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Ep 473 Are we Staring at the Biggest Political Scandal in our Lifetimes

2017-06-02 | 🔗
If what I cover in this podcast today is true then we are looking at the biggest political spying scandal in modern US history.   I also address the real-world effects of liberal environmentalism. https://www.wsj.com/articles/paris-climate-discord-1496272448
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They won't. You know all the sandy supporting Darwin bombs at me. I come right back, I'm not here to pull any punches right. The deadline GINO show this is the great irony of conservatism, even liberals, way under conservatism, ready to hear the truth about Amerika. Are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can one your lives better than you can, even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a showed its not immune to the banks. With your host in Bonn Jean, I wasn't renegade rubbing with their budget average, Joe, our uniting and in their baby, that you have great hey, thanks again for a record month, listener ship last motley blue past our prior record. So thanks to you, we really appreciating lack a out. Let me get right.
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construction, folks, twenty four, seven online access to recordings assignments grades and even tutor in check them out. Take a look at freedom project cadmium line ago request. Your free information packet today tell him down bond GINO. Send you go to the website its F P Usa, that Org, that's f, p e? U S, aid that or check him out. You won't be disappointed got an email yesterday from a listener, and you I get these wants are rarely am. I would not be you know, exaggerate or or try to diminish, negative emails on the show, because we do appreciate feedback from the audience, even when it's not good, but we do rarely get them. Thank God. Thank the Lord thanks to you but I was upset Zalm, always anymore, this USA. Anything really upset me as a member own company is costing us money, listen brother, they don't know what
tell you man, there are big fights going on out there and you can pick the right side or you can pick the wrong side and I'll be damned. If I'm gonna be ensured by anyone I dont Pat mice, on the back. I don't give you my resume and every show I don't tell you how wonderful I am at if I could common theme of the Shoujo at least once or twice a week in Danville there was a sitter folks. I am not your role role model, I've, just a guy who, as a viewpoint, does a lot of homework and trying to save you the time of reading the news every single day, if you're a busy person that was the whole purpose of the pod. Yet I'm not your spiritual adviser, I'm going your preacher, but I'm gonna be damned vomited, be lectured by anyone about how I was if USA and I'm gonna lose a hundred dollar refund and checked this year because of a boycott against USA that you are part of too bad I was a member of USA. I lost a ton of money on this. You have any idea how much money
I'm gonna, lose on this. You know how I had to spend an entire day of my life. In them and by the way to be fair to USA, they have rescinded their decision to to pull their answer. Manatee reinstated the ads, and I therefore have. Although I cancel my our shores. I have kept the brokerage account open there folks, then Joe. You know my story here, yeah, maybe this guy. Doesn't know my story g. I apologise. You lost a few bucks pow, but there's a or going on here but serious, we you think this is a joke. You media matters in the George Soros funded operation by Angela are runs at media matters. You think these guys, you think, they're not playing for keeps these guys are plain. To suppress conservative voices. Conservative ideology. These guys are playing for the institution of far left liberalism, pseudo socialism in the United States, the destruction of liberty and
freedom, the taking of your money to taking of your health care, the taking of your child's? Is education? Gee, I'm sorry pal! You lost your hundred I'll refund check, go find a new podcast. Is this isn't for you? This isn't a joke you gave up a hundred dollar refund check. You know what I gave up. That's I was twelve years into by secret service career thirteen years to go to twenty five year retirement. I only gave up, let's see health care from Pollack and picked up. Sorry that fill my uncle I lost in Vietnam. Is I have a thing of visa? You know when you do you know when you go to the wall, you can have that on the floor. Just fell right there on the floor. You say it can help me, my wife and my studio. Don't you delete that? Your sorry phocis part of my show, but by your uncle Gregg Ambrose? Why did the chauffeur that hold honest? They Paula how you doing
Thirdly, the threat of your chair power, nor it sorry force but listen. Here's what I gave up. I was twelve, your secret service agent. I gave up health insurance paid for by the: U S: taxpayers. For my entire life night, you my entire life. I have no, I deal with the value of that is because I have no idea how much healthcare costs are going to go up for the rest of my life. I gave up my pension. I get of twelve years of salary I made over a hundred thousand dollars a year. I gave up a government cock. I gave up a government credit card. I gave up government per diem for travel overseas. I gave up a job I loved and the secret service. So spare me pal. The fact that you Lose your hundred dollar refund check from USA, because you don't want to engage in a fight. You wanna, let the liberals take a big dump all over you all the time you know what gulf and another shop I'm sorry. I'm really upset about these folks because I don't mean to like really I'm not trying to be Debbie down or today. But this is a real fight going on here and, as I wrote in my book, fight everybody's gonna have seen in the game there are people are going to take.
You don't social security there businesses who are going to take a hit because the left protests them and are going to have to stand for something I gave that all up to run the opposition is Joe. You remember when I had nothing after I lost that celebrate. What do you think you remember how tough that was? Yams, tough, even to get stuck together for the pod gazed folks glad you brought down because Poland I discuss this year they for those who are familiar with the history, the parties, I Didn'T- even have the money to buy the microphone and the Mackey mixer to start to part. Guess at my wife and I almost had a fight about starting the pod care because we had no money, we have to put it on the credit card remit. Luckily you remember Joe Yours, my kitchen and warlike. Oh, my god, it's going to cost three thousand dollars. We had nothing. I've are, you lost. Your hundred dollar refund check pal and I deeply I appreciate the email, I'm not kidding, I'm not being sarcastic for you are in the wrong fight and you are listened to the wrong show. Ah, you call me
check it USA because they decided in a in a horrendously misguided decision to pull ads from a conservative who? Yet you might not agree with all the time and Sean attitude, but a guy who's in this fight every day and what you don't want a loser We fund check you don't stand the larger war going out of your media matters and Soros Cirrhosis efforts to suppress conservative voices in an effort to keep you quiet. That the liberals can have a monopoly over the you don't get that the monopoly over the entire liberal use of the media infrastructure in the United States? What do you think's going on here? Why do you George Soros is giving millions of dollars to media matters to boycott Sean added because they don't like it air style. What is wrong with you here this is problem. This guy is the problem. This is the problem. we have in the country they not with the listeners like you want, because this is literally the only guys complaint, but it really affected me this morning, the problem
Is we have a fig mo attitude amongst the lot of american stray? Frankly, some on the republic inside you the rhino class, the figure fig mostly for, if those you weren't, you know in the military law enforcement aphid got my waters, in other words, my orders about I'm good, I don't care if the whole mission collapses. Ok, you, when you are think mode and you're like hey, I want to make sure I get myself security. I want to make sure my gravy train port project happens from the: U S: government, Solomon, a lobby. My congressmen I want to make sure might mean. Oh, my tax subsidy. It happens, although we screw all the other guys? I don't really care, but it has to go. Find a new show. This isn't your show. I fought my fight, ok, giving millions literally jail millions of dollars to do this, and Jonas, we had nothing. I couldn't, even if or the pod guess we have to put it on the credit card. What what do you think
cable news outlets and conservative review. Call me right away and set man. You left your job too, for office in a state you had no chance of winning in Maryland. Will you ran for the? U S Senate, we love this story Come out to be a contributor wrong just make him up. I couldn't was tough for me to find a job for all kinds of reasons: on the scope of the shop better. Maybe, one day I'll do a show on that's an interesting topic in and of itself it wasn't so we took some initiative on around my wife and I got violence. Business decision did some other entrepreneurial endeavours and decided to take a risk on this podcast another TAT. We were doing that things really took off. So forgive me for this opening here folks, but I'm not gonna, be lectured by people like that. I'm sorry, you lost your hundred dollar refund check from USA, but these view after fight back and if you're not
We need to engage in this fight and go hands on and take a little bit on. The chin here take a little bit of right, left talk or a couple. Jabs then really I don't know why. You're listening at all costs One of these chump shows where they tell you to go alone to get along, go listeners club. Looks like Charlie sites in these other guys. These rhinos, who have no comprehension whatsoever, the larger fight going on knock yourself out, but you're not welcome here, I'm sorry I don't need the money anymore. I don't need that the headaches and I certainly don't need to hear from people who I may follow moral high ground costs me my refund check. all right through yesterday, while she said, broke Wednesday night. I believe in the Wall Street Journal. This spokes is a really troubling story again, not to continue to harp on this but speaks to the law. your fight going on that, if you're not willing to take a few lump seer again, you may on a two now, this Obama
It scandal, which I have been warning about. Tweeting about podcasting, about discussing on the show discussing on Levine show wherever I can get a voice. I have been more you. This thing is gonna blow up, the Obama Gates eyeing scandal where he used the institutions of government to spy on an opposing political party. The Obama administration already admitted it answers and rice or Susan Rice. As national security adviser already admitted to the on me, Asking of trumpeted private was the Trump Administration Trump campaign officials in NEA in the need the presidential election process before he was elected, took office. Folks. This is a The stating devastating scandal having been a federal agent and being familiar intimately with how cases operate. I warned you. so it's gonna be a huge scandal, may Major league brake on Wednesday night story comes out with the Obama administration that seven subpoenas were issued by a house
Many studying the russian influence on the election and in terms of that right an influence on the election, also studying what happened with the Obama administration and their use of that Russia. Investigation to spy on not Despite the Trump Trump campaign officials there seven subpoenas folks, one of whom was issued to Samantha powers, the former you I did states ambassador to the United Nations, now may say: well, what's the breaking news there folks there is an risers, the national security adviser and even though its a political staff appointments she and I I absolutely believe her motivations were political. Let me be crystal clear on that, but at a minimum she had. She has a small out saying, while on the national security Adviser- and we thought the Trump team was putting with the Russian. I don't believe that one bit we clear on that and that now for once can I believe it was entirely political.
Being a national security adviser she's using your title as an out. You know what I'm saying don't say or do. Well, there were nest security and Paquette, even though no one has yet to prove any national security implications at all what die How is the United Nations Ambassador from the United States, Samantha powers being subpoenaed. For now there was a cry local moment a while ago, where Trade Gouty Congress or South Carolina most familiar with guys kind of a bulldog, my man but maturing you like. I'm trade Gouty asked John bread in the former, right through the CIA and congressional hearing about the matter. He asked him a few weeks ago: before this story broke out aware of any United States ambassador that may have requested the unmasked or the release of the names of U S, officials being monitored by the around the United States government and
in hand and hard and sad. I don't have an answer for you right now. Basically on this now, if Gouty ask that question publicly and a subpoena issued for Samantha powers, folks, you should start put- do what you together right now and you should say to yourself: ok, bad enough- that the National Security Advisor the political appointee, by the way, a political point D had requested the names of trumpet Minafer. the bad Trump Administration officials, so they could on mass them in the neck, the content of thereof, conversations or emails with russian officials. Even worse, when a political appointing who has no relation to national security whatsoever outside of an ambassador, your role, which is written, which is attend at best folks, were, I'm tellin you right now. This thing is deep: whether you believe it or not- I am- I wouldn't say it on. My part- cares if I wasn't absolutely sure I'll be indemnify by history. This is going to be the biggest a mess,
Expiring scandal in modern: U S, history! I have absolutely no doubt about it? It's not occur. Spirits, see theory when it actually happens. There's no agent, Mulder, no agent Scully this stuff, actually happened mouth I sure. As of yet what Samantha, our role is so I'm gonna reluctance, but I am. I am reluctant to go further with this, but if, if, if Samantha powers requested. The names as a lot of the information starting point to render the names of trumpet motivation, administration, officials talking the Russians and the unmasked them which would release the content that their conversations you have. You have a scam, the likes of which we haven't seen in IE odds. Now just to be clear on this how this work, because there's a lot of confusion on this and Jim Geraghty at National Review, explains as well as the male is this morning at national review. He says
there is the problem we had here and here's. What was going on with the Obama administration, that this is a big big problem focus thinks there are two types of hidden of of metal data that were being collect. Well, one type of two methods, There was upstream and downstream data. The upstream data Joe, the meadow data, the email stuff that was being collected as data that had entered and left the United States, We could go to a switch. Let's say there was like a shipping port lens there was an email port were all emails, leaving the United States left, say the port of Baltimore. That's the best analogy I can use for the option of data. Was the data collect at that ports are basically any email that was leaving so that system that upstream system folks was obviously going to collect a boat load pon intended of informal you shouldn't, because anyone who emailed overseas was gonna have their data collected by the USA. There was,
downstream system. Do they collected domestic emails that were sent by a say: people who were suspects: terrorist suspects into the United States, but the upstream system had more data just based on what a collected makes sense jump, nor does it wasn't is targeted. One of these the elections of the ETA say met a data collection programme on what you need to understand why this is so dangerous. One of the stipulations written into it was that about information could not be queried in the upstream database. Now went away. By about information, would you because that upstream information database had so much information, leaving, say the Porter Baltimore to go overseas. All those emails you were are allowed to port identifiers in there? That could capture Americans I met. Let me say this minute, but it always, if you add the Email address, carroty explains it well the pieces warning to. If you add an email- let's say
before a terrorist terrorist, Joe Jones frighten. You could not put that about query. say: email Joe Jones at Gmail into the upstream database, because you may get a person in there anymore, I can citizen who didn't email, Joe Jones, but I would say in the subject of the email or the content of the word, you email and say your friend Bob. And in the email etc. Have you heard about Joe Jones, a Gmail, Dachau, Cassie Oliver? sudden without a warrant you're, reading emails of american citizens, who may or may not have anything to do at all. With the subject to your investigation. Now this was happening all the time folks. Appoint I'm trying to make here is that make no mistake American citizens were being spied on by the Obama administration. We can Are you an invite up? We won't have to argue, as information comes out argue about the extent of it. You can argue. about the morality of it. We can argue about
legality and ethics of it. But the fact is when this is irrefutable. You you have to a die hard. Silly, doctrinaire liberal at this point to believe that this did not happen. I'll always happen and the fact that against Samantha hours, although that is a kind of a separate issue, is implicated in this on masking thing, and the Obama administration now admitted to multiple cases of unauthorized cos areas of american information. Without a warrant. My gosh Are you not deeply disturbed by this folks? I mean, if now political officials a point these, like Samantha powers, could potentially ass, for an information on Americans would know warrant at all. Where does the private and public then does I've covered in these shows before? Where does it end up? I mean I, I have weren't you that and totalitarian totalitarian regimes. The differences there is
No personal self. You can expect to be monitored all the time. What's the difference now asking a serious question, not meaning to be hyperbolic or sensational, where you been great, what asked whether we don't need to do this for listeners, thanks to you, we can be reasonable yeah, but I'm really asking you what's the difference, if there's a batch, I'll to monitor. Americans do this upstream collection that has been violated. repeatedly, what's the difference where it, your personal self. Although I solve a purse, What's up, I can email, my friends without being monitored. Are you sure how do you know that alright alright got a couple of things? I want to get you, so I don't want to spend too much time and effort is a very serious thing I buy patriot supply. Have you checked my yet? I did a for them on and yesterday show you I really like this company has amid the preparedness. I think it's the former secret service agent to me right. You always have to have your stuff prepared. We have hurricane season approaching floor. supposed reassure everything that matters in our life writer, health insurance. You dad diligence. People have insurance for eyeglasses. How do you not?
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in Charleston and member the story, Joe, we talked about with the house. I t staffers that lead to Pakistan this. So the here's, the here's, the story, a nutshell, Debbie washroom shots had hired this group this this pakistani woman and her family to monitor her. I t they were her. I t advisers in the course of doing this. T operation here, wiser, shawls depict the up the its alleged, because it would we. You know some of the facts and debating being deliberately obfuscate by Democrats. Trying to hide the extent of the scandal, it's alleged that these this pakistani and did the ip sent the formation to a server that was not part of the house. I t infrastructure folks think about what I'm telling you right now by the way they fled to Pakistan. They're gone there. They left. So In the end, we did. We cover the stories I wanna go into all the details, but that that's that's. The bullet points Debbie blossoming all tired, this group of pakistani men and women they handle heredity. There were some.
suspicious payments. The pakistani family has now fled to Pakistan and allegations are that they sent the information being exchanged on these house. A representative servers from these Democrats to a server to a separate server, monitored by them. Ok, now so Debbie, washroom and shouts, and instead of getting to the bottom of it, Debbie, washer mature, that's expression. I love when it comes to the Trump Russia conspiracy theory, but let's get to the bottom of Debbie some shots, they have our computer. Now the Capitol Hill Police and Debbie Washroom jobs is threatening repercussions if they don't give other computer back completely, disregarding by the way the criminal investigation, but he is where it gets. Absolutely hysterical, goes to show you again dammit our priorities are politics first and national security, secondly, that they have no interest whatsoever in understanding what happened with the information has been sent to like a drop box type thing: they don't control got only what's on those emails by the White Debbie western shots, women
after the house, I t administrator yesterday. It was blaming them he's if it's unbelievable, the daily collar, covered the states. It's incredible, Debbie Watchman shows. Why didn't you warn us that dropbox type, the type services where you can send information Joe and I use it for the pod- guess ramp? Why New warn us that without that wasn't available, I we did. We sent an email to your house, I take a year, but you didn't meet with me. Personally, we sent the email, dear, I t guy saying we shouldn't be using these data system now yelling at the guide, she's trying to put the blame on him. Folks again, another example of Democrats: putting national security pass their own political. fish and she knows she's in trouble. She knows she did something really dumb and instead of taking the blame and say hey, I really screwed this up. She goes after the it. Guy has if she should have gotten a personal index card handed to a don't use, dropbox for
certified congressional emails that may have information that could damage national security and woman was elected the Congress multiple times. You know, I heard a funny quote the other day. This is good, but I don't know where it came from it was. I was reading, they ve been the colors box, I'm really enjoying the american Spirit, good book and in their haste he talks about this congressmen issues. The first thing: that's gonna happen to you when you are like the Congress is you're going to go up to the hill and you're going to say God. How did I get up here? He says and then, after about a week of that, you're going to start looking around and you're going to start asking gosh. How did everybody else get up? He hit her folks I'll die re Alice. I refer Congress couple times and we try We did our best, but I'm telling you a lot of these people. are seriously knucklehead. There are some very smart people opposed I dare not all ya wanna out of pure impugn the intellect evolve, but I'm telling you re now a lot of people, you think have some you're, the Maxine
others types you have some deep inside it that the operations of the government, you will be severely disappointed, Debbie Washroom, it shall be in a perfect example, no concern at all but the fact that a reformation is out there, the ether jolly word about getting your computer back. Probably so she could destroy all the horrible information on our eyes. One. That story because it's been on my mind a lot I ve been talking about these Paris accords and on yesterday show I mentioned why the Paris climb the other Obama signed this onto a twenty fifteen by passing the treaty process by calling it an executive agreement and I'm gonna where's that constitution under added the I don't get ahead there. Did you see this is an international treaty? I told you yesterday Why this is more about globalism to them the left, then it is about the climate, because this is going to do nothing even though the Paris climate accords this the signatories to this to this agreement of acknowledge that
If, if the goal was a two percent decrease in in global temperatures, that this is only going to get zero point, seven percent, point, seven degrees of, if even works and by the way, no one's giving it a hit those targets. So it's interesting make IRAN it, asked for its success at two degrees. In your acknowledging the agreement that the agreements not gonna, it's gonna fail its own task, which is kind of phenomena, but that is how the left work, but this is about global, listen to them. international rule, so you can escape the flower, the chains of international governance, international beer actually believe me. This is not!
to do it all with the environment as they set. It just acknowledges in its own document. It's gonna do almost nothing to fix the environs, but he's an interesting couple. Tidbits from the Wall Street Journal opinion peace. This morning I saw which I will La Putney shown us so Germany, Joe, which after the Fukushima disaster, the nuclear disaster decided it was gonna, knock out nuclear power, which is just a really silly stupid decision, not in contacts him. You can't do that. You can just knock out an entire power infrastructure and then take like it's all, gonna be well and good. This is some decent, staggering numbers again proving my point would have told you about liberals repeatedly that us not just that liberals don't help you. Ladies and gentlemen, it's at liberals actually hurt you, it's not that they don't do what they say. They're gonna do is that they do the opposite and actually hurt you so liberals, who pushed in Germany, we need to get rid of nuclear. We need to go to solar and wind. Well, what happened now again for the liberals listening this is the facts portion of the show
and the data portion? The show you may want to turn out now? the ideology portion of the show, for you is clearly ended. Ok, so the average cost of electricity in the end it states twelve cents per kilowatt hour. The average cost of election so the in Germany in two thousand twelve, when I get a report on this zero, thirty five cents per hour thirty five cents per kilowatt hour. Not only that show state subsidies for electricity have grown by a factor of fives they got rid of their there, their nuclear infrastructure in favour of solar and wind, so that's great folks, thirty five cents, per kilowatt hour in Germany tells us that you may save yourself. Well, I don't I don't mind paying more, ok. Well, it be poor. People do as it ever occurred to you like. I don't get it. I thought you were the party for the poor and disadvantaged, so you're you're. Let me just get this straight. Your line of attack. Is that because have a lot of money. I don't mind paying more, but I want to force increase electricity cost on others who don't have the money to pay it, so they can what turn their heat down and freeze in the winter or or
Marwadi eight get beer steamed themselves in a sauna. In the summer I live in Florida, going to turn your ac off. That are good luck. If you have to drink about forty, two gallons of water a day Florida, ninety seven at night down here, really open a tough time, understanding the logic but ok, moving out by the way, the five times in the growth of the state subsidies for taxpayers. The way are sending their money into its are pulling them the out of the economy, to send you a lecture generating solar and wind companies. I meet again making really rich people wealthier, who own these companies is just insane, but here Joe here's where it gets even worse, does every time doesn't it I mean every time there's always like a double down right. This is from the journal. Peace again, You said yourself, ok out, o my spend the more because we're going to clean up the environment. Ok, german emissions up at this is a quote from the journal, peace as more coal is burned.
compensate for reduced nuclear energy and unreliable solar wind power. So, let's, let's folks, let's get this straight, let for all the liberals listening if you're still to India, despite the facts and data, the resulting your brains right now write your goal here was to do what to clean up the environment right. So that did not happen because german emissions are up. That's up like I have two thumbs book, you know what has to thumbs going in the right direction and is dismantling liberals right now. This guy right here up german emissions are up yet you pay like the movie member that court. a movie up, it was really sad by the way german emissions are up german costs for Trust in Europe at german taxpayers are paying five times as much money to subsidize these companies and the Germans are more call to compensate for this. up energy, solar and wind supplies. What the Fukushima where they think it. Let's get that policy
said what the Fukushima, where they make great. That's grass going right on a teacher you're on a roll, maybe there's a joy. you folks. This is why I cannot emphasise: do you enough when I brought up in yes, we critical theory right, please, listen to that show. If you missed it, I'm begging you to go back innocent. This is what I've been trying to hammer you from day. One of this podcast, the institution left. Not all Democrats, not even all liberals, I'm not talking about the ignoramus, I'm talking about the left. That really knows what they're doing they really want you. You have no idea late read the capitalism freedom are to them. They believe in the power of the state. Folks, the all knowing all thinking all powerful state cannot coexist with human freedom. They have tried to out modern in history ways to suppress human freedom, whether we do hard communism, Marxism, soft.
of socialism, big government, the tax and regulatory structure, and they failed repeatedly to conquer capitalism, freedom and liberty. They ve taken ships off it. There's no doubt capital freedom took serious, lumps and the last eight years under Obama, but they have yet to completely suppress human liberty, critical theory, is a way to shut down dialogue by sea just think that anyone who opposes the state agenda is a white, patriarch or contributing to the white paper. Go pouch any should ever be listened to it all which way to silence those voices? It's a scam, but it's now feel bad These college kids, I may add real- really mean it because these college kids have been adopted and eighty four years on the idea that white men and people who contributed a white patriarch of structure should not talk at all their their opinion means nothing because their only their opinion only matters because they are in power. Therefore, it's not it's not objective. So if you ve been told, for four years, your college education, a shot white man
and people who contribute to the White Power structure up and talk about. Why privilege it don't? Let them talk, no wonder they attack people. What I mean Why are you surprised by that authority? Figures on a college capers have told them that? How does apply to this environmental argument. I just told you that the invite mental agenda in Germany, where it's been ports has led to the exam, the opposite result now job. If you can heard about the environment and not shutting off capitals and shutting off freedom and shutting off free speech? Why would you continue? a programme that was damaging the environment and costing poor people more money for electricity, because you all care about poor people or electricity, this environment, though, agenda gender is just another disguise the critical theory left the way to shut down conversation, because what do they do? The minute you open your I think something like this. You go. I am out they get german things work in you, you, I it's your ably science. You know even global warming- kumbaya Everybody'S- like it,
scarlet letter on guys. Eighty science shut him up, like what you mean. I just gave you the size and just gave you the numbers they prove. Your point is not only wrong but you're. Actually, destroy and you ve arm yourself. This is what the critical theory thing is shut, your friends up and fight to advance the The state and the urban initiatives empowered to state to take control the the energy industry, they don't care about the environment. That one more thing on this, I told you also about. Why there another reason are pushing for this is because the left as a law, fair agenda, they loved issue, because by using the court's Joe, are the court's elected federally. No- and I told you, I warned you, left will always resort to the most non democratic means when they can't win elections, which is often lately. Secondly, for left great for us now there in the courts. They believe in law, fair, because courts are an elected. So the reason they but these Paris accords to stay in the journal points out, is it section one fifteen of the accords talks about international air pollution,
and it says that the Sierra Club in some of these groups are likely going to look at that avenue to sue, even though, the Paris accords for the United States, are not legally binding. That doesn't prevent the left from suing and the premises that well we contribute to international air pollution. We can be sued on behalf of other countries. Folks stuff is a big deal, I'm Tellin ya, I'm not making any of this up this critical theory stuff. Shutting people up telling people they have no right to speak. then in terms of environmental listen. This is not about varmint myths, about control its about control of the state economy and by instituting a regulatory powerful, all power powerful international bureaucracy which can tell energy companies what they can and can produce, and how now, if implemented, almost full control over the mechanisms of economic growth, the state. That's why please? On this, and is not about the environment, don't be a soccer. I folks actually effort unit in for another great weak, a listener ship I
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