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Ep 476 Why You Should be Very Concerned About Govt Spying

2017-06-07 | 🔗
In this episode I address a bombshell lawsuit filed against the FBI regarding spying on US citizens. http://circa.com/politics/accountability/james-comey-sued-by-intelligence-contractor-dennis-montgomery-over-spying-on-americans   I also discuss the real Obamacare fight the liberals are waging and why a loss would be a catastrophic blow to liberal ideology.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-senates-medicaid-moment-1496791141
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the show notes that aid which is a conservative review which are attic sees me conservative review dot com and if you go to the podcast tab all my show notes and all the podcast her there there's a story at circa which is i don't even know that what do you call it a bomb shell and me with everything going on where lose the baton bombshells becoming meaningless it's a bomb on top of the bombshell let me just give you a quote from this piece it circa by sarah carter prepare for this more than twenty million american identities were legally unmasked credit reports emails phone conversations in internet traffic where some of the items collected by the usa and cia folks hit whose story in a nutshell there's an intelligence contract your man by the name dennis montgomery who is who collected dub enormous amounts of information while he was there at the eta and unlike no new then won over to russia but this guy apparently did it
right where he's now filed a lawsuit and federal court which is going to be overseen by judge leon who was the one who ruled against the usa in the meditated case and this how this i don't want to be out of three folks i'm a little disappointed in myself because i don't i get a lot it pretty good sources in dc that grey pretty good how i did know about this in advance of a little disappointed i just heard about it this morning this thing at aid a day bombshell on top of a bombshell and could what's going on right now the senate elegance hearing about the re authorization of the an essay spying programme folks this is this is what we basically this is true if and i a reason to disbelieve sarah carter she's broken some big stories before you more than credible parson out there if this is true we are now living in a surveillance state it's our hyperbolic is not exaggeration not you know
a modest when i had great for effect i'll tell ya million americans closed the ten percent of the population close were being legally spied on emails internet traffic credit reports and phone conversations how're you dont like gee do this is that this cannot be a constitutional republic any mobile individual liberties including the right to privacy protected that that's got that's why don't we the reestablishment of new normal is folks this is dangerous step now one of the reasons i bring this up because i've discussed many times in the past the difference between totalitarian states and democracies in our case a constitute republic a representative democracy the difference is there's a private when a public self i want to go into the whole they but the gist of it is simply this you have it private self when you go in your home and you emailing your friends knew talking on the phone you say things you wouldn't say public private use color language you probably say things about people you would want public know you're all centres we all do dumb
joe you know it's me would you be comfortable with a camera in your home twenty four hours the hell no out either i would say is all be honest with each other ok you don't whatever you pick it up you do you like all by gazeta camera let me alone now let me address the guy was illegally recorded it's a particularly sensitive topic with me you deserve but when you say something's private it should be private right now into tearing states they don't have that you being monitored all the time in north korea you now is there a video camera new house now probably not but your neighbors i encourage the on you to the communist regime if you say anything bad about kim jong alone kim song kim jong il we'll be killed or put in a good luck because there is no private there are no private conversations this is that this thanks and that makes a constitutional republic like the united states a special place now if that disappear is because ten percent of the population is being monitored and unmasked folks well this is this is it
brave new world like aldous huxley types and i mean this is really really nasty stuff be brave and qualitative goodwin liberals love them now i wanted to tie the same because this here's the big problem we're having shouldn't a number one point of a one is if this stories true again we're we're in a whole world the trouble point number two is this powers thing andy mccarthy roadie wrote a peace at national review and i've disgusted a little bit before but he's always a little bit more eloquent than i am member i talk about last week bra obama's ambassador to the united nations samantha power has been passed it up now and this on masking scandal on mass in being the basics spying not american citizens former national security adviser under trump before he resigned mike flame was was a victim of this now this is leading to the grass of the identity of michael and was a federal crime the reason wanted to bring this up again those folks
the reason some at the powers and susan rice potentially request the unmasked of people is such a big deal is because in the federal government have to understand the distinction between consumers and producers of intelligence when i was secret service agent we were forbidden from producing intelligence just like political appointees are forbidden in many cases from doing that is well now why think about evokes its beak let let's have let's stop that we'll stuff and get the second order and third order stuff we know this is the thinking man smiling ass i hope which ryanair when you're a secret service agent you are responsible for the security plan for let's say the president of iran president i ran comes you we secure you know our attitude with the secret service and the united states in general is you're not gonna die on our soil even if you are a tyrant thug been up we don't have a beat but near so i have to beat myself but you know die over here
but what we don't do is we don't ask the secret service to say hey guys do me a favor when you were in the room with the president of iran can you do a survey reckon you plant the recording device and the reason we don't do that is because it would interrupt the security relationship with they wouldn't want they wouldn't want protection now ass ironic and cover a little bit this might their book is a lot of that collapsing now in a number of different ways but not that their producing intelligence but you i'll get into more in the balkans but we don't produce intelligence for that reason we don't pay this intelligence for another reason let's say joe yet where protecting mitt romney during the last political campaign prior to the trump on right what if the euro i'm administration says hey agent mancino do me a favor your honor mitt romney presidential campaign detail right here and say that pain still go on i urge you to do me a favor the next time he says something about criticising our political strategy that you think is zena privy information can pass it on to a staffer we would be
no we don't do that so there are there is a very a very bold bright not a fine line up all bright line between consumers of intelligence and producers now this good service is a consumer of intelligence now why because if necessary now if the present if i ran is coming over we're not going to produce intelligence on him but we will out of the agency or the d i or whoever has the information and say i do you have anything on a threat to the life of the present if i ran in the united states now joe why would that be relevant it would be rather because if if if let's say there was a terror cell in new york planning to hit the as of when he visited the united nations it would probably be good that the secret service charge of protecting his life knows about that so we consume we never produce there's a difference now how does that relate to susan righteous samantha powers do not beacon
use by susan rice as former title in the obama administration national security adviser to security thing everybody off folks she is not in investigator and had tipped endemic dorothy for writing about this so eloquently she is not a producer she they political appointee she is a consumer she's not producer of intelligence so her love samantha power joe the the united nations ambassador under obama even worse she's even more detached consumer rather than a producer i'm getting at is if she's not a producer me she's not the one charged with putting the investigation together in other words give me right intelligent say give me right intelligence beyond the iranians on mitt romney campaign homage to put together a strategic puzzle she doesn't do that
t consumes the end product like we did from the agencies and develops a threat picture for the present that make sense show you just like we develop it a picture for the iranians when i come over here hey guys use we got from our intelligence agencies here's the threat it's really hide your guy and here's how we're going to mitigate at which the security that but susan rice does for the present she doesn't send operatives into the field and conducting investigations or self producing do colleges like i cannot emphasize this to you enough how this distinction if it's allowed to collapse because obama wanted to gather information on the trump team it's over folks it's it's totally over secret service grit now what are being our consumers producers have intelligence you'll have political appointee seeking the fbi people to get up on research on their opponents folks political appointees don't produce because we wanna politicize intelligence and law enforcement do you want
i stand out devastating these two stories are you know i when i heard this angle covered it an umbrella fashion at it bothers me i mean to be fairly people are covering the dangers of what we are but i dont know if they understand other than andy really devastating the collapse of the could do a consumer producer line is joe once we empowering political operatives like susan rice and samantha power to be produced where's or investigators have intelligence information how do you oh they're not going to target you next for they are consumers they consume a finished product and eighty is that finished product to give the press an honest threat assessment they don't produce information combined network this fbi lawsuit if this is legit and men are we in a world the trouble you know you know that
be a conservatory unlike me but always kind of funny is quickly paula hates i talk about these twin awards but there were some actor on the star burn notice if you heard of it yeah yeah burnt yes some active some soft guy so we beats me and do something about the patriot act but i had a laugh because and even done a modicum of homework for those you listen to the show i have been against the patriot act that certain provisions of it good clue the business records one and seven two and a lot of venice i met a data collection forever precisely because of this problem so i found a kind of funny the user criticising me in the patriot act that was i did do you even like google you don't look it up before you tweet someone but phocis is a really big deal i united one i spend too much time on this but i'd member consumers first producers if you don't understand the distinction i am i'm really i'm begging you liberals because this really port because it affects the civil liberties of my kids at my kids kids i'm begging you
keep quiet and stay out of the conversation because you don't know what you're talking about europe putting the conversation you're confusing people as the level of danger but really it once you allow met a data collection of twenty million americans potentially will see what happens if this lawsuit and fine line took could collapse between the consumers and producers of intelligence you have basically surveillance state that's just the fact that not hyperbolic hurry thanks for all the emails yesterday by the way on the young the link west reality winner who was arrested for leaking documents from from a contract facility she contracted with the government i talked about it yesterday as always i always correct myself were wrong i took an educated guess yesterday was hesitate to do it you know but i'm not a near but i did at some emails and thank you for them than e acts from another friend of mine we were right about one thing job
she did carry over it appears her clearance from the air force her security clearance over into the contractor world which i i to you yesterday in usa showing i encourage you to listen to it if you missed it is a a huge problem could you up i have no idea what she's been doing if she's not re cleared how do you like she was clear near you know four and a half years ago and she hasn't turned into like maniacal bernie sanders supporters is all that actually happened that's what happen with this lady react we went through just arrested but where are we right about that the carrier but were wrong as i said i think she may be involved the geo spatial intelligence and no apparently from what i getting from up really really connected source she was a linguist and therefore had a clearance because she spoke multiple language so thank you again i you know sometimes i make an educated gas but it's to advance conversation it's not that you know it wasn't meant there might be some kind of characterised
summation she could she assassinate her own character but apparently she will pay some kind of a link between one more thing about the t s thing i covered yesterday the problems with yes clearance i failed to address is one of the other problems in addition to carrying over clear since from the military and government work into private contracting many times without a re up without arena legation and second the address the failure to polygraph people repeatedly which is unforgivable it makes no sense at all i was polly once in the secret service here's another promoting mentioning shame i may as folks we have four million people with a security clearance in the united states do you honest we think i've done background of astrogation you honestly think these people are getting a thorough background folks gimme a break were giving people security clearance as well potentially literally millions of them that have no peace
having been off let me tell you quickly how this works as i've done them when i was doing it for the secret service here's the way it works when you put down a reference on your on yours give your security clearance back my these yes if any six again correct from robin appreciate csf eighty six right when i put down that same gonna get a job for a special agent i can put you down joe producer joe i wouldn't put down producer joe i put your arm costs may be put nickname producer right they will go in interview joe but way it works as you have develop you have to develop a name references from the name references so when you're doing back when as i have to go out to joe and i have to find people i didn't need for this recent show if i'm giving you as a reference is probably pretty likely you're gonna say nice things but you have to go out develop unnamed references well with four million people being background check folks people have to take short cuts they do i've seen it i've heard about it and what do they do instead of them
hoping unnamed references the right way what they'll just do as they go to joe and age how do you know any one else who knows them but here's the catch joe if i go you up as a character reference and you bob someone else that i did name in my report the chances are still gotta be a positive reference in other words i'm a terrorist and i give up joe as a reference do you think joe is gonna give up like osama bin laden as a reference nowadays we give up joe we beg about us next stores gonna say nice eggs folks it these people are smarter than the background check system the odd name efforts system is a joke we don't have love background investigators to appropriately conduct these background investigations the unnamed breath thing is a total scam guys get crazy they advised bread been doing them they go out there and they say joe gimme the referee that's not how it supposed to work he supposed to do it actual investigation you know that
school lectures next surge auto track whatever it's called now and fine p while that may you i may have come into contact with show that shockingly meda i've nice things to say like you do a backward search you find out i posted on twitter to it i named you b l and i got could you be a newbie alice is for a sub had long ago by guys describes targeted ballade that's how its stewart but is not how it works in the real world i didn't bring that up yesterday and i felt bad about it i got a bunch of m yesterday show one crazy really good numbers for tuesday so thank you for spread and wretch amazing how tightly people pay attention isn't it they really do the now and i mean it i appreciated the feedback on the show your suit rare i mean we have a really super smart audience pestle i am always hesitated puts abandoned i absolutely no because i know i love my audience manet will correct you in a minute i really appreciate that also by the way it
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allegations recently the came out yesterday was a story and georgia trump pressured intelligence director to slow down the call me investigation except for the fact that their coats the guy there actually talking about said that that's not true was no pressure so let's just real quick rundown dan coats the death at the director of national tells us no pressure to stop the investigation jim clapper who was the former d we have no evidence for the trump russia conspiracy and they may cape the deputy the fbi now acting director no pressure to start the fbi investigation the trump jim call me former fbi director no pressure to stop the investigation against trump john breton former cia directive we have no evidence of the trap russia conspiracy keep up their lives don't worry about it keep up the tree russia conspiracy as they buzz our planes in disputed airspace go right ahead don't worry for keep keep forfeiting away you at your word
thus reputations is silly media outlets by continuing to advocate the trump russia conspiracy theory and making a fool out of yourselves listen i get it there are fair criticized so the president right now i'm really frankly and be candid with you all i'm starting to worry about the tweets not i liked it he's on social media please don't misinterpret my comments i think it's a great idea but the that it's the what in the tweets that's really starting to hurt the message ok you can't step on the oj with the track gauge with the travel restrictions case you just can't do it it was a bad move we can't be golden calf worshippers like obama but and this is a big caviar you this tromp rush thing is a total complete fairy tale i can't say enough it's a conspiracy theory in you should all anybody proponent proposing this thing should be humiliated and embarrass you have no journalistic integrity whatsoever moving on because i beat that story to death so
robert rise shoe was the secretary of labour the clinton administration risk we put out a piece about a tough time finding the actual link but i've got a summation of it from a friend of mine and an in an email and i thought the peace was fascinating and in peace robert right she was a noted labour i did have video matter conservative remember that i was going to mention that yeah yeah i think i got somethin like a half a million views yourself rises and noted redistribution is that in a pseudo socialist dead guy really had in my has no credibility mike as he is decent always talking about but you ve got an interesting piece talking about sex breaking the federal bureaucracy and i thought to myself my gosh this guy i just expose the entire liberal game plan and probably doesn't even realize it here's the gist of the peace
he'd numbers the bullet points like one two eight he says look what's happening at the department of defense theirs renegade twitter to handle called water renegade or rebel the ordeal whatever the hell it isn't there tweeting information they shouldn't be tweeting and this is great because a turning trumpet the pierre is tweeting things they were told not to tweet and this data parliament has set up a back channel to communicate itself and people are like information that the rights really writes that any such folks i'm not making this up labels it out like one through a all of examples of the government bureaucracy doing things they swore they wouldn't do when they upheld the right hand and promised that defend the constitution that take the government job he celebrates it so i thought to myself this is it he what what a common theme running do they show from day one joe has been why the left loves the federal bureaucracy just like rice does he celebrating the bureaucracy the swamp he said
reading all the quote resistors in the government who are doing not what the voters want and i asked myself a couple questions and i wrote this down what are they resisting they're not being asked to do anything unlawful there being asked to do what the voters want it which was a lie can executive the present united states it was going to carry out the wishes of the voters nobody disputing the legality the trump when so when you i regret that these people within the government are resisting resisting what there is this thing you waiting when their you they're not resisting apple because ideology that resisting you this was your will this is what you will i done this was a fair only one in a hard fought election you may not like the guy you may not appreciate the guy you may think the guy's a jerk you may think even worse of trump i'm talkin about but he won t resisting
you are paying them to resist you so i dont have another thing i took some notes and this piece i said to you once they left loves it bureaucracy because they loved discretionary government in other words they love the idea that they can appoint people embeds the deep state which is very real by the way member there are even conservatives i might say hook as i respect some of these guys but nah that deep stay you guys you just conspiracy theories what are you talk about rice just laid out this peace people i think it's i've won through a bull points of epa people deal de people state department people people within the eu from it in the deep state who actively subverting the will of the of an elected president i dunno state folks how is your not a good what would you call that the show when did the poor state of course it's the deep state that's what it is i'm sorry it sounds conspiratorial if you want to call it something different i'm fine with that but let us
pretend it doesn't exist so the left loves the bureau because they loved discretionary government they love the idea of empowering a bunch of people who can subvert the will of the voters is important which they're doing an forever be held accountable for they don't have to raise money they don't have to go out there and sell an idea they don't have to get reelected they don't have to do any of this the left this is why they love be government love the bureaucracy folks if you can remember afresh from this i encourage you to remember this one the left do occur her ball at us a long time ago they beat us on this they were playing chess while we were playing checkers they understood the bureaucracy this power in process shout by the government he's gotten so big it's such a leviathan right now grown so expansive the process alone is so confusing that empowers the bureaucracy
this makes sense a job at any of the best way to lets you say joe you and i were both one my election right folks i'd be very and the way you have never worked up on the hill i have i is about what things need to change up on the hill but i never work there i don't understand the soup to nuts process how things work the process is now so complicated because of the federal leviathan that when you go on people who understand the process are almost more powerful than you because they understand what they are stand where the machinery is aware where there throw the monkey wrenches and you don't know you don't understand the machine you're like the authority aren't you throw it what do you do the left understood this more time go there is power and process this is why people like rice constantly want to grow the bureaucracy because they understand that once the bureaucracy masters the process that they have all the power it's not the president you may say oh my gosh
the present power you of course he does but there's power in process and rice is celebrating the fact that the this using the process the bureaucratic overly complicated expansive via the process to overrule both the will of the voters in the world the present he exposed the whole left plan i saw this morning at an email gosh i gotta bring some evoked be very very very concerned by this this not bore peace i wanted to get you there was a m i saw in the wall street journal today about medicaid and your anthem is now exiting ohio the obamacare changes in a higher so the obama care disaster continues it did done even matter the left of the fended that's where we'll all be dead of seriously that no one will have health care or lobby dying of horrible disease and left will still defend obamacare because as i said to you
ray liberalism is inherently not about principles set about getting people better getting the feel better at getting them health care it's about controlling the healthcare system even if people die in the process of anthem laughed so this is interesting piece in the journal about medicaid the expansion of medicaid thought again in conjunction with this universal basic income topic that keeps coming up because it this idea that we should give every american government allowance of like thirty thousand dollars this is this is such a bad idea the medical these talks about how medicaid was initially intended joe for poor women and children but it is now expanded into a health care quote safety net for people who can make up two gosh eighty ninety thousand dollars a year under obamacare this is what worries me about this universal basic income it's gonna start as thirty thousand dollars a salary from the government for potentially every american out there and what's gonna happen joe it's gonna turn into forty and fifty and in full
adjust the dollars and sixty sooner obi it'll be complete banker she will be asking while if if damp on gino makes a hundred thousand dollars a year then why does it are you know joey don't let's get a hundred thousand i'll check them to government i mean that's not fair job that's right this is what worries me but there are some interesting just some facts about this medicaid just about the disaster medicate has been and we're in a piece don't i shall pass on to you because it's in its absolute the epidemic of what happens with organ time is dynamism will happen with this universal basic income if it happens so twenty one states moved more than seventy five percent of their beneficiaries to manage care in medicaid medicaid reform then the states meaning job places in the area have set up are each essay so instead of joe instead of say indiana paying your medical bills under medicaid so your arm across his poor joe gets medicaid joe goes to the doktor stay pays i've told you from the beginning of the show and the beginning of our
oh starting a third party payer systems never work their party payer being a government you have joe you have the doktor but you have a third party paying the government when the third party pays joe doesn't care about the price because he's not paying and a doctor doesn't what he charges because he knows chose not paying any those governments banks we try to get whenever he can get because he doesn't have to compete on price now states are moving away from that it gets at twenty one states move more than seventy five percent of their medicate beneficiaries to manage care basically within it but in the end as a set of these hell savings accounts with a basically give p money joe they allowed them to control so they're not a third they are kind of de jure a third party pair but the factor not so much otherwise they give the money the people so that people actually paying now all the sudden joe joe armor gets cash instead of the government paying directly charles like well do i get to keep the change yeah ok all of a sudden joe shopping around like a doctor jones limiting factor
a child's zat afraid snakes doctor jones what are you charge for hip replacement five thousand very dark beg about as what are you charge i charge seven thousand one go doctor jones because i get to keep the change all of a sudden we have this crazy thing joke or competition why do i bring this up joe the law is going while they are losing their minds over this because they see the potential for this taken hold nationwide and they are deathly afraid of free market forces in competition folks mark my words this is the rule you fight going on right now with obamacare the left doesn't care at the exchanges though he doesn't care about your health care the left is afraid that if obama cares reform and these medicaid changes take hold joe and it with when they take hold the competition starts to work and people see the power choice while i'm gettin cash that i can compete now for services and i can i get to keep the change there aid that it will show the broken
nature and economic model of government third party pairs folks i'm telling you this is true because the left is more than you give them credit for and they are afraid that at all all be exposed as a sham because they were afraid people start to see that like wait i can get it i can get money make a beat of my own and what why am i giving the money they got me in the first place ah makes sense folks this is why the government will never give up control of social security ever they never allow you to set up a personal account because they set up a personal account people will say to realize again why am i sending they money the gunman first place to set up a personal account for me when i could do it myself that happened in chile they will see that they know people will see the faulty nature of their party pair models its critical you understand this that's why medicaid fighting so brutally to keep just so i'm clearance to keep
third party pay a model and fight this hs aping they don't want you to have the cash and by the way more thing about medical astonishing number in there there are six hundred thousand people with brain disorders mental possibilities people who are seriously unable to care for themselves on waiting lists for medicaid waiting behind able bodied people taking money from the government now for their health in short that's really of the square remember what i told you about the handicap parking spot handicap parking spots for people who are legitimately handicap when we give them to everyone who suffers people who are handicapped because i can never get a space that's what's happening what medicaid this grotesque expansion of government all right don't miss tomorrow shows a piece i wanted to get to a cato this tax taxicab which is fantastic by the way some real ziggurat cynicism peace i read about the corporate tax ike and how this this
you'd be always totally completely forget what the scipio says ever how is sepia report on tax hikes and tax cuts actually discussed is itself it's about the awesome peace not gonna want to miss it i folks i you just ten bonn gino she did then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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