love little load secret fetch is not going
happen gretchen fatuous not gonna happen either is the far left democrat agenda we are a centre right country it's not going to happen now here to give advice the democrats but if they would brace of more mainstream j f k type ideology they would probably went back a ton of seats but they're not gonna do it they cannot get the fifty one percent redistricting the way we did two things happened because republican governors are in control and the fao the left silo wing of the democratic party think you're still in power they will never get to fifty one percent it will be the minority party for as for foreseeable future i'm tellin you folks get out now they may win national elections for the present de based on the power of california based on a power of new york based on the swing state status of florida they may win some of those mean obama one twice but they're gonna be white
the local and federal level when it comes to how seats and the local level the governorship for the foreseeable future because they can they cannot moderate they cannot but they are obsessed with the idea of men in the women's and identity politics and they won't wait now the follow up i had to put errors didn't just to be sure we followed this in a logical think that's so my first point is that they can't win and he think i'd be summed up nice enough they take it take at the fifty one percent may get to fifty one percent would men in the women's you can't it's not gonna happen but liberals who are obsessed with the idea of power and frankly the tyrannical use of power liberals as i said in a show less weaker will always always resort to the least democratic means too hey power when they lose by democratic means so liberals lose elections like you're doing now then i like republicans who go in and the tea party actually joe we d like kids absolutely party did that's not political
so registered it liberals are interested now moving down the scale of freedom and at the bottom at scale at the bottom of that freedom totem pull this tyranny and the left will go farther and farther and farther they can't when electricity something else what are they doing now mob violence we ve seen it so at the middlebury college story yesterday though student that assaulted conservative speak or libertarian speaker i should say charles murray they got sanctions they didn't get suspended from school they actually put a female professor at the college in the hospital and they were sanction that's it so they resort to mob violence which we seen repeat not out tonight you're just a violent my subjects that then i don't waste my time to show ok i don't need this you thousands of videos of liberals beating the crap out of conservatives okay we don't we don't need to waste summit but relationship the current events what's going on in today's environment not only
resort to violence when they can't when elections which they can't they will resort to boycotts folks sorry to what you seeing on twitter by even some republican quote stratagem i can name names because the guy's a joke and anyone it giving the public this is capitalism at work and when talking about here is usa a witch company i have and joe knows what happened yesterday i was on on the it was on a forum for a good half an hour talking about this u s a cars dot com and palatine by company chose to pull ads from hannity yesterday under pressure from the left wing coup group media matters for america but just it's the punch and not bags it really is just a bunch of not back these companies are in saint so when you and this is not capitalism pokes capitalism is free market free markets in no way shape or form is capitalism pressure people because they don't like a political stance of john hannity on his show pressuring
people to scrap a successful business model joe in other words advertising on had a view to get that these customers scrapping because you don't like deposits that's not capital is ok its liberal tyranny and liberal fascist don't ever mistake the two any republican strategist who puts out on twitter you're just humiliating yourself and showing your own ignorance ok that is not capitalist folks i was never for boycotts but you know i grew venture piero who is a second mark yesterday livin and then said you know i hate i hate boycotts do folks i dont i i think they're dumb but what other way do you suggest we fight back so and in a nutshell usa who i have been a loyal loyal customer of
it's ninety ninety nine when i first joined the secret service let me tell you what i have what u s a my entire bank accounts which granted may not be substantial by rich person terms but a pretty good for a middle class dude i save a lot of money i have my auto alone what usa i've had my auto ensure usa since nineteen ninety nine u s aid makes a lot of money with me and i'm not going to mention hooks and i wanna they didn't get me permission but a very close family relative yesterday who i called i said you need to pull your money eta usa today they pulled their ads off hannity because because of pressure from the left wing from the media matters could a family relative yesterday pulled a hundred and eighty thousand dollars i'm not making this up out of a ban the count yesterday walk in the chase and in chase bank were two other people in the bag moving their money from usa to chase back while an yeah mack
john last night i was at a gymnastics thing with my daughter or back when i was doing a facebook live for conservative review recommending people boycott usaa and i kid you not two people walking dog i don't know if you can hear it on the paper in the facebook live or what two people walking dogs together walk by me and we're talking about how they believe in usa that night let me just tell you something left these you family friendly show you mess with us we are going to punish you and i'm telling you usa getting into bed with the clown fool from media matters is the quickest way to bankruptcy ever you are going to pay heavy for this you don't have to agree with shorthand but let me tell you something this is a company usa that caters by the way to military and law enforcement i know shown hannity percy i'm not name drop and i dont care i'm not that i don't do that
no my show you know i'm not saying this for a reason i know this man pursuits at best friend but no sean very well i would consider him a friend shot you would never joe you know right you know this better than even the shower ever be air right now for one for shot had ever sean did things for me i'll on the scope of this i don't want to waste a lot of time john did things for me now but he was willing to do at the time i should say sean mark is marked did that mark their friends but because this is about a boycott on hannity sean went out there when veterans eat up you have no idea how much time and money this guy gives to veterans cause and usa you filth bags who i've given thousands of dollars to you disgust me on this you disgust me i want you change this term strategy tonight you better by up every
freak it add one that had already show from now until the end of the year or you are finished my facebook why bless like a hundred and fifty four thousand views on my page at another sixty thousand conservative review will i will not stop to your ass is out of business you piece a garbage i have given you all my hard earned income at that everything i've had that i put my banking you can oh and you screw with sulphur like this at any proud of it go to my twitter feed i've retreated a tweet from usa cancel their ads on how did he thank you with exclamation point you are done we are tired frankly joe we're not we're tired being tired of being tired like these left wing media matters crooks have messed with for too long you
play the game usa cars that calm palatine we can play the game to folks i'm begging you i don't do all the action on the show i don't even sell my own books on that they show drives my wife crazy manufacturers we have increased jody immejitly website auto shop i mask you to do something for me to pay back a favour the shore inanity did for me a long time ago but he took a chance on me when nobody did i'm not going to tell you what he did but i'm telling you it was selfless and he does it for vets and wounded warriors all the time i'm begging you tweet at usa to facebook usa i too call usa their customer service that usa that come if you have accounts to cancel this stops today
it stops today i'm sorry for the people that work there i really am and i'm sorry this has to be done but we have to take a stand now or this will never stop bankrupt these people bankrupt and i would never say that that is a very very serious thing to ask but things got to stop you you want to and by the way folks don't when you call them a peanut i know i don't need to say this but be nice of you know because i know if they'll accuse me of let you know and you know how liberals are the try to make an argument they will respond with this they have a pre prepared statement how do i know this because i was on the with a module call me yesterday there going read you a pre prepared statement that it was amiss
that they advertise on hannity that they really didn't pull the ads that they never do opinion shows no no no no no go to my twitter feed yesterday and you will see an article by news fosters the article by he was pastors will put you can click on a video of u advertised on msnbc opinion show hardball with chris matthews its crap they are lying they are liars and they are trying to kid or their asses we take a stand folks i'm can you take time out of your day and to please do something park is cheap man we have to do and i am painfully sorry that this has to be done but this cup he needs to suffer badly they need mass of cancellations as a warning to anyone out
who has the idea that following media matters off a cliff is a good idea remember what i said you a while ago joe and i said to stay on the phone yesterday nobody is problem with verizon using jamie fox to advertise for them who by the way joined with quentin tarantino in eighty cop op outrageous statement that they may nobody no conservative boycott of that sean oddity has it the about a very serious martyr investigation media matters chimes him with twenty kooks sitting there tricking hot chocolate and fuzzy pajamas and all of a sudden based our cancelling on conservative joe trying to bankrupt us no no we win we bankrupt do you get that time of my money today it starts i'll pay what's go to the gym after this the barn off some steam and i'm coming back what oh insurance short skirts first banking is gonna be tough for us
maybe on monday we can't do it tomorrow then the auto alone is next it's over stops today are on a lighter note but this is actually an intentional sideways for once with regards to an end folks this is why in oh yes i know this is self serving and i completely understand that i'm not trying in any way to be objective about it but this is i see your tv we uses scripture model which obviously my first started i was a little suspect up and now starting to see the genius of it you pay about a a month that's it to get conservative content that's not subjected to any stupidity like that of a word of usa air in palestine in cars that cop we'd have to worry about this crap twice pod guess love it that might affect their hoping you boycott that would be like the greatest they ve ever you know liberal boycotts shouted
number one on amazon please i'm asking you as a friend to go to sea tv my show is we're ready to rock and roll coming very soon i promise you were making substantial progress had a really long meeting yesterday that thereby gino shows come in in shows their crowded shows there they show their mark and show is their morning grinders there we got point of contact not subjected to any of this advertiser media matters nonsense please go subscribed today use promo code bond gino
the au in july and take a stand again i'm understand this is i completely understand that this is in somewhat someway self sir i can escape that i work here but this is why we didn't do that and didn't try to do mass distribution and cable because we wanted to give you conservative content free of this left the insanity go to see our tv thou come putting promo carbon gino and for like the cost of a turkey sandwich you can escape the sphere of stupidity left i too had a couple more things i wanted to talk about
let's do it just quickly on the sea be oh scam things i addressed the issue with a bomb care folks it's really important that you understand yesterday i hit on the sea bio analysis of the republic in bamako replacement that the left is talking point you need that the bank is going to say while twenty four billion are gonna lose insurance courted cbs score i'm number one the ceos totally unreliable the roan estimates have been completely off i did a show and at last week you can listen to bad cbs mrs by a landslide the better time but secondly twenty four million are losing anything they report said they will choose not to have insurance because obamacare sucks so bad is so expensive that so far different arguments an argument actually for us now for the democrat but there another thing in their yesterday that came out that aids and interesting while she journal peace i read but an interesting snip in that report that again joe speaks to the utter psychopathy either left how they just like this
in the sepia report which by the way is dominated by far left thinking i don't know who wrote this thing like bernie sanders dennis percentage i mean i don't know who wrote this scipio report but it's kind of comical that at one point they talk about people who will have insurance but their counting them the about making this up people will have insurance if trump care would appear not making an argument of organs from kiev just trying to make an argument how the left wing massage talking point that's not in fact really accurate in the sea be reported says it people who will have insurance under trump care they are just going to count them is uninsured joe because the insurance isn't good enough so i'm reading a little further on this in this analysis and unlike what come again saw in it
about a year ago i talked about this these plans called many med plans for this but the many med plans or this many mad plans are like if you work and say fast food right or of a job that requires really not requires but has a lot to high tone of her high turn over and over fires the the owner of the place to manage at kids come in for the summer and they leave you know the turnover i thought i'd be people don't stay there for a really long time so in an effort to give those people insurance what a lot of fast food chains did is they offer better call many mad plans these many med plans are catastrophic insurance plans that are extremely low deductibles promotes all its age ibm she'd be low price
and very high did so let's say the premium per month is like a hundred seventy five dollars or something like that ring and it only covers like if you were to come down with a catastrophic aziz god forbid cancer you know each ivy whatever it may be right it doesn't cover routine visits it's not going to cover you know i glasses and things like that and the doktor balls were quite high but if i forbid you were to come now a cancer new work in fast food you would have been ok the fascinating thing about the sepia report again to show you that government chicanery that goes on is that classify the many med reports as the problem and i say well that they are not there counting them as insurance because i'm quoting here joe they have it the they don't cover i cost medical events so that there was a european why what do you mean like i caused medical events are precisely what they cover like cancer are hiv or or
or some catastrophic car accident you need emergency surgery this is how they and that now that the way that you may have that doesn't make sense of course those a high costs mental this we owe never mentions canada traffic medical about you are they massage it in other words theirs although not all those very cover catastrophic put out high cause they're the same thing it's this the thing the same thing if you get it our accident that support the high cost of medical event at a catastrophic medical the sea be say not all those many men plied plants we saw this in the beginning people who have those plans which by the way we can although the robot many med plans because they have high turn over at high administrative costs that are spent eighty percent of your money on health insurance and twenty percent on administrative costs on the obama care which is ridiculous because many med plans at high administrative costs why joe because they were constantly
killing people in signing a new people because there's high turn over mcdonald's right obama so those plans the many med plans undertake care they be reinstated people what actually have health insurance again even though its again is not great acknowledge app will secure them against bankruptcy from a catastrophic event people are saying no doubt up because it ensures you against catastrophic events it doesnt assure you against quote high costs at all events so that's not insurance so we're not going to count you started short well why come again so just to be clear let's walk through this obamacare cancels insurance for people and fast food who had their many my points cancelled because obamacare made them illegal trade here we have the jutes insurance for people's george was cancelled under obamacare yet maybe i'll says even people will they haven't george who did not their obamacare we're going to classify them as uninsured because they don't
sure it gets all the high cost of medical of only catastrophic events wholly most folks you want why wake up every morning and love doing this show be i do i love it i could rapidly often hysteria every day because dealing with the left it's like i need an admirable just they keep focus because this pity comes out you like a gatling gun you need like cap that america is by brainier ideological sealed too yourself from liberal stupid it's just incredible credible this stuff they get away every single joe nobody wants i guarantee you you will hear that no nobody is now to be there the draft report the journal did a great job in i'll put it the shown us in it but you won't hear that anywhere else today to mainstream media obamacare cancels plants trumpery it states
c b us now we're going to classify them is uninsured even obamacare on ensure them bab makes perfect sense in the liberal bizarre a world universe boy arrive books thanks again for a great great about record week of listeners ship we just knock the part the sweet thanks to you prescience alfayoum and you just heard tat bond gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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