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Ep 488 What You Need to Know About the Healthcare Bill

2017-06-23 | 🔗
In this episode I discuss the problems with the GOP Senate Obamacare replacement bill.  https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/the-gops-obamacare-out-repeal-replace-in-copy-paste   I also address a criminal justice reform measure which can interest both liberals and conservatives.
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they don t know i owe you was home you owe me i owe you there's nobody the deadline juno show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground burned stepped on gasoline port on it and burned again ready to hear the truth about amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas enormous and have gotten us on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i was in a really pissed motor poor joe that is british access to get me go in the south he's a guy you how you do you can't down three airway go take can't be that bad daniel cheer up now
what do the ready involving thereby gino producer joe obviously doing better than i am really obviously and i thank god jos funny because i'm ready to take this microphone smash it the damn tv my office you know experience all borders a great thing does not a commercial is like my actual sake but man alive is it a pain in the by catch its stop asking they suffer is breaking in my house like everyday day masters pelted two thousand three it was not built bid post world war one ok there's a tutor three hours stuff is always breaking always my gosh the guy you know they ac guy was serious rare by thermostat broke she put a new thermostat edna unit went down the sucker thing that's the stuff out of the system got no one would suck stuff in the soccer and that's that that sucks the soccer broke and an by have this
perhaps around sentences and by the way this is told we first world problems i completely get tat if in venezuela right now other socialist maduro eating pigeons however if you don't want to hear it in your hang it up on the public s right am i totally get that does it make he had you guys angry right now this around sexist rather control for thing it's like the worst thing ever it never works the app broke tv never works it comes the sounds these are the picture shuts off the remote doesn't work man alive i said to my wife we just am sometimes i think you're better off renting she's why didn't understand the economics of via a you know all of home by versus granting i swear i would rent it is driving me crazy every day something breaks a mile or
this is the part of the show words just a little slice of life from your hurrah men and that we get this crap or care bill came out yesterday have you dont want to feed the present vote for it this is not like the golden age of report it is a beautiful i began this crap obamacare bill comes out every replacement bill so we'll get to that tonight i today supported by friends of mine patriot supply on a serious not to get some really good feedback there was a literally other david said grady mary said this there was a m torn down here a big set of storms and i said economic usury mail it what the reeds and he said you know i i really thought about buying emergency food is really bad about making this up the listener noses do you know who knows if he didn't give you permission to share his name so i'm not doing it grocery store shockingly is no food left now that's without a joke like god forbid that tornado at a real serious set of storms and you were out of luck for a couple days it's nice to know you ve got an emergency
supply listen better to have it not needed that need not have it it's crazy not the have as emergency food supply set up our friends at my patient supply send you a month's supply of emergency food for just nineteen i box it's it you're good for twenty five years ninety nine box for twenty five years of food think about that twenty five years i'll be dead before you need to replace sets up we'll get yourself a box of emergency food this lunch that are easy to prepare just have to add water god forbid you need it one day you'll be the most part pillar guy and pound god forbid something goes wrong you have that supply emergency of emergency could pick up two boxes and matter fact available for just ninety nine dollars go to prepare with dan dot com that's prepare with dan dot com and pick up a one month supply of emergency food three hundred forty servies ok now for the content portunus obama care bill in the senate justice really socks like the soccer in my aren't even without the things called the vacuum man or whenever the flux capacitor but that broke in
its it sucks garbage out of the system and unfortunately republicans were elected to office to suck garbage out of the system and we just injecting garbage back into the system because the set bill is really terrible and i really want to applaud senator mike lee centre ron johnson centre ran polycentric ted crews for and then up and say and listen more willing to work with you but this thing is really terrible got my wife now areas there everything that you have a phone go and offered a backup she's really she said the das drawn out here you want to get some when it joined the peseta say tat but i know you can trace the arrogant enough me later with two she's primarily about their paul is pay me a sea guy for the broken ac see such a lot to say hello the dishes totally off the rails today folks by this israel is thereby gmos life rip software i thought of way to sum this up
it because could be a lot of debate going on about a bomb care and i want to leave you and a serious note with some information to take out of the sea explain away why this thanks thanks as bad as it does but before we do that we have got to explain what bomb care is because here problem having joe debating liberals on twitter and you know people run into in the german things like i too want to discuss obamacare they don't know what it is so there's a terrific pisa serve at a review and i don't you say not because i work there this is a great peace by their hearts were true then horowitz i will put in the show no today which is can be nearly a conservative review under podcast which scribes distinctly what obamacare isn't i'm just gonna go into their he describes the five components of obama this is what obamacare is so you know what you're actually talking about when you debating your loony tunes liberal friends number one the purchase mandates what obama care did joe background me or is it made people buy insurance products that many
didn't want right now i say may people buy insurance proper products that many people did want because if made you buy them you didn't buy them before it made you buy them and therefore you didn't want them what's that the need for an insurance mandate to buy hair plugs if people don't want to buy hair plucks it's just simply government force its using government force to get people to buy stuff that they don't want to buy sell obamacare had a bunch of purchasing mandates in there that the sector needs and other things that people did not want to buy insurance for now job that does not mean they did not want to buy the procedure it met people did not want to i insurance for the procedure does it mean people in one hair transplants the hare trend transplant business is doing well now that's a problem trust me joe armor costs will we're in a million years have with his elvis flowing
black main even at seventy five or wherever rosy as job not lead that joe joe ways not that customer joad not one hair transplants nor does your want insurance for hair transplants which he will never need right joe hope you bet joe has the nice is head of hair any human being i've ever met has its price embarrassing for a man of his age he makes us all feel bad at forty two got nicer hair them jody the water george for air transplants so that's comply number one of obamacare these purchase mandates to buy insurance were things up but did not want to buy themselves fascinating how that works out and how it drives of course amazing joe isn't a shocking the liberals you ask people to buy insurance against product they wanna buy in the first place no less to buy insurance for it and each year
company charge more foreign oh why why really that's how that works yes a case of moving on a blue eta wanted i'm getting a moving in a glacier pace here but and i'm doing way too much in the realm of humor threat so never one cup robotic purchase mandates by insurance products against assurance that they d against procedures that they want number two was means tested subsidies these were income based than obamacare meaning because obama made you buy insurance for a bunch of stuff you want for sector means and hair transplants they realize obamacare people design it who were relatively smart i mean it devious what they did but they weren't stupid job they suffer el if we asked people to buy it for the second he's gonna cost extra money and people's premiums are gonna go up so what are we going to do i had an idea let's give them taxpayers money to pay for this stuff they didn't want to
in the past so let's take money from other taxpayers and give it to them to buy insurance for products they want buy in the first place of genius and or fancy name means tested subsidy so quick economical so when you hear means tested means tat that means it's based basically on income so you'll get certain amount of money based on a sliding scale of how much you make some of you may twenty thousand dollars you'll get x amount of money you may twenty one thousand you'll make ex minus x amount of money and if you make say ninety ninety five thousand dollars you get no subsidy europe gets you copy job so number one component just mandates number two means tested subsidies which is a fancy wave saying other taxpayers are paying for your overpriced insurance card number three of them kate expansion medicaid in the states was limited to people who were poor medicaid was designed to help to put the port where they get medical procedures that they couldn't have done we know where their income i will now medicate is not done that medicate has been a disaster the universe
virginia study and medicaid is this pretty dispositive on the matter that you people on medicate of worse health health outcomes after surgery than people who have our insurance at all at people who also have worse out health outcomes of people are private insurance nothing about what i told you people are medicate if outcomes of people who have no insurance and all the other ways fewer medication better off go into the surgery with no insurance there's a statistically better chance you do well i'm not making that up look it up as a university which any study what the medicate expansion within the states job is it expanded medicaid the people who were outside of basically the poverty line up the people making in some cases up to ninety thousand dollars a year and what the federal from saturday so we got a magic deal for you because again the democrats aren't stupid they said joe if we do this if we give basically government taxpayer funded healthcare medicated if we give this to people for nothing in return
it's going to cost money because they're going to go have procedures down there going to have to get paid how we going to do it so what they did is they swell to defray the cost of the states which would have been absurdly high they said will pick up ninety percent of the tab for the first few years now this nature like wow it's a great idea until you fig this little basic economic fact that this country is called the united states of america so if the states are not paying who's paying martians this dates swords people from other states paying for people from other states who are paying for people from other states in our minds with an old mill freeman joke about government spending the big look about government spending as you think your neighbors pay for it and he's laughing because he thinks it's the same thing that was your baltic you're the one
hey it's for your own pay for the medical exposure was a joke it was never going to be economically feasible ninety percent being paid for by the federal government which is composed of what space aliens uranos the planet mars rap where did you take the body was coming from i don't don't worry we're only take ten percent the federal gap is paying the federal government composed of you again folks you i give up i completely give up the talking the liberals it it's useless i'm hoping to our with liberals only so a third personal here s to see how liberals i know not a federal government takes up ninety percent of the tap and who who's the federal government do you know why ted stage he saw was that slow for you joe
if there are sound effect there too slow that down your forgot it would take a separate issue little wired up today become really p o it about the stupid obamacare bill has been like twenty years if we get this damn house together and figure things out you know no more than twenty years been since the reagan yourself from thirty years should be able to get this thing together we can't figure out what to do a healthier than forgive ok so where up to number three so that five components of obamacare the purchase mandates for crap you don't want secondly paying for crap that you can't afford with other people's money for me is tested subsidies third expanding a crap programme that's doing crap to help people in the medical expansion them a fourth crap mandates the individual and employer mandate so again devious crew it is of a care rapid he figured out show that people are
be able to afford this stuff if people aren't going to be able to afford this stuff and other people are also going to have to pay for it because taxpayers are going to have to subsidize the subsidies then what are we going to do while we're going to have to make people bio my characters obamacare sucks so bad suck factor on this is high if you're missing my point between perfect that we started with the broken soccer on my errand if they knew to totally unplanned but the soccer thing fits right in that i saw it was in vain visual employer mandates the individual mandate was if you can bet you can pay for a bomb care they or if you don't pay for a bomb care we're gonna in working to institute a tax penalty to the ira it was roughly was at one percent of income or a couple hundred dollars and the amount goes up every year problem is obamacare were so ridiculous expensive because of all the mandates and the crap subsidies that even with the tax penalty most people flip the gun
and off with the middle finger and said i'd rather just pay this crap taxpayer this crap individual tax which enough by the way to offset the costs of obamacare there was so an employer mandate if you're a company that hired out fifty people are more you had a provide insurance hence the term forty niners because companies were not hiring fiftieth person because they want to have to pay for a bomb they were right twenty niners because if you had a workforce and someone was subjected to thirty hours a week or more of work or work thirty i was more subjected to it sat indentured servitude few work thirty hours a week or more the employer would have to provide insurance hence the term twenty diners when you the terms twenty nine hours and forty niners that is a reference to companies that you are too
to avoid obamacare penalties by hiring a total of forty nine people rather than fifty and having to people at work there were twenty nine hours a week instead of thirty twenty nine hours and forty nine they want to pay for obamacare ok finally obamacare was a series of tax heights it was an enormous tax i trillions of dollars over ten years those tax hikes these crap tax i accept we sought the sought factor was high on this there was a zero point nine percent payroll tax that was going to be levied against the couples who make more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year because that's rich by obamacare standards unfortunately if you live in a city run by democrats you probably poor at two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year zero point nine percent payroll there was also a three point eight percent investment tax levied on capital gains for people who make over a certain amount of money per year those were really high taxes that is in addition
the way to the individual mandy tax which affected everyone that did not choose to buy insurance so when you see people like centre clare mc caskey from missouri coming out saying that well this is and out to the rich lets the bank that right away because the when i'll get to it a second but one of the components of the senate bill that is decent as it does get rid of those taxes but my caskets point show is that by getting rid of those taxes this is a hand out to the rich uses all these taxes wearily design hit the rich the payroll tax and the investment tax but when caskets conveniently leaving out is the biggest tax of all the individual if you don't buy obamacare that's for everybody so and it's easy to debunk liberals even political fact which is a left leaning hack organization told mc caskey basically a slower roll on that one so you're all down the cask will you just make it out of this is that this was not a tax cuts for the rich it was attacks got for anybody i wanna buy crap obamacare aright
now that we have that out of the way when obama care is and i'm sorry i had to lay the groundwork but it's i really based on some of the traffic i get there are some not all but some people who really have no idea what this isn't it unites all summed up nicely in that the inheritors piece which are put at the saucer ok what are the downs and the opposite the bill very few upsides but here the downsides for the replacement bell that bitch mcconnell launched yesterday for those of you who are coming to light here are a number one well wait we're in trouble right away but let's be fifty two senate seats you need fifty one to pass so you can have two senators the fact because the vice president would break the time it was fifty fifty and you now have for geo pe senator saying we're not interested yet paul curiously
bills are ready in trouble but here the downsides it does not repeal the regulation show this is it i dont know any others sounder basic economic way to say this but when you ask people check reminded him when you demand by government fear that people buy a product whether they have the money or not you are going to drive up the price of the product they should now be mysterious to people in other words job if you demand people buy cars with who to surround the apple car play droid com play son roofs and moon or products some people want some people don't they can't afford why would it prize you that the cars more expensive now this the prizes liberals all the time of i'm talking to reasonable people now when obama
curriculum is demanded people by the sector means and by hair transplants where they want to pay for them somebody had to pay for them the insurance companies had hey for them and ensures companies had to get the money from somewhere so that we get the money from the taxpayers who subsidize the more expensive plants so just to be clear seasoning had seldom have i am but i like this this is really good protein pride and joy by attacking to get the arrogant miles and develop a really good protein product out there maybe a case in private totally off topic today shows off the rails a little bit today folks sorry i'm not sorry but i'm distracted i'm just the little annoyed so i'm tryin to doing over emotional shelly so it doesn't repeal any of these regulations to buy son roofs thereby blue to two by apple car play it doesn't do any of that it doesnt repeal any of that
how are you i don't understand leg it did they now let me tell you how their framing this because this is you but you can hear from your liberal friends and a lot of rhino republicans at their their framing this is a series of patient protection now this is fascinating have always told you about her liberals manipulate language because once you control the language you control the argument even when the argument is already hasn't yet begun you control it what's your frame something is a patient protection the arguments over is it not but how are you going to argue against patient protections you're not what it joe joe wants to repeal patient protect chose not repealing patient protection shows repealing a series of obamacare regulations which have made the cost curve dramatically grow to the point where people can afford it these are not patient protections these are government red tape regulatory rules would make you buy crap you don't want but is being frame as a patient protection bill the debt
the crowd of course go right to the media when the media parents is talking point an outside evoke few republicans in the senate with with major league nerve with cones like steel like michael he ran paul crews and will see him one but johnson two's who seems to be opposing this they're afraid to tell people the truth that these are not he should protections these are patient mandates these are things you're being ordered by the government to buy that you could buy yourself tomorrow freely but you don't want to thank because if you did you i have to be ordered by the government to do it i don't have to be told to buy a car i don't have to be by a television i want to do it the only way the government would need to do it is because you don't want it the geo p bill does not get rid of the regulations to buy this stuff folks i the price is not going to go down and the problem joe he passed this thing with these quote patient protections which is a bunch of red tape built in the key
this is not going to come down and joe who do you think's going on this damn thing at the next election yeah we are public in their course we are working on this thing it does it matter folks listen a media socks ok they're they're bunch liars bunch of hacks they don't ever tell the story the right way ok they are now going to say all obamacare built in this red tape and republican just didn't get rid of it and henceforth the republicans aren't fully responsible that's not it's gonna happen you're prices are going to continue go up and immediate gonna go all the fairies obamacare are blamed on republic is just like i told you that today if you listen to my show of your binge listening right now you probably familiar with this about an hour ago when i talked about the house blaming obamacare uncertainty for a lawsuit that happened but trump even gotten office human
joe that shower i was talking about how this lawsuit against obamacare that started way before trump got office and now the left this are blaming obamacare price hikes on uncertainty caused by trump but the lawsuit neither do they would tromp de las you started before trump even got novice you just making it up but don't ever count liberals to tell the truth so it does not just a good rewind a little bit the downside to this the major doubts and it does not repeal the regulations for you to buy stuff that's gonna cost a lot of money i don't know any easier way to tell you this does your costs are not going to go down as the bill stands now number two it allows the medicate expansion joe again the medicate expansion is a bottomless pit why we telling people who make up to eighty and ninety thousand dollars a year that that's an acceptable income to take other people's money and spend it on your health care can we be risk
i speak for a minute and you don't even if we have to lose an election just be honest people and say folks you now here's the thing doctors hospitals costs money ok these people work for a living they have to get paid if you make sixties the eighty thousand dollars a year i'm sorry but there is not a reason for another taxpayer to fund your health care they have to pay for their own health care i mean it ex payer and a person demanding it why it's hard argument to make do you really believe you're gonna lose the american electorate by telling the truth about this so what as this medicate expansion the people making absurd lots of money who are not poor by any measure who are getting taxpayer money now by healthcare any ideas but we gotta keep medicate expansion would weaken us we're gonna take it away from people given the two ah yes because we haven't given them anything tax errors are paying for them we decided government or the governments gotta be hard
to take away their healthcare the governments do not for their health care other people are paying for their health care we're not talking about taking medicate away from the poor that's not what the prevention was domestic expansion expanded medicaid government paid taxpayer paid out get two people were not or by any reasonable or fair measure and no we want to see the truth all we can come off as uncaring uncaring what's caring but having a person making fifty thousand dollars a year is not eligible for medicaid pay for someone's insurance is making ninety thousand dollars a year who is eligible what is that i don't understand how did that you then whatever but it's the allied from alicia silverstone includes whatever man you know but i don't know i don't i don't know i don't know i just don't get it sometimes you i've never running for office ever again in human history
in the history of humankind but gosh i swear if i did i would like run a scorched earth campaign back i am never ever gonna be ass you ever peers the deal the medicate expansion is joey bag doughnuts paid for bobby beggar doughnuts insurance and joe we beg don't it's is making fifty k year bobby's making aid that's fair tell me how that's fair please please explain amateur turned a question on you as at fair i'm sorry a former first rate that i really i am but i really weird since the reagan here we ve had years to get our act together on this and it's like we take it out of our own freakin way men just disappointing you think they're up what gives her dumb you think they know not repealing the regulations that you buy vasectomy youth you think
i understand that by not getting rid of that the costs or stay of court of the horse you gonna go out of course they neither cos you gonna go up they don't you remember why are they doing it because they were afraid there fraid they're afraid of the lobbyists who would their a me lobbyists who want their secretaries covered by taxpayers and they are afraid of them cats in the media ah oh my gosh repeal patient protections whose protected you turned a question i am protected so we were you saying as you want the government the order people to buy stuff they don't want to buy and that is protect then again how explained to me a serious question or because how the hell is that a patient protection well i'll tell you then i mean it's a good thing that little paper me as a guy it or pay for my own out o b g wyant yeah you do you know i listen if you go that's exchange you may need that yet that's exactly it to use you know my obi g while i can get this exchange there
what you just figured it out as i knew i had joined the chauffeur reason you're that's just not the shore jody held it that's it it's crazy is all this sounds you start to what they're like yeah is this you have to almost use humor to understand that depravity the situation how dumb this is it pisses me off i let me give you an upside my plants or die and i got a warrant my plants member those um those are eureka palms i had a rip out they had did he had deadly fungus from another planet that kills everything it touches gamut burma and so i had ripped out and on how to replace with some kaluza bushes and you know it's florida in the summer so it's sixty seven thousand degrees of course and you know i have work so i can't sit home and water bees plants all day but like these clusia bushes i got to get on any good cracking with the water he sings you're gonna die and you can't water i'm in the middle of the day because the water like a magnifying glass and decide
you know it's like ninety seven during their cook those darn thing you know so i gotta go out water little better today on these days before it gets too hot you know and if if you catch the gamma burma yourself you can usually obama caretaker wiggys by about i'm one of recovers human gamma durham infection from eureka trees that baby joe we shall look into that may be out of the portfolio of crap you have to buy in obamacare in addition to not roll respecting these brow do you do you want to get out it man don't tell me prow dough caught ebro people don't like the second that's cool people so you caught me i got it you know not no more little kiddos from whatever do your own thing just before and i mean is this really crazy hair transplants replaced for you know hair plugs produce just
this get i get a lot of people school like do like do you think the hair to ain't no beef i lose my hair so i shouldn't speak with forked tongue but my personal advice if you care to save the melon brother scott shaved my ball disadvantage shaved melon make it is now everybody as a main like gravy sweat and joe on cost like the old elvis dude everybody asset jerry buddy knows looks like ours too when i see him at sea packed i reckon i am about lady i must be joe you look like alice look it's elvis you must be producer gentle envisage hour she recognized railway funnier had like five six stories today unlike all i'm all over the place i the upside of obama yeah cuz i raised to give you a kind of fair analysis there are some websites that the obamacare replacement belt it does repeal the individual mandate and the employment so those are going to go away so in other words the
mandate that you purchase obamacare insurance let's say you you know you know you don't have a job on the journey individual market you do not have what you would call like you know jobs by to the charge you will no longer be obligated to purchase insurance or have to pay a penalty the employers will not be obligated to do it for fifty employees are employees work thirty hours and argue so that's gonna get you one of those taxes now again of distant it's hard to not to view this holistically because when you cut those taxes the visual they no penalty tax you take that out but you still keep the medicate expansion in the regulations you know it's kind of good they caught the mandate but again joe aren't going anywhere so are you gonna have to cut from even if the rob from peter to pay paul but it does repeal the taxes as well the payroll tax and the investment tax which i think will be good for the economy but let me die this up as they want to couple mona cover a couple more things
move on and we're outfox i beat it i'd i'd love that illicit in addition is very real we do very little editing and i do want to apologize beat all scatterbrain today but i am just unusually excited about the topic in a bad way because i i am fascinated by healthcare economics by economics in general and i this finding utterly repulsive that forever we been dealing with this and we cannot find a way to market market based solutions despite the fact that its worked almost everywhere it's been tried and why do you think basic i procedures are closely five cents now ok i am exaggerating a little bit but lay sick i said jerry was was run unbelievably expensive when i first started is generally not covered by insurance so people paid out
i get an owl lay sick i surgeries one on most affordable medical procedures out there because the government largely didn't intervene lasik i procedure which will probably be part the the obama care expansion portfolio of new things you have to buy which will then drive up the price and people will blame it on republic so much is just unreal so with as repeal the taxes that's a good thing to be some that up let's move the obama care thing side couple more things i wanted a cover here i'm not a bit of a sensitive topic too may be in a former lawn forcing guy there was an article yesterday about prison education and i don't know maybe a surprise you a little bit my stance on this may not be article in the wall street journal about basically g detail programmes in prisons and i folks i totally get that this is a highly sensitive topic there are people out there are concerned democrats and maybe even some liberals alike were like a prison should be prison get today
wait room out of the present get the books out of there and prisons really suck my agree not a deterrent if it doesnt sock right i mean you we don't want it to be club med but that our man is transferred over to the g d in education services as well where i was here an overwhelming pushed the pelagic haitian out of the prisons but there's a lot of conservative seemed to support some of nice broke the didn't know no prison should just be prison and we shouldn't be doing anything for these men and women in there and just for a second i'd like to propose an alternate perspective it changed me a little bit but when i was a cop when you're a rookie work the cells alot it's a crap job this every precinct has jail cells in the pricing and reason is you arrest the guy you don't bring em right the central central booking in new york city with the mit each borough had one so i worked in brooklyn nor so that's where they process all the prisoners from brooklyn
and then you would go to central bookings was called central any gotta rikers island but while you process them at the precinct you know you had a need a place to store criminals and put securely so they would el cells turned the key her negate so when you were a rookie you would do the same which was a terrible job i mean when it was a busy friday night and those cells were packed in a seven five pricing you could not even get you had you'd be finger in a hundred two hundred fifty guys and i was after all complain and they ve got arrested they're all pissed off and you i remember this is out of nightmares about this you'd try to sit down for a second and i d like to see yo see what about a ceo about a correction officer i'm a cop there's a difference c o either you all night i want one one guy says that they all say it's like a cacophony like in the peanut yo see yo yo see alyosha yours it was like a song because then it would realizing off this guy's
for the ceo who's not even a c o his appeal that i better get him first so what does this go coffin is sound of yo trio it would drive you actually nuts and it was always something like the guy semi smells the toilet doesn't work i need phone call they d like a phone call by the way is a constitutional right which is not you try to give it to him as a courtesy but there's no constitutional i do a phone call you know the phone would be broke in whatever aid would drive you crazy so where's echo hours it all but one of the details so i sometimes when it was a little bit of slower night it is worse than the she heard i forget i think i'm trying to tell a story when it was a slower night i like that through the guy's because i was psychology student at the time can we fascinated by how some people seem to find a life of crime robust joe even though the chances of them getting caught
living saki life like the sucker for my air conditioning broken we're pretty darn high right and i just like why which could like what i don't get it like there's a ninety nine percent chance your life is gonna sock even the richest criminals of all time that quote thought they got away with it always get caught pablo escobar that jordan balfour dude from the wolf a wall street bernie made off they all think we're gonna get away with it and very few of them a john gaudy they just don't it all distorted movie always ends bad so why do you continue to try to act in that movie we always ends bad and you know a lot these but i found out listen it was not exhaust psychoanalysis i don't wanna be ridiculous but one of the things and i was these guys almost universally joe had childhoods our horrifying i mean by any measure
i dont mean horrifying by first world standards like i'm wine it about my thermostat my poor pump i mean horrifying by third world standards i mean like sexual abuse grotesque physical abuse completely lack of parenting at all oh no discipline and some of these guys which if you were nice too are made freely share with you the deepest dark secret i mean that there is this you will criminal and physical abuse them they ve sexual physical abusers criminal i should say was almost universe that's what i'm getting at is not it liberal i might say well you know this and i had a rough child do if you read my first book you you know you you'll get some insight into some of the stuff we want through it wasn't pretty either with regards to physical abuse it was pretty ugly actually and i took responsibility not if i was the victim of it wasn't me on the other
that was my brother but i didn't use that as an excuse than to keep the circle of violence going but some people do but member i had the advantage of a great education and you know the parent you care you know at the time they didn't have that so i guess again it is that i am maybe i made it a little bit longer than i needed to but when it comes to things like a simple bay sick education in prison that's a lot of its form by charity workin and frankly if it's a taxpayer argument i get it i'm ok with that i'm not the man i gotta be a hypocritical demanding you pay for services make it a charity thing even the charities are having problems sometimes get in there i think this is a thing we can all kind of universally get behind what's the worst it could happen folks what's really what's the word to get up you get a guy in education and to read for them i mean really some of them for the first time i mean what's our second happen he goes out maybe get a job if one out of a hundred
of those men and women in prison better lie if time recidivists becomes a productive citizen do realize the societal cos not just in money but in those crimes he doesn't commit will have saved maybe a woman who doesn't get rape the house it doesn't get broken into a guy who then starts bringing productive and stop saying tat paying taxpayers money start paying taxes now the reason i bring it up because i believe in data statistics in this wall street journal peace there was fascinating number about these education programmes in prison they reduce risk the visit by as much as forty three percent while i want throw that in the end they not the beginning so that when i gave the example of one out of a hundred it would be set in your head to show the real example that is closer to forty three out of a hundred its reducing that risk recidivism rate by a dramatic amount and i know it's not a top issue for people you tune in for obamacare you know the big story
so the day and i get that but i think when we say to liberals more trying find some common ground there is very little i agree there this is probably an issue where we could all agree that the worst of us are probably the worst of us for a reason and if we can do a little thing take a little step to me them semi even semi productive members of society this is something everybody can get up orbit folks i appreciate you turn it in and he had i hope he enjoyed the shown right if you didn't please email me i mean he'll upon judo dot com i know sometimes i get a little emotional and i am always happy to hear the feedback from the audience i read all of your emails all the complaint about to show such a job i read them all all the brick house nutrition stuff and please go sign up procedure tv use my promo code
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