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Ep. 504 Liberals Scramble to Save Their Narrative

2017-07-17 | 🔗
In this episode I address the unbelievable attack on the pro-life movement happening in Hawaii.    http://dailysignal.com/2017/07/13/hawaii-force-pro-life-pregnancy-centers-advertise-free-abortions/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWkRneFlURTBNRGN6WTJJMSIsInQiOiJ3aEJLaUdKUjhaY3hCK2NLVVd5ZU82ajVZNUd3b0tvbFZLRXhvNzZmbytxc0gyZDBENEhRTEZNWW1SZkVVMFlTTVVHK1I2UnBwbGlSOUVHVXFcL2RcL0F3OUNveTBUWEVDZnlkXC9mc2Q2ZlF1V0ZKUURDYUw1SVZaaXd1cjRIOWlxKyJ9   I discuss a bombshell new report which questions the integrity of the environmental data the Left has been using to advance their green agenda.  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-15/research-team-slams-global-warming-data-new-report-not-reality-totally-inconsistent-   I address the activist group "La Raza" and the reasons being their recent name change.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/la-raza-finally-loses-the-race-1500229809   I discuss the big data problem, privacy concerns with that data, and the government's regulatory role in big data.  https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jul/16/how-can-we-stop-algorithms-telling-lies   Finally, I address the scandal developing in Canada around payments made to a man who admitted attacking and killing a US soldier.  http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/14/trudeaus-khadr-remarks-dont-stand-up-to-scrutiny
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they don t know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want to allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb jean regular public and demagogy every joe our you re daniel i'm hang in there another fine one still beatenest not ours painted joe is one thing heels the next thing goes get my colleague flower your i would just kill him because i wear headphones for the shower oh yeah get these things off i'll be in full of into marble
why does all right and terrestrial yeah just got the got a text with and so on till i have so many stories today that i think i could use the bevy of story cynical content for the entire week summit to try to power through a man i just want to be clear on this too i have so many stories and if i don't get to him i am going to put the thanks to what i found the beast about eight or nine my blog stories thereof is available but you know that common the shone out but also wanna join join my email list on gino that come i will email you these stories in a quick one line or why they matter to you into your mailbox every morning so my goal with the email list is too by the end of the week we ve all the significant information you need to know about politics and he cannot measure all three all that so we still my perspective so go i sign up for the email at bungee backup hey before go and have a major correction i wanna one give ahead tipp to one of our
email list the recipients over a very male guided our were alexis are of a guy a woman so sorry elections i didn't they to ask her but i sent me an email said hey the conor macgregor quote you were wrong and lithuania accurate he is our thing on the show so i got a couple of points on this kind of fighting floyd may whether you can listen to the ship binge listening you heard a half an hour ago if not we covered in on friday he's mme fighter may well a boxer they're gonna fight i love conor but i don't think he's got much of a shot at this will it's a strict boxing match but i said a one point member joy said i you know call floyd dancing monkey that was not accurate i was out right yes and we always correct here so thank you too alexis were reach out and correcting that here's the actual quote now my zeal to get the story on the era confuse two separate incidents they were interviewed gregor about member rocky three joe the clobber lang one year club lang versus rocky that when there are enough
macgregor bat that and they said something like a kid you beat sylvester stallone and uniform in rocky three he said i'm trying to remember which one was rocky three was at the one in the celebrity jim i can't remember if that's the one with the dancing monkeys are not also macgregor being wide and may whether of course being black in the club or lange and he three being black and rocky being white authorities things taken on racial overtures of old turns out for those you don't follow mixed martial arts boxing i get it but the reason i brought it up on but he's like this i wanted to get into them and make versus boxing debate although i think it's a pretty fastening what is because you can see these things take on these racial overtones due to the divided nature of our country because liberals loved to play these games and that was the quota you call me whether it dancing monkeys talk about that many say it may whether dance for me boy one point which of course you know maybe i'll overwhelm may well have so you know thanks for the up their heads up on that and just that another night debated bringing this up but you i can see
it's a conversational shown by the way i have to talk to you about doing a rough cut show for the weekend now either fire yeah i was gonna call you this week and i don't want a body and they get to do on a saturday show folks like robin that's like culture stuff working out snuff in a member state that i didn't want to fit in we you're free to listen to it if you hear strictly for the politics it shows not for you i totally understand but i really like the idea of doing one for the weak and so on but see i get so distracted talking about this stuff forget relegates rough cuts yet i was well that's that's it i just find the stuff fascinating and i think the mix martial arts thing in the fact that things are white black argument that came out of a boxing verses mixed martial arts thing to be incredibly fascinate and although i know what i was gonna say sorry another look
where a moment's get really tiresome but i really have a lot of put out there's someone put on my facebook page you know dan we love you show but you you always get in a pop culture snuff wrong they're right i'm at movies and stamp on the worse so the guy said fair enough because what why should we try you with the economic stuff hey i thought you know what i'm gonna put that's a good question i would ask the there and hear here here diver very logical explanation i'm constantly getting movie quotes entitles wrong things like that i honestly both my whole life is a shop it tries my wife gee i the entire day going through the wall street journal bright bar cato zero hedge reading double checking can written note i mean that one of these then we'll take a picture by notebook where i write down verbatim i don't forget it exactly what article says i put the articles in the show notes and and i put them in male is saying hey not only is this the quote use the quotas the article i spent some
i'm doing that that i don't have a lot of time to go and see movies and things like tat i ve just tell you that your that's why i've got it i could hear it now you spend more time with that producer joe can you do with me damn it is it's a seat ass he gets annoyed and if i live and i don't blame me them on their own all the time exam costly read so that's the explanation why am i screw it up the pop culture stuff so i move and i saw tat stuff to get you hear the there's a m which we start this through the daily signal story first because this one just blew my mind they are you know i i wanted to last week how the left obsession with population control is at the very or you know the why matters you the let boil why is the left always pro abortion why is the left the programme at the far left not all democrats but why are they probably why did they like euthanasia you know why are there you know for those not youth in
asia euthanasia the idea that we should put people to death if they're they're sick why did barack obama say when they were put obama care about the grandmother with the hip placement that maybe she's too old maybe we should just give her the pill remember that one job worldwide is the left this obsession with basically make people go away well they just because they ve been married to this idea of pocket they should control through the writings of mouth is the idea that we were going to our food supply for decades and i said don't confused left with a party that's in love with death there not i mean if that that as i said last week there were love with tat they be recommending mass suicide which were not there yet thankfully they just don't mind death which it folks is scary enough i'm not trying to apologize for liberals undressing far left liberals don't mind death they don't they don't see abortion as it did on the barbarity of it it doesn't bother them my death is not an impediment me walter us as christians and conservatives and and jews and and and and people
very religion who believe in a higher power that life is a gift we joe see death is an obstacle to any bad policy in other words we the abortion because it kills people like that yet what i'm saying that this is a complicated to us now i saw this or you today and here we go like confirming again a story we discuss less we hawaii just pay the law is but he the books in california kind of replicating the similar way policy these pro life nurse joe you could go in these places are some there call pregnancy centres in some places there some in western maryland when i ran for office i had i popped in their a couple times at some other events but there are these you see centres where you can go and if you are in a crisis pregnancy whatever it may be its unplanned you're a teenager you can go in there you get advice and there's some guidance they provide and and
obvious have never been pregnant i've never been in one of them and i've never been the co partner in a pregnancy like that but you go in there and get advice so of course that's not good enough for the left because the left again doesn't mind death than they seek population control on any measure so there was a a hawaii judicial rulings which has passed out these pro life sake centres are now forced to provide advertisements for free portion when you walk in and the website and all of the accoucheur bonds it go along with it like guiding people the free abortion you're forced to do it she's so again it's not enough for the left to be quote pro choice which is nonsense folks i'm telling you they are pro abortion they don't mind death as it's not an impediment to their there solution and their solution is always going to be population control and population control requires the power of the state and they always worship the power of the state
well when you go into within one of these crisis pregnancy set as they have to give you a piece of paper directing you to wear who can get a free abortion that it's for you gotta read the article in the daily signal it includes the actual language you're gonna be like this can't be real but it is real because again the left sees a day as no impediment at all bad policy decisions it's just not i saw the distorts why unlike this is just unbelievable that this is happening in the united states ok i want a motor through a couple quick once here too because if so much going on rises finally changed its name you know aroused the far left activists that disguises itself as hispanic activism and which is not since i don't know i don't like get a race exactly that's advantage for the race la rather they are changing there joe up again i put this story in the show notes that i and it goes back to his story we discussed a long time ago where we were talking
but the why matters why the left does what it does and why the left loves the power of discretionary bureaucracy that it was the left doesn't love elected government the left loves non elected government because when the left ill when the governments elected if the if the government that selective does not represent left despise the level attack that so don't ever get confused and think for a second i called the left is in love a big government the left these not in love with big government do not be if you just like the left is out of love with debt they just don't mind the left is in love with population control but left when it comes to big government is in love with left leaning big government the trunk government right now is still huge i told your story last week about how they got the monthly budget the federal budget were spending four hundred billion dollars per month for the first time despite the fact that the republicans rich large in the house of representatives they have the power the person we are spending record amounts of money so joe if the left was in love with big government like a lot of the people
deep dives on this wants you to believe and why is the left celebrating the house of representatives because it's not bear remit joseph it's not republic things are in charge and ass represented they loved their big government it's as simple as that i can't size any of this to you enough they love their big government now they also love not elected bureaucracies matter the bureaucracies meaning would effectively is becoming our court system who are becoming bureaucrats not judges i got a story on that later tell which is you like it what the hell's going on but they love not elect bureaucracies like the epa and other places and an end at all the obama administration what they were doing it's because they can funnel money do these bureaucracies and rules and judicial rulings that they wouldn't get do though do the legislative process so what then here so laura's is changing its name to who
usa now why would they be doing that again the why matters folks under the obama administration do you remember joe the show we did when i was talking about the law suits that were being filed against big banks area the paid so your bomb administrations d j was filing mega lawsuits against bags and as it can do you know the lawsuit they rode into it because the government cannot give money to learn raza or a private group without a a appropriate lobbying pass by congress congress has the power the purse so the obama illustration which again loves bureaucracies and love skirting the law and loves judicial ah you know judicial activism tried to figure out a way around round that and they want do bugs body around that and they one day they figured out a way the way they did it was they would sue big bags and they say they
on me the lawsuit against the big bang for ten billion bade say well here's what we can do here you can either give that ten billion dollars but the united states treasury or if you make joe a donation two mirage and other groups we will give you credit for double the amount of the actual donation towards the ruling so i will give you two dollars for every dollar you donate so obviously if you're like while let me say i'm a big bag i can pay a fine of ten led to the u s treasury or i can pay a fine of five billion and make a quote donation to la raza all these other groups are acorn all these other groups are of course joe europe
business you're going to take the five billion i can take the ten billion shareholders would go crazy that's what was happening in the obama years again a way to skirt entirely the legislative process because they don't like government stop please i'm begging you stop saying the left loves big government they don't they loves their government when it's not their government and the house of representatives the obama use was control by republicans they couldn't pay off their interest groups so what did they do they nor them and minimize the house of representatives and one straight through to this underhanded way of getting money to their special interest groups its critical you understand the difference they don't love be government at all they love their government that what does this have to do it lorraine well loretta was making a lot of money under that burma had hired symbol arise people to work in his administration and their allocation from the federal government it more than doubled from four million to eleven million that's a lot of money for the federal government for
taxpayers to facilitate a transfer of veto into that organization well though that the law ass is drying up right now because had stopped under the trump administration that we discuss this two sessions shut that down the oj is not happening anymore so these groups now have to go out and raise money from the grass it's from actual people and what their finding mirage the indications your job and i this is us play i'm bringing up today because it plays into the left use of identity politics the left love of bear government that big government but also because it's very personal in these folks i can be candid with you my wife is colombian one hundred percent not south carolina columbia from south america
like it or not i am i am irish for those you don't know me i'm i'm irish italian and german i'm not all italian i know i'd look i have the very tell you look to me but i'm only half the time my father is time so basically my kids genetic make up is largely colombia joe there half colombian and the other half is mixed up between italian german an irish my kids do not identify as hispanic now on any sport where there asked what are they they put hispanic because that's just factually correct but they dont identifies it panic it's not a an insult is on a slap in the face at their you know my wife is very proud of of of where where she's come from and she believed extremely proud to be american and it's undecided denial of our our background of my kids background that all aware they per hour mother their mother came from its just the fact
that's just their american and they ve been raised the american ab we don't raise our kids what identity politics why my bringing this up not to give you my family background but to tell you that this is not a unique experience show at all the article makes the point now that they have to deal with the the money has stopped flowing from the federal government they ve had to go out and raise money from the grass roots and using a name like la raza or as you accurately stated in the english translation drew translations of the race not an attractive way to raise money from a group of people who are largely not identifying with the rabies you get my boy they don't think like that right now the default left to atomic times you wanna play identity politics and insist that there's a generation of americans that identifies hispanic voters bits not sure you can identify that way or you want it's the same reason in texas yoga governor gregg abbot one something
forty eight forty nine percent of the quote hispanic vote the recent chose it wasn't the hispanic vote it was just that your people with hispanic heritage you didn't consider themselves hispanic they were american my kids run around so i spent their american they dont dental care they don't care about the labels they care about where there mom is from they care about learning with a most for but they're not that's not the let's up with their married too but the left so immersed in identity politics that they can't seem to us from the bottle unless job monies involve this is always by paul when i try to get you when it personally hurts the left now of a sudden arouses like we should be it be calling ourselves the race considering that people were tried who hates bobby from don't believe when these artificial designations got the race so they change who need owes you ass united united states sub derivative that shall we left is the exactly this
folks they did they don't mean anything they tell you identity politics for them is a scam used to get vote if they use it to get you to believe if you are you really understand that a few identifies american the likelihood that you are going to vote conservative republican futures great because american values are almost uniquely western what we do here liberty freedom freedom for a free markets the idea of freedom religion they are almost uniquely west i say almost because obviously yet lot of european countries still have degrees of liberty but their movie with socialized medicine are things in the wrong direction in special or seen going on religion in some european countries but these are almost uniquely well
values so the left understood a long time ago that we can't have people identifying with being american shows that makes sense so we have to get them to identify with something else so this is where i dent defy identity politics came it if we can commence black americans betty or black first that american second or his and echo merrick and that they are hispanic first and american distant second we can get them to believe that the republican party is targeting them specifically and that they somehow or a group of victims the subject of bad policies in force by concern which is amazing considering most of the areas of inner cities that of densely populated denzil tense populations of hispanic and black voters are low early governed monopolised thickly by democrats and are being screwed over every day so how the report because one after you is just a mystery to me considering the fact that republicans already charge almost anywhere that involves dance pop pockets of population hispanic and it can black waters is i just amazing that the job that one or two sucker
pull into believing it but remember when money valve loretta needed to raise money now all of a sudden they're gonna change their name so now there back to you need us u s so allow put down the show notes is really interesting story it's in the wall street journal if it's a subscriber thing forgive me i don't think it is but the mike it's alice road from from heritage i t show but you by bodies at my patriot supply you know i appreciate all the emails i get from listeners out there but i really appreciate the ones where you support our sponsors you know it means a lot to me they keep the show free they've been really good to us my patriot supply has been with us a very long time and that they offer that i think is vital i wouldn t do an advertising for them if i didn't believe so force not having survive emergency food is just insane at you really need to get self supply merciful we ensure everything in our lives it matter everything we ensure our health you'd show people bent the legislative car of homer george hurricanes there is now a flood insurance sink whole insurance in florida how'd you know
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you can do if these add water it comes at a super slim plastic case thick at the bottom of your closet better to have it not needed than to need it and not have it go to prepare with their dotcom pick up your months supply of emergency food tonight ok zero hedge which i really love it's another email less they do a great job the guy who ride see rights under a suitor tyler durden is that bring about eu your movie guy this one i know i have right for all by pop culture critics out there and you are correct i do get these do you know where tyler durden comes from now the urban movie fight club with brad pitt knighted watched uneasy though yeah fight club it's an older booby but is a good one i like it oh brad pitt near at northanger it the yom its automatic avoid someone might have seen it but it's cool bovina like especially rhythmic mix martial arts and stuff like that but the character in the movie the brad pitt characters tyler durden anna
make a lot of sense why this guy stole that name if you or to steal a but took the name to write this peace if you if you watch the movie but he puts out website zero hedge and he has an email is well he watches some good stuff out this morning i saw a piece out there again about liberal this information so first we talked about the you know attack on on life i mean in general and we got it de la raza thing and how you know that the identity politics only works for them whenever they need to raise money and then switch from identity policies are a to take your money but this one another one about you you're the green agenda the green agenda and environmentalism and how it's based on faulty data now i've done a tire shows on this about the mythical ninety seven percent of scientists agree that the globe is going to mail tomorrow morning not set and how they met they that how it was really based on an unbelievable these small subset of people who answered a survey
if you say ninety seven percent of scientists agree this is the left is talking point that the global warming you have to know oh how many good environmental scientists are in the world then you'd have to know what the ninety seven percent figure look like or you would have to engage in a statistic rigorous study that was an accurate subset of the entire scientific community correct correct if you say eighty seven percent of people respond to a drug positively for blood pressure the they did so checks have to be randomize there's an appropriate way to what we call in size control for the no different facts and to control for it training is variables to make sure that this the drug working and not the fact joe was exercising right internet the same thing works which radiant that's not how any of this was done that ninety seven percent almost every it comes out of the left mouth when it comes to invite
mental science sadly is some tinkering at the data or in this case a torturing the data so zero age but a piece out about a new report and i've always hesitant to use the term bombshell because bombshells become overrated but this is a bomb shall report now in case you're thinking the new report does challenged the far left orthodoxy on the environment you may be thinking you so well who put this report our kids urban review or bright barred away you conservative groups no it's a new report has been peer reviewed by the epa mit and of and a number of other universities now put the link in the show notes tat you can read the report yourself the linked to the report is in the article you can check it out yourself unaltered about anything i can't back up well that's not regret the crew is not credible this is more than credible so the new report analyzes what they call gassed job global average surface temperatures and what they found out was fascinating that the data is
which is not a mystery to anyone has followed this for while the date is being tortured in such a way in in sick local adjustment so may think of an analogy to sum this up i love economic so what they do and unemployment when they do unemployment figures show is they'll do cyclical adjustment so if unemployment were to let's go up in a certain area of maryland in the summer you may say look the economy spiking an ocean city maryland in july neither jealousies are going with this gives you you of course spite ocean city marathons a beach from the town and people come in you know joe from pennsylvania and other places and they work in whatever the fair through places the restaurants the bars because people go to the beach it up and then his upper that is not a quote spike in i made it is a cyclical phenomenon meeting joe summer happens did you know this every year yes you know whatever you don't need the
by the way i got an email they love jays abacus it's a huge like you d j yet you get an email is warrior happens every year so they make sick call adjustments so let's say the unemployed knit numbers i know city maryland say unemployment is ten per cent january i must make this up and look say in july it drops to five percent if you're not making the cyclical just me all my guys all it series crush you did they caught out of an employment an app no that happens every year but the way you would make haste local adjustment is let's say based on historical data joe let's say that's what's happened every summer for ten years that unemployment is ten percent january and is five percent july due to the influx of employees taking care of all the tourists in the summer let's say one year its ten poorest january and drops the two percent july now now
ojo we may have something because you cared strictly attributed to a cyclical adjustment of people coming into the summer to support the tourism industry given him say and it may be something else it may be they dropped the minimum wage law they cut taxes ocean city there's been a spike in real estate and i get that's cause or would you say if these factors are correlated and there's some other third factor here that's not just the summer because the summer effect was not that large in the last ten years now i use at analogy because this is the same thing that happens when it comes to temperature data are always cyclical adjustments to be made based on all kinds of factors that may be polluting the data where they were cited guy did one show where they talked about if ocean louise that were taken ocean temperatures joe worse were on ships that the warm water in the ship was contaminating the number so the cyclical adjustments are always
it's all i just want to be clear on this so unfair to our liberal friends you absolutely believe in the orthodoxy of of global warming i'm not saying cyclical adjustments or a bad thing you get what i'm saying that is necessary i we both agree what i'm telling you new report is does it's a bombshell has said ok great sickle adjustments why is it that their cyclic readjusted up every single time and the new report systematically goes through the fact that this can't be possible remember this is provided by the i t a lot of major universities and other guy makes the point at the end and the peace that their sickly adjusted up all the time so that would be the equivalent our view of the ocean city mayor of making quote cyclical adjustment every single season at a new magic we adjust it down to five percent four percent three percent two percent but you don't really have the data back that up to now
look it's not just the fact that it's tourism in the winter out in the summer coming in look at my policies on the ocean city mayor and i'm a democrat and i hiked the minimum wage and look what's happening at the point new york dear torturing the data to adjust it every single time upwards to make the globe look hotter than it really is and they make the conclusion in the report by the data cannot possibly be accurate and therefore the measure of the disaster scenario we are in do the quote global warming and excessive cover dioxide levels in the atmosphere you can't be accurate either i strongly encourage you to the distance your hedges are really quick articles how long it's not just want you to beat you to death with scientific jargon but it does cite the report and you need to see this not be we don't need to care for the earth i'm not you know i'm not i'm not unreal
sticker unsympathetic did people on the left who have genuine concerns about the health of the planet i have children here too and hoped have grandchildren one day and you know be christian you're not supposed that you supposed to take care of it you know the animals we have minion over the animals don't let me be yours doesn't mean we're supposed to get a beat the snot out of it but i crave accuracy obviously by the opening of the show and i'm not going to debate someone who openly lies and i've known started this data can possibly be accurate is our computer models joe that predicted that we all be melting right now that the polar browser it'll be dead and that the good boys cabs able of melted now be water up to that you know it in the rockies in colorado all the way up the light of the mountains you guys were wrong avi sam exaggerate but you are wrong the computer models have not to date they have not come to fruition so something you did is wrong are you going knowledge are you just going to ignore something you did is not right
read the peace and you'll see how these the global data has just been the surface temperature date has been tortured nor the wrong direction by some that up ok yes you did excess important start or i power through here hey i you know how much i love a big data hip you know we ve brought up the bertrand russell turkey problem over and over folks big data is becoming a a big asset but a big problem most people involved with big data who understand the complexity of the problem will tell you big data can beat the big props reminds me of an old line i had no secret service when i was an agent then we would have these cases that were incredibly complex with a credit card fraud cases and i remember this guy tom who is in my office tell me time big cases began
its little cases little headaches and he was right but maybe following the body in a credit card k specially check guiding is not easy to really really difficult they had this rule this regulation z back when i was a young age it with these credit card coming these where if you had sent a payment in even if the czech bout show the credit card company would have to clean that person of the balance so you were available to use it something to do with the interest payments so what guys would do and women would do who understood the system in which savvy enough is a would send the check in for five thousand dollars the check was going to pounce it was no money they would wait for the the five thousand to clear off the credit card and id run up another five thousand mainly be they knew the whole time and she's gonna basle was called chunky but they were very complicated cases because when you started following the money in the end did know he's go you thought of what well being cases big headaches big data big headaches to one of the problems around with big data and this was an article sent in by a listen
i appreciate all your emails i read em thank you very much to the listener that he maybe this piece i saw it on drudge and i was gonna run with it an till i saw the email i was like right now if this is the right i do listener whistler suggestions i sit someone else's adjusted so withdrew this so the problem there having now it data and when i say big data i mean we have never had the passively on a mass scale to collect the amount of information on individuals and groups like we have now it's all right i'll give you a quick example ebay and amazon i'm on ebay and amazon really they by china to buy from ebay for other reasons altogether but i do look ebay once in a while and i were usually looking for dared carpet put settle up there
devil cow protracted and i mean this is it a mystery anyone if you look at say dare devil number seven which i just got way whereas the red suit for the first time it's a mystery that when you go on to facebook in other places joe what a pop up ads for look daredevil numbers wow that's how you know it's funny job we all take their regret i guess that around jos like ok great like big deal then everybody gets yeah of course but we you understand how we take that totally for granted here and in the future and some would debate this is happening now but i don't want to get out of my lane of expertise my wife's convinced it's happening now by the way she is at issue is a computer whiz kid with way she looks he should looks like a kid i mean she her skin books amazing i mean as a compliment by foolish did she looks incredible my wife is forty two i swear she looks like
twenty one she i dont have you i don't put you many pictures were upon its agreement for obvious reasons gash she read i don't know the house she stricken maybe that's a fridge rate of water we have but my skin looks like a mess up forty to go and on five hundred for you but she looks like he's twenty one but she's convinced that this is happening now that the m when you talk about somebody hit your phone is listening at it and it runs away you don't say enemy than she says it is it is kind of weird although herbs i think it's for another reason like we typed in which didn't remember but what will we do in the other day we were talking about whatever flight to las vegas or something for my niece and all of a sudden none were on your internet it's what pops up a web advice the las vegas from south west new like she's like you hey they're out of a guy you know that is but joe make no mistake is going to happen in the future there is a bit ability to coalesce
aggregate in use and sell big data like we ve never seen before and where i think it's going as such is gonna be what you're talking about a such is going to be what you look out on your phone they're gonna there's gonna be i tracking is well you're gonna have ads on bus stops where there's gonna be some kind tracking of people's eyes there's gonna be facial recognition your laugh and by the way you think this is funny trust like this i don't know you don't you shouldn't but the air agencies and the companies that are selling this kind of data they don't think this is funny at all this is very real business to that jason shaving was one of the one shows i think it was last week and said the fbi is building this facial recognition data base need that almost half the people country eminent already perfect i didn't i did i see i don't even here that their support on that make some folks this is that's the bureau which worries me a little bit i'm going lemme guess involve i'm always terrified but joe you when i know private industry is already at behaviour
you could be if you take the boss or the train you live in new york you take the subway there could be an add on on the subway platform and you are looking at the add any add is war you know the law yes the greatest mouth guard whenever you need a mouth guard your football player you do jetson here want to lose any teeth and your staring at that add for say five minutes in a future that add may be able to recognise your facial profile and even if they don't get you exactly right they may be able to log that and make it you could be one of three or four people you get home then and all of a sudden you have an that pops up on your facebook or your twitter or your your search that for that big mouth go nearly cash how did that happen you don't even know the answer may i been using facial recognition so at no point in human
history have we had the technology to to coordinate the use of big data like we do now now the guardian peace and just to be clear the guardian is left of the in many cases far left leaning opera this is not a down the middle centrist journalistic outfit in my humble opinion the guardian but first we have to be kept here because the guardian as a recommendation at the article article the gist of it is that these big data things are causing big problems and i a great big data can cause big problems could be very helpful and the turkey problem is the example i view from bertrand russell frequently said when you have big data if you dont assume there's a natural aaron data you assume as the data set its larger than its more and more accurate you can cause the accumulation the data in and of itself can cause the collapse of the data and what i mean by that is that turkey problem is if you're on a farm and you're a turkey and you know you live
aaron and they're gonna kill you one day three hundred and sixty five you know when you were a year old and you have the ability to coordinate the train for of data from the farm to all the turkeys in the world on day three hundred and sixty four that transmission of data to turkey's everywhere this is the greatest place on earth the farmer look what he does he feeds us every day this is terrific we love this farmer he so wonderful everybody come here now and all of a sudden everybody does on data hundred sixty five they all show up they're all dead so it was this poor coordination of the data and the transmission from the turkeys to the turkish all over the world that actually cause their own death because if they had no ability you that joe they wouldn't have been over there because no one would have told them about the turkey funds make sense that that's i dunno bertrand russell talk about that a while ago the turkey problem but this goes to show how data can cause a problem that what happened
as an industry when everybody was looking out when everybody else was doing while the wrong vessel housing let us get in there too and in a federal government the end isn't set devising people to spend more housing and very you're going to scoop up mortgage backed securities this is crane everybody by it off they three hundred and sixty five slash two turkey's head come off the reason of bringing this up as the guardian peace has a suggestion on how to fix this and you should be say it all on hold on about rwanda tape the sun you should by the guardian is it that i'm not even a this up professor at the university of maryland is suggesting that we should have a a national algorithm safety board joe this is one of your peeps admiral yeah i'm not kidding their suggesting that the government is fix this problem govern the same government job by the way that could not even remotely they felt the housing crisis rights matter back the same government that to the people
creation of a mortgage policy they wanted people to have homer just by homes so the same government that incentivize fanny and ready to buy mortgage backed secure he's from companies issuing mortgages encouraging member is you more issue more repeatedly the same for me that was worn by bush that was warned by the treasury department repeatedly the turret you guys fanny and freddy you're buying too many of these you're giving people free money free money is being used to buy arms they can't afford don't it's all on tape we ve done entire show don't go listen to the library it's all on youtube now the government warning people that this was not going to this was a bad idea the government still one forward because the incentives were all wrong so my point this year i just to be clear on it's not that the government its up the government couldn't figure it out if they dedicated the resources to it to look at these algorithms and the national algorithm safety board show and figure out you know what
it concerns the authors that they're going to be you know this could be a major revolt should a privacy but the point is post the government isn't the one to figure this out there not because the governments incentive is not to protect your price do the governments incentives to get reelected and joe to sum it up in the housing crisis the government's incentive at that point was to keep fanning and freddy afloat because people they thought they could get votes from we're getting low low low interest rate mortgages to buy homes they couldn't afford at a higher interest rates it's really no more difficult than that a lot of the lobbies out there the lobbyists special interest groups wanted people at home they couldn't afford and they saw the government is an easy way to doing their incentive despite being warm despite government having that there was a housing crisis on the horizon jody use them ass they didn't care because urban centres where who cares people are in homes and we'll get vote right now you want the government to take over
the national algorithm safety board are you kidding me folks watch what's gonna happen next there will be an end they do talk about some legit the issues are now but there's one in there that i found particularly disturbing if you end up with them in the shortest against in the guardian even other left wing is it a left wing out that it is an interesting piece the guys one of the issues they are having with some of these complex big data aggregation algorithms joe is people doing google searches and this is their words not mine so please forgive me if i say it little empathic way but it's not this isn't my conclusion that if you add a ethnic sounding name that could be could be black or or his back but whenever it may be that if you were to search for a name that sounded near words quote black that adds are things associated with criminal activity would come up which we can all agree is completely inappropriate but the guy
i says in that it would be useful interesting so he suggesting a government solution because that's you know that's all that's terrible which it is but interesting in the pc says why it happened it's not that the people in google were racist when they wrote the algorithm joe the code that's not what happened what happened the search engine learn by itself because it says the peace that people who were searching for things that whatever bail bond answer things associated with criminal activity where sir king names that were associated with what would it be culturally consider black it is not by private its there's take it out on them so we say in other words he says it's not what's i don't understand like how do you handle that how do you handle that it's not easy folks i just don't think the government has a so what's the governments which you could be we can't have racist rhythms what ok well what are you doing up me what what is your measure of what a racist algorithm is you see how the government the free
how can have a solution for that europe here's what i mean you research engine joe you put in a name and that name happens to be say that it's a cousin or a friend that person oppositely black and you google in their name for whatever reason you want to do one of those sub genealogy dot com things and you get it for bail bonds don't use it judge that's all i can tell you if you're right of veto and you just don't use it and the free market to govern does not have a solution for their promise you they will only make it worse but it's a fascinating peace i will put it in the show notes man again you're gonna get one more quickly but before we get the heavy cited see our tv it if you haven't we are in the final phase finally launched some new new content i'm happy to be art of but we also have levine show up their mark levine show it see our tv we of the best conservative continent them shall balkans launching a new season of our show its i think it's the finest invested if show available right now for conserving she gets to the heart of issues like no one else we have stephen crowded shows the
data show is a whole bunch of content on you can watch only computer you tablet you're smart phony take away the it's terrific go to sea debbie dot com it's all available for about the less than ten dollars but when you put in my promo caught my promo code is bond gina be a when gee i know me that's a really cheap price to pay consider what you pay for a lot of the junk on cable right now go to see or tb dotcom and check it out i m one final story which is really the stuff did you see the story about the terrorist in canada who got a multi million dollar pay out oh yeah yeah i did this is hard to believe so all martin hotter k h aide de are ah he admitted this he admitted to throwing a grenade at a delta for sergeant first class by the name of christopher spear i killed him by the way not instantaneously but died
but we there after and partly blinded another sergeant first class lane more so this sum omar carter is is is a killer so here he thought does this grenade at them again he admitted to this in a and a proceeding he was interviewed and interrogated before he was sixteen right before sixtyth birthday so because of that canada who agreed to take him in canada has a some kind of a law which is being tortured here too that protects juveniles so it's clearly showed me in and i think is what was an acting as juvenile when it all grenades but all mark hotter after you through this grenada killed this guy he got so he got he got out of jail twenty fifteen was really so he's out now are he sued cod omar caught her sue the canadian government he was
has given ten million dollars accord nor number sources by the can the prime minister just in trudeau who this is the disturbing part about the seminar leave it with this cause i want you to formulate around end from this because it's really deeply disturbing and i think if i say any more i may get overly emotional lose the context cotter got to ten million dollars after a lawsuit the families of both the patriotic dead you a soldier and the one who was partially blinded by the grenade thrown by caught her father lawsuit as well knew tat it was a hundred thirty four million dollar suit they had a petition into the court where they could have see some of carter's assets trudeau rush the payment brush the payment to cater to get there ten million dollars to before
that lawsuit now the families been left angling in the wind folks i did it but what even say that that we are now paying off a guy to a grenade in a war zone that killed a u s soldier partially blinded another one in the family of the dead soldier the partially blinded one can't claim money from a law suit against this guy because this guy got ten million for me the canadian government trudeau rush them before the you know the liberal prime minister after who rush the payment out to get advance of the petition the court petition by the soldier that's that's just it it's a hard to believe story i put in the show doubt than the daily mail it's just that it's are you the intellectual and moral vacuum of the far left all over the world just ten von gino she did
then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance progress on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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