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Ep. 503 The Swamp Wins Again on Spending and Healthcare

2017-07-14 | 🔗
In this episode I address the major flaws in the just released Senate Obamacare replacement bill.  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/new-senate-republican-healthcare-plan-leaves-taxes-on-the-wealthy-in-place-lets-people-buy-less-expensive-plans/article/2628509   https://www.cato.org/blog/are-obamacares-community-rating-regulations-system-price-controls?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=e52c706fae-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-e52c706fae-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-e52c706fae-143016961&mc_cid=e52c706fae&mc_eid=3fd7404a34     I discuss exposing federal budget and corresponding deficits.  http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/monthly-federal-spending-tops-400b-first-time   I address the disturbing new abortion law in Oregon and the liberal love affair with population control.  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449427/oregon-new-abortion-law-radical-grisly   http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449426/have-fewer-children-decrease-carbon-footprint-leftists-urge   https://www.heartland.org/news-opinion/news/ending-the-myth-of-overpopulation?source=policybot   Finally, I discuss the economics behind tax cuts and why they can increase tax revenues.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/governors-and-mayors-should-be-begging-for-trumps-tax-cut-1499987072
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog then bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i wasn't renegade public thereby geo please show how are you today man i'm doing well thanks now yet that you're not last night i was thinking about the show and mike techno my wife since i like it out yet very unjust silverstone clueless but them
i thought gosh i should just do a saturday show for just thoughts i had during the week that i didn't include the show that may not have been very few like i have so much to say about other stuff but yours i don't wanna ways people's time i know they're in the car you got forty five minutes and i like to get right to the news of the whole i give the shows that you listen to the show in the news of the day is covered but i see so much your stuff i find interesting as what could this one story because it speaks it's out of political story speak to a lot of what's going on in our in our culture right now for a number of different reasons i think so i won't have you heard about this job floyd may whether who is widely considered to be the greatest power for power box or of our time is what forty nine now most people know who he is viewed out just now this is a really unbelievable boxer is scales or on question these phenomena we can even had the guy he's fighting schedule defy conor macgregor now
you don't know what kind of is gregory's carter macgregor is widely considered to be at least one of the best pound for pound mixed martial arts fighters in the world now once a boxer once it makes martial arts guide their fighting a boxing match and their out going around the country do promotion for it and when i promotion they stick them both on a stage in front of a crowd of people at may basically insult each other and its get nasty i mean real we may ask that you can watch the youtube's abbot macgregor macgregor in the reason i'm bringing this up is not because i care about this at all but our societies obsessed with race especially liberals macgregor is white irish is a yes kind of an irish accent is either we as an irish acts at the end of may weathers black oh of course there's always these racial overtones because people create though again i couldn't give a hoot
for many viewed you don't either but macgregor said something in one of the oppressors these these crazy praties they're just not you got away you know may weathers throwing money at macgregor one point the show the red sea is you know macgregor is it use it may whether haven't strippers out his pay raw bake it any of this up and made whether made a big mistake may well me macgregor macgregor called the bay whether it could do sing monkey or something which i owe you know and you just don't say it you just outside in our union the being overly sensitive liberal snowflake to realise it is probably a really sincere negative connotations that amongst people who were black here that i don't blame you at all it's not me an overly sensitive but is this kind of as the damn thing to say but you don't but it's taken on this whole different thing and i
i m fascinated by this for a couple resemble one at the racial thing that has happened it of course you know media people jumping exam always want to make an issue of that but secondly is yours fascination we have lived with fighting sports about it just amazing that i love the brazilian budgets who had been do a mixed martial arts and boxing in sub my whole life and this is certainly not a competitor to joe romans pod gas were hit where he does this all the time he is one of the biggest package in the world but i love macgregor buddy i think he's gonna get crushed he's not a boxer he's a fighter now it is street fight macgregor destroys void may whether the boxer ten out of ten times no doubt my by maybe just be crystal clear as may macgregor conor macgregor the mix marsh large fighter with absolute the annihilate imminent no rules by in mme fight a mix martial arts fight or even like a pang grades fight where you can just like open hand slap people there's no doubt but in a strict boxing
this guy's gonna get crushed you can have you ever but serious because you out there who don't do a lot of combat supports your hand to hand stuff viewer box joe i haven't no well i have a lot and i've sparred with amateurs one time upon oh folks i'm tellin you right now when you're in a ring with even the worst pro boxer your like oh my god this got you can hit them it's like trying to punch so it's like you don't have a black snake in my yard i'm trying i'm constantly trying to grab them and they always get away you can hit the few can't hit them at all you cannot hit him i mean okay i'm not great but it's like you can't do it their sole evasive but they hit you and you i've ought at heart they had heard even worse this guy's gonna get crushed began your wins this why i'm gonna be astounded
astonished i will have to call myself on the show its under box he was again macgregor is a far better fighter but just a boxer no way no chance i don't see it happen i'm sorry it's can that's one of stories i'm sure pride as an interest the lot of you bought the i think maybe i throw it in on it we can show what that's work out stuff i also thank you to everyone who went to bonn gino dot com and signed up for my email list on putting the show notes now in the early email i put about five or six stories i think you need to hear it short it sweden and get tremendous feedback on it we got somethin like five hundred new email subscribe over the last few days is good about you know that cop yes m the joint arena less than you'll get the show notes in the articles you need to read short and sweet injury mailbox right knee afternoon after this so go there and i updated the bank this section also with some new debugging of liberal la nonsense so there's some new articles up there at the bug there so i go check that out upon you know though are the senate bill the obama care senate bill
is now been released and you know even they obamacare thing i get it it's kind of like that a brush to actually got a few negative emails about that that the trump russia story people at gosh enough for this thing i know i know folks they get it but i gotta cover at least the daily news so you know what to say to your liberal friends when they bring to step up but the same thing about obama carriage that we're all tired it's been going on forever now but the santa was released yesterday and i'm just gonna summon up for you what you need to i want quickly move on here the talking points from the building was released yesterday as predicted yo by you and i and the last her two or three shows we god they shone on the capital gains tax yap obama care height the capital gains tax which have listening to the shows you understand the ramifications that you can listen to yesterday show the day before the understand economics of it its attacks on investment is a horrible tax is destroying our economy obamacare up the tax from twenty to twenty
three point eight percent for what they call high earners married couples making over two fifty in singles over two hundred thousand which ironically in os california in new york where liberals are that's really not rich up you may laugh but i'm telling you it's not not in those areas because the cost of living is so ought not to be should be crying for people in the eu california pay to urge you to your i'll just say that is by now aids a higher and or new york they choked on it in their there said it bill does not eliminate the three point a percentage point the taxes on capital gains which everybody agrees is gonna be destructive to the economy now that this is an important because i told you this is an ideological capitulation only done joe to avoid it being labelled with the you know that that that the tax the rich thing that there tell you cut taxes on the rich you cut taxes on the rich that's you the reason the republicans did this now i have a few quota from some pieces i just want to be or that you are you guys get these i took it
reach out of an article in the washing examiner on this that will be put in a notes today you up at budget other company says obama here's taxes on high income people including the investment in gaza the investment income tax the medicare health insurance tax and the remuneration tax on executive compensation for health insurance executives those stay the change help raise more money and this is the key point from a wash them examiner peace and republicans hope will blunt the time that their legislation is aimed at cutting healthcare to the to the poor to deliver tax cuts to the wealthy there we go you chopped jokers joe right now i'm give you know that universal side for choking i'm doing right you choked you were afraid you took the easy route instead of taking the right you if you're a conservative and you know anything which eliminates most of the people in congress i heard a guy in congress one say you spend or i've read one is somewhere they said you spend the first
months wondering how you got there and in the next few years wondering how all these idiots got here so they don't get it sure they'd out but for the ones you do it's even more embarrassing the capital gains acts as a tax on investment which is a tax and our economy which is going to destroy economic growth and instead of going out there and making the case they were afraid of being labelled the party the rich despite the fact that the limousine liberals or the real party the rich they were afraid to make the complicated economic arguments and they took the easy path out and they choked again to avoid political attacks it's just pathetic its drastic at an even worse joe some of them are saying what we need that money to pay for all these programmes the opium mighty money they're putting out there despite the fact that if you listen to yesterday show i told you categorically using facts and data you can verify yourself and the show the day before the day before that our colleagues in the capital gains tax there's no guarantee at all they're to raise money and there's evelyn that they could lose money in the long run so
you're going to pay for these programmes now with key by keeping the capital gains tax increasing obamacare using money that's going to disappear from the federal treasury is like do french its math from phineas before my daughter loves that show you know do french murders and if she loves you probably to watch it show now not anymore i did yet they are what is it the platypus guy parry the platypus doktor due from work that's different sports methods and work ok i mean that's just what they do because republicans or sell out the problem with the republicans is there a good very good swath republicans who will always align with democrats there are zero democrats settle ever rely then i'll ever go over vote republican it won't happen and asked why our parties a total mess because we are constantly where cheap we don't listen we dont do it would just freight you're just a fearful is cowardly it's done
that strong language no it's true its actual like you just i want to tell the truth the capital gains tax is a job killer bob we cancel that no pain us is the party you the rich oh but are not going to do that now choked on the capital gains tax and now they're gonna leave you alone how stupid or you man riding its tend to spend too much time on that one piece but bottom line you but they choke on the capital gains tax it's in there so this bill socks i'm sorry it's terrible secondly this is this your republic in belgium keep in mind that of talking about this is that of bombing here this is the republican set of replacement so they choke on the capital gains tax cannot take that are they creased eligibility for subsidies no then you said that rail wrong clearly decreased oh no no no i didn't say that wrong they increased you for subsidies meaning fewer in derek change and obamacare
obamacare change you have to buy all this crap the federal government gives you other p both tax money to pay for the stuff you did want they are now you see me eligibility to get more of other people's federal textiles to buy more crap you don't want this is the republic plant read a breed the wash the examiner peace will be shone out if you think i'm making areas and you wonder why the shows called the renegade republic wholly moses it never stops ok they crease subsidy about say it is wrong in crete subsidies for out of pocket expenses on healthcare subsidies which is called word for higher taxes this is a public and bland so or taxpayer dollars your neighbor you know that the love the friedman friedman line the euro the fascinating thing about government spending as you think your neighbors paid for something but he thinks the same thing so there are now more so these four out of pocket healthcare spencer people gotta worry my neighbour my rich neighbours pay for your rich neighbour say the same thing do you pretty
roger traded each other's money nice job up to european at one finally it triple these letty funds which is a fancy way of saying that the republic and bill put more money into insurance company bailouts that's in there's your bail folks it's terrific wonderful job the geo p again you know and you may say and i fair enough a lot of you may but what you are i already told you repeal it reveal it we had fifty two votes we have you were upset it votes that already voted european twenty fifteen repeal it we can work on it from now this is a disaster on the good there's an i wanna leave your laguna without any negative it is always enough when it talks we're talking about sell out you appears sorry i was laughing at the difference merge thing so doctored overture march the crews abandoned ted crews there's an amendment in their it's not his exact amendment but there's an amendment that allows people to use
government subsidies to buy off exchange plant so if you offer a plan joe in an obamacare shows insurance company yandah plan comply without obamacare meaning you have to sell a bunch of crap nobody wants crews got it's act as exact amendment it's a terrific but it's it's a version of it got an member in there that's said joseph insurance company can also offer a scaled down plant that doesn't have all the crap you dont want and people can still use taxpayers subsidies the by that so you given him saying yes you can offer obamacare compliant plan as long as you offer one you can offer a non compliant plant you people can take other people's tax money as the subsidies are and by one of those plants the ideas that you know you don't have a lot of money to buy the sector me coverage and hair transplants will go and get a basic plan that covers may be catastrophic the problem with that is what's going to happen well everybody's gonna pay out of the obamacare changes because they sock which but he doing now and they're gonna
what are these not obamacare compliant plans and am i say the problem is it's a prompt and we'll get out of obamacare while the problem is about care still exists so now while the healthy people jobs are going to exit the job my care exchanges and go into by these plans and what's gonna be left with you're gonna be sending taxpayers subsidies the subsidized people really sick p stay behind and the really expensive plants because the really sick people need the obama care plans that have all the all the stuff now remember you may say sick people need obamacare no they need the health insurance the health insurance the health insurance would have been cheaper if it wasn't for here the taxpayer subsidies are still flowing into the obamacare plants meaning you're still paying for i know this is complicated but when you give people the option leaving obamacare joe you people are going to take it sure now the old people left behind or going to be really sick people because they need help in short the problem with this
is the prices are still going to be inflated because the only people left behind are going to be sick people that hard to follow subsidies are still going to flow into the obamacare plan to help you people pay for obamacare i just wish they'd be honest about it then say that that we're gonna levy tax they help sick people pay for obamacare just be honest about it's not beat around the bush out i'm up any crews ip i noble crews is trying to do and i think its admirable he's trying to create a free market i'll turn i get that so that some good news on it crews offer this amendment we shall see if remarkable turner but which make no mistake you
they'll get to see it basically an entitlement programme to by health insurance left with the abominable shapes another thing goods goods the mandates are gone so good i either employer mandate the mandate that if you have a business with fifty or more employees you have to provide a coverage healthcare coverage and the mandate that if they work thirty hours or more that you will have to provide insurance for that for that point so that's where the term forty nine and twenty ninth command because companies don't want to hire the fiftieth persons internet they're gonna be immediately subject to a bombing carols an twenty nine are for companies that limit their employees the twenty nine work hours a week because the minute they worked at 30th hour they have to provide obamacare in the company stone at the money so that's important that's out so that's kind of a good thing so that's kind of a summation of the obamacare senate bill i don't support i think it's terribly you should just repeal obamacare and i'll let the free market take over it
we already have medicaid medicare is not going anywhere this already programmes for the poor this s chip for kids let's stop pretending the world's gonna perhaps the government screwed up medicine for a really long time i have a lot more to talk about here to finish i bought you our bodies at my patriot supply i care deeply about preparedness it is it's important to me this is all we did my prior line of work as we prepare for that we had about but of equipment you know we had i carried around all over the world and i remember when i was i was an age far trips we'd have these special cut out of bulletproof material we could stick in all kinds of places and i remember thinking to myself why it's really cool we keep them in the bag but like a gun fire you gonna think to go in a bag of it so i would like stash from all over the place you know but list it was better to have a man never needham than anita may not have shown they don't want to go you know what we have these bulletproof they so i really hope we get a shootouts we could pass these things out folks that's the whole idea behind emergency foot ok it they're my patient survival so you breakfast lunch and then
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dot com okay there's another fascinating wall street journal piece you know i'm going to get put in the shown us to pull it up on my phone here i try not to print about like one of these weirdo green guys or anything like that but i do try to not waste a lot of paper if i don't have to an art laffer who were too were economists i admire greatly stephen moors really one the throne art laffer allay f f your if you dont know aren't laffer you should art laffer is the creator of the approximately named laffer occur at here sometimes i laughing all democrats think that's it that's a measure of clowns affecting the laffer no not the laughter curve africa the laffer curve our art laugh or its alleged that he initially proposed about alleged set it on you drew it on a napkin wants to show people it's really just day a curve that's all it isn't it the principle behind the laffer curve is if you would have
graft show the way to raise zero tax revenue for the government would be attacks at zero percent lowers the federal tax income income tax rate was zero percent yet wouldn't take any of your money right right but laffer showed something interesting he a curve goes on it and it comes back down he said another way to raise zero money by the federal government would be to go to her to tax people at a hundred percent any civil that doesn't make any sense you have all their money yeah in year one near do that be nobody let there be nothing attacks so the point laughter was trying to make an i'm simply flying a great you can look it up you some ella f f the yard the curve and read the other more complex analysis of adam giving here and in the interests of time is that there is a sweet spot for taxation the peak of the curve joe the apex of occur where
economic growth will be satisfied and tax revenue we satisfied but if their tax revenue go if that tax rate rate them's that's very important difference if their tax rates are higher than you will start diminishing economic growth and even though the tax great as high revenues will fall because you'll be basically take a higher percentage of a very small pizza they make sense so where they point is on the laffer curve is a point of strong contention every time i try to explain on the show i get nasty emails about houses law because no one ever understands it but i'll just leave it at this view look it up hauser each a u s e r how's your has a proposal about that's aims about eighteen to twenty percent of revenue the tax rate you can look at up yourself is accomplished people get really upset when i try to explain but i suggest you that's about the sweet spot is twenty percent and the real
joe is after that let's say you go up to thirty and forty or fifty percent lefferts proposal was a people start to change their behaviour what we would call a dynamic score you know if you were to score these kinds of things in other words determine the effects of a tax rate hike on society we would call that dynamic scoring revenue static scoring democrats believe in static scoring in other words you don't really believe in it but they want to use that ec soaring static scoring is based on the principle that tax rate hikes don't matter people won't change her behaviour of george earns a hundred thousand year and attacks on the thirty percent we'll get thirty thousand if we taxable fifty percent more get fifty thousand now but you and i both know in the real world that's not what would happen right as the tax rate one from thirty percent to fifty percent what would you do you would call your account and say exactly how do i get out of this extra twenty thousand dollars in taxes paths where people do
i'd say it's right i'm not saying it's wrong i've just tell him you idiots that's a fact and that's basically that tenets of houses law and the laugh recur that his government increases the tax rate higher and higher and higher people our incentivize by the care savings of finding a good come to find more and more complicated ways to move their mighty round remember folks evasion is a cry tax avoidance isn't legal tax avoidance is not a crime at all democrats don't like it but it's not a crime if it was john kerry would be in jail charlie right it would be in jail hillary clinton would be in jail i've kid you not all been accused in the media you can look these stories of complicated tax avoid not tax evasion tax avoidance schemes hillary clinton do her arm real estate operations when her husband they been accused of secreted
money into account not illegally but you avoid taxes john care april remember the story job at him park in the democrats presidential amity park in his boat in rhode island look you know he was a massachusetts residents to a resident to avoid some kind of a boat docking feet it was attacks to hide the assets again not illegal but definitely taxable charles wrangle well that once a little their financial more complicated but was choked therefore problems and no more i'm get ready for a work out today i'm on a crushing the jib so um yeah i'm real science i took a bunch of supplements tat might be twelve everything but the point i'm trying to make it says this peace they had the wall street journal today maybe i'm doing a little circuitous italy is really really going to start a subscriber only when it's in the show notes and it gives you somehow numbers on what would happen to tax revenue if the rates were lower and economic growth
higher so he's gonna be the quote from me from the peace couple if state local tax revenue grew under president obama raided did under president reagan receipts twenty sixteen would have been greater by about six hundred and fifty billion were twenty six percent according to national income and product account data think about what i just told you if obama had grown at the reagan years post recession we would have six hundred and fifty billion dollars in revenue more the federal budget only four trillion we would have had six hundred fifty billion more if the economy obama years young quoting it had grown at three point five to four percent which it didn't nicaragua two percent the average rate post recession recoveries meaning if obama had just growth at the average joe now the reagan years which are above average
states in cities whatever had about four hundred and thirty billion dollars more to work with well welcome to the new normal welcome to the new normal low economic growth it's really set this up i have another court for year says critics will say the fork this forecast for economic and revenue growth is wishful thinking in other words tromp is pushing for three percent and three percent which is half of what reagan the nineteen eighty four six percent growth and is only on percentage point above obama's is an average of two percent and is point five percent percentage below the historical average of three point five percent that's not optimistic by any measure but critics using our trumps way too optimistic workin for three percent growth a separate critics will say this forecast for economic and revenue growth is wishful thinking but is based on historical record in the seven years after the kennedy tax cuts that's right john f kennedy significant tax cut from ninety to seventy percent of the income tax i real state local receipts
grew by more than sixty percent after the kennedy tax cut let me read that part again real state and local recedes grew by more than sixty percent state and local income it is a growing economy after the kennedy tax cuts grew by sixty percent complete they refuting your liberal friends argue about tax can cost a government money having caused the governor money if you dont robbed me added cost you anything you know security by the way they so where'd you get that data while you can read in the wall street journal peace according to data from the federal reserve bank of st louis probably not a biased right wing operator that the liberals would like to point that out that's not its federal reserve bank of st louis one more quote in the seven years after the reagan rate rate cuts the real increase was thirty seven percent per state and local taxes after obama's tax increases or just to be clear on this rewind kennedy and reagan cut taxes state
local tax receipts grew by sixty percent thirty seven percent after obama's tax increases job the growth of the state local level for tax worth real growth was only ten percent so we get a you know we suppose comical like the point you and i will try to make this show repeatedly for two years is that concern it is on the irony of conservatism is that it actually benefits liberals and the irony liberalism is that it actually wound stated liberal gulls even know me and you know that's not a liberal goals or controls on tax when they want to control the flow of incoming gotta be even when it's only a dollar left they don't really care about tax revenue they dont because if liberals cared about tax revenue and bigger government the power of government they would support trump grow in the government which they delicacy don't it's trumps government they don't like it they don't like government they like they're good and secondly they would support tax cuts knowing histories on our side that tax cuts on the left careful generally right generate over time more revenue they don't want that they don't care but it just goes to
they just make it up the entire times i strongly encourage you to read the wall street journal peace is a really good ones even more in art laffer always do a really good job is fantastic somewhat more note on this
i'll include a peace and shone out you should read from c s news you know a case here you think that i would ever since we ve been in charge of republicans of doing a damn good job control spending they have not blame the sun trump because his budget was very lean and the but you know the budget tromp currently proposed but you know the spending comes out of the house of representatives voting the republican controlled house of representatives has done an awful job federal spending for the first time joe in june is cross border hundred billion dollars for one month yeah and the deficit in one month was ninety billion dollars so i'll include that article you can read the numbers from cms news and you're gonna cringe yet we control the house of representatives and for the first time ever federal spending for one month this cross four hundred billion dollars the entire federal budget when bill clinton left office was less than two trillion dollars yet one month were spending a fifth of that
it's just amazing it i've been really we ended up having public concentrates let you down consular hey i'm happy son overseer tv yet i strongly encourage you to do and have a promo code voice punch you know my last name you haven't signed up you miss not want a great conservative content you can watch on your pc watch only forty two watch under tat you can t get anywhere with you work there but i loved the shows they really terrific michel markets new season a shows is coming out there always get tons of attention bided by social media everything she always exposes have called the conservative sixty minutes you gotta check it out at sea or tv use promo code bond gino bioenergy i allow you get ten dollars off the available for less than a price of at new york turkey sandwich per month and i saw one were twelve dollars twelve thou turkey sandwich in new york in the accuracy mainstays now sick man it's an expensive turkey savage so use the promo code bonn gino be available for an eight to ten dollars a month go check it out seniority
dot com another story i saw it before i get that i got a lot of emails yesterday to i mentioned doctor berman who i love was my stem cell doctor in beverly hills for those who follow the show you know i have horrendous arthritis so just on a personal note i went to my regular orthopedic today here in palm city and he took an extra have a memory this week but my left me as a mass it's it's not as bad is my left shoulder was which the degenerated almost completely thank god to this but the stem cells i feel a lot better and in other surgeon did a good job to clean out the bone spurs but i was kind of surprise you show me the x ray i do have arthritis to my left knee but it wasn't as bad as i thought it was based on the actual will see what the mri says but i'm telling you the stem cells work i am absolutely convinced so it's doktor berman he's out beverly hills if you look up at the stem cell network you're fine amongst get alot of emails on that
and now i can't answer every one because it's been so much i sent one guys email things they miss scott overdid doc himself and the doktor personally gap actual but them it's doktor berman stem cell network in beverly hills a lot of people ask me how i what i think of it if you ever it s like i did ask the arthritis new have no cartilage laughter very little it it it saved me me they'll tell you if you have no cartilage left they probably can't do much but if you're even have a little bit laughed it save my but so up try to answer all your questions and email that one thing it's doktor burmese out beverly hills and if you check him out stem cell network he's the one who started started he wrote literally wrote the book on stem cells and it yes it did help me for those you been asking about where i stand by here's a story that really made me want to cringe i saw it last night on tucker and took her cross insurers are doing some homework on it so oregon joe pass that abortion bill
for they are now demanding that insurance providers get you can laugh at this one at the tragically that they provide the abortion that if you are a health insurer everything's free like no one pays it's all voluntary that did the oregon bill is going to be any abortion any insurance provider in the state they cuz if the state is going to have to provide quote free abortion services which we know are not free because ironically abortion doctors don't volunteer their time as they are engaged in this what i think is horrific acts they don't do it they still get paid so somebody's paying i did i mean obviously i think this is in a horrible horrible thing in it but i wanted you know the why matters and i like to take these out talk about higher border liberal ideology and wider in love with what they are in love with him there was another interesting piece at national view which are put in the show knows that addressed a topic that ties into the liberal
love affair with abortion and you can't understand one without the other and the national review p joe addresses the liberal love affair with population control you know yes liberalism in its radical form is the party of death they are in love euthanasia blade term abortion they are the party of death but its theirs it they want to save the railways and we get myself a trouble conservatives i don't mean it this way i'm not trying to take any heed off them but it's not that they love death in other words they be jumping off buildings if that were the case it set a gold mine death in achievement their gold zat makes that that still there there that's the horrendous robert so yeah jump gushes bother them should freak you out but it's not big day worship death it's not a difficult the gonna be all jumping off buildings themselves
it's that they don't mind death in achieving their goals i'm talking about the rat but nothing about old democrats out there the far left is been in love with it we launch where do you go back to mouth is paul erlich got margaret sanger but you of euthanasia population bomb author thomas mouth is you thought we were going to star because of overpopulation i'll get it all this in a second but these this abortion bill that are just discussed it ties into that it's not that they did they see human beings as a virus as a cancer on the planet they see us as a waste of assets now in case you think i wish they get this we're just come from what one it's coming to proceed with the organ abortion bills all over the news and it's really broiled up rightfully so serve and even moderate democrats would like wait now it's addled joe it's not only that we have to support abortion as liberals but now it's at other people
pay for it you may say well how their force in the insurance companies to pay for it not at all they are insured the force me insurance companies to provide it at no extra cost so when you know whatever this woman goes in an abortion the insurance but he can't charge extra money that women so who pays for joe oh you you pay for there's nothing free but this is because again the liberals have a love affair would poppy of elation control and i don't mind death now you may say it's crazy well i don't want a pin all the blame in this one woman but in the national review pieces it screenshot from a woman jill philip kovac she has a book out savvy see left this and she tweeted i'm not making this up i wrote down the exact tweet because i want you gonna wanna not try to appear in the woman unfairly this is our tweet source as like is i believe what she treated this
having children is one of the worst things you can do for the planet have one less and conserve resources folks the reason i'm using heard tweet them it is because this is this not unusual the fact that she tweeted that mean she thought nothing of it she certainly didn't think it's gonna be some moral stain on her soul having children is one of the worst things you can do for the planet have lesson conserve resources do you want stay this idiotic insane view and this is this this one tweet sums up the difference between can a bit of ideology and liberal ideology can derivatives will always see life as a gift they believe god gave us minion over the earth not to abuse it meant over the animals not that you abuse them but god created us in his likeness this is about not the selfish way joe he gave it to us to do the right thing and he gave us control the earth and qatar over the animals he gave us an intellect free will
the ability to think to grow supply and i'm not trying to wax philosophic that's not my job is out of philosophy show signs of religion show but folks i absolutely believe this god created us in his likeness to grow and to become less disordered less chaotic less violent overtime and figure out our path during test which i believe life is it's all a test for the second creation your time and have it to get your ticket to the second creation at your under sacrifice collectively and individually the left doesn't see it that way but with just one measure one second in turn joe what we do sacrificing doing the right thing helping others trying to you'd better society sacrificing your time laboring for others engaging in the sweat blood and tears of helping other people grow helping other children volunteering your time what he gives us is key
annoyance all of us would beg our rights as i have said repeatedly heap heap you born free you weren't born enslaved by government you were born free men did that job slavery as a result of men not god a majority result of men not got you were born free by got its men that did that to allow women to be fabulous using the term is a gentle but men did that so conservatives believe you life is a gift i believe at least will at least life is a test and that you were born with big our rights that can never be taken away but can be supplied native subjugated by met but god gave them to the state doesn't give you anything just ensures re liberals believe the opposite joe i believe that we are a cancer and a blight on the earth at the don't even believe in god but even the ones some of mood do must believable
god created europe and where a virus and a cancer on well to liberals abortion as a sacrament it's a sack of your absently it's it's it's a right of indoctrination into view about movement but you see joe how if you believe that that human beings are a cancer and a virus on the plight of this all makes sense this this tweet by this woman having children is one of the worst things you can do it's not even controversial to her you know what i'm saying reno twitter and here i dont support any attacks honour i literally treated backward i hope god bless is this woman if i really meant hoped she finds i absolutely mean that because how empty how empty joe the van you must live in your life to believe that you are very existence is a curse the planet right you'll be what i well you know when i go to church down here palm city i see black families alot of hispanic families were a lot of hispanic folks live in florida included
life at a white folks i envied i'd never i can't remember urge thinking like while what contamination of viruses this church and i'm sure he's wipe all these people out now thunder here the why of this and why this abortion bill is about the right now get it it goes back to the liberal love affair with popular to control not death they dont mind death they don't mind but it's i don't love affair with death and i can't emphasizes it's a love affair with population control and its because the roots of this liberal ideology are in the works malthus polar liquor wrote the book the population bombing it goes back prior that became they give credit to one person but malthus wasn't the first person i think it is but malthus had this i
dear joe that human population i have said this before would grow almost exponentially jim geometrically an end that you know up that food the growth food supply would only grow arithmetically so food supply with wood wouldn't be it did not die we say this i went away too complicated without shrimp our food supply and we would all start tat simple as that that's what about this and he was sure of it joe this was sure this was have course that's bs now i have survived numbers from the heartland institute now put this link in the shone out today as well china and india if that was true joe we're population growth is exploded china could we can agree on that right rachel china the ban india the population how he is gone got really got to do if that theory were correct that malthus put out there that we're gonna eventually overpopulated earth therefore death we shouldn't
i'm death and therefore abortions are a good thing you follow my logic he won't say that but that's what they mean that's why they have this love affair with abortion and other things video out net exporters of food so that their it was true that population but there's gotta led to masturbate ship to dead why their massive numbers of people die debts happening about saying there's not starvation in china and india and that's it poverty i'm saying that countries are now net exporters of food so they outstripped food supply so much that there shipping out of the country really you that's stupid but other thing from the heartless to mrs an older poor from ninety nine but the numbers are still accurate the growth rate not the number of people the growth rate in other words the human the number human beings on the planet are still going up but the rate of growth
you're saying like we grew a ten percent if the human population and five percent the rate of growth peak back in the seventies they predicted back then in this these are you and numbers by the way they predicted that the human population would peak it twelve billion people now they had a revised that back down to all its probably gonna pick it about nine billion why is it because people are more prosperous they don't they have six or seven kids to support them when they get older or to work on a farm i get i'm a christian i believe more kids the batter humans are an asset life is a gift but i'm just saying there economic reasons why human populations pete people ojo especially in wealthier countries they don't feel the need dad six or seven kids to support them on the farm to support them when they get older because where relatively prosperous society makes sense so populations pete so it's what i'm trying to do is totally discredit the liberals lover
there with this population overpopulation narrative which is bunk its is but it's garbage if you believe in fact and data and paul erlich piled on given the book came out seven these really sure paul early came out this book called the population bomb which double down on that and he made a bad about price resources resources coach called the bad if you look up early the tibetan he lost the about of course say we were gonna run out of veto silver and nickel and copper and oil resources because all these we were going to abuse of a resource giving nothing that's all garbage folks the price of oil at historic low is right now i mean it's it to say that just really done so it just doesn't make sense but i wanting to put that in their leave you offer this idea that there's always a why is always a why the liberals never do anything without some founding bedroom ideology and the reason i love these abortion bills of quote
the abortion everybody's can have to provide abortion will over is not because they loved death it's that they don't mind death they love population control because they really slow the party still been infected with so beside ideology but also ideology from people mouth is simple ehrlich who actually believe that stuff who believe that there is the blue eventually going over populate the earth me we're all gonna start that its natural again when a member and i was tat each other by fax and data get in the way the liberals and they're supposed to be scientists but they actually don't believe in science at all alright folks thanks again for tunein i really appreciate it i really appreciate all the feedback and i i just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart on friday i really really enjoyed your email thank you for sending them i'm daniel at bongino dot com my sincere apologies for not returning everyone i try to get back there
a lot of people each day but thanks to you the popularity of the show is really grown and unfortunately i cannot do i just i would never get to do the shop but i do read them i give you my word i read everyone that comes in maybe one day we'll reach a point we can't do that either that would be a good day to do to the growth of the shell but i read them all but my apologies for not getting back to you but i read them all and thank you for the unbelievably kind touch thanks a lot talking to you just ten bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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