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Ep 480 A Really Bad Idea Resurfaces

2017-06-13 | 🔗
In this episode I address the outrageous claims being made against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.   I also discuss the damaging effects of trade wars and tariffs and how they hurt the middle class.    Finally, I discuss the problem with the unemployment number and its use as an economic indicator. https://www.cato.org/blog/jobs-conundrum?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=158604f534-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-158604f534-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-158604f534-143016961&mc_cid=158604f534&mc_eid=3fd7404a34
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they don t know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want to allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb jean i welcome to the renovated publicly with their budget a brief joe how are you today do no good to be here a few quick shouts here one to my friend brandon mcclosky who just graduated lagging a lotta emails i like to give some shouts and i did j last initial d for his first initials last name de who said joe hysterically and rebecca ass you know how we asked you to break out the abacus doing liberal math equations so thank you to jail
joe wanted me to make sure we did that and there was a nice moved by your thanks jack that as the hoary be who us let me add on a graph copy of thirteen hours weed out asked for a request we don't need any gives but at this very nice people do that so thank you very much hey folks big yeah big thanks to you but another bit of news for my end which are really excited about it my book numerous trace the third book is available now on amazon for pre order the publication date is september nineteenth potter really appreciate it if you got amazon and give it a shot give it a lot it gives little summary the book the book is called protecting the president in an era of evolving threats the gist of the book is basically folks explaining away the fall of the secret service and i was inspired to write it because it's not the secret service agents fault it's them judgments fault after the hillary clinton incident on the nine
then episode which nearly passed out and she did not go to the hospital in f the defence shopping incident i said i've got to explain to the public which go out of the sea it serves i promise you will like this book about three or four people outside of my household read it i kid you not miss bennett i get well done now what i got i got back from a guy right was like wow this is gonna blow surmise so you'll be shocked that what happened vines seeds check it out for you today at amazon just woke up dampened gino a bookstore protecting the present all right so the sessions testimony today should be fascinating here we go yeah a lot to get you on that let me point out a couple of things about what's going on with the jeff sessions testimony jeff sessions is the attorney general many of you already know that sessions is accused of just about everything of under the sun by the cookie loony tunes democrats from being run in spite of being a double trip
quadruple agent for the russians its utterly absurd i want to point out a couple of things here so you understand some facts about what's going on there is an accusation levelled kind of task lee under the covers by jim call me who is just get i mean just slimy lately at the hearing a jeff call me had a third unwrapped meeting with the russians now conversation with a couple guys yesterday and i was talking about this and i was really offended by this whole thing because ladies and gentlemen this in a matter of void sky you know said this at the meeting in that guy said that there was no meeting listen to me there was i don't know jim call me got this if he's lying if these making it up to make sessions look bad it was no third meeting metric that wasn't even a second meeting with the russians now he ran it the russian ambassador the r n c i know brushing elbows with someone was classified as a meeting now but there is no third eating with the russian so any time use your liberal friends did you watch obsessions
hiding something he met with the third he met with the russians for the third time and you reported it didn't happen listen to me you're just making it up don't even refute it there's nothing to say if someone says to you while woody but the third unreported meet eugene folks you're just lying there was no third mean you're just making it up ok couple other points on this life which i find fascinating did you know that the the russian ambassador joe kisyak the dreaded russian ambassador who now whenever he meets with a guy who was involved with the trump administration or two guys nuclear russia's by material kisyak twenty two times with the obama administration oh it's awfully inconvenient admit so said give sessions in the course of his work is a u s senator on the arm services committee meets with an ambassador what is the world's largest armies once again remind
play the spider man movie when it may comes in the room in repeater parkers all dirty and she's what happened peters i was cleaning the chimney sugar we don't have the chimney he goes why why fog's by daughters gimme terms if she loves that movie folks there was no me big deal administration there was a beating twenty two may the russian about war why do so jimmy folks you are i get all emails i say stop so sorry i want to apologize to some readers will get tired of the trump russia story but i can't get past it because it is just the epidemic of virus of liberal stupidity infecting law swaths of america today just sessions met with a rush in basle all lie he did he was a senator on the
services committee and by the the second meeting which was just a brush the judgment but the guy the aral sea like happened to see him there by the way that was arranged by the obama administration y all when they met did you times the obama administration would kiss why there's no chimney what i was wrong with you idiots what is wrong with you are you force at further never choppers out there by the way i am i try i'm not sure try and nodded sty dont really start twitter fights i dont except what liberals but we conservatives and other republicans i tried out but i do finish up you pick a fight me on twitter it ain't gonna end well that a yoke but this story that broke yesterday gave us so much going on chris ruddy from news max who is a friend the trumps seem too
who insinuate that tromp was looking a firing robert mahler folks its fake news i don't know where ruddy got that from a like chris ready i met chris ready i know chris ruddy dumb just fake news and this rick wilson who is a allegedly consult for the geo how many does this guy gonna get suckered by fake news where it will was the guy would it its alleged had some problems with the dossier matter you're the fake dossier got burned by that and our wilson's treating they're gonna firemen will you try people already have just area like due to how many times or you can get suckered how many times do you fact check anything it's ignores the troll point out so i don't know what you're talking about now view that will stand duly career did if they fire mueller i don't think mueller was a good choice anyway in person i would have any problem with it if they did if they you know he seems to be way too connected to call me but it's just ridiculous a story
took a couple of points that was no third meeting with the russian ambassador recessions it didn't happen so it a matter of light he or she or anyone said anything there was something to be said because nothing happened ok the kiss the activity may twenty two times the obama administration nobody seems to care about that by the way whence they said that since composed himself and light and the road no rest sessions was asked by al frank in the senate committee if he met as he get with the russians which he did not he met one i was a u s senator on the arm services committee in an interesting little fact i was unaware of ivory even in an email less irishers fascinating the fbi the gate or doing the background on sessions went sessions was involved was was being vetted ver for the aged spot with questions they asked him joe about contacts with the russians clearly said not contacts apart of your job as united states senator because they knew they would be to numerous because everybody meets with foreign governments so that's kind
fascinating isn't it folks at the left is totally spun this things are just liars or total hacks it's disgusting hey i'm one more thing for employing circa news which is breaking sarah corridor from certain news must have liked the greatest sources in human history she's breakin stories left right she got word from from the inside baseball crowded and call me classified hearing to members of congress show that call me revealed something astonishing that lee confronted read a lynch the former tat an old the about you her so the story i wish we did the story it under the above it an with a damning email about her alleged please try and make the clinton email investigation go away so call me confronts ok what it s about defending call me about understanding with the story reports network news and a pair
leave lynch looked at it there was this uncomfortable silence and she dismissed call me from the office like hey have anything else for making out that beat it champion a hidden all that's big folks there's a landed at this is what the democrats should really be worried about that this unrelenting focus on the on the year on the trump out russia ferry el conspiracy theory is eventually going to blow up in their own faced are detonation about you buy birch gold you know i love these guys i'm really into income mars the ability folks in italy especially it i'm not that all of forty two but you know after years of procedure jetsam a little beat up and with inflation you know we're looking at play round the corner i argued that later but waits hiding now i kept trying to figure out why it's not different it's gonna creep up you got be worried about your money if inflation starts to really spike in your make it a little bit of money in a market that money can be inflated way easily go to birch gold dad
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low light on this like white sat dress they govern she really look like you turned up all those like while that's pretty good stop amazing kids could do that or a couple economic stories i wanted to get to negative the emoluments clause this is up again this is just ridiculous let me just this out of the park right now for all the dopey liberals who just they can't stop trump rush it doesn't work out than its obstruction that's not workin out that its trump the emoluments cause the immoral let's clause of the constitution says in essence that i'd officer the i did states can accept gifts or emoluments that that's really yet so the left the cookie wacko liberals are like well now your stay in a trump hotel and a foreign government pays for a hotel room while ass a mall you better look at drop and ended they d ridiculous abroad i infra issue is the attorney general from maryland by the way is a joke i know this guy he's a jew
i have a hit on square off on you too now which is a local shop still on youtube just nea lading brian for us on the goddess you the guy is a classical liberal knucklehead with a skull forty five feet thick so their suing tropic conjuncture with the d c attorney general for violations of the employment clause yeah that's it so now the fair market price paid for a hotel room somehow a gift from a foreign government while levin tat mark of india who is meant actual attorney by the way the news worked in the room i'm instruction made an interesting analogy yesterday a lotta liberals having considered because they are dumb as a block up a box of rocks are what about obama's book sales does that matter so if trop is
setting a fair market price for a hotel room which by the way doesn't get inserted into his wallet it goes through the corporation which he separate himself from if trap is accepted of chechnya fair market price for hotel room how is obama setting in emolument if it far a bunch of foreigners are buying copies of his books cannot all that's different that's there of course is different because it your golden calf god obama now even worse job did the clinton share any kind of a joint financial arrangements bill and hilary i'm just check that they have a joint bank account do they have any that because bill clinton was accepting massive speaking fees and the clinton foundation was paying people who are friends and clinton who are getting money from foreign governments while hillary clinton was an officer of the united states one of the interesting things about the amendments clause by the way that the liberals leave out shows that doesnt refer to the president's specifically here first to offer the united states which heaven
clayton was the secretary of state so how is as someone from a foreign country buying a hotel room base we access to hotel for a day and a mall you may like it that's a bribe but a six your payment to bill clinton who here is unquestionably some joint financial arrange it with his wife who was secretary of state how is that a bribe guys liberals you're so dumb sometime not all of you and i am certain that referring to all democrats but to the the far left you wackos who are just failed with rage against trot it didn't hit our foxes yes we talked about this you are filled your overtaken with ray you're making fools of yourselves you look like eddie you're a disgrace you're an embarrassment everything you come we'll get shot down everything the rush
a fairytale shot down obstruction i was a joke i explained not an yesterday show your emoluments clause it's embarrassing you're humiliating yourselves you look like idiots your credibility is gone i mean i'm not here to do you guys campaign or tactical political advice but just as eric and really cares about the country can you get some level of vanity back is i don't even like are a factor in the equation right now if you agree to your all gonna go insane and do it together like one flew over the cookies their stop i mean what is going i'm with you all man the emoluments clause are you kidding me are you that dumb emoluments for a hotel room yes to that makes a lot of sense wake up i was going to ask a question about the print the possibility of tape withdraw babby tapes somebody said they asked me a secret service if they had to take an idea got at my little yes what what the hell would they have the tuna we don't have tapes a secret service now through that
conservative review send me an email about this yesterday and they will enable us to deal with this with the tapes focus good service does not we don't do that the only time this port service would record number ever would be in the course of their criminal investigations or protective intelligence investigations and certainly with the consent at least on on the protective intelligent side if it wasn't criminal of the person they were doing it with no the secret service doesn't do that at all now there are entities that possibly could but i don't think they did that like walk at the white house communications ain t now mica fuzzy bear walk walk a walker now is the kind of mess with them by the central white house communication agency but i can't age and that our walk i would be if i might take as if there are tapes voice hesitant to speculate by three
curveball there but it was you i was on my mind everson listen since you brought it up to fair question i'm sure a lot of other people are thinking too if there are tapes it was done by it had to be done by staffer it had to be i can't imagine walker the white house communication agency which is run by the military by the way folks just to be clear i can't imagine they would involved in that now remember it's not illegal joe that is a one party consent area where the white house it so as long as one party and that confuses people one party consent means that trump can consent if there are to people being recorded him and jim call me one party consents which has dropped it says recorded it's ok florida where i live as the two party consent state which apparently some writers for political run familiar with meaning both parties have to consented recorded the dc is not so he wouldn't have broken any laws against is it smart to do i'm not sure but if he did it all we still don't know if there are tapes but i my best i will
i'll make a bet with the agenda again i'll stand corrected later on speculate permitted here that if it was done and if there are tapes it was done by the staff it wasn't done by walk okey dokey just critical all right i'll have you tried brick ass nutrition yet by the way folks wanna get these guys a quick shout out here on the show here cause i've been doing phenomenal work and i got another email yesterday from more from a guy's head like his life was really change by dawn the dusk which their energy products they they saw a hole in the energy market you know you take your energy drinks you drink your coffee an hour later your crash and ever like that's no good they develop the product in time released energy products to be ten hours of energy is great for cops for firemen presenting jujitsu folks cross matters worse the king bombs and dad you can't beat got stop at seven eleven at starbucks were a cup joe every ten minutes go give it a shot but work in an assembly lies in fact your region a long sustained boost of energy
can i have any those crashes this stuff is terrific there a few products i get as much feedback on that as they do about dawn to dusk people absolutely love it it's available brick house nutrition dotcom slashed dan that's brick house nutrition that car slash they give it a shot send me a reviews i'd love to hear about miles over there is this sends a lotta handwritten thank yous the began by which i always find fascinating some miles a good job there brick ass nutrition dotcom slash the check it out daunted thus he won't be disappointed ok those story i wanted to get you here is the ata bad note about the trump administration and you know i wanna stay ideologically pure on see if we're gonna be conservatives we have to defend conservatism that people who there are bound to have a little bit of a beef with the trump administration and the calmer secretary wilbur ross who seems like a nice enough guy but joe we're back again to this argument about tariffs and their resurfacing yesterday setting up in the wall street journal about thus the
we'll tariffs are resurfacing man it is not bad about sugar tariffs again and on my gosh folks i let me just put this out because i always get negative email on this every time i bring us up at it's not i don't do the showed a lie to people and i appreciate the feedback wouldn't bet i get it i get that international trade causes dislocate in some cases severe in the united states and i understand that the impact of china has been devastating and a lot of areas but compounding the problem by supporting tariff for those huge maybe and for me what a tariff is it obviously what say let's say a child would any steals coming into the united states and its coming and cheaper than american steel so what would happen they say for whatever pound of steel europe twenty dollars for american steel the chinese are selling it for fifteen
what happened is a lot of people in that industry dont want the chinese competition solo push for a five dollar tariff shows that makes sense oh yeah cosette what would happen it would make this you'll twenty dollars nature will now that you know the competition is fair it's a penalty gets a pet exact good way to say it's a penalty at the border for or in company shipping their stuff into united states folks i get it on its that sounds like all hey what's the problem so now it's twenty dollars versus twenty hours folks it's not the way to free markets liberty and that's not the way works and we can't just we can't do it liberals do and nor the second order effects just because the sound bite sounds cute i want you to member this line when you think about trade in tears always and never ever forget exports another but we make in the united states and ship out we export other countries exports the price we pay for imports now is a lot theirs but remember never ever forget that like the best way to frame this
i've done before is if the united states was an island of say a hundred people and shit there was another island of say a hundred and fifty people now they more people in us right and that other island of china once the sand food and fish and water and medicine over the outside the united states for nothing for euro dollars at all why did you not take it now that's not what happens in the real world the way we get stuff from other countries that they can produce cheaper than we can produce it here the way we get stuff from other countries is we build stuff ourselves we ship it out those export joe are simply the price we pay to get other stuff from other countries that they can make cheaper to the concept called comparative advantage in economics now ladies and gentlemen where people get confused here is they thing
because we can make something better and cheaper that we should now i know joe you like when you talk about finally china ships us boxes of rubber dog toys all the time right rubber did you hear that you toys love ease our low value added products people making them now make a lot of money they don't sell for a lot of money there like a dollar they're not worth a lot there's not a lot a value added in the product not the people were any listen any work is valuable but there's not a lot of value added and rubber dog toys because they don't sell for a lot in contrast to an iphone where but say that we're sure let's say rubber dog toy there's ninety sense a rubber and labour and everything else inputs and its for a doll you may ten cents a rubber dog toy i assure you that's not what happens with an iphone phone may have two hundred dollars of labour and parts and lithium in the battery whatever it may be and itself
seven hundred so this five hundred dollars and value added which gets returned to shareholders employees management workers and accompany company get same so they concept value added matters your why folks because we can make rubber dog toys cheaper and we can if we wanted to it would china rubber dog toys we could we don't worry i do that because the workers are got what are you going to do in order to make rubber dog toys cheaper than the chinese workers make them what are you going to work for zero dollars and twenty five cents an hour and and and rotten crumbs for upper a lunch break why would you what to do that exports are the price we pay for imports we don't want to export rubber dog toys to pay for rubber dog toys we wanted export medicines cars robotics i phones
folks the reason we build get a boeing engines ere you know aircraft parts military are you equipment the reason we want to export one say borrowing engine joe foresee three thousand creates a rubber dog toys is because the workers making that rubber rub a boeing engine are gonna make probably these seventy dollars an hour for high tech manufacturing we make one we they put overseas and what are they china they have ten thousand people making crappy rubber dog toys making a buck in our folks what we export is only a price we pay to bring in its ports just because we can make something doesn't mean we should we don't want to race to the bottom we don't wanna make co cole la bottles we want
the machines that make the coca cola bottles ship that over to china and let them ship was back ten thousand cope bottles there's no money cole bottles for workers stockholders holders management for the united states economy there's nobody in it but there is money and machines that make the gold bottles wire the arguing for terrorists when you argue for tat that's all you're doing is telling that hundred fifty percent chinese island hey that stuff you are that cheap if you are going to send us for free don't send it to us for free we're going to make it more expensive so now the people on our island who are making a ton of money building cars we are now going to go back to making rubber dog toys cause your rug rubber dog toys are now too expensive because of tariffs that make sense showed this is what economic madness folks it tariffs are madness the we people who get hurt are you how is
increasing the price of chinese rubber dog toys how is that helping you how let me give you another quick example job the economy overalls non zero sum but certain trade actual elements of it or if the united states economy was was worth a hundred hours let's say it's a hundred personal and all that ireland is a hundred dollars in currency right that hundred dollars and currency one hundred thousand currency has to be spent on something right now if let's say that chinese island of a hundred fifty people send you over the food medicine and a charge you twenty dollars for the food medicine than theirs eighty thousand the economy right twenty it was sent to you and you don't have to produce food medicine you can do other things cars creed music movies whenever you want to do high tech stuff how do you telling the chinese island of honor fifty people pay by
why the stuff you sending and we want to pay forty instead of twenty we're we're gonna put a hundred percent tariff on the price of it oh so there's only sixty dollars left in the economy to pay the people on the u s island to build high tax them vote this is madness it is met this i'm sorry if this if it this is a terrible terrible idea now because i like to back this up with data and there's a great piece in the journal yesterday about this that has some numbers and there are still talking about steel tariffs now that we have to build a u s steel industry up yes folks either we should take care of our workers here but we shouldn't take care of our workers at the expense of everybody else joe there are sixteen times more workers it's the support industries are those industries that use the we are in the hundred fifty thousand people work in the steel industry themselves now you may say well why do you care about that well because george the u bush yes republic and of course
also decide in his administration steel tariffs would be a good idea how many jobs you think we're lost let's say you two hundred thousand and four four billion and lost wages someone what are they help the steel industry which at the time george w bush and a hundred seventy eight thousand workers two hundred i jobs in the industry supported by steel were lost and four billion lost wages oh now why would that beach i'll think this through they increase the price of steel because they put a tariff on chinese steel in the george w bush administration which made the price of still more expensive so now if you're a home builder who has say a million dollars to build a housing complex and now the price steel up the cost to a while a million one hundred thousand where these two hundred thousand come from the money fairy it comes out of the workers park
she now asked to pay as employees less he now the charge more for the house's it comes out of your wallet so what happen people build a thousand in this new support industry and two hundred thousand jobs were lost to support an industry of a hundred seventy eight thousand folks it is madness there's another article today about sugar tariffs do you know what the global price power for sugar is no i didn't neither the outweigh would been stunned the fugitive answer that correctly yes daniel its fourteen such wholly job that was particularly its fourteen censor he ought to power the price per pound for sugar in the united states is twenty three sets but outside why is that because we
protection airy terrorists that doesn't let the world sell their sugar trust for cheaper so if you're out thereby in whatever sugar coated owes cereal or whatever it may be or sugary flakes or for us the doom or whatever it may be that his breakfast security was thrust at heart attack whatever it may be and your by in this up with sugar all over your paying more because we have a tariff because the world can't sell us sugar cheap at somehow this benefits us how attached it benefits the sugar industry i'll tell you how it better it's the steel industry but these gentlemen it hurts everybody else this is zero sum the money having the economy is to be spent on something and when we pay more for something we could get cheaper it simply comes from someone else there's no money fairy you know
get it this is a super sensitive topic folks and as i said to you repeatedly we're all going to have to take it on the chin if we want this economy to grow but engaging in this endless tear of battle where now companies by by the way countries excuse me that companies countries just retaliate so when we put terror on sugar the mexicans tariff their sugar so we can't sell them sugar in and they want their terrify we want our terrified all of this is money coming out of your pocket that just hurt your neighbor that's it there it there no other explanation unless you believe in the money fairy you know i always debate the you know there's a story i mission yes and i want to get to this crisis this is a really good one so cato had a peace not put this in the show notes that
and i'm gonna be put in a show notes up at the bonn gino that common conservative review for a while until people can get too can start to find them cause has been a bit of a hassle so are we gonna get that tab upso good idea like cato has a piece by general driscoll which israel yes i was talking about sent its folks is a real mystery go and on the economy right now people have in a tough time figure it out but driscoll proposes some ideas have addressed this before on the unemployment rate which is really kind of farcical was under a bomb and it still is now is down pretty law it's down and there in the low fours right now shall four percent four point three percent but one of the problems of the unemployment rate which have explained repeatedly and show is the labour force participation rate is still really love so if if let's say you know for that four point three percent number that doesn't mean for point three percent of the u s population is unemployed folks i want to be clear on this that means for point
percent of the eu s population that's of a certain age looking for a job and eligible to work and not in prison is looking for a job at the problem with that is folks and think about this is you have to be looking for a job so if you're not looking for a job you're not counted in the rain that makes sense so that's not everyone people confuses now the problem we had the probably vat and their obama the prom it continues even though the economies do in better under trump no question about that meet before monks reasonable this is why are all these people still not looking for work if the economy is doing so well now here's a number for you this is this really scary ladies and gentlemen i'm at dublin high profile here in all this is a frightening number it has societal impacts cultural impact and moral impacts as well because of the value work twenty five to fifty four years men what're consider joe the prime workforce it says that i died
it's not a massage mystic statement certainly women at this is much valued meant the economy but met this is a problem almost exclusively amongst men that's why bring this up twenty five to fifty four year old men six percent of a more out of the work force just a couple of decades ago there are many rather the workforce now now fifteen percent two and a half times think about ladies and gentlemen this is a major league moral ethical and economic crisis double the amount of work age ready willing and supposedly able men are not working this is a bf thea big freakin deal folks now driscoll proposes a few ideas as to why this may be here he says listen we have ninety nine weeks of unemployment which was almost unprecedented unemployment choice we get an unemployment check and in i'm a lot of people just lost the skills it's a technological on bumpy didn't mention this but i'm just going to throw this on there
i live in a different environment joe if you were a farmer in the past you didn't really forget your farming skills you could walk out the back until a field again pretty easily right now if you are aware development assembly line worker and its three car model years later than when you left the car factory while the sudden your skills are invaluable anymore folksy new phenomena so some of these points probably went back and figured out the workforce it outgrow them him and left or never went back at all europe a designer you were using whatever fusion or whenever my wife uses and that stuff and all the sudden nobody uses anymore you got no job secondly assess the eye so security this billion shorts has exploded people are you not all some people were disabled obviously but people are you using social security disability insurance is almost an early insurance programme and it did the limits on it are are real evan loosen significantly folks is a moral crisis now
tomorrow i want to get into some some of this has to do with inflation being subdued because that's another argument out there i will bring it up with even the birch gold everybody's wondered where scene i'm telling you it's gonna be there there's no way to print the amount of money we did not find the inflation creep up no way and i have a suggestion how this ties in through the inflation argument i'll give you a quick hit something to think about with this poor joe i just mentioned of unemployed men looking for work or should we not looking for who could be yes maybe that pool it's what's depressing wages in other words wages are creeping up there because there's still this kind of blake reserve like bullpen people ready to come out of poor pen and maybe because of that lawyers are not paying higher wages because they understand they don't really have do you know what i'm saying there's not as many people the demand for the jobs not as high as it could be if that pool of bull pen
yours is still hiding in the bullpen wait later on you don't say if there's only one or two there's left for a job you know have a limited poor people you don't have to pay them but if there's a hundred people for a job you can test low wages you could make i tried you know try five dollars or seven thousand hours if someone takes it they can't do that right now because the pool of workers isn't as big as it would be but i'll give it a little bit more marxism deflation argument going on i got a couple of things i want to address my the obama care dare spiral continues with no end in sight i think so our folks i appreciate you turn it i'll see you just heard tan bonn gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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