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Ep. 497 The Liberal Media Can't Get Out of Its Own Way

2017-07-06 | 🔗
In this episode I address the continued fake news crisis at CNN and their alleged blackmail of a GIF producer.  http://thefederalist.com/2017/07/05/cnn-just-published-a-fake-quote-from-abraham-lincoln/   http://www.dailywire.com/news/18286/breaking-cnn-may-have-targeted-wrong-reddit-meme-ben-shapiro   I also discuss the liberal policy meltdown in blue states using tax revenue data to show the futility of liberal economic ideology.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/get-able-bodied-americans-off-the-couch-1499188689   https://www.wsj.com/articles/blue-state-budget-breakdowns-1499198223   Finally, I address the economics of green energy and the North Korean crisis.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-06-20/texas-is-too-windy-and-sunny-for-old-energy-companies-to-make-money
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they don t know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want to allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb gino eradicating poverty with their budget nobody's jar joint very well dan thank you very much want to give a quick shout out the j right yeah import j dive into the guy that sent me that have advocacy in pennsylvania and i didn't remember his name yesterday yesterday when last night do today j daban thank you so much yet you you're the man we appreciate that by the way also one quick others
folks if you'll allow me i got a iggy from a guy to grow lynn doolittle brazilian jiu jitsu grappling in the century g and thank you is very nicely and it's it's i told him i give her a few but i'll give you a little shot of the show two is a pretty pretty good game at all they are better than the one i have now so thanks for doing that i'll give you a full right up but our century ambassador to really nice nobody rolling around a lot you know what he's really super thick procedure jitsu geese is your fingers get caught narrow they get all ding darpa cash they look like sausage fingers i have now and i was always overloaded with news today so let's jump right in yesterday covered the blue state madness going on yesterday showed did phenomenal numbers thank you enough that was everybody catching up from my the fourth july a holiday but we want bonkers yesterday but i wanted it
for this a little more today to anyone to a couple of other stories as well because there is a lot of breaking news going on about before i get to that cnn its i don't know what to say folks around its total melt down over it cnn i tweeted a story yesterday at the federalist by molly hemingway who i really like a lot apparently cnn tweeted out a faker lincoln quote on fourth of july which know i'd always happens i guess like people get burned all the time i'm sure i've probably tweeted thomas all quotes it maybe thomas all in save it this is a news organization i can't seem to get their their act together and yesterday i was i did a little fox it on this the story which you probably heard about i addressed a little bit of yesterday's cnn basically out aid a rare user and now we find that out it may not be a red it user
be someone else who publish they d w w f give of of trump their trump used in the tweet folks that is a complicated story if if you haven't seen forgive me for not explaining this well but trot tweeted out what is it's sunday we're saturday i give so moving picture of himself in a w w half when he hit vincent man is someone superimposed cnn logan vince make man trump talk then too out cnn engaged in this full blown investigation to find this kid which i said yesterday's amazing because they found this kid on red supposedly now it's your saying he's not a kid it's a middle aged man and how i got another tree from this is not only is it not a middle aged guides not any of those people because it's a different give this is a crazy story here is all you need to know about it this goes to show you the priorities of cnn right now they have what they have been pitching to us joe literally for months
to be the biggest espionage story in human history that the russians colluded the sitting present united states at the time a candidate to throw a presidential election in the said candidate donald trump favour this the story joe is it not and this is the story they had been pitching to us for months it is the biggest espionage story potentially in human history they have not developed one credible named source or ones in pillar of evidence to back this story up to the point now words even democrat starting realise as we note a long time ago that the stories made up it's a fantasy there's nothing to it literally made up there there there there at all all of these resources none of them can find an aim source on this huge story the reproach of four months yet the minutes some
who makes the alarm looks bad this giphy trump put out with you with him hitting vince mcmahon with cnn on his face whatever it maybe see it so personal all of a sudden the resources avail themselves to go tracked down what was originally a part of the fifteen ok which i had set on the year because that's how was reported to me but at the same sort of a fifteen year old kid they found this kid almost overnight again it speech to the priorities of these people they don't care they don't care about anything but making trouble stupid shows that obviously this point pretty damn obvious dan they dont right they don't seem to care it's amazing is tromp russia store they can't find anything they won't dedicate any resource the pudding anybody on the record because they know they have a fee new story and yet the minute i give comes which makes them look stupid they tracked down some kid or some adult whatever their reporting and it just so you know folks there's a question of journey that's the guy thinks you're because cnn and the amount of red you from asean and peace are better read you something they put out there now
this doesn't sound sinister folks i'm not making this up by the way this is from a sea and mps have obviously not make an important measure sierra and is not publishing this guy's name supposing the guy who created the gift you would see it and that made them look bad he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology showed is remorse by saying he has taken down all of his offending posts and because he has said he is not going to repeat this ugly behaviour on social mean again in addition he set his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same the money logical cnn reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change were let what so when i get the street where black mailing people now is journalists as long as they apologize for producing give these we don't like workbooks was joe i've been subjected pretty funny give he's over the years i am pretty sure i've never made the effort the track anybody down at basically black
ellen harass them into not publishing another negative dead by gif give again my own of crap harry right out of abu to move out of out of body when after i lost that elected with large i announced publicly them out and out again today and repeatedly to ever ass i'm not they for others again i just you know i gave it a shot i hate perennial candidates who i didn't when it's time to move on maybe god is a different path musn't wrong with that gave it are your college try right at some guy treated back to me is like me he treated back three thereby judo is it run if robbers get any yet give me an air of sky and a bare suit breakdowns i gotta get up at first i was afraid and the more i it's the body is big ever if you get it that was aid saved it's really body that guy had desired detract the guy down by him
your hand the whatever was at liberal liberal tool box i thought that was spread that was it is here that where you get the point i got to read this article track the guy down to bribe them like i'm going to expose you and i'm going to give people your name and unless you i'll just for this abhorrent behaviour me this is focused just stupid time right now all but now yeah it's ridiculous are moving i forget that a vote to be picked up a bottle of brick house yet i get another great email yesterday about daunted thus from another regular email or to my daniel upon gino account chose appreciate a reader emails thanks for sending brick house nutrition dog does faint
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my wife loves it loves it helps together through the air the yoga class she goes through which a really tough for her in a way that is flexible we weren't error and our twenties anymore so bound sit around yoga bending yourself like a pretzel all day in a really hot florida tops and she takes it she loves it's called onto does go give it a shot recast nutrition dotcom slash them ok so yes a start we were talking about illinois and need the blue state meltdown going on right now i got an email from one guy who is basically tarifa whose his name told me his fun skype quick as it was a cool email ma bobby bobby s welcome bobby's like brother i do know is that bad in illinois i guess it's true like bobby at an email back but i'll tell ya near bobby yes it's true will annoy you really screwed this day yesterday show you wanna see how bad the budget situation in illinois is but folks it doesn't in their began and the problem of having with this and the reason they keep talking about these blue state meltdown
is because these same exact policies happening in these blue states are the policies democrats nationally or advocating for for the entire nation and i want to go back and re address a topic overdressed and episodes i was big on this last summer i stuck better overtime member subsidiary josie s general time last summer i was all over this man registered it deserves ray mentioned here forced subsidiary is was basically at the catholic church principle but it applies the politics through with the idea that management decision making should be pushed down to the lowest level possible of organs nations so we as conservative generally support subsidiary severely fancy way
saying local control the reason we support local control is because your vote matters more in local elections where you can influence policy from voting for where i live the palm city that palms a commissioner and palm city or a councilmen whatever may be right if i am voting for those people joe and only five thousand people my vote really matters i'm one of five thousand but in a national election i'm one of you a hundred million people who could vote my vote doesn't matter what is a matter of simple math folks it's not a matter of opinion you have more ability sway policy at a local level secondly when policy the push down and legislations push down to the local level rather than national level i get this out as it relates to the states and national policy in a second but when it's pushed down to the local level it inconveniences the least amount of people possible don't agree with that policy there is no pop no policy believe if you had a policy that we're going to give out free candy to
there would always be a kid in the class who is going to vote against it this is no policy it's gonna get a hundred percent support ever so the idea of living constitutional republic like we live in a knot of direct democracy but a constitutional publicly representative democracies we're going to elect people gotta make decisions that are going to be unpopular with a lot of people no matter what joe no matter what now when you have decision making at the local level rather than at the national level you are inconveniencing the least amount of people possible use the example of obamacare take the exact same policy the community rating a guaranteed issue the mandate it benefits the individual mandate the are you mad they take all that stuff joe transplanted from a national policy to palm city floored figure the advantages there like
to a bombing here yeah you know what the avenged what have been it would have sought in palm city so bad that three hundred and thirty million americans would have been subjected to it so in palm city where it's about sex five percent i'd say republic in the rest democratic liberal right you would have subjected to sixty five out of a hundred people to this bad policy if you take a rain of group vondra people able to be able to tell their neighbours have crappy it was and it probably would have impact the entire nation that's why conservatives love local control because your vote matters more and paul she's got either a better bad that are like test tube chain policies like obamacare you don't have the impasse the entire nation you can impact the local area first who can warn the rest of the nation how bad these things are democrats hate their anti subsidiary the absolutely hate it
this is why democrats and liberals why should say liberals not all democrats but liberals or globalists job globalism is the opposite of subsidiaries it's the idea that control should be pushed out do not smallest amount of people possible but the law just amount of people possible meeting global elites that's why they love internet so organizations they love the you when they love internet cooperation not because they want to sit around a campfire in sync who buy but because job this is critical remember this from last summer they don't want you to be able to escape
so if you are a palm city resident and capacity or and again it's about sixty five percent republican down here you can move you can say you know what the health insurance plan palm city care that resembles obamacare stinks so bad i'm moving stuart or i'm moving to hope sound or jupiter israel s around the years i'm getting out of it examines the fine god who can do that that's it that's a great part about living in a free country the reason liberals hate subsidiaries precisely because of that because you can't escape liberals don't want you to escape because when given the option to escape joe p all do people leave date or why usually because as i said in yesterday's show liberals crave control and power they economic they but they worship the power of the state this
stay in power are the same thing to them they need power they don't care about policy they care about power they will stand for anything if it gets the power as i said yesterday show again attack hike attacks cut school choice now they don't care they will slip on a dime if they think it will empower them more now conveniently giving parents choice at giving people their money back typically dis empowers the state there not completely unrelated so they will usually rarely support them but if they can support acts cut and it gives them power to do something later on that implements they control they'll do that do they don't have any principles uselessly yesterday shove you think i'm making this up ok now i wanted bring this up because while we're on the state of the topic of blue state madness in light of what's happening in illinois in light of what is happening in connecticut life what's happening in new jersey right now i wanted to give you an example from maryland and why subsidiary matters given the opportunity
risque people well now joe you remember the millionaires tax in maryland now member the huge cultural so that was we had a democratic governor super majorities in the year in the house super majorities in the senate and when i was in maryland and governor martineau mally again as a democrat pushed through this brilliant than believe me i'm using the term brilliant in the most negative way possible be at his brilliant idea for a millionaires tax the tax was projected to rake in a hundred and six million dollars here's what the tax was to give you a specific numbers it was a hike in the tax of people who had roughly a million dollars in income or above from four point seven five percent to sixty point to five percent it was a pretty substantial tax i again via the projections war that was gonna raise a hundred six million dollars dirt what do you think he did say it
as two hundred and fifty seven million dollars a year that advocates out there a friend j j davis orders a check to get the j davis advocates actually got it yeah yeah yeah i move simply had after months of beads around so i guess the projection of a hundred and six million so let's see that meet at a hundred six what's figure that is a hundred seven million bigger than a hundred and six it is right and by one millionth yes yes okay so if you lose meaning put a negative in front of us if you dont gay hundreds move the advocate traffic is right if you don't get two hundred and six million and is a mess if you lose two hundred and fifty seven million dollars from the same class taxpayers is that two under fifty seven million so clearly is less than one o six do the things he's writing yeah so negative too fifty seven million is less than one hundred and six million all your girl j comes through again with the abacus regular it said
j eta help us out with this to walk liberals through this kind of stuff but i get it we're being so ass the joe and i like we had silly but how silly are we being this is abacus math i beat is simple liberals do that get it they still defended this tax cut member joel this norma nonsense they have they had two thousand different reasons this thing didn't work while people are only leave does the taxes and here's the point subsidiary by the way which i just kind of teased a bit better stormont other what happened is millionaires fled to stay because they want to pay more money they just flat day second houses in maryland than they were like our i would just not going to declare residency in maryland any more a lot of a move to florida one of them was a friend of mine who am i going to name but he was a relatively wealthy here too alms one in maryland atomic county and one florida he just said you know what i was going to declare my residency flawed and stay down here that each folks simple is that it was a paperwork change
he didn't sell his house and maroni just stay there less often and you know what a joke here's the thing you know what they collected it from him and he's probably worth easily over a million dollars in income a year you know what they collected from him zero because he declared his residency in florida this why liberals or globalist why matters you can you know it doesn't do you any good you don't globalism go ok why why are we afraid of globalism not we ask servitors i know many of you know there's some attractive sought your intelligence but we as conservatives have to make really good powerful elliot strong arguments as to why we believe in what we believe in because liberal on the media someone we have facts we have to get them there are social media to fight the liberal propaganda rave out there in the media the reason globalism is a bad things because you cannot escape you can't escape it if that millionaires tax was national i got news for you whatever state you live in you would have been subjected to it folks its
scam european screwed capitalism is a liberal thing it it has nothing to do and why i object to it so shortly it has nothing to do with all with shared international values all this flowery crap bs they put out there is nothing to do with it it has everything to do with the fact that they don't want you to escape ever we want all of their policies to affect everyone all the time it's it's no more complicated than that men and maryland millionaires tax evasion infuriates me really does now in a moment more current events in relationship to yesterday's peace which is in the show notes and i'll put it up put it in today's again about the illinois what's going on in connecticut as well connecticut joe raising tax rate the six point nine percent which is you know of a orders of appoint higher than the maryland millionaires tax connecticut thought this was agreed idea to what happened there again liberal system
facts portion of the show i know this is tough for you you know take a volume or something to combat out of this bothers you but these are just the facts what you do with them is completely up to you so connecticut raises tabs tax rate against six point nine percent nearly seven percent income tax revenue show i had underline this i emphasise the word i'm graded by one point one billion ok ray is the income tax six point nine percent income tax revenues downgrade by one point one billion lives again don't let facts gettin away here real just keep getting for higher tax even though you get nothing out of it at state level sales in corporate tax plot attacks has plummeted by four hundred and fifty million after a hike in the corporate taxes well i do where do we go with this there now daniel malloy who is the governor of connecticut now that to be fair those tax ike's happen happened with a democrat overwhelming democrat majority
in their house and there said it but there was a row i think rob was a republican governor when these tax write but again it was the idea that all is sensible republican hiking taxes you're not getting tax money out of it you people leaving a what solutions keep on there at the barrel of a gun ass the station state troopers at the border don't get many ideas you know what that's a good point like a flood of europe's only right don't get many ideas is right there could be another teacher democrats they'll give him any i'd i but dental malloy joe is now there is severe budget crisis in connecticut right so the governor their wants this shift pension because they can't pay public pension anybody just don't have the money just like illinois which has hundred thirty billion in liabilities shall i be the money is no money listen folks are just no money so malloy once the ship the pensioner rub payments the future petra payments the cities
the cities in connecticut a lot of the cities are run by democrats and them cuts in the cities are like way we're we're not going to pay for this these are state pensions you guys you're gonna pay for so now there's this again what i told you yesterday that i'm not trying to yesterday's show i'm just trying to tell you how profound the negative side ology amongst the left is that they don't see the implosion of their own men even coming here they are starting to fall now amongst themselves the democrats this is all good news for us by the but there are actually fighting amongst themselves because how the cities you say no word out pay in those pensions so the animal lorries responded by saying ok maybe we'll do this maybe we'll just pump up the state that sales tax it we're lot and not just the governor but a lot of democrats want to prop up the state
sales tax which by the way is a regressive tax meaning it effects it affects the ports on a progressive tax is a regressive tax it affects the poor now why is that because a greater quantity a greater percentage of the income of middle class and poor folks is spent on consumption type behaviors food gasoline joe things that entertainment if you're spending fifteen dollars on a movie you gotta one of those fancy places like i go and jupiter which i really like tat we should say that i sound like a i sound like a liberal limousine level but a schoolboy whither you spend fifteen bucks on a movie hundred hours in the supermarket and eighty bucks a week on gas and you make forty thousand dollars a year that a big chunk of your income folks and if the sales tax goes up on those items that's a big chunk of your gross income but and here the but if make an two million a year and yours
and then the same thing eighty bucks and gas two hundred groceries you go to see if you movies that's not a big chunk of your account sales tax folks is me we insignificant it is a regressive tax the sales tax it hurts the poor so here's my point the sum this up i made yeah argued yesterday about factions how their start the liberal factions are starting to fight each other now the cities which are run by democrats don't want to pay the pensions so there they are saying no i prefer a sales tax to stay why sales tax i which by the way is going to affect all of the poor and middle income people do at this stage to a greater extent that affect the rich but we tried to milk the rich and the richer he left connecticut fault it's like a joke and nothing will change these people's minds they are obsessed with class warfare and income inequality and nothing will stop the buffoonery nothing it's just given
the numbers we don't mess around on the shore we don't jerk you around i'm just giving you the numbers what you do with them is entirely up to you i did get a couple is threatened when i get through but hey also up today show brought your buddies at my patriot supply big fan of these guys you know you have to have a supply of emergency food but everything going north korea in their obsession within electro magnetic pulse atmospheric nuclear detonation i'm not making this up so something they threaten repeatedly thank god the chances of that are very low but that a chance you want to take i mean if they knocked out our election
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things i want to get too i mentioned last week story and i i hate when i do this i bring it up so just quickly head on a member state with a texas wind farms and i kept saying i just got lost so much going on this week there was just that interesting story so i think it was an bloomberg about these wind farms in texas i'll look it up again in the show noticed that i for you could check it out but i just wanted to bring it up i found the story interesting because you know the greens obsession with solar and renewables and wind energy its ironic that there is a market for this job i listen i'm a capitalist of wind energy turns out to be cost effective at a great way to produce energy i am all for the problem i have as when we talk about things like public investments in renewable did she with democrats are really saying is taking taxpayers money and giving it to companies that couldn't attract
taxpayers money if they had to do it without the cudgel of government you know i'm saying job issue when it went when when you talk about taxation and you refer to it as paul look investments but you really saying is investments people were willing to make with their own money because then you wouldn't need public money right the problem have with the whip industry is era areas of the country of windows super effective in it the gulf indeed the the gulf coastline and texas is a great story i read about our wind is so plentiful over there during the day the problem they have wind ordinarily folks is it doesn't always heavily during the day when people need it so they haven't found an effective way to store all the energy that builds up at night when the wind is a little bit more intense you get what i'm saying they don't they don't batteries basically big enough to store that that's not a problem in the texas were the wind blows twenty four hours a day is a whole bunch of this is why a meteor illogical reasons i don't care to explained all you have to know is it can work in certain areas that's a great part of our capital is not effective work
so well it's pudding natural gas in that area merely out of business so i just want to bring it up to show you that when we liberals attack you would say oh you know you guys are all for coal and whenever dirty energy stupid talking point developing in clueless focus groups of limousine liberals from manhattan and you know the village and in places where we could ever live because we couldn't afford it when i do that with these focus group folks they're not telling you the truth we're all for wind and solar what we're for though is wind and solar that's cause competitive so that doesn't bankrupt people in the process of trying to subsidize it we taxpayers money that you'd never get your midst on if you didn't used to force a government to get it that's just a better way to say so i forgive me last week for not bring in that story up i i i noticed they get a lot of emails from bins listeners my what some has acquitted when i bring up a story right now say that and i never get to it i wonder if there in their garages or some listening in around like your second or third our the show and they are like this dude
we're going to talk about this what so there you go finally get another way to more quickly gonna knock out for you the north korea thing i just want to cover quickly i did we weren't world but a trouble north korea i am not suggesting we should engage in a world war three right now with the north koreans the chinese and the russians please i am a conservatory and i know people have problem with that label but i'd there i have some very proud the brutality and streaks of me that i'm not gonna run away from and one of them is i think we have to be very careful about where we send our troops i and i think libertarians a very costs that i have a lot of respect for them for that you know that the fox conor rules a war you know never go to war alone never go for long and ever go to war unless you absolutely have to ever i've never forgotten that chick goes out fox conor through the water eisenhower was a big fan is i never forgot those three rules their simple but they should be true and you know when you lost a family member like i having
how about i never meant i never met him i want to be clear as my as my uncle and my mother's older brother but i was so impactful on my life because it might my family was it was pre and post greg that mean nothing was the same greg ambros was his name i have his vietnam memorial you know where you put the chalk on the wall right in front of me here i never met him but it impacted my brother my aunts and my grandmother so my grandmother was never the same she lost her you know teenage son basically in vietnam shot in the back rather heroically i've told the story on the show before but he's a hero my really is stories amazing what he did in research and in a fire fight in through doc vietnam he's killed and my family was never the same ever ever
i mean my grandmother when she died still gregg was on her mind all the time and i just remember the story and we on the bar in new york and i thought it was coming home in two army to per too but men from the army showed up in instead of gregg you know when they showed up my grandfather at the time yelled at them and told him to go away because he knew what happened and my grandmother resist they had put her in a hospital she was they had a survey i mean she was she was devastated added then they get off on amazon a tangent but you do you listen to my show and i just want you to understand why i consider myself a conservatory and not a stricken
primitive on some national security issues because i feel like when we're going to put other people's kids at the combat it it damn well better be a very serious credible existential threat to us i don't think we should be casually dedicating our armed forces overseas to the safety and security of other countries not willing to send their own kids into combat them sell the problem i have right now with north korea and the reason i say we may have to we may then no reason right now to jump into this tomorrow but we we but i know people a battle planning i don't mean to sound cavalier about it but these are not rational actors the north koreans joe what would we do if you when i woke up one morning on the pod cast and we were reporting on a nuclear detonation in a asked we i mean how do you even discuss that on the show now folks i
i know this sounds insane and crazy but sounds insane because a lot of people in the national security establishment i'm on a list serves email groups with very credible people with various really unbelievable razumihin i want to say who i want to say anymore but these aren't just bit players a lot of people out there are downplaying this north korean free under the assumption that there are people in the north korean regime that a rational maximizes in economic terms in other words reasonable p i do not understand the minute the north koreans launched north korea's wiped off the map folks i'm not sure that that's the case the auto warmer our thing really change things for me if you're looking
aging credible international go she asians like you're saying the north koreans are how do you basically choke a kid out torture him to death and send them home in a coma that's not rational folks it's up real about the north koreans if they were reasonable must have known that was going to that was going to really damage their international reputation appointees they didn't care now there's a big deal is really launching a nuke and torturing up what person i they're both depraved don't get me wrong but then what is it you're talking about a geometric expansion of the use of force from one person to millions jump you know a newcomer says the torturing of a person it's a ball take a moral vacuum but we're talking about consequences that are geometrically great
but ladies and gentlemen i was going to leave you with this i'm not so sure these people are as reasonable is as some people in the national security establishment think they are and if we now know that they at least are capable of launching a missile towards guam where we have an enormous number of u s assets and potentially towards alaska now we don't know yet that they have the technology to arm that missile with a nuclear device because you leave the atmosphere and re enter in the re entry causes vibration and heat so they're not sure yet today and i am not sure they're there either but the point is do we were wake up one morning and figure out all there they are and how do we know because there was a mushroom cloud over alaska folks were a little but a trouble with them and here's my that solution but the idea that being thousands of other peoples is certainly not original idea
regime change we have to do it i mean it hasn't worked for us in the middle east in other areas of the world it has where you have a population i think eager to get back to civilization and i think in this case the north koreans are they have a south korean neighbor it's worked for us in the unification of germany it worked for us in japan but you know they had the legacy of imperial rule i think it could work with the north koreans and how that regime james hap it happens there are obviously legal barriers to that with assassination in things like that but i mean joe what are we gonna do we can let the sky hold the holder of the entire world at the end of a bad oliver gone forever but maybe obvious we can engage in a pre emptive nuclear strike that's insane i mean what would you do we wipeout north korea in the fall out would fall over south korea remember that the north koreans have you hunt it's a metric tons of artillery aimed at south korea the minute you drop em they're gonna launch hilary there are thirty five miles south and south korea destroy the whole city
it is a serious problem but someone's gotta be done about the about the north korean leader a buddy kim's gotta go he has to go they have to do some bodies of four but you get the point little fat guy we com little fat guy now we get our idea kim done soon dude that's bonnet politics jurists thirty two hours compliments around like freak manhole governs she does she doesn't that you know policies i don't have an agent folks so you want because i'm not a protectionist your butt i mean i got i may one day for four different business reasons outside
because i have an aid to say they have an idea but not now not got ages by they do a good job i really had a lawyer wants it but when i say that because policy a lot of time just as my intermediary cheese i a bee man or business all day she does take anything cheating justice there should fix your leisure class kinda soon that do that's classic that i may have to like hashtag that guy get me like criminal one last thing i want to do it because i admit it is that yesterday put this piece in the show no it's really good piece in the wall street journal folks were not out of the water yet in the economy and it would be really unfair for medium rare for me to report to you that all eu because trumped got elected the economy's turned round everything's magic wasn't he's doing a lot of great things i'm not diminishing the trunk presidency at all there's been a ton of regulatory form even the talks of two of talk of tax reform is help we're still looking at hopefully somehow
care reforms right so things are good don't take this the wrong way things are going in the policy front things are not necessarily great new economy it and it was number in here i want you to remember it's from this whilst journalists pc quote the scandalous every step of the labour force participation rate in other words the amount of people actually working for men twenty five to fifty four crime working age meant that people can produce the most of the most productive men and women of issue productive tool which we just talk about men in this case twenty five to fifty four the labour force partition writ participation rate for that group joe is lowered now than it was at the end of the great depression folks remember what i told you about productivity is only a couple waste
greece the amount of things we produce which is our wealth and wealth is measured by productivity what we produce medicine food that's how you feel wealth know what feels wealthy they don't have anything ok we can only do that by increasing the amount of output things we produced with the same amount of inputs or by decreasing the amount of inputs in producing the same amount of output because by decreasing the amount of inputs you don't have as you have labour available for other things which will eventually to greater output later on he gave him saying if you you don't you don't have as many workers you have other workers available to do other things folks if we don't have people working and we have a labour force participation rate for men twenty five to fifty four lower than it was the end of the great depression i would be very sceptical about where we are at the economy and it's just another reason a push republican lawmakers to get your hands adding wherever there
other doing get stop sit in autumn at whatever else you're doing with them and start getting busy on tax reform what more statistic from this piece which again i was like ashes it i knew it was bad i can believe as this point forty one percent of non disabled adults on medicaid don't have jobs woe forty one percent of not ombudsman aftermath disabled adults on medical people care work we'll talk about functional our people where full function of their when i talk about people who have some kind of physical disability pizza from actually working we're talking about people who are told able or they have no disability it all forty one percent of non disabled adults or medicate don't have jobs are what are you doing now no i'm serious i join i or we're not the small disguise the room were not the best looking we want but you know joe i work hard we put together a good show takes a long time to put together i'm just curious dead series i don't i don't mean this is a moral or ethical insult or you are asking a serious question what the hell
you doing all day are you seriously tell him you can find a job i mean there's gotta be something restaurants fast food there's gotta be something you what are you doing all day i i mean the guy's coming out of my house all the time with these guys buster botz its florid it's a hundred degrees down you don't say i got guys landscape has passed a bottle that what are you doing all day i'd i just don't get it it's the testing really arc me so now i am advocating that on a road that i don't wanna go because i know the evil advice i folks i appreciated thank you again for the four listen and ended up in a long day at a busy night last night so up to now it spends decree wait but i had exciting jovial friday don't miss it see also thanks just ten bond gino she did
then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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