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Ep 479 The War on Trump and the American Voter Continues

2017-06-12 | 🔗
In this episode I address the Democrats' total failure to advance the Trump/Russia hoax. I also address their next steps.   I also discuss the California push for government-run healthcare and the destructive economics of their proposal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-single-payer-test-drive-1497215019   Finally, I address the tricks Democrats use to advance a tax-hiking agenda. 


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they don t know i owe you was home you owe me i owe you there's nobody the deadline gino show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground burned stepped on gasoline port on had been burned again ready to hear the truth about amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas norms and of kindness on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i'm a renegade public and thereby genome we show our you today is always good to be with you then do well yeah man and other phenomenal news we can folks i told you i don't and a show about two weeks ago i had said to you who cares who said what i mean i'm not trying to be right here sometimes i wish i was wrong with these destructive democrats but i said
do your job you remember i said watch what's gonna happen the quote collusion narrative trump russia narrative fairytale conspiracy theory that trump somehow come but with the russians to swing the election which is so celebrate its so ridiculous absurd stupid i said are you a couple weeks ago have you been listened listen to show you probably just listen to it a couple hours ago i said it's gonna fall apart folks it's a fairytale it's a myth conspiracy theory it is a lie that the democrats are telling their voters i should watch what happens when this falls apart there eventually going to have to produce the goods and when they can produce the guy john trump russia collusion which they can't because there's zero evidence there's nothing there i say they are going to move on to the obstruction narrative which is fascinating because obstructing what if there's no
evidence of a base crime of collusion how can you obstruct quote just this into an investigation where there's no evidence that a crime even happened joe that's like joey you know you the kidnapped there you know that this choice i'll down the block we find out that it was actually joe farm are causing at a cost but then we find out later like joe obstructed just this into a cry because joe hope that he would be cleared you like way way hold on time out rewind the tape police officers speaks to joe armoured cars joe goes hey i don't know what you're talking about i dont know this child i've never kidnapping but are you my life i'm the producer further renegade rob looking w sepia that's right i hope this goes away guys like you y y you because a worry obstruction of justice move on right we're not going to charge them kidnapping now beg you now work charge joe arm a cause for the joe farm cost kidnapping items
actually just because you have the internet even worse lobby the request to the democrats you are so dumb if you believe this is under its real but i thought you were smart people started to change my mind even worse joe doesn't say i hope the investigation into me goes away let's say they interview joe on a friend of his joey doughnuts who is accused of a kidnapping joe and it's really joe we beg bangles that did it not show we beg doughnuts joe knows joe we beg doughnuts did not commit to kidnap because he was which are we beg doughnuts the knight of the alleged kidnapping joe tells a cop hey joey we baggage didn't do it i hope this goes way now we need to arrest joey beggar doughnuts for a crime you didn't commit like they wanted to push for impeachment for trump for collusion never happen not only that joe but now let's get joe joe arm a cause for absurd
the injustices joey bag it though it is because he hoped investigation would go away even though joey bag it this and do anything folks if you monsieur i'm literally i'm begging you democrats i'm giving you a piece of advice and i shouldn't do because there's an old i don't off its sun tzu whatever but when you you know when your enemies destroying itself don't get in the way right i'm telling you and i did a hit on fox this weekend and just this morning scott back just like as you get back so fast do deers like twenty minutes a lot of people ask me how you do that by the way there's a remote studio palm beach guard walk yet you walk in an office fifteen minutes before guy's name is kurt current are you doing you go there every day to good buddy like they click on it they perform no they're there there's nothing near the whole thing i said the democrat party is no message they are imploding their exploding i've no messages they joe they have all of their eggs into the trump russia basket the collusion
it fell apart because there's nothing there the only evidence of collusion is hillary clinton campaign taking lobby and funds from the russians to lobby for the russian so they want that to go wasted other moving on to obstruction now i've just a quick things on this i also want to talk about this is a really really good this juicy stuff africa asia hey i'm spots for today show is i've a buddies approach gold you know i love these guys folks list of the stock markets up the stock markets down that's great you know in vast do every you cannot ever spy your portfolio but it's kind of smart is soon i'm only forty two amount that owes beyond it but i'm old enough to start to worry about security of my money i worry about the security my food supply i worry about security my house worry about the security of your money it's made sense to do it i mean of the panic about it put diversify your portfolio i love this sponsor these as re plus raided by the better business puritanical birch gold they they have countless five store views looked him option
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so i encourage you to listen to show i get this information on a lot of email groups i get a lot of sources a contact me i heard a long i'm ago from a source i haven't even told you this show that behind the scenes democrats were panicking it some media outlets reported it the wash the posts in new york times did not that they were panicking because the trump sure fairytale was falling apart they were looking for a new angle and the obstruction angle is their new angle it's the only thing they have ladies and gentlemen they don't have anything but here's the thing about the obstruction thing i want to make a couple a quick points here folks the case for obstruction they're trying to build it around as this conversation president tromp had but former fbi direct your call me where he hoped the investigation would go away now i've told you a thousand times at how you would how you make a case for obstruction there is just fantastical and i don't mean it the qualitative where men like you know in like your writing a fairy tonia man that's a fantastic story like fantastic like it's got all these crazy things going on this issue
nonsense story you can hope all you want investigation goes away you can hope traffic ticket goes away i promise you if you get pulled over by a cop and you say gosh i hope you don't give me a ticket there he is not going to arrest you for ever resisting arrest or obstructing traffic take it now if you prefer you're in a lot of trouble if you through name your and even more trouble but if you say guy you know i'm i feel really bad about this so you know i hope you don't give me a ticket he's not gonna say out of the car is why he's not going to do it folks there's no one here ever been arrested for hoping something bad didn't happen to them that's the first case the obstruction case is gone rich it's not it's a made up there but secondly folks i want you to understand your liberal friends and i know this may make some of you uncomfortable but i'm not here to lie to you and i'm not here to spend your wheels i m here to tell you the truth i was a former federal agent
i dealt with the white house and i've got my pet myself on the back just quickly establishing bona fides here the fbi the secret service the de eighty eighty f whatever alphabet soup agency wanted discuss ladies and gentlemen these are not enough pending agencies ah i know i brought this up before but you have to undo then this to understand the depth of the argument if you wanna be intellectually superior to your liberal friends who live only on talking points the fbi's not independent now we hope we pray that in a constitutional republic like the one we have they make independent decisions but joe that's for different from saying the agency is independent we don't want an independent fbi you may see then that's crazy is it folks do you want an answer the out there that exists by itself outside of that we have three branches of government ladies gentlemen that's it at the federal level judiciary
the legislative and the executive branch there is not another branch there is not fbi branch there's not a secret service branch there is not dependent investigator branch there are three bench branches of government and the reason fbi falls under the executive branch of the department of justice is because of this job we want them to be politically accountable you may say to yourself what what do you mean by that folks if the fbi was totally independent and answered to no one that's joe is serious question sweep up isn't that what independent means you answer to no one that's correct you're on your own you yes you are in a chain of command you are independent if you had an independent fbi and the f the eye director decided the year what i dont like the producers and i definitely don't like podcast produces conservative review so i'm gonna nail this clown joe arm a cotton and it was no oversight
it had all that all this you have a bunch of jack booted sums which you have be eyes not about suggesting that have worked with them off and they have highly qualified special agent folks they are not an independent agency they work under the president circle back why am i bring this up they respond and an excuse me work for the president of the united states and they advanced the present the united states is authority ladies and gentlemen that may make you uncomfortable but the key the has them politically accountable to the president i've got news for you suggesting this happen matter of fact i've strongly convinced that the conversation is accurate the trump just hope the investigation investigation would go away against window but reword the conversation even if i am not saying this but even if tribe said i've demanding you drop this investigation against flynn folks shoot theirs
case their daddy's trumps prerogative that is ebay response on that subject folks please be clear on this i am not suggesting one that happen i'd i'd medevac i'm suggesting strongly that did not happen secondly it would be morally ridiculous ethically dumber and politically the dumbest move of all time but it's not illegal there's a difference it is now illegal people every day now here's where it gets you know what i thought of another point quick doing a good job thereby gino like old moment folks the president has almost universal power to pardon even if they say he said to the fbi director i want this unfair beginning to go away and jim call me had said to him i demand that they then say help say present troops and i demand the investigation it gets flint be dropped and call me slip some to middle fingers says you know what has to thumbs gives the middle finger and says no to your debate is this guy
i just call me eddie goes ahead and arrest my point and a prosecutor trump can part immediately right zero constitutional consequences at all folks i figured what i just said now you're suggesting that even though the president could partner who lets say was arrested and prosecuted for whatever for baloney smoke free on the open seas or whenever there trying to get my talent for that makes disorderly conduct do nothin bout that makes up a bright the president has the power to pardon immediately when you gonna arrest the present for obstructing the part himself folks you just making it up politically not daddy to hope the investigation went away talking to a political act like jim call me i'll give you that tactic not very smart i'll give you that too because her i don't think there is a case against when at all but ill
eagle obstruction of justice ladies and gentlemen it's a fairytale it's completely totally made ain't hatton beg aided and abetted by the way the bad thing like attic control on almost all my guts everywhere facebook twitter you don't doctors it is a fine guess they use stared like what i learned tat i thought if you hashtag things baby like we would take overs twitter to my hotel at you i get like everybody dear six the emails facebook dr twitter things i get that each day about shows that sometimes more universal basic income about like a hundred hundred fifty a day while everything had a baby resemble able and i only said that as a joke with them because that's how joe it there thanks but i was a baby got ebbed that's his thick and he's an old musician it was shaken are exactly i got a lot more to talk vessel vanyusha the california single payer stories taken on a
dead geometrically more important place in american society because what's going on in california is usually a harbinger for where the liberals are going in the future folks i warned you about this in my second book the fight when i had a i wrote a chapter about red state ursus blue states and how the republican party is making a real mistake not pouring money into blue states now to meet joe joe living in maryland air and doing politics every day and his morning chauffeur but a hundred years now twenty five an near twenty five years and may have been run in a blue state marylin having lived in new york i am intimately familiar with the politics of deeply lou states both maryland the new york i live in florida now one of the arguments i made why republican should be fighting in blue aids despite the really long nods and i want to say so is a poor money in their but definitely invest in those blue states is because these states joe become incubators for peace policies in the future that go nation become national passageways gentlemen
become messenger with you about this you think i'm making this up go google marilyn a bathroom bill right chauvinism boy started in maryland in california and at all of a sudden you know as i wrote my conservative review peace things liberals taught me you play for second on a liberal next thing you know you like way we'll wait let me get this straight men in the women's room is a thing now like that's if thou you correctly years ago europe laughed at ladies gentlemen started in blue states if you don't shut as an eight my negro shot that down right away becomes a national issue so you have to fight it at the state and local level now sag into what's going on in california the state of california with its near forty million residents i almost in austin powers here for already quite trillion residents forty million residents is now advancing pass the senate a single payer built single pair me
government run health care if i know sylvia moment it sought your intelligence but if you haven't heard what single pair means it means everybody data california was a california resident legal or illegal can go to the doktor and hospital job for free for freezing rain everything from the body fairy its fritz the muddy fairy comes down sprinkles body there's your for hospitals you're afraid surgeons free flew shots pray it's all freight pharmacist free that is it free it's all for interest groups this amazing are they said you had up it's incredible i mean i i went through the movies for the first time ever been like boycotting hollywood i saw that alien i love those alien movies and they go to this planet that and they it gives i might get a room plop they think it's like really terrific thing all look at this planet we looks just like earth this is it the look
i also found another planet that looks just like earth except everything's free it's amazing keeper mine the doctors are ending a salary the hospitals are demanding a salary to people who own the building that the hospital grants are demanding i mean the administrative assisted in the doctors offices to be paper don't worry joe it's all for it i mean it's like a boggles my mind this single payer thing in california is aid at this master of epic proportions now to be fair and a bit self deprecating there's a there was a selfish side me when i was six i've been talking about this for while we brought this up like two weeks ago that said and i may even said this to you like you know what my california do it man because it's good how do i remember is i want a guys to my oil for an early i mean because it's not here you can't be
your christian or whether we care about the good the betterment of endless i'm a centre folks like ever make mistakes but i got really was a stupid idea you can't you can't wish ban on forty million people by the way probably too million of which you know this is a bad idea to make a political point that's what liberal sutures dumb but there are a lot of republic out there who i've kind are heard and even the wash your journal but the maids this morning like eight let him do it let's let it go apps and let the rest of the country see how bad this is because vermont tried this was a total disaster it never got out of that the starting block because the costs were so expensive that just to give you and i how much is going to cost and this is by conservative projections ladies and gentlemen there talking about a hundred and seven billion dollars and new taxes that have to be generated and a fifteen percent payroll taxes will think about that now in addition to what you're paying now in california which is always top five depending on
what kind of business you want in fact states in the entire country you are talking about a massive unprecedented tax like now there are some liberal groups throwing out some studies to try to defend this thing and i wanted the bunk this thing immediately because you're gonna hear it from your liberal friends and it just ignores incentives completely the california nurses association which is a left leaning group that group that trying to it's a single pair put out a steady and this is almost comical joe i mean who s not almost qaeda's cats funny like i laughed when i saw it as i thought this can't be raining in the journal article today which i will include in there in the show notes it said that if they implement single pair that of care spending overalls gonna go down i did say that brought down by thirty seven point five billion and i thought well i have a note here literally it says that's insane that's it it's a crazy thing i've ever heard and also it says a couple other things too but its underestimating the
active incentives now i find this interesting their reasoning here joe was at all we're gonna cut administrative costs and blow and bureaucracy folks will you please stop talking to us like we're idiots when it has the government ever taken over any economic sphere anywhere health care education and shrugged in the bureaucracy and when you look at education spending for the united states government since nineteen seventy four up four hundred percent inflation adjusted term stay federal michael you know that he's gone joe it's god to education ministry does not teachers the administrative grows under government it never shrinks that you're you're talking about overriding humor psychology when its job free money from the taxpayer you say tree well i'm going to work less and i'm going to hire a couple of ministrative assistance to do the administrative work that i was doing before you you're seeing it on college this is your seeing it everywhere whenever you want to find
ministry of blood go look for the government and you will find it bad dutifully toting along behind administrative blowed always accompanies govern so the fact that the caliph when you nurses association a country ache in in complete contradiction to any real world information all thinks you're gonna reduce administrator below is quite hilarious now they will throw up a lot of these medicaid numbers and say well look medicaid spends less an administrative costs for every time i hear this job on a throne then then commensurate our yet the similar sized private insurance folks that's a scam i always liked exposing the tracks in the banking the nonsense it's a scam the way they do scam that when the women rosati while the some studies have shown that medicaid is more efficient bureaucratically than private insurance this is total garbage ladys german is a simple sleight of hand here medicaid is an older
sick or population so when you look at a private insurance plan show that covers anyone from a two year old infant or one year old infant too hundred year old daughter senior citizens you're gonna have a wide spectrum of health care needs you know listen let's beyond a thirteen year old might not go to the doktor for five years i promise you you're a hundred years old you probably going to beat the doktor once a month so job little since your hundred year old probably cost not mourn the dirty or right am i crave sounds good yet so the trick the left uses to sell single payer when they talk about these medicate studies is they compare apples the orange so educators an older sicker population or medicare should say now talk about medicare i'd limit mummy scratch that both know about medicare the talk about it illustrate of cost but they're not comparing apples apples it's an older sick or population so what they'll do they'll compare sixty five or whatever the people in their six these in order to the general private insurance pool and what happens is because
those costs are more it's a fraction problem so if they let's say upright insurance company spends a hundred hours on insurance right and of that but a spend a hundred miles on ensuring the administrative costs ten dollars ok look but the administrative costs let's say or the same ten dollars so ten over hundred is ten percent yes it is roger that's for the private company but there i am outfoxing and look at this i thought i love state element i play the tape you get shaved so let's go to medikit so many cases not going to spend a hundred hours on insurance costs to examine older sicker population are going to spend a thousand about right so ten percent over a thousand i mean and thou is over a thousand same administrative costs ten dollars medicate and they have the same administrative costs that would that would be one percent of their costs
but it's not because their more efficient folks administratively it's only because they spend more money on health care do you see the scams land yeah slav corset sleight of hand when you look at the per person administrative costs which is the correct correct member shooting the correct way to calculate the admit trade cost per beneficiary for private insurance and for medical care or even medicaid to some extent to a large extent actor you will see that the government waste a ridiculous amount of money on administrative costs don't fall for that scam this is the nonsense they use it folks i promise you i will stand corrected
if there's ever an out of date of approved by the economics of the show rocks they are like it's a made up scam they're lying to you the government is not more inefficient is grotesquely inefficient when it comes to monitoring healthcare please take my word for it now don't take my work of research it yourself i gonna have to amend a fine some links i'll get him for young because some really interesting piece is totally the pumping that nonsense it medicaid medicare some homework space but here's another thing i wanted to discuss cost so much going on here she some sorry folks i feel i have so much to tell you and thirty five minutes and i was appreciated this completely ignores incentives the california nurses study saying that of california implements free healthcare joe that use health care services is not going to go up dramatic like all the way it's like timeout rewind tape for those other folks like
you get the pencil out put it may tape and spend that sucker around zero and waste the battery and tape recorder for the younger kids you like or is he talking about you know one october rewind stay fervent there it's not so you're offering a service now free by the way which is total nonsense but you're how many people you can now go to the doctor or hospital with no cost to you at all outside of the ridiculous taxes you're paying and some people not paying taxes at all now what i always fascinating is the left will only ignore incentives like this when it benefits them economically but promote incentives when they can make a political case what do i mean folks if you live in a blue stay you probably paying sin taxes that are off the charge butter syntax as their taxes on cigarettes their taxes on alcohol taxes on gambling whenever they may be called sendeth science in taxes right not s why n t x now in maryland they have really high taxes and it was fascinating when they were arguing joe for an increase
the cid taxes in maryland when i was there what was the argument they made you probably you not some of these are some of these things they said joe well if we ink it's the taxes on alcohol and cigarettes will decrease consumption of the cigarettes in the alcohol and this is a good thing for society because cigarettes are causing taxpayers a lot of costs in sickness and these people go to the hospital i thought you ok i agree you increase the price of anything decrease the incentive for people to buy it ok folks tat sin reverses well if you increase the price of something you will be increase the incentive for somebody by because fewer people will have the money to purchase it if you only make a hunch dollars a week in income and cigarette tax goes up to one hundred and five ladies gentlemen you just don't have the money they can humor basis should get this is simple supplied the maid economics but the reverse prince do job if you
medicine and health care quote free which is garbage nothing's free you make it free what a pity orourke say you think healthcare expensive now wait till it's free that's a peach iraq is amid it's a great one when you meet get free you increase the incentive for people to seek service there are people out ladies and gentlemen who don't have money for health care now and listen i'm not i'm not sayings regulation seek healthcare but i've just giving you the economics of it you can make the judgment for yourself because that this report ignores that if you make it free people who say joe had a cold that's it you don't have a lot of money they don't want to go to the hospital you may have cold and you may now all of a sudden go to the hospital of the emergency room because it of course you anything ladies and gentlemen this is going to happen how do i know this because with obamacare had a thing but they said oh gosh obamacare you know we implemented them in give people insurance for free
some cases through the obamacare changes joe they said no what's it people are going to out of the e r and are now going to go to the doktor because obamacare game free insurance member we discuss it as we did with what happened in in their own studies your usage one off they went up because people felt like they had no free health care like you know what i'm just gonna go to be ensured the emergency room it's convenient it didn't go down guys common sense here ok you can ignore incentives around it got a couple of cookies on this too i wanna get that can talk about this or that of this problem even if some notes here your use in taxes can create more time before i get that you know we talk about preparedness reproach golden prepare and you know your income stream further but a safety but folks one more thing you really need to ensure your income stream your retirement is you need to assure you food supply it is literally crazy i don't wanna thank lady on facebook
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and they always use the c b i'll even when the sea bio doesn't use the c b of itself serious so trump wants to cut the core protectorate we currently have the highest court protectorate in the world hovering around forty percent even higher when you factor in state local taxes folks that's ridiculous okay now it's not the effective rake there's a lot of the doctrines but it is nominal one there are some businesses i assure you paying forty percent of their income to the government taxes which is absurd so love is moderate republicans and liberals and and and and democrats of joint again so well the cbs report came out said look if we cut the corporate tax rate one point it's gonna cost hundred billion doubt cost joe this is funny cost the government agreement costaguana they didn't take our money what are you kidding me but this is gonna asked the government a hundred billion dollars over ten years a one percentage point cut in the corporate tax rate and i thought to myself because that's what i'm here for folks i'm here about this
as for you so you don't have to waste your time so i do our homework and i found a great peace by cato on this case dossier theo i thought the authors never forgive me i haven't the offers informed me but i'll put it the show notes a conservative review under the podcast have you can read it little while keep at super good peace and a guy says here's the scam joe this is what we do you get paid that cover the scam the sepia report which by the box itself later on but i get that in a second and cbs what does he say anything about cutting the corporate tax rate one point this epa report says if you would have raise the tax rate one point that you would raise a hundred billion over ten years now that's not same thing folks as saying if you cut the corporate tax rate run point you're going to cost the government a hundred billion dollars over there that's you may pick it is but it's now it's not the same argument it's a completely different set of incentives now it's not to say more
the report does not say that it does not say if you do government is going to quote a hundred billion over ten years it says they would have gained a hundred billion more protected even it even that so to critics of this does not say in the report a one point corporate tax rate cuts is going to cost the government money it doesn't say that at all it says if you raised at one point you would raise a hundred billion but there's always a pot beauty too is one of those two of them and my butts been kill me sank back into brazilian judges throw the emails on about here's what it does say this is the c b opera indicate the cato peace quotes is perfectly deceiving oh admits its own analysis is flawed it says hey by the way if we raise that core protectorate we re not we may not raise that hundred billion dollars because upper what people public reorganized the s corpse number two large companies we just take on more
for attacks the doctrine to wipe out the additional one point they be paying taxes because dead you know like your mortgage cheers deduction corporate tat you can write off to a degree with the new taxes is a job this is a duty this is from the sea be ozone report folks about this is why you always have to look past the liberal talking point there's always a damn scam just look for its as well if we raise the corporate tax by one point it may discourage investment shifted vegetables as he shift investment the low tax countries really hurt economic efficiency while back let's put your other than that it's a great idea so let me get this straight this bp ozone report acknowledges that this hundred billion an additional government revenue which are going to steal from you may not materialise because investment might be discouraged it may shift that investment out of the car
three to other countries too low tax countries at economic efficiency goes right in a garbage hey foxy sounds like a great idea let's rock n roll with this but again you will lose to a liberal muckle had i'm telling you with you if you get into the advancing economic discussions with them who will posts in a message board somewhere that the government is how losing revenue even though the sepia report about them gaining revenue acknowledges that it's like you eat a loose revenue if they do to hike in taxes is i believe you cannot win with these four foods they will always find that angle i don't get you another story better security disappear disability insurance and steal paraffin folks important stuff the only real i will get to at some point this week and i want to talk about this a bit disability insurance they because folks there's something happening right now in a country right now with twenty five to fifty year old men not working that is really really really dangerous
so i appreciate you turn it in that mr marcia you just heard tan bonn gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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