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Ep 481 What the Heck is Going on in the Country Right Now

2017-06-14 | 🔗

In this episode I address the deteriorating political environment in the country and some potential security and political solutions to fix the problem.

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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog then bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anywhere waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa the death toll figure out that the government knows what's best than irritating showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bond jean i looked into the renegade republican at the embassy helpless joe how are you today man how do when a daily spoke sub but a somber day and i my daughter is is a school sooner florida the schools and early so united wake up as there are you sure got up
about six six hundred thirty i take her to school but lately i've been get not but about seven o clock or so and today i was super tired i was out late last night do in some jujitsu what my daughter and i was gonna beat up some sleep in my phone goes off in its attacks and a roll over and i lost in its you know fox and they said it was attacks from a a booker that hey can you come on we is breaking news about a shooting and i thought please god tell me now and i looked at the details and i was like it is unbelievable joe i mean this is this is incredibly you know is a guy's it ladys you know i was a former secret service agents on a mystery any body i've been warning about this for a long time if you listen to this show i have been on cable news i've been doing the show and i ve been talking about the consequences de personalizing your political opponents and making it a
good versus bad fight instead of a good versus bad ideas spite folks those who entirely different things you know there's the other day i was discussing critical theory and how the left a long time ago decided to embrace which noticed critical theory please look this up at in critical theory you're hot to view your political opponents as the rest verses you the oppressed your taught to create victim groups whether their group based on sexuality race religion culture a common language and those groups are very the aims of the oppressed and by doing that you create a a moral opposition a good voice it is bad fight not a good versus bad idea by another words taxes show doesn't become about attacks rate what's the best tax policy for growth and taxes about the evil one
patriarchal structure stealing money from the little guy and you therefore have to fight back on moral grounds not policy once do you understand how that argument in passions the folks we are in such a dangerous time right now what the political temperature the country i don't wanna be hyper great now because it's not the appropriate time for me we have obviously we want do a civil war the obvious in vietnam euro with the protest they weren't flame political passions but i'm forty two but maybe you all can send me emails and tweet me if if i of seen anything like this in the last forty years i mean there was obviously a lot of rage directed at george w bush i know i was on his security detail as an agent for three years i remember the protest but what i don't remember is a persistent daily cos
for treason charges impeachment mock decapitation mark assassination the guy's been in office what dub well what are we even at sea two months six my losing track of time trump spit it out six months there there there been called i'm adopted a blow up the white house cathy griffin at the chop as at off this isn't funny for something that is quick sponsor out of it to pay for the show up my apologies and i know brick house would understand if we are but they do pay for the show such quickly before we go on a tv show but you buy a brick house nutrition is they arrive at buddies over there the good guys miles and adam objects to everybody who support sponsors how to have a product energy product out there what's going to come in handy for me today it's going to be a really long day i'm in for mark levin tonight call dawn to dusk to great product folks i'd give it a shot at i have the down downsides of these energy drinks where you drink i'm at collapse an hour later because you're so tired gives you a nice ten our boost
energy is great for cross bitters working parents out their cops firemen military phossy at a lot of great feedback go to break out in addition dot com slash then that's brick house nutrition dotcom slash dan and i go check it out i appreciate that we do live reads on the show so i know this is exactly the time but thou you hope you all understand these guys do pay for sponsorship and i know they will understand too if we're if we decided not to do it but that is what you have to pay for the show again when view your political opponent is in a presser they're not worthy of dignity i can't say that enough and that is what critical theories encouraged and wiker it a critical theory focuses so dangerous is it it's being taught in our school so you may say to yourself what's your apparent there and your daughter or sign is going to college and all of a sudden has its hate for trump like you ve never seen i could catch that's my daughter my son never saw such such nastiness before you have been distilling even
they don't understand what critical theory is critical theory has imbued our academic institutions and they're the ones filtering these ideas down to your kids now for me oh no the motivation of the shooter yet i wanna be crystal clear on this we don't i dont my work will have to act the show tomorrow i'm i'm watching this right now this is the show is low it's a lie but to live as possible anyway it's on the air twenty minutes after we're done but regard so the motivation of the shooter they political terms but you're in the country has got to be dial down afforded perceive forward as as representative democracy a constitutional republic there is no by way how can we have a system joe where when one side loses the democrats the other side the republicans or the oppressors enter be taken out by any means necessary what what it is the third world guys this critical fee
we also focuses on objective versus subjective everything to them subject of meaning its only seen to the eye the beholder there are no objective facts of them everything is to reinforce this power structure in this power structure has to be dismantled at all costs that's how why we ve seen the growth of this anti for which they think stands for the fascist but i'm telling you stands for anti first amendment because you're not allowed to speak in their work i'll be your subjective view of the world if you're a white male who a conservative republican is on there it doesn't matter no matter what facts you have no matter what information you have its irrelevant you are the oppressor and you need to be stopped folks this is chris call that we stop this stuff now a couple things on this colfax i wanna put out there from my perspective reserve as an agent
so question in my mind that this was an act of targeted violence i don't think that's a mystery to any one at this point a couple factors here things that we already know that are facts that indicate that this was targeted violence many was at random we say wasn't a robbery i dont think it was you know what a disgruntled spouse a crime the passion this was targeted violence if we have a rifle usually the acts of if in my experience when you look at a mode of crimes of passion emotional crimes you know up again i involved in domestic violence whose beating up another spouse a monster you know sadly and the inner or been out its crimes of passion is what i'm getting at usually those acts are up close and personal because that person wants the other person to know that they did so
i'd say you know you're a dear you're in a better abusive relationship and then and now husband or the wife or whatever has been stalking you if they are going to do so thing like this they're going to go do it up close and personal obviously in this case it wasn't a husband or a wife and i'm just trying to tell you that these crimes of passion i'm using that example that make sense show to show you that these are used to close and personal you wouldn't use a rifle a rifle shot from a distance given the length of the barrel makes it easier to do your act from a distance so you you would quickly use a handgun a knife whatever a baseball bat whatever it may be and you want that to know it was you that data so this says to me that this was an act of terror forget it violence directed at a group of people whether it dino targeted violence can be a political assassination it can be school violence it was are getting that a very specific group now there were some
ports earlier if you heard congressmen rhonda sant issue is a congressmen down here i think in the six district in florida i know run a really good guy he was at the practice while practice in virginia joe and he had said at one point that dumb someone parking lot had approached them he left early the shooting happened at seven fifteen and he had left his seven o clock when he said so a strange looking man walked up to him and tim now this is folks this is really odd and had stem are those republicans are democrats out there on the feel now if that's true who when i have no reason to question runs a good man is a jag officer and a military militaries regional lie about this adds another layer of complexity and just confirms my story number one it was a rifle used meeting was a distance of aunt beating the guy is looking to impact maximum casualties but wasn't so much concerned about getting up in their face like some kind of crime of passion would be but secondly he did ass someone of those republicans are democrats and assorted firing because
they were republicans folks this is really even worse this is incredibly dangerous now want to get to a possible solution here because me you know give by secret service perspective without a way to fix this is kind of useless but before i do that in folks i rarely do this i fear regularly certainly show you know i mean job we have many times we played my clips wife maybe in two years or twice maybe there i try not to do that because it's not you it's kind of stupid kate the cinema and i'll listen to me again on tape but this is critical folks i wanna play this clip i did it short fox and friends this week em to show you that just making this up at a nowhere people like me the only one there but a bunch of people markel van limbaugh hannity who been saying for a long time we have to dow down the temperature against tromp your something's gonna happen for a long time want you to listen to these words i had said this andrews smith's steve do seem brain kill me dad this weekend whoever was villain and advice in france honor
we get a plane to catch i'm not surprised by this at all you know the parting of j f k the democratic parties but on a slow decline since then and they ll their moral base again i'm not talking about all democrats but you have to stay in the modern far left is the modern liberal sees the world in terms of the good and the bad guys the oppressor versus the oppressed they don't care what ends the to justify their means which is removing trump from power if its normalizing violence against them if its using outright just outlined this language if it's making up walls crimes against them like the trump russia fairy tale the conspiracy theory they don't care they ve lost more about rock and the left has gone mentioned with rage at last line the law he's gone mad with rage folks i use my words on cable television very very carefully that's not my show that there shall am i shall i say what i want and i do a very careful on cable because
it's it's a national audience it's not my show some people may not know me and i'm a little more deliberate those who view eubulus to the show understand the context of my word you could see what i'm getting at joe they'll understand them the regular listens to the show i could tell by howard download patterns work and the people who join in typically download the entire libraries come on board i am careful i use that term rage very deliberately and i used it in turn in conjunction she's me with the term normalizing violence the left is normalized violence and what i mean by normalizing violence to not that you'd get lost in a sea word salads here is when something happens on the right that involves let me give you an example i was on an activist hard i i'd love doing rallies and speeches and things like that that's that was my thing that's what i always did before i got into podcasting and running for office and stuff i really enjoy it
i was at and i know joe you probably been at some too and your morning show when you have you ever been a concern preventive rally where some knucklehead shows up with a flag that says i kill obama or something like that that guy is almost immediately every time thrown out by the organizers folks s is not i am not arguing the point if you're a liberal listening to you like here right just turn off this i really don't care i was there i saw it i can tell you the actual events where it happened gone rallies and marilyn second amendment rallies there was a rally in dc with the government shut down i was there when i saw people thrown out for frankly less than that the signs that even say that i've peanut joe i know you ve seen it i know you ve heard about it i know sean who you do the morning show with has seen it himself the right does a darn good job not a perfect job but a dog aren't good job of policing itself can urban how do i get not open for dispute i was
the heritage foundation for my book it still out there on youtube if you googled mancino heritage foundation a lady got up said something entirely i thought inappropriate about obama i said listen that's not true and at you saying it at this event does it make it your i could have said oh yeah it's only conservatives don't worry i'm just gonna pylon do it i am trying to be ratified so i'm just saying we do a good job of policing ourselves the only way stop the normalization of violence in other words the tv the lack of outright is to show some outrage when it happens joe yet where are the where's nancy pelosi seriously where's retired senator harry red where's humor where's per obama where them on statements written press statement or or or press conferences giving a pressing let's go and listen let's just lay it out i this is
i'd like to see from the stop the normalization of violence we disagree with trump i don't like as tax policy on alike is obamacare policy i don't like his power education policy frankly i don't like any about europe this is them talk not me mark assassinations mocked decapitations shutting down free speech dropping people on college campuses ripping their signs down and treating them like animals is completely entirely inappropriate we wouldn't accept it from conservative and liberals it's time to wake up where's the speech where is the speech where's the speech where is that george you heard it am i missing something no crickets down your damn right crickets damn right crickets cause you're on the year for hours every morning fatah conservative show in baltimore and this is what she should have been talking about this for ever so in case you buy that shown handle this
when he shut with job forever where's the left you know i said do an interview or outbox business you call me child you remember them mccain presidential rally bill cunningham the radio hosts gets up any called obama parag hussein obama and became what nazi remember that yeah yeah he was became was like you got out there was entirely inappropriate folks tat guy used obama middle may never said anything else about impersonal that was gonna be like an insult or god forbid a call for assessing asian or blow up the white ass he used a bomb is middle name and became a crazy we gotta stop this it was a national outcry where's the outcry amongst the left right now all we did was your promise but only they had a rodeo clown joe put an obama mask on they didn't do a fake decapitation people the guy got fired he was the subject of national news stories humiliating this guy
because conservatives police their own where's the after the right now folks where are you guys don't fall or ass fine whatever you want a high taxes vote you pay office and do it you love obamacare v your people it office and defend it you loved it publicly education system status quo fine i'm due to wear are you on this on violence its repression on political violence folks it doesn't matter what the motive of the shooter is now i mean it matters further best negation later on but it doesn't matter for this conversely if this guy it turns out tomorrow joe i mean about it a hypothetical but i absolutely meanness let's say tonight we find
did the computer up excuse me the shooter i'm looking to my computer i know i'm so far up about this topic if we find out tonight the shooter thought they were democrats on the field and it was a tea party guy this exact same conversation will happen tomorrow i promise you you have my word it it doesn't matter if the guy had an hour versus de behind this ain't it doesn't matter if you share bernie sanders or donald trump stuff on facebook it doesn't matter if he shared hillary clinton versus ted cruises stuff on facebook it doesn't matter he's a savage and a political temperature has got to be down my law well not using his name in vain we need now more than ever five what you believe in but fighting forward you believe in doesn't include actual we finally me other guy this is man you know yeah means rosa uganda this is
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without doubt of democrats take over the conversation at this point talk to their media damn media complex their media friends concern our friends the republicans and they start giving public statements about this which dials stuff down but secondly as the security arrangements now a couple people have asked me they are have always wasn't it secret service no secret service does not protect the members of the house and set it they have no they're they're not involve without at all we have nothing do without the united states secret service protects the president's family the vice presidents family foreign heads state they also have details on some people in the white house through the president the dinner deems necessary in the age s secretary has a secret service details well so they don't protect foreign ministers there foreign heads of state and that the debates with the heads of government present vice president a family members congress some select members folks do have security details but those details aren't you service they are u s capital police very good guys
train with them before ten today i college inside surveillance class with a lot of these guys really good really talented really smart law enforcement officers they have a uniform division those are the guy's outside the capital in the blue uniforms and they have a plain clothes division with the earpieces that does what basically secret service does they do say dignitary protection for their guys now when the questions i was getting for media people with running as well who gets protection and who doesn't while here that the general rules on that our leadership has protection all the time so when miss mc on all chuck humor the leadership of both parties ryan scully so was the house majority whip it he's in a leadership position and kevin mccarthy the house majority leader they have details also on the democratic side is not a partisan thing that makes sense show the other rank and file members so members up the members of the there any leadership members in maryland
we're down here in florida they don't have details they do not have security that may surprise a lot of people these guys don't have security details now folks i'm someone sent me what are they gonna get security details now folks there are five hundred thirty five members when you factor in the house it said it four hundred thirty five members and a hundred members of the senate i'm telling you my history with this there that's not even logistically possible and here's why here's that they take away from this security for m is zero sum game okay so jealous you have a uniform capital police officer whose let's say his post is the interest of the rayburn building that post haste bill twenty four hours a day so they were say three people plus like a backup so it's for people do it the minute you take four of those guys and say hey you're going to go protect congressman from florida what what do you do about this that the door to the building its zero sum in other words you take from one you go and have to take it
whereas in there's just not enough maybe now with the secret service its different we have a it'd portfolio will protect eat we have the president vice president foreign heads to stating its busy around the u n time but we have a little bit of plasticity in their cause we have field office sergio let's say god forbid there was an attack against the president right secret service can go to the new york field offices a hey we're pump up the ppp the presidential protective division we need out we need fifty guys that can happen tat can happen at the capitol now you may say while they could just higher new guys and train of absolutely correct you are correct good point well done folks for those you just said that here is the problem screening process alone is about six months the trainings another six months and in the oj tea on the job training to get ready do personal protection is probably another two or three months after that you are at least a year away by that time we can already be through the mid terms the problem joe sure do ok
i define the problem great what're you gonna do about it here's a solution i see that protects both the taxpayer pinterest protects the members of congress chris folks listen i know i'm going to get emails on this fine i understand i appreciate different perspectives i get a lot of critical emails lot of positive you know someone's going to say dan this is one incident let's relax not every member of congress needs a security detail full time folks i agree i'm not saying they do i've just saying that right now with the political temperature i think it would be a pretty good idea to start to consider ways to keep the deal i meet folks how if this happens again god forbid the next couple weeks i'm i'm i'm serious the end our integrity of the constitutional republic is at stake i people are going to start to panic a little bit if this were to happen again for a minuscule taxpayer cost what we could do joe in they in the interim while we bump up the capital police force in at least give a few members have what we call porter portal portal to portal protection which door to door mean enough to be their twenty four hours but that's it
pick some up and get him to the capital they pump up security are these guys are off campus a little bit what we could do in the interim as we could work better with local law enforcement so what happens is the way capital police will work because a lot of times if a member if there's a legitimate threat against a member it's a senator or congressmen they go back to their district alum live florida so let's say that anguish man here goes and gives a town hall and there's a viable threat sometimes send the capital police member but sometimes i work with the other important county the work with the martin county sheriff and elsewhere you guys provide some protection at the event which they typically do anyway so i we're gonna have to do is get a little more vibrant engage mobile local police officers to protect these guys when they're back in districts or even with these natural right now which covers d c and i but there's some jurisdictional issues but you have these he metro you apart police cindy see you have a number you have federal protective there's enough assets your suit him get match indeed see you at least them
interim alp kind of buttress the security plan is this an egg said the political temperature is way too hot right now and it's really disturbing so i think we ve we need tat we really need to look into that we need to look at the pumping up the capital police force folks it's a minuscule cost the taxpayer time is small government guy at heart but the political assassination which may have been this may be a case again of targeted violence is is a legitimate threat to the republic as we know it and don't be don't be silly ill by the fact it we ve lived in such a safe place for so long that we disagree with this is the status quo it doesn't have to be if we become a place where which norton violet becomes completely normalizing as political figures we're gonna have complete total chaos don't be misled the fact that the united states i won't happen here yet tat those are famous last words believing by the way social wasting money on everything else i see no good reason cannot do this you're talking again about a man
of course we have a four trillion dollar budget we away thing trillions and trillions of dollars on countless gum programmes that are doing absolutely nothing to actual secure the integrity of our constitutional system and make sure that we have a good time security net around these guys when they need a democrats and republicans to get the job done free of intimidation is literally not even a thousandth of a penny for every american you're too king about like a miniscule minuscule cost it's important to understand the same one more note on this before we go i had a couple of the stories i was going to get to inflation obamacare but obviously in light of the events you know today it's probably entirely inappropriate to be discussing that stuff i wanted to get to this instead i when i was an agent i was and we have a section in the secret service called protective intelligence now protective intelligence what
its agents do as a investigate presidential threat case is now all of those cases this is not classified information in any way shape or form by the way is nothing proprietary about it they talk about in public all the time all of the protective intelligence cases are run out of the headquarters division the headquarters division of the secret service they then have sections of the field office that the weather agents are out in the field so but that the cases of theirs bread case called into the new field field office say a guy in the bronx calls from a pay phones says i want to shoot the present or whatever may be a we go out we get up then it'll be new york field agents to do that but the headquarters section the intelligence division will monitor and oversee the case so when you do put a case together that case the first three digit so the case number headquarters and not so the new york field office i think was one o eight or something that was there three digit code for the case number so let's say joe a counterfeit case in new york is the first cases
yeah let's say it's one away dash one right when you run a counterfeit case that's that's the kidney or case someone you run a protective intelligence case it'll have a headquarters intelligence division number before it and the reason that is because you can't close out the case without headquarters reviewing it first that's how seriously they take this stuff right the these three cases they run a matter headquarters but we do them and when we do them sorry ram i'm just trying to give you some background how these things work the agents are responsible even rookies foregoing out therein interviewing interviewing these people i'm telling you i've interviewed i was in a p i squad for a long time you have no idea what's going to inspire a lot of these people to an act of political violence it could be anything from they changed the the bread selection at their supermarket in a guy thinks the cia did it to i'm folks you may
be glad i'm not kidding like you have no idea what's going to knock one of these people over the edge if their thinking about an active targeted political violence you have no idea i'm saying that because if its if the bread selection in that in the supermarket that keeps him over the edge what do you think this per with this severe delusional belief system the cia is targeting of trump tell them to do it what do you think this person things when he sees cathy griffin holding a bloody stump ahead step ahead of trump that take a stump what he thinks it what do you think that person takes what do you think person thinks when they're watching a mock assassination for a play in new york city what do you think that person's thinking folks the answer is that person's thinking of wow look at this maybe i can do that too and i've seen it i've been reviewed these people do not think for a second if you engaged in this on the left that you're not contributing to the potential demise of someone later on of something like this happens i folks thanks again for tuna in her really pretty
and it s your mom you just ten bonn gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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