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Ep. 514 Trump Draws a Redline

2017-07-31 | 🔗
Topics today include: Why are American taxpayers being forced to bail out healthcare insurance companies? https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/trump-continues-illegal-obamacare-bailout-for-insurers-congress   Did a Democrat Senator accidentally tell the truth about Obamacare? http://www.lifezette.com/referral/sen-feinstein-makes-shocking-admission-obamacare/   Is the economy getting ready for a boom, or a bust? Here are some interesting signs. https://www.wsj.com/articles/as-washington-stalls-company-profits-keep-trucking-1501423201
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damn bond you know i owe you was home you owe me i owe you there's nobody dan bungee no show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground burned stepped on gasoline port on it and burned again ready to hear the truth about amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas and arms and have gotten us on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i was running a publican within bond gino restore you today bobbing agent bond gino do a man let me take up you know love the grappling in the judges who stuff so i was role and around on saturday and usually you know give even really good guys run for their money even if they when i got tooled real
on saturday i am not too proud to say yeah there was a good guy i had never seen before really talented who came into the school he's for a while i've only been differ a couple months and man that i take a beaten and folks you some time before i get onto the content once in a while it is a very cleansing experience conaway thing of mega muso too are to get your caboose handed to you i mean i just big fashion because really every wage up and you start to say to yourself josh fighting really sucks i mean when you're losing and some dude is on top of you with his knee and your rib cage and you can't breathe cuz you've been at it for like five minutes straight now and you're like okay this is really bad and you know you dont want to tat you can tap unless you get submitted perfect please you want to do tat because i tat because it sucks you gotta tap i was
man this guy is just destroy me so after like the sixth round of this guy just three bring me around like a rag doll i've laid on the map and the other guys who look at me like you ok due to mike i'm going to sleep how my god just the guys like you gotta make up i'm going out for the day tat sometimes the caddy rogers the gap which are you got two new when folder that's when you fall the brother a let me ask you dont know is if anything from then on youtube thank god i see a guy taking a picture of me as i was on the bottom but my face like this and i know it but did ok my tongue hanging out and that is my eyeballs rolling back in my head and select coming out of my mouth and he was the sound coming from my mouth disguise was choking me out michaels man that i get there was bad all a lot going on folks you know that monday's always stack that we have a tough time discriminating what's most important for you to do here
on the show and on it on the day and let the other stuff go to the site but oh care there's a couple of things a creep up i know this is an old argument and lot of times we get sick hearing about it just like the trump russia fairy tale but there's an angle of this it's coming up recently that you will need to be aware of and it's the cost sharing subsidies folks this is really pete the maximum insanity right now over the weekend we now have republicans like susan i'll into one on one of the sunday shows the sunday am new shows where you get pretty wide national audience susan collins a republican from maine actually went on the air and argued for the advancement of an insurance company bail out by the tax payers despite the fact that some insurance companies are making our actually making profits and insurance companies lobbied for a bombing here so this is really critical we have republicans now and again susan causes a republican meaning nation is a aid should not even a rhinoceri
republic she runs a republican but she holds no republican values but we have somewhat alleging to be a republican which is probably best said better who is now arguing for an insurance company bail out now this is a hot topic folks this is gonna be the next line of attack can the reason you need to know about it is because if the insurance please don't get the health insurance companies participate you know barbecue joan if i lose your point on the way stop me if they do not get a taxpayer bail out shortly you are gone to see an epic collapse of obamacare now go back and and talk about what this is because its critical you understand this because the democrats are the democrats so like to fancy themselves joe is the party of the little guy there against bailouts i mean how many i'm sure you heard about the democrats want the evil health insurance companies the profiteering the brutal capitalist there should be no profit and health care ladys in shadow
if they believe any of that you can't possibly argue for the sea s are or the cost sharing reductions or what i will call of the insurance company ballot so let's just be crystal why and bring this up to you why it matters liberalism is a lie it's always when a lie liberals are only if they are fakes and liberals or fraud not all democrats but the liberals are frauds liberals have argued for years at health insurance companies are demons they are deemed spawn they are the devil incarnates and they not to have any legitimate place and appropriate that conversation in american politics liberals are now arguing for a policy that takes taxpayers money and gives it to said demons said insurance companies are you can't make it up ladies and gentlemen you cannot make this up this is not high this is again not talk show content for effect this is real rules are actually arguing for c est
which is a make no mistake taxpayer bail outs of the insurance companies now some data its effect do you understand how this work so you could argue you're dopey liberal friends who will still claimed either in it for the little guy not telling you the little guy is health insurance companies these cost sharing reduction payments are monthly payments made by the united states government to health insurance companies monthly the reasons are big deal right now by may have missed mr point speakers donald trump the states of course is threatening to withhold these payments which i absolutely agree with him on trial take now is listen you can't fix insurance we're not bailing out anymore he is treated it out here said we're going to lebanon mama care implode and if the bail out payments may stop theses easy intimated such okay so these bail out payments their monthly they may stop if they stop the insurance company can't possibly stay in business because they relying on bail outs to stay in business right now
the reason this is so pernicious and these men are so bad is think about this folks there is already a subsidy built in by the taxpayer another one taxpayers money given to insurance companies outside of the bail out payments the subsidies individuals get to buy overpriced insurance so is there a mole pathways by which you are while it is being emptied and the money is given the health insurance companies or we liberals joe would call the little guy now being obviously sarcastic but the whole point of my show is to point out you have liberals are frauds their total thinks you may like conservatives you may not respect and serves you may think we're all crazy but at least we're not dishonest like you frauds so one pathway is the subsidies flowing individuals obama
there is a tutor series of regulations you have to buy a bunch of insured you don't want you know why health care i wish you'd be a hare plug say you know what he said the means for women maybe you have to buy stuff you don't even what if what made you don't need that we should be able to pay for an insurance planet clauses so that its overpriced in compensate for the high price of what obamacare demand did you pay for joe demanded they said what we're gonna give you taxpayers money to pay for the overpriced ensures they'll call em subsidies a normal people and and people who are saying but call those tax dollars because the governments taking the money from joe on because they give it today and bonn gino by insurance thereby ginerous martin this is real this is actually how obamacare works in case you guys miss this and ladys now that's why way taxpayer money flows from jody then that the i'm a care so bad joe so overpriced so ridiculous
so the expensive and so medically and economically unfeasible that even the subsidies the money taken from you to give to meet a paper insurance out of what still isn't enough to make the insurance companies profitable so instituted a bunch of other programmes risk corridor payments risk adjustment payments they see us our payments is cost sharing reductions the car sharing reductions because open my care was still so ridiculously expensive we're design joe to this co pays and deductibles and by the way did horwitz is a great piecing conservative view about this which i put up in the show no taste or about a month ago it doesn't matter they pity the premise of the peace exactly the same and the issues still now because trumps now threatening to withhold these payments but the question payments in addition to the subsidy show again your money where decided this kaliko payments and deductibles for low income enrolling weren't two hundred and fifty percent or more of the poverty line so
if you are more than double what we consider being poverty you are still entitled to other people's money not just through subsidies the money flowing doings or its companies that is now being used to reduce your co payments and deductibles but the jos coming from you right right given to insurance companies to make them more profitable to instead vice m disdain obamacare ladies and gentlemen you can't make this up now case you think you know this programme come on i can't be that expensive you'd be wrong estimates are a hunter thirty billion dollars over ten years is gonna cost of your money folks keep in mind the government makes nothing the government creates nothing the government provides no value added at all in an economic sense now it can provide military to secure what we have it can provide
rational set of interstate regulation so we're all play by the same rules but the government does create anything that the government doesn't do what apple does it doesn't take up the glass and silicone and so earth minerals madame minerals that are worth may a hundred thousand create a seven hundred i'll rifle the government doesn't do that that's what we call value added you break down an iphone into its constituent parts is probably worth fifty bucks why do you pay seven hundred because apple its value added add things idiots intellectual products with aids coding it adds a design feature it adds it adds aesthetics it adds things to the constituent minerals that people want which add value valley the government doesn't value air joe the government just takes because there permit doesn't produce anything the governor just take someone when they see bio and other estimates come out reasonable estimates that say hey it to be a hundred and thirty billion dollars over ten usually program that money is being too
from you it's not evaluated product it's gotta be transform magically at the five hundred billion of wealth it is simply a hundred thirty billion remove from the economy to give to someone else folks this is a big deal they see us our payments are going to be a lightning rod this week in the when the wind in the weeks coming if something isn't there battle balmy care quickly because the meat these payments stop joe insurance companies are not going to be viable in these markets now you may say well got them we have to pay them wait i don't understand what it please help what you're premises so we can argue industry because exactly i never know how to debate with liberals because if on and your blaming evil insurance companies that how is it that you're so willing to takes taxpayer money a hundred thirty billion in ten years for just one component of the path of the bar of the bail it's your memory the subsidies are whole other expense how is
are you willing to steal a hundred thirty billion thousand me to give it to so called evil insurance companies it does exams reality detachment complete reality detachment now folks were about three the tipping point with obamacare because the minute one of these monthly payments is it made you are going to see a collapse in these markets and it is gonna be catastrophic making this thing even worse there was no appropriation for this night dress this a few weeks ago on the show these are eagle payments folks design ready been determined by the courts there is no appropriation for this in congress and for those who are probably the liberals so we're unfamiliar with the constitution the conservatives probably well aware this appropriation have to be made by the congress there was no procreation for this money folks there was a lawsuit they report gives one the lawsuit
now you may say well then that doesn't make any sense were wise the trump administration still pay i don't know as rain he macho man savage would say do do i have oh good explanation folks i have no idea why the term administration is still paying these cost sharing reduction payments monthly and i'm not going to defend it because it's not defensible i'm happy trump is finally bring up the idea of stopping these bail outs but the reality is actually matters and it hasn't happened yet there is no appropriation for this and the democrats have no defence this and by the way so you don't think i'm just bringing this up because it's a monday and i want to talk obamacare folks the democrats in a panic just like they are about the trump russia debacle now that they know that the dossier may point back to them that they paid for so you miss my show last week that's why tromp russia disappeared
the trouble russia story because neither figuring out that the dossier he was likely paid for by democrats working with the russians so the story disappeared the reason the obamacare debate is going to creep up again this week is because the democrats or in a panic behind the scenes show because there is no legal recourse for them if trump says we're going to stop these payments cost sharing reduction payments there's no legal recourse joel cinema they already lost the court case right so if you sable than what the heck does that just cut him off forty new no idea folks our afraid of collapse the collapse is already happening what are you talking about the collapse the under way so in order the delay the collapse that so yeah a building that's going to collapse on your head and we're gonna like in addition to the collapse of the brilliant it's gonna fall on everyone instead of warning p what i get out just taking the
thing down now we're waiting for the collapse that and by the way while we're at it lets poor a hundred and thirty million a billion dollars over ten years into a bill that's collapsing show them when the building collapses the taxpayer money goes down with it goes up in flames you this doesn't make any sense folks we're real trouble with obamacare and even some democratic china's i start to speak out now have a quota from a piece it lives at lord ingram site which i will put new show notes again today as well from diane einstein who is a democrat senator from california who shot kingly joe has been listen i'm no fan of diana feinstein let me be crystal clear budget been surprisingly lucid on some issues she was the one with the trump russia thing you see in an interview member we played the cut a while back where they have to have there was any evidence so ever about the trump russia thinks he's out now and as a member that one way to cut for me and it s there again a few weeks
you know you came out a few weeks ago and said there's no evidence of this trump russia collusion scandal if you change your my she's got out there is still no evidence so diane fight side for a democrat is being surprising we clear on on on the truth in some respects i mean i'm willing to give her that much credit she still supports terrible liberal arguments but in this piece in life sentiment to read you a quote from her in case you think again that it's just republicans hastening the demise of obamacare and that we're on making this up and that the catastrophes not as bad as it sounds no folks it is here's a quote from diane feinstein she gave in an interview here eureka she says i will give you a reason to talk the reason it och as the insurance industry what's happening across the united states the very serious thing because you ve got than a million people want to participate in these changes war without carriers and you ve got several million who don't have a choice of insurance carries folks that's a democrat while that's that
and feinstein basically saying that insurance companies are pulling out en masse and millions of people are being left without church that's not a republican which ironic you now have diane feinstein omitting the truth about obama here's a democrat and susan collins a republican alleged the four main senator whose on this week in defending these cost sharing payments she goes you now you have i understand that these are payment met their help low income people dare not meant to help low income people they are payments made to insurance companies they are not getting these are not meant to help low income people you want to help low income people create a vibrant mark for insurance where insurance companies have to compete to lower prices don't cry non vibrant vibrate market for insurance companies where they don't have to compete to lower prices because you're giving them money to increase prices is this woman economically that illiterate joe i mean is it make any sense know if i can
that is really jos t shirt company right instead of giving chose teacher company and incentive to lower prices by creating economic conditions fairy economic conditions for competition and having by these teacher company whittle away your profit margins until you have to lower prices to give your t shirts away at last a little more competitive price what did they do the government's giving josie sure company extra money from other taxpayers as an incentive to increase prices and insurers in college because others hey we're really help and support this is make any sense would i be head meet desk repeatedly tormentor folks again in may and i don't wanna if europe and main i dont want to beat this thing to death but if you are republican i am imploring you humbly and respectfully do not donate do not not gonna door do not drop literature for do not make phone calls
four participate in no way in this woman's reelection she is an absence lou disaster i'm really although i would never in my life a democrat m seriously starting a question of value of checking the box for her even in a general election she's action we are fighting for the other side now its aid it's really beyond disturbingly i today show brought you by a friend my patriot supply thank you to everyone who emails me feedback on on the products at that and the companies that support our show i really appreciate it means a lot to me my page supply brick cow spurts gold all the companies sport i shall keep it free and that's been our goal is shown as well as from the start is to keep this show free we're trying to get to keep it readily available so my patriot supplies this for a long time and the reason we took on this company's sponsor is i'm really into preparedness for obvious reasons i keep my homestead with emergency items because in an emergency i want to be sure especially living in a hurricane zone that i'm not
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a couple boxes for you and your family go to prepare with dan thou come today are i joe another hot issue so the sea s our payments the bail out sir are going to be hot this week in the weeks forthcoming if we don't get something done but another hot issue is trump not only threatening to withhold the insurance company bail outs which again if i ve fire in case you miss that i wholeheartedly agree with him jumpy given taxpayers money to health insurance companies that's ridiculous but he is also threatening to withhold congressional exemption or rebuilt model by the congressional harrow is right i mean this is going to be a disaster because you know congress congress these guys you're amazing up there on the hell add the men and women in the congress in the senate so chuck grass they just the little history on this because liberals will still insist that there is congressional exemption of obama chemicals liberals most of them sadly will lie to you not all of em but most of them will lie to you to advance a political argument i pray
you i will not do that and if something we're creeps out on the show that is not in fact true as we have done before we will immediately correct it now congressional exemption works this way the obama believe and give you a case by the way for liberals out there listening a case you think i'm making this up i will go back i will give you the actual obamacare section and subsections where she's me you can go back and look it up yourself because again i understand how you are i know you will it will any amount of dishonesty to advance and ideological org section thirteen twelve d some section three d of obama care is what provides for this rational exemption it added edit your here's how it works chuck grass but he introduced an amendment to obamacare that was subsequently past which required congress to purchase the same insurance plans everybody else was going to be i was gonna be forced to purchase do a bomb
through the obamacare care evokes it's no more differ the net to understand don't let your liberal friends misguide you with dishonesty and magic tricks grass these amendment which i thought was a good one grand please amendment said centre chuck resolute said you will by the same insurance everybody else is forced to buy it obamacare create clear it's not more complicated than that now of course congress freaked out said wait what do you mean we gotta live by the same rules we jammed that everybody else historic challenge this is one fair this is so what we can to stop is crap want to give this remind you start this was for the great on why stop there and american after me so what did they do there was an upheaval in congress because they objected to this so they pushed obama care and there will be directly kathleen beget again who may be on the way out by the way they they pushed them the office of management and budget to work to create a legal loophole in obama air and allow congressional
oh offices follow me for a second important you understand it because this is a hot issue this week graven they pushed oh be too we re right to allow congress to declare we're itself as a small business if they are allowed to declare themselves as a small business up the congressmen and congress women and the people in the senate can go the d c exchange where congresses washington dc the small and they can get subsidies from the taxpayer to buy insurance folks i'm not making up ok they now even by their they are almost two hundred thousand dollars a year salaries the relentless but kissing it goes on all of the free parks they get in the fact that even leave office millionaires all god only knows that happens joe they get an office they're worth ten ten grew and they leave office there were ten million has just a got your rug happen ere i don't even off we can't even figure out
how these people get rich ever than they are now getting too spare money to subsidies i talk you in the beginning of the show to buy insurance for them and their staff as in and around around entrance into obamacare because what it change joe is the initially had effie age be the federal employees health benefits package which i had a secret service agent and really it's just like an employee sponsored healthcare plan and they played whatever is ten twenty percent of that of the premature given up saying that was all wiped out and then they had to go into the exchanges and with their own money by insurance they didn't like that although remember it's good enough are you joe it's just not good enough for that i am right that's right that's pretty good that's exactly how a kite typical congressmen should probably sounded so they took they they lobbied for subsidy or taxpayer funded bail out for them and they got it which is amazing inhabited just incredible what happened
can look it up section thirteen twelve de sub section three d go check it out yourself you think i'm make this up they are now getting money to go by insurance for them and their staff now here's the kicker joe they got themselves glared small businesses that congo has under fifty employees now oh that's possible how come would have under fifty employees given that there's four hundred and thirty five members of congress how that's possible only dc bad that's like that fuzzy math and we're talking about ever the al gore fuzzy math i dont know how they came up with that number that congress is in fact a small business or for you when you're liberal friends tell you there is no hope of exemption congressional exemption for a bomb care say really then how did they get out of the fda b because no one in congress in the federal police health benefits proclaim out because of you comic essentially what how did they want up in the small business exchanges there not a small business all because when we let them and how many
we have to have to be in the small businesses change fifty so you're telling me congress has fifty employees has a parcel being that this four hundred and thirty five members of congress do new do you want stand liberals widely and constantly guys ladies the most frustrating part of my love my job believe me i have the greatest job on earth i wouldn't traded for anything but the one pet peeve is it will drive you mad if you don't laugh once in a while back as liberals will lie to your face not without a a hint of regret without it hit the hesitation you call among the lie joseph and they will double down they'll section thirteen the three d that that's not true what cod do you have an iphone do you have a computer do you have a brain
just put it in there and read it non doesn't exist ok up whenever dude whenever you got your you're right i'm making it all up you're there just liars no come back with this this is how they always responded well those two sides to every story no there's not ok there are not two sides to every story there are two sides to a lot of stories ok there are two sides to word approach to foreign policy i totally respect people who see non intervention as a way to go forward i understand that the proposals of a lot of neo conscious wealth apparently more towards a more not isolation is put more limited foreign policy part but those are two different opinions both have their pros and cons joe there is no alternate opinion about whether a congressional exemption to obamacare exists none there's the imp still opinion who can't read and then there's the delay
ethical reasonable opinion for people who actually read obamacare and understand what's going on again the reason this is hot is trumps threatening to repeal that as well and i say go for year baby it's damn right so just a rapid up in a neat little boy you can hear more about this week i promised promising anymore about this the yacht cs our payments is threatening to stop them i say call your congressmen tell him do it secondly this is a little tough for one because your congressman probably going to hang up on you when you met you but call him and tell him you want exemption gone too and listen him or her explained to you by the way on the phone even republic is how they don't have an exemption to obamacare explain to them what i just told you say then what thirteen twelve these three d i mean dude
sometimes i lied love my show at these these are the shows i love the most i feel really good today by the way tat you get tell my joy they even though i got totally tooled on saturday i mean beaten to us talk about humbling pretty chipper today yeah yeah i know for but i needed that i i was doing quite well in their sometimes indeed take a good beaten also reinforce to me the importance to stand up and you know this guy was really gotten a ground than if if you be enough you're into mix martial arts or just kind of combat sports in general you need to be well round that you need to know how to box tie box and wrestle because you see a guy like that so far above your skill the sky was on me then you better keep him standing up because i always like to go a lot of that i love jujitsu but the guys who today are a hundred percent or ninety percent of fights wind up on the ground and a virus it's as yet great a hundred percent starts standing up so if i could keep you standing up and pound the crap out of you in the feed that's what i'm gonna do you now so you gotta get available well rounded aright
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and while she journal today unilaterally i told you about gray gap is an author and how he was laying out some signs in the stock market and if you mr show you can check it out last week it maybe thursday friday show how economic output as a percentage of gdp stock values corporate dead how these are all traditionally high we may have in a we may may have approved i'm lurking around the corner joe well here somewhere good sides zoonotic lot today i'll put in to show notice from the journal i'm pretty sure it's not it's open to non subscribers as well because drudges running it there's some good signs around the corner me to give you the reasons why two consecutive quarters of double digit property profit growth and shoot me for big companies in america that's a really good sign double digit profit growth is a really big deal the first time you seen that since two thousand and twenty one thousand one hundred so two consecutive court
double digit growth now because of the some other good signs but stick without went for a second and the reasons why because this really matters and also it it ironically its into the conversation we had last week about the warning signs the more apocalyptic shall because do remember joe the gist that show was hey things aren't there great you better get a damn tax cuts down now to head off the problems before they happen well nothing changes now even if these are really good signs use be saying or i will we need to double down then and pump it up there from a one point two percent growth which is what we had in the first quarter to point six percent which we had the second quarter we can do better to point six saint growth which we had in the second quarter is good it's not great our historical averages around three so we're still below average joe but the proposals in the peace that the reasons that the justification and peace for the economic or they require a little bit of attention from us the author of the peace
as the reason companies are growing at double digit at least recent leans over these last two quarters and happiness is number one has been cost cutting which is an interesting proposal you don't burma may have had an effect on the economy this is fascinating joy april its effect on the economy through his addiction to regulations tax hikes obamacare these are all costs imposed on companies what what's interest things over the eight years of obama all of the costs imposed upon them joe the additional costs of a bomb care the regulations which they needed lawyers for dodd frank the addition tax burden there were a bomb care hikes there was income tax high there was a capital gains tax hikers payroll facts hide all of these things bill into a bomb a camera additional costs imposed upon people are companies now why would that be a good thing it's it's not a good thing but that doesn't mean a good thing can't flow from it and that's why
what this what happened was joe company saw these additional costs coming down to them now in the pipeline and they said well gosh you know you are in charge of jos teacher company you see your costs are gonna go up say fives five percent next year jail or strict they do not to products just stuteley government more regulations more obamacare more taxes so do you what do you do your profit margins are only three four percent whether your first response starting to cut fat baby you're damn right you're cut you're goin out a little bit of a die you betcha now the fact that this happened over eight years which we haven't seen in a while to be fair even under the eight years the clinton administration it wasn't a lightless assault on business and not a fan of bill clinton but not everything for business was bad we had reference we had relatively can oh government spending and we even attica but all gains tax are caught under bill clinton yak tax condom unique i think i'm taxes but not everything bill clinton did for eight years
was a relentless assault on business we can't say the same for barack obama so would force them about it he sees me but if embedded in the government obama force companies do is relentless assault on them and never backtracking you never getting pro business to do what oh said and cut a lot of fat you now that we have a pro business president in donald trump and even though the feckless republicans are in charge there's still the idea that ok even if the republicans don't do anything joe at least they won't dance any more obama type stuff you get what i'm saying it so they just that he says that companies are good because there are not even expecting anything any more out of the congress because they sucks so bad the republicans but they just stan that the sun extends the not doing anything to like you're just not going to hurt us anymore and now every year we ve got a lot of excessive costs we didn't need we're just a teacher companies now a leaner meaner company it's figured
new ways to do business at at a cheaper cost to sell pretty shirts and now they face ok we ve adjusted to the crap is environment it's not gonna get crappy here and now all of a sudden are turning a quarter on it because they ve learned to operate as a leaner meaner operations that makes an adept adapt adapt adapt this right varied there update and over and overcame you're absolutely right so that's one of the proposals in the peace that the relentless anti business environment got caused a lot of cost cutting and their costs he has talked companies to learn to operate in a leaner meaner fashion and now that the anti business climate is stop granted approach is this one has started could we haven't done marching assent to get rid of a few regulations they republican congress take it out of their own way they can't get the tax cuts and can't repeal obamacare but at least the bad stuff is that another proposal as to why this way happening is the weak dollar i always come here i was
the problem with this i'm not saying the wrong in the peace my trying to challenge him but the whole idea of a weak dollar folks being beneficial for a economy is it is a short term band aid that eventually woody rip off the band aid going to lead to a gushing would show it may be short term giving us a boost now explained at the second but this is not something to be relied upon by members of congress and sent as a long term economic plan thou cost cutting can be cut carson leaner meaner businesses that are very efficient and produce good products that is a long term strategy for success show every time clear on that one so i get now this i can partly saying well a lot of weak dollar policies of our leading to a boost and sales could sales or a five percent and a lot of these companies that's not a long term plan for success and should be a paul revere type siren sound for congress to get this these tax cuts now because this is not going to be a long term strategy for success now short term years why that work this is really simple step as the dollar weaken
do inflationary policies jail so we states government through federal reserve prince a lot of money word are officially lower interest rates and pushes a lot of money out into the economy ok that makes it just act like a monopoly gave me up then a lot of monopoly money monopoly money goes on the economy as nobly money makes its way out into the economy what happens prices go up because it more money chaser relatively the same amount of goods so if you pay two hundred dollars in an economy and you have your chairs each share fetch a hundred hours if you double the amount of money production meaning you print two hundred dollars then each chair could fatch if it needed to mean obviously it's not just chairs and economy but follow for a second could fetch two dollars each so you would baby hundred percent inflation rate on these are simple i get these are simple examples but simples best if you're not complicated problems none of us like the confusion by making them overly complicated to show you how sophist data they are with their econometric models which by the way merely
always fail now there inflationary policies will weaken the dollar why will be weakened our because it now it's you joe more dollars to buy a chair correct makes sense if you dollar yesterday they print the hundred extra hours the next day now a chair can fetch two dollars now it takes you two dollars to call your dad it doesn't buys much the dollar is weaker what happens you may civil how's that benefit an economy foreign nations foreign buyers use that weak dollar because if that weak dollar you can now convert your foreign money for more is well so you can buy more with the same amount of currencies that make sense only if we manage to rip so if you have one one japanese yen was equals one dollar the day before the inflationary money printing the monopoly money printing right and a dollar weakens the day
after that one japanese yen confess you two dollars makes sense because a printed more money i get it it's simple but just play the game for a second if you created a hundred dollars on one day and doubled your money production the next day to offload out the economy that happened asia that dollar when the japanese buyer comes over he's like why what just happened i gotta dollar yesterday this is like magic joe could i get to towns and so what can he we can buy more stuff anyway well that sounds great the japanese we could get rid of our trade deficit everybody's by in u s task is its cheap ok folks that's great that's terrific short term companies that exclusively export which is very rare joe in other words that are better catering almost exclusively to farm buyers right they will do very well no question their sales will go through the roof because of the weaker dollar but think about what happens over tied joe not a model for success they call a beggar thy neighbor economic why is it not i'll for success because those at one there
are no companies almost no companies that exclusively export companies that export import as well so let's say you have a product you export it and make it a real simple example a card you could only sell in japan but sage japanese buyers like us ox capacity run their car yes love from back to the future measures the only country in the world wants its or gm says ok let's bill a car in georgia for x possibly for japan because they want the flux capacitor on it no one also by now you may see while weak dollars gray cause japanese buyers now kept by the car cheaper because of place and marianne gives a more dollars to buy cars right job my what what's a problem with it over time the problem over time is the flux cooper a car built in georgia has parts forced for mexico has parts made taxes has parts aid in wisconsin the global i chain is broken up with so many pieces but you are not selling the
i you're selling the car to a buyer overseas you're also buying the car pieces the car say the tyres for mexico but now you have a really we dollar so now weak dollar that the japanese by i got more of the dollar hole or gets less patient as for mexico so a day before the inflation let's say it was one dollar four one peso now in order by the tyres for mexico they need pesos so in order get a pay so the day after the inflation joe what does he need to produce two dollars set makes sense because the the mexican pay so who is now the weak dollar means your dollars week you yesterday you could buy one pace or for a dollar now you need two dollars to go get a pay so so now the tyres are more expensive and a car so now you go to sell the card of the japanese you are now you have to make up the costs for the eu
crease cost for you to export products that go into the final product i know that's complicated i get it i understand it but the weak dollar means your dollars a week or two it doesn't what what democrat and people who don't understand travel tell you is all dollars good because it makes far and buyers stronger ok shows that makes sense not year which it does we dollar mean stronger foreign buyers great foreigners a buyer stopped because they have strong money ok great demo you go to shop overseas we have a weak dollar we need produce more balanced by their stuff hoax this is a model for economic success as a model for economic stupidity so i am suggestion suggesting while she journal has is wrong but i'm just sing attributing ask yourselves growth too weak dollar we have to keep in mind that may short term fix but it's not long term all the cost cutting is a good thing so just some those i
some good sides because i think the weak dollar if it's used as a sign to congress to get the tax cuts in their get economic growth which will lead to higher interest rates could be a pretty good thing that was a little like a little deep today but its import me talk about that didn't want to leave you with that with the bad news there is good news on the horizon if we get those tax cuts i think you could see a stock market significant jump in the stock market even further boost in corporate and business revenue which would be great for the countryside think we could be really good shape my vote i could get for student in i really appreciate it i will see you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of their own mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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