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Ep. 522 Why Washington Elitists are so Out of Touch

2017-08-10 | 🔗
Is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell serious telling Trump to get familiar with his "line of work"? http://www.businessinsider.com/mitch-mcconnell-on-trump-frustration-with-congress-health-care-bill-2017-8   Devastating survey data highlights the enormous divide between Washington DC elites and the rest of us.  https://www.voterstudygroup.org/reports/2016-elections/political-divisions-in-2016-and-beyond   Why are Liberals so concerned about governed by Trump when being governed by liberals is far worse? http://ow.ly/FgOe50d6UAM https://www.wsj.com/articles/liberalisms-summer-of-17-1502320215
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog then bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best inherent in on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love this renegade republican within bungee nobody should show how are you today hey ready to go then i'm always adjusting myself in this chair i love this chair i have in my office but their private about or left it for me i always have a tough time i getting in the exact spot of comfortability for the show
china needs to cover today let me just take great and i want to waste anybody's time you're so this mcconnell mitch mcconnell set of majority leader for the republic is of course and president trump feud is heating up and let me to stay taking trump side on this here the genesis of this whole thing so mcconnell giving a speech in kentucky where'd you know that state is a centre from kentucky adam majority leader right now again so disease filling dual roles right there the ship role and also has a role of israel as the kentucky elected centre and he said in his speech he basically took a shot at trot then said you know he came in with excessively high expectations you know the story joey i heard it yet he said he'd obey blaming trompe so well he's probably not familiar this line of work i'm not gonna harp on this but let me just say some mitch if i may call your mitch and about really ask exerts gotta call you bitch nobody he cares about your quote line ok like everybody
work is working hard right now to get by the economy is doing well but it's not exactly like the ronald reagan days ok frankly is uneven the clinton days in some respects obedience and it's ok we're getting by bank tromp was elected thank god we ve seen some green shoots in the economy but people aren't back we swimming in cash right now get a lot of that in the second to on the economy but for mitch mcconnell come out with some search statement like you're not exactly oh you with this line of work is the present no who cares marriage there are people out there in west virginia people out there in kentucky i got news for you who in mines who're you know us inventors who are carpenters who were bricklayers who were put up sheetrock every day who were landscape workers who are engineers who are architect working on a new building work and twenty hours a day who don't give a flying about your call
line of work match on engine like i like your tone mister body that you don't like my tone but is the joe who care like matches why what your line of work exactly other sorry that with all due respect everybody's a child of god i don't mean disrespect anyone personally but if you're going to take that approach like you're just not familiar if our line of work and politics what exactly you do i'm sorry like seriously what exactly do you do you sidney others all day people kiss your ass all day they come in you got lobbyists everybody wants a pat on the back they wanna odo yeah you get your while grow lodge is they deliver your sushi to europe is you know you have a staff your dry cleaning what eggs actually do you do do you how in leaders in pretentious it sounds to make a statement like that mcconnell mister probably not exactly familiar with our line of work this guy is so out of touch you
i know he's not gonna listen so none of these matters and i have suggested this whether politicians before but mcdonald's needs to out of that position being the senate majority but he's just not getting it down i know he doesn't care these people power hungry but it's just outrageous for him this say that can you imagine liked the cop being a double shift who's on the fifteenth of sixteen hours of the day tired and it gets a call for a missing kid and you know you're gonna be one looking for the kid fill and our people working consoling destroyed parent for probably five six hours do they keep really cares about your line of work are you serious i mean mitch debt really if that does not speak to the cultural divide between washington d c in the rest of the country i don't but does it is an interesting now let me to bring it up now maybe five now let me to bring it up now maybe five jack and get more detail later i will but in the end
notes today upon gino dot com a conservative review does come i put links up to the shown three new listeners and if you want to get on my email lest i will email you these articles every day is available at punch you know that condorcet subscribed to my email less than wilson the but there's a fascinating or by the voters study group voted study group dot org i'll send the link again in the show notes and the author there towards a leo draftsman i forgot i had the facebook live cameron like scratch my head right here so used to do when they suggest audio alone all right there the desert and really interesting report by this galileo drop in any points the gist of the articles why trump one and its speed so this divide between euro lower our line of work mitch mcconnell crowd and the rest of america here's a couple just quick takeaway number one joe knots i to you or me but this major other mapping sarcastic this may genuinely be surprising to some quote a rich and left leaning democrats and i know it's
be surprised you a lot of liberals you know what the premise of the peace joe what killed the democrats and twenty sixteen electrically go the social issues now i and that to you when i that's not surprising we covered the member the kentucky court clerk case where are you issued a matter we were all over that she wouldn't issue the marriage license we said guys i dont know explain this to you in more common sense terms liberals but this is wait to crush you in the election of course they were put joel longer rob throw away the key you know that we have to offer them i mean it was like french revolution style and joe the shows we did a year ago where we say it hey this is a huge mistake you now you ve made transition fully liberals from winning on any issue you know you the supreme court and on on gay marriage you train from winning an issue too making sure your enemies are punished that's
totally totally different approach bed winners bev gas your bad manners is right absolutely yes you i owe you are all over this we talked about this story your days how regardless of your position on gay marriage whatever it may be judged laying a woman for not why they take part it regardless of where she government serve it or not there are other ways to get this done with it may have made feel good is alive you yeah we put our agenda we gotta now you don't gotta you lost people left you in jail amazon twenty sixteen electrically not economic issues take away number two from the peace and please read through it echoing number two from the peace and please read throw it it's not very long but is very very good explains a lot this is gonna be a shocker to liberals but almost no one else listening joe national identity matters in other words joe where get ready for iraqi people like me
american at our generally proudly my liberals are freak out everywhere now i wrote a piece ronald reagan airport a day after the election of donald trump when i was coming from this we did conservative review coverage out me and michel balkan and i wrote it he's in the airport or my iphone where i point exactly this point out one about how liberals want from winning on issues to making sure they punish their enemies and the kentucky court clerk case a wooden signed a marriage certificate is a perfect example i couldn't win someone had to go to jail joe you're a baker but a baker keg right we're gonna go somewhere else no doubt all you have to be put out of business we are going to bankrupt your caboose right that's the way it has to be done died i wrote but that is another thing i wrote about was the calling capron thing how you can really thank column capra nick for for helping them
trumped get elected you may say come on then that's too much now it's not too much and this ray pointed out this service is it clear indicator of people who voted trumpet national identity and pride in america matters you gotta guy or one of the big platforms in the world joe the nfl right can we all agree is there a bigger on the planet and the superbowl so the interval was a huge entity multi billion dollar enterprise that really impacts american culture there we have a guy on the sidelines i was once a celebrated player saying america socks and i'm gonna kneel to disrespect the national anthem i wrote in a piece it's our colleague capital for this because the cultural revolt here and the cultural vote importantly against democrats who were seemingly backing this up like america does look at us and that all democrats and i want to be unfair to them but a good swaths of liberals joe defended capra nick remember the republic
position on cap verdict by the way capron a kick it a job right now what i find a larry's but nobody wants and why would you want em why would you a higher guy right why would you want to hire a guy who's hoboes guarantee to alienate your fan base but the report can position conservative position and a democrat position on capron it was a clear one it was how he has the absolute right to say but he's gonna say i'll defend that i i respect his right i don't respect him there's yemen of sandro that was the dams and asked what look was consistently misconstrued what do you say it have the right to do it nobody is saying that knuckle heads were just saying this is a great country this is a multi millionaire benefiting by the liberty and freedom we have in the united states benefiting by playing in the nfl people would die for that job all of a sudden he's this respecting the united states it gave him the secretary of course you are right to do what he just said area for doing it and the fact that liberals defended that should the republican argument i think contributed greatly
through the alienation of the democratic party and this reach such data proves it so again take away number one social issues not necessarily economic ones killed the democrats electoral reagan was liberals or less annulled obsessed with violence second national identity matters when your party the demo that's become hijacked by a far left wing a far left it says america socks and that's basically your platform you didn't build that where that we're imperialist were the cause of all the problems in the world you know a bracket mama goes around the world apologizing for america why are you surprised if a national identity matters then that your atm it can pass your alienates but you know voters in pennsylvania rural voters in pennsylvania in ohio why are you surprised i guess i'm not giving democratic teaching advice on how to win i'm just saying too republicans thinking about cooperating this democratic strategy that at which which joe many are
there are many now seeing all we gotta get away from the social issues we have to focus on the economic stuff i love economics if listen to the show that's not a mystery even some democrats i'm sorry joe you know i mean even sometimes shows like i'd enough with economic i love economics it's my passion but i'm not naive to the fact that it the electoral speaking although we should always do the right thing and economics that this service it is crystal clear that it's not economic issues that that that the agenda drop into the white house it's not it they're asking actual tromp voters in their telling you that's not it clearly social issues pride in america and in the fact that the democrats have completely attach themselves from that now this is the tip we have to spend time on this but if such a good report and it so so decades this disconnect between the washington dc you're not familiar with our line of work mitch mcconnell crowd and
best of america that the third take away sums this thing out beautifully from this report at the voters study group voter study group that organic put the lincoln the shoulder the donor class job does want to take away the donor which i will also heat don't do this in the report but i will take this leap of faith so to be this is me adding to the report but i'm willing to do that and put my credibility and live with the donor class which also the media class which is all so the academic class i put them all in the same group the the elite is the academics and the media and the hollywood crap they just the donor class so again having the rest onawandah misconstrue the guy's work i hope right jerry i know you aggrieved makes we ve talked about this and having run for office i don't i don't say that finally and i dont say without at least two good body of material and experience to back it up so donor media class the poor poor points out is there's a total
disconnect between them and actual tromp voters in other words when they survey the daughter class the daughter class care more about economic issues where the very conservative and joe when i say that donor class notice idea not say the republican donor class you i said the donor class the women sacks democrats the new york men at no leaders the donor class that dead each is the they are not the idea logical devices they have the same ideology but the partisan divide the donor as does not necessarily subscribe to republican or democrat labels says the donor class more conservative on economic issues but our liberal on social issues how do you see what's going on why them sure mcconnell so excessive expectations for transport of blame and you're not familiar with our line of work you know what makes maybe you should get familiar with our line of work you know maybe you
get your ass down in a mine in kentucky had my mind some cold for a little while to be go right get your butt down there with a hard hat on and a ventilator and go mine for a little while maybe you'll get more familiar with out why are clown so i've i'm seriously can't but this spain's why mcconnell talks the way he does the donor last influences mcconnell they pay him for face time now he won't admit that's what they do but that's what the donor class does the donor academic hollywood class influence these people greatly everybody wants the round them they wanna hobnob with them a lot of wanna be politicians were not successful business people so they admire hollywood people and they admire successful business people so they kissed her body and a cosy up next to him because they want to be part of that they look i'm i'm i'm closing up next to mark zuckerberg facebook or or elan my get pestle why look at me he's lavishing all this attention on me so these are the people get fat
time influence these people i wrote about this in my first book life inside the bubble how it's a self reflective bubble how you're innocent but the bubbles not clear joe the bubble is eight it's it's rough they only see on the inside they don't see what's going on in the outside so this explains why the door class in the media does not understand doesn't understand an image mcconnell class because he's in there to joe with the media with hollywood mechanism that group this x i ain't why they still don't their stan why tromp got elected because when you pull them and new survey them the social issues a national identity they all air joseph they don't care all they care about who is what is going to happen economically it's gonna make me richer and a politician well they care about is what is going to many economically this important that's gonna my daughter's richer because there
voters are the ones getting the face time with the politicians telling them joe quotes your air quotes dreaded air quotes what matters and what matter to them is getting richer so of course it seems like gosh how did trump when he's now listen i don't agree with sharp economically on a couple of issues on trade in things like that but are you see why people in dc who are bit that i don't understand and i get it believe me i totally understand i've had an awakening on trade in some respects that there are localised communities that have been severely traumatized by trade but joe they don't class in dc doesn't get that because trades benefited them sort i don't care what are these people it brought about good i got this cash my second billion dollar jackdaw gravy guy it's all good or as one of my secret service buddies used to say what he had nothing else to say it's got a nice nice nice nice it's all nice life everything's good they don't care
don't understand thou rural parts of pennsylvania in ohio devastated by trade and that's it free trade is a bad thing i'm just saying we have to we look at the issue was a black or white free trade good people against trade all idiots for the dc crowd says it that's why they don't there's still joe the donor classic richer they donate more money to politicians they get more face time they tell politicians what matter they don't care about what surely job what actually matters to real people who actually vote you gotta run if you really want to understand outside if nonsensical opinion pieces and a bunch of other stuff a data based you say that me while i wrote an opinion piece on my trunk broad but i always bring it up because i feel like these data confirms what i said about trying to put myself back but this is an act data driven peace serve actual trope voters which proves the point that there's a complete disconnect between but tat
washington dc what's happening in the real world because washington dc is not the real world couple more things i have i'll get you some great stories wait an invitation i bought you by bodies a brick ass nutrition and i'm a big thing by the way someone complain than to facebook live yesterday get could believe that commercials up to now guys i'm sorry too cast you it's free the pod guess is free because great companies like prick owls pay so the contents free of this is it costs a lot of money to put these shows on so sorry you don't like commercials but that's how this business runs i don't want to ask you for money so good sponsor do but brick house what am i favorite companies who are actually my first answer i'm happy to have they been with us for a new beginning they make you really great alex today i want to focus on what is called foundation you know i love to lift waits armenia beat us here but somebody told me stop complaining because earlier but that yet it's a little rough but one of their best practical foundation family creating eighty people and it's like having to gas tanks in the jim i can't say enough
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do this but i'm gonna do it today because it's important i am i read a lot of the reviews and emails on my my show as i appreciate the listener feedback up a lot of its good but i'd say we get about eighteen percent critical powder i've put as you know is really like we it you and i have died in our yeah yeah liberals but that's all oh applies on itunes where you can review my podcast cast and i appreciate the listeners who go and do that if you have a i'd appreciate a review and be honest about it on that china so united thing but i read them and i a really interesting criticism yesterday critical i should say review on itunes that i wanted to address because i think it's farcical you know from that are critical are one guy said why to be longer ok fair enough but this guy lay then tell me on itunes and i thought and the reason i don't like to do this is because if you start addressing every critical email the shell becomes a rehash of every other day show you know and it gets annoyed but this is important because
criticism levelled at me or she don't know what weapons to say he the criticism levelled at me speaks to the problem with liberals how liberals in a world of words reality in tensions not results and i want to address it that it is important here is the gesture criticism if you listen to yesterday's show we debunked this data they commonly used by advocates for government sponsored legislation about paid family in other words the government should enforce a policy that businesses have to pay for family and we depart this statistic using a cato report then this statistic is that only twelve percent of of workers of access to paid family and in the cato peace they make point that that strange because when you do actual surveys joe ask again actual workers just like the voters study group asked actual trump voters why they voted trump when you act when you ask actual
why yes if they have access to paid family leave you would expect to get it we're like twelve percent cause that's the number the bureau labours to test put out later but that's that's not what you get number you get back is up over sixty percent of employees say they have some access to paid family which conflicts directly with the bureau of labour statistics data so what's the rub so the rap is this that employees in these companies have worked out arrangements where are they their accumulate sick time or they take vacation time or they it's some kind of administrative leave or whatever i may they job the employees obviously we consider that paid family leave joe how do we know that because there tell they answered the survey if i so let me ask you a simple question you joe works it w c p m for those unit of the show radio station
baltimore they need to start pay in us for advertising but joe does a good job if i send you a serving go joe this w c b and pay you for to take leave and event of a family emergency and you respond yes job pianist to this end we really care with the bureau of labour statistics as no i about what joe says like if you think that that's pay family its pay family so the guy makes the point but you know there's always talking about he's an ignorant per food or whatever any pretence knows what he's talking about i mean the governments that this survey clearly said paid family even if it's not call paid family leave that has not paid family leave us like joe i read i read a lot i stuff i've never address the negative itunes review of the show before this one because it's so dumb it speaks
liberals now to take a few notes on this to make sure i was crystal clear on what i mean and i have like you want to see this the facebook like people you can see that i have asked or arrows like directing made a new areas to show you just how this speaks to how liberals think it was criticism of my my criticism of this statistic is based on this it's not what policy does it's what we call it right yo see yes i've ever is that not correct like aids yes what you say in your because when you ask people working people who work for a living who arrangements with their employers and you ask them if they get paid family leave sixty percent say yes a bit less data says twelve percent and criticism of me as well unless you actually call it paid family leave it doesn't count so so let me get this straight the fact that the employer
there's a comfortable with the fact that they can take leave and a family emergency doesn't matter joe it matters more what you call it so i how did idea let's pass a piece of legislation that sure that the government since its monopoly on force to force businesses to add an sure category of leave call joe is important it has to be called this it has to be called it family leave even all that money ass they come from somewhere so what's gonna happen joe because liberals never ever engaged in second order thinking they have the sound you understand and nothing more so it's critical to them that a guy they business be forced by government at the end of the monopolies force barrel of the government gun to give joe armor costs something called paid family now job you think he's gonna happen to your salary or your actual leave when you see we have is forced to give you pay family leave even
you think you already have it what's what do you think's gonna happen i'm gonna be paying for that baby you're damn right here we pay if it's not free so what's gonna happen they are going to say i shall we were given you do know seven six days a year now we're going to give you three and by the way vacation which was say three weeks was generous we're gonna cut that down to two now you're like got a mass for that i'd finally the relation for doesn't matter doesnt matter liberal critical you know jerk wada thereby vetoes i tunes says that if you don't call it paid family leave it's absolutely no good despite the fact that joe arm cause was perfectly content with his paid family before remember not that matters right all the better that is called bad at again if this is the liberal view this is they d include entire bumper sticker ideology it's not but a policy does it's what we act
we call it matters now why is what they call it matters wise it matter so much to this clown on itunes it matters show because people's invoke emotion i've said you know over and over my show and fill it in four mark within and happy and elsewhere liberalism is a bumper sticker and bumper sticker invoke emotion why because it's the weeds box theory doesn't fit on a weedy spock's you probably say into my try if you're explaining the laffer curve to someone in a methadone clinic is a friend of my once said you're probably not getting your message across messages have to be short and punch you that's why the media relies on sound bite shortened punchy is a bumper sticker though liberals have mastered this the reason the liberals have mastered this by the way which is it the premise sent to me by very bright person in the conservative movement is that people who liberals or in the entertainment art arena much i want to stereotype of the overwhelming majority of artists are liberal not all but entertainers
actors singers art is right you can we all a great yeah invitation there very create people by nature this where industry there a lot of more liberals they are very good invoking emotion in their product think about who services are there shipowners their successful people there in resource mining therein commodities these are not fields that require a lot of marketing if you're selling oil in whatever maybe this sonoco down the block it's really not a lot of marketing that goes into it a lot of it are fixed costs and the ability to manage business in a very methodical arithmetic way so we focuses much emotion is conservatives because we're worried about what works were not worried about the selling of it pearls are not worried about that you understand joe liberals are the opposite liberals are worried about selling it but not what works you get it conservatives we care about what works
we're not so much worried about selling liberals sell it who cares if it this guy's itunes critique totally sums it up he does give a crap that when you waste due to policy mandating something is actually call paid family leave whether people are taking leave for their families or not he doesn't care that's going to take money out of employees pockets and act do we disrupt arrangements that apparently sixty percent of people are content with he doesn't care about that he cares about because i'm an excuse me he doesn't care about what a quasi cares about what it says and the label on it because the label makes him feel good about himself we may those evil corporations pay for family leave that and that label makes him paid family of everybody's i gotta get up paid family everybody should be paid for family leave everyone whose paint while you're i want to pay what do you mean i gotta
it's coming out of my salary i thought the muddy fairy produce that now along the lines of liberals with their sell it first don't worry the results this doesn't just apply to things like paid family leave and this is why i want to talk about those who know take about all of the liberal bumper sticker mottoes they have that totally sell it put forget about the results tax the rich tax the rich get rich look what's going on out of new york right now related the current events stories gone nuclear so we talk about a little bit the day but mayor the plaza the communist mayor of new york there are in a massive battle because liberal states are collapsing everywhere you got baltimore the inherent you're right about this in the one in the wall street journal three he does a fantastic job saying how liberal whining right now about about being governed by truck but how did your makes the pointed really liberals are wider cannot be governed by liberals think about what's happened
yeah you're right now in new york city right now the view the expression the summer of hell you they show you know what that means new york the community the subway system in new york is collapsing people are a thing in the subway it's like seven thousand degrees they ve construction delays it's a total mass its literally called the summer of hell google it unlike tank on the gangster curve from i gather from last week on my can't you can actually google this and you will get ahead unlike his famous recirculated of money theory he just made up the young turks cloud but google summer of hell then you have heart four connecticut headed your points out recovered by liberals in its coming into bankruptcy you are both more where businesses are actually suing the city government over the riots that happened in baltimore or with the liberals we call civil disturbance will choose to call the riots last summer he points out chicago for her plus homicides this of how a new york like you're worried about being governed by trop maybe you should be
read about being governed by liberals that's where the problem is hit where dont do it is to you there are no rules applicants in any kind of majority in new york city are you serious are you people clouds again sell it first ignore the results later so again going back to tax the rich isn't i bought up the deplores you think so new york city subway system is collapsing so the plaza is proposing unsurprising to any of us joe millionaires tax oh you tat sounds gray right that joe sell it but just like paid family leave just say paid family we don't who's going to pay for the family leave which is you by the way don't mention any so don't mention it sixty percent of people already feel like they have paid family just say everybody should be paid take leave for their families liberal thinking perhaps now all liberals disk from the pod guess now exists and this is the thinking part of the show the same thing here
with the subway the subways collapsing he does it mention affected demo that's have ruled new york almost in perpetuity even do the giuliani era where the democrats the lad overwhelming majorities he does mention any of that that liberal governance is dominant city politics forever while the subway collapse so what do you want to do he wants to institute a millionaires tax again sell at first reading later millionaires tax gas joe get em off with their heads evil evil evil we'll rich people capital is through the worst of course we're gonna go get em and here is a quote from the blood you this guy such a joker it's pathetic he is so dopey he says to billionaires tax for what millions which by the way affects people make five hundred thousand not necessarily millionaires he says it seven hours a day people who pay for expensive meals and parking our good amidst seven dollars a day built news flash
this policy doesn't work and it's not about if rich people are going to miss seven dollars a day or not it has nothing to do with it what matters is what that seven dollars a day would have done in the economy for every millionaire that would have paid if it wasn't in the hands of government bureaucrats who waste that is destroying the new york city subway system it doesn't matter what the rich miss or not but joe when you're focused on selling selling something in marketing it and you disregard the results you leave it right there you go and people to people you know a lot of liberals agree with that they go oh yeah seven dollars a day yet we can take seven thousand they from them more now what were the results of that joe i know you're familiar with this being a marilyn still and i can promise been a prior show i had a millionaires tax in maryland liberal governor art no molly ran for president at the time when he was
the governor said you know what we're going to tax those evil maryland millionaires and were expecting two hundred million dollars what happened q that the exodus values you that's right you're door right you eggs and its people left and they ll ass the hundred million dollars now the liberals let those results get in the way of your stupid bumper sticker tax the rich get a millionaire love what their heads don't let that the way of the actual results do you understand liberals how dumb you are you lost money you now to the guy who led gub tried to us you hit me on the itunes criticism i know but if this matters to you the actual data because you are we tune you're told not the fact that you instituted a policy in maryland that you are now trying to read kate new york raises money by taxing people
but that actually loses hundreds of maize i know that's not going to change your mind because all you care about is the cell that's all you care about the result the damage due to people's lives the economic damage you do is all relevant now another thing on this i see i took a notice and want to lose it who do you think joe is leading the country right now in outline grace in other words your exodus what part of the look they are given the answer of course you know the answer is ready to talk about the plaza but let's just let me just give you the answer instead it set a jerking around our city is currently leading the country in an out migration of people making two hundred thousand dollars a year again liberals don't let just get in the way of the blog yos new millionaire tax to fund the subway system liberals broke don't let any get in the way that by the way their labour
sort of twenty six percent because government can manage the empty but again just keep going to people leaving your city like snake please give an escape from new york in droves that's all they do is leave your city people who actually make money you are the number one spot browed migration and not at this bothersome at all job this isn't it is going to this is you have to be brain dead to be a liberal unites i saw that study this week on drudge it said people who sleepless in six hours and i write yet they have the evidence of brain damage our liberal sleeping do you i stated ambien i mean as any bothering you would all that nothing you say is true free area you govern practically everyone will you have monopolistic control massive problems and all you're worried about his conservatism trumpet doubling down your stupid liberal policies my gosh i got a couple more these but them
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or in the wall street journal today about how the milton friedman one of my heroes who is god rest his soul but how this in an argument brewing in dc again over the estate tax now the estate tax joe is the its label that way for a reason because again rolls it's not what it actually does the estate tax it's what its call that matters now liberals love stay tat what you want i would call a most others republic as we call a death tax out why the liberals loved to quote estate tax because they have a thirst and howl image of it right we're all these if people are dying but all this money and that money of course the state should own that money nobody to keep my joe liberals ever mention the fact that the money was taxed when it was earned this income the money taxes capital gains the money was taxed when it but when it flow to a business at the corporate tax level that this is like quadruple tax so then you die and you gotta pay attacks upon you to death as well now this tax again if you
liberal you can stop now because after all sounds great you you're like screw these rich people when i die we should take their money they don't need to take it to the great while they don't take it to the good you imbeciles they don't bury it with them what wind up happening with the estate tax is what it actually does the liberals to now is what it here it's a lot of people who are wealthy in that in terms of assets but not in terms of income so joe the tax can be two forty percent after exemptions so you die you lose almost half your income and a half your assets now here's what it actually does and real people who form ten to own a lot a lot of their wealth it tends to be collected in assets such as land if you have your arm land it's you don't necessarily have a bank account of a couple million dollars but you may have assets worth a couple of million dollars because they say i've ten million because you own land that's appreciated overtime you're not driving around in the ocean in a yacht but you have sits in land though
we'll lose that land because the tax bill when you die and you monsieur while you're dead yet but you have your kids are so you're and we may lose that form because when who die if you're the title owner on that form the taxpayer for that it's gonna be about forty percent now the job news flash yes family doesn't have that cash to pay their tax bill because they own the land they don't have the cash that makes sense i have a house it's worth it i don't know five hundred thousand dollars by fear a good market i ve no idea the house if i want to transfer to my kids and i had to pay the taxes on the house while upon my dad my account at least my quotas state because they want the thirst and how well imagery my kids don't after cares they'd have to sell the house and liquidate the assets at a fire sale so folks what wines are happening people
who were farmers wind up having to fire sale their farms which are then scooped up at bargain basement prices by who big farm cup he's the dreaded bigeye industry big agriculture to use again the liberals labels matter but not the real world who committed scoop up there for farmers land at a darn fire sale not matters the fact that rope upper middle class but asset wealthy people worked hard their whole lives are being forced to liquidate their assets and sell em too big companies and evil big corporations not that matters because you can call it joe the estate tax i mean this is it meticulous and any there's a new and interesting this peace and adjourn which opt out out on the shoulder to reach is worrying real problem of productivity have discussed this on a prior show how the only by the united states is gonna get wealthier is if we produce more stuff joe wealth nobody disputes that's right wealth is based on what we produce in services and what we produce and products produced food we produce drink we produce stock
it produces this time these products services what makes us make us wealthy no one disputes that productivity producing more stuff per person producing the same stuff per person at a lesser cost productivity traditionally grown in the united states post where were you at a rate of two point one percent that was a pretty healthy greater productivity noble nobody gets wealthier productivity is gradually be crystal clear that is in an economic truism if but activity doesn't grow nobody gets wealthier at least on a real level you may nominally get wealthier but not rapid what money actually buys productivity struggle under the obama years mightily manufacturers in cardiff we had one point two percent productivity why my bringing any of this up because if liberals really cared about the middle class a middle class wage growth they would her stand the economic truism that instead we turned so we start producing more stuff nobody is be paid more to produce that stuff now how to
we produce more stuff by investment why is in esben been struggling and productivity struggling the same why right yeah it's been struggling because things like the estate tax that taxes for members upon their debts and force them to liquidate productive assets to other companies families can keep the assets this is one of the reasons that the only reason there are a number of reasons at the of obamacare regulatory costs that have gone up taxes that have gone up that suck money out of the economy but folks pete like the plaza sucking seven dollars out of the economy a day for every single rich person in manhattan when you buddy money out of the economy it's not invested in new product lines and new assembly lines and new ways to produce more stuff and if we don't produce more stuff we are never ever going to be rich or richer than we are now it's just think credible how liberalize that's why this than i tunes i thought yes this
i just summed up the entire stupidity of liberalism in one stupid quote one more story have a lot of stuff i want to get to but i have to roll it at the marsh oh yeah berkeley joke directly the far left the university in california so berkeley you know this is far left is a dead just found this story to be a bit ironic anything i read in the journal today that chancellor berkeley ya they celebrate hecklers vetoes and liberals going crazy member they must burned a campus thou my lawyer novelist showed literally almost burnt ambrose down of fires and everything the berkeley answer who celebrates these liberals it as a liberal i don't know it's possession said he's probably illiberal adventure i think we're pretty safe insane if they just nine thousand dollar escape hatch door in store
installed in the back of his office to escape his old liberal students protests about making this up and get a load of this a seven hundred thousand dollars security fence install the round is properly he to keep away those those those as liberals he he loves zimbabwe celebrates when they protest just tell protest in my place or are you the escape hatch escaped my house which has a seven hundred thousand dollars security fence to keep you away from me again speaking to the airport c of liberals in berkeley governing other liberals on the guy on the campus and liberals in new york car for baltimore everywhere else gum themselves and am liberals talking about where they were they cause hell for each other and liberals critiquing podcast saying we don't know what we're talking about despite the fact that he's critiquing people's own arrangements with their own employs it's just absolutely incredible i folks thanks again for tuna really appreciatively subscribed to my email this but you know that commoner email you though shone out today thanks a lot
tomorrow shy gonna let a great stuff it's all lined up we could see it all here i gotta find more stories we forgot you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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