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Ep. 517 Must Hear Audio of a Confrontational WH Brief and a Ben Shapiro Debate

2017-08-03 | 🔗
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they won't you know all the sandy supporting darwin bombs at me i come right back i'm out here to pull any punches right the deadline juno show this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals way under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean whether the ragged republican thereby gino british joe how are you today i set my brother little arthur funds are rarely moment hey hey glacial of that show happiness hey folks before it gets studies have a a simple request please bear with me for it to make this as short as possible but i need a huge favor from you i'm king has he friend and your lord podcast host year so are we begin
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back to a continuation of yesterday's show so we were talking about this guy from the young turks who debated he's a lever he debated ben shapiro whose a conservative political and i said i produce some audio for you and i would call a double down a little bit on the stupidity that he he decided to put on display at this debate now i even know how chasm i've heard of him before sank sank not now who cares i dont know what is they i've i've really i don't even bother to look it up because i don't listen we show but i think it sank or something but skies from the young teresa he's just a jerk thesis that annoying jerk i mean he he comes out go so he's debating ben shapiro and i brought up yesterday his rather unique economic theory of the research of money so rather than me reiterating the stupidity in rio mentioning it again today play caught one job i jos hysterical is one s enemies audio cuts he sends them back to me named and i kid you not blinking
yet one and blinking area to my mother who is really like as it that's that's fanatic added i chuckled a little bit but this is idiot number one f i won preposterous to set the tax rate of zero they would be preposterous set it at a hundred percent so what we are it was a society is figure out where we can maximize the most amount of good for for the country so for example the reason why wouldn't taxes are higher it wiser being better for the economy is because its cirque recirculated the money so if you give it to the ridge this is hilarious if your uneducated please at least stone don't make it obvious jack you don't know the concept the recirculated of money then this is the body is joe the serious where we bid at this a long time now five hundred seventeen episodes as of today
sky i kid you not could be one of the dumbest human beings i've ever heard my life who attempts to be smart there are a lot of dumb people on all sides of the political spectrum joe and i've met most of em sadly but there are rarely dumb people who claim to be smart and an insult the audience for being educated like this utter buffoon added at anything the shapiro response because if the guy he's just a moron now couple things i wanted to bring up about isn't that redo yesterday show but this is just the more i listen to it yesterday the mauro mike man you know what i was not going to talk about this but now i'm going to this guy he mentions the laugh recur volovya i'm sure he doesn't know what the laffer curve is ballet f f p r he probably thinks it's a measure of clowns effectiveness named after art after a young economic advisor republican president's in the past he pensions the laugh or curve again although it has no ideas mentioning the laughter curve on shore and he says well if the tax rate of
percent we wouldn't raise taxes and it was a hundred percent we wouldn't raising tax rate either so this gotta be a sweet spot so we pensions the laffer curve and that is generally a conservative idea any be correct if he had stopped it there were advanced those ideas or show the point is trying to make to be clear let's educate crank sank however the heck his name is the young the young turks this common young jerks i'm in this crisis and just in at once something is just a jerk i want to say is but the family friendly shot he's you are educate yourself you would think of me stood the laugh or curve he would say well what is that peak of the laugh or curb that general it's the most amount of federal tax revenue while at the same time not impacting growth rates economic growth rates which are necessary to re tax revenue because if you don't have any money coming into flowing into the economy through income through corporate price
that's which our tax you don't have tax is now now cancun that smart i know his name is it can't go capable i just one it provides real ida improvise you george w bush he used to call saddam saddam hussein suppose we that drove saddam hussein crazy didn't purpose adam saddam hussein rubber that john oh yeah euro voice guy i do your duty whoever georgie's w know i'd still ready to incorporate that saddam hussein data carve let's do it would not be right for a forgotten his profession like you he the leper curve but tat he never takes the next intellectual step and tells you what that rate is he always says is now do is just to be clear on this oracle experience would dictate that if you went back and looked at the a marginal tax rates and you tried to figure out what an effective rate to produce gum
in tax revenue any economic growth would be would look at the reagan years or the clinton here's which had the bob measured by the press and its growth in gdp jeer had some of the largest gdp jumps joe and you ll find out there reagan years it was twenty eight percent and other bill clinton it was there five percent so you may say to yourself unlike our king who really has no interest in additional analysis or any intellectual exercise whatsoever because he's a dope here probably say something well you know based on the reagan years economic growth and the effectiveness of billing tax revenue in the reagan ears and the bill clinton years were ex revenue jumped as well as economic growth was was was it was with substantive under those years well we would look at a rate between twenty and thirty five percent but he doesn't do that he goes then completely refute everything he just said by suggesting that the rich joe that taking the money reach is a good thing because they are and i had a right this down saving for their yachts and eighty
again to site is his is apparently propose terry unique and brand new economic econometric theory of the research relation of money by the way which mentions google it and google i don't see anything there is no recirculated nobody through so it's fascinated any cause at the audience for being educators you completely humiliates himself by mentioned you're recirculated of money theory that doesn't even exist it's all it's only his tanks who this guy i mean this guy is really one of the most arrogant j as i have ever heard honest i'm sure who glad shapiro you billy aided so it's interesting but he mentions this concept of recirculated of money but then talks about what you can get money the rich because they will save it for their yet again and i want to redo yesterday show but do you understand how two ideas can't possibly mary up and correspond one israel recirculated of money theory because the money is always recirculated as
excess in its next statement about saving say for that yeah keg so keg if you're saving gangster where does the money go you dope we need a financial institution again what instead the muddy can't apparently stay burn it wow can you really are a dope have you ever heard of an interest rate ever heard of a mortgage even the car load a person allowed you ever heard of it had a card where do you think money comes from cake the money very all people's savings who when did to middle class and lower income folks who use the money to go by cars and pay an interest rate which the out the so called evil rich people a middle class people put their money in banks get in return lending their money to other people based on the risk of getting paid back that joe is any of this
like econ seven hundred and seventy two this is like i'm a kid you're not my daughter learn this in fifth grade one of those classes where they you know you pretend to be a banker and yet opportunity be a doctor this is not complicated but keg who thinks everybody else's uneducated procedures can imagine elaborate curve and then refutes the laffer curve and emergencies unique economic theory of the resource violation of money while then refuting the recirculated of money by indicating that money recirculated anyway because rich people say leave to buy yeah so part two the saving for the yacht crank statement feuding his own stupid recirculated of money proprietary theory would tell you that if they are saving for their yacht and there may be hey there yacht kegs per terry recirculated of money theory that doesn't apparently work for the rich is
refuted by his own statement because joe if by a yacht what happens to the money it goes get economy apparently fitting cranks recirculated of money theory which he says does not apply to the rich my god i mean i we debate this guy but seriously i think my iq would drop thirty point because he's such a dope eddies these arrogant dobbs like that you know what it is they magnifies that like i live in florida you put a magnifying glass under the sun and put it on paper you're gonna start a fire in ten minutes this guy's a dope magnifier he is like a magnifying glass for doped like they look do the math finally end the dough power becomes concentrated to a fire of doping is i mean this guy is really stupid energy well established go go go go go on like this don't let's go to back them up for stupidity i mean
this incredible man i got a lot to get to today but this i really don't want to do that because i know shapiro annihilated this gonna hate to even give this guy time on my podcast he thinks is show the young jerks is like degree this thing ever pavilion body because there's this guy i'm did all of you to peace taken it had taken a shot a crank and he says out you know the young turks guys like the gangsters cigar shows been blown up its and equip i say asia using our shows amazing where the young girl young jerks and a guy goes to this website tracker podcast tracking is actually the case their shows been declining and haughty his inside unaware gets apparently can't can't tell the truth about it we got one cut from i can't play cut to jonah refute this stupidity in a moment so is that when the middle class when the middle class has more money disposable income they spend it why
is there not living the lap of luxury they not saving it for their yon so they need to buy food for their family they needed patient for their family so they spend it and it goes back into their car oh my god joseph joe we talk lot right you know this is not an act for the show right at this this crap really drive me crazy do you like i can't take it did this new thing sky is really i know folks and i want to waste your time with a lot of emotional ran against the liberal dope because you are to get it i'm dead serious this guy is one of the top ten doped i've ever heard my like her just says the exact opposite thing in the same sentence and i don't i nobody caught it i dont like as anyone else heard this folks he's thou again introducing reintroducing his proprietary unique came from young church reese
regulation of money treatise but over the globe is vague and he reviewed should i get the same said she goes well when you put money back the pockets of the middle class there now living in the lap of luxury and they spend it holy moses keg egg keg seriously are you deaf dumb figure but you just i just ask you to think about what you said forget about anybody else to think about what you just said put money back in the pockets of the middle class ok that works what yet we agree but you're not talking about doing that you're talking raising taxes in the economy which literally takes money from the middle class now keck will respond with a lack of all time about prisoners taxes and avoid talking about actually a rich ok if that actually happens look at historic
data and research because we're all uneducated king when you look at corporate and capital in taxes so called taxes on the rich and investment a lot not all but a significant portion of those taxes are passed on to middle class consumers take do you even read you dope money comes from the middle class so in your opening your enemy you say you have your opening is already wrong but i'll address your other stupidity in a second these tax just come from the middle class so how are you putting money back in the middle classes pocket by taking it out of their pockets running it through the government that takes about forty cents on the dollar bureaucratic fee to pay the bureaucrats to take it from you then give you sixty cents back the dollar and now you're richer google it gosh google at tank google it try the into web you dope
i mean is this guy serious then he goes at the same time a wrap it up because it's i'm i mean i'm seriously loosen iq points and i have a heavy lifting session today plan and i'm gonna need it he then goes on to say and they wouldn't be living there not living in the lap of luxury the middle class they would spend it joe you can you this process that statement for a reasonable guy if if you're rich let me ask you some because you are the audience on bosnia if you are one of of cakes evil wealthy people right you're the rich guy the thirst and how along the island right and if you living in the lap of luxury does the lap of luxury mean to you that you ve actually bought goods and services what does that mean i don't know look on but those living in the lab locks arguing about apparently can't gives too because he hasn't got through what he just said the richer
living in the lap of luxury show if you take their money the middle class will spend what what is it what does spending money and recirculated it me economy matter or does it not because if you living in the lap of luxury to quote can't write joe in that you must have bought something a we though only a beachfront proper you know what i'm talking about gillikins island whatever thurston have ever thirst and always had stuff the others did money i just wondered what why no one rob there's than how he had all the fancy clothes that everything i gilligan zile if you would take if we want like you know i'm what are the flies now that they be taken to stop but the poor pointed to think is can't just don't statement by saying the richer living in the lap of luxury so cake what is it is them we re circulating by the rich buying stuff or is it not as being burned like yours somehow implicitly suggesting by your proprietary recirculated money theory no only matters that we take it from the rich the money take away
tat they were gonna recirculated let the government take account of it in to the middle class to recirculated in addition to the taxes we hit the middle class with as well because the taxing of it also filter down to them and area go oh my god i mean folks i listen to this stuff and i can these people be these dumb while the amazing part of me is that there are folks it will their shake their head in agreement with what this cow aren't they love it eat it up the guy does substantial audience i'm not gonna sit here in and back but i mean here is overly dramatizing the growth of his show i'm disease enemies arrogant jerk also the more i listen to the more upset i get set right that's why i brought some we're gonna get some more audio stephen miller yesterday the white ass we hear aid i don't know you folks saw this the press conference stephen miller really joe annihilating cnn jim across that a white house briefing on immigration i have some audio if you haven't heard this you are met you
sincerely missing out even miller i dont have a lotta like heroes and all but this guy is rapidly moving up i charge it was it was a masterful performance before i get that on tunisia about you but he's a brick house nutrition begging for other feedback wonderful emails had hey i am called directly ever how about a lot of things about the show and i always appreciate the feedback of some really good stuff but at the end he says a by the way with regard to brick ass nutrition caps oh exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point i said the email raw immediately he goes on to talk about how great there don t jasper i guess it's in energy products i said two miles i said hey redid folks it is a great product you know a lot of you live very very busy lives i know i live one myself yesterday was a really really long day not necessarily work but tom it got almost tired if you not want to go and guzzle down these really unhealthy kind of
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another reason i was super excited about the showed a rare and ago it joe joe you she text me all set up a good let's get this thing on a road here so against even miller gives us press comes at the white ass any spars with jimmy costs that now i'm gonna set up this are you now the first caught here is cnn jim acosta asked stephen miller about the rays act which joe member we mentioned yesterday yes it is a image this proposal will abide by senator tom cotton in conjunction but the white house there imprimatur here to reduce legal immigration joe when they want to be clear on this smoke before we go forward illegal immigration to the united states from about one million per year to about five hundred thousand now of course of yahoo i've never had a personal problem with but i just can't steel like where a cost is going with this opening question it seems like a cost that doesn't understand the numbers and miller just annihilates himself play
at one this is a cost this question at the white house press conference at what they are proposing or the present proposal here does not sound like it and with a mere and tradition when it comes to immigration the statue of liberty says give your tired warrior vassal reprieve say anything about speaking english your being able to be a clear programme aren't you tried it change what it did in telling them speaking people are now speaking when they get it ok at i had a right down where to go because even in that question there so much wrong that i didn't get lost the new i took two things i wanna hit our number one here since the american tradition he says well is this in quoting keeping with the american tradition folk the american tradition of immigration that's that's what what
i don't think what does that mean is there and this is a typical press statement and this is where they start editorializing in not being journalist what exists what does that mean now if you were do what a joke friday and you are an actual journalist show when you were interested and adjust the facts right the old network at dragnet gets a little per year but the i you know i always get the stuff rock i love politics i if we get it right culture stop imposing upset you sure it's dragnet executed thousand joe fry the cracks down just the facts ok now if you would journalistic endeavoured you interested in just a fax folks what does that mean that is an inherently open ended question that is not such to a precise answer why because joe listen you and i have the same political leanings bobby honest what if i asked you joe headshot what do you feel the imf quote american tradition on immigration is i guess to you you would give a different answer that i would i might
and chain migration you may mention numbers illegal immigration look number of legal immigrants i might mention our policy towards asylum when people have here from few buck as i live in florida that's you understand that's not a journalist they question that's an opinion quaintness an editorial he's editorializing clearly apps now what we play miller's answer or part of it in a moment you'll see how miller just a completely annihilates and because it cost is clearly unfamiliar with the actual tradition when it comes to numbers but one more thing to bring up unassisted add two points that i want to stick to it for this guy's a journalist the cost of a pole on the statue of liberty that says but you're tired you poor your huddled masses yet that's a nice plus a beautiful everybody loves it we are a great country we have to get in millions of people around the world who been oppressed but joe
guys a journalist can we both we here in this shit this is again this isn't a complex statement i'm trying to be funny you're witty that that's the law a poem on the statue of liberty i thought the law right jolly i'm not crazy knowledge upon the poem was not core paraded into the constitution the poem is not part of state are fresh me federal immigration law or sums its incorporation of federal immigration while it's a beautiful poem it's a nice poem nicely sums up the united states position on rescuing people from tyranny but it's a poem folks can be clear on this this is a journalist or a d says he's a journalist asked a white house aid about a law the rays act and citing a poem on this day two of liberty that's the editorial cause that's not that is in no way that is in any way
shape or form a question about the law they are proposing a year i a poem on the statue of liberty or i get it cut you ready for fifa miller here this is miller's answer and i'm going to kind of doubledown explain a little bit what the argument really is and why the left wants to run away from the yard man they want to talk about open ended nearly meaningless stuff and i say meaningless because it could mean two different things to different people which means it does never meaning at all right let s play
the laws in nineteen seventy we lead in three hundred thousand people a year with violating or not by laying the statue of liberty law of the land in nineteen nineteen nineties when was half a million a year was violating or not by letting the statue of liberty law of the land was violating when it was seven thousand irrational tell me one here tell me what years tell me what years you were me tell me what years meet jim causes definition of the statue of liberty law the ice finally zhao finally h oaks at the podium who does what i've been beg republicans to do for a long time doing answer a misleading nonsensical question with an answer answer with a question asking member clarify the question because when jim acosta asked about the american tradition nobody knows that means not let me refer you what i'm wrong joe
everybody knows what that means but it does it mean the same thing to everyone therefore meaningless what are you talk hearing about the miller expertly you're listening miller i know someone in a white ass a friend of mine illnesses please to pass this on to what two thumbs and love stephen miller if the essen list a point that myself job to thumbs up cisco labour to thumbs up fine we turning the tables he then urge around and says do acosta what do you mean by the american tradition on immigration are you talking about the five hundred thousand people we admitted in a year in the nineties under bill clinton because joe if you remember back then in the clinton days there was no big uproar the democrats about five hundred thousand that the american tradition we let me to let in a million people that
i don't remember any of that to you but then we get this right now that donald trump is looking for a more saying immigration policy where we cut them or of legal immigrants we can let people here assimilate and we go back to the number the current meares now all of a sudden it's a really big deal even i wasn't under the clinton years that's call the double standard for those who are familiar with logic and reason it wasn't a big no wonder clinton five hundred thousand but now the trump propose it's a huge deal and ass they has no idea how to answer why because he gave an as with the press does and if you ever run for office don't do not leap on this trick they will give you in and ended term that has no definable meaning they want to catch when an answer so that they can use facts to that view can't use facts to better too to refute what they're saying they'll do this all the time let me give you an analogy but that they do it on tax cuts all the time they also
something like well while these are just tax cuts you now for the wealthy ended instead of coming with a question today joe like yours how i used to do when i was running about patty myself back and saying that guy i've been hip to this world caught a lot of people are such me but you say well how do you define the wealthy and india panic public while you know the tax cuts proposed for people making of over two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year silver watch residents that these tax cuts you're gonna cause them to pay less money well because there in your tax rates what are you in any given no i'm not i'm just suggesting and if you look at the researchers even more in the heritage foundation in a number of think tanks out there that the reagan tax cuts or tax rate cuts were cut on the wealthy that the wealthy not only paid more and in total amount but they paid more as a percentage of the total tax orders while you're familiar with this research and in what john watch them panic like accosted it but the only way to get them to pay
and i can put them back on their heels to ask them to define their open ended nonsensical terms the tax cuts for the rich ok what does that mean what does that mean that's the panic because folks here's the dirty little secret about journalists but my prior line of work i was around them all the time there are some good people on that back in the mall or even some of the liberals are nice people of their ideologically wrong but i can't give you per cent but i'm telling you re now a good swathe of them are some of the damas people you have ever you would be stun at the law full of ignorance i'm not kidding i would talk to them on the press play air force one when i was the press agent when you first get to the secret service detail you the press guy that's what you can do the least amount of damage rightly you're not you far away for the president you would be stunned that some of the conversations i overheard if you think for a second juba costa has the first idea about
detailed immigration policy with all due respect to his family and his father was an emigrant on that talk about his personal story i have a personal story with immigration as well i'm talking about his policy his legislative acumen his ears oracle knowledge base on immigration i guarantee you you'd be stunned the how little he knows these there as some kind of authority in the white house pressure joe on on immigration there it's just absurd it's just absurd all right i got a couple more great great great stories to keep me tell me excited about tunisia vital finish at all today i'm gonna get to amount to mark as is there is just a for new copier of beautiful stuff that it now you may show archie also brought you by friends at my patriot supply got another email from a person at my pages by sam think about buying it i already have a good supply of emergency food ah good for you but this is the best stuff out there and this is why we
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she keeps the cost weighed down by doing a lot of the internet stuff so i need you to pilot i one last story why so much i wanna get through do you remember the store we mentioned a few weeks ago the bombshell it's like getting any of course publicity by the mainstream media which is interested only in advancing the cause of democratic party but member the story about minimum wage in seattle joan that study the came out and a mayor tried to bury it well the washing and free beacon has a bomb shall i beat a bob gel story about this date there was a kind of a for your request to public records your request that we see via wouldn't plenty it's an cities but a public records requested my emails and he hears of let me just sum it up for you quickly now put it ray beacon story in the show notes available but you know that common if you sign up for my mailing list will send them t every day these stories they got this public record request for e mails and what happened was seattle instituted a fifteen dollar phased in minimum wage and an order
advance this liberal union backed initiative they want a research study to put out the you know that data to say hey look look at what is going to do for low income workers joe but what's the problem while the university of wash maintain took it upon themselves in conjunction with the a national bureau economic research to do study on the effects of this fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage and the study when the mayor the mayor's name is ed mary of seattle when the mayor got worse the results of the university of washington study on the fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage seattle they panicked well why because the minimum wage study as we in the catering prior show showed that the lower income folks were supposed to benefit from the fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage would actually lose one hundred and seventeen dollars about about living it's our funny i only laugh because some data don't matter the liberals they only matter when there they are facts of data again just like him
the open ended questions so they can fit the put the puzzle he's in with their own facts and data and not the real facts and data so this university wash the study which was that widely conservative outlets has to be in any way debunked i'm not saying it's this positive on the issue but joe i'm going to suggest you when he research study confirms what most same people would understand to be a rule of thumb or common sense you bobby lean in the direction that it so that its eat a well done study the common sense here is should be common if you ask employ here's to pay more for labour employers will dick is the amount of labor they use or they will do he's the salaries of the labor they have up to it you know up and to appoint function no other way i mean i've used the lemon aids the eminem example and i want to use it again because the only simple way to explain to liberals basic as a minimum wage if you oughta lemonade stand then you have to employees
by hiring a third employ you can earn and additional ten dollars for the business an hour in its most please form you cannot higher that their employer twelve thousand our joy is this complicated now what i would then guided i or the third employ you will make ten additional dollars an hour while i'm too and they twelve thousand ok but i'm not going to lose two dollars an hour by hiring you i'm not gonna pay you twelve to make me ten now that's complicate for liberals i get that so happens in the real world the new university washington study was pretty clear on this is that when you up the minimum wage the fifteen dollars an hour either employees do not bring on additional employees that they would have joe because they are not there not worth that too and productivity wise fifteen dollars the skills are they are not just a fact or they let go employees to pay the employees they have left the additional money they have to pay it joe again the ombudsman has any that complicate ok
there's this guy i know so there's this set up so what happened so the merrier one of staffers is carlo cow the roller davis i'm reading his eye i go through as you one of the emails he email a berkeley researcher both berkeley this researcher michael rice is apparently very sympathetic apparently he's a liberal very sympathetic to hide their minimum wages so they the sky michael right from berkeley to do what others study and get it out fast so that they could refute the unit universally washed and study saying minimum wage was good our heart hurt people at the were ended the income scale so here's a from one of the emails from one of the mayor's staffers seattle the liberal mayor too its liberal research or trying to refute the read the report you he's talking about the press release for about the is the liberal study he says the release still calls out the universe you washed and study dont want your pa
that is news to serve as a teacher for the universe he washed and study folks why did i pick that specific email that specific quote because it's not just the liberals are trying to hide the truth and not the such as that liberals basin be coordinated with a new liberal researcher repercussions to put forth a nude quote study joe that would show liberal minimum wage was helping lower income people it's and they want you in the press release about the new study tonight we hear about joe tonight here about the university of washington steady votes this liberalism and why do i bring it up because what it cost theme of the show over an over gas lighting this is what liberals do they gaslight they say something they know is untrue forcing cup he's too pay more will benefit people at the lower end of the income scale they don't ask
sequestered beware employers gonna get the money out there not just gonna fire southern point ok so say something silly forcing employ here's to pay more will benefit people at the lower age the income scale say they don't you say confidently which liberals always do just i can't right at the beginning google it gone even already saying is domini refuges our statement say ally repeated i confidently and an icily people from the truth that is gaslight this email and i will put the wash them free beacon in the post in the shown us look it up there the emails in there email says it all he as the new liberal researcher for a study that refutes the universe watch this that it seems to me a favor don't even cite the university washed in study because he doesn't want you to understand reality doesn't want you to know the truth he doesn't want you to weigh joe the pros and cons depositors versus the negative tomorrow the benefits of up of other of a policy or a legislative approach the liberals d you do that they want you to be gaslight
gas that is saying something saying confidently lying about an isolating you ve mature so the gas lighting fight for five day right programme scream it over and over never talk about the council so that policy tell the another researcher to not even tell the public about a research study saying that the fight for fifteen is actually costing people logic seventy nine thousand one taught you say and an ice people from that you're completely alai over and over and over again this is why i will never ever be a liberal ever in my life hopefully no one in my family will be either because i cannot be dishonest this is pathological dishonesty folks name an issue i'll tell you where the liberals have followed the exact same approach the liberal we'll never ever published data about the deficits annual deficits growing under the current nears ever either with a liberal media despite the fact that they'll tell you there was a clinton because the media will never tell you that tax revenue double than the reagan even though they cut the tax rate even though its out there for
they want to see because they want to isolate you from the truth they want even mention it the counter argument they won't even mention it one more thing on this forces it very troublesome replication crisis in in the humanities right now cycle nickel research economics research on the internet art science is ok the hard sciences biology chemistry physics organic chemistry of these are the hard sciences bees you're always gonna have confounding variables even in the hard sciences but their relatively easy to control using statistical analysis you can randomize the effects of it i'm gonna go into details i discuss this before but when you the hard science is joe and you're trying to detect the biological effects on a human being of a drug its relative we uncomplicated to give that drugs randomize group of people and to see if it helps or not if you get if i give joe arm across a blood pressure drug i dont only
given the job because there could be a confounding every bullets at your blood pressure goes down i can i can we simply say joe that druggie cause your blood pressure go down even though after you took it did what why and i conclusively say that because i ojo just started you know back up back into jim again joseph the guy but have been because jos walking on a treadmill lifting wait those are confounding variables now you can control some of those but you can't control all of em it's impossible we not live in test tubes folks that's hard enough in the hard sciences when you start getting to the you know humanity social sciences seventy get to you know economics you get into psychology do you have any idea how complicated is to control the variables imagine singly while we're going to determine the effects of minimum wage on universal washing moving to compare the kansas up what there are two completely different states different regularly
since different court systems different systems of policing two completely different stage or do you have any idea how hard it is to control those variables the only i'm trying to make us even though the whenever she washed in study said what conservatives already know that minimum wages actually taking money from people in lower end the income scale i'm telling you telling tank and all these other people who like to quote liberal research studies folks if advice a common sense rule of thumb like asking employers to pay more for labour will cause them to use less labour i don't care your economic research says there is a replica in crisis now which is showing that these folks they can they kit i say replication crisis show their take care implicate a lot of their own studies even way because it is impossible to control all of these variables in the humanities that makes sense it so if you do a study that says juno joe arm causes raise you note of minimum wage
joe more money you you're going to have it local time replicating that two tommy armor cost or or or joey bag it don't that's because you don't know the variables in their lives i've just asking re use common sense and sadly people like i can't have none of us and this they this reply it shows that liberals will cherry pick data even though they can't replicate the data nine out of ten times for themselves i too folks the effort to i really appreciate it i got a lot more on tomorrow show the show was way to stack than it should please don't mrs some really juicy stuff at their cinema you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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