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Ep. 521 A Genuine Crisis

2017-08-09 | 🔗
In this episode I address: Are we dealing with sane people in the North Korean crisis? http://conservativehq.com/node/26215   www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/28/north-korea-may-have-resumed-counterfeiting-operation/amp/   Why do some people still believe a weak US dollar is a good thing? https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-is-wrong-a-weak-dollar-doesnt-make-a-strong-economy-1502233493   Please stop using this debunked statistic about paid family leave. https://www.cato.org/blog/paid-leave-figures-are-misleading?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=76c807d88a-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-76c807d88a-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-76c807d88a-143016961&mc_cid=76c807d88a&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Some astonishingly bad numbers on Obamacare. But, liberals won't care.  https://ballotpedia.org/Scott_Rasmussen's_Number_of_the_Day   SPONSOR LINKS: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/dan www.PrepareWithDan.com
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they won't you know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want to allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb jean i want the renegade republican damp on gino briefly joe how are you and you are well glad to be here with a start new neighbour facebook live in today's podcast as well episode five twenty so always the verge of breaking through new technological barriers except for the fact that facebook book lesbian up for a while gosh that's it
about yesterday you know what the media coverage you would think we were on the verge of nuclear installation and yes you have been about bobby seale out laughing it what's going on issues are every bit let's take a deep breath about this entire situation in north koreans we ve had an idea about their nuclear capabilities for a really long time you're gonna get into that couple really goods long stories i read today one in the wall street journal about a bit of a mess did make approach we're we're taken right now want to discuss that too but there let's stay great international brought you buy a buddies a brick house nutrition it over big fan these guys miles and adam they been with me from the beginning their young there hungry there always looking for products out there on the edge they're gonna make your performance improve your lies one of the products they have that i really like is done to task super busy life as many of you do i'm thankfully it doesn't a lot of manual labor any more but it is still pay bessie i gotta be my game all the time daunted dusk
energy product they sell won't give you these ups and downs from these energy drinks and coffee we gotta have you no sixty cups of coffee a day and a new crash to really great product it's called again don t dusk i get back on this daniel at bonds you know that com is email all the time people love it from pilot military guys cross bidders working parents p allowed there on the assembly line pasadena their butts all thanks for what you do don t dusk and give you nice ten our boosting energy no ups and downs go give it a shot go to brick house nutrition dot com slash dan that's brick house nutrition dotcom slash the and pick up a bottle don t does today on the north korea thing there's a couple interesting angles i wanted to take on this i just what i dont want to do is i don't want a harp on coverage you ve already seen yesterday it's been a toy before our new cycle about north korea and to those you miss they had been or something they get emails i say don't die right to the story i didn't see it ok some of you may have you were busy lies apparently the washington post broke
story that the north koreans are now able to miniaturized a nuclear weapon to fit on top of an icy began a delivery vehicle and entire continental ballistic missile which would deliver the debt that weapon to the united states can hit hawaii can hit the continental united so you know obviously that's a major development a major breakthrough in and rightfully so was you know was the subject of again nearly twenty four hours now of consistent news coverage now not retread all that stuff there's a couple points i wanted they hit on this in the first one is a friend of mine i'm george rashly rights it conservative h q brought up a fastened point the joe you and i have discussed before you remember i'm a go when i brought and rashly wrote this in the past where he said that one of the lessons folks one of the lessons of foreign adversaries and frankly allies who just picked up strategic lessons from the initial go gulf one of the lessons they learned about the united states was now
or go to war with the united states without nuclear weapons the the v leap the boss weapon we gave the iraqis in the gulf war in both of them the gulf war was a lesson to foreign adversaries about one the technological i was the strategic prowess and the just raw power of the u s military ladies and gentlemen you can't fight us you can't beat us there is no close second you don't have the economic capability to produce a military or the technological capability or the advanced training our people do so here's an interesting quote and it's in a peace that george has up a conservative h q dot com which i will put the show notes today always available podgy know that calm conservative view that comment you want my show notes email to your inbox with the articles just go to bonds you know that com and click subscribed joined my email less than our email right criteria but he quotes this indian chief ass from the indian military the chief of staff for the indian army job and he says exactly that they say asked them
this is one of the lessons to learn from the she'll gulf war and he said and i quote don't fight the americans without nuclear weapons and rest or its draws a really interesting kind of hello there he says well if that's that ace and he believes it so when i do as well never fight the united states without nuclear weapons could you gotta be destroyed and quickly those who are pursuing nuclear weapons show our pride what we doing so why because they i have some goal of fighting the united states there i mean over simplified the situation but why else would you pursue nuclear weapons other than as an insurance policy against united states military power because you plan on doing something against the united states so again not to beat the north korean topic to death but just something to keep in mind i am not a and in an interventionist and on a massive scale i think have you understand that my conservatory and leanings are strong in this respect but you know we have to
you may have to be reasonable about this and i know you said to me joe before yesterday show you are concerned about north korean anywhere you said that you in georgia's really say allowed them to me before the show that issues because where we talk about technical step but he's like so this is really bother me and i think tat we are all asking is is this guy kim is he a reasonable person i don't i don't mean intelligent i dont need smart i mean is he a rational maximize or try to rationally maximizes own situation to use in economic terms meaning is that dumb to launch a first nuclear strike against the u s as their threatening and guam understanding job right as he reasonable rational maximize or would that it will salt in his immediate annihilation unlikely the annihilation of his entire country by the united bates if you were to launch a first strike nuclear nuclear strike against the united states everybody gets that right joe you get it i get it kenwood
these regime would not survive an attack on the united states but the question is does he care that's the only question is this guy irrational is rosy reasonable cannot smart not moral not ethical is he reasonable any answer i think a lot of people would give you is i don't everybody knows anymore so that the problem i have with this and i think that's why we have to look at this with open eyes and escape our you know whatever libertarian box or conservative box our intervention this box neo conservative box and say listen i'm a dad first if this a serious about a first strike against the united states which i gotta much areas and i want overdrawn without this situation we have to look at this differently talk about a loose can get i'm really no kidding showed said yeah for facebook livelier sober joe said talk about a loose cannon and yet really what other angle on this earth these north korean story that i hadn't brought up in the past for a number of different reasons but not my prior job when i was a secret service
it just to show you how the range this regime is i remember early in my career this back then was by the way very sensitive information at its and an eye molly recent putting it out there now because it's really not anymore there's a wikipedia page there's an article in what is it that the telegraph i'll put up in the show notes in its an older article from twenty steam about the north koreans and counterfeit now how does this relate to me when i first got on the job with the secret service back in eighteen ninety nine again this was concerned like highly sensitive information there was a bill joe most impossible to detect now that it was one of the members small heads the small had bills there was one of the member the small heads the small had bills before we get into the big heads you know that you know the big head back ben franklin and hamilton system those lol head bills there four hundred dollar bills and circulation that were and let me tell you when you do come
if it like a secret service agent does every single there you can see counterfeit joke like that in italy in you just lucky go yeah that's whatever the colombian you know pino did you know about dwellers a printer notes but the calamity eighteen ninety four c if peace is remember maybe you could detect it like that you know they all numbers and stuff that's not the year was made but the classification these bills were nearly impossible to detect the counterfeit hundreds and it was mystery who is producing them while not nineteen i deny but would when they first showed up job and you had to send these bills that headquarters in order to vote why they were in fact counterfeit that's crazy about that guy when counterfeiters entire life has seen everything from like photo cop notes which anybody could pick out to at the time colombia counterfeit which was really really good you ve seen everything and even they could not pick denotes out they had sent him the forensic a forensic experts in here that's how good these notes were
came out later on and again now its widespread knowledge it's not you know whip classified as well well there's probably the north koreans who were state sponsoring this and the conclusions was that there was no way this bill could be produced by regular run male counterfeiters the united states currency the time had a lot of security features joe that would have cost millions and millions and millions of dollars just to develop the technology to produce and who as a kind of money to produce counterfeit if you add that kind of money joe you wouldn't counterfeit so just again another angle of this to show you how the range the north korea's war that they were actually developing their own printing press for u s currency to make sure that they had hard currency even with was counterfeit to go by stuff to github shuttle occur the border to bring back to give
how to skip they would use the counterfeit us currency is hard currency to buy things another country ship them back into north korea and their leaders would give them out as gifts and stuff but this stuff was a big big big problem so i'll put an article in the air from the teller then the notes they read it it's actually a pretty cool article even from last year about what the you know that it's called the soup dollar other super note and yeah it was you i remember it was so good what whatever you guys off that it might be counterfeit disrupt quick eye what what tipp this often it was counterfeit if i remember the story correctly this thing circuit aid for years before anybody picked up on there was a super savvy banker somewhere and i like for obvious robys reasons i can't say what it was but there was a feature on the bill that if i too are you guys you'd be like no way they saw that no way like you
a microscope to see it but it was a little bit off from the regular note and eve i remember sometimes you would get these suspect notes they say this you know a super note and you'll be like i don't know i have to send the headquarters even with a microscope so yeah was it but it was this one thing on the back of the no not the front and yet some bankers saw it and i remember everybody was freaking out coordinate the story i heard that well what the hell is this this is like some serious counterfeit so good questions one because you always bring it all right so story number two today john tammy a really great up in the wall street journal it may be subscriber only i'll included the show notes anyway it's it's a really good piece it talks about it listen i i you know i respect president night i support its agenda when in the lines we conservative values which thankfully has been often
you know i really appreciate a lady's but doing that sometimes we have some disagreements you know the trade think keeps coming up i'm i think he's a little wrong on trade but it's ok i mean do you know about the both cannot defend what we believe but one of the things have to disagree with them on and i know i'm going to get a little bit of negative email that's why i don't defend my position and you know you defend yours but i'm always going to be honest with you is the present is we're talking a lot about the benefits of a weak dollar and in case you think i'm making this up here's a quote tammany puts in peace from the president he said missus presented trump less money he said lots of bad things happen with a strong dollar now to be clear to set the premise of upward i can about really critical issue folks and having a lot of people at this the wrong way not only wrong way in an economically catastrophic wrong way and i'll explain my position in the second dollars just the idea that the united states dollar the federal reserve no would mean we would consider an actual our green back is strong relative to other currencies meaning your our buys a lot of stuff in foreign currency buys up you know
let's say image all rights a relative term but let's say you know ten years to go one dollar bought one yen in japan a strong dollar would mean whatever a dollar buys ten years now and it s a really really strong dollar but you get the point i'm just trying to give you the explain i mean by strong dollar costs of those people say that it is move on without explaining the premiership now vote let me say this in unequivocal terms i have disagree with the present around this though dollar is not a good thing now when i say that i mean that on the margin near there are things of course there are going to be benefits isolated if it's in some industries to a weak dollar if you have a company that exports right you export the end and ninety percent of your items are home base dollar denominated stuff so you're an exporter that doesn't import a lot of stuff yeah of course you're going to benefit from a weak dollar and yet we can discuss this last week a little bit but i have the redressing it keeps coming up because the present
keeps matching the benefits of a weak dollar and frankly candidly for something that's true that would but you know if you are in an export or only which is rare and i'll get to that in a second why is that because if you have your dollar week that means other people's currencies are strong so you're buying more with their money and aching by more of your stuff because your stuff is sold in dollars so weak armies a strong foreign currency which allows people in foreign countries by more stuff with their yen nor or renminbi or whatever it may be makes sense but the problem is that's a very limited approach and i'll get to that so point number one the premises trying to do is to set in concrete here is that a weak dollar is a good thing as strong dollars to quote him creates bad things is that would make exports cheaper but the problem with that is the folks what's in export anymore you may say well
in amerika we export stuff overseas all the time right right ok you're right but some of this stuff we sport overseas is up a good chunk of are imported items into the final export so tammany writes about a couple things one of em sensitive to me right now he says you know the f one fifty truck i just bought a rapid and by the way this car kicks all over point us all yeah i know it's been a loved this car forty did a great job with the raft urban drive in it so i get broken in right now but the f one fifty job arap there's a kind of effluent fifty one third of it is imported parts what you're saying all know we're exporting to foreign countries and a weak dollar is good because it makes their currency stronger so they can buy more raptors yeah but one slash three of the parts in the end of f one hundred and fifty or third of the parts have to be bought from farhan khan with a weaker dollar it has make negative sides not only that miss all that
one car now the jeep wrangler before tourist these all have one third parts are imported point tammany makes which is a brilliant one i know we ve covered on the show before is it it makes energy more expensive as well we still even though producing a lot of hydraulically fractured oil in the country right now through fracturing inaction oh gas we port a lot of oil stolen lot of petra petroleum products folks if we are buying with a weak dollar its us thing us more in work to get it because we have to pay with more dollars to get the same oil because the dollar is weak now joe yes energy this kind of a component of just about everything we do just about everything the view and i outside sorry to veto eating and breathing and functioning we're not second up a lot of energy to do the pot guess i've amigo camera running i have a computer running
however an ipad what are eaten up alive energy but everything even a service oriented industry like would show in ireland in content production we're not joe and i are both in our butts on an assembly line like you know work is hard working manufacturers would i like what we hu i appreciated but i appreciate their per manual labor debt but their workers there's a lot of energy my point four energy is built into the price of every product you buy everywhere across the country so we we the dollar and we increase the cost of energy how is i couldn't make our products cheaper for other people to buy overseas or not the answer it's not going to make them cheaper it doesn't make economic sense listen i get i you stand what's going on the white ass there are competing interests there there is some some your men factoring based industries that do export and maybe there
joe is say ninety five percent domestic made that they would benefit there's no question because far and money can buy more their start right the problem is overwhelming numbers of companies in the united states do not have products that are exclusively made here that's what they call them the name if you want to sound economically pseudo sophist i hate these to tell them that you know the breaking up the global supply chain meeting their due really are in any exports and imports anymore i know i discuss this unless we put its important hammer home because the re emphasis right now the white ass a weakening the dollar this is a we bad idea okay so just to hammer home point one they'll say oh it makes export sheep or no it doesn't it increases the cost the energy and it doesnt defined what an export is what if an export as one third info that's how you gonna make it cheaper it doesn't make sense here's a second point they would you want to make our exports cheaper this is that the tammany brings us up as was another great point when we
gus on the show constantly idea productivity you really want to make cheaper in an economically efficient and more rational way then we need to focus on investment productivity forget it making our product cheaper by cheapening the currency by the way joe we're all paid are paid in u s dollars why would you want to weaken the currency ladies and gentlemen exports or not more than the price we pay for imports do you have to understand that concept to understand the new wants a trade policy exports are the price we pay for imports if countries around the world wants to sell us stuff fur for peanuts frankly if they want to give it to us for free we should take it and i always use the example of two islands do you have one day and i would be forget the whole country analogy cause it can attend to confuse people based on the numbers if you have an island the people a hundred people about ireland day and its and the world than a hundred people on island be an island it produces food in qatar
prison and how products and whenever in fishing poles and they want a ship them over to island day for free why would you not take it now you don't have to build them stop you can do other things you can go to the first enamel thing in member that gillikins island they always have like exercise bikes is doubly when everything was made at a cocoanuts gilligan such my ass god yes that's right maybe that's what you can do instead you now have more time to produce other things it's the whole idea of command van driver just because we can make stop there that means we always should folks either it's a really insane idea you want to make our exe it's cheaper what we should be doing is allowing people to sell us stuff cheaply so that we can take american workers invest in them and allow to produce more output with the same amount of input we shouldn't investing in it in an assembly line joe and allowing them to make ford cars cheaper and allowing
to make you know chevy trucks cheaper and allowing them to make jeep wranglers cheaper i mean american good american products whenever carrier whatever it may be that we have that carrier thing where they move their plan allow then the make products cheaply here investing in assembly lines that allow them to make more products at a cheaper price technology enables you to do that is why a flat screen tv you can get for two under fifty bucks companies figured out a way to investment in their product lines how to make these products cheaper that's the way you make him cheaper you don't do by chief the dollar at silly it's not gonna work and it fine one more point i will move on a different story s up that's really interesting member where paid in dollars folks you paid in dollars and i paden yen you're not paid and men be europe in krona you are paid in u s dollars cheapening currency you're paid in that allows you to acquire products and services you need is never going to be the way to economic prosperity i'm sorry so output tammany peace in a really good one but it does kind of itself
in a way why this emphasis on our side dollar brings about bad things is just not accurate folks i'm sorry it's economically doesn't make a lot of sense or another sorry i saw today which was interesting because it hammers home this abuse of statistics that goes on more people are trying to make a political argument now i don't know this woman and i know she has worked for a left wing think tanks or i'm not sure you know i m sure intentions were pure i think she may have just kind of you know skewed in a little bit eighty i abby mcclosky piecing cato i don't know the woman again i'm tried impugn her motives here but she had there's a quote she has a twelve percent of private check your employees of access to paid family leave from their employer and everybody kind of freaked out over the statistically but how do i get a lot of comments or facebook live acres data how are you folks this family leave thing this is another push you get out of my trying to harp on the white house today and hammer them in but this has been a big push by if i go to push repaid family and the statistical
please drone round as this statistic the one i just told you twelve percent of private sector employs of access to paid family employer people a freak out over at all my gosh only twelve percent while this grape sing cato that debunks this completely unsuitable that doesn't comport with reality it doesn't make sense and is just to show you how sometimes statistics can be abused by by the way folks saying just by liberals although i do a lot but by people any party want to advance in writing this is a very bad idea by the way to an event is pushing this to push for a government program for mandatory paid family leave i think it's a very bad idea i don't think the government's going to solve the problem i don't think the government has the capability of the intellect to solve the problem seeing this statistic is wrong hears why in the cato peace the author decades it surveys of this when you add when you joe when you actually go out to the workplace and ask people pay view too can family leave to take care of your are paid families take your family moment of birth of a child sixty
three percent of people say yes we have aware my weary time out red flag up for review right if only to percent of the workforce according to the bureau of labour statistics which by well you should already be like all kinds of government can anthony so that you should always be sceptical but if only to percent of people have family leave how come sixty three percent of people in a certain way say they took pay family leave it doesn't make sense there is always a kicker here's the kicker on this one to be less is is using the definition of leave to mean leave only usable for paid family so in other words job say you in and god forbid you have a family health crisis over their enormous cost wants to take a leaf from his w c p m job in the morning joe you you have carried over from last year twenty six days five sick they i don't know ten sick days thirty vacation dates
you may say of the jobless and i'm gonna take some time off to spend some time but little joe i'll be back in two weeks ok go they clapped thanks joe i hope you're ok haven't i start thanks for your hard work seeing a couple weeks right now i know not all but that's not how did with the b l s being less known ass to be specifically forfeit repaid family if only it can't be sick time it can't be vacation time it can't be anything else which is ridiculous if joe if you use your leave and we're getting paid while you're on leave and you're still taking care of your family what do you care they categorize it now i'm cool with of course your call but then if i know you're cool because you call the because you need to pay check you need your job and you need a job to come back to while you also cause i know joe loves his family you need to take care of your family first so the hope this thing is this is again the government and my camera a pile on the white house today i mean i just think is a really bad idea this is the government finding problem for a solution
you know what i was in that secret service was the same way you add a bunch of art judy i wish there was leave you add that were sick leave you add the m i pity as an unlimited when i was a cop has an limited sick leave policy if you're taking out to take care of her child this it's out they are the solutions are already out there that joe free people are making agreements with free employers to make it work for them the governments not to be able to fix this i'm sorry the governments just going to exacerbate the problem make it worse as it always does so i'm gonna put that peace in the show north i strongly suggest you read it not just because it debunks left arguments about only twelve percent of people i may act the family which is wrong but because it shows you again governments statistics be very very careful what you read a united morning i wanted to talk for some reason i had this act with pay family but may trend and i saw kate all my co perfect is cato pieces terrific
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the futility of the left advocating for this failure that is obamacare and i hate to keep talking about the obamacare topic as i know it gets to be a nuisance but it's not just like what i the current surplus it drives people while that bill clinton never had a surplus but liberals will insist they do and it's not about the current surplus is just about the media insisting something happened they didn't happen that anybody can look up i keep talking about the failures of obama care because it's just dynamic of how liberals will defend the fella failed idea no matter how much information comes out about how failed that idea is benefit shook and i took a screen shot of another interesting piece by a cato the neighbour drudge they have a rasmussen paul and some use and the number of the day joe sid six point five billion people are now paying a fine for obamacare so think about that i want to emphasise the lives and to conservatives out there this
the level of obamacare is now off the charge so badly that i dont understand how liberal still with a straight face without a smirking defend this abomination sir submissions number that they six point five million people in the united states are now paying a fine to not have to buy your barbecue think about this job people appointed i rest by the way you know this as well as i do people will do just about anything to avoid paying their their tax law they well that's where tax evasion criminally i'm talking about tax avoidance some people will dominate the charity to get out of a taxable demi most people don't eat the charity does he like charity but let's be honest do it because it's good tax benefits do it some p or by you don't muni bonds to avoid the tax or on that people will do just about anything we avoid paying higher taxes joe dearest point five million people in a country of only three hundred plus million who are paying the irs extra body to get out of buying this crap sandwich
quotas obamacare that's number number one for refugees number two fifteen million people would drop obamacare for it is legal to do so folks do you understand work talking about right now over twenty million people we're talking about new ten percent of the population the united states and by the way a very you have been actually subjected to obama characters remember it was for the individual market right so up that you're talking the overwhelming number of people that we pay or would do anything to get out of this thing tomorrow they would pay off why do the irs and fifteen million people would drop it tomorrow if they wouldn't have to pay the five because it sucks that bed and yet they still argue for but that those are old numbers there's another sincere and other i quote in the piece of rasmussen put it the show notes again as while the rest meeting
peace is governed by a health policy analyse name bob lazuli forgive me bob from saying your name road might have put you did but it seems pretty straightforward joe but listen what about the take as they get this is solely the futility of this disaster put your bob use e health policy analyst he forty percent of those eligible for subsidies have side therefore coverage in what other business or government programme would such a with such a desire acceptance rate by though it was intended to serve be considered a success think about the number of children that that would forty per those eligible for subsidies folks the pearl sucks so bad that only four out of ten people who are being given money by other taxpayers to buy a product to buy it obama care comply and insurance plan the video individual market if you get a group of ten people and you're giving them taxpayers money
other taxpayers what you said here it is free you it's not free to other taxpayers but it's free to you work saying this to you to buy obamacare only and a half of whom are taking the money now he brings up a great point health policy embassies gush what other business but what would this be a success rate imagined job you're giving away you have programme is that you have a new business and in say pat rocks and you're sitting on a street corner at people are walking by and you're giving it ray and i want it that might be a coup that your product really socks or you're in a store and you're you know you're in the bread i'll and every eye miss for sale and abroad i accept this one i mean like free brad right here and everybody i pass it goes to pay for the bread tat be a sign that the bread really really sticks but not the lips the fact that you can't give you can't
six out of ten people money to buy obamacare defected six point five million are paying a fine to not bio obamacare and fifteen million people would drop it tomorrow if they wish was legal to do so this is a clear to you at all are you ever open to an alternate you pointed out or are you just so committed to your blind allegiance to a bomb it has failed programme that you will say anything to keep this thing go it i mean it's an abomination i that now is it a mom watching a fox hunting tobacco ensures to withdraw from obamacare marketplace edna anthem harkin humanity minute and help i mean the list goes on and on and on immediate just insane some guidance to my facebook you stop yelling into the mighty freed up as the benefit of their facebook live now you don't listen
pod guess clare i one more point i wanted to make on uno bombing hears a really great peace in cato we cannot put this in the universe is well folks obama cares the affordable care act anymore why really talking about of course affordable care act was the legislative name for obamacare no note on donor folks the original affordable correct no longer exists what is open i care now is not the affordable care and in nepal in canada we talked about i'm gonna go to all of them but he talks about t ways obama as we know what the original affordable care is not obamacare now it's a completely different thanks when you say too liberal for you say to your liberal friends you know who defend the affordable care twenty ten to twenty forty something we brought up repeatedly my care you talking about yesterday's obamacare you talk about the obamacare that actually passed so here are a couple of things i will congress to remain in the effie hp from twenty eight ten to twenty forty something we brought up repeatedly there
they congressional exemption for obamacare right they are in the fda be by the ways the federal employees health benefits programme i was in my last job it's actually a pretty well run programme because the government doesn't run it is paid for by your government tax thousand federal poise camps their own programme congress was allowed to stay in that when they were supposed to buy their insurance as party affordable care act from from the exchanges but that didn't happen so again the affordable care i no longer exists as we originally know it the baby of exemption severely scaffolds abilities former h h s secretary under obama issued unions and other firms from various regulations so again if you're a big believer in the affordable care act which one the one that where's unions and organisations to do these a b and c or the one where they were all given exemptions the one that force congress to i owe bomber care from exchanges or the one that exempting them from doing so which one do you support i mean you can't even argument liberals because the goalposts keep moving
she says in the peace the threat civilian made to insurance you spoke publicly in truth we about the cost of those regulations i remember that one civilian soliciting funds for enroll america from company she regulates this was basically catholics who is the age secretary under a obama was looking for fun is the advertise for obamacare from the health in industry company she actually regulars nothing wrong they're folks folks ass i call that a government shakedown because that's not what it is that just the government that their gently asking zira things to happen of course if you say no we see the deuce easier the supreme court rewrite individual mandate twenty twelve again which obamacare do you support the one where burma one on tv in an interview with a major network news channel and obama said the individual mandate was not attacks we i know that sound cut yet we will never get it
we're a barber actually when i think was restored stephan opulence and he asked them about the penalty for not buying obamacare said is that attacks on oh now at a rate of tax that's what he said words up my dennis this is general and went to the supreme court argued for obamacare argued that the interval individual mandate to make a constitutional court acceptable argued the individual mandate was attacked folks again which with it which one is it if you're the ending obamacare is it the obamacare that said the individual mandate was not attacks like obama himself said or a u defending it mama care they defended in the supreme court that argued that the individual it was in fact attacks which one by the way those macho man cuts we gotta get you gotta keep those mike instant stand by for the future you know i love that's watched antibody oh yes but joe this morning did i had pulled the nose i love macho man savage don't know
joe you gotta have those we once in a while we got it you are we won't overdue or my promise but once in a while joe pulled up an o yea and equally pull up a no no two right we need that because that would be perfect right now for this segment i should tell you for this but good job on end unless a couple more let's see obama's illegal if you like your health plan fix grandmother plants exemptions in other words memory you like your plane you could keep it there i always knew that you couldn't keep your plan they re hold a lot of obamacare to make sure you could not keep your plan it was all nonsense will get which one do you support by just two more it will move on the obama administration making illegal cs our payments folks this one is important it keeps come you have to understand that the liberals right now are arguing for a policy these cost sharing reduction payments their monthly payments from you the taxpayer to health insurance companies liberal
are actually advocating for this and sadly the trumpet ministries your forest continue these payments for i get it it's going to disrupt the insurance market but you cannot argue on one hand that the evil health insurance companies as the liberals argued by the way these evil health insurance destroying the country and on the other hand argue to taxpayers should be sending their monthly payments listening yesterday's show or the day before we go into this little more finally let's see the obama administration i legally diverting reinsurance payments from the treasury to insurance companies this one was a killer day the treasure there were payments reinsurance payments ever supposed to be made from insurance companies making money under obamacare to company tat were struggling well what was the problem joe again how obamacare is was written written so which one do you support that one or the one worthy reinsurance payments were taken from the treasury now you may wait you just said that reinsurance payments were designed the robot care to come from insurance cover
he's making money in a flow to insurance companies that were struggling to quote joe stabilize the markets but what happened joe what what happened was nobody was making money so that treasury attica bid and back feel that those payments were supposed to made back to the treasury went up when money was be by the insurance companies which by the way joe did not happen it didn't happen those payments have been made which obamacare do you support folks these number the devastating and it's really really is its difficult it's getting difficult right now to argue with brought about which obamacare they support why they supported because they don't seem to be reasonable anymore they seem to be too cern with defending political ideology and the euro they leave the legacy of barack obama rather than actually defending the economic affair given this financial effectiveness and and healthcare arena effectiveness of obamacare to really disgrace it's why get frustrated dealing with these folks iphone takes the opportunity and i really appreciate it
i'll see you are just ten bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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