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Ep. 520 Unbelievable Examples of Far-Left Hypocrisy!

2017-08-08 | 🔗
SPONSOR LINKS: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan www.PrepareWithDan.com   Show Notes: In this episode I address:   Why are liberal Democrats fighting a corporate tax rate cut that will benefit American workers? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-08/gop-is-said-to-discuss-a-mix-of-temporary-permanent-tax-changes   Liberals are losing their minds over a leaked Google memo about "diversity."  http://thefederalist.com/2017/08/07/google-engineer-writes-common-sense-memo-workplace-diversity-pc-mob-erupts/   Why are Obamacare supporters still advocating for insurance company bailouts, despite their record revenues? https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/insurance-cartel-making-record-profit-why-more-illegal-bailouts   An interesting piece about both sides of the immigration debate. https://www.wsj.com/articles/immigration-anxieties-then-and-now-1502144233
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bond you know all the sandy supporting our bombs at me i m right back i'm not here to pull any punches right the deadline juno show this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals way under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting that stupid that other people can one your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now punish showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't the regular public with them on gene ovaries joe our you today i'm doing well dan l until the end of the big newsday this in their tax debate is heating up as i predicted yesterday with our show that every dick newest liberal peace and thanks for the feedback yesterday show did for now
when all very big numbers for us on a monday i really appreciate it we deconstructed liberal ideology and wasted a show em if you mr go back and check it out this really stupid article lived in our tried to point out how can if she's not care about people so we're not even worthy of being spoken too we should be put in a corner with a dunce cap on people should throw darts at a so yeah just the nile aid that peace yesterday so thanks again for other feedback i we share i today shall brought to you by our friends at brick house nutrition you know i'm a big supporter this company that one of the best young hungry the incoming nutrition supplement companies on the market today i'm really proud to have as a sponsor they'd been with me in the beginning they make some great products product i want to talk about it this foundation i use it is creating atp blend it's the equivalent of two sure gas tags and the gym folks the product is so good i strongly encourage anyone who tries to do the year seven day mirror test is again gino original he take the product right given about sex
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mistily named laugh recur valet f f your was on fox and there's a big add that to do going on about taxes joe because he fears the politics i'll give you the politics for the strategic but how about the economic and a second but the politics but a very simple the geo the heat is on they blew it on health care everybody knows it people are really said about what happened on obamacare people are really upset that they elected these people show that they knocked on doors that they donated money that they supported them that they advanced what they thought where your p candidates backing them up and the repeal of obamacare and they flap so the political pressure due to the upcoming mid term twenty eighteen elections where every member of congress is up and one the senate as happens redo years and the poor nickel pressures on to get something done because are starting to see the pollack and joe what matter more than anything to elected officials reelection that's it everything else is secondary folks make absolutely no mistake there see
nepal is their seeing the generic poles who do you want charge democrats and republicans and democrats are leading it is frightening scenario now some good news for you is even if the democrats clean up with every seat that trump one three points or less in every congressional district the republicans will we still hold the house majority now again to given the fact lessons republicans i don't even know what a house majority means anymore but as i have always said although the republicans are terrible the democrats would be far worse so don't ever stake my shell for advocating for voting for democrats the republicans cake you done the democrats will get something done which is the immediate destruction of the country the tax arguments eating up and i was reading a piece in the wall street journal today and a follow up pieces bloomberg about the proposal to cut the corporate tax rate which you think would have universal support folks i mean this is the kind of idea that even if europe i hard tax and spend big government
not ballistic government rule democrat that you would say ok our corporate tax trade is the highest in the world a lot of democratic two are not die hard died the liberals are even admitted that this is really hurting business development the united states we have to look at doing something with the corporate tax code are business tax is the highest in the world that thirty five percent or corporate tax rate it's just too much joe we don't need to be the gold medal winner of corporate station across the entire known universe and alternate universes as well if you one of those m string theory guys river they call it so when it what i found thing about the journal which is an output in the show notes today and i'm email to your to your email if you want to join my email list at bongino dot com i thank you for all the new subscribers by the way the email this is blowing up so i'm getting a lot of good feedback i will send the stories to your inbox every day it is fascinating democrats have seemingly come to the conclusion jail based on some economic data on the corporate tax and is
i wrote it out i said well you may better but we really have to screw over the businesses in the rich guys so we don't care i mean that's the only way to sum up their opposition they don't have any opposition right here they know they have nothing so obstinate quickly covers move on a couple of sources it is a very busy news that is other things i want to talk about but the joy yes this is a quote by the way from this peace that discusses the potential caught in the corporate tax rate how the democrats are really reluctant to do this because you know corporate tax you get a hammer those businesses your we gotta get those evil rich people ill best now we gotta get them we need them we do think pirates are the open sea and we need to go what hijacked those boats so here's a call from the piece about a study which i find interesting and after the quote you may say which i found interesting and after the quote you may say well what's your point you'd would it will you
can the case the democrats are making this gonna benefit big business to hold on solicitor called first nine and now explained this is from the journal peace the joint committee and accession which will evaluate any tax bill that moves through congress estimated that capital bears seventy five percent of the long run corporate tax burden with labour the rest what does that mean basically says the corporate tax rates according to the the committee on taxation corporate taxes are paid base we by holders of capital they evil rich people are terrible rich people and that labour employees the rest of us the middle class pays about twenty five percent of the core protectorate the study in the joint committee a taxation may well what's the problem then that fits perfectly into the left's narrative that evil rich people should pay all the taxes and that workers should pay much folks that is one
limited study there is aim a a foundation a a library of other studies showing the exact opposite and some i was just show the exact opposite number that seventy percent of it is borne by labour and thirty per se pointing the way now is worn by capital now the fact it writ the ribs evil rich people in the holders of capital stocks and bonds and business owners are paying the tax does it make the tax good i'm not even making their case i'm just trying to get you two different scenarios about what's going on and i'm trying to show to you and i will do some other quotes you that dammit that's cases essentially this we don't care about the economy we just want to have a rich people now here's another quote from the peace if and this is now that defying nets many five twenty five breakdown and saying that hey this may not be right you know that the holders of capital may not be bearing the entire corporate tax but it may be more on labour than we think here's the quote says the nature
global economy complicates the situation is corporations or tax differently depending on their locations as capital flows easily across the border here's another court the treasury urban under mr manoeuvred pointed to a twenty fifteen study by as a modern hubbard that estimated that one dollar increase in the corporate tax rate to a sixty percent decline in wages so here is my point i'm trying to make and i wanna make using another court i don't like to go to quote heavy on the show because i don't want to you did that but it's important to understand the economics of this point number one we have them i ask for protectorate and world nobody disagrees with that right point number to corporate are exiting the united states for more corporate tax friendly environments like ireland and other places in the world with a corporate taxes or lower because they don't have the money to compete the global stage while paying thirty five percent of that money the united states government right third yes the effective tax rate is
little lower because there are some corporate tax deductions ok i get that but that still not enough you mean for keeping the tax rate high that just an argument for crony carve out third fourth the models for debt they did data models and the studies go both ways throughout their based on just the percentage of the population some studies show your paying about twenty five percent of the corporate tax so yes you're you're going studies show your paying about twenty five percent of the corporate tax so yes you're getting screwed the fact that you're getting a little less than once that he doesn't matter to me studies show your paying up to seventy percent of the corporate tax so the corporate so though joe it's attacks on business there are studies out there that you're you're paying up that seventy percent of it here's a quote from a bloomberg peace and i'm gonna put the shown its assent study from the tax validation found that lowering the corporate rate of fifteen percent for just ten years would initially this growth but
we'll be slower in the seventh year if there had been a cut of all companies brace for a higher rate of return a temporary cut this is that this is the line is the folks remember this what spain is a temporary cut would be more likely to benefit shareholders according to that june report while a permanent cut benefits about permanent cuts benefits would trickled down to workers gosh i hate that term trap gsm say trickle that economics which is no such thing what's the point of that again showing how democrat it's even though the data goes in both directions and the key sense data would dictate that you pay the corporate tax most of the corporate tax because a corporate tax joe corporate corporate georgia's tax collector so the government you pass attacks a corporation it doesn't invent new money it just adds that into the price of the product that's all it does so the data both way showing that either way labour middle class workers are paying a good portion joe of the corporate tax rate if you work
if you are an employee for a company and the corporate taxes go up in that company nobody disputes you're paying a good chunk of that the only thing question is how much of it you're actually pay the irony of second cordage gave use the democrats want any tax cut the sunset after ten years even now the data as evidenced by their quota you started from the taxpayer nation is it if its sunsets it will not benefit the late as much as it would benefit businesses because after seven years joe businesses would start to anticipate a tax hike again so say that is that makes sense i get that they want the democrats fighting for a ten year sunset in other words corporate tax cut disappear after ten years the republicans wanted to be permanent even the data shows that if you son the tax got make it go away after ten years it will not benefit workers it'll benefit the companies more because they start to stockpile after about seven years to do or up money for the increasing
taxes after ten years that's gonna come after sunsets so basically permitted tax god helps workers and democrats still don't want it because they again as i opened up with you may benefit but we really the school over the business this is just so upsetting box it's just amazing what democrats will do to to advance this the sick deranged ideology that they just half there people no matter what despite the fact that all of that points in the opposite direction and i'll put those stories in the shown us today i just found them fascinating another example of you just can't get things done in dc because the democrats are committed the class warfare and really deranged income inequality arguments i did you see the i don't even know how to describe the hollow balloon developing over this google e mail you heard about this you guess covered they didn't about religious morning now yeah so
a memo in internal memo that was sent out by a google engineer internally in google has blow would happen become a kid you not joseph and entered ass it all of what he called the store front page story so here's what happened and employ he works for google he's an engineer he wrote this mammal we sent that around leaked to the press in the memo he talks about google's efforts to you know and this is the lefty buzz term google's diversity yo efforts how there actually hurting accompany and hurting p but within the company because they're inside devising specifically he mentions things not things he mentions diversity efforts such as having female engineers and how their pushing women into feels they may not be comfortable with and how its
hurting men who would otherwise get jobs in the engineering view and how that's you know this is hurting google's overall f oh my god the left i have a piece by the by the federalists in the lastly i was pronounced his aim like david her sir sonia i think it is but i'll put it in it's a really good piece and the left is melting down over this mammal because the case the guy makes is apparently how you described this after yesterday's show memory we disgusting usually yesterday show how the left they have to characterize peoples evil therefore not worthy of a conversation and orders shut down facts and data i think the problem the left is having with this this is the guy who wrote the memo inside of google makes a pretty clear cut case that this is in helping anyone their so called diversity effort and the left
or show doesn't want to have a debate about this now here's a great quote from this this is the author of the internal memo in google he writes in his update to the member because he's now been fired and is causing this big big stick he says psychological safety is built on mutual respect and acceptance but unfortunately our sure of shaming and misrepresentation is disrespectful and on accepting of anyone outside its echo chamber now if that doesn't hammer home we were talking about yesterday how you're not even allowed to bring certain topics up and if you do you will be coach indian misrepresented then i don't know what else as its the left's effort to control the dialogue by stopping it they don't want a dialogue about this now couple of points i wanted to bring up on this piece guys ladys this
a big deal i my wife is brilliant she's the smartest woman i know and my wife has computer capabilities technical capabilities using your computer software i mean even oh she's she's more of an internet web developer in a database developer she can figure out anything i remember in college when i reside finish up my graduate degree i had to do it statistical analysis for a project i was working on with the with one of the one of the professors in psychology department and the statistical analysis uses use kind of an outdated statistical programme was gonna wanna disk that i mean it was even hard to find anything they could run this programme but my wife i remember from enormous ain't you help what does she figured it out my two minutes even though she had almost zero experience with the statistics now so impressed so my wife is is brilliant when it comes to this information if she's not an engineer per se but the interesting part of one of them
among the internal google mammals the guy is not saying in it in the peace that women are still it can't be engineer sprang he simple making the point and let me read you a quality from his actual memo he says i'm not saying that we should we should work rick people to certain gender roles and advocating for quite the opposite treat people as individuals not just another member of their quote group folks its controversial about that i don't understand he simply saying that if women don't wanna be engineers and don't a skill set to become engineers that's probably not because there you know there their women maybe they just didn't like it why are we push people into the careers they're not they dont want aren't suited for its kind by the kind of like conservative i use isn't it what you would you would think but causing a bigger problem the left because the left is convinced that we should have equal outcomes no matter what now i say what i wanted to bring
i think this is important if you read the high act in the road to serve them and a lot of i ex work friedrich kayak which is a great book by the way road to serve them it's a minute you have to read it it's it's a quick red it's a brilliant work it's just an amazing piece you know right and i'm not quoting him exactly but in the book he writes about how the only way to enforce equal outcomes on a society joe is to treat people unequally there is other way now i'll uses for example rather than the google and for example that was supposed to force women into engineering korea so in other words joe google's diversification efforts this isn't their exact number i think what we need fifty percent women and fifty percent men what what fifty percent of the women don't wanna be engineers what so the only way to force these equal outcomes is to treat people unequally now i'll give you a simpler example and kind of alludes to this in the book if you were to enforce
we'll outcomes in income in other words income equality you know cut hark back to what i just said that regrets focus on income equality when it comes to corporate taxation you know they they their convinced they have to hurt this is to help the middle class even know what they're doing is actually hurting the middle class do the only argument is one percent should the middle class and how much extra money they're gonna pay that's the only argument nobody disagrees protects ike hurts the middle class worker it's just the matter of how much but the dams are so maybe darting businesses they want to hurt the middle class do they just arguing over the degree of hurt the degree of of of ass weapon they're gonna give up that's the whole we argument in the future let me hear you get out the bureau with their there income equality arguments require they are so income everybody should have income that's equal or relatively equal or basis of income equality and their argument again
the income inequality is that people should have equal income but the only way to do that is to treat people unequally joe what do i mean by that there is going to be different levels of output different levels of commitment to work different levels work in general there are some people who just refused to worker deny that i mean this mean even if you are a die hard dyed in the wool radical anti for you no black scarf over your face speeding up conservatives bernie sanders liberal do you argue the basic premise that different people will work at different levels of intensity or at all what you're saying that is if you arguing for income equality is that i know there are different levels of output and commitment to work if say joey beggar donuts arts ten hours a week and could work but he but chooses not to go and make say two hundred dollars a week for his ten hours you know that that you know
johnny rotten apples who works forty hours a week and makes five hundred dollars but you're essentially saying joe is you should take money from johnny rotten apples even though he works forty hours a week and puts out puts out more of an effort you should money and transfer that money to joey beggar doughnuts because why because they should have equal outcomes in income but what's out there what you're premises for that i actually do understand the premise that the liberals premise for the entire things at all joey begged ownership is working hard because society in capitals and failed them which is absent we ask tonight but that's their anti anticommunist approach so what saying is that you should treat people unequally in others it's johnny rotten forty hours of output could be treated differently than joey get down its ten hours about put simply because johnny rotten apples worked harder now folks they want you get others
that can't possibly makes us like this was projects larger point was it that your efforts to create an equal out come requires you to treat people unequally so its ideological ideologically antithetical to what you're saying you're saying show that people should be treated equally as you treat people are equally to treat people equally now that is this member was all about why the left is going while in this memo to google he's basically saying that we should we'd be treating people as individuals and shouldn't google be treating people four engineering positions based on the quality of their work and their productivity and praise google's response is no we should be meeting of quota first and worry about the skill second folks this do you understand how that actually hurts people this what the point on trying to make and i hope on clear on this job for you're the always the audience somebody makes you're good
is that this is not a pain free policy a commitment to quote as words like income equality equality and diversity are not pay in free require you do absolutely treat people unequally when you a job to someone in google or so i'll give you a story the second is going to disturb you but when you get a job to google in facebook in the secret service nypd the united nations whenever it may be when you get a job to someone based not on their skill set but on a commitment their biological reproductive parts the color of their skin there sexual orientation or something else the person at this scale said who work to get that job is eliminated this is a zero sum game i don't need a limit like killed when a terminator style i mean they were eliminated from the position this is not pain free
stop insisting that your commitment to diversity as painless and doesn't hurt anyone your commitment to diversity at at at at at its very basic level joe requires you to treat people are equally and to discriminate against others your justification further discrimination it while you know why white privilege you ve got a mean a male patriarchal power structures gotta had for years does not justify first discrimination the battle discrimination do you want stand that that's why this memo the left is going while because if people start to accept oh what's going on in companies and within the government with commitments to quote diversity that are not pain free that hurting real people in real time the left is afraid there in time victim agenda will fall apart because their entire agenda is based on the fact that the white patriarch power structure green member critical theory we talk how if you are aware
man that these societies benefited you for so long you need to be kept out of the conversations folks that is now going to help advance a more prosperous economically percent more beneficial more more cohesive society enhancing a reverse discrimination to battle pass discrimination that's not going to help you have to get to the root of the problem the root of the problem you know why are certain people in certain ethnic groups doing better than other people and certain ethnic groups will show a communist person would say well what are people in certain natural racial and ethnic groups doing to lead to that success are what are they doing eight are going to school theirs there's stable families but maybe we should start to look at the policies then sent devising people to follow that path that's not what there and this is why the left is absolutely losing their minds over this quick story
this case you think again that these commitments to quote diversity are our pain free and income equality there not paid for them why are the absolute on equal treatment of other people but i was a secret service agent that unite i am not then some people get upset when i plug my stuff for my own part i guess which i understand i'm up in my books i'm an out on september nineteen that i've been very very scarce with the promotion because i want to beat you guys up and ladys at their matrona you know get money from your all the time i got it i always hated that it's kind of annoying actually but dumb i do have a book come announced emanate either prescience if you go pick it up it's on amazon outcome protecting the president but there is a chapter in the book right discuss the secret services commitment to diversity as well and i get it folks that sounds great it's a buzz word but i talk about the real world ramifications of what that commitment to diversity over the equal treatment of people because remember divert a commitment
diversity means you have to treat people are equally what the real world a fixation so that work for the secret service i was there secret service i was an instructor in the academy in i saw what happened folks i saw some really disturbing things i describe him in a chapter the book i think are really in a freak you're out because you would think something with such by partisan unanimous agreement shows such as protection of the president and we can all agree right the present united states regardless of of weee is or is oars ideological agree above leanings if she's me that he needs to be protected doktor businesses the office we all agree regulates this other dramatic about that right you would think that something like that people would understand that the best people best of the best of the best the cream of the crops should be put around the president this cure his life or may be her life in the future folks it's not what's happening happened the secret services their commitment to diversity and end again it's just a buzzword i watch this happen they would there would be in
argue this tool kingdom come and i'm telling you it's true they would be quotas we have to have a certain amount of women on the data we have to have a certain amount of hispanic age are certain amount of black agents asserted and of asian agents we have that we can have this many white agents folks this is the kind of stuff destroying america right now when we don't have it a system based on merit and you're putting people in front of the present the united states or brother protect these some of which were not who not qualified and i go some examples and about people who are not qualified to do the job you are literally not figurative we putting the country at risk and other countries as well as you put the some of these people on foreign dignitary details who are protecting them who don't have the physical caper you're the skill set to actually do the job i hear you think our listeners do too joe that is not only treating qual fight agents who deserve those positions who were locked out of him because it zero sum if there's one
in personnel identification number one spot the secret service on the presidential protection division and you give it to a person unqualified based on a diversity quota for may person who is qualified you are now on early discriminate against a qualified person in your unfairly treating the country who is entitled to talk to your protection for the president to states not to protect these i know that's gonna be such a virtual i didn't write a book to be controversial again i don't need the money i dare say that a pretentious jerk away i just i wrote the book is i think it's important and they get support right now to discuss what's going on within the federal government given the trump administrations focus on cleaning out the swamp i think would cleaning out the swamp means cleaning out the other ways of doing things show if the old way of doing things is enforced discrimination using buzz terms like diversity which don't mean anything rather then the meritocracy which means employ in promoting people actually of the skill set to get the job done i think it's time despite the fact that the
if this gonna lose their minds and go wild to start the fight back against set as well and the google memo is example of how viciously the left will fight back member people get hurt when you commit to treating people unfairly hysterical we're talking about this a i a fox the background go fires engineer who vote viral member i tell you this thing is god nuclear so i put this is a really good piece by again i say his name wrong with that david her son yeah it's in the federalist i will put it up in in the show today and if you wanted i can email to your inbox you set up for my email it couple were really good stories to get you did he really busy newsday before we get there today show all the budget by bodies at my patriot supply i am began to prepare they spoke enough yet to dangerous world and i don't mean to be dramatic does it may be all the bill bomb shelters in a basement hole up for that you know the impending north
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my last week show what this is these are monthly payments mm these payments from the united states government being made the health insurance companies by the way stipulated under obamacare not the left it'd health insurance companies now they want the government to pay them up monthly payments and these monthly payments may are being made the health insurance companies to offset high deductibles for lower income folks who base we can't afford deductibles and co pace and things like so they're subsidy payments made to the health insurance companies to cover some of those folks now forgetting for a moment why those the doktor bulls or high precisely because of obamacare why the costs of health care is high precisely because of government volume and i can't go over that again but the third party payer effects of disgust it repeatedly health care is expensive because of the government not spite of it it's really amazing about these cost sharing subsidies is it fits in with the entire narrative of the show today that now
the show today's been how liberals will hurt other people just do it that's a narrative the fits into their limited worldview first they brought up the corporate tax nobody no one disputes the fact that a business tax hurts employees the only question joe is the degree liberals no care secondly the liberal commitment to diversity the buzzword again no reasonable person disputes that other people are discriminated against and treated unfairly when you committeth diversity we're skills and merit nobody disputes that liberal snow care third liberals these health insurance companies are ruining american health care there should be no profits and healthcare well why are you paying them off what our tax money i don't what am i missing here this is a liberal idea now to be fair and so critique against the trump administration to be fair here there's
paying these cost sharing subsidies and they are applicants out their feckless republicans who still support paying them tax your body to insurance companies out then horwitz makes an unbelievable facts and data base case as to how big an echo but the pollination and how unfair this really is a couple it take away from the peace which are put new shone out again today in its companies are privy to eight two hundred and seventy five billion dollar tax deduction o job now that tax deduction you get health insurance from cbs yes i do so are you c b em and enjoy they they get a tax deduction for the value of jos healthcare plant me not to eat as it gets to take that off his income dat deduction you i'll get it such as job like some special me i'm carve out but that deduction believe
but are not yet with twitter seventy five billion is twice the value the mortgage interest reduction that is that's it that's it that's a staggering number you no credit to hers i didn't have this number in the back of my head i knew it was worth a lot i didn't know the number twice the value of the mortgage interest deduction or more should say more than the value of the mortgage interest the doctrine that is just staggering toward so it so the health insurance companies that the liberals hate get it through under seventy five billion actually that's it we should still pay them off my but here's another one this this one is gonna blow your might note on some quick gonna forget this the big six healthcare companies joe date but there is a member you to pay off in the government made six billion in combined revenue the last quarter of twenty percent from the same quarter a year ago yeah listen folks abbot capital is don't get me wrong and i'm a couple because i believe in freedom mac
i believe in in the audience in the accumulation of wealth in income inequality i just believe in freedom that's it and freedom comes with a consequence and the consequence of freedom is your free and some people are free to work in some people of freedom to ok that's canada funny thing about frida you're free to that what do you think if you don't want to do anything but what i'm not for is crap it'll crony capitalism and really crony socialism in this case because what we ve i'm here joe is we ve privacy privatized the revenue and we ve made public the risk what do i mean by that i mean the pub like the taxpayers now monthly are paying off insurance companies will let me get this straight made six billion combined revenue last quarter uptown nine percent from the same quarter you go again these numbers are in horror which is peace you can check about yourself what i mean i'm asking a very serious question the liberals scream at anyhow and very
calmly rashly reasonless protectorate court for a second you know we were in that there are a few good men moment before the yoke of the truth you right out of the car i love that move even though its like a big led movie that loves to date shamefully attack the marines or some good at what they do the marines arrayed like it's it's meant to paint marines in a bad light jack nicholson is gonna move but what i find amazing is a very serious question for liberals how you justify supporting obamacare knowing that obama initiated these cost sharing payments which are too payers subsidize pay out to what insurance industry that up he's in some cases is raking in unbelievable revenue right now how do you justify that you're not my capitals are not attacking i not attacking these health insurance companies they are
simply working around the legislation that that some of em lobby to get to be fair but the government cause the the government is the one making these rules not the insurance company now you can argue their lobbying yes of course definitely tilted the playing field not in any way suggesting otherwise but even if that's your argument lips right joseph you're coming his while they lobbied us you obamacare to do this well why did you do it i don't understand you didn't not one public it voted for this so you're saying is health insurance money lobbied obama and mccrae congress and send it to right into the obamacare bill a subsidy paid by the taxpayers to insurance companies making me a record revenue and your blaming the health insurance companies for what forcing you to your oatmeal just don't you our meal is this do you understand they have no argument joe and i
read this i'm like i can't get over i cannot believe what's going i'm right now that we have a democrat which is supposed to be in it for the quote little guy the whole idea that i'm crack party was they we're going to fight for the the everyday workingmen has completely collapse that's why you see the south you see the west region governor you see all of the people moving into them under the republic intent because starting to real slowly but surely that the democratic parties only for the little guy there for big government and big business that supports big government a reason a lotta health care money and lobby money flows the democrat lawmakers chris democrat lawmakers ensure that money flows back to them this is a complicated folks these are devastating numbers i read the horowitz p i just i met a serious question liberals and if i have
get some emails from liberalising one particularly angry what joe yesterday man he was it was all cap steward like exclamation that's what i get their former member this investors to load sharon stone movie where he's a bar maker edna they d father they killed the father the end there is less well i always remember that this guy was pissed yesterday he was really upset but it's a serious question followed it how do you justify that how do you justify pay or pay us to health insurance companies rail against every day i do know your answer because i'm i'm i'm really unsure as to how this fits in with your worldview thanks to the one listener yesterday emil email me about i asked member job a week ago or so it s here we talked about how radio talk radio folks you should be done over i as the airlines member those those internet can you you bet i do yeah me too
it's a lot a lot of talk radio host but we still have a hasty and hookups a lot of money you know i'm not going to say whom they still and i said atm so the only ones left using eyes the end i had a listener we ass it goes to show we have listened to you do everything guys i gave love you show but i service atm so they don't use i is demanded the right yes you and i both were carter like really cause i had heard that that was the only other industry that still used it so thank you to the listener revenue engineer yeah yeah that so did i heard it from a guy to back the way i think we still use ice these but he said now he said even the ones in gas stations the atm go over a year either like a cellular network or the internet connection there they don't use eyes the end so thank you for the erection and you know on the shelf we sex wrong call us out play we will always correct that i had heard that from someone and i should have fact checked at four i put it out there but i appreciate it nothing left
this topic i wanted to bring up i read a piece in the m in the journal today very fair peace on immigration policy knighted states i am a realist on immigration i am not a restriction is but i am a realist i think having lived through immigration personally my house my wife is an immigrant to the country went through the process it's a tough art this sometimes ridiculous process so maybe when they held discuss it in more depth i get it i see both sides the equation my stance just were clear more were operating from his i have no problem with this raise act out right now i think it is time to maybe put a cap on legal immigration for a little while for shipley folks at this point for assimilation purposes we can't endlessly take in millions of new people each year and expect them to acclimate to our culture in the united states it is very
for absent flows should be natural we should allow people who were here to acclimated basically a different culture the different lifestyle in the united states i get it i'm not one of these people who doesn't understood and the economic consequences of that there are some damaging economic consequences to restricting and capping legal immigration i get that but i do think the assimilation effects and allowing people to assimilate into the united states and develop one cohesive country far outweigh some of the economic effects now i am absolutely against illegal immigration feet be appearing full stop there are laws in the country you know like i'm changing you don't get the pic what laws in force but there's a really good peace in the journal trade it is subscriber only so you know i put in the show notes but dear you're on your own with that i don't want to get into the peace to be talked about how unskilled labour have listened we
we really careful though about unskilled labour so he's given point counterpoint says you know immigration can be good because we can bring ideas and people and new energy and new taxpayers of the country but unskilled labour there's a problem here as well how much unskilled labour we're going to need and i thought gosh i gotta bring this up in light of a conversation we ve already had and i thought again points out liberal hypocrisy fitting with our corporate tax argument argue about the google memo argued about taxpayers subsidies to healthcare companies liberal say they hate here's another one liberals the catch right i mean the liberal position is basically open borders can we agree on that day say that but you and i know it's true right i'm not talk about it democrat position to be clear on that democrats are a lot of democrats specially moderate democrats who are absolutely fer a border wall and controlling the influx of people into the country but they are a reasonable person would argue with the far left position the lib
our position on immigration is essentially open borders now come on come on buddy any time don't worry about it that's their position if you're advocating for that but then you are also advocating which liberals also support a good majority of them at least this universal basic income idea how those two mash at the same time think about what i'm telling you joe if you're gimme for a universal basic income is a liberal in other words the idea that the government should give people literally a universal basic income the it should give people at say thirty thousand algae taken from other people obvious answer the gum it gets into my course but liberals like mark zuckerberg from facebook another people are arguing that yes you know that people are going to have anything to do in the future see she remedy this they argument
you be i'd universal basic income is at automation robotics and technology are going to eliminate people from traditionally manual labor jobs that didn't require a lot of skills robots will do them show people we're going to have anything to do they're gonna be bored should therefore the government should pay people a universal basic income to compensate for the increase in technology because that that law or level of skills is not may be necessary anymore cause a robots gonna do your job well where release unskilled laborers work that that thank you a year ago you picked up words that you picked up what i was put about you can't make the same case you cannot say on one hand right why was it i wanna johnson's economic visors guidelines lyndon johnson said once i go find me a one armed economists because they were always say on one hand and on the other hand just give me one in a body and are saying this they're saying listen we
the open borders everybody has a right to come to the united states so land of the free home of the brave you jim accosted cnn the statue of liberty is saying a poem somehow and the statue of liberty was legislative or executive power the sea which is absurd that give us everybody but then on the other hand joe their arguing that we should have an first a basic because in a few nobody's gonna have anything to do because unskilled labour as will have nothing to do so i dont get it bring it unskilled ever even though unskilled labour is gonna have nothing to do and therefore we should pay the unskilled labour to come to the united states these arguments just a hooker and it takes level of psychological disconnect only possible with little rules everybody that you're a wonderful quick bigots this topic a treaty that something you should ever say you rode stuff it's funny you say the worst thing ever member ever say euros but i did tweet out something last night i was a little before there was a report on
shit if you sleep less than six hours a night it can cause brain damage so tweeted out subsequently i said and other dears prep breaking research reports liberals have a really tough times data leap and i i think liberals have as far left liberals must have their not sleeping six hours at the brain damage kick again bring it out skilled labour but they're not gonna have anything to do it again here peg ira corporate tax even though its crews the middle class here but where does arguing how much we should screw the obama care subsidies help sure companies suck but we should pay every single bought and added to their record profits the google member we gotta have ever see but what if it screws other people screw those other people tat are treated fairly ministry my treat most people fairly incredible folks thanks again for two today and i really appreciate
just ten bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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