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Ep 475 Why Elites Hate Us

2017-06-06 | 🔗
In this episode I discuss the real problem causing all of the "leaking" within the government's classified intelligence community.    I also address the liberal love-affair with identity politics and why this will never change.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-elites-hate-1496702030   Finally, I discuss the universal basic income proposal and its many shortcomings.  https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/allowance-all-americans-crazy-it-sounds?utm_content=buffer2d7ff&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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Bond. You know all the sandy supporting our bombs at me. I m right back, I'm out here to pull any punches right. The deadline Juno show this is the great irony of conservatism, even liberals win under conservatism, ready to hear the truth about Amerika. Are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can one your lives better than you can, even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a show that not immune to the banks with your host in Bonn Jean, I, whether through the renegade or public, every thereby genome research, Joe our you today ready to go down? Oh I've got to give you a quick up day. Yesterday I feel, like your own part of my family out there. You know more about me than most. My family at the top is, in some cases without delay, because I was at a stem cell conference. I was given a speech on my stem cell treatment.
Diamond. I get a ton of emails on this for those you regular listeners. You know I have horrendous arthritis from years of me martial. Arts in power, lifting and football in baseball and wrestling a new name, it the impact trauma to my it has been really terrible. I've had multiple surgeries, nine surgeries, to be precise on my joints and finally, I had a stem cell procedure down where they take your own stem cells out of your body and they put a man I talked about it before in my results. Folks were so a miraculous- and I dont use that word lightly or hyperbolic me that I was invite to speak at a stem cell conference of doctors out LOS Angeles, that's. Why was out there? Were? I told my story about how in the same way good the procedure was so for those. You asked me about hey as your shoulder do and after that stem cell thing, here's the answer for your unbelievable on believable, like I feel like its work you're again. I could only injects themselves into my brain to get rid of this brain fog. Veal
get twenty year old. Again I'd be absolutely, without you know, dad it's funny how we do all the sports and a healthy act, everyone would end up with a start. Yeah. I mean that's a try Joe. I had this conversation with you. Why look where I sit here is a trade off. We may throw you cross bitters, Mme guys out their ladys and super active people. You know gonna die of a heart attack most likely cause your heart is healthy, but you're going to live there s your life in atrocious pay because you joints are going to fall apart like that is the way to try to stem cells. Have an absolute we work say it doctor, Burma out in Beverly, Hills was my guy. So for those who had asked he's a great guy we'll have to talk about today, sedated leaguer, who was arrested, I'm explained to you and today show having had a me having had a tops, great sensitive compartmentalized information clears the SSC I, which is one of the high levels of clearance? You gotta have why this
system, is so bad a why this lady reality winner, who was a weaker who was arrested yesterday, who gave information from an essay facility what the problem is and how we can fix us. I gotta hit on Fox about this, but it's really import because folks is a big scam, now? What is that? Not a lot of people are talking about clearances, they show, but you by bodies, approach, gold, hey my wife- and I were talking about this- this right now I really care about the safety of my retirement, I'm forty two years old, I'm not that old. You know to be candid, but I'm old enough or I start to worry about. Listen. Am I going to have my money? I love it that the stock market's up, but you always have to protect against the town's filed against downs volatility. Is my big So is inflation conflation go, up at a rapid rate and a mark at a stock work is going up in a less rack rapid rate. I got news for you we're losing money, even though you think you're make a nominal gaze, the company, I trust with precious metal purchases which you can back here. Priority with now actual physical, gold and silver. The real deal is brcko and right now
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Information to a local press outlet. Now, shockingly joe- and I say this dripping with Sarcasm- she's- a Bernie Sanders of border who thinks she's part of the resistance, while news flash knucklehead if you're part of the resistance air Quotes hashtag, maybe you leave the United States government because you swear allegiance to the government not to Bernie Sanders you not back so she's arrested, yesterday's she's, a contractor who work the USA and in a facility down in Georgia, they didn't say in some of the press. Of I read that it say what exactly she was doing, but my guess is being that she had a job at by God. I hate guessing. I shouldn't gas, but I'll give you my professional. Indian being that you are for the air force, she was probably Bob and satellite imagery before and re and Clare if I'd, satellite, imagery and Vietnam discussing based on my experience and she probably took her clearance, whether from the forced to a private contract. You who the government contracts out work to look at satellite images ass. My guess, I think that make
later. If not, I will stand corrected and give you the new information. If you have any information, You know my e mail saw my website, but you know that comprehended over, but how she got there is is part of the problem. Folks use what happens in the United States government with topsecret clearances for some. Some of you may know that some of you may not. There are p. what we tap secret clearances in the government who have absolutely no business having them now I'll. Give you an example, because I like stories right, we all think it now We all think it stories. We tell the movies of our own lives. We live. We live like we're living, what movie of ourselves when you work for the United States government. A few even have a tangential relationship. The classified relationship, your most like we're, gonna, get a clearance. Here's an example from the secret service. We have a uniform the vision and the secret service good service is a special agent side and a uniform division site. They are all,
under the secret service banner Joe. But there are two completely separate missions: the uniform division, guys or police officers. They wear uniforms. They work at the White House, the special age so the guys in the suits in the ear pieces, the ones you used to seeing them always travel around with the president. Now There is very little question that the agents most of em. I would not even all of them, but most of them are going to need a topsecret clearance reason being one you're gonna work, criminal cases a lot of time. So you're gonna have a nexus the terrorism. In order for you to read that classified information and be able to work those cases, you are going to need that clear, as you are also gonna, be around the present United States as an agent than being controlled by ages in the room a lot of times when they're, having very classified conversations that usually does happen in the White House. You be little background, the secret service. Worse, usually, outside of the rooms in the White House when the having these conversations only can hear a lot what's going on.
But when you're in like a hotel, doing what they call like a by lad. You know bilateral meeting self, it's the present United States meeting would say the present of Afghanistan you're like in a room. There listen what's going on Obviously you would need a clearance to be proven that information makes sense job. Agents I get to beat it have a taxi the clearest, have access to that information is important, but on the uniform, inside. There are a lot of uniform division officers in my opinion that don't need it. I know this is not what they want to hear, but I'm you know ought to be honest. I feel like you guys, deserve it out there Ladys the reason unified. the vision of a lot more given a top secret clearances, because, while you know they might be in the room to for some of these there and the White House, they may be privy to a presidential conversation. I'm telling you folks. The instances of that are exceedingly rare. I I think it's and some are saying all of em shouldn't. Have it I'm saying they're, probably some that that may be don't need it. The problem is we over class
by both people and information, so becomes, is secure. its loop of of dangerous, circuitous loop, here's what I mean job. We offer ass. If I information it doesn't need to be classified so I'm I'll give you a hyperbolic example. Just for the sake of fact, Riverwood spot it'll accentuate the point. Let's say the present MIKE's poppy seed bank or something that any the classified information, so of a sudden there, the president's habits are classified Emma, say they do that, but role with me for a second cause, it'll make sense. Now, when you over I support the president's eating habits. What happens to the guy who works in the White House mess, in other words, that they need he mass where they were. They they serve the food for the people in the White House, Ojo all of a sudden. I need a classification to view. The president's eating habits ran right now, Joey Bag donors works in the White House mess, so joy, joy, biased, Harry Cause, you need is Clarence Body, so I'm gonna give you Topsecret Clarence One, because
you know the president. Each policy bangles all great sir, Joey Beggar doughnuts gets a topsecret clearance. So now what happens? Now you go on a foreign trip. The CIA is doing a briefing in a room, some may ask in this happens a lot and foreign troops delicate This is going to be a sensitive region whose cleared and joy beg Adonis is like look in her eyes were cleared off. Joey Beggar, doughnuts, gets Us Topsecret briefing. He really did need policy, clearance only because he had he knew the President like poppies, E Bay goals and next thing. Joey Beggar doughnuts goes hey, that's an interesting piece of information. I heard Nessie a briefing. I would bet you. The Washington post would love to hear that, both at how it happens. Folks we then over a classification of information that doesn't need to be classified. Who cares that the President needs poppy seed? Bangles, you don't the classify that again, it's exaggeration Abed, I'm not suggesting me up. There are
instances not as dramatic as that, where we do classed by information, it's totally unnecessary. So an order You showed a view it into work under renegade republican programme that would cover classified if you have to get a clearance. Now you can view almost anything that's top secret. If someone gives you a need to no reason year, I make it I need to know reason, maybe ridiculous, like our How was the chef on the trip overseas? Of course he had a briefing really so now compounding matters and what makes matters worse as we over classify information step, one it if you are over classified information that they need to be classed by. We over classify people who did need to be classified as a number three, even worse folks, the classification level. You have top secret or t SSC. I is transferable when you leave the job Oh so this lady reality winner or whatever they are real name bottom up making this up. The Ladys aims reality winner, who the Bernie Sanders work
in the end who say the information oppress just got arrested by the way, throw the book at our door the book it aware throw away the key get ripped. It example out of her. Are in jail for the maximum allowable time. She can take dead and go somewhere else My guess is and will see as information comes out, but she worked for me air force. She got her classification, the air force. She then left the job to take a more lucrative position in the private sector and it was transferable, ok now I just presented, so you see the problems that are laid off region over for classification information. A concurrence of classification of people now to read the over classification of information and the trance, mobility of that clearance level you have to win outside entity, that's working with, but not within the? U S! Government, big, big problem, ok, because this is how you get
tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who are all clear to view information who have no business, haven't clearest anymore. So here's the fixed, because anybody can wind about a problem which I hate I like to give you solutions, because that's where fair? folks. As one of the complaints I get on the show a lot as like. Ok, great you what's the problem, what's the solution and usually are covered day later, we're gonna get to a right. Now, here's its dissolution of a one, stop transferable anymore special agent, the United States government, your uniform division officer. You leave the government for a contractor to bear it. You have to be very clear, because now the contractors go out and get people because they don't want to pay the money to have someone we cleared, but some of those people shouldn't be that clearance and a private sector, because there may Be the quality controls for information they have within the government, there may be there may not, but it shouldn't be transferable. You gotta clean to work within the United States government that the taxpayer paid for Tibet,
I know, there's gonna be some redundancy built in, but there's no way that clear and should remain. I'm sorry and believe me fetch people like me, It is clear that was what good for five six years after I left the government, but that's fine. I gave up my salary to you. Leave the government, Joe too bad. You should have the request, some special exemption or some reason why that clear and should remain the number two. It's gonna cost a lot of money, but folks again, are we serious about stopping the government leaks and protecting national security or not? Member, on yesterday's show, I talked about bumping up sources and surveillance physical survey, Even I was gonna cost a lot of money to get it done fiscal surveillance of terrorists that, as before, listen too much on not on internet type stuff in an email rather than actual old, watching people old fashioned watching bad guys. We have two polygraph people every every six months. Folks, it's gotta be done now
I'm gonna give you a piece of information on my career. That may surprise you. I was only polygraph once when I get in the secret service. You know that now so I asked my brother, I worked there twelve years now granted but then I may be the hide. I would be suggesting it if I did you for the United States government with a Ts Clarence, you should get polygraph either once a year a semi annually. I'm sorry, I know it's a pain What's gonna cost money? I know it's a logistics headache. But, ladies and gentlemen, you there are people with. government who hold high level clearances. You get polygraph one time when they start their career. Can have but anymore shut it down. Many leagues, destroy many people and their Bernie Sanders supporters wanna take down the government because they lost an election. You gotta get polygraph so that you may you do those two steps, not transferable and bang. You get polygraph semi annual it'll shot that down member needed from the walking dead. I, It's a shot this down, while you they shouted down. We are so
We are facing our national security for a bunch of kooky loony tunes. Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Barack Obama supporters within the United States government who are abusing it ex pay or paid salary you're, paying it too late information that is damaging your national security and, by the way, this reality winner, lady, who led the information from the contract to working with the USA to the local press is really not that bright. Apparently what she did is she presented a document this US classified document about russian infiltration into our voting system. She printed the document Joe and mailed it to the local media of it. So when the law media which showed up with the document printed but folded into I got an envelope size, the FBI Agents who are you know, FBI's really get these guys you to do a good job. the age is set out. Well, it was printed now we know was printed That's a good piece of investigative footprints to follow, so they went back to the first but he, whereas mail from wars or taken from it
well. Who presented this document while six people they probably put. On a polygraph, I'm guessing or they just interviewed him and she fell. stop. It admitted to a so she's, really not that bright, which is probably pretty typical, Bernie Sanders supporters. But, ladies and gentlemen, the classification system within the United States government. The clearance system is completely broken, its a change. Are you going to see more this and my I saw my fox it this morning. I leave it at this. These people within the government who you really disgust me- I mean it's a real low. you you disgust me like, like looking at a rat eating a riding piece of cheese and one against and rats, and even worse, eating that disgusting piece of cheese. That's cool, you know how the level of discuss we're talking about your here's. What I said this morning, grow some freakin got u spineless punk peaceably You got something to say about the United States government, you don't like it great. I have Joe our entire two years on. The air here have been criticized,
It takes the government ass we pay for were allowed to criticise. We have a first amendment right, you listen round of applause, I appreciate that you work within the United States government. You have a criticism, but what you don't have the right to do is collecting taxpayer funded so while you swore an oath to defend the government, and then you don't, like the government you defend so you collect taxpayers money to leak information could get somebody hurt or kill. You have no right to do that and again folks patty myself on the back at all. I mean this, but I left I resign. So it's not like I'm speaking with forked tongue here. Ok, I gave up everything bite to fight. Not did all I'm gonna look rabies applause lying around just telling you that no one's gonna, tell me ah well: do you know what are you about that worry me. What do I know? That's what I did everybody tell me what not you resigning, the secret service, because you want to run for offers the consumer We live in a blue stay where you an idiot. I look back and I might yeah maybe
It's like I was crazy. That's when I met Joe even Joe was ichor you seriously. Member that link. We really left the secret service. Folks have some guts. You want to be a leaker Lee If the? U S government, you turned my wife hits when I say that we really you make me sick. I can't curse idea. You're making me leave, have some guts and leaf collecting your money. So I'm not going to take a chance. I want my cake and eat it too, and collect my salary and I'm going to destroy the government to process now. Doesn't work that way a lot more to get you here, hey able more sponsored banana folks by the way I haven't said this in a while, but I rarely rarely get an email on but one guy sent me an email about two weeks ago. An address it I wanted to, he saw gosh. It was like two minutes before I get to the show content, which is an exactly true. I always open up with a few comments about where we're gonna go and some things that are going on in my lab at folks. We keep this pod cast free for you and it's paid
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Levine, who is at blood mark has been a good man to me, my entire life into Brett Stevens, who, since left there, you know, was unnecessarily harsh with it, but my guards of really terrific any talked about there's this new thing Joe go on is self reflection within the Democrat Liberal community in that, and this is like hysterical laughing there are now starting to re, evaluate their their multi decade, long focus on identity, politics, in other words, yeah. Exactly like. I guess they together a focus group of people and said what's wrong with the Democratic Party and a recurrent theme that came up amongst middle class working voters who have Abandoning the Democrats and jobs is its. I believe not. We need those breaking news flash than leaving it, probably not a good idea to call P all races, homophobia, phobia, Forbes Islamophobia, phobias, Lama fobs phobia
is the folks at probably map called news flash. It's probably not working. You ve only loss, governorship State House is the House of Representatives, the Senate, the presidency and the Supreme Court. You may we should re evaluate our approach. Is deplorable. It's the horrible debate. Approaches deplorable, along with the deplorable Americans. You call deplorable there and I'm not going to their credit, because I can exert its Mcgovern's pieces damning! I do not put it in a show notes today available conservative review that come under the podcast him, but there is some attempt at self reflect. Can go and on the Democrats who started realize it. This isn't working that they're losing people in drawers, because Joe surprisingly to you and I and most religions, you're insulting them. Now are the racists and society. Of course, are there? Is Lama Forbes? Yes, of course, other men, ah genius, of course- but these
for such a small, almost inconsequential portion of the Republican Party that damning an entire group of people in order to make a political point is probably not the path forward. I got to thinking a little bit. You know the topics I discussed a long time ago about this is the language wars, and I talked about critical theory a little bit last week, an emigrant, makes US pieces. Why? Why? It makes us pointed out. The point he tries to make is that it's impossible job you can't separate the Democrats from identity politics and false charges of racism. This is all we have Joe, and this is what point number: the critical fury show last week shorthand the show up. Once you go, I discuss the language wars in the left. Ladies I'm in the left a long time ago. You know you have to understand this a long time ago, decades ago, right before J of
impose J, F K. I mean we can argue about the timeline this inconsequential. Let's leave it for a long time ago made a decision that they were going to stop appealing to the majority of people on common sense ideas and what they were going to do as they were going to engage in identity politics instead. So, instead of engaging showing an agenda that says jobs, better schools, better health care identity entity was gonna, be this Republicans hate you therefore both for us in order to do that they fell in love with this critical theory. Nonsense I discussed last week, which is in essence, is the idea that there is a white patriots, I call power structure of a male power structure in this country and that the way we defeat them is we, discredit their ideas by saying, no doubt because they were power, nothing, they say matters. In other words, there is no such thing is truth. If the truth be told by the people in power makes sense show, in other words like there is no objective
with my two plus two as an equal for for white man in power, says it because he's that from his power base and therefore only being done to advances agenda? That's the essence of critical theory that there is no, directive truth cause it's all based on a subject of reality. Folks, that's obviously that I thing ever said: if Reagan cut, access and tax revenue. The government went up. That is a document of documented verifiable fat that only an imbecile would ignore, but that's where critical you re Eliza lies on making sure that you don't get people to vote for you to maintain power? You get people to vote against the other guy, and how do you do? It is important you do it by discrediting how but but but but but but but this is important pay attention. Turn up, how do you discredit the other guy? If he's right How do you discredit the embargo, pod gas, if he says, hey, go to the Treasury website and on the cheap
Jerry website. You will see after Ronald Reagan, cut taxes, tax revenue to the government nearly doubled How do you discredit that fact, Joe? either you or I would dispute correct that. That's a fact you can do it yourself, folks, go! Look it up. How do you discredit? You d it using critical fear by seeing demagogy knows why Mesa Mail and he's a conservative part of the white patriarchal power structure. Therefore, boarding the critical theory that of the Nothing, he says is true because he speaking through he speaking through the lens of power, which distorts the reality, is no real objective. True, so therefore he is the enemy. He is the oppressor discredit him right away. Now all of a sudden you, like ok Well, what he says is true, he's a man so forget everything. He said Anne and just throw it out the window, and you you stay and we started this wretched. But how do you discrediting fees right to stay and show that if you take apart his ability to talk because he's a white man in power that
he's? Never right, it does it matter, even when he pulled to you. What he said is factually correct. He's, never quote right because he's only doing it to advances power engendered he's, therefore, the oppressor right when the Democrats made that turn to that type. thinking that the oppressor should be silenced at all costs, whether its through violence and when the embraces critical theory shoulders. Turning back now, because now, how do you go back and reverse that and actually argue on ideas? You ve already discredited people already said that conservatives, libertarians and Republicans a racist are deplorable. Islam or folks, they hate women. How do you go back now and tell people that, for forty years you been telling Joe Armor COS? but you know a racist, Muslims and women. How do you know backing go hey guys. I think it's time that this support
is if the embalmed GINO Joanna Cost, if I'd say mean you a run for offices president. Vice president, it cannot be a t, shirt produce, Joe by GINO, twenty twenty well actually be twenty twenty four. We know what they re, that's pretty good. How do you go back Joe now and say we allow their support? Allow keep him I'm using critical theory lens here. How do we allow their supporters a seat at the table now to discuss common sense issues with them? How you ve already said? we're racism, they hate people. We have to think up. Another lie we are GS put so my girl but my aunt em for again, forgive me. I hate when I put bullshit journal pieces in earnest, subscriber only it may not. Maybe I'm not short on the subscriber swine ever know, which, once you know I specialize put it the show notes, I don't know which one special access or not, but I'll put it in the shortest. But if it's just read the peace, it's really good He talks about me in a point I been making for a while here, which
exactly that that they can't turn back? There is no turning back and one of the other things he gets it loosely, but I wanted to China talk about just quickly is the way the left discredits people, one of the techniques they use, Joe to get you to say Dan and Joe Racist Islamophobia such therefore nothing may say is true. Even when we're factually correct, therefore ignore them is they engage, in the language wars and their decisions things like: I'm really really really strong. I insist that if you listen to the show you have to take to heart one of the reasons left keeps changing the dialogue in the United States in the appropriate and engaging politically correct behaviour. and the example I use often is a while back I saw this article about how, when you referring to gay people in polite conversation People were gay that an eye
forgive me. I remember which ones the right one that you're not supposed to call them homosexual anymore the real peace I was reading or maybe but the other way around, maybe words must call them gay, worse Porsche, column, homosexual. Folks, I'm telling you the fact it. And the only reason I know the answers to. I don't remember where the peace was, but the fact that I dont remember, which one was your call appropriate one or not to use, should tell you how, absurd it is. I don't I don't know I don't know. Maybe you know he made me, which is the appropriate word that the left says is that now is the right one photo. what you understand, that example, is, is epidemic among the far left, but it's done very deliberately and think about why the he's only change. What change language all the time, it no doubt train genders the word and tomorrow it will be. No! No! It's not transgender tomorrow to be unit gender and, if you say, transgender, you're, a transgender. If you like, I am what do you mean? I did I say dictionary for this. They do for a reason they choose
the language constantly, because More and more conservatism republican start taking up the language that they thought was ok yesterday, coordinate left standard, that's not good enough, so how to pay people as racists and transgender risk, the Forbes right, if their use, a correct terminology, so few change it and you know, really Anybody know that you said you refer further people again. Your definitely homophobic oak So you run a conversation on the already. While I was talking to guide block Media matters right away. Look at this guy on fire. these all before we call the guy you're like I did. What did I? Do you don't even know what you did Why do they do that day chain? the language, and this is an old marxist technique, because it's a waiter, categorize you right away as something they want you to be, which is bad or racist and homophobic ever like if you are for it, is this make essential, yeah, yeah,
when the goalposts man wearing eggs. Yes gets a great way to this. You are moving the language goalposts everyone, the reasons they do. This. The best way sought summed up as a national review peace by this guy in yesterday, and it kind of sparked an interest in this anyway. It was quoting supposedly said. The left figured out a long time ago that language as we know it Joe is used to describe reality right job. Would you and I talk- and we haven't a conversation about this chair in front of me in my office I say it's a brown chairs made of wood. It's got a little like star thing in the middle and I'm telling you that to describe to you the reality I'm experiencing right like the guy, and I can say it, I know it. You can see how nearby you're, like ok like it's a brown chair, you ever the left, doesn't want language that describe reality, the language the law uses language to distort reality. So there was a great waited this. Because when you and I have a conversation, I know Joe to seventy eight in his heart for any by no joke. As I know Joe, the man show may have
disagreements with certain lifestyles, because many hates people are Joe may have discriminatory zone lifestyle. I agreements were my own, I'm like I wish. I could fix things right, but in order to get people to hate them, they after use language and need the stuff, says to distort reality, so jobs is not homophobic, that we know a hundred percent but Joe you is the wrong word like gave us sexual with no negative intention whatsoever. The left uses language is a tool to distort reality. You get it. Because the reality is you're, not homophobic, but the left needs people to believe that then the vote against you. So what do they do? They show you wrong word. Language becomes a tool nodded the script there, I the a tool and that's what the left has done a long time ago and that's why can they will never ever get away from identity politics? They can't that when you been used
language is a tool for ever to describe Republicans as racists homophobia Islamophobia. You can't sit back at the table with them. There is no return, you every the point of no return. It's not possible makes sense, show em. I love this topic of language to store did you say I lie now. I mean we could talk about so then I got an email from a guy's funny. You are actually not an email on my facebook page, a guy said man. You need to start talking about critical theory of microbes. You listen, my show has weak. They were all over this hey. What more quickly before I for Iraq and role today so on this universal basic income, which are fascinated with the idea that the United States government should basically give every American an allowance there's a great pieces. Cato by Michael Tanner and I'll put it in a show notes at conservator review. Today, it's really fantastic, he's any describes a problem, albeit modest ray. I hadn't thought of you know I hate the yeah. Just to be clear that its
the average to get a cheque from the gum wipe out all the assistance programmes, Medicaid so security, everything and give people like us, whatever thirty thousand dollar, check that and I said, even though I hate the idea that if you are going to do it and it's a bad idea, the only way to do it to give it to every one right, because you create massive income cliffs otherwise, but the guy brought up another Problem tat that I had really thought about. He said Joe, if the. If the virtual basic allowance basically is based on income. What are you, with people who have let's say you want because we can't afford to give to everyone- that's the problem. The only way to make it work is to give it to everyone. But you can give it to everyone, because we're caused cost trillions of dollars. We don't have, but he said if you, if you are going to give it to everybody, talking to work. So let's say we only give it to people who make a certain amount of income and scale it down here. not a bad idea. Well now, because when did you start paying taxes, I guess the point you know: that's it
Listen to the show less. We can catch up on all the nuances of a put another point about not giving it to everyone, but people who were say just poor, lower middle class money. Wise is what do you do people who don't make any income but have tremendous assets. We couldn't get it attacks ordered on every person Sergio use great example. Let's say Joe, you make fifteen thousand dollars a year in income, technically by income standards. You would be below the poverty line. You would be poor. Yes, I would but let's say John You know Josie Young Guy, but you know George get ready retire, that say Joe retires and you just enjoys due in the renegade Republican. Let's say I paid him fifteen thousand a year, but Joe has a home Joe has four I've cars, he has a stock account worth a million dollars or whatever it may be, this joke at it. so Joe has assets, but he doesn't having cup are chosen. Are poor. He's this income poor scenario, given it turns out that now Jack do a dude who's got to three million and assets. How do you know what
really. You do an audit of every single person to find out whether assets are folks is a disaster, this universal basic income and the only reason I talk about it on the show. A lot is because I'm telling these things get mad esteem with conservatives do this is a great idea. We tabled a bureaucratic costs is a terrible idea. Scrap it folks, thanks again for tuna, and I really she added ass, your just ten bond GINO. She did then online in time and conservative review dot com? You can also get Dan's progress on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.