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Ep 487 The Media is Misreading Voters, and the Data

2017-06-22 | 🔗
In this episode I address the media's failure to analyze the mood of the Trump voter and their selective use of data.   I also discuss voter ID and the Left's misleading use of statistics to make spurious claims.  https://www.google.com/amp/amp.nationalreview.com/article/448765/hillary-clinton-wisconsin-voter-suppression-claim-dubious-excuse-flawed-campaign   Finally, I address the unnecessary secrecy behind the Obamacare replacement bill.
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on a lot about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboose is the death toll figure out that their government knows what's best than here in plenary showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bond jean i walk into the regular publican with their bonds you know pollution joe how are you today doing well man all ready to go brother yeah lot to talk about today so i just wanna hit a couple quick things here you know these this cost
focus i think the media is actually electing republicans in these special elections whether they know what are not making these things a referendum i tromp and totally not understanding that they are not referenda on trumped are individual congressional races between republicans democrats making it a reference my tribe drop makes it a race between the media and job which michonne and ability to win over and over again so i covered that on her facebook live to having to hit that briefly know when i get to a couple of the stories as well putting it really dangerous i'm not i'm seemed going on right now dangerous to the republic no mean physically dangerous but this negotiation it secret stuff we're seeing whether it's a care for republicans whether result bomber care for democrats when this this is this is not good this is bad stuff folks but i want to get to that
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what are the people running in these races have very little to do with trump other than the fact that their running as republicans and there's an opponent running as a democrat make sense show there not some of whom are running with tromp some of whom are running and not running against but they're not really saying much about trump some of my different ideas then trump but the meeting is obsessed with quote sending a message to tromp so you can you see the sea and ends and msnbc and nbc news you know that ensuring media which are hopelessly biased left in their obsession her tromp they keep saying is congressional race if the republican loses its as such the trump the problem is the pub playing along because the democrats keep losing their overall i have now in these races there that's zero wins for five losses for democrats ok the republicans keep winning so i guess the margins have been slimmer than republicans have performed historically in these districts here's what i think is going on you know for those you
regular resources program you know my story about when i ran for congress last time in how joe and i predicted the trump victory when nobody but very few people warming chrysalis ahead from the washed imposed trumps chances of winning at zero i still have a snapshot of the screen shot of the washing impose headlines and alice and i am not the carnatic guide the magic predictor of each or was it zol tar for a model tat movie big was itself dar whenever but what thanks i notice when i was running for congress knocking on doors and its critical you understand this out there's i would knock on the door those running in a republic in primary in florida so when you running in a republican primary win republic in votes in a really competitive primer you knock on republic indoors don't knock on democratic doors in the primary it's no sense tactically at all why because democrats vote nor republican primary florida general election you knock on democratic or try to change their minds you don't do that the primary not if you want to win so i
what is that i was given a walk list of republican voters and when you get when you pay for data when you running for offices is how this works you'll get a whenever you use voter gravity it whatever company out there has tons of companies that do this they will aggravate for you pay we're gonna google maps type thing a walk licit really call you pull up it's a u you click on ass a that tells you the name it tells you how often they voted it obviously doesn't tell you who they voted for a secret ballot system but it tells you how often they vote you could be reasonably ashore joe if when you gone that house in a google maps type programme in europe congressional candidate and it said whenever twenty twenty mocking bird lane right and it says we lay down its end melissa bag doughnuts live an errand a vote in the last four primaries unless war generals in their registered republicans you could be relatively confident these are pretty die hard republicans point of the story i would be checking the last stand i see a trump sign in driveway and i'd be like wild gush why aren't they on the list just gotta be a mistake and i would look
it would be so say a republic in you eta voters and it was like one to twelve say it's over someone who never misses an election no matter what like a nuclear explosion couldn't keep them away from an election right those are the people joe you want to knock at their doors because guarantee voters ripe the reason what are these people weren't showing up on my list that had trump signs in their driveway and on their long as they were like are once and it was a voted that once in the last thirty years if at all and i thought you know what i wanna keep wasting time because the way the district was set up in florida ink in cape coral in naples in that area there's a lot of canals and cape coral so it was very difficult to drive the route because of the i mean to walk the walk because every time you reach a corner be called cul sack sac serbia canal i'm not swim to the other side of the street so you have to get back in the car in contrast where i ran in maryland where you going each away development you just walk a big circle so i do
on a key passing the house's up you see what i'm saying didn't make sense if you're in a cul de sac you're stuck there you can't swim across might as well not gonna damn door with the trump sign here stop wasting time so i spoke to pay under these people and forgive me if i'm wrong but it's a really critical point and after speaking to problem two or three hundred of these trumped sign voters will call them that we're not regular voters i realise there republicans their registering republican devote for trump they're not voting for trump to vote for the republican party their vote registering republican only about four shrub folks if trump and as a bit of it though a wig w hiv the way you know the whigs he waked before now defunct party if trump raiders a wig david stir the whig party if you read the libertarian they would vote libertarian they are not traditional republicans therefore couple of
things there not turning up i think an appalling data with appalling data show how john us off the can democratic congressional candidate georgia by seven you send me a new war we sat on the show go back and listen we were very sceptical as a guy's take it easy with these paul's ok the winning by force or the paul was excuse me losing by four paul was way off off by eleven points we think about it possibly up by seventy lost by four so that's it pretty dramatic swing i'd borneo listen be careful with these policies people aren't showing up in the polls i said this not showing up in focus group data because they are not people in the data sets that all of the political operatives in dc or buying joseph there all buying the same data you get what i'm saying like if you go to say i think i use voter gravity and i it will we use a second timer say there were a hunch
companies that do this folks they put out data sets of voters were ways mailing list candidates by them so if i am not run can we be crystal clear but if i were to i'm not but to play for a second again you go to these companies and say you want to send out an issue mailer you go to one of you companies new say i want to send an issue mailer out on social security they will take the data set and they will say well by be better to get people sixty five or older who republicans and here the addresses and here's how we find makes sense from but understand this ladies and gentlemen it the same data the only difference between drug companies i'm asking to buy the data set from is how they massage it they use different the voters scores but it's not like they're all accessing some different stuff it's the same stuff some of they have access to magazine subscriptions and a couple of things but it's the same voter data it just how they aggregated a massage it so the
i'm trying to make that i make over and over again on the show whenever i discuss things like big data how big data can lead to big mistakes i've always use the bertrand russell turkey problem how all the turkeys on the farm there born in we're going to be slaughtered a year in but they don't know it and societies turkey's on a farm can access the internet have access to big data and every day they are putting in data about their life in the farm these turkey's are like this is greatest place every day to day three before this former comes out every morning he feeds ass he chases off the wolves it's nice warm in here this is the greatest place on earth sending emails by day three certain sixty joe these emails are spread around the world all the turkeys are coming into the farm gonna can we get a spot until day three honey sixty five or by other heads go off then are all dead you see how big data that data wasn't lying joe at dayton hundred and sixty four the data was absolutely correct farmer john
this reading every one of them providing more providing food providing safety the problem is the big data if it spread around a hundred thousand turkey's what not been wiped out maybe twenty one of if only twenty on the form the problem is you know not ninety nine thousand more commuter over the farm based on data set that was incomplete and if you do factor roomy incompleteness of that then what do you do it leads big catastrophic garrets problem we had the housing market when due to big data and the guilty of companies to see what other companies were doing that was not there in the past you didn't you know in the community banking joe a hundred years ago loans were made locally you are talking to i could china about it what would it was too and real estate there wasn't a chinese real estate bark in a hundred years ago but banks we're talking because the growth of internet technology data sharing croissants people who analyze data
and they were all saying while chases investing in housing housings gotta be a good bet nanda government with subsidize again wells fargo when all these other people issuing mortgages so what happened show they also bobby's doing it so we should do it and it is created circular spiral world the turkey started piling pilot onto the farm at the data set wasn't complete the dataset was incomplete because once you had a minor blip in the housing market and spread sale started to go down which they never thought would happen and demands dry up a little bit oversupply kicked in the whole housing market was wiped out none of this would have happened if it wasn't for the international and in a basically global exchange of data now how how does this relate to inform our trump this is what happening with trump right now you're having big data group think they're using the same data sets on voters that are not taking into account voters just voted for trop for the first time if you would like the data set be complete and you
but acknowledge the faults in it now granted the dataset wooden of work pre election i mean i i say data have complete over a few cycles if these people continue to vote show they will become part of the big data set there not now so but they don't acknowledge that the data you don't really you an error rate i could be plus or minus three or four but what i'm saying is obvious we the date is wrong nature whose it was a pretty popular famous people so even acknowledged he before that georgia x ray she said there's a seventy percent chance that the democratic and alsace gonna to win and a thirty percent chance that big data math is all wrong your all wrong it's not that the date is the day is wrong it's at the analysis of the data is wrong in other words you our policy people are saying they won't role for trump it's just a role pretty paul there's all
what's your people you're not public as they don't appear because they have a yard sign they ve never voted they're not in your data set and you're all using the same dataset now the mistake there making does that make sense showed that i learned that point right next year prison rain isn't it near stoa three point three one good thank you the problem i see that me and i'm not giving anybody advice folks i'm just trying to explain the republicans to how this can turn around a bidest later on its own it's better to know they're not now and we'll get the secrecy thing in a moment but dont we eventually they are going to figure this out and they're gonna stop making these things a referendum on trump and they're going to run local candidates on local issues which frankly folks is the way to win these congressional races you're a damn crap you want to run on the second amendment in a republican leaning county body that's probably the way to do it it's working
virginia for a long time they're gonna figures out eventually and this is my warning sign before the twenty eighteen alleges that mean he's going to figure out getting it is what i mean figure out is it referendums on not working because when you make local race erase about anything other than the candidates who are actually running you know what i'm saying joe you actually drawing our trump voters who frankly joe couldn't give a rat's caboose about the candidates these are the people in the yard signs that it does not damage disparaging and these people have actual lives they work for a living there hardworking americans they do real stuff they don't work journalism all day there not watching cnn they only found out that the race was a referendum on trump as the media set at every single day and they probably accidentally clicked on the nightly news one night sore story that this is a record my trump if if karen here loses trouble get hurt now they're like really these are people jobs at work for living job they catch the story you know they get off
early one night because are actually we stopped at here like this a referendum on i better get out vote you see by point to me you're like gave the luxury of the republic is because there's so obsessed with said nigger sorry to trouble not realising that the trap voters are sending a message to you which is the double barrel middle finger what has two thumbs thanks to middle figures in the air and screws the media sky rapids every time they can't seem to get past the that the mid nobody trusts them trump is historically unpopular news flash you're historically more unpopular in the media people just shut up again he may say why you give him if i am not giving them advice a morning republicans that is already happening now a case
you have any doubt what i'm saying is true a god damn and you're just make a mess up the democrats aren't gonna change europe they may not i mean like i said to you yesterday show they are obsessed with more gin base problem solving you know i was in graduate school for psychology for a pretentious at the you know i never talk about education stuff i think it's like people tell you what degrees they have known you wanna like it get him in like a rear naked choke a jujitsu unlike happened about you like will you please shut opposite number it's it's relevant only to this topic there was a really bad professor ahead it was a huge liberal but if you're smart guy anyway used to say to me all the time but when we are talking about people who have not i owe chemical imbalances in the brain but who have like problems with mood and adjusting to the euro to the life circumstance and things like that you know they're not clinically cycle pathological by have some issues dealing with things he would say one of problems i see you all the time is the idea of emotion
base problem solving versus problem base problem solving these people do the wrong thing who is when it's time to focus on the emotions because there's no problem to be fixed in other words i death not your death obviously but death in the family her father and mother god forbid you know i know joe you that you have dealt with this recently man you know html yeah you grieve i mean this is your parents is now but the reality is when you think about it rationally the problem there is nothing you can do about the problem that death is obviously permanent there's nothing that what you have to learn stay with emotions and what people want to do sometimes this is his psychology which was telling me this was the professor is it they they can sadly that they're always seeking to like somehow bring the person back and relieve the rather than dealing with the amount you can't deal with any said the device versa too sometimes will deal with emotions when they should be dealing with the problem why am i not now i was going to ask the commission what is that is doing
the media democrat complex is so angry a trump show that they are not focus on the problem there are only four based on the emotions and a way to deal with the emotions and unhappy about the problem no way to deal with a quote problem of tromp of your democrat media complex guy joe is shocker too the elections which they ve shown absolutely no evidence they can do with the state federal local level the democrats have ebbene power so much data the least power they patents and ninety twenties based on they federal local power indexes of how many elected offices they hope but there doing that joseph know that standard operating procedure for the left me dealing with emotions does it feel good does it feel bad i mean that's normal that's what i would expect
it ate it from your absolute it's it's its obsession with intentions rather than real there you know that there are always focused on the intentions of policy and their thing i had its obsession with emotion and and being married to feelings and its imbued them even tat the weight of the point right now there's so mad a trump they may not change course at least in the short i want to say contradictory things but at least in the short term because they're still obsessed with dealing with their hatred and anger towards shrub which is doing nothing they need to focus on the problem but they will figure it out and it at i'm i'm pretty sure and that's why it's a warning sign the republicans that we better keep our candidates in the races we'd better get good candidates out there we better be ready to deal with them on local issues and not necessarily anymore referendums on trop now here two weeks to show you that they are getting it chris murphy democrat senator from connecticut who
this guy was one of the biggest conspiracy theorists out there about the trump russia fairytale here so heave he said yesterday after the election here's a quote from him as a democrat senator from connecticut speak about the russia things that i have to say you talkin about borders right now because they are never talking about issues like russia there just not talking about it he was frankly about what's on cable tonight we are not talking about russia he was giving this was one of the biggest russia conspiracy theorist advocates of all and he is now saying that the voters on the ground just aren't talking about this and he says the and they're not watching cable news at night what didn't you tell me yesterday show i told you that those twenty percent of persuadable when i was knocking on doors have no idea what you're talking about the strong pressure thing most of whom are like war whatever it is embarrassing we move on to stuff that actually matters to me second debbie dangle say i democratic representative another one need not far left but far enough left
debbie dingle said the identity politics platform is killing absolutely killing the democrat party this is a democrat rap talking about in other words the democrats obsession with calling everybody erases the homophobic massaging the foe before beneath the esta whatever you know it's involves everything's gonna be in history for racist or if up she said this is killing us now i've warned about that but again joe it's an obsession with the emotions of the democratic party they are they're losing they want to personally they want to feel better about themselves their rage in their anger so what they do is they do what children do they they d scream out and they have temper tantrums and that temper tantrum is your racist and even debbie dig like avis this isn't working calling people racists and abandoning half the country it considers itself conservatives by smearing them with racist in an anti gay nonsense it's just not working so on the
on the so on one side of it the democrats are still feel previous angry hateful towards trump and i think that in the short term at least that still gonna dominate a bit but in the long term even some of the most ardent conspiracy theories and haters of tromp are starting to figure out that justice this justice not working so again i bring suppose a warning sign the republican candidates you are gonna get local candidates in these i'm even seen the eighteenth down here in this but i am ass the lesson is a guy i am palm beach county states attorneys garrett burglah heat it he's spoke about put his name in a ring and what i would call a cent despite these are guys we're going to try to run on local issue show you can i see in the twenty eight teen elections referendums on tromp you're just not unless as approval raining goes down even worse makes sense now and it's like old democratic here the old democrats will be turned over their grave with what's going on today with the new democrats by workers the old guy
would deal with issues i mean you even remember joe you know in maryland i mean in maryland that deep blue state do you know they ve deva democrats it's over there while back were you'd army when wendy groupers burger first got elected he was i i mean he was definitely a blue dog me to change later you're absolutely right run on the money but this is in maryland the deep blue stay uniting chose right even a guy like dot you add some mainstream in bona fides and god forbid now you're a democrat with whose pro life i mean it just doesn't happen so you'll end up our j f k is drove over his grave right right ok i posed to be checked out perch yet i was funny i was doing some investments yesterday and i really like these guys because i'm really concerned even only forty two years old i know i'm not that all but am very concerned about volatility inflation i've spoken about this on the show often folks the federal reserve is holding literally
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ass we have free sixteen page guide there's no commitments on how to move your i re into one back by precious metals gold and silver this isn't a plus rated company by a better business beer read their reviews if you think we're budget any the numbers which we'd never do we don't take on crappy sponsor syria to down some guy the other they actually birch gold that the check him out a plus raided better business bureau by countless five star views rather reviews from actual customers yourself you be very impressed go request europe free sixteen page guides pretty comprehensive and check it out no commitments the do it just go check it out brcko dotcom slash there ok one quick story before i want the secrecy and obamacare thing you know i always talk about her down democrats can almost never tell you the truth and you know don't like matthews category because like that but sadly folks a true the examples are everywhere and here are the stories not super relevant to what's going on but it's enough
for example of how and i mean this this is why when i was younger and i was relatively independent meaning when i start to figure out what democrats really did i have no loyalty to them no class at all but even lot of them not necessarily most principle in the world the rhinos joe not going to lie to you that off that you know that not be happy with what they're doing but at least you know what they're you know i mean if they want to cut taxes they don't make it up bill acknowledge our we legitimately want to cut taxes democrats don't do this democratic you do is they fudged the numbers constantly and if you just here's my best advice if you hear something from a democrat that sounds insane i got giving them was watching a sunday show when they knew show and us commentator this is like fire years ago when i lived in cement apart one of these democrat talking heads whose commentator type said while the government's far more efficient at delivering health care
take the administrative costs of medicare they beat the private sector i said what i addressed us i think on the show yesterday or less we i think that's the deal this thing of ever i just google myth medicare officially private sector and like a hundred articles came up debunking how stupid that ideas it doesn't make any sense of course which it was ridiculous it but i saw one yesterday i want to bring up you so tammy baldwin who is a democrat senator from wisconsin and hillary clinton both are trying to explain away why the republican party is winning in wisconsin ok so that's the premise republican parties winning that's a fact donald trump one the state on johnson one reelection as a republican senator from wisconsin scott walker one election real action and then re election and in a recall election there winning stately despite your seat and the democrats or in a panic they need a narrative joe the democrats always needed narrative to explain away the obvious right which
they are losing so instead of just admitting were losing we're not doing well let's fix the problem they need to pitch annette lifted the media to make it out like they're looking better than they really are because any leads to this kind of get of energy like that book the secret or whatever and believe that stuff but you know you don't want the negative energy did you so their narrative possess job voter idea border idea data voters suppression their voters surprise that's why we're losing and tear me boy when recited statistic that has been the bug so thoroughly that frankly she should have been embarrassed bringing it up she's not propaganda repeated again she said the voter i reduce turn out in wisconsin by two hundred thousand voters all my guys that's insane really a two hundred thousand people were stopped at about stuff here the universal side for stop time out red flag work under the hood for review your folks yes you cannot vote gosh
hundred thousand people could but we would take there would be media stories on cnn every night focus groups i was prevented from the poles you two hundred thousand people so hans vaunts bukovsky is the greatest need ever who writes for national views personal friend and a good man and i'm telling you there is no more thought potatoes source on voter idea that hans once because he's been on c before but you are this guy i is amazed he wrote a piece for national review which will include in the show notes in their bid i beg you to sit down and a couple of the people the show no direct conservative review dot com under the podcast have on work in it move come over to bomb gino dot com to just to make it easy for people have in a tough time but thanks for the eurozone but i'll put the artist
any brings up some interesting numbers absolutely thoroughly debunking this ridiculous report that came out and was put out by two left leaning groups that two hundred thousand people couldn't book folks again this is clear as day these are facts what just throw this out and make them look silly so the twenty sixteen turn out joe was down from twenty twelve but why was it down be twenty sixteen turn out was higher than it was in two thousand and eight before there was rowed right you are so how do i get when you choose pick a data set at you cherry pick it from twenty twelve to twenty sixty rather than a twenty eight presidential elections of twenty sixteen you can get what is it eyes them lies in statistics you can get statistics to say anything when you massage suggested track twenty eighteen
was no voter id joe two thousand and eighteen how do you shoot a two thousand and eight two thousand and eight presidential like two thousand and eight there was there was no voter id in twenty sixteen the turnout was higher than it was in two thousand eight with voter rightly so if order i d with suppressing the vote which is nonsensical how is that but her turn out higher and twenty sixteen that it was in two thousand and eight this is a vexing issue is a vaccine but of course if you pick twenty twelve years starting boy you know what i'm saying is like saying that this is how they do statistics second let's you know those george brat who i use a great their base when i came to see well let's say george bread god forbid at a rest injury in his career and during a one month it was batting two hundred which is pretty bad let's say you
forget the year he won the batting title with batting average of i think he had three ninety or somethin one you you must have fewer a four banning erigena guy was phenomenal bread but let's say you pick that one month you're starting point ignore all the other data in the past george bread pretty much that's right the cash this two hundred eater no you dope he's at almost or a hundred haiti wasn't a season just had a bad rest you just pick the statistical starting point at the wrong point that this latest it's our wrong twenties steve voter turnout was lower than twenty dwell but it was here the twenty o hate when they had of older i did i mean but here's another one it's even more damning just to show you gonna the left just completely fabricates it makes things up with constant heavy fifty is rocketing turned out the gods reach far higher turned out that states with no voters idea at all again lives don't let a fax and stuff i got silly things like facts and actual data get in the way of a stupid narrative but keep it up i mean it tommy
but i have no doubt will continue to use this statistic no matter what really i bid you know god bless her by this is just that they're just not telling you the truth they just not telling you the truth sorry ok when their story i wanted to get you out either this is dangerous boxes renovate set a couple these great the texas winds stories interesting upbringing some really groundbreaking but observe interesting market story on the power of free markets of the texas wine market but i will get to that some points interest when you get the illinois going bankrupt you now if there is liberalism at its finest bankruptcy every time now but this thing happening or i'm a carrot now i got the word from not personally but to a third party from it from a senator who i really trust upon the hill there who
they really bitter about what's going on obamacare here it is in a nutshell this obama care replacement plan the senate's doing right now to my connell's being conducted in secret now the democrats did this with mackay member nancy policies famous line joe you have them ass the sea within it i think everybody pretty much remembers that won the republicans replicating the strategy now i just want to quickly explain why do down that up this is a terrible move i did it but when it was plain to you why the why does matter even when the why explains bad things about explaining it away just giving a backward here's what's happening and what that that republicans knows you to happen if they if they if the bill slips out early and it's to be released later today the obamacare replacement bill in the senate is gone to be annihilated isolated by the media no matter what they're gonna lie about it and are afraid of them lying about it you need an example of this remember the young twenty three million polar gonna lose insurance joe when the house geo p bell yes was literally your manner that they don't want that they don't
i repeat that sir we're doing it secret i do not approve of this in all i think it's a terrible idea i can't be clean going sticking to release the in a little while but i didn't try to explain why that number and what happened to them with the house your people that number was why a guy was a total fabrication these see me those score of the bill did not say twenty three million people were gonna lose la la lose l oh as e insurance this yo score said those people were a large majority of them are going to choose not to pay for all my care insurance plants because they were too expensive doubt the media it was this the media knows there lying but they chose instead of the choose narrative to pick the lose narrative it's just not true which is interesting as if the rolls were reversed the main needed to make the democrats look good they would have chose to choose rather than the lose narrative but the media lose because the media lost credibility and no one trust them any more but the senate republicans have taken that i
to the extreme and are making a big mistake doing this in secret letting in conservative senator is in the ramp all types in the brand's not the reds office that's not where it came from the information but not letting them in a negotiation does not make secrecy the right thing to do we are a constitutional republic and we should be going to whether a little bit of a media storm to do the right thing even other meteor hacks they work for the democrats did he gets there nobody thinks the medium partial nobody thinks the media can do health care the kazi said when he can if they can even do journalism forget about doing healthcare analysis it nobody actually believes that but it still not right to do this in secret there other people out there the mike least head cruises ran paul's who have really good ideas and how free market can impact out how free markets can impact their healthcare infrastructure and not colluding them in the debate in some way shape or form is a really really bad idea so
but not the pile on the senate republic is another the arm of the law right now but this is a really big mistake they should have done this in public and i am unable to whether a little bit of a media storm have some guts like our founding fathers marina really cool book right now in older one but undaunted courage by stephen ambrose about the lewis and clark in no way i think i've got these guys mammy you know gosh folks this that you know our founding fathers in the later generations had real got semi come up i step up where you're afraid the media gonna lie about union owing to lie about you no matter what put the bill out their public let's get out let's get this let's get some more ideas and they let's fix thing and let's have some some coherence you know my folks thanks four june and am i really appreciated thanks again everybody picked up my book and i got an interesting story you gonna get you to morrow or or from about prison education you may be surprised by my take on this having been a cop but interesting piece in the journal of that
i'll talk to your tomorrow thanks for just ten bonn gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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