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Ep. 505 A Stunning Admission That Confirms Conservative Economics

2017-07-18 | 🔗
In this episode I address some misinformation about the role of the Secret Service in the Trump Jr. meeting.  http://reut.rs/2t4ZmEZ   I also discuss a stunning admission by the often liberal-leaning IMF about tax cuts.  https://www.cato.org/blog/international-monetary-fund-accidentally-provides-strong-evidence-laffer-curve?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=a3c475d05e-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-a3c475d05e-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-a3c475d05e-143016961&mc_cid=a3c475d05e&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   I discuss big data, facial recognition, and policing technology, and why you should be concerned.  http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2017/07/facial-recognition-coming-police-body-cameras/139472/
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love the regular public thereby jean ovaries joe our you today i am ready to go let's go get about eight stories i saw tonight so by the way we will i still haven't pick the winner of the contest of snow work it s so many good entries on twitter so thank you everyone did that but i'll get to that this week are three german
on the show get me your address us and your book in and i will eat mail you a code for free you see our tv so thanks to everyone who ended a contest we had some outstanding new democratic party slogans are really free hey are one thing i didn't addressed yesterday on the show a new story that produce job brought up then i shudder brought up because its relevant to my work history now i had planned on it and we just through just so much the scotch s bobby tell by the length of yesterday she went a little longer than i typically do the trump junior j secular u s secret service story now for those not see the story busy weekend vacation whatever it may be i'll give you a quick synopsis of what happened so europe will be familiar with the the trump junior russian law your meeting story is a russian lawyer met without a trump junior under the premise from a third party that she had some kind information on raillery she didn't meeting was is the time
said repeatedly media was a bad idea of a bad ideas are made paul you know what happened all the time in politics i know i'll answer for the audience yes we heard about it ad nauseam people get sick of it i know i got an email from a guide this is not about the trump russia thing i promise i get people are totally tired of it me too but this is but a different angle something came up this began in the abbey get a tonic questions on a job right it up j secular who is a legal represent for the administration secular set on one of the sunday shows who is a very good guy by the way and this is a very common mistake i'm a throw them under the bus he had said well you know if if this meeting basically beset big of a deal in this way it with some high level intelligence operative from the russians but wouldn't this grit service have stopped her for meeting with don junior anyway that accurate somebody jovial pretty much prettier than the second
it was as as a representative for the president he he said that and again about drawn up under the bosomed now this is a common mistake that we say why did the secret service stop this woman if she was such a danger to the to the country i guess is is it is the best way to say yet what folksy this is a common mistake and from a seat there was into perspective and the secret service immediately how to put something out saying that at the time of the meeting don junior was not a secret service protecting he did not have a detail trump was not the formal nominee yet and he did not have a protection detail donald trump junior at the time but i make they i make the case to you that that's irrelevant and here's why in this is it i'm an thing people mix up when it comes to secret service protection the secret service does not tell protect these who they can meat or meat or or not me with i know that pricing do a lot of people but that's not the way it works ladies and gentlemen
we secure who comes in a row we can put them to a magnetometer weakest eyes have green tea i love greeted we can put their due magnetometer you can fresh them met effect i remember the night hillary clinton one or senate seat i may have told the story before guy comes up the stairs it was at the with a grand high at new york and i am at this back entrance to this room she's having this p pretty in and i see looks familiar buddy stops magnetometer the want the handheld magnetometer we had broke like sorry gonna put you as in a wild risk members better like tat yeah this is crazy out there like when i went all might get the guy just press but i like you know back daddy wasn't is famous is used now but you still pretty favours those kind of funny but we ve what i'm trying to make whether stupid stories will rescue we'll put you do a magnetometer will back i'll check you if you're gonna get within their arms linked to the president
we don't tell the president who to me with folks think about this explain to you why this is logical joe right every it wouldn't be a pretty easy case for me to make the case to you that mahmoud ahmadinejad of i ran is probably really dangerous person yeah but president could meet with a bow sure ok you think the secret service can we go now we ran this guy scott associations with his book the revolutionary guard we think he's international national terrorists in the fact that he was a head of state and i ran does matter we don't want you to meet with a folks to see service does that tell anybody you to me with they don't i don't sounds crazy but here's another example and all this is hyperbolic it's not it's
our own heard of in to a lesser degree say you ve got a president who is anti death penalty and that's another thing i wanna get to it a second had an interesting you may see you gotta prisoners anti death and he wants to go to a prison to meet with a guy and on death row or woman wherever it may be who is a serial murderer but who claims to be reformed it is in his found the lord and and really doesn't want to die weaken that sir a bad idea from the secret service perspective joe who the guy's a killer you're the woman's omitted it's a convicted teller on death row we cannot tell the president not to go we can request to be in the room we obviously you're gonna put them through a metal detector although it's a prison so it's probably not that part of its probably relevant but you get my point we don't tell they protect these who to meet with almost ever now i can
are you from behind the scenes perspective not giving up any secrecy approach is not mysterious anyone nude you can figure this out in your honor stories about this in any media with its covered the secret service ever we can pass that information on to the president and you she goes through the staff where the deputy chief of staff where we say mr president this guy you know joe we beg it out you wanna meet with skies i get he meets with tommy two times all the time in these guys gets a mob ties this may not look good for you made up we're not politicians but where does tell and use guy could be dangerous now will frisk them well awesome will put him to a metal detector and all that stuff will sit in a room with you but this guy could have you no background that may be don't look so good you get from saint john little unsavory on savers right way to say the staff were may say ok thanks guys bad idea but that's totally up to them ladies gentlemen totally up to them so now that this story
back in the news again forgive me for not mentioning yesterday i just want to dispel that myth because it's it's it's real important and critical to understanding the functioning of our government is not a nuanced issue cares you this the services they can meet with their not no no it's important because they did that the there are people in the ass you actually believe that there are the secret services you come in and out we don't now you come in the room the it's all different story obviously even if the the united states review is gonna meet some which former terrorist and a guy walked in what a thirty eight snobby in his pocket you're right i don't care with the press it it says they're gonna be like i gotta lose the piece of meat i've gotta go put it alot box yourself bright zooming had legal but i hope i do you think i clear that up great support got it dropped junior does not even if he wasn't which he wasn't he was not a protected but even if he wasn't
oh you it doesn't matter that woman could have been a mistake too bad of detail yours i wouldn't want that each let's say that lets used a worst case scenario let's say tromp junior had a deal at the time but you didn't and of what russian law who came in a room was the head of the russian efforts be they now did which now we shall be the kgb now the sba waste ok and stop or from going their meat would drop junior we can pass on me and fell but that's it i just want to be sure you guys and ladys understood and i today show but you by friends at my patriot supplies you know i love these guys there really a great company i really at the preparedness i as i get old right where he more and more about it what are seemingly small things by the mutation you get a natural disaster you get some unexpected event and i don't even want to quit i'm not a conspiracy theories i'm just a guy believes it sadly bad things can do happen folks you have to be prepared you have to have an emergency food supply is critical
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and often gonna make it that lot but twenty five years at last go pick it up today prepare with their dot com it's only dollar ninety nine dollars go pick it up ok second story so a guy sent me an email yesterday i really appreciate the listener feedback my emails daniel advise you know that kommeni said hey you know you keep talking about population control and nor these pro abortion stories and how the left doesn't celebrate death but certainly doesn't mind it but if the left doesn't mind death in the achievement of their goals and a point i was trying to make for those you listen to the show that show in the shop for that quickly summed up again is it the left doesn't oh great abortion and euthanasia and the fact that we should give grandma the pale rather and they have surgery is barack obama once said health care rationing things like that data celebrate that they just don't mind death and i know we can offer but we want to take shots were like i did on the left they that's a death call
folks it's really not if it was again they don't be killing themselves which thankfully there not i'm babby bad we don't you know that's not exist serbian already bad problem would left this ideology but i do think it's bad enough that again they dont mind like the fact that abortion results in death doesn't bother them at all at all they wouldn't celebrated so they just don't mind castle guy said said the man was a fair enough question he said well why did they so objected the death penalty sorry got a little headed there and i thought that's a great question and maybe i should have explained that the left is always about a tree urging a priorities remember to them death is it a big deal because the bigger priority them is population control population control through the state and literally population control keeping our numbers low because they view the human being is a virus on the on the earth but based on green not thereof the relentless pursuit of of the green agenda which is guaranteed the bankrupt
manatee they don't care they dont bypass pretty they don't ride bankruptcy and they don't mind death but the reason they advocate against the death penalty is because left this ideology is always been centred around the idea that evil is not individual evil is not real that evil as a result of institutions are please follow me on this american again to deepen because i got a lot of news to get too as well but we we talk a lot on the show by the anti anti communist how that's what this amaze there against us there against everything that's against us because they believe in raw power what you call that powers are relevant to them socialism commune they just believing concentrated state power that they control they don't believe in constant its they power when trumps in short only when they control the how they get there is irrelevant that's where the line you the ends will do you know the the ends will just the means mean it whatever means they have to get to that power the end what they have to take control of the economy of health care of everything they don't care now
in the tree urging the priorities you can't have a belief in individual gooden individual human evil because that doesn't you label institutions is bad i hope i'm not if i am forgive me folk but i think i've really this is really critical staminate who gets what makes our show different its critical you understand that the left believes that institutions collections of people governing systems are evil people and thomas soul in his brilliant poor conflict divisions wrote an entire book about this i cannot recommend the book i lay enough it's one of those books you could read in a week but you shouldn't you should read in a year because it's that good read two three pages a day and digest every bit of it
because he talks about how conservative ideology look what we what we used to call old school liberalism believes that people that evils a real thing and that people can be evil and the idea of government is that we should always respect god given big our rights rights given it by god human liberty human freedom that were born with but the government is a necessity you know federalist fifty one of men were angels china we would need government basically but the governments was a necessity to control some natural evil tendencies of men but it's never met to override the big our rights given to us by god there given to us by god do not given to us by the state to state up that liberals don't see it that way folks and you i promise i'll try the suffering of the death penalty in a second they see institutions as evil ideologies as evil that people can possibly be let us keep the corrupting force
a bad ideas that have to be stopped and with what it what's the big culprit their capitalism freedom capitalism is nature is naturally exploitative that it takes from those who don't have and gives to those you oh do which is amazing because if they don't have it had to be taken but they believe in two are evil you know our governments and by republic in sarajevo and the way they did they kick at you to believe that if you put the we'll squarely on the human being presented well it's not institutions that are evil its people who are even when they run institutions you see we turn it on them we say no people are evil and therefore p we should not have concentrated government power not all people i'm saying evils are real things about it is a better way so that people have the tendency to evil so conservatives are are of them of the of the general mindset ideologically speaking that we should never concentrate power in the hands of men because they have attend
see the towards evil bell but lord act an absolute power corrupts absolutely right yahoo but the left doesn't believe they believe societies perfected both we just had better systems you know what i'm saying so the left believes system capitalism is evil and corrupt people and is that revolts at the system did it bats i left doesn't believe and the death penalty because if they acknowledge the death penalty that some people you have to accept the fact that some point i'm not a death penalty sport about wipe may surprise some of you but i'm not for and to all other show but the for them to accept the death penalty they would have to accept that some people are out redeemable and some people are not perfect but i know you think i may have got that but already though if the left accepts that they have to accept the basic tenets of conservative ideology that if they were to accept the death penalty debts
people joe are just evil and not redeemable therefore evil is an individual thing not a systems thing that makes sense ok so i mean i know it's a little bit confusing but it was a fair question and so that's why the death penalty get subordinated to their larger goal of making governments look like operation to perfect society but you have to believe societies perfect able and people are evil governments will do that and we can acknowledge people are evil so that's what we do we fight against the death penalty because it requires a new except that so it's there was a good question and i know is a little deeper its commissars book is just amazing goes into that hey this is the greatest peace by the way i've read in a week said i don't usually get that excited about echo makes peace i like my lover by right yet our somewhere
between i like level but i never really go crazy over man sometimes i read pieces on mike yes yes there it is so i was going to cato's email list the other day and daniel mitchell wright some outstanding stuff over there has a piece it's going to be in the show notes it's also available my email list i'll email it to you go to buy juno dot com sign up for my email i will say right here in box but it's a great piece of mitchell does really good work i suggest you found and it's here be critiques the about the international monetary fund which he rightly so says is largely not all but largely joe filled with people who are big government economists being for a reason to justify high taxes and the state and the growing power of the state mitchell is not mitchell's a freedom loving guy he's also an economist who strangely enough believes in fact the date i say had sarcastically so he's cards we go and after the i am after what he sees is biased research so he's left
and his but often is pc put out because the peace again in it we admit what we already know is true that the laffer curve eggs now what's the laugh recovered why is this important eu the laugh recovery talk about it all the time and the show its at the laughter curve it's on a measure of clowns effectiveness is low four outlay of if ye are upon nervously named after art laffer who was adviser ronald reagan on economics and it's very simple curve it basically says as tax rates go up you'll had a certain sweet but and i go up even higher your begin to lose money that's the simplest way can summon up what are the reasons laffer propose that that happened that there's a ton of data to support this you have to believe this by the way you're a conservative not their entire creta one tax policy falls apart but what are the reasons as happens is tax rates go up higher and higher hire people it is worth more to people to avoid paying those taxes that it is too just pay so of jos ten thousand thousand
excellent one tax rate and twenty thousand under another tax ring that's a ten thousand dollar difference if joke hey attacks lawyer two thousand dollars to get him out of the eu ten thousand dollar tax liability news flash yet there i was gonna do it saves a grab again i know this is tough for liberals you know we don't we or even need jays advocates for this what george this is this is even simple for jays abacus right if you gotta pay ten thousand our taxes and attacks attorney says hey it's not legal but i will show you a tax avoidance not tax evasion and tax avoidance strategy to avoid ten thousand dollar liability under the new tax rate and it's only gonna cost two thousand dollars to pay me who what are you gonna do you're gonna pay the account of course it has all the time now again it's only mysterious the liberals but again back to like the death penalty in the death penalty in the ideology and how the why matters and the bigger theories of why the left does what it does just like the left can never acknowledged the presence of individual
before they could see only see institutions is evil and hence proving those institutions will fix society the left well now forever acknowledge the presence of the laffer curve ever it is a complex argument that i've summed up i think to make it their justice for you but the laugh recover if they acknowledge the presence of laughter curve the entire eco system of far left economics falls apart because think about it if the laffer curve is correct tax rates as they get higher and higher his eyes funny you said because left is there so dumb as tax its go higher and higher it not only does it raise more tax revenue but it actually raises less tax revenue do what is that on the whole far left economics ecosystem collapses because what they say that joe if you believe that i am sorry to get excited growth but this why i love this peace it just makes no sense your left his friends or arguing to you right now
how many of you listening have these liberal friends you better thanksgiving dinners with liberal local tony illiberal local authorities like you don't know you're talking about little joey armoured cars nephew like little i'm fifty plus years old donny the matter you don't know squad i know you're the producer for that crappy show the renegade republic internet dope dance who is talking about economics but we have the rays tax rates because we gotta get more money from knows day i'm rich people you know little joey armoured cars to sit mary is any protecting is he's never seo school vince bonds like ear mossy to puts the earmuffs around his kid were people cursor so jaws little joe next autumn societies earmarking is is kids years little joe even jos bobby bigger the jewelry now from his letter but he's your mom because you want to hear uncle tony say and really dumb stuff about the tax rate but once you put cms he starts up jealous it is not just smart little joke up act uncle tony tell him i'm crazy uncle tony there's this thing called the laboratory
which has indicated music rather large data sets over history that is tax rates go up over time people engage and tax avoidance strategies in the government actually loses revenue uncle tony uncle toby you're crazy little job but he does what every liberal they search thrown wide bottles are a little joke i got a big joe jobs in gets amid a castle khatami three quarter mounting watch him in an arm but i get a lot of control here's what i saw just lovey obviously the turkey turkey said eric he bowed fly in its a but i because having radford office three times and have a bit a conservative activists were gosh ten years now maybe i i've been i've had this debate with liberal so many times and it's all it just gets nasty every time they will
ever acknowledge that they will never acknowledged at his tax rates go up past assert point tax revenue is that despite the fact that the data is is almost conclusive on it we have did ronald reagan tax cuts tax rates went down tax revenue went up we have the calvin coolidge tax cuts tax rates went down revenue one up we have the bill clinton capital gains tax got tax rates went down tax revenue one up we have the john f kennedy tax cuts big tax cuts by the way tax rates went down tax revenue one up this happens over and over and over again now what does this have to do with daniel mitchell peace while a couple points here let me just right do you i take screenshots so i can read this stuff the rack so i get you the most accurate information by first take a ways one in the peace in there i m f research which keep in mind the international monetary fund is a big glow who is chock full of far left the car if you want you to believe that tax rate should be as high as humanly possible ok zol they admit number one in the peace that man
the nationals will global shop for lower tax rates were why what now joe again to normal people listening this is you're like dad it this even require repeating that sector dumbest point ever but too little listening this is a shocker that job that multinational companies shall get ready we locate in places where they have to pay less tax raising way i'm ready that air to second that today what does that mean you what's amazing that they had been the police that's all it's amazing method in there i m researcher mitchell's like blown away by these two number one that multinational we'll go where the taxable i get to the conservatives listening you like yours you got your this is like hand them face face me desk you like
this is this is it now it gets better as an actual point is made even more sorry i make my who have which is never fight you should never make yourself left that's not call good comedians actually suppose i do see the left at the rohingya kevin hard i see that guy's hysteric cap in heart so wisely hamlet that is our jokes i saw this is a quote from the peace that daniel mitchell quotes and again you it's all indicate obese we want to yourself at the this headline corporate income tax its have plummeted since nineteen eighty by an average of almost twenty percent it is it inside of international tax competition at work which closer local work tends to confer ok that's the set up front this is the imo peace now and they got this wrong by the way mitchell ignores its not corporate tax rates have plummeted by twenty percent but they met the same twenty percentage points
there's a difference but neither needless to the i m f is acknowledging the set up here that global corporate tax it's the taxes on business have gone down so liberals follow me i know this is hard i don't want to have to get jays abacus out we got it out twice last week liberals were having such a tough time with the mat okay so try to follow me without the help of the abacus to stop corporate tax rates have gone down all over the globe okay so now this is dan mitchell talk and he says but here's the accidental admission that immediately caught my eye the authors admit that lower tax rates have not resulted in lower revenue here's the quote from me i'm at peace but use have remained studies so far developing countries an increase that advanced economies ah ah ah ah i need it does it back at eight does it matter i will put the lake
i will e mail this do you join my email is it will be email to you it'll be it to show notes are podgy know that com it's aunt kate out now i've treated it you ray tweeted it yesterday you can look it up and this does not show it doesn't look at me listen look me in the eyes then i'm gonna get the straight harry i met a beam this in your head do like it yes p thing and we're gonna get verbal to as well it doesn't matter liberal don't care facts and did they are immune to facts and data it doesn't matter liberals will argue to you tomorrow morning without a hiccup in their step that we should high court for tax rates because businesses should pay more even the imam channel forward verbs just acknowledged in their peace that despite the fact that corporate tax rates have trapped all over the globe remedies ever made
sorry to have even advance that advanced economies and increased now i don't have time to beat this not out of this peace even more but it's so good it is in short you don't even like in complex economic wonky talk go in there and look there are there a charge scenario incredibly easy to read these are not complicated econometric data analysis the real god my god it's yours what the charter and you can see the chart and begin the peace by michl what is what does the charge so sharply a charge shows chart chose a chart chose my folks i had i actually cut out two minutes of the show and start over because i swear i even confused myself because a rules have got me so so best up in the head and though i was talking about the liberal illiberal uncle tony is even in my head now i was talking about the charge would show and even screw job the charts
peace are amazing because they're so simple array that given labour liberals configure amounts to joe remember the axe and why access so you have the action why axis is this is get ready for this you have corporate tax rates going up in the chart socket of this one data set of corporate tax rates going up what do you think happens to the corporate tax revenue down that's we gotta thereafter finally trotting out human rights of the child that because we are deluding ourselves because we ve been i worship maybe put that it now cuts one that even where i see even georgia was like what either coming i screwed up again with everyone because it's so stupid like we're like this can possibly be right it is corporate tax rates go up and you like you're so believe like all tax rates one up even public both tax rates
must have one up no we didn't it closed out why up one doubt x y axis one goes up what you gotta look at the charge that was really funny by the way i'm tellin you miss to medicines show that could be class material because i'm like argument a job in the tumult in the two lost minutes like that show lost members like they're gonna run that lost i don't even know what happened there but in an even just like really because it even i'm screwed up with it corporate tax rates go up corporate revenue went down look the charge they're not even hard to understand body can look it up folks it does it matter this is what is so darn frustrating about argument liberals they argue for things that or even benefit their own cause or you goes to raise acts revenue but why you raising corporate tax rates because it's going to raise revenue whatever you have that oh i don't have any modifications do the opposite but am arguing afford anyway because i'm an idiot folks please read this piece i'm begging you
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drugs like an member yesterday we were talking about the dangers of big data a top o yet need off your regular listener to the show you know i'm fascinated by because i really think it has the potential to do both magical and very dangerous things at the same time if it's not handled with an appropriate degree of respect you know now seem to lab who wrote the book the blacks one which show you to want to choke me over because aim to bring it up all the time it brings up a great point about artificial systems that human beings create that nature has fire world firewalls that prevent ran mov from destroying the entire world in other words show like aside alone no matter how devastating or hurricane or an earthquake these ro isolated events that their nature has its own firewalls even forest fires are limited by you know like x or mountains or nature
as its own firewalls i you know i believe a lot of it was intelligent design by by god but you can believe wherever you want there is some kind of selected process whatever it may be but when human beings are involved as firewalls disappear and one of these apples he always gives about the difference between artificial systems and natural systems is if you were to put two thousand people in the room joe and you wanted to get a measure so you can use big data rachel you wanted to use big date and a measure the average weight in a room it wouldn't be hard you just way everybody in the roman whatever divided by you know a thousand and you'd get there you know you get some semblance of a central tendency mean me in our mode whenever you look at it he could do you know about media mobility the fifty percent outmoded by the way that appears most often in medium would be the average not me she's may be the average awaits so pretty simple stuff
pieces you know it's interesting if you were to put the heaviest human being alive in that room and you had a thousand people so it's a big data set ten people it's a thousand people it would barely move the average of the weights made it would go up but it wouldn't go up so much that it would basically destroy the validity of the whole dataset the evidence i when beings and that's a natural thing wait it's not a man create well that many could argue eating but it you don't have saying it's an innate end will limit how heavy people can be is a good example uses but he says think about an human created phenomenon like wealth soon a measure of wealth sees the same example you put a thousand people in a room not of adjusting the randomly selected people and you want to measure the average wealth you know what he figured the average salary would be at a range of fifty thousand dollars on any but the amazon like i lived here if these
europe now you take bill gates earth whatever nine ten billion and you spoke of a rope all of a sudden in an artificial system without wealth is not doesn't natural this having natural about wealth other than its yoda manmade system of accumulation of assets all the the average they gonna work well the salary and are of joe is is one two hundred three hundred thousand hours in other words the average which meant to be a number indicative of most people in the room are and is now not reflective at all of what nearly anybody maharajah because but being got vulnerable we're not a comeback falling into the left this tendency to blame human beings were all our problems but it is a fascinating proper issued by two lab that when you aggregate big data human systems at human error can be introduced and ate the data can become non reflective of exactly what the data was trying to anticipate in other words if no one told you gates was in the room
and you're using that data to make a bunch of educated decisions about your company joe what do you think the average salary is you think it's too four thousand dollars right even though its it's only geological bill gates is in a room you get what i'm saying so now you're mistaken a product you're making fabric j eggs for people who get our having trouble affording state debtors every friday night because their struggle in some of you see how the big data can mess up everything so we were talking about and yesterday show how it of the day for its part about big data is the left this tendency to what the government to control big data and it yesterday show i addressed a story in the guardian a left leaning outlet that's where our universal marilla professors propose it proposing a
national algorithm safety born a government agency to monitor big data was now all who did never it never stops with never stops with the left they cannot get enough control ever so big madmen their ago i see it that i am looking to georgia like this is it this is perfect being that was a under the from microsoft big the searching motorola zone defence one thou motorola working within a company artificial intelligence call new rather sorry from saying a wrong an eu are a lay on cuoco real time learning for a person of research now what the heck does that mean to you motor all is working on a technology for police department i have you know i'm not eighty police from just i'm very carefully our liberties and police do have a monopoly on the use of force and control so we had a good cop senders most of em
they are my two real time learning for a person of interest basically facial recognition for police cameras ache aware in themselves will now now listen at joe i can be very good i mean i can be an end i that is a tool and i'll make the point a second it's the equipment is the rules of engagement matter but i'm just tell him you be very careful about big data words going because what happens with that data networks let's say as a camera on his shoulder that's measuring facial recognition and all the sudden there's an algorithm going on behind the scenes learn something you don't want to learn at with member without it intelligence you don't know what it's gonna learn or else you wouldn't be artificially it tells you be telling it what to learn the whole idea of art intelligence is eventually it doesn't need as many inputs from human beings it can take the input do it itself that's the whole point yo so what it starts figuring out at people who come into contact with the cops more often and therefore there ace appears is are you no more
in front of a police combat these people are dangerous and next time someone comes up to that same person you arrest up the cop gets a signal that hey this person may be dangerous and you don't know where de i got that from and its told on whatever be the say the cap is a blow to the or peace in or does it matter to spread information this person could be dangerous and lets say the person just approach it's a lot because he just wanted to and he gets lost off folks again i know you may say while others since they may be a little bit of history are they are they a little bit of it rapture mean we thought it was a little bit of a stretch to say that our housing member how joe member housing never goes down member that housing never goes down we got fifty years data house prices go up always all the time wrong there are big data told you that big data bigger you had bill gates in the room to know about it that's the problem the bill gates in a room with the housing crisis was the government paying people's mortgages to us
city notice fanny infrared i'm just be very careful with this stuff can be a tremendous tool for cops you have a missing kid joe you know i remember a thousand times the snuff would happen and i said it's a bit you get a ball of beyond look out men in hand you a printed picture of a missing kara wanted future obviously joe nine out of ten times if you saw a person you'd never now you just would now that grow a beer they had on the kids how do you know they they put up clothing on the kid it's different now with facial recognition of that matters measures like cheekbones distance the ear nose stuff you can't i wouldn't be nice for cops you're walking down the street times square and is a missing care and all of a sudden you get a notification ubuntu therapies that missing child is twenty two degrees to your right you know fifty feet away please go apprehend you know that's a great all but i'm just urging you to be very cautious and
have you with us it's not the equipment is the rules of engagement that matter nor the words that you may say while cop should have that equipment ladies gentlemen forget that forget it i'm telling you i am and i am is hard core a liberty lover on this issue is humanly possible the equipment is out there it is i'm going to stop this equipment to say eyes out there and it's going to be in the hands of the law enforcement is going through the only question you should be asking is what are we doing with the rules of engagement to make sure that is they are written rules their document of rules they are enforceable rules what you are civil liberties civil liberties are protected you can file a complaint used to say again you gotta ask the cops for directions alot all of a sudden you pay pop in a computer as a dangerous person it's maybe a bit of a stretch anybody just wait understand that that could be the potential in the future and it could be used as a pre
tax to pull you over if their stuff is very serious and i read the article you self defense wonderworking on it now and remember just so you know he may so while they shouldn't have the equipment ladys joam it isn't the equipment the equipment is good with the countries have nuclear weapons aren't you afraid of them now i'm serious i wanted you live in fear every day like russia and china have nuclear weapons because focus not the equipment you understand that rules of engagement matter more you generally understand it however bad the russians and chinese of acted towards the united states that are not interested in mutually assured destruction you're not going to stop the proliferation equipment a constitutional or public freedom loving society focused more on rules of engagement not stopping equipment its future it's a futile never make censure for focus on protecting the rules of engagement and when i say rules of engagement when they can use the product and why that's what matters that's absolutely were met i folks excellent opportunity and i really appreciate elsie autumn you just ten bond gino she did
then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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