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Ep. 492 Are Republicans Getting Ready to Sell You Out?

2017-06-29 | 🔗
In this episode I address the Republican Party's refusal to address the entitlements crisis worsened by Obamacare.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-republicaid-party-1498690805   I also address the attempts by liberal media types to impugn conservatives and attach them to political violence.    Finally, I discuss a groundbreaking study which debunks liberal talking points on the minimum wage, and the liberal efforts to destroy its credibility.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/seattle-workers-pay-for-the-minimum-wage-1498692030
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog then bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboose is the death toll figure out the government knows what's best than here in plenary showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone gino die welt renegade republican thereby gino producer joseph arba cost how are you today doing well mr bonde gino yeah man like going on right always call and joe each day with some new business thing that comes
i got an interesting one yesterday at a fascinating email do i know about this one now it is a new one i actually have to tell you about after the show yeah yeah the renegade republican podcast is really gone to space this is we never expected i think joe and i expected to reach a few people here and there and maybe get the message that we never expected it to come up yet what is a second or third biggest conservative podcast around right now you know so i don't know man i think you do a pretty good job thank you and thanks everyone i really appreciate our eye a lot to talk about today as always i want to get into this thing about liberal double standards with the media me we ve actually had an attack by a liberal not bag on members of congress in what would have been me tragic political assassination in american history of the end been stopped by the capitol police of course the incident with that hodgkinson guy i've steve scalise in the shooting we actually had an attack and yet the liberals are now again playing at o
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okey doke so yeah this is absolutely incredible actually wrote that my book here where i keep my notes for the show it says absolutely incredible so sanders supporter a bernie sanders supporter shoots and nearly kills multiple members of congress puts one of em a critical conditions thieves gullies who just got out a critical condition hits him in the head with a rifle round fires him the guy's a devout sanders reporters sanderson supply us into supporter sanders volunteer and joe and you you you listened to every show cause you're the producer where we not crystal clear is that this is nobody's fault but the shooter that's not bernie sanders fault when we not clear on this was i am not alone in this there no credit conservative republic inner libertarian i now again is out there saying that bernie
and there should be held responsible for this maniac now i m not absolving upset of actually called for violence of responsibility if you're gonna be out there he's these one of the black lives matter people calling for pigs in a blanket frame like bacon what do we want dead cops you're actually calling violence you have a different level of culpability ok that's different but bernie sanders for it crazy as is politics are has not called for people to shoot members of congress ok he's not responsible for i can disagree with the man and i think you should do over is crazy socialist redistribution is failed policies i think day those policies do cause political violence against people but don't think he's calling for violence against people he is not responsible for that ok now why am i laying this out and rehashing what was you know news from two weeks ago because
you can listen to the show what if you binge listen you probably heard in a couple hours ago none of us holding bernie sanders responsible for what and one of his supporters did because he's not responsible guilt by association is a is a really sorry silly pathetic move people do when they can't make a sound argument they just go out while bernie sanders dinner or sarah palin dead at member that joy the lee loftier shooting in the crosshairs for sarah pack over gabby giffords disregard sarah palin did like the failed new york times happiness i i bring all this up because folks something actually happened with a direct nexus the sanders and sound on sensible republicans have said no bernice not responsible now we haven't yet seen anything happened the members that i mean like god forbid and thankfully nothing like what happened to these members of congress nothing is even happened there too that degree and yet
there are already democrats blaming donald trump for something as even happen while republicans absolve bernie sanders for something that is actually happen now joe was kind enough to cut a few these cuts the first one is a of word rachel from yet in this is already preemptively blaming trump the actions of the range supporter that doesn't even exist yet that hasn't done anything but it's already trumps play that cut what point does this become dangerous i've just talking about dangerous in german says that herring at the social fabric i'm talking about dangerous is in a journalist gets heart because i can tell you working overseas in war zones you know people are emboldened by the actions of this administration emboldened by the all out sort of declaration of war on the media who could grow joe what
judgment let's get this straight you and i are reasonable guys but let just be clear on this we're gonna try to do reasonable reasonable analysis ripe trump called catches while other people caught the media but drug puts out there the message at sea and ends been caught which they were on hidden camera humiliated admitting the trumpets and the trump storage and nothing more there's no evidence of the project very tough tapes if you and seeing them that we cover them adolescence shows there are cnn producers and cnn talents in another van jones on hidden camera and you can disagree with the tactics but nobody's disavowing the content of those tactics on camera saying that their basically setting up trump for a witch hunt that there's nothing
this trump rationing trop calls him out and now according to see it ends own talent after they got called out for line joe trop is now responsible for violence against cnn talent in future even our troops are calling for violence against sienna again do you you wonder why i every day i wake up i heard something one side for if someone knows where this quote comes from please email me daniel at bungee oda combat appreciate i read once said there are two kinds of people see the world i made the super political and super rich you know they see the world differently than us we're on the super political guy everything's political to me and you wonder why i wake up in the morning a lot of times a happy or your but a warrior none the less because i see like this and i'm just folks obviously have just frustrated because there's nothing you can do two plus two
to any rational person equals for except if you're a liberal liberal media we and we try to take the moral high ground because it's the right thing to do by saying things like santa bernie sanders is not responsible its irresponsible for me as a i a decent person a sinner none the less but a decent person be responsible irresponsible for you to joe to say no bernie sanders did that he should be response because it's not true now wouldn't sake job you i know you will cause it's not true but you understand left has no problem lying at all about it you we're going to happen sleeves ghali's as with is still in the hospital recovery from a deranged liberal lunatic republic absolve the liberals that are calling for violence responsibility for it even though they have crazy ideas by the way nothing is even happened yet further forward
but i'm sure there's some not out there was going to do something not because a trumpet because he's that's a liberal are already calling trope responsible again you i have no backbone you i've no morals you have no ethics you are not good people and i the only thing i can take solace and the only thing is that i absolutely believe in the second creation in the afterlife and i one day we will all all be held accountable for what we done wrong on this earth and i know what you're doing right now is morally and ethically upon it i know it and you should know it too that's the only thing that that vat
placate to be a little bit from losing my mind on the show over how liberals are just some are just horrible horrible people that's out it joe cut another one for me this morning this is what is it the atlantic editor in chief joe jeff goldberg this is him directly pitting the blame on trump for an attack that don't even happened yet again despite the fact that an actual attack by a sanders support i'm play that cut problem is and this is what i would i worry about more than anything else is that is that there are people in the country who don't understand that that this is a cynical reality tv game and are going to hear over and over again from the president that the reporters journalists are enemies of the state and someone i'm god forbid someone is going to do something violence against journalists in in a large way and then i know where the fault lies he already knows joe
he already knows so again europe when you're trump you're supposed will allow the media to impunity character to make up for russia's stories to accuse you of criminal activity to occur the issue of trees and this has all been done instead by the way folks you're supposed to work i'll be that and you then catch the very same media on tape admitting it's all garbage and not as it they're making the whole thing up you're thence to say silent and if you don't say style stay silent according to jeff goldberg you from the atlantic and echoed it is directly joe it is directly your fault if someone out there in the public goose crazy decides to god forbid engage an act of violence against the meat and i do mean god forbid that's trumps fault already idiots idiots idiots imbeciles far left activists are nothing more than at the anti comedy
remember where the anti communist they are the aunt the anti communist maybe they don't stand for anything but being against us and its because we stand for liberty and freedom and liberty and freedoms their enemy they believe in the power of this they now power the state cannot coexist with a vibrant free individual all they want to do they activists far left is assault your freedom assault your liberty assault the church because it's a source of independent big our rights they want to assault the family because as a source of values not given from the state these are not legitimate human beings while their legitimate human beings in that they exist with the same dna code the beale do but they are not i should say there not ethical human beings air legitimate and when are you going to want to devalue human life
more fit into there you know their narrative but but i dare not they're just containers of abhorrent j r yes their vessels of ev of hatred they are at its discuss thing ass you know i really love doing the show every day i get up but i really do get upset a lot and if you know it sometimes frustration it could be a good motivator try to change things but i dont know how we change things with these people their debt like joe said they're like that those of hatred how do you live oh shit with that i mean i don't understand how do you negotiate with people when you try to take the moral high ground you like ok guys even the most far left activists who says the dumbest things like socialism great communism's terrific they say things like that but if they don't call for violence directly they are not responsible for anybody else's activity
for inciting they don't call for violence and we take the moral high ground and saying nano guys i disagree you stupid ideas but you're not responsible for anyone else's violence and they turn around we don't call for violence we're just calling out a mistake by sea and at a deliberate mistake in one case this this reporting in the trump thing which appears from the hidden camera tapes if they want to keep going at the data
super kate built like no no you're right that we're right and we're right that you're wrong pisses me off i is another one this morning little salty today about this crap i picked a few story so first we have the double standard with this sab guilt by association nonsense how we will never associate the left their accorded accord guilt to them for the actions of crazy folks but they will immediately do it to us even though nothing's happened that they can take you know the vacant attributable another thing this medicaid fight is going bonkers show in dc you know i mention this in relationship to obama care but this has turned into a real sticking point in folks for those of you out there the reason i call that show the renegade republican missus greenow companies i am i consider myself a republican anymore because i dont know what the republican stand for
the other reason was cause o bomber chose today renegade as his secret service of military code dave side job each state that we would just take the word back because it is a mean any they grow by their renegade is a big government stated the renegade about that gimme a break so that we would just fleece the head for a moment and i get it back to its original meeting but i'm not a republic in the traditional le traditional sense now any more because the republican already i don't know where they stand for i don't i don't even know but frankly what the point of the republican party anymore is except for some kind of organization for national platform but the platform is so divorce from liberty and freedom now then what's the point joe this medicate argument going on now with the obama care replacement bill is a perfect example of this now when i say that medicate arguing that we define what we're talking about medicaid fight the obama
i had it through obama cared instituted a policy to expand medicaid the people way way above the poverty line including families that make up the ninety thousand dollars a year now folks that is by no sound measure a definition of either national or global poverty i'm sorry at you you cannot sell to me that family of three or four whatever it may be making ninety days the years living in poverty they may not living a rich lot yes it is true in some areas of new york in d c and mostly areas show run by liberals us is true right allay my dear as an may not go very far that's just a fact but that's all that's that seems to be a liberal problem not a national problem you put ninety thousand dollars you know in in oklahoma in certain areas vocal
and i promise you'll be doing okay i know that cuz my sister lives out there you'll be doing pretty well but liberals can even ruin ninety thousand dollars a year which is amazing show expanding a program medicaid which was designed to cover the health insurance via third party air which is a broken model but was government health insurance for people who are poor and telling people who are ninety thousand dollars a year plus an income that they are eligible for a programme for the poor that's not a sound economic policy going for an example i use here folks all constantly is the idea of the analogy of the handicap parking spot the handicap parking spot was originally a good idea the idea that people who are handicapped and have a tough time getting access in and out of the car you know it's probably a good idea to keep a few spot and i think it's a sound business idea
think necessarily always do the government solutions thanks but it's probably a sound business idea to save a spot or too close to the door so i can get in and get out right the problem with the handicap inspires while the original idea may have been a good wanting a benevolent one the it is expanded to include now people who and everyone seen the stories people who their definition of handicapped is not what you would associate with actual with a handicap that prevents them from moving me and my wife could tell you stories left and right when she was used to go to the bus stop in annapolis how people used to take up the handicap spot and then run for the bus that defeats the purpose for now the point i'm trying to make is that what you would say the programme for the poor to people who are not poor the assets the financial assets used to actually take care the people who are poor are diluted amongst people who could write pay for the health insurance themselves and just don't want to
the same way when put someone who is not handicap and is mobile and can move around takes a spot from someone in a wheelchair who has a really difficult time getting in and out of the car the person in the wheelchair is now doesn't have that asset the spot and has to park all the way down to park about what i'm trying to tell you phocians sum up in an economic we may be not so elegant way here is resources are limited and there is nothing nothing liberals or weak republicans greens or democrats will ever do to change it you live in a tough world fuck it up buttercup you live in a really tough world of vat these scarce resources everywhere there's a limited number of parking spot there's a limited amount of time a doctor can spend with you in a room there limited number of scalpels there's a limited number of water nothing
is unlimited ever you don't live in utopia you don't live in haven't you are not there yet you got a lot of work to do everything is limited if the republican party cannot stop the growth in medicaid because the medicate fight now is the obama care replacement which i don't agree with but tell you what we stand out they want you in four years been for you not even now joe over a four year timeline they want a dial back the expansion and medically i just talked about the people who make up the ninety thousand a year they want a dial it back and not even cut the programme they only want to cut the rate and growth through that isn't more equitable sharing of federal and stay tax dollars because under the obama
our plan the states were only expected to pick up ninety percent of the bill i mean if she'd be ten percent of bill have reversed and the states would up states ten percent the federal government ninety percent which is a joke as it's all your money anyway right but put is best pretend for a minute this is like phantom the money fairy money they want to dial that back to a more equitable type fifty slash fifty type split right states and federal government over four years for people for people who are in that program whereby no not even saying you're going to be kicked off i'm just saying that the states are going to have to take on a bigger load of us of the medical and republicans don't even want that there are republicans from west virginia and from ohio republican senators who are fired miss
now folks i'm asking you a serious a deadly serious question here if we can stand up and say hey listen this is an economically on isabel completely unworkable plan that in the end is actually going to take assets away from the people it was designed to help the poor by giving them the people who not poor and could produce set assets themselves then we don't stand for anything we don't stand for anything you are literally taken a turkey leg off the plate of a poor person
who is hungry to give it to someone who makes ninety thousand dollars a year and a democrats or and now some republicans are running on the fact that this is economically feasible and is a good idea folks i could put just like the last argument about correlation causation and guilt by association i could blame this one completely liberals cause i you know liberals are married to the idea that resources are limited and we live in the money fairyland but this one i have to throw some republicans and there too because there are there are republicans who cannot defend this idea now i took a few notes on this just to show you how bad the crisis with medicate is our federal budget right now sixty five percent of the budget
is mandatory spending meaning social security medicare medicate meaning or whether a matter that the fbi secret service roads and bridges that sixty five percent of the budget is not of that is social security medicaid medicare meeting our debt problem is almost entirely entitlement programmes but again public somebody to touch it they want to just whistle past the whistle pass the graveyard like nothing's happening this one shocked me i got this from journal wall street journal peace way this i had read this one twice read this one twice the majors rudeness right did you know this showed the largest ensure in the world by enrollment is medicaid it's not it's not the british hs the whole below the uk they get the national service right it's not that
in healthcare system the largest ensure in the world by enrollment is medicate i did not know that either we now have the biggest single payer government programme in human history is medicate and spending grew case you're a goofy liberal who has no conception of numbers and how numbers r third spending on medicaid to eighteen percent two thousand and fifteen and what is that seventeen percent twenty slash sixty so for those of you saying these cuts are savage please explain to me how eighteen percent and seventy percent growth in the spending a medicated savage cut a savage cuts for what what are you talking about you understand do even do mad member that guy don't take me brow do even do math brow do you even do math like we understand math or you really that stupid because you care you cannot have it both ways liberal who does no homework it all and you just
and understand the numbers or you're a liar there d really you're not gonna trying to be a jerk there's no third option you either don't know what you're talking about or you're lying to people and this is what frustrates me again about lip they have no standards at all none they don't mention it medicate broke they don't mention it medicaid was designed for the ports are being given a people in our poor they don't mention at the programmes and gay an explosive growth of the past two years while they say is remedied cut from yesterday show that you put together for me the montage people will if you do and you like how what are you guys got you pressure and if we had an american media that ever told the truth they would just give you the numbers i'm not even ask for a partisan media leans right i'm just asking for me just tell you the truth is basic facts just go on
or go well medicaid really isn't a cottage grow by eighteen seventeen percent over the past couple years just give the facts just give that they won't even do that cars are such acts and there are still governed by the way with this twenty two million figure from the sea bio report which by the way and yesterday show i totally undress the sea be outdated and they ve never been accurate and obamacare frankly that worried me close their vote where they went off by that i mean the numbers that the margin is so high they put up a tiny worth considering what the c b o s sake but again the sepia report people is still reporting oh my gosh twenty two million people lose ensures mccall row brings up an interesting point today in a pc wrote the journal says that's fascinating out twenty two million people are going to lose insurance on the according to the obamacare replace her bill c b o report jeff would only ten people are actually under obamacare our twenty well you you don't i read that i said you know you can have your beef with drove i get there
but i want it is very nice guy i'll tell you that he had a great reputation in the secret service for being really really nice to the agency and i don't you should get personal less its positive for obvious reasons but in this case i'm not making up the guys really liked me an occasional details once in a while they thought it was great i get it i totally understand i have some peace with some of his political stances on the republic inside you but he does right some pieces where you like well that's a really good point i saw one jubilee people go to quote lose ensures me well that's not what they said sybil reports they will choose not to buy crap obamacare points these how is that the ten million people are in the obamacare changes how is that well i'll answer it for you this is what so staggering about the sepia report again that you won't hear on the evening news that thereabout ten million of those people that are on medicaid joe that even though they're getting and i'm using the airport's your joe free insurance which we all know it's not the taxpayers paying for it they don't even want that
in other words they will choose not to take government healthcare half oh how incredible is that that it sucks so bad obamacare and medicaid the government run program that even when given i quote free people still choose not to take it that makes up for the other euro twelve million or so people because remember said twenty two million people will lose insurance under obamacare according to the severe report under the obama carefully that can't be there's only ten million in the exchanges the other ten million are some people are medicate who what this crap play she swore little fact folks don't worry don't let it get in the way of a good argument of course this is amazing and keep her mind you one more thing about this medicate fight just to sum up my overall point here said the republican parties lost not to keep calling the jury
but had a particularly good set of operates today there's one piece by the inherent your where he says you're what's the point of trump even being a republican anymore and joe i dont disagree with them what's the point trumped should just go out and say you know what i tell you guys figure out where you stand for i'm here to do this whole independent thing and you guys are on your own i don't blame on my mean eat these that really diehard conservative anyway but how did yours pieces if he's not wrong like what's the point these guys kick their heads out of their asses they got me what they can't figure anything out they kick it obamacare repealed even every single one of em promised to do so they can't get attacks cod they can't get this wall built
you'd do so what's the point they can't do anything what's the point they can't even agree that medicaid which is unquestionably arithmetically going to bankrupt the country in conjunction with medicare it's also security they can't even agree that we should fix it all they asked is that we put it happy per person cap on the amount of spending in the future for years from now joe and republicans donny what to do that so what's the point you ve already seated the argument as a republican the democrat argument illiberal argument that government solutions are best even o government solutions are going to bankrupt as an are failing right now so what's the point there is no opposition party you have you might leave ted cruises in your ran paul's that's it they should get together with trump find a few i think this is a great idea joe
you're not going to agree with trump on everything he's not a doctrinaire conservative right i think we can both agree is definitely not a conservative on trade and defensive planned parenthood things have been unhappy with but there are things unquestioned i think paul lee and crews could find some common ground with trump big tax cuts maybe autumn paul there can urban of obamacare reform maybe schools a semi needs are good solid bed writing off their bedrock conservative presbytery off them everything joe maybe they get together they start whatever the the new conservative party your the renegade republicans i don't know what they do i mean you're welcome to the name all i think we trademark that much we have to check for she surfeited review but what you see my point that what's the point as we have achieved the mid the former centres the south carolina said once he said he'd rather have you know what what is it one or two ted cruises that thirty or forty oral inspectors who were you don't god rest his soul was that it was a was unquestionably a moderate transfer over to be a democrat ripe
that's what's the point of having a coalesced republican movement if we don't stand for anything we can't even stop the growth of an already bankrupt programme mrs like said it's pathetic every one of em promised to repeal obamacare and he can't do it hey what more points medicate before everyone who are less story that they are so the urban institute put out a study in everybody's quoting now about the obama kara place this is hysterical especially about the medication for they say this like this is a bad things like they wanna for states to get a load of this deeds the urban institutes daddy to assume the costs of care why what was really let your place the states would health insurance companies and see how ridiculous the serbian institute report issue they want to force health insurance companies to assume the cost healthcare ah m i can't think of any more sound effects that
where to go with that we want and what did you think money very existed so nor your basically saying is that states have people who live in the states that need health care and somebody has to pay for a nice job guys good job urban institute that say that as a five star proclamation right there ok moving on to point to it would force the states to limit benefits ok let's remove states again and put insurance companies it would force insurance companies to limit benefits in contrast to what to unlimited benefits so you are suggesting that if i want to go to the doctors ex times a day seven days a week and demand you an old catherine essay should because i don't feel like going to the toilet every night that that's ok now i know that so bad when you're a dopey live like limit benefits but vote always saying is that again
back to the beginning of the show resources are scarce ladies and gentlemen every day is limited saying very big ball beer they ve got a limit benefits of course they're gonna limit benefits nobody gets unlimited benefits i need a toenail shining can you polish them up with likes compounding stuff car waxy i need chinese toenails and when i wear my flip flopped folks that's what you're saying deliberate benefits contrary to what unlimited benefits in a world of here's resources i want to see the doctor forty seven times a day but he's only in his office eight hours it doesn't matter i've demanding unlimited benefits here's a third point for this ridiculous urban institutes study eventually the states are going to have to decrease the number of people served again in contrast to what in contrast to expanding the number of people serve from ninety
thousand a year and income joe on met this medicaid by the way this programme for the poor let's just give it joe to people sixty five million a year why why why not javascript resources are limited again decrease the number of people sir because it's going bankrupt compared to what increasing it now over ninety thousand that's i think about this ship the handicap parking spot someone's gotta watch the cost of the spot the people on the business secondly they have to but the spots usage right of course you're gonna have to women and finally it's gonna have to decrease the people serve yes if you want the people serve to be actually handicap wholly moses are these people dumb and they fought for hook line sinker folks there are two ways and only two way is to allocate every scarce resource in society and everything is scarce you can rational or you could price it once
get the government of and you eliminate the pricing mechanism the ebay function where we all get to bid on it you have to russian what is your third way what is your please explain to me what the third way is if you allow people unlimited benefits on women cost accumulation and you would increase the amount of people served by a government programme add nausea data or else are you going to allow the doktor to see all the people that now wanted services because their court free joe you have the ration it mile instead of rationing its prioritizing priority s priority yes that's a good point prioritizing too who joe to the politically connected people like they do in these single payer systems when you really wealthy and you get into the back door the hospital but the browser such scammers they don't want to tell people they act like there's an actual third way to do this picture you just made up i love that ominous feel that there is a joke right the doorway is
we'll call it prioritization and watch it what is actually call this is buying off a government bureaucrats to jump to the front of the light rep its rationing by kicking everybody else off the line in sending a hundred dollar bills of the boats are at their at the hospital let you on freakin believable man i want more storks is another example of pure of unadulterated far left stability but before you that have you picked up in one month supply verde food i got a lot of feedback on this my last read for my patriot supply the idea i told jonas people were i am i guess it's a function of my scepticism in my overall general poor health from years of taking beatings boxing and mitch marsalis listen it by patriots by makes a bird see food which i love it comes at a super slim plastic case you stick it
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apply by patriot supply for i had a wife first story here so the seattle minimum wage story i talked about the other day national bureau economic research published the university washed in study which just annihilated the minimum wage and again the journal had another terrific up ad today which i will put the show notes available now but you know that calm and conservative review here's a line from an up at the wall street journal today about the study which totally debunked the effects of the minimum wage which were obviously you ask employers to pay more money joe shockingly the money doesn't fall from the sky and they were either fire people or pay the people they have on staff less to compensate for the fewer people to compensate for the more money they have to pay the few people who are left right so the journalists accord
look at sink in for a minute a campaign predicated on giving people a raise lowered paychecks by a hundred twenty five dollars a month so the universe you wash this that he showed that they seattle minimum raise a minimum rates high which went from eleven dollars to thirteen thousand hours gonna go to fifteen our actually lowered paychecks among lower income folks by it it's an unbelievable hundred twenty five thousand month so again they as it let that sink it when i told you this was an exhaustive study not done by a conservative think tank that had any kind of partisan dog in the fight for minimum wage high costs lower income workers are hard you twenty five thousand i get liberals don't seriously dont like facts gettin away you're stupid argument just keep going because it provides great fodder for my show but another example in the of today show with medicaid any shooting by liberals that that the they're just not real there not genuine people there just not they just
live in the same universe you when i do now the reason i bring this up the story today the journal covered it is because now the liberals are working the phones and the liberal unions pushing another study by berkeley which showed that there really was no effect by the study in uses the restaurant in the trees a proxy here's all you need to know folks when you working scientific data you want the largest sample set possible if i give joe a drug for let's say jos high blood pressure and joe risk bonds nicely but then jos working out or doing other things theirs
of what they call a science confounding variables that you try to control but in real life it's really difficult to so the way we control for confounding variables in other words just blood pressure may went down because he changed just i didn't say anything restarted workin out of work even i'm saying job it may have had nothing to do with the pill i gave you so the way we randomize the effects of confounding variables as we increase the sample size we dont only use joe we use a hundred times some people that would be a really large study but then if the drug still has an effect on say ninety five percent of the people or whatever it may be joe we can we assume that there may be in effect to that drop you gave him same yeah what's interesting about it the minimum wage story that the pushing from berkeley as they shrugged sample size to just the rest brett restaurant industry in contrast to the study it showed minimum wage was destroying the income of lower income argues that which which was which covered a bit huge data set of almost the entire seattle labour market they can get their mates on and all the sun again
the liberals who believe in science now supposedly are now tat a study which wasn't even his close the accurate as the universe you washed and study because the universe he washed instead he used the larger sample set so again your liberal friends just making stuff are trying to advance a political narrative touting themselves as being big believers in size if don't even understand basic statistical analysis is pathetic it's sad their costing you money there costing us bankruptcy there i m in the violence thing is just disgusting claiming tromp i mean really i woke up superstar these my wanted a cover a few of those stories i folks thanks again for tuna and thanks everybody picked up my boy began yesterday and amazon we had another big jump might there will come and protecting the president's are really appreciate that and i will see watermark just ten von gino she did
then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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