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Ep 478 Liberals had a Really Bad Day Yesterday

2017-06-09 | 🔗

The entire Trump-Russia conspiracy theory blew up in the liberals' faces yesterday. It was an embarrassing display for both Jim Comey, and the media/Dem complex eager to take down Trump.

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bond you know all the sandy supporting following bombs at me i m right back i'm not here to pull punches right the deadline juno show this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals win under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn t the renegade public and thereby jean ovaries how are you today doing good bed and other busy leave ugly stacked newsday so let's get right to it but we know it although on one second little time at i need a little favor from the listening audience i got a really active vibrant i never cross fit procedure jitsu military cop lahore audience out there so i've been getting back in
do brazilian jujitsu in a local la gracie school i been attending and slowly now because you know my history by joints i've really severe arthritis for getting arm barred and choked out knee barred and i just the stem cell thing down so my cartilage is finally agree growing and i'm starting to feel a little bit better and i just a little bit of advice i could can i crowd source you for a second phossy my joe you think the folks i'm just looking for a quick answer for those of you who are saying your fifty caesar late forty users sixties or something and you still do in the brazilian jujitsu and you may have come up with a little arthritis do you feel if your role and around and you you know you keep it relatively sane and you're not looking to get me you have seen that you know ok i do is i want to blow out my arm again i mean i'm really i really love jiu jitsu the mixed martial arts but i don't want to you know i don't want to wind up power as it myself again i used to go hard but i'm gonna go and bring it might thirteen year old daughter so how do you feel about it
if these are sixty should i should i or should i not daniel up on you know that comes email thanks for all the great emails by the way i appreciate i so yesterday joe and i said we would get to this clip of the london mayor cd cause i'm gonna get through the call me thing i promised but i think this is important because i got a lot of emails about the london mayor after the horrible attacks and again our sympathies are obviously and prayers being that i'd i'd i'd never lie compusa will pray for you and they don't do it if you do it do it we say that do it better i understand you get that our sympathies are with the people of london horror who were definitely under attack but i dont think the london mayor gets and there was a dispute over what he meant by when he said don't be alarmed was talking about don't be alarmed by the police presence or why read the quote yesterday dont be alarmed in general it now take demanded his word that he said don't be alarmed
dont be alarmed by the police presence but folks and either way i have a real problem with the way he's handled this entire infiltrate and by jihadi ease into london in and the uk in general i feel the ideology subscribes she was literally putting people in the united kingdom in danger i dont say that lightly and my fear is that if we don't wake up to the threat in front of us we are going to see an accumulation of body bags in the future because people are willing to do what needs to be done to win this war i've set it to you have repeated over and over again we the sharks george shaken trees in the yard in the end the muslim community shaken trees me developing sources of course not all sums are involved we get that terrorism we everybody understands added no one in booze muslim ass to apologise for the actions of a couple idiots but that where the idiots are sadly they are in
we trying to hide amongst a blot of peaceful muslims who don't want this nonsense we need to develop sources and secondly we need to radically overhauled our physical surveillance capabilities now now here's why play this clap gripe this club is city con talking to pierce morgan mp i've interviewed on the show actually good morning britain's like the good morning america afridun henceforth good in britain the out those fears morgan's concern as to why either are supposedly four hundred g hyades roaming around britain network being surveillance at all folks when i just you the other day you would be astonished to figure out how few people are being physically watched by the u s government or suspected of being terrorised you would be stun but they have the same problem and bread job play the cliff
how will we letting them back in without knowing exactly where they are and what their rupture because out of all the thousands of people that we concerned surely those who actually gone to fight are the biggest risk thus one of the reasons why doesn't make sense for the government to becoming resources from the rather you le maire if this whole cap is facing today i can't follow for people what i can do is make my wife analyses because what we knew those make sure that the resources for the police and the experts logging on eu instruct the police work on equal cressida date right now every one of those people to come back from a war zone whose in london then followed let me see what causes they met police budget roughly speaking fit ten percent twenty percent is funded by meet the man the rest comes from central government if the men these budget is being shrunken reduced they ve got a priority and use the resources in a sensible sight more can be a big a priority than people coming back from a syrian battlefield with intend to harm british citizens
why is it not the number one priority why are these people just allowed to come back in in the first place and then the london mare doesn't appear to have a clue we have no disrespect to you but where are they here folks falls you heard him talk about this is why i'm worried about allowing people subscribed to a far left ideology to not allowing their voted in properly but why not calling these people out to confronting them they are contributing to the dangerous situation we have do you see this as concerns you hear the clip there that he they have sport georgie hobbes roaming around the uk right now probably looking for their next target no one surveillance remedies go why we i can't watch four hundred people know you can if you dont want to and what does he bring up he brings up oddly enough and this is whole problem with liberals and terrorism he brings up amazingly budget problems while me
if we were doing obama phones and forty million people on food stamps some of whom needed some of who clearly do not millions more on disability some of whom needed some who do not we were wasting money on infrastructure projects states could be doing maybe we would have the money to stop terrorist ladies and gentlemen has it ever occurred to you liberals when they say things like we don't have enough space we don't have enough people to surveillance that's a choice ladies and gentlemen that is that statement of fact they made that is a statement of choice liberal are choosing to spend money on a welfare state people married to entitlement programme so they vote democrats rather than taking the muddy and applying that money towards actually keeping people alive yet this is a choice do now allow liberals and out of wiggle room on this we have made a choice we do have the money the united
bates we have nearly three and a half trillion dollars not more at times potentially coming shortly down the road and tax revenue we more than enough money to support a military and a really vibrant law enforcement infrastructure that could watch the bad guys we choose not to we choose not to but week republican rhino sell out and democrats with no got at all who are married to the deep state the deep state bureaucracy entitlement programmes refused when the money on things that actually work and that's a decline quote tat sums up entirely is a microcosm of the big larger problem we haven't liberals they don't hey terrorism seriously this little prioritizing they act like it's nothing peers borg and why are we watching for interview watch forger people nor you can you can you just choose not to that's the liberal ideology summed up ok moving up
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for office and ever endorse allama drink some coffee here thank you asian country coffee during the shop but i'm doing the show a little earlier today my daughter's my youngest daughter graduating from i like preschool yet they graduate for pre school so by will but rubio did a good job yesterday during the hearings a great job and in i generally these a stand up guy and goma lui gomer was on fox in france morning and did it just as good if not better job neighbour and they both focused on one poland of yesterday's testimony which i thought was absolutely my blowing now if you believe the trouble conspiracy theory fairytale after yesterday you just the you seriously you have some intellectual deficit you're gonna have to have handled see a psychologist psychiatry gotta get his seek help or you liberal in our case your beyond help anywhere but those are the only two conditions first still leaving in the trump russia conspiracy theory after yesterday
absolutely damning hearing where the only thing they came out was it hillary clinton in loretta alleged tried to infill tried to infiltrate election process we don't know so much about trumpet in collusion with the russians other than it didn't happen ok so rubio asked the question don't you find that a little bit i basically that all of these things leaked out that we're untrue but the only thing beverly tat was the actual truth which is tromp was now under investigation lesson to be learned listen lips take please get the caught net there for a moment stick it in your mouth and listen up try to listen to what the fbi director now die in fine style everyone else does a democrat by the way centre from california and every else with credibility has been trying to tell you from day one trump is under investigation and there is still the zero evidence of your trump russia fairy tale you doped when are you going to wake up to this my gosh and by the way
as i covered the essential while you imbeciles continue to focus on the trump russia conspiracy theory whereat julie getting stuff going right in your nose its glorious judicial payments are happening i got a few things that happened yesterday you probably didn't even know about it the labour department why because you guys ladys are wasting your time and america's time on the lie that trump is under investigation with russia's despite the fact that everyone credibility including jim call me acknowledge yesterday trump is not under vast negation you're just making this up as i we did this morning when the democrats gonna be to account for lying about this forever i have a list of people who have a salon dot com near at hand in the list sadly goes on and on and on whereas this thing here the list on and on and on of people who said that
tromp was under investigation when they were just lie here it is it's an article by dan mclaughlin near attendant president of the centre for american progress far left think tank on march twenty the fbi's investigating a city sitting president been along i'm since that happen you're just like the new york times march twentieth headline fbi's estimating trumps russia ties call me confirms the lie of all story call me confirm the opposite today europe is not under investigation the times again mr kerr he placed a criminal investigation at the door step for the white house said officers would pursue it no matter how long it takes that's just the it's not true rust burma in the atlantic march twentieth headline its official the fbi investigating trumps links to russia not true i we go on jack more g cute cheek to a gentleman's jake you what is the city james com confirms the fbi's investigating trumps russia connections taught total you're not true is this
this made up a blogger at the daily coasts let's not mince words trump and cohort criminal fbi criminal investigation folks as ruby a product don't you find it odd that as all of these headlines were breaking they were false we ve now absolutely confirm they were a false call me said yesterday under oath veneering trump is not under investigation and yet nobody's retracting these headlines and rubio brought up what why why is that the only thing it didn't leak so that show fake news leaked the vacant this being trump is under investigation which is patently false but the truth never leaked out are you find that a little odd that not speak to you of the power of the day state bureaucracy i addressed yesterday and their willingness to take a sitting president thou make no mistake ladies and gentlemen you
watching the lifetime political assassination of a president make no mistake about it you are watching a political hit squad go out there from the dead state and lie and manipulate and use the tax in the mainstream media and the non mainstream media like g to the atlantic so on dot com and is a liberal psychopath law i knowingly lie about it president being under investigation when it was patently false and you know what folks they will never ever have the correct themselves and so was great point by rubio put pointless just how come the truth never leaked out everything else how come the truth never leaked out that trump wasn't under restoration call knew no at the whole time call me by the way i am i could not be more upset it jim coming in will we go merges to follow up on what i said before gum overs on fox reference money basically said the same thing he said this was a great soundbites whichever thought
he said you know it's amazing yo within leak out was the truth that trump wasn't under invest the folks you know i wrote a piece a conservative review i if you go to conservative view dotcom check it out it's you get a scroll did the articles also on my twitter feed it's on my facebook if you want to make it easier for you i wrote a piece called things i learned from liberals and i mean this and i say this you know that it's a little but emotional because liberals have made me worse person not a better person i regret that you know for the you listen to show you know i'm very proud to be practising shit i'm i'm a sinner i'd some guys don't like when i say that i got an email but it but it's true i you know i'm am we're all failed human beings strive to be better people thanks to that righteous path you know crisis laid out
lesson i try but i can tell you right now liberals have made me a worse person and in the article which is entitled things i learned from liberals one of the things was boycotts work second point miss mockery works and a third but is it everything's political and i leave that peace by saying the gist of innocent none of this is made me any better learning how to mark people on the left it hasn't i'm proud of that learning how to boycott companies that sought that that thou not proud of that you know learning it everything's political i say you blink for a minute we found out that men in the women's room is now a thing with the left twenty years ago you have been left that a polite conversation for saying you break off not arrests that feed off we met the weapons rebuking go in there everything's political level this made me a worse person but it's maybe this person because i see no other alternative than how to fight these people i don't we we can't we catch sit back and be martyred here folks because our
it will then be subjected to the same perverse liberal ideology do you understand what i'm saying in other words if we let the left boycott our companies without fighting backward boycotts of our own now even oh they're stupid i'm telling you they're stupid ideas it's a waste of economic resource if we don't do it you're not have a conservative media ecosystem for your kids to get real facts and real news and get away from the hacks it abc see an sea bs and all these other companies have no idea what to talking about you know if let them mark us relentlessly and own the quote narrative and we don't fight back even oh it's not the right thing to do in the short run work the whole narratives gonna be dominated by the left and no one's ever gonna get the truth you know if we don't they have everything's political like our right and peace at one point we may be saying why what can't we just got movies a be left alone no no listen to me let folks to listen to this shall listen to be clearly no you can't
not if you want to be in this fight i'm sorry you can't you can't save your kids out we're just gonna have a good time go see this kitty move you when you know that kitty booby has some kind of narrative leftist agenda its death when you think it's a conspiracy theory they do it they build these themes into these movies hoping you'll get a sale which is the kids movie added we play along are you the fight or not i'm not saying every second your life has to be dominated by it i get it we do prioritize these but make no mistake every second of their lives is dominated by you have to get in the fight i bring that up in relationship to this because now it is it is one hundred percent accurate to say that the law was lying about the fact that put under investigation we know it call me set an under item so what else you need to hear other than a former fbi director who oversee this investigation swear under oath literate
on the global television this thing was broadcast almost everywhere warheads some feed everywhere all over the world on facebook a guy on the roadside trap was not under investigation and you still believe he was under investigation and you wonder why pros make you were worst person because are liars they are sacks of garbage i'm not talking about them that's i'm talking about the institutional left that as no principles at all zero they don't care it will continue to say even after yesterday that the tropics sure thing is real despite no evidence and it being roundly thrown in arbed yesterday at the coma hearings it doesn't matter folks i implored you the start of this podcast two years ago to the audience is become now to others
and your opponent you're dealing with you know when you go into a u have see match or a grappling match or a football gave you watch tape on your opponent why do you tape why do you do that if you want to understand their pattered like when they start which ab sometimes they follow it up with the left talk rather than a right cross chocolate they'll used to do that used to pampers people with a wide left jam he get them all when any hit him what a right cross watch the tape you'll see it watches left hand macho weep he peppers i'm a little bit with light shots he opens a pool and any had somewhat the right cross out was his power plants the ice do it all to watch a tape you'll see why do people watch tape because they want to detect pattern so they can react to them understand and the left pattern pattern is not honesty you have to stop it asking why they do what they do why are they lying about the trumpet because their path news dishonesty this
stated drain the political bank accounts of their political opponents they don't care if you're playing by rules rules that require honesty in other words you like well we're not gonna do you know where we're not gonna we're gonna win nonetheless going to tell the truth about the trump thing so when they will be prepared for that you're you're you're playing the wrong gabriel going to lie about it you have to call them out for being liars and hacks even though it makes you uncomfortable to do it you want to do that you want to let him why you see what i'm saying we have to play by the rules if they're gonna be liars and hacks we have to expose these people and use the same mockery and lend tactics they use on us i'm sorry they're not ethically upstanding all the time there is no alternative its frustrating again liberals will make you in the country a worse place i have no problem doing it i more a couple more take away from this we ve now
did you now conclusively that loretta lynch the former attorney general under barack obama was a total political hack i don't think that was a mystery to anyone so the shipper some of you may be a join your morning coffee with emmi pretty good coffee but myself praise thanks but i make it really strong ever come up my ass for be ready it's like super higher good so loretta lynch is a total hack jim commie basically and undress there yesterday the hearing emmi completely and said what she did this is just an an unbelievable accusation loretta lynch insisted on calling the hillary clinton investigation by the way don't you find the hand of irony in this it jim call me acknowledges that there was actually which most of us already knew there was an actual investigation criminal investigation into hilary clinton's email thing but there was an actual case open like a criminal investigation if there is no investigation against tromp yet the left
we'll still insist tromp rush things real while the hillary clinton is not although call me undergrowth admitted which we already it was that there was a colinton investigation but there was no trump investigation loretta she asked call me which made him uncomfortable apparently in the sky i mean gasket sky have any guts i me is he going to do this and thanks for your service to the country i guess i mean it i mean it jim call me i mean i don't even get the sky at all loretta links asked him to call it the matter they hillary clinton investigation call it the matter i'll call the investigation so currently during the whole of the door in the door the the testimony yesterday he'll call me while that may be a comfortable more say something man have some gods you know say something brothers say it speak up loretta live is asking you to use and call me if knowledge yesterday hillary clinton
seems campaign language to describe a crimson investigational polity thus called the matter of can't pay wanted that that was filtered through this absolutely justice is blind department of justice picture even refuse herself at filter to jim com call me never stood up and said anything he's why wasn't i the courageous yet jim no kidding loretta wage was hacked and into liberals are still stick by this please stop embarrassing yourself please libretto knowledge exposed yesterday as a two bit political hack who had no business being in the government no less being the attorney general she refused reduce herself and made a now unlike the left arm i could have accused of obstruction of justice because that's not legally correct unlike the lying hack liberals who will still it's a trumpet obstructed justice this its euro evidence of even a crime we have evidence of a hilary crime and we now
have solid evidence that loretta lynch got in the way now did she observed justice legally price we not but there's no question that her judgment was horrendous call the hillary clinton investigation the matter are you serious loretta ledge we'll go down in history by any real the observer as a disgrace to the position of attorney general she is earned every bit of that yet couple other take away from yesterday's hearing here or there cowardly moments because he mentioned did he wasn't captain courageous i want to highlight on jim commies back so call me says the trump made him uncomfortable in the oval office with the request to quote hope the flint investigation goes away before for those you didn't listen here they show they had a private meeting and again i have to acknowledge that both sides of this
commies insisting that trump told the vice president jared cushion or in the attorney general to leave the oval office before he made the request to the fbi director that he hopes the flynn investigation goes away and when its quota good guy let me just be fair on this that's probably again i'm not saying trumpeted did the right thing and decided to any illegal here but there was probably a pretty dumb idea for such a speech and that means a trump he is he's a political neophyte and he's he's failing at the political component that you have to keep a witness in the room you can't do that kind of stuff it just lens and air of impropriety getting past that its clear as day from yesterday that and this was a cowardly moment by by jim call me because call me so well they request to make a quote hope it goes not make it go away but i hope it went away and again hope isn't a crime if hope a traffic ticket goes away you're not unit bribed the officers on long as a month right there's nothing wrong with that but jim call me
stood up and said something right which of course he did so that was one moment which you call trying to take the high road but didn't take the high road when it actually matter gears number to the lynch thing which i just talked about lynch s nepal to debate the matter well why didn't you and i can say something publicly exposed the attorney general for being the political hack she was out because he didn't have the guts to do that either there was leaks where he admitted yesterday now he led the memo of his account with tromp he's the one who do you think about this folks a classified may take them in rwanda at best they sensitive conversation with the present united states which should not have been leaked was written down jim combing gave it to it an unclear person to give to the press jim colonies the leaguer folks again another cowardly mama way couldn't stand up and actually quote led the information himself and here's another one tromp asked him to clear the air and the trump investigation again there's no
possess here tromp was not under investigation call me acknowledged to trump three times so trumped up call me apparently thought by this makes me uncomfortable but told trop all i see what i can do so again if you dont tromp was can you do something wrong by just acknowledging the truth that he wasn't under investigation then why didn't you say anything because again you ve guy just does not have a spy big jim call me is all about one thing jim cumbria ok here are three the three requests also made of call me and this is important to tie this thing up for you and not because this is important call me saying yesterday three things came out of the three requests are made and the first one was loyalty that that trump requested loyal trump is disputing s number one and number two i'm assuming quick point on this that if that's the case has not remotely illegal folks nothing there again improper maybe politically naive certainly aspires
with a political cat like jim call me who's gonna run right to the press at every opportunity and take notes on you but requesting guilty from a political appointee folks the fbi directors not all if you hear liberal tell you taken out on this folks stop your car pull overtaken owns next i'm a liberal i see the fbi as an independent agency correct immediately that is not true we would like their work to be independent that's the goal it is not an independent agency the be eyes under the department of justice which falls under the executive branch up of the ethiopian the executive officer the present the president is in charge of the department of justice is on the top of the food chain as it is now an independent agency it report the present a united states we like their work to be independent but it's not independent so rick i think a and loyalty unanimous in oath of workers are trump is disputing this account
requesting loyalty from a political appointee who works for the president again politically stupid be a problem lay because colonies of political adam automaker or make hey added nothing but this act so movie nothing illegal about that at all that that does not it's out even like grasping at straws illegal ok number two so the first request was worth the second request fling was a good guy again trump hope the investigation go way ok hope is not a crime ladies and gentlemen as the was centre might oppose it reached pointed out yesterday has anyone ever been arrested for hope ever a prosecutor commies like no yet big because this is done again improved her maybe politically stupid hundred percent jim call me was absolutely gonna write that asking people to leave the room insane call me was gonna take it and it should that two tribes gotta
a little bit of a ways up on up on capitol hill and up in the white house he's you know these is a said he's politically not even his curse is he supposed to be night but ironic about this he said he hoped it will go away because flim is a good guy trump ran through the press the next day and had fallen was agreed i i don't understand like funding flight hoping this thing worked out for flynn again dopey maybe a crime not a snowballs chance in hell only if you're an idiot or euro liberal or maybe i said the same thing quite third this is this is the big take away no one wants to rap on some i promise tonight cato peace by the way i know i haven t start but i broke i always get to it this is a really good piece i'll get to it maybe next week but this is the most important take away from yesterday's meeting at one point they have a conversation and trump asks him clear the cloud of suspicion over his head this
we're call me says i'll see what i can do but trump makes some statements that i just heard for the first time yesterday and you a better heard them because this dismantling the entire left argument about the trump russia fairytale conspiracy theory trump actually requests from call me that the trump rush investigation go forward if quote any of his satellites were involve he would like to know ladies think about what i just told you for a moment even liberals with their their sixty five foot thick skull may possibly be able to understand this how the hell does a guy obstructing investigation in russian interference in the united states election system if the guy for accusing obstructing the investigation actual requested you continue the investigation
even if it picked up some of his people in the investigation liberals i am asking you for a moment just for a moment to put aside you bizarre insane liberal ideology for a moment think rationally for a moment if i'm in the gating producer job and joe armoured cars years rico instead i continue the investigation because jos not sure of people who work with our involved in crimes right how is joe involved in obstructing the investigation if he requests the investigation goes forward copies at this under oath how stupid are trupp request did the information in self he wanted the investigation to move forward obstruction that's reverse obstruction
but it doesn't matter because liberals are literally insane they're losing their minds over this president it's it's me it's amazing eta continue your or humiliating the entire country history is going to look down on this moment and looked down on this set of not bag liberals would be like this the craziest group of people in human history are so he by this to wrap up here's what but my liberal side just yesterday while liberals were focused on the trump russia fairytale which is gonna keep it up lives because again you just look like doped every day the persuaded remember the persuade a rule this was an interesting one if you were a lawyer working with a company in a union case than you you had a big basically be exposed your client listen stuff like that the persuade a rule i mentioned this a while ago yet we scrap that that's got that the broom making process to get that thrown out started yesterday that was a sop to unions by the way is anyone basically didn't want lawyers to work with companies in union cases
the joint employer rule which basically and if you worked at a mcdonald's eta mcdonald's like an independent franchise you could sue mcdonald's headquarters something had happened was a joint employer think again another sop to labour interests that that's gonna go away this all happened the way when you focused on the russia fairytale lives just in case you miss that all the eu along with the stuff at the sketch ethnic also over time rule which the salaries eligible for our overtime to forty seven thousand dollars basically what this data is it made more people eligible for overtime payments in other words if the salary designation of prayer with service twentysomething thousand dollars than anybody above that could be considered salaried was an eligible for overtime by raising the ceiling to forty seven thousand it made all the people underneath that salary level eligible for overall it was another sought the union's problem was that people were virtually getting fired or trance
to less hours during the week as companies that want to pay the overtime again liberals trying to help you allegedly but kicking you in the teeth in the way down that rules go out the window was while the persuade a rule joint employ rule and overtime role so all happen while you guys were presently focused on the trump russia fairytale so good luck lips nice work folks i see all my thanks for the great weaker with you just heard bonn gino she did then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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