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Ep 496 The Blue State Economic Apocalypse

2017-07-05 | 🔗
In this episode I cover the horrifying assassination of another NYPD officer and the actions of her partner which speak to the bravery of our police.  http://nypost.com/2017/07/05/nypd-officer-shot-on-duty-in-critical-condition/     I address the ongoing liberal economic-meltdown in liberal states and the trick blue-state Democrats are pulling on Republicans to destroy them politically.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/blue-state-budget-breakdowns-1499198223   http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/07/illinois-senate-passes-32-income-tax-hike-gov-rauner-will-veto/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LegalInsurrection+%28Le%C2%B7gal+In%C2%B7sur%C2%B7rec%C2%B7tion%29   Finally, I address the failure of liberalism in blue states and the NY Times' recognition that liberalism has a branding problem.  http://www.businessinsider.com/expensive-us-cities-2017-6/#9-boston-cambridge-newton-massachusetts-1   https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/07/05/magazine/hated-by-the-right-mocked-by-the-left-who-wants-to-be-liberal-anymore.html?referer=http://www.drudgereport.com/
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they don t know all the sandy supporting darwin bonds in me i come right back i'm out here to pull any punches right the deadlines knows this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals way under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean whether through the renovated we can do about you know joe how are you today well then i am very pleased to be here thank you hey i got some good news for you ladies and gentlemen i had an idea i wanted to get out there and i will do it you know just maybe are loaded with the new book in everything like that and download things of doom at sea eyed and get to it but i know a lot of you d like to show no taken a lot of emails on and i appreciate that what i'm going to be doing
i make this really easy i saw the show notes up at bonn gino dot com and are always up a conservative view dot com into the podcast here but if your interested and it's you know no object we should obviously you whatsoever but if you go to my web ty bongino dot com you join my email list it's right there on the homepage you can't miss it says like subscribe or email list or joint email list my wife made it really simple but she's good like that i will be sending out daily area a basic reason oh notes is eight articles that i think you'd be interested in i'm gonna put him like an economic category politics us i gotta be a lot but maybe five or six things which will be kind of like you many aggregator things why you you'll get kind of the news of the day in the show notes in your inbox so if your interested go to bond you know that comrade sign up for my email lissom hoping to get it started next week it's a couple of things were china get done quickly to make it real easy but i think it would be really interesting for you
i find a lot of good stuff out there on the internet i think you would be really fascinated with so go to bother you know that come sign up for my email list today so happy to have the launch of now there's no obligation big it for a color obligatory clever name for the thing tat so that's another reason a great hey a lot going odd man i woke up this morning to this horrible story in new york this police officer murdered assassinated in oh blood on a street in the brain and i just did a fox news hit this warning on fox and friends about it in there just you know i mean it horrible horrifying story but one of the thing disappointing to the heroism modal inside baseball me ever been a former nypd cop if you listen to the radio call the the partner so there are two cops on the scene and eight in a temporary command parcel we call an cop language which is based like an hour v you know why know winnebago the painted in police cholera and what the what they'll put these
some high crime areas for visibility so it you know i'm going to build a police station the middle of the street so what would they do they pull up a big you know i ve put em i pity on it you staff it with a few police officer so the woman was there with partner was a female officer a guy walks up to the side of again what looks like a big nypd harvey shoots the police officer the female officer tragically in the head and now kills or the part i think it's on the radio if you listen to the radio right it's all over twitter and you can get it on any news report he says one thousand and eighty five one thousand and eighty five my partner's been shot and i want to fly when he was making a point it is she speaks to the heroism of these police officers how these guys and women are just an amazing breed a people kennedy five joe for those of you who don't know police terminology specially am i pity is code for officer needs us thence but relatively like not emergency the urgency code is ten thirteen you know ten thirty five years
i mean ten thirteen is now you may say to yourself and you probably asking now what are you getting at why would a police officer a ten eighty five in other words send help but don't you know don't go crazy getting here cannot emergency over ten thirteen situation like that and the reason for this is that the officer didn't think it was an emergency he's obviously he's yelling loudly into the radio because its partner just was shot in the head when i was a cop very rarely if ever especially seven five were i i was you ever you rarely use ten thirteen and you know the reason joe cops were afraid that other crops would get hurt coming to help them so you easy my point you because ten thirteen means i need assistance now this is critical and cops learned not to you ten thirteen because they knew other crops would do anything to get to that seem to defend them and they
without a lot of the police officers in the police vehicles racing there many of us could potentially get hurt getting so you learned almost as a default member you in in a situation like that in a red zone situational your partners been shot you're gonna resort to your lowest level not your high level of training who then that the office natural instinct was to say ten eighty five not ten thirteen which to me weeks to the heroism he's not he's worried about himself getting shot right now he's worried about other cops getting killed getting there and no this sounds weird but i know i absolutely no the cops listening know what i'm talking about you know what i was cop and new york you would say things like ten eighty i've central no emergency and a lot of times that was you getting beaten up by someone because you didn't want other cops getting hurt getting there and other cops with that meant they did mean slowdown judgment be careful you know we don't work don't role to a stop trying to get yourself killed her
so i added i just found that i brought this point upon foxes money how heroic police officers are that their first instinct is to worry about cops even when they are literally under fire that he said ten eighty five i just them yeah there were so god rest that no officer soul she had three kids rest peacefully with the lord horrible really horrible all right arm a lot of other things i have to get you today for there's a blue state meltdown going on joe i discussed this and as if on cue as if on cue one of the things we mention does it yesterday show they before i lose track of shows what are you talking about little gains tax obamacare hike and how the republicans are refusing to fight it some of em now we're now becoming the party big time what did i say that joe joe i said if you do this and you dont repealing bomb care tax like the democrats will not give you any more
we point as a matter of fact they will run against you right as the party of now tax ice see public authority as yvonne q something up is it all the way i'm going to get there and i did not like i couldn't this the story came out today so i couldn't have coordinated this at all but as if on cue the rupp to those tricks right now so i'll get to that the second button about you by our friends at brick house nutrition really like these guys i think it's one of the best nutrition supplement companies out there because what are their their partners over there's a doctor who i know who is really really evolve and sports nutritionists guy know whose he's forgot more about sports nutrition than i ever know when i stay on top of this stuff they have a product out there that i get tremendous be back on on the show i know joe loves it my wife loves and it's called dawn to dusk my wife takes it because it's florida and its really happy love it down here but the summers are hot my wife likes to work out in the garage the garage is about two hundred and forty
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cast nutrition dot com slash dan that's brick house nutrition that calm slash their pick up a bottle of don t does today will regret it help you get through those really tough days without the spikes and in the loaves you get a nice elevated bump and energy to the entire day daunted thus go give it a shot ok so i'm where was i with this story with the blue state mel round this is just as i said ass if on cue there's an article in the wall street journal today which i will include in the show note about what's up sitting in connecticut what's happening in new jersey and what's happening in illinois three states joe unquestionably dominated by the far left the liberal infrastructure there illinois met fact has a super majority right now of of democrats they have a republic governor bruce rounder but they have a suit majority of democrats in the legislature which makes them able to override the republic and governors veto so we have the same
carbon marilyn were joe lives right now as well would republican governor larry hogan if larry hope bruce router in maryland in illinois respectively veto attacks i write it doesn't matter state legislature can is override the veto now here is where the curveball cubs it and this is why i warn you about liberals all the time that these people do not not all democrats i can say that about but liberals do not have principles what is interesting is the new york times peace today in drugs which i cannot put this in the shipowners do confirms exactly what i'm telling you even liberals dont want to be called liberals anymore i'll get to that i'm serious is the great peace at the new york times by the way i put that judge but they don't have principles if liberals believe in big backsides big government they should run on it but they don't they don't they want republicans to run on it so they can run against it
you have to follow me or not i know you're a good order and some puzzlement but this is a critical crucial point and if i'm not making sense here please i mean it stopped me say tat it makes because this is this is gonna is a very very important show liberals believe in power i do not believe in tax huts they believe in the economic power of taking your money whether its through taxation mother met they don't care it is not about the tax heights i can't say this enough it is about control of the economy now those things are free we need the related don't get me wrong i met liberals or not for tax if tax sites will give them economic power that's what they'll do if they'll give them government power that's what they do but if they can on against attacks hike to get power still do that too does it make sense show deanna though do anything they have to do to get out
if it means tax i suck liberals will say it if it means tax sites are great liberals will say that to date no care now this ellen a story prove my point and i brought this up in context of the obamacare capital gains acts like story which again if your binge listening you probably already a half an hour ago they want republicans to vote against repeal of the capital gains tax i can obamacare against it now you may say all that's cause liberals want more money they don't they want to run against republican saying look republic is how your taxes they're doing it right now in illinois what does this have to do with the democrats super majority in illinois and in many cases in maryland job you have a seat a majority in illinois of democrats and you want to push through attacks like why don't you do it what is it what's i mean what's stopping you i'm talking from a political strategic looks
six perspective you have a super majority joe and a house in the senate illinois just push the tax ike through not folks listen to me nothing can stop them the governor convened the tax like it doesn't matter they have a super majority of democrats in illinois they can override it but that's not with their do you need to create an enemy yes you do so what are they doing well get the some numbers here in a minute than a blow your mind but the speaker their madigan who is the house speaker in illinois for the democrats coaxed fifteen republic in house my box from the illinois house not the u s from the illinois house coaxed viviane fifty g p republic in house members to vote with them either no they had a super majority now why would he do that where are these fifteen house members where
therein swinging tied districts so what did we do here the squeeze on them to get republicans on the record for this taxation go into the numbers it's an income tax hike a corporate tax which is amazing joe illinois the democrats will try to convey do that the tax is just our high enough i know when i hear that did you know that my fellows that's a really good economic analysis there but i get to the numbers on the excited admitted but he got fifteen republicans to vote with the reason why is he wanted to spare eleven democrats in conservative district from having to vote for the tax i'd think about when i just told you if these guys these liberal clouds the clown the liars the frauds that they are really eve show that a good solid principle government legislative agenda was to push through a taxi for the economic health the citizens of illinois then why there
how would you allow eleven of your democrats and out on it and get fifteen republicans to do it to make up the eleven democrats lost it wasn't a one for one but you get my point he got and he got enough republicans to allow this is the democrats speaker in illinois to quote allow eleven democrats don't think for a second the speaker to know these eleven democrats are going to vote against the tax i joe he did it allow these eleven democrats to vote no one the tax ice because there in relatively conservative districts they're not chicago so they go home and do what with the democratic parties permission run joe in those conservative districts as the anti tax care that folks can make this crop up you can't make it this is not this is not like the trump x files conspiracy theory i'm not i'm not fabricating this
but nothing out o my show i cannot back up i will put the article in the show notes today you can read it yourself in detail it's a wall street journal opinion section peace this i just said this to you a half an hour ago for the big listeners at twenty four hours ago for the dailies for the daily lesters i just this to you i didn't planet it i'm putting myself on a back i've just about could be a sage i've just warning you liberals stand for anything now you could say again to be critical of besides which we always our sets out a problem on this showed that's the reason this shows called a renegade republic internet the establishment republican you could say well a fifteen republicans voted for the tax i can contrast to eleven democrats voted against table technically the republicans aren't a principle party either yes lingering wheels that's why they chose called a retrograde republic id
the point is not that republic kids are principle my point is that conservatives are and liberals are forget the republican democrat there about the mass right forget those labels on time the about liberals there is a liberal how leader the illinois state chamber who is allowing a probable agreeing with eleven democrats voting against the backside who we're gonna run on being tax eighty tax warriors and conservative district because the circle this thing back it gives them power they don't believe what they're doing is they only care about raw political power if they raise taxes and that gives them power fine if they cut taxes and that gives them power fight they don't care concern its due concern but it will not vote for these republicans now conservatives
the crews the ran paul's the mike liese run against these guys all the time that was the whole foundation of the tea party movement that with a whole tea party movement was i've and at a counter action against establishment republic in politics the thames don't care they don't care they don't stand for anything that's the point folks this is just i read this story on the way back from the from the fox it well i was in the back see they stay were nice enough this sum the car to decide on the opposite that was not texting and driving i promise you reading and driving so sent back in a car reading it is and i might add i really want to be wrong i be wrong i want one time for debt for liberals and democrats for liberals to stand on principle when it's going to cost them political power and prove me wrong ourself correct on the ear and what i mean by that is your wouldn't it be nice
these eleven democrats and conservatives strict in illinois would have you know what i hide this tax on proper we're gonna lose my seat but no i know and you know it's the wrong thing to do we can amicably at least if you could at least you have something to run it gets you know agree with them but they these their principal via these eleven democrats in our vote for this tax i cause it's the right thing to do now we can we oh it's not but wouldn't it be nice for once to believe these people had a modicum of respectability and stood for something they don't stand for anything i can't say this to you enough when republicans fall prey is liberal media liberal politics liberal media complex myth that all if they vote for a quote sensible tax like there get some kind of brownie points with the left you are out of your mind listen to me i know there's some members of congress and their staff i know i know this for a fact cathay how
i know but i know if you remember staffer don't be an idiot don't be a fool you are not gonna get brownie points if you vote for attack psych or you fail to vote to get rid of it acts like like on the obamacare thing we discuss you are going to be absolutely hammered they are nobody is going to give you a pass no want nobody minds we are that the cap the old man see within that natalie portman movie when you look into the apartment building and he's a cop i forget the name of it i'm terrible this every time i see the name it's always the wrong one but as you know what we're looking well what do you want us to find that he's like air pre why well this is the opposite what media people are going to give you credit for a coach sensible pacts ike which is totally not sensible get the numbers of it
the answer is no one zero get gary old old involvement in here nobody you're not gonna get credit for now here's some numbers and by the way this this cut a circle back against some i mention the new york times they are gonna say this for the new york times peace on how the liberal label is is like a curse word now is really devastated butter put there the show notes it's not for subscribers only so you can read it but it's like liberals them if we want to be called liberals anymore and i'm telling you this is the reason why they don't stand for anything they the guy mentions in the peace how limousine liberals this become a pejorative for obvious reasons joe you know liberals is supposed to be in it for the little guy both the little guy doesn't riding a limousine
they see al gore jet sitting around the globe and leonardo dicaprio jet setting around the globe for so called environs it'll just this spewing tonnes of co2 into the atmosphere while doing it nobody sees these people is credible but the liberals are the last ones to pick up on this and that peace is devastating it really as i'm sure the your times gonna get a lot of negative feedback from their angry me violent liberal base was gonna go nuts about this whole thing here some numbers on this in illinois with their push it through see you know cause i don't like to say these things without giving you the actual numbers and the consequences of this again this is a net journal wall street journal peace folks they have a name i read my eyes are getting really bad cash online fallen apart i really am taken a four or five day break for market it out because i am sore folks i can't even tell you i've been completed the poor joe he really sad enough he's like it's just we we had just stop for
to you do like today's what are you nuts by yes much sympathy you get from me i'm zero which is good at that mighty earned it man there was not a is not a yes man she's good so ill illinois this year as a six billion dollar budget six billion ends with a b they have a six billion dollar budget this year they have a fifteen billion our backlog of bills they haven't paid ok they have a hundred thirty billion hot one three zero not one point three zero energy thirty billion dollar pension ability that they have no money for either so sixpence in deficit this year joe in the state budget fifteen billion a backlog bills i still haven't paid at a hundred thirty billion in pension liabilities this is astounding i live in the third biggest state in the country florida the entire budget for the state of florida which is bigger than illinois is eighty billion they have a hundred and thirty bill in pension liabilities alone illinois i've got
this isn't funny for this is that this is an economic disaster that should scare everyone but it woke as liberals are completely immune to facts now why do i bring those numbers up the tax hike that the democrats speaker bludgeoned eleven one thousand one hundred and fifteen house republicans into voting for a job and let eleven democrat the hawks or they could run is tax cutters again no i re there the tax hike in here whose with attacks i guess it's gotta height the income tax from three point seven five percent to four point nine percent to four point nine five and the corporate tax from seven point seven five to nine point five projections now don't laugh because i said projections and we meet joe and i both know tax projections about what it can raise are pretty much always off by a factor of like a hundred percent what the projects is so this is the optimistic projection is that
take is going to raise five billion now reminded tape get the pencil for those for my generation and actually had cassette tape rwanda tape what a burn you batteries in your case recorded here i just would you this year alone there's a six billion valid deficit people fleeing illinois enjoys because the taxes are too high so you raise both the business tax on businesses that don't have the money to pay the seven point seven five percent tax now you raised tonight point five absolute ensuring may leave so you want from getting a little bit of tax money joe from them to getting zero because not in illinois anymore all too it's five billion dollars optimistically that won't even fill the budget deficit for this year addressed the fifteen billion a backlog bills or doesn't even touched a hundred and thirty billion a pension liabilities it ain't gonna work and it's not gonna work jobs at a quick shout out and i have not salute today the listener was
guy who sent you the abacus remember his name you know that guy you want your listener you know who said joe the abacus because we always do math jokes on the show at one of our lives actually said sancho and actual abacus if you get the application your figure out that if the tax optimistically is going to raise by billion it's not even at a close the six billion dollar deficit this year hit it's ridiculous is that the applicants as the actual evidence here that's the real lesson around no united europe i worked it out on the advocates that did work right five mentioned is less than six years so there's a little like bead left on the abacha one the representing the one billion dollars illinois won't have extreme in the absence of tagging advocates works thank god that listener sense at the show would be screwed we just wouldn't be able to figure this out of the sad thing is job we use the abacus is kind of a joke it doesn't matter liberals are totally immune to this folks i'm telling you i mean
i'm not talking about democrats and i'm not trying to be the nice guy you i'm just saying cuz i know a lot of democrats are tired of this too i thought i have a lot of friends with them because they grew up in new york that i lived in maryland i don't believe me a lot of them off the record some even on forget this but trust me when i tell you liberals don't they don't care that the abacus doesn't work the abacus math so you know that's what they'll say no the advocacy broken dude it's an abacus how can you it's on a calculator coup doesn't run out of batteries they don't care they care strictly about maintaining power that's all that matters if the tax ike works fine if the tax like doesnt work all they care about is maintaining their super majority cassettes liberalism as it is about the taking of power and the subordination of others so i went on a little longer than i intended but this is important i want to give you some take away here from the story and a second because what
happening in illinois applies to us in the country at large and there's an able to have a three take away see what you're really important in the story which i'll get you a second but they show also brought you by our friends at my patriot supply you know i'm big into preparedness i think it's the former cop in me in a federal agent i like to have i like to have spare supplies of food i like to have my ammunition in my firearms we hope we never need any of this stuff you know i i i appreciate living in the most prosperous country on earth but you know the fact of the matter folks is natural disasters you know you have a north korean regime which i'm gonna get to hopefully in the show if not the mars absolute committed to the annihilation of the united states and the unreasonable behavior you know i worry about that you should have an emergency supply of food it just makes absolutely no sense to not have that now my friends at my patriot supply will give you a one month that's a thirty day supply of emergency food a hundred and forty servings breakfast lunch and then are all you need is water to prepare it comes in this super slim plastic
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smelting down then though journal peace cover some other stuff just to be clear because it covers connecticut and covers a new jersey as well but there's a piece of business insider joe nine places you can live where a fix a six figure income doesn't caught it now six figure in com is a pretty healthy income joe you and i can both ray i just you know it's nice to have but there are places you can live where you're living rather more class if not below middle class standards what we always sit a reasonable middle class standards on a six figure income now why my bringing the supper relationship you blew states well let me just read off quickly and i'm gonna go to every area is a break them down at the like geographic regions but joe ura you're smart i ran with you looking to put the this going to be that we need jeopardy savate i may give you a little test here ok i'm in a red off
i'm places and i want you to tell me what all these places haven't common here's a hip we spoke about blue state meltdown before not that you needed to hint okay so get ready get you you don't need the advocates for this what number one the dc suburbs number to the connecticut suburbs again these are we're six figure incomes are still cut it in time number three the california suburbs and its has nine places enabled some of mirth the related sup american tonight i've seen it before the new york new jersey suburbs number five the maryland suburbs six the hawaii suburbs honolulu number seven the massachusetts boston suburb so let's just go to analyse these ache california new york new jersey maryland hawaii massachusetts places you can we're a six figure incomes though caught it and joe job you blow this man i'm so i'm not i'm not
cutting out of the shovel coming out of the show we all keep in this endeavour i know you'll get this i can tell the toughest question i've ever give any more i saw many can be account there three two one what are those nine places every kind of three two one i'd have to say what are nine places where a six figure income won't cut it that are blue yeah yeah i thank you alex yes thank you alex alex t we have i mean this is guys up with all those nine places haven't carbon but they are not only blue they are deep blue deep bear like black point a blue they are so blue there like so blue there's no like light blue left it proves like blue gas folks tat the carbon out a year there a blue democratic enclaves where why does this its figuring come cut it axes are super
regulations are super high which cost companies business on the compliance front so they have to pay more money which contributes to the company owners costs the living there out of them have read control san francisco in their it's one of the cities in california san jose is in there a lot of places with rent control rent control there is probably no area of agreement outside a minimum wage unanimously agreed upon by economists again ass a minimum wage that rent control they destructive policy which lie to hire read it doesn't control rent it only controls read for small pocket a people everybody else pays more this that's why your costs the living is high and your six figuring income cut it but again lives don't dont let any of these facts get into i know none of this is gonna this is not going to their job one liberals fine set at all because they don't care they don't care if they can vote for rent control and rents go up on poor people
and they maintain economic and political power they don't care it doesn't matter it doesn't matter gashes if frustrating dealing with these buffoons i swear you these people can't be this dumb but they really are they are this dumb they really are this stupid now of the year to take away i promise i'll get to them i have to start right now when i first started doing so i never had anything down member joy come out like an indignant hard like a note now i just feel like i have so much formation or like the forgets thus i write it down i know the show with the it sometimes it when you go into rancid scrape up people they panel think people listen to our show for endless rance they want data so here's some take away one in these blue states like illinois where there in a month he billion dollar hundred per
billion dollar fiscal crisis between pensions and budget shortfalls this year this one's the simple one people don't want to pay joe people don't want to pay what do i mean by that if you're a citizen of illinois newer a liberal i'm serious when i says i'm up messing around you oh right now there's a huge budget crisis right behave our god is government new genuflect before the before the altar big government that's your golden calf you worship government that's what liberalism is why why not just bail them out why not take the whatever forty to fifty percent of illinois that declared themselves as liberal notice intake democrats but because it is sixty to declare themselves democratic democrat leaning but take out of the exact numbers but i mean that's no ball at eight thirty three percent say thirdly the state declared himself super liberal if you really believe in do you believe in government jobs you believe and teacher
each pensions that are that are bankruptcy bankrupting i'm not going to teachers on tat you know take they get what they can get they worked hard but mine is the economic should working anymore why not bail them out the edges could you don't want to why not go to the state tax authority get an organised political group on a ten twenty thousand dollars you savings each because you believe government such a positive force everybody's i've joe what they all about why don't you you live in maryland i've only sixty percent of the state there's democrat probably forty percent liberal maybe thirty five based on some polling did when i run for office up there look at it you why a pale about out because you don't believe in what you're saying folks republicans we even charity we give the charity we don't have to i mean i everybody should give as much as they can i give to charity what i can right now i don't have to do it just like you don't have to give more the governing after
your level attacked you have to pay more but i do pay more taxes and i give the charity because i believe in these charitable causes the church other things joe why don't you do the same curious why don't you do the same bail out your state stand for something you got this wonders go twenty thousand dollar check of course we'll do it because your face and if you listening to me i'm sorry i'm sure you're welcome here at any time limit but you're a fraud because you're welcome doesn't make you not affront you're a fake europe what a fake and i see it on the add by the way when i say that i am furious liberal because i see how they review my show on itunes i read the reviews and then when you know people this what if you allow me the partial forces one review that makes me laugh the guy must listen to five minutes it showed what while because i call liberals out for being the total frauds there and he writes terrible he disagrees with the collars hello
if you're regulus issue we don't take callers out this shows secondly the guy listen to five minutes and he couldn't take it so we just made up some big interview that was the best review ever he hates me he's with the goat we'd never had galler like ever how they sell it we five hundred episode so nice job dope you may i go amid the review and that would make it a little more credible that their frauds ok that's a takeaway liberals talk about a government but they if we don't want to pay for a bell illinois out but they won't do it here's a second take away this is really critical and make it to this a little bit tomorrow as well labour force participation stories and other stuff folks you're gonna the liberals and and this eyes into that new york times story about why liberals are imploding on liberals to new york times doses liberals don't even want to watch the liberal label anymore but conservatives run to be the guy makes great point them conservatives run for office they embraced the conservative
able emma liberals do most liberals run away from it because it's such a determined the negative connotations here's one of the reasons this is take away number to disappear nation of payments is eventually going to create in fighting here's an before from that illinois story forty percent of education dollars in illinois for every ten dollars are now going to pay for teachers and aren't even working anymore or pay for teacher pensions come so when you give ten dollars to the government to pay for your kids education in illinois for those values are paying for teachers native working i'm not knocking the teachers don't take this the wrong way they worked hard i get there those are contracts they sign what i'm telling you it's liberalism is broken not the teachers folks there's no money there's no money you can possibly have a system financing educate we should in the state as big as illinois were nearly half the money is paying people literally cannot teach that that's just those are just a fact it's our personal
those are my job is anything i said inaccurate they pension you may have signed a contract on that knocking you for i've just saying you are not teach it half of your education money is go the pay people do not teach anymore what do i mean by subordination of payments what's happening now in illinois again what journal pieces a great when you really need to read it these our government in a federal law suit just ordered the state to prioritize medicaid payments in other words people who are getting government run healthcare from illinois and the federal government over pension payments and other payments so what's happening now now you as liberals fighting with liberals you have a teacher pensions the teachers unions show who are fighting against our people on medicaid who are fighting against workers who need a raise now want to raise against government workers
what money put aside for their pensions in a future folks there's no money there's no money this isn't conservative groups fighting amongst each other these are liberal group fi amongst each other because they can't get their heads out of their boats and realize sooner or later is margaret thatcher once said you run out of other people's money combine this with the fact that i don't want to pay even liberals folks what are you because gonna happen by you the example last week in one of the shows about the handicap parking spot how when you start allowing people who are not a handicap the park in a handicap parking spot even if their liberals eventually handicap people who are legitimately handicapped they're gonna get angry at people who were taken their spots folks this is happening right now you have is eight that set up a safety net a lot of people think is necessary for people who are poor now you ve pitted poor people against teacher pensions against state workers against road maintenance
hence university state universities there's no muddy thereof for the same valor people don't want to pay liberals how long you think this is going to continue how long before the system we applauds i see a bed moon arising who is our credence to that agreement so isn't it well i got one right i totally screw up pop culture stuff up so i have to stop saying i won't even say movie tat ass i was somewhat always emails means i dude that's not the movie like we're u that's why this is not a pop culture show the less take always supported so i left the figures i have already talked about it again as if on cue the republicans you're doing at the democrats you're doing this trying to get republicans on the record for attacks like because not only liberals not want to pay to finance their big government nanny state liberals want republicans on the record voting for tax hikes because liberals quietly know that tax heights
we cannot make the damaging but they know if they get republicans on the record doing it they can pretend that the mediaeval there the reasonable republicans but what will happen later is when it comes election time they will allow democrats and out and conservative districts allow them run as anti tax warriors while labeling republicans with disdain are being attacks hiker even though they want you to believe that hiking tat this is a good thing folks its total crap i damas de marshall i have a couple more things i want to get to undertake to what happened in connecticut what happened in maryland when they did this and it really interesting story about the labour force participation rate like it's gonna blow your mind like no one they can't be a camp when i give you the analogies guy used in a piece you gotta be at that day there's no possible way that's how bad it is right now but it is my folks here for two then i'll see you just ten bond gino she did
then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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