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Ep. 508 Debunking The Latest Liberal Talking Points

2017-07-21 | 🔗
In this episode I address the exploding Net Neutrality debate and I debunk some disingenuous talking points on the issue. https://bloom.bg/2u2smhS   https://www.wsj.com/articles/neutrality-for-thee-but-not-for-google-facebook-and-amazon-1500591612   I also discuss the disturbing use of Euthanasia to terminate the lives of people determined to have lived "full" lives.  http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org/news/2017/07/netherlands-offers-euthanasia-for-alcoholics-2/?utm_content=buffer3c4ec&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#.WXIXFYVlCEd   https://www.wsj.com/articles/in-the-netherlands-the-doctor-will-kill-you-now-1500591571   I discuss the death penalty and the ramifications of supporting it for believers.    Finally, I address a ridiculous story out of Toronto involving a 150k set of stairs in a public park.  http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/toronto-man-builds-park-stairs-for-550-irking-city-after-65-000-estimate-1.3510237
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they don t know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want it will allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host in bonn g no i wasn't the regular publicly with them on gmo free show how are you today i am doing well always glad to be here they were separated by thousands of miles that a joint i'm over freedom fast in las vegas big crowd they got for this place around piracy is a lot of people run around johns docile matt gibbey from us your tv then borelli so really good crowd happy i haven't been back to our las vegas in a long time now than they ve done a lot with the city so nice work
las vegas right let's get right to the car tat today today show brought you buy a friends of freedom project academy folks listen public the system has been completely taken over by bureaucracy common core really poor learning standish met effect they saw a story that daily wire ben the bureau cite the other day joe did the caliph the legislators looking to dump algebra because it's too hard yes it's too hard this off but you have low expectations let's get rid of all that if you schools not lighting up with your values your family that families bays new charles vice think etc the freedom project academy there are fully accredited today ok live online school for kindergarten through high school there's no common core and fair fully it's a government free school freedom project academy provides live teacher instruction get a load of this twenty four seven online access the recordings assignments grey and even tutoring please i'm i'm begging you take a look at freedom project academy online there is website is f p e
usa dot org i know it say what freedom project enemy wise f p usa that or was it if they had a differ a wild i explain to three but it's f p e u s a downward take look online request your free information package today that's freedom project academy tell em your friend here gino set you be very happy with my do a lot of stuff with them i did a little lecture on the sea service go check him out freedom project academy f p usa that our great group guys and women over there are so getting a tonic questions about net neutrality lately and there's an interesting new development in this arena alot of people want me to explain it what it is we ve got a lotta shows and this is joel i were hot on this about what six seven months ago yet we were all over the net new thing but i understand that don't expect you to go through my attire librarian no show so i'm just gonna quickly hit on it again because i saw an interesting piece in the wall street journal today that just lord me joe it because the policy was really it was
what are those pieces of it was an hypocrisy is everywhere but this was one of those i really abortion journal piece of cases a google facebook and amazon or now speaking out for net neutrality i didn't say that wrong or net neutrality and i'm surprised near what you should be because you you don't we ve covered this extensive did you see what i'm go with this sudden google spoken amazon were big advocates for this day of action last week this day of ad action to advocate for net neutrality now before i get to why that's onboard previously hypocritical to the point where you gonna scratch your head when i'm done like really let's just explain again quickly what net neutrality is it needs simplest way humanly possible because it gets very complicated at the regulations and phone regulations a railroad communications and ran maybe she'll be railroads and what is it doing even there
regulating the internet the same way they re regulate railroads and old landline phones which is insane there completely different entities but pull out there want to sell you net neutrality based on the that we should have an internet fast and internet slowly which if that was watch out makes a lot of sense so baby lot of the young kids are there are hot on this too and their objection is hate companies like variety in comcast broadband providers what they would be able to do joe is basically create a first class and a second class internet and the minute you start using class warfare rhetoric people people and understandably so in many cases they well that's not fair what what if i'm port does that mean i get the slow internet and a rich guy gets too fast internet now for our liberal friends you can turn off the showed out for thinkers out their moderate dammit
that's republicans libertarians libertarian conservatives this is where we will actually talk about which really happening again the emotional portion of the show's over this is the reasonable portion because if you do with emotion the idea of fast and slow internet lanes is repulsive and under then we shall that's not what at is ok for hooks that's not what it is what net neutral we really did is created that fast and slow internet lanes but it's it's every right now using yes and no internet laid sets it that i actually middle one myself i put accord the yes or no internet lanes anymore the hell does that mean what actually happened is net neutrality eliminated price discrimination in in pricing of internet packages so you may say well that sounds great too like do i want to pay more they have to have access to the inner no that's not what it did what happened was the internet folks they tried to institute policies like zero rating people in
of the internet community with internet providers so zero rating josie idea that say i'm going whatever activity or something else and i want to grant access to one of my website for free i have a partnership with a b c whenever it maybe they could partner that not forget the receiving to say let's make it simple save arise in partners would abc wants to provide all abc shows for free variety could cut a deal with zero rating thing a reality oh rating agenda and whether you could say is you have a rise in plan and you're watching it abc show on your smartphone we won't charge you for the data it makes sense you have an iphone joe armor cost you like a show on abc whatever joe we beg doughnuts comedy our it's an abc show joseph work w c b eminem morning he's board x out as iphone he's gotta data plan streaming a show or or watching just downloaded show is it would cost a lot of data to download the show takes out a smartphone watches joey beggar doughnuts comedy our though
a variety and incentivize is people to go to that show is able that show we're not going to charge you for the data copy ok yet tat soldiers that's zero rated in yes it's a very simple analogies little more complicated that but the sea idea that people could work deals to make things free now keep in mind that is essentially joe using left terminals you for a second price discrimination because of you on a watch another show you gonna pay for standard data you want to watch you cbs show you'd be a show you anyway the ultimate fighter on fox sports news whatever it is you are going to pay for that but the price discrimination works in your favour because you are raising place don't charge you anything you see how liberal always screw things up in favour of the euro the argument ass warfare is somehow going to benefit the rich when some of these things like zero rating some of these concepts these new i am against incentive based plans to do things some of whom were actually plans at benefit people who don't have a lot of money now
my point here is their train sell to you is a fast and slowly one for which people want for sloppy what the slow slow people too slowly for poor people excuse me someone i meant to say but because they love es warfare rhetoric but that's not what's happening decide back to this in the weights backfiring is twofold number zero rating plans that actually gave stuff away for free joe two people who may not have a lot of money and people who may be middle class plans are now illegal other net neutrality times that so again liberals to the table ten they're trying to help you but what the really doing is that only they not helping you there punching you in the faces you try to get up you were going to be given something for free you are now not going to get for free because the government got involved wanted to regulate the internet and that regulation of the internet prevented the giving a wave of free product people probably didn't have a lot of money to pay for this is ridiculous now z
a rating is bigger than i described we're plans by facebook to give away facebook free data in other words to entire geographic regions that have now been questioned there are plans by directv to give away content to give listen what i'm telling you folks do give way content that have that has been done been scuttled because of net neutrality and second so the second i went into reality and this is why i say they're using yet it's really nice it's out of its at a fast and slow lane it's a yes or no lane and when i mean by the yes and no lights government saying yes to certain plans and no other plans that actually benefit people or poor it's out fast and slow now one of the other ways is going backfire and i get to the google thing and second possess that's the current news story that you really need to know about that i haven't heard anybody cover until the journal picked it up today
you are essentially paying for your neighbors consumption of netflix assist incredibly unfair this would be like you on a flight to mexico whatever it may be subsidizing a first class passengers ticket may make that's really dumb the way it works now the way of free market forces where the left always gets this backwards it really pisses me off and the best way to think about is air travel price discrimination is the great its thing humanly possible for people who are poor people or middle class you measure what the hell's that what happens on an airline you get a bunch of really rich folks are business class travellers joe proof candidly speaking pay ridiculous amount of money for very
you benefits to sit first class to get what sixty his is the leg room at a cheap turkey sandwich i've been seriously while you get silverware with it or whatever you need to get that any more to fly because like a danger you can hijacked deployment of butter night for some who knows but java overflown flown float flock with first class he at once british airways yet this reminds me i got the past ten sarah my three this story what's harbour the protecting had they asked the past tense skydiving she said skoda delving the true story the point about that is when you fly first class people pay a lot of money and that the addition the money they pay makes your fair cheaper now that's how the real market works how liberals want the market to work even though they won't tell you this i say you are we campaign price discrimination but its price
discrimination using their terminology intentionally sarcastically joe it's that price discrimination that enables a cheaper seat and coach because these people are paying dr again sums for a cheap turkey damage and six inches allegro with the liberals want to do what net neutrality is is people flying in bathroom seat in the back you know that seed right in front of the bathroom there really has yet it's a rough see takes forever to get off the plane they want those people to pay more to make the first class each that's that neutrality folks tat listen to me make moment bake that is exactly what net neutrality is now i'll explain at the mit media hanging ned newton you do that we cannot price discriminate you have people why there on the internet gamers for who watch twenty five hours of netflix in a twenty four hour day people who
or on the internet all day in their homes downloading movies that you have people who are for essentially joe first class consumers shirt don't care that willing to pay the business i have at my house business reasons i do radio i fill in from arc within four my house i have a radio studio my house i need tier one flight internet so i pay a lot of money for see our tv helps me with it but i studio in my house why the hell are you pay and for me serious cordially joe i loved but when joe and i do remote showed us need a lot of bandwidth to talk to me on and record to show its audio etc really a basic com internet connection is fine why joe arma cost paying and listen of joe too but i get paid more than joe does jedi joe does well but you the voice of the show so they pay me more why weller that idea weller or good error as i've heard
might i wanted my five euros why joe armor cause paying more for the internet to make my internet cheaper showed you understand that's what then do tragedy is no yeah i understand will you when you were limited quote price discrimination using again the awful rhetoric of the left that's what happens you that the left wants you to believe there flattening out a price curve they think by eliminating the peaks and by the peaks i mean first class price go all the way down to bathroom see they think by lightning that out that their benefiting the the the poor in the middle class but which really happening is the poor in the middle class are buying the first class guy see the first this guy see was paying for a ticket on virgin atlantic ella acts from fort lauderdale was probably paying twenty five hundred dollars the coach guy is what four hundred hours now the code guys paying a thousand a hidden a first class guys paid fifteen hundred at liberals like one
hey baby yeah that's fair stupid that's just straight up dumb here just it's stupid but these kids i'm not knocking i was i was in college once too when i swear i knew everything you can only imagine my college i thought i had the whole thing you know peg you really just don't what you're talking about net neutrality is the the why matters here the reason why the governments pushing for net neutrality is very simple if you listen to show you ve already figured it out the government craves control it craves control over the economic flow of funds that's why it wants tax money but it doesn't care about the amount liberals want all the money you know and it will not liberals just want to control the resources they don't care how much money comes if they did they cut taxes because cutting taxes historic we speaking largely raises tax revenue they don't want that they want kitchen
all of your health care they don't care of its good health care or not felicity yesterday show where i just exploded on medicare and medicaid and i showed you everything the obama carefree agenda was supposed to backfired on them a com since person would say well if obamacare response to cut down and e usage and use it the e r s explode since obamacare that liberals would say ok we screwed up folks they don't care it's about control net neutrality is the same damn thing they want can all over the internet to control the flow of content and to control gets the goodies on the internet who gets the free stuff it's about nothing more it's out there and adults who are all net neutrality we're really getting back those broadband people you're not getting broadband you're not doing anything africa's already moving over cellular network you ve done nothing you ve done zero what you ve actually gotta stop investment in broadband four structure because broadway
companies are not selling airline tickets anymore because they can't price the tickets effectively joe so broadband companies are not building out it did the investments gone way down that's a fact that's a fact okay if you're a kid who knows nothing about net neutrality and you listen to that dope john oliver broadband invest it has gone down since this happen meaning if your goal was to get paid a fair internet access there is less internet access happening in the future because you wanted to get people more internet access does it make any sense gas this topic frustrates the crap enemy because i still get emails from people go here talk about respond back really so tell me one thing i said that was incorrect i care but you start you're talkin about up i'm telling you it happens all the time now back to google facebook this is where this is completely hypocritical thereafter waiting for net neutrality in other words we don't want
fast and size we want all content to be treated fairly which is again left this terminology for crap but here's the problem google facebook at amazon don't treat traffic fairly job here pretty savvy internet cat if you go to for something on google google sponsored adds up broad brighter as you are my wife's in internet designers pretty savvy on the internet if you go to google folks people under on page can pay to get what what what yeah joe a normal human beings like you and i think outrage year would call that price discrimination so what do you mean really rich p or can pay to get on the front page of google yes but what about facebook surely they treat everyone fairly everybody has the opportunity to get on the front page of facebook no you don't
you don't have the opportunity to get on the front page of facebook facebook because the guy with the what's your dad who pays more will out bid you and get on the front page of facebook joe in a world we call that price discrimination why god price discrimination again these are classed warriors everywhere amazon and folks let me be clear on this i am not google facebook or amazon i'm not i use amazon all the time i have some jap objections to the internal politics of all those companies but i think they brought a lot of a tremendous amount of wealth jobs and tat go away at technological advance with the united states i'm not knocking the companies are knocking their policy our stance on this because it's totally hypocritical amazon well i gotta amazon are you an amazon user yes i am dan i am addicted to amazon prime member my it is always like dude seriously with the amazon like our bill comes
every month and we have what this credit car debt and we knock it all down in a month later it's like triple when it was it's all amazon it's me on amazon i wake up one more i gotta you know a big big purple marshmallow pillow anew dare devil comic book at six thousand dollars and supplements you say what the hell it all these practices do without our front door deceived it's it's horrible but it is it's terrible ibm opposites great but my shopping on its terrible by point is to get to amazon on the front page is a form of discrimination people who sell a few more items it may just be because they had a name that people found appealing but it's a form of despair the nation creating a quote fast slow lane or a yes or no lane in my language the yes and no lane i mean people on the front page of amazon sell they get the yes the yes i mean it collects by now and a peep who are on the front page get the knows because there never seen so what
fine absolutely hard to believe in the journal peace i'm gonna put into showed us i pretty sure the subscriber only content so my apologies but i'll give it a shot sometimes you get around it if it's the first time you click but i will put it in the show i want you to read it it's a really shore peace and they just call google he spoke at amazon out for this let me get this straight you have a big prob net neutrality and quote fast and slow lanes yet you guys are completely in the yes and no business it's just completely totally hypocritical and henderson i take all kinds feedback on the show if you are really strong net nude advocate i'm trying to alienate you but email be daniel upon you know tell me i thought i just i just telling you and i am saying this fairly and with no alice towards you at all i have never gotten an email and i've gotten hundreds of them about net neutrality that is even remotely convincing than anything i have just told you is inaccurate nothing i'm serious it's we something emotionally you don't know what you're talking about
discriminate against us but again they don't objective google discriminating which they do now it's so a critical and made they'd rather pay for their neighbors netflix if it's really upsetting i met a fact i got an email yesterday really upset me from a guy i would like to do to you serious once in a while on the show folks i talk about personal stuff this is my show and i feel like you're entitled to know why am and who this person invested time in i read your emails to invest in new and you know i'm my sincere apologies it sometimes i do get a little bit distracted were personal stuff but it's not an effort for me to waste your time it's really just i feel like you're entitled to know me just like it read your e mails i don't consider it a waste of time of people emailed me about their son's overseas in the military you know i like to know who the listeners are too so you know i'm really not trying to waste your time if that's okay i got a couple other emails about a topic very sense to me i was kind of taken not taken aback caught off guard i didn't really take much of it when i said it but i got no
or of emails on and i thought i'd better redress that so i don't know for five days ago lose track the shows i'd mentioned something just casually about the death penalty wherever really talking about then i said that you don't make surprise some of you to learn i am not a supporter of the death penalty and gosh i got ten honey thirty emails i can't keep track from people who were very risky full about it some disagreed but they were they wanted why and i think they felt like a short changed them quick and i don't like to talk about things were they don't have a next to a current in the new story because i again repeating back i dont want waste your time but i saw something today and i thought this is a good opening to redress that aspect is another story the wall street journal today about something that should really disturb you d explosive growth in this tested suicide euthanasia movement and the abed ps it's it's getting a little ugly joe i mean i don't support euthanasia at all
since suicide doktor assisted suicide at all but it's real taken on a very ominous tone and peace in the journal addresses what's going on in the netherlands right now and this is serious stuff i don't love you know this joe but two thousand and two other lens was the first country to legalise euthanasia i didn't know that that is a pretty good piece and they the gist of east which is written by a member of a member of the government in the netherlands who objected says that so they they legalise euthanasia and this is the slippery slope bat social conservatives christians and the lot of religious folks like myself warned about four years once you make it legal for doctors to assist and not the saving of a human life but the taking of a human life the law in between what is a human life valuable enough to save and what is a human life that's expendable com let me move show and here
why do i bring this up i'll get it there talking in a second there is now a push in the netherlands and i'm quoting from the peace to legalise quote uphill for though to consider their lives to be quote full now you probably say what the hell is happy if an asia started in the netherlands for physical ale its physical amateur we're incurable they terminal cancer where people said hey doc i want to end my life again i'm i do not support that i'll get to that site but i dont support that it then move gone to severe psychological disturbances again folks the slippery slope we wouldn't we are constantly warning about now it's not just joke physical cancer type things terminal diseases and so the logical problems i my life's not worth living it's now moved on the people who consider their lives to be full what
how does that mean full like you had a boy at least you wanted to catch a foul bought a yankee gave it you caught when you're like a duck and inject me with that lethal drug now i'm good votes this isn't i'm not making this up our put let me take a quick note on that i put in the show notes to again i'm sorry if it's a subscriber peace but it's good content that you know i if you know you should check it out but your lives are full now you want to know what getting back to your emails you want to know why i mentioned that i'm not a death penalty supporter well that's it folks it is not a fuel a question like me and i'm a sinner i'm not a preacher folks i'm not here try i'm not holier than thou believe me i grew probably ten thousand things more up every take that you do i m not approve you're not a role model anybody's example on that i'm not try do any of that i'm just try to are you my personal belief i am a whole hearted passionate
believer in in the power of redemption jesus christ and why christ died on the cross he died next to criminals now if you're a believer as i am they christ was god none of that was a mistake that he died next to chew criminals it also wasn't a mistake that the peace he chose as his apostles we're not saints man the time peter would deny him three times matthew was it was a tax collector you know mary magdalen although its frequently reported was a prostitute i the dynamite believe that i don't think the bible says at anywhere either but there no question in the bible and alludes to the fact that she was troubled you had it thomas who would doubt that he even was resurrected you can't be a christian
the point here is that christ obviously the message thereby picking sinners and not centres is followers them such i believe is that he came down here to give us an example of one the power of suffering and second the power of redemption i i don't believe i know this may offend many of you believe in the death penalty and i get it i understand why you feel the way you do but i don't know how you can be a believer in christianity and support the death penalty i don't their stand that they give them jesus christ was at everybody's redeemable including to cripple criminals he died next to want because one of which he forgave next to him who said remember me when you get to heaven forgive right there on the spot how can you not believe in the power of redemption i know it's actually like harden rate some killers they don't deserve to live but is that any different than then what's going on in the netherlands right now what someone considers airline full of maybe they don't deserve to live anymore made manifest maybe
they go to another yankee game and there it was already folder taking it take it away from someone else who could have been there and therefore they should be killed so that would open up the sea for someone else do you see this it makes sense that parallel i'm trying to make that once you start using human reason which is now then close to the the you know omniscient omnipotent power of of god to determine what life worth living and what lives are in where does it in you have a baby born with a what a missing quarter of digit annie like while he's gotta get whack these no good you have a fee el born and she's got a patch of aramis well that's a kind of an ugly baby let's get rid of that one too this is a slippery slope week you either value human life or you don't value human lives exception abc the ear if you ve committed a crime if you ve done this if you ve done that if you have a patch of hair missing missing fingernail you walk you know one limp dick
this dangerous stuff again i'm i'm not sure anybody i'm not here to do that this is not a religious show in that respect but i am a spirit look i and i believe in what i believe in so i just felt like i had an answer that for you because i did get a tonic questions are from people i'm not absolutely not a death penalty supporter i believe very sarge over now ass knew knew you were going to get some feedback on soon as you said it yeah you when i talk about this stuff i know you know you're you're like me i mean you're a flawed guy to pose they church and recognises that every sunday me we both we ve talked about this all the time we have a litany of mistakes we have missed they resume sixty five pages long if not longer but so but i just don't think it's up to human beings to judge the banker see if so you don't know one of these you know rapist pillar animals could find
i'm sure tomorrow which is this crisis because christ forgiven and what human beings are ongoing so that it can i am i'm sorry i just don't buy it some wrap this up in a second but there is but the debate will michael dukakis kok is the bush and they asked george w bush chiefly they asked uk it's in the presidential regime is the democratic nominees a huge liberal from ass it uses and they asked him if someone were do you know kill his wife or family in a book would he support the dixie wasn't a death penalty supporter either and he said no remember that and it really heard because people saw it as a moment of of weakness i am obviously not a dukakis fan i'd i didn't you know his answer was a little strange seem politically rehearse put in irish stuff for obvious anybody as me that i'd be like well i can guarantee that personal death path he wouldn't get in like i can guarantee that if i saw the guy wouldn't be the live it's not a joke about within she was life but
don't believe in a government force that panel that b that that's the only answer i could think to give that would be honest you know dukakis sounded like he was given like our focus group rehearse they answer you right here folks we picked up your box of emergency food yet i appreciate everybody was emailed me you support that sponsors i admit that's mean a lot to me i read all your emails i be getting a lot of this my patriot i've been a sponsor with us for a long time i only take on but he's we really like a big into prepared as we assure everything in our lives it matters not ensuring your food supply is it's crazy pick up a box mergers see food folks in alaska mud this stuff cause ninety nine dollars that's it they will give you a hundred forty servings of food is breakfast lunch in their last for twenty five years all you need is water comes in a super slim plastic case when you get it you're going to be surprised how they fit one hundred and forty servings of food in there it's a mylar
plastic case you stick it in your closet you can put shoes on top of it whenever i'm praying and so should you that you never need it but god forbid you do better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it i'm asking please go to prepare with dan dotcom that's prepare with dan dot com and pick up your one month's supply of emergency food aid available for just ninety nine dollars ok couple thanks you to get to yesterday i had put in a show notes and i was going to get into this betsy divorce story and i didn't cause i got so involved with the date and time six medicare medicaid them out a little sidetracked on the length of the show the if this going wild right now full blown you know tier one attack mode against education secretary betsy divorce who they add a hate with a passionate reasons gone out the window and and hears why title nine law governs the conduct of uniform
cities when it comes to the investigation of sexual assaults now folks to be brutally honest with you i hemmed in hon on discussing this i wasn't gonna because don't like to avoid controversial topics but this one's a tough one i'll tell you what the left there's nothing you can say about this topic that will not be tat actually misconstrued to make you to be a savage animal nothing shall be easy go with israel sexual assaults on campus folks it is understandably aid in emotional passionate topic for many p i have two daughters i like i said i don't believe in the death penalty but god forbid you and i i have a serious problem with this topic ever came up with me and a college campuses right i guess i totally understand that but what was putting on college campuses and what betsy device right now is trying to change is caught
campuses have turned into complete kangaroo court when it comes to charges of sexual assault i am not saying rape suspect should not be believed that none of that don't do not put words in my mouth you liberal psychopathic as they do this all the time i am absolutely their quota the guard nobody is a left leaning newspaper gel said that betsy devices attempt to reorganise how these at it did to basically rewrite the rules for how these kangaroo court are being conducted is quote an he bowling rape deniers are you just an idiot not even serious you're just a moron like yes that's it that's a perfectly propria moral ethical and political solution let's end let's give rape deniers a seat at the table you just an idiot now here's the problem but the system now if aid allegation of a sexual assault on a college campuses occurs we'll go i've got news for you for the liberals automated noticed that's a crime folks that's it hid it you know that's crime you can't thankfully
you cannot do that ok sexual assault occurs on campus now how do we handle crime joe in the real world you know the standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt right you have to be convicted of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers etc happens on college campuses folks the obama in a situation pushed college campuses to change the b dance fury standard for a quote conviction a preponderance of the evidence from the standard war is clear and convincing evidence now that i know that's a lot of legally jargon but what it did it lowered the standard of evidence where someone could be convicted it used to be you how to provide clear and convincing evidence that you were sexually assaulted by this person now you only have to pay i had a preponderance of evidence it doesn't in their joe i took some quick notes on this the obama administration dictates that these
now to the universities ouch strongly discouraged cross examination will folks really i get it this is to be treated with the utmost the seriousness and i have no doubt the overwhelming majority these women and men who claimed sexual assault are on accuse accused people sexual solar telling the truth i have no out i mean it's just not much in it for me but back to the matter issue in an imperfect world perfect people make their decisions and some people are probably being accused falsely but now you can even cross examined them and you only need a quote preponderance of the evidence it goes on joe this is college system import court system right not guilty decisions can be appealed what the hell is that we're not guilty not idle guilt not to healthy citizens be appealed so joe god forbid you know this
eyes on a college campuses updating this let's just say for it's a false accusation he's not guilty how do you i feel that a you know any in the normal justice system we have a name for that show it's called double jeopardy it's not allowed because a ferrari recent show i mean if the government wanted to go after you and they wanted to convict joe armor cost of felonious mowbray on the open seas and you get of course you didn't do it then about what is going to appeal that an engine for the rest of your life what are you doing you're a trial defending yourself against following a smoke free on the open sea you you appeal or not guilty decision it gets even first one more the adjudicators member there not judges the adjudicators in these cases some of have as little as five hours of training so you ve got judge in a federal case doing bankruptcy trials joe who's been two three of law school probably find for six years of work experience probably occur
four years on lower court and expert it's probably fifteen years before he hears a major case you have a job the determining the lives they literally the each of these kids because it will never be the same if their convicted falsely with those five hours a training so betsy device the education secretary to our credit as this was a tough colleagues you knew that the you're gonna go nuts which they did their and rape as imbeciles saying listen we just need a fair system should have a system that actively invested it's an goes after people who are accused of sexually salting women on campus thankfully women should feel so when a college campuses put system joe should actually convict people are guilty engage in a witch hunt on people who can be tried over and over and over again you may say to yourself well then you're making this up there are no cases of this where people were accused falsely oh you would be incorrect again if you believe that an amateur included
bar peace from yes out of repeated was in yesterday's shown us but i'll put it back again today to break our peace they were britain seven these students to sued for this be an accused falsely not all the cases are already joe fifty of them of one cash pay out from the have one against the schools who they were convicted falsely for us these are not isolated cases okay this is how putting a lot we should be boston our investigation and prosecution of anyone with salt a woman on a college campuses absolutely no question about that only an idiot but say otherwise but folks we also have guarantee a system of fairness so that we can't turn a man woman woman man spat into a false charge of sexual assault that sticks with that person forever i'm sorry it's not fair either side a perfect justice system but system we have now in these college campuses is certainly very imperfect i mean that's distant saint you're not
guilty decision can be appeal that's crazy so check out the bright barbie so included again in today our eye one final story i kind of a humorous no heed help i thought this was a great went out of you so i left about this a little bit you don't go richest socks it's got a kid you eddie i cannot do anything right really side of our military there's like nothing the government ever gets rights is a story out of toronto i saw its beget alone better publicity here and there but this misguided toronto addy ass though and he goes to this park tom riley park and there is a dangerous kind of ledge people trying to walk down in the park its walk a ball but there are some of the folks had a problem negotiating and people falling and hurting themselves so this on our guide tom i thought you'd be adi asked all said while in alchemy need etc there's a stranger people get hurt its public park the toronto folks to the mayor and then got together air whenever a little commissioner something in some people out there
look it nay said i to stairs are gonna cost sixty five to a hundred fifty thousand dollars the bill this toronto get by way of how we take fifty two years because it's the government they socket make into anything right so this guy addy ass though he grabs a home the sky and bills the stairs at the total cost of five hundred and fifty dollars that five hundred fifty thousand not five days five are literally fibre to fit sit toronto go and not the terrain a mayor john tories haven't a meltdown over this he says and i this is a historical he says we can't just have will decide to go out tall depot and build a staircase at a park is that's what they would like to have phocis some up a government okay this is that otto mayor he wants to spend a hundred fifty thousand dollars at stares at some guy spread five hundred fifty bucks and he's upset because quote we catches have people there i d go out the whole depot and build the staircase and apart because that's what they would like that now there are tools it's in there that sum up liberalism really
an embarrassing vision we camp we can't just let people decide while joe whose then deciding our people and their government who have no catchment to the stairs at or the park at all so we can't just let people decide totally accurate what is really saying is we can't let you idiots decide we and the government has heard of the rising not saying that what we catches have people that are always deciding martians jupiter variants who seriously where's that guy so what that guy you mother thought they actually correct herb jupiter areas someone said is an email by those but who is deciding how people in government so again you are just too stupid people ever make it for use out in the second line is here at the end we can it be said to build staircase because there what they would like to have ok so let's get it you you're the taxpayer it's your money it's your park and it's your your europe that's falling down the damn cliff breakin your bones but with job we're not concerned about quote what they would like to have
they talking about the great unwashed again the taxpayer again it's what the bureau and so the government was this or john tory just embarrassed himself and summed up liberalism in one quote let's let who care what people say it's us that matters let's pay more money and take more time what terror i made my new hero addy ass though bill for five hundred fifty bucks newport nice job had he asked the folks thanks for doing it in i really appreciate it i see on you just ten bond gino she'll get more then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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