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Ep. 509 Why Can't We Have an Honest Debate About Tax Cuts?

2017-07-24 | 🔗
In this episode I address some common misconceptions about tax cuts that are being used by liberals to propagandize the public.  Here is a table of tax revenue by source for those who are looking for source material: http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/statistics/amount-revenue-source   I also discuss the Democrats' new Party slogan and the hypocrisy embedded in the planks within it. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/democrats-attempt-rebranding-with-populist-new-agenda/ar-AAoJo7s?li=BBnb7Kz   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-politics-democrats-idUSKBN1A913M   Finally, I address the savings deficit in the U.S. and what it means to you. https://www.ai-cio.com/news/mercer-wef-report-warns-future-137-trillion-us-savings-gap/
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they don t know ass a novel your country can do for you but what you can do for your country where did that go then bungee knows it's time we take off the gloves ok give ready to hear the truth about amerika right now we have a party that supports american values and any result party that represents everything america is on a showed its not immune to the facts with your host dan bonds i walk into the radiator public thereby gino producer joseph armor cost our you did a man at a bad man here we go man the email this weekend was was high argued everybody you emails means daniel app on gino i read them all daniel out but you know that com should say what are the dot org while the other stuff tons of stuff that the penalty show we did last week is still light
my email box i appreciate all the feedback i told folks i was not a supporter of the death penalty gave my reasons why some of the emails were a little edgy take debts fair way to say it a little edgy butter polite listen you folks it's ok i mean i am i get it i respect your opinion i value your opinion but i just disagree i feel like i can interpret the words i read out of adverse the bible as easily as may add as others cannon a couple people said to me while you're wrong and that's not the way it supposed to be an that's ok yearning for eternity or an opinion i respected i'm glad to have you here is a listener and i'm glad we can both have different appear we can re things differently so are you that's lighten up the email box and i get another nice email yesterday from our liberal now listen to the shell which as you are always welcome here about net neutrality who disagreed made a pretty passionate case himself that he thinks the gun
it is necessary to get involved in the internet to keep the internet open and free i disagree i would say to you that the government whenever it gets involved than anything works in the government's interests not yours a zero interest in freedom and openness and more interest in gaining political power political donations and i think the proof is into putting but again respect your opinion and our thanks everyone who is emailed me and reached out i got a lot to talk about eddie democrats have unveiled the new party slogan which i think is absurd and ridiculous they also release and party planks and i'm gonna get at them make it down to show how hypocritical that is but before we get into it's scary movie i want to talk about this a little bit to talk about the broad hypocrisy and related to an email i got over the weekend so anthony's our booty who is a friend of donald trump he's been involved in the capital markets he's a wealthy guy good all around pretty good guy from what i've heard about him he is now the new directive communications at the white house
contrary to public reporting he did not replace sean spice her short of folks john spice was the press secretary show despiser was not the communications director in the white house he was in some kind of enacting position there but he that reply some sean spacer resign when scare but she was appointed as the communications director acacia that's that you know they do not replace sean spice or sarah how could be sanders replaced spice and she was his deputy but its think about scare mochi does all but if you know joe a democrats scandal breaking out which is quite hysterical and when you here about democrat scandals because it's usually bs nine out of ten times and one of the things energy it is when he was appointed to the position he deleted some tweets from his personal account of you did you see the storage of none of this will now i'm just looking for some you don't tell me that that is a very good one measure had this
so yeah he deleted some personal tweets from his account scare mochi sum of amr tweets about things like on control his these up in logical conservative on a lot of these issues some you he was a gun control supporter which i was a gun control even the term is nonsensical but he deleted some of these tweets and he was open and honest about and came out of this and i deleted these tweets because i don't want to be a distraction need these were personal tweets now that indications director and be moving on now you know you listen you're free to agree or disagree with that approach but what i find ready he was as the liberals are making this a big conspiracy while they have absolutely no problem whatsoever joe with hilary deleting thirty thousand emails on an illegal server that could have potential national security information and criminality potential criminals two criminality in other words she could have been
describing on those email she deleted and will never know how she set up a private server to evade u s law and departments deregulation ok it's ok don't you know that that's corset the problem i have with it is from a law you're umbrella perspective eddie some conservatives and republicans of hit me on this then it's a fair enough complaint del what what are you trying to say that it's ok now that that scare muky deleted some personal tweets because mrs clinton engaging in deleted thirty thousand emails and pull use bleach pay to get rid of him that were held on an illegal server right forces now i am pointing out what a pointing out is the fact that there is no common set of ground rules for the political boxing match going on and therefore the entire boxing match is discredited
what i'm trying to say is we're in a boxing match with the leftover an ideology to take the country in a in a in a in a positive direction right you have one set of ideas conservatives mc freedom low tax rates screw you know healthy business environment jobs you know patient controlled healthcare school choice pro life this is ours they can like thing ideology on the left is not the same they can't coexist at the same time the party of j f k where we had some common ground the democratic of of of yonder you know we had some i'm a ground with and we don't anymore the debacle match now depends both here's can survive ok the boxing now is between the i just laid out our platform and a democratic party that's absolutely convinced they need high tax rates they need he government regulation that there is no social programme they'll caught government spending so good
we cannot exist at the same time both these are two completely conflicting ideologies come on now this is a boxing match between these two fighters and a boxing match is governed by a set of rules and a referee no punching below the belt note no punches no biting off the wall that already happen but if you have a separate thyssen fast but no biting off of years no you know no head budding if one side agrees to those rules and the other side dozen it's not fair and the entire fighters discredited in other words if republicans go ok i agree with those rules and in the devil fighter goes well i don't gets in the ring and starts head butting in kidney punching inviting and kicking and double like take doubting and get in the back amusing rear naked chokes and guide the other guy any other matters equal why am i bothering to fight by the rules right that's
point i'm trying to make right now with scare machine everything else when i point out these hypocrisy by the left not tat the leading tweets is like we you know we should praise the guy for doing it or anything but that attack him for doing it is silly considering the fact that until the democratic willing to live by their own rules i am not willing to attack our guys for not living by the rules either i'm sorry i get you know you can say all you want conservatives republicans at their well universe her face in our own morals that it's a race to the bottom it's not working at the bottom etc still the bottom we're at the bottom the bodily is there's no rules this is total chaos we're living
banana republic rules the left's making it up as they go along and making a fake investigations fake charges fake impeachment charges they're calling people all kinds of names are attacking people for false criminal charges it didn't happen in this trump russia debacle their attacking p for the leading personal tweets by the way not even remotely a violation of any law joe i by the way just so you know disclosure for me i d between all the time i have on my twitter that leads tweets less than a year old and you know what don't care listen up lives here a double barrel middle finger don't care i will delete whatever the hell i want because it's my twitter people ask me i do it because i want to build my whole account and flip you off in a heartbeat i don't give a flying about what you think it's scary movie
should come out say the same thing that's my point might we must hold these until we get off the bottom floor and the democrats are willing to act like human beings joe and not complete total savages with this up russia crap and you know it forgiving hilary i sent out a tweet this week and it was retweeted close to eight thousand times russia was scary movie delete some personal tweets liberals go while hilary thirty thousand emails on an illegal serve liberals nominated for president until you guys are willing to fix that lives don't care her i remember randy macho man savage w w e wrestler you ever you every him right sure w w effort the timing of change and they re read the motto me don't know why i tell you what liberals don't care one bit who cares what they say and what more final point in this summer to move on to another e mr gaubert relates this had liberals is there there are discussed
thing party they have no morals on old i'll get em i kisses and took talk at all democrats the filthy there logically bankruptcy or bad people they are not good people they are not good people at all they not now unlike of course you recommend violence against us i think we have to fight on facts and data and use dialogue and try to convince you we can but their filthy they have nothing they make stuff up although that they dropped down down night did by the way the trump russian they mean to fire mahler this is ridiculous chart chuck tumors this week in the democratic majority in all that would be the breaking out republicans who care job more cares for i care now we really care what chuck schuman asked who cares fire this guy it's a fishing expedition there's no there there get rid of a move on smaller by the way for those you don't know is the special council invest the gaining the x files trump russia ferry
el conspiracy theory which is a total waste of the country's type fire the guy move on fire just by my boy advice to the white ass fire the guy move on fire on a friday night did it get rid of it this is ridiculous things so stupid so i got an email this weekend and yet i know it's it's it's tied to but loosely to current events but are still important just address this quickly i interesting from a guy says because amos larry income text to the argument about tax cuts come up jokers trump is proposing some big ball tax cuts he says you know i was in work and what am i employees are of players or whatever said the other day greece in revenue under there again years after the tax cuts noticed semi for the regular decision i didn't say that wrong re revenue increase tax revenue after reagan caught the tax rate seventy twenty percent so i wanted my guy says it was due to the high interest rates door in the room guinea is joe head meat
hard boob folks this is it another example of where you can ever argued liberals the only bring this up is because he argued about tax cuts is getting hot again right now because tax cuts are the next agenda item now that health care after this health care vote this week tax cuts but we have been you are going to see every stupid article in the book from the dumbest liberals in human history now to our do email thus thank you for the email but i when i woke up and read this i read the email turnover look i'm like again i my daughter by five year old when she gets really past she go she sifted she goes and it looks like our heads gonna explode what i really like liberals new be this dumb ok so what i'm gonna do for you favour the public putney shone out today upon gino dot com and what if
want to show notes email to you can join my email less that bunch you know that complex there buddy joined by the way we had some explosive growth through the email is email couple its interior mailbox i am going to then do a table for all of them stupid liberals out there who d never heard of the thing called the inter web and cake out there and actually google stuff ok i'm going to put the tax policy centres table up it is is its is so easy to read even a liberal can do it and you will see clearly the breakdown of revenue by source under the reagan yours you know how i know that child it says that the top revenue by source and it gives you a number and it says income tax gives you a number job what do you think number is that's the amount of money taken by the income to really wow and you're gonna notice a pattern you notice the pattern of the pattern is that after reagan cuts the income tax rates in com
tax listen to me stupid liberals and larry's friend that work is clearly a more on this is for you larry you can play this for your dopey friend who couldn't even go to the internet look this up before we talk you go to the table i put it must show note for all the morons out there you will see the income acts revenue to the government after that tax cuts goes up oh my god is not only that you will see corporate tax revenue goes up goes down interestingly corporate tax revenue goes down after reagan actually that capital gaze you'll see capital gains tax revenue goes out after reagan hikes the capital gains tax corporate tax rates go up corporate tax revenue goes up you'll see also it'll say social insurance at the top that social security payments eliza that goes up why
people were making more money so if the new liberal talk when our way this guy got this because he clearly has no idea what he's talking about it all and he's outages didn't even basic homework okay if the new talking it's gonna be that revenue the government increase because interest rates or high which they were on paul vulgar was a federal reserve chairman then how is it that the income tax revenue went up eddie come tax rates went down how is it does make any sense income tax revenue how to go up because people were making more money you dobbs my gosh have to do is look at the charge joe that's all you have to do focuses in complicated there like a bunch of parents though you know this again and again the same thing without knowing anything about it like a better way
oh it's frustrating it's like he gets out even like up yet you know it's a stupid parrot though because you're a parrot you know you're in a house with a generally smart guy means you know revenue one up after the reagan tax cuts the parental got revenue one up after the ring and taxes but you're in a house with a stupid percy if you're in a house with an idiot who goes our meal one up but it was due to interest rates here how is that point how about actors is let me get this straight interest rates one up and what do they give interest show interest payments to the government went up well how come that's up where the money came from it came from the i don't know i don't know i don't know that's stupid path you live with the stupid guy so yes you you you are a parrot but you're just a dumb parrot which is even worse there was of a parent
the place they get a haircut over naples runner for office and he would repeat sometimes where people were said in a shop and luckily the but the that's it it's not the parrot initiates apparent but this stupid liberal parroting dumb liberal talk but just sickening i want to throw up every time a here all right today so bright my friends my patriot supply hey thanks to everybody who picked up the supply of their supply must survive emergency food you know i know it sounds to me it sounds except that i what do i need emergency food for you know it's interesting you'd say that because we again we ensure our health and most of us thankfully will never come down with a terminal dues these we ensure our car the likelihood of being in a car accident thankfully against pretty low we ensure our homes and even in a hurricane stay i'm in florida so we are being devastated knock on board are usually pretty low but we ensure we ensure because we don't want to face those rest why would you want to the risk of literally starving to death i'm not kidding why would you
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this putting it really is bothering me lately and i'm getting increasingly frustrated with dealing with liberals because this stupid is so strong with them it just amazing is while we are willing to be intellectually honest and credit democrats were good policy frankly i don't really care you know who thought of it or who didn't if a democrat signs it advances it you know while he did it at the urging of republic i don't really care put report a demo fats are not willing to do liberals are not willing to do the same thing they just can't tell the truth about the reagan years ever actually bothered me so much about that email it just requires you to not be a dope to be able to figure it out and i just can't do it you know how many times in the show we said this and there was no clinton surplus but the bill clay years were decent economically they were the other there was no surplus it's a method in regular listens you already know that the bill clinton deficits annual deficits and the dish instead the dead were
stork we small compared to the bush using obama years we are you know you could tell me all you want all well knew gingrich you know push into it i'm sure it he did so question he did but i'm not going i don't care i'm not a doctrinaire party guy only care about good policy kudos for signing a couple budgets where government spending was relatively control joke right it's hard for me to say that put forward for democrats for liberals like this guy larry letter you email me about his friend your friends just an idiot i'm sorry i mean i don't make up this personal you're just dopey you're wasting everybody's time your aim intellect a blight on humanity you keep anything that's not things that are a true in an effort to persuade people that what you're saying is true even though its false she will wire what what else what else could you bought you you're either lyra an idiot there's no third choice you either no you're not telling the truth and you continue to say it or you
no because you don't do your homework and you just dumb do you're freaking homework gosh i if we do we be some that up by the way i was gonna stand as to how the choice yet is it sure i don't have there is no third option iran okay so the demo at sea is a good one the interview they unveiled their new party slogan this is almost comic did you see that i've heard i've heard yes yes new party slogan which sounds an awful lot like adds pointed out by many to papa johns commercial what is better p better the who have recently papa jaws department its commercial this is it for the democrats i think they stole from its their new slogan is a better deal better jobs better wages better future kind i
our slogan better by then dead men who is a winner of our contest i'll let you know you scratch my back i'll stab yours that sounds bet that's the much better democratic mother well get that book out today and this week is a winner of the contest i know we give monsieur tv subscription for a year for free so hope he likes it but they unveiled the sioux slogan a better deal better jobs better wages better future but here's this is important to they their day unveiled there three planks as well let's see i took a screen shot of this to make sure we didn't miss this thing has ever so much the humor and this is hysterical i'd here's there three planks for their new party platform going forward noticed by the way i want you before i read these i want you to do keep this in your mind notice how of all of the three planks they're going to reveal today than a monday none of them involve using economic freedom capitalism or liberty to reach the goal it all involves big government which is interesting
they want to increase the government monopoly they want to incur this government power while decrying the concentration of corporate power as if trading one power for another you know corporate power can escape from for government pair you can as a better the also keep that mind some regions are i hears number one lowering prescription drugs prices suggestions include so that's their platform druther gonna lower prescription drug places some avoid before we get there how would we do it show real simple we must allow competition which is only lowered the prices of every single other item in economic history because that what works if you see a product the flat screen tv started at dinner five six seven thousand dollars i remember i had one of the original ones hd now you can go to ass by you get a flat screen i kid you not for tuna fifty box if not cheaper when get a sale ok how did that happened there was no government bureau for televisions flat screen television set did that people saw they were proud
is to be made in expensive hd televisions started selling them they found ways to make him cheaper now compete there there there are competitors one guy so for five thousand and one guy sold at four hundred and forty nine that a guy came in and sold at four hundred and forty five then you had a breakthrough in chip technology and it was sold for four thousand three thousand mm one thousand two hundred and fifty buck it's called the free market now that would happen prescription drugs cry swap what's a democratic solution for lowering prescription drug prices i quote suggestions include a new agency joe could investigate drug manufacturer price hikes and they would allow medicare negotiate directly for the best drug price dairy ago that's gonna do it that's what we hey joe we need another government agency to go into the private sector and investigate price hikes ironically price hikes enforced these price hikes our dramatic enforced show because another government agency the fda gives
on prescription drugs maple makers of monopoly on their products competitors can't can dump lower the prices on their competing products because they can compete with the product because the fda gives them a monopoly dubbed the let's but economics cannot a common sense get in the way of another stupid liberal talking point so therefore still party platform number one lower prescription drug prices the way to do it instituted government agency that i guarantee you will only in the gate the pensioners of people who lobby and give the government a lot of money to put their competitors out of business i they guarantee that's what's gonna happen which will i promise you again only serve to reinforce the happily a lot of these pharmaceutical makers have on their product right now man is it frustrating dealing with these idiots my number two
cracking down on corporate monopolies oh i love the language they used to this was definitely focus group tested joe cracking down on those evil corporate monopolies dammit ass would enact new standards to limit hit large mergers created new consumer competition advocate this is now they love competition as long as it's a government employed advocate who's gonna win force competition come again so that this that makes me that so they would enact new standards because joe there's not enough regulations now so if we enact new regulations that limit quote large mergers that all of a sudden we're going to help the free market lower prices what the hell is wrong with you idiots now again because i'm past it about economics and finance you know it's really interesting about this they are right about one thing in this their hand
spent an increase in merton away you know what that's what they call him any activity mergers and acquisitions over the last say eight years the obama years and end up until recently it's kind of slow down a little bit since trump got into office they not right about that now will merger and an acquisitions decrease competition it depends who knows i mean a lot of mergers and acquisitions decrease prices as well now why would they be joe i mean if you have a company like apple and pull buys out say samsung and they use samsung technology in the technology allows samsung to make their phones cheap cheaper because they have this say whatever assembly line procedure that that's you know that skip the few stages that apple has to go through in their phones are cheaper may allow apple or sell their phones cheaper and compete with it i went out compete algae or someone else right so much
acquisitions folkestone always decrease competition they made decrease the number of competitive players i want to be clear on that but that doesn't it increases competition because i can t for a fact from every economic perspective and a very simple one those required you know economics phd if you have spoken pepsi competing each competing at issue that cutting each other's throats d really need doktor pepper inner their coke and pepsi pete each other down to pennies on the dollar and profit just to stay in bed and to try to take over market share in the industry so dont mistaken number of competitive in the arena for competitions i make censure yeah maybe you'd you don't need six thousand cola companies you really need to three that are vicious competitors and you will all the sudden see price competition so but what i was going to about this whole thing's merger emanate activity didn't crease under the obama use and if your regular listen to listeners in the show you know why mergers
acquisitions increased under the obama use because it was a lot of easy money out there the federal reserve was pumping money into the economy to quantitative easing a lot of these companies took advantage of the low interest rates essentially the free money the monopoly money was being printed and said you know what we be crazy do you not to take alone at these low interest rates the government's giving us free money job i made at some point compared the real it tracer most paying you to take the money so they took the money joe t shirt company bought bob's t shirt company and they said hey let's get together because now we can fight back against the regulations it's it's a two four deal we can get rid of one legal department cuz it could be one company now we can money on legal costs fighting back we can all to streamline the workforce we may not have to be subjected to a bomb care if we can find a way to get around this in sri minor operations so there was a lot of merger and acquisition activity that ironically was the result of bad obama policies now i can't i'm obama entirely for lose money but tat is endemic
democrats love those money they love loose money in the printing of money because it degrades the value of the dollar which in turn degrades the value of a dollar of debt and democrats love debt democrats love that for democrats love printing money but this printing money degrades debt as well as degrading the value of the dollar you have now so it's interesting that policy is what encourage merger acquisition activity rather than investment and oh it's the same mergers and acquisitions activity that's bothering the democrats joe who are quote cracking down on corporate monopolies do you see what i being folks doing the show and i let my earnest manufacture told my wife last night i said if the guy die unexpected he got four better me to stop a cough but if i have a heart attack or something you have to do a final show at tell my audience what a journey this has been cuz i'd love you all man you re males i'll have your tweets really do i mean it doesn't like stupid talk radio stuff i think you know better me but i ll
but this is i d been fairly candid with its very frustrating sometimes to to do when i do because when you re this stuff like you redo these party planks you're like cats are you sure she our liberals really this stupid or they do they do no homeworkers and what bothers me is that the dopey liberal sattler you know nothing you know about that twenty one year old with you know with the nose ring and and and purple hair in any shape or form attached to a media most of them just don't know what you're talking about their grow up later when they start paying taxes what bothers me is he educated liberals yeah race informants you know the jason firms have grown up in the wall street journal training he knows better who are just lying to you what don't know women activity went up under the obama year mergers and acquisitions so your new platform as you want to stop mergers yet mergers rat almost historic highs and the obama years precise
because of obama's bad regulatory policies and loose federal reserve policies which democrats look you don't know that or you do know that and you're just entity in your line two people that's whatever let's do it is intellectually dishonest i'm a republican i can't stand the rebirth of it will establish a republican party but i'm a republic because i'm the anti democratic because i know how bad democrats are its infuriating here's the last one this one sterical through joe this alas party preference in number one is lowering prescription drug prices by the way by government cartel second cracking down on corporate monopolies that they encourage than the obama years the third one creating millions more jobs the agenda include yeah that's gonna happen the agenda includes proposals for expanding apprenticeships and providing attacks credit to employers to train and higher new workers ok so again the tec the tax credit is very telling the tax credit isn't it
trysting idea there because instead the democrats you you have to ask yourself you now this is this one is gonna get accomplish dear me for a second i promises we worthwhile this explore it's a lot about how liberals are liars they are not intellectually honest the liberal two drew up this party platform are saying to you need to quote create million more million more millions more jobs that's there that's their new party plank going forward with their new slogan better deal better jobs better wages better future which is crap ok it's interesting they would say that ask your liberal friends why would a tax credits not attacks the action by the way tax deduction is different but we discuss on a prior show but a tax deductions you're allowed to deduct from your income attacks credit you will get that tax credit deducted from your income even if you have no tax liability at all this difference a tax credits worth more so you're gonna get a tax credit as a business
training in a hurry new people follow economics have explained the economics to me if you're a liberal what they don't they won't they want their because if they explain the economics they completely discredit liberalism joe do they not well every tax credit benefits ache but he whose court training new people how did it happen while the company would have more money in its pocket because they begin attacks credit which would allow them to not pay that money to the federal government and allow them to keep their money to train people ok so why not just what were their taxes and what why joe why send the money to the government first to institute a programme of tax credits to then send the money back in the form of a refundable tax credit to a corporation what's the point i don't i don't what's a boar may not be refundable meaning if today if they have no tax liability and the corpse on their personal side there are refundable tax credits media you'd if you have no tax liability you can still get up
i'm not really sure about in the corporate side we have this because they haven't release the exact specifics on it yet so let me not jump you gonna be unfair that it may just be attacks credit mean if you don't know taxes you don't know taxes ass you gonna get it back here but i am saying germ cell but either way it doesn't matter if you point is that by giving it acts credit will give more money to liberals do i mean if liberals points use me i mean we're wine if liberals points give more money back to the corporations why not let the corporations are businesses keep the money themselves if having the money is essential to economic growth and training new people it this is due there is still much frustrating i get i'm trying to be a jerk i'm not trying to a sarcastic peace a garbage with you guys today i'm really not i i'm always little softly on monday because i read this stuff over the weekend and i can't wait to get but i really has right phillip we have we have to do some over the weekend of that happen
its first reading to read this your whole premise is that of corporations have more their own money to spend that it will benefit the company by training new people and will lead to economic or do you just said it is your new party platform but then when you talk about attacks cut we're corporations it's not spending the money on taxes in the first place in keeping the money it's bad keeping the money is only good when it goes to the government first and the government can issue a tax going to now joe yes these sixty four million dollar question is why would they support that why would they support now you are a regular lesser you may be putting two and two together right here folks they would support that because a tax chris can go to favour the industry's favoured industries will do what will lobbyists to get into that favoured industries category so if your job t shirt company and you fear about this programme for tax credits for certain businesses that are going to hire new people rather than
he's getting your taxes caught and keeping euro money that's not good enough for liberals even premises the same keeping money the business would be a good thing right that's the premise tax credit tax but tax cut the two credit is more beneficial to liberals because they get to say which industries get the tax credit if we engage in a corporate tax cuts show everybody keeps their money do you see what i'm saying you following i'm with corporate tax cut off this is keep their money liberals don't want that even they just acknowledged keeping your own money in the business is a good thing they want to tax credit because they want to increase the power of government and ink you can increase the power of government by making sure that there's power and yes as shock after the former howard county executive used to say he said to me one there's no power and yes there's no power telling people yes you can keep your body there is power intel people know but if you obviously all get to tax credits to
bed all of a sudden you got all these industries wine and up and democrat congressman and senators office i'll cut you a five thousand dollars campaign check if joe t shirt company gets a tax credit to be ass we have to deal with these people all the time folks its non stop garbage and junk all the time now a piece of writers and the shown us today to that that deadline of the pieces at all but the dams new party platform it says this is the headlines dems take aim at big companies and economic blueprint what that's the headline so your economic blueprint is to attack big companies that hire big numbers of people and a big amounts of capital that makes perfect sense it democrats that makes a lot of sense all right just couple quick things to get through you first i've sent overseer tv i am asking you to give us a shot i know a lot of yours subscribers get ready to re up we had a lot of
things coming down the pipeline i promise you the owner of the company and the management company is very focused on investing in the future of conservative television i feel like we have the best product out there now for the money the bank for the back is incredibly mark within show you get michelle i can show you gets even crowded how you get steve days show in this all kinds of additional content other you have john miller's white house brief you have the capitol hill brief folks it's a real we will i wouldn't work here if i didn't think we weren't the future of conservative television get in there now go to sea already red dot com get an early hour use problem goodbye gino b o angie i at all
get ten dollars off this description vienna and went to new york recently and i saw a sandwich i think i tell the story all the time probably tired but assure turkey sandwich for twelve box think about it for the price of a turkey sandwich you get a about a month contents or pay for the year he get did for twelve turkey sandwiches you get it you get a great deal and so go consider what you pay for cables are really get the on going to see our tv that camp he's promo code bungee no now again back to the liberals will just like you make things up there's an interesting up in the wall street journal tat i can put it the shown us because a subscriber content and i know people get upset when they can't read it so it's kind of a waste there are if you're subscriber you can read it there anyway but jason firm and advisor to obama economic advisor nerite to stop in the journal time i got to spend a lot of time on it but it just goes to heart again on this liberal fascination with lying to you and propagandizing people he's talking about great obamacare is annie and how really just require some tinkering any makes two points joe first point is he defends the premium
and he says well you know the premium hike high worthy there was a one time hike not true it was i was a multi year hike last year which is on an unusually big and he says while you know it's not that if a deal because now the markets have stable folks but that was not the promise of obamacare ok i'm going to go into all the broken promises because a religion of them but obama was crystal clear in his speeches that the policy proposal they put forward was going to cut a families healthcare costs by twenty five hundred dollars a year that was categorically not true so just white terra firma just lying or he's rewriting the past again and then secondly he makes a point about premium high saint but don't worry because a lot of people subjected to premium hikes the one in six people who were in the individual market or don't worry because a lot of em are getting quote subsidies to pay for folks again for your liberal friends who keeping up the stupid in point subsidies are tax dollars your knee paper is paying for your health care while you pay phrase
cities are not created by the money fairy it the money doesn't appear you know from my little pony land that money is your money it's your but he s house but do you have to be like out over the heights to pray takes one through the room but don't worry we just increase your taxes to take more money from you to give you back to pay for their health care costs that went up as a result of abolishing all that's i'll take a great deal thanks jason this guy smart this is what the guy's it bothers me because he's not stupid because he knows better any puts that in their anyway all we're getting subsidies are that's where i come from us also now pay more for health care and more for taxes but the totality buddy that doping is really infuriating i one final report the story i get an email from its such a report this mercer report i get a nice e mail this weekend the stories by the way send remit daniel upon genome i read in there you know i think they're they're they're good bodies apollonia this was an
one get to wrap up with quick i was emerge a report about the long term savings gap in the u s and folksy levies on bringing this up on the shelves on investment show it's not like we were not to stop pixie or anything like that but this is an interesting story because i know that the putsch in a bad mood on a monday but we are in a lot of trouble with long term savings in the country and you should start if we don't get economic growth on track if we do get economic growth on track if we can hit foreign gosh even five percent if we start motoring what decent shape in southern a panic about but there is a savings gap in the country and the mercer report which i will come i'll put new shown us that you can read it yourself it says the long term savings gap in a country may grow joe this isn't really troubling number two hundred thirty seven trillion by twenty fifty the fifty a lot of dough considering our annual gdp is only twenty trillion and the gas
brings gap now currently stands at twenty eight trillion now when i say savings gap what we're talking about his money we don't have to finance arc our quality of life in the future we don't have it there is a gap savings is no different than you are looking at a savings a gap in your own life joe if you knew a hundred thousand dollars a year or fifty thousand dollars you to survive in the future your current cost of living and you only have ten thousand new ever savings gap the country as a or has a significant one which currently stands at twenty train but short pieces only a couple paragraphs but it really sums it up nicely says the problems being caused by the fire benefit programmes in the social security shortfall i only bring it up to date and we're home the point folks out against an investment show but save your money because we are counting on social security to be there it it's not how can it be they're not at the current rate of growth there's just no way and if you have a defined benefit the plan which is equivalent to a pension defying controversy should plan would be for one carry you make a contribution i define
tribulation and their contributions back to you later on the form of european retirement savings in a form of retirement income to find better the plan is a pension plans where you get that define that exact you get that amount based on it no matter what define that they define that benefit the and what their cash payments gonna beat us those plans are gone broke because those companies can't meet that promise folks it's a bit the also just put their porcupine give their put their the shown us given a look check it out i think it's interesting and i'm just a little warning that day if we don't save up we could be in a lot of trouble my folks they effort unit in i really appreciate it i will see autumn are you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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