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Ep. 525 The Truth About Charlottesville

2017-08-15 | 🔗
In this episode: Why are liberals, and media figures, lying about terrorism statistics during such a sensitive time? https://pjmedia.com/homeland-security/2017/08/14/cbs-news-host-norah-odonnell-pushes-fake-right-wing-terrorism-stats/amp/   Yes, "hate speech" is free speech. The far-Left really needs a civics lesson.   Why isn't the NFL trying to save its brand? Allowing anti-Americanism is going to destroy the NFL. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000829388/article/raiders-rb-marshawn-lynch-sits-during-national-anthem   Hollywood's business model is also collapsing. Maybe it has something to do with its hostility towards conservatism?  http://www.showbiz411.com/2017/08/14/report-movie-box-office-on-track-for-lowest-in-25-years-as-spielberg-lucas-blockbuster-implosion-omen-prevails SPONSOR LINKS: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan www.PrepareWithDan.com
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damn bone jean aiming to stop free speech to this speaker can no longer speak is exclusively a far less than the den bungee knows i'm talking to moderates and the democratic party who actually interested what's going on not wine lemmings walking off a cliff into an abyss of stupidity ready to hear the truth about amerika wrenched it yeah the rich didn't they lend money to people who bought and the people never pay the money back sounds like a great business plan on a showed its not immune to the tax with your host dan bonds you know i went into the relegated public about the advantages of use joe how are you re doing well nice in hot here and sunny florida good to have you down here is always thank you for everyone who has been to an end yesterday show did well so appreciated thank you very much you know talkin
today about charlottesville and everything going on attacks on trump and what i think so is the gist disingenuous media not looking to promote some form of like national healing but just instigate more a partisan strife because that's what you're labour media they they become they become partisan actors for the left in its really says we discuss at yesterday and i have a simple samples today again of media people try joe not to lead to a better our common and find out what happened down there and it is trying to fly a fan the flames i mean that's all they want to do in the story i have today is really gonna if it doesn't work we upset you then you're not paying attention i done before that today shows brought you buy brick house nutrition yeah yeah these guys are one of our original sponsors they have some of the best ocean products out there on the market they're young they're hungry they're always looking for angles in the gym to get you better stronger faster and you just to look better for those of us
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nora o donnell who works one of the morning shows on the network in i've i've met her before i the cbs early show i think it's cbs one time and i'm pretty sure i met her on the satin she was nice but she tweet out something yesterday that we discuss on the show a while ago under different circumstances but just annoyed this not out of me because again it's an effort by people in the media to who deceive you folks and one of the things i like to do here is clear up the fog and i want to do that for you today so here's what she treated and i'm quoting she treated between the end one two thousand one and december two twenty sixteen there were nearly three times as many fatal attacks by right wing extremists then islamic extremists in the united states what we discuss this statistic in this that you know this this i mean you wanna talk about a torturing of the numbers a long time ago and job just to be clear well i'm i'm not clearing
the absurdity of this statement too somehow do a you know this what about ism that's what we're doing we're not all will if it's a wing extremism its grade and of non violence is violence is violence no christian no no joy who no believer in a higher power listening to the show supports violence forget its not a partisan issue it's a human being issued since you get that out of the way the reason i'm the banking this is because again it's an effort by the mainstream media in a lie to you why do you to make you believe that the threat from islamic radicals pails in comparison to the threat from a bunch of white people in the country who are going to do do you harm somehow now any threat violence i cannot be clear on this any threat of violence should be thoroughly investigated and prosecute i don't care where it originates from but cattle i appeal to you to manipulate the
thanks to make you believe that the other threat from islamic radicals is is is is is to be diminished while the threat from you know why power not caesar listen that is a legitimate threat but it's so overwhelming it's done to date because man i was such a delicate subject it's done to make you believe in this critical you re stuff yet that again leave the the the critical theory which we discussed in prior episodes and i strongly encourage you to look up and do your own homework on it has been in doctrine aided into media people hollywood people and academia for years and its idea the idea that the white patriot coal power structure white males are responsible for our problems in society folks please do not under rest what i'm telling you it has imbued every level of academia hollywood the far left critical
he is at the heart of just about every problem with far less radical liberalism today this belief that males are the source of the problems in society in the gist of it is that they have no place in a responsible conversation they should be a drowned out and they should i'd be allowed to speak but it's behind media the whole white privilege movement all this nonsense you know don't have pride in whiteness serb or blackness rating as a pride and people who are good people i think we should be judging people by their character which is just kind of common sense i thought but is imbued the media and this that's why they put statistics like this out so let's debunk this patrick pool as a peace up a pigeon media which is terrific shows you how nonsensical this statement is that quote right wing you miss which had a not even sure what that means i did right wing means anything that's just not liberal to them right wing
stream is so have responsible for more attacks than islamists ok this is nonsense notice number one this is the key folks noticed what she does neuro donald she's between in the end of two thousand and one and the same twenty sixteen noticed the time period she starts as she saying these right wing extremists committed more attacks in islamism right just what happened in september of two thousand one specifically in september eleventh was theirs was there some major terrorist attack in the united states s there was as there was joe yes it was it was a big deal for those of us who live through written but i mean did you that nora so let me get this straight the two they d thousands of americans involve two thousand americans who died horrifically this september eleventh attacks they are not he counted in these statistics for the body count of islam
make fundamentalist attacks on the united states that's kind ah there i mean don't you think the most ignore terrorist attack american soil where wife you leave that out then yes right wing extremists are far far more dangerous and using the aircraft some right wing extremists are far more dangerous than islamist you know this goes to speak to the disingenuous nature the media now to be fair to me so down she says she's quoting a geo study while she i looked into it because this that not only is the time period pick deliberately manipulate you so again of your liberal friends bring this up which they will because is making its way around twitter and the internet use that's an awfully strange time period to start the end of two thousand and one that's up did happen and support there are two thousand one of the law argues the islamist inspired terror attack in u s soil in american history kind there relevant to the argument folks don't you think little bit by bit
yeah i'd say so my gosh ok here's another maneuver she does here and do they look squirrel to distract you quotes the number of incidents not the number of vehicles of fatalities now i'll get thou they describe an incident in a minute which is even worse but it describes the number of tests incidents not the number of fatalities so even if joe if you allow them these people using this debunked nonsensical statistic and if you allow them to eliminate september eleventh where thousands of people perished still even maritime period the end of two thousand and one through december of twenty sixteen jihadi still killed more people than quote right wing extremists now i'm using the course because i don't know what nazis are savages neo that's savages free people
professor white power nonsense are savages they have no allegiance with right leaning politics at all true we you don't claim them they can claim ass we don't clay men no credible servant of republican a libertarian claims each be they're on their own but you can you they call em right wing extremists to associate them with republic in politics because they just want to get you to hate republicans its true in any way shape or form but playing with their ideology and eliminating september eleventh islamic expired inspired jihadi is still killed me people they killed ninety five people in that period and quote far right extremists to use their sick ideology killed sixty seven people but notice show that not using for italians to using incidents now now our two further confuse you suggested go back a second eliminate nine eleven kind of sick forgetting the debate about her they don't count we're fatalities they count the number of quote incidents now here's
other things they counted as incidents of right wing terror this one joy i mean is like really sick this is six stuff didn't neo nazis in prison that killed pedophiles who were more child abusers he now a list that this second ass there is too hard to define because it so i mean this earl of sickness between being a neo nazi in prison for some felony i assume at being a pedophile is on the scope for this show how deep the sicknesses but the final neo nazi and prisoners skinhead killing file in prison as a right winged terror quote incident its crap is bizarre it contributes nothing to a discussion about the understanding of terror resume in the united states my crazy now that's that's what i adage crab it contribute
absolutely nothing while it may contribute to a discussion on prince violence on me nazi ideology and read what possesses each people to do what they do it contributes its cyril to wake precision about terror strategy on how to stop terrorism in the united states including that is just i mean it is it such a clear effort by the left to destroy few from what the conversation can and should be about and i get on suggesting at all that we should not be having a very special if this week at a very long and serious conversation about what's going on with with this neo nazi movement but to try to inflate numbers and
deflate numbers on the islamic radicals side to make a political point not a strategic one is really embarrassing and nor o donnell should have been embarrassed put this out there but she's not i mean they're they're landis and they just don't area that was bologna statistic that's all it is it's and we ve actually discussed some of this before our prior shown forgive me i can't remember what show by this statistic creeps up time the left once they profess the dangers of this growing right we terror movement and it's all in f to diminish conservative political ideology and republicans here's adheres did me wrap this up patrick poor piece by piece j media and again i will be at the show notes up at bonn gino thou com and conservative review dot com and if you like a male you the shone out just go to bond gino thou com and idea my email less than i will amount to you every day but it's a really good piece it short it sweet gets right through the point pool did you know brigade the data the correct way by actual terror attacks
and there are right goble pull my right wing tat near i hate that there i murmured nobody suggesting in the pisa neither is pull that they don't happen he's just trying to if we're gonna talk about the scale but let's get the scale correct so here the number over twenty five years when you aggregated data correctly ninety four percent of u s terrorism fatalities are caused by islamic terrorists and again folks this isn't surprising to anyone who has men okay we had the orlando nightclub shooter you know one of the deadliest attacks on u s soil we had nine eleven these aren't things people are going to forget and allow rapid up with this point so i think the problem with with this for the left is again and they are not stupid you cannot tell the average middle class vote or even if they are not hyper partisan or hyper political but they pet basic attend tell the average middle class vote or even if they are not hyper partisan or hyper political but they pay basic attend
into the voting cycle they pay attention what's going on you can't tell them that la mc radicalism is a lesser problem than quote right wing terror because they ve had experience on a massive scale through the new cycle to nine eleven the orlando shooting incident they know what's going on you can only lighter than for so long really neuro donal should be ashamed putting this out there and should issue a correction about this because it's the adding nothing to the argument ok moving on folks this this this conversation that has to be had there's a lot of fusion on the left about the first amendment in an embarrassing level of confusion and not here they give you a civics classed as most of you don't need it because most of europe still clear on what the first amendment means paying attention to twitter and social media traffic over the last few days it is beyond puzzling how many liberals genuinely have no idea about what the first amendment says i've noticed it
it makes a year now the recent outbreak of this up as i didn't hit our dog fox s night we talker embryos the show and i was talking about his speech and the cook got picked up by a cup of these media outlets that died due in the aggregate clips and hits roma from cable news and i said free speech is not mean you free speech give other people the right to throw bottle at you as your speaking that's not what free speech as people started call me out on twitter liberals all liberals by the way i can certainly said well free speech has so quences insinuating that if you get punished in the face or bottle thrown out you for speaking that this was all the jet and other people said well free speech you're your you're equating free speech with hay speech but equating folks free speech is free speech even if it is hate speech pretty media do you not understand now because i want for that
you may be genuinely a little confused about this and i mean that in the end in most non condescending way possible because it is not a etc easy topic to discuss its a little more nuanced that even on making it ought to be a lot of people even think this or a little bit confused and they say well you know yet free speech but you can't green fire in a movie theater well let's not exactly true theirs general supreme court precedent on this folks hate speech is protected i can't say that in any clearer terms what one eight speeches are far left term because jack you notice the show but the left always gets to define what hate speeches now listen there are obvious examples right i mean if i say are you scottish no arms what our what's the english german french german french if i were to say you know dad gino aids german and french blinds especially joe arm accosts now well a user
the term aid is an obvious form of haste we complicate that i do not begrudge i use the term hey if you get up at a rally and say you don't we it fell on the black people were blocked hispanic immigrants muslims jews christians whenever it may be that would be speeches by definition i put folks absolutely no mistake that is free speech that is totally protected i'm how are you there were liberals out there who don't understand this they say to you all know that you're equating free speech would hate speech it's the same thing one doesn't it all but it's not an all encompassing category of the other and others when it you say free speech show we are also talking about compliments our political speech we're talking about scientific speech but hates me it is a subset however you may define that that rather loosely defined term is a upset of free speech you saying otherwise does not just mean you're just wrong and you get
packing me on twitter or who hate speeches and defended by the by the constitution it it doesn't matter you correctly just make you ignorant of what the constitutional ramifications of the free speech first amendment are now to get back to some some hard tangible take away from this are you understand what's protected in what isn't yes not every four of speech is going to be protected under a free speech banner but there's three tests than i've won over the form but it's important we remember this too and the bird verses ohio decision theirs three pronged test for this the leave any here's how it reads its speech that is quote directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to insight or produce such action that's that's that's kind of speech it would not be protected under free speech so again directly jus inciting or producing eminent lawless actions is important
this is likely to incite or per do such action so there's a three pronged test the three parts test you have to know this it is intent the intent of the speech is it intended to cause violence is it likely to because violence and is that equally hood imminent so one of the examples given another case the hast case was while a guy walked up to a cop and said something like we're play take the fn streets now or we're gonna take em later and there was a legal action pursued later on and the guy i got off because it the action that he said were either going to take the streets now we're gonna take them later was not joe imminent so it did meet one of the problems are the three pronged tests so again liberals if you're gonna talk intelligently about this then at least know what you're talking about you you know you right about hate speech not being protected is is not is just simply not accurate you're just making it up hate speech
whatever you define it as long as it doesn't promote violence intend to promote violence is it likely to provoke violence is it the violence is an imminent you're just here you're clueless on the topic i'm sorry i just wanted to put that out there i think it's important we all understand if we are talking about the same thing then it's hard to have a debate you're talking about orioles and i'm talking about graham crackers it's hard to debate the benefits in the downsides of eating orioles every day one more thing on this side charlottesville topic because i got a couple of things i want to get too you know that the police response i went on less light again on the fox to talk about not just the free speech ramifications of what happened at the rally but also the police response and what's worse in this growing trend joe and you have your intimately familiar with this in baltimore of this and down give them space destroy remember stephanie rollings blamed the mayor more when they had baltimore riots and in the
baltimore riots stephanie rolling play a brute blake the mayor at the time said while we're gonna give them space to destroy now there's been kind of a car hershey brewing over the police responses charlottesville where their allegations that they were given a de facto stand down order now to his defence enough i want to give you both sides the police chief is saying unequivocally in history this multiple times at ease saying there was no stand down or in other words police were to do their jobs but if we're going to look at would open eyes joe a couple of points i want to make on this number one the proof is in the pudding ok the police and i'm not blaming the cops on the ground i know the cops know exactly what to do i'm i'm gonna be crystal clear if there blame to be pinned on anyone its politicians and police management this is absolutely no indictment whatsoever the cops on the ground they clearly no to do and i am sure they were deeply disturbed by having to sit by and by this is a lot of this one doubt so first point here is joe nothing happened
on the police i saw you know you can say all you want is the police chief and the politicians and charges charlottesville which is a liberal city you can say all you want that the police were in fact given a stand down order but i think it's crystal here that the police stood down at least for a decent period of time while violence brooding it's really not open for interpretation anybody watching the video or or or listening to multiple accounts of what happened that day will understand there was in fact a sigh stand down whether it was a direct water and indirect water or just stay a standing order to not do anything until permission to arrive was given that the kind of rules on my second point if you joe if you're the mayor of the city and one of the allegations out there now is that the mayor said no array it will be made until explicit permission is given to the police officers to do so that is a defence don't stand down order folks that how is that if the word
stand down we're never used what someone was told do not allow any arrests until i say so that's it stand down or that bothers make us is the word games they played weeping gaza we didn't tell anybody stand that maybe you can tell anybody you do anything either that is a de facto stand down order folks the cops knew exactly what do this is really disturbing stuff you know we ve seen this over and over again in these liberal city stephanie rollings blake david dickinson crown height we certain ferguson this is a real problem and i'm gonna because what did you suggest problems without solutions suggest a solution to this and i want to be very clear i have hard bruce libertarian liberal cash liberty we intend to others for obvious since i am a free speech absolutist on this
but ladies and gentlemen again as i said last night in the show free speech is not me free speech to throw a puncture launch a bottle at someone's faces their speaking that is not free speech that is a criminal act you have forfeited your right to be political activists that a rally where you engage in violence from someone else your take no way someone else's right to free speech that's not free reach i'm sorry there are no sane interpretation of free speech is headcount now what's the solution instead of just talking about the problems the solution here is the rudy giuliani approach regardless of your feelings of the former new york city may i remember a police officer under the the mayor ship rudy giuliani in new york and i the rudy giuliani theorem last night but i was actually a lot of people within a police department but the way they did crowd control in new york was the only way to do it you will joe absolutely protect the right to protest one hundred percent but the minutes someone from behind that lie throws a bottle or punches someone and
face they go to jail the next guy there's a bottle he goes a jail do the next guy that breaks a window he goes to jail to you don't give any body a pass they would have tee the people the teams of people will go in the crowd they would remove the criminals because you're not an activist anymore you're now a criminal and everyone us gets to go on peacefully and protest if the entire out starts engaging in criminal behaviour their despair still arrests were made this is that the the advice i can give to police officials up if you're even interested if you're not do you think your city it said that you you know you most either i think to the police even charles was going why the presiding over this but it making your city and you all look foolish does a very simple policy policing you use overwhelming force at the scene to ensure the right to protest but you may see you to set overwhelming force guess it doesn't sound libertarian to insure people's right to protest show you have to i'd better at each other's throats give ones
out the street to one group one side of street to the other police like say whatever you want right you're sign screaming any i'll do whatever you want to do but again minute someone watches upon the breaks a window those teams going through the crowd pull that personal universe that that's it because now you ve been pact is somebody else's right to speak and arms are you even if that speeches hateful it and the left is defining its hate speech and you're saying all kinds of nasty things they have the right to free speech protects the right of people to say dumb stop if you don't believe that you just don't believe in free speech is no easy way for me to explain this to you free speech is not protect your a free speech and it's not free because what your version of my version don't agree you get to shut me down remember hecklers veto folks as has always been the goal of the left the goals left is always been an eighteen as using this strategy sadly
they're using it efficiently and i say to say sadly because this is just embarrassing what's happening in the country now these anti for which stands for anti fascist but really means eighty first amendment these are the people showing up tromp rally show beating people up all the time you antifreeze doing because they want to engage the hecklers veto the hecklers we it go to a rally cause a bunch of violence these people are paid what broomsticks draw bottles at them throw urine on them which happened to katy cork in her crew by the way do that cost bunch of violence create a media stir later about violence at the rally even say the rally was a pro trump rally in for people cause the violence then say we need to shut this stuff down in the future these trump rallies because look there's violence at the rally even other people calling for you shut down were the ones you caused them at the rally it's called the hecklers veto this is not a new stunt it's an old stuff this is what they want this liberals are at the heart a lot of the browser to
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back for the forty niners must we probably already know the story but he decided to be a good idea to kneel during the national anthem before the game this respect their flag disrespect their country and you know the left keeps this ingenuously framing this is a free speech thing i get tweets about this all the time say why are you going out cabinet for kneeling during the national anthem he's free to do it i didn't say wasn't jolted the ever say that never said that never never you are absent we call on capra nick is free to kneel for the national anthem and enough teams are now free not to sign on which is not happening here being sign he has no job and now they're all budget activists out their whining that capron it should be should be our why would he be how why would you want this guy in your team why he is alienated the set the plus percent whatever of americans who are for
oh loyal to our military and our flag regardless of the political ideology and don't want to see someone on the sidelines disrespecting it now the end well as a brand you want to protect their brand you should say stuff like that is always at his is not above board and if it happens you're going to be fined and suspended it's not free speech he's free whatever you want else fell is free to protect its brain to now so little painful me because i really really really love football and i early to doubt the nfl last year folks it i'm not gonna smoky up here it's socked and my wife can vouch for me on this one i'm not the fake into funk on it at all legitimately to doubt the nfl entirely issue i've ice or maybe a combined five minutes of games he may sewage even see that because while flicking through chow
i was one time i accidently was lookin for sixty minutes and i clicked on cbs and there was still a game on that happened the couple tat i saw about five minutes i missed the superbowl in the post superbowl show joe remember i was devastated i was it was a great superbowl everybody was talking about it and i saw none of it but you know what folks principles matter to me and i am not being silly about this they matter and i know they matter a lot of you too and i was not gonna patronize a product that was gonna crap all over my country i'm sorry you don't want it just stand and protect your brand and i don't want to take a stand for you so that all airlines cap ronicky looks like he's gonna be out of a job and you haven't nfl team once the hiram job that's fine you know if they have davits their think they were thin about the hiring i'm here in baltimore nor do i know i saw the reaction was atrocious will you gettin callers that the radio station valeo never watch again i'm gonna stop following the ravens as much as i love amend i was one of those guys honour that are not going to waste my time
on that note i would neither nope i would add up the ravens you know even old baltimore ravens earn maryland blue state trust me that crowd has some very hard pro american probability values and they are not getting you damn right there going to sit idle on the sidelines while some joker nielsen disrespects our national anthem so i finally said our i will great i can turn into the nfl this year i do really enjoy football bodies our like the raiders i liked the ravens i like the jets but i've been a raiders fan for for a lot of my adult life near my team life too and a sign martian lynch who is a running back who does besides he's gonna sit on the sidelines and eat a banana i am not kidding can see just google march ledge sitting on sidelines eating a banana during a national anthem ike i'm dead
really legitimately devastated by this i was finally getting into the raiders are gonna be good this year there quarterback back from an injury they had it a team last year they would want a lot further the queue beating get heard of card and go down folks disco to devastate their brand again and if any we have a really healthy listening audience thanks to you i'm not patty may suffer the backs on humble break but imploring you if any is an nfl executive no someone is an animal executive or deals with jennifer executives please i'm can you this is deeply impacting your brand i know you know this because i know you ve seen the data and they even acknowledge recently asinius paean dot com article where they started to act college how the cap runic protest was really damaging their brand but i think it's even worse than you know the people you know that i talk to you in my neighborhood this we live in a really middle class part of florida working class area they just there dumb
they don't want to see it they don't want to be insulted bright i'm asking you to please do the right thing you know you want to stand for the national anthem stay in a locker room you don't mean eat the disrespect it you know you know what i'm saying job here so you want to do your protest fine stay in the locker room now one needs to see you cropping all over the flag and our memories of the fund and in people who fought for that nobody needs to see that and i could not been more disappointed jack del rio the coach say in all its not a big deal he's been doing this for years that doesn't make it right folks now there is it not bringing this up is not just a harp on the nfl but if i even capitalism and free markets you're destroying your brand folks you're killing me nfl you are absolutely kill you gonna lose a customer like me and joe we make we your target audience where where consumers where we're not twenty five to fifty four bracket roughly all right you not only fifty four i now
are you i always i screwed up all tat well we're close up but we had a twenty five to fifty four unless your hundred fifty four right we're spenders i mean i don't mean it but we spend money we are your target aren't you gonna lose us for life because once i'm done or two or three years with the nfl it's over it's kind of a stopwatch in baseball long time ago just because it was too long i take it back into it i don't know what the players anymore going gonna lose us forever now it's already happening the nfl your cautionary tale should be this story i judged it s on the south tie it up hollywood's being devastated joe there being crushed this historiae drudge an ample into shone out see ads from like showbiz for one mine but i ll put the lincoln shown what you can read it yourself hollywood ticket sales have been trending down for many years now but ticket sales this year are catastrophically bad there collapsing it's the lowest they ve seen in twenty five years now folks why you think this is happening now
no blame it on all kinds of things you now movies urges bad too many tent poles productions when they try to do these big blow out movies like fast and furious and they make fifty five sequels folks i'm you know not so sure about that i've stopped i'm not going and movies completely but i will not at sea movies with actors actresses entities crap all over the united states and i know for a fact i'm not the only one jennifer lawrence when she came out against christians in kentucky i wanted to see that movie passengers now i wait to come out on on on on hbo which is part of my community package i get it for free i will not pay i will not read box it i will not you know a buy it now on demand nothing i won't see anything with that cap in america actors a big anti trumped guy vice you think i'm the only one so again i'm in pouring anyone in the hollywood industry if we are serious about your business model i would just ask you this just
the hell up just shut up produce movie i'm not telling you cannot political opinions do what you want the bottom line is when i go to my doctor i think i'm in a neat need surgery when i go back to my doctor around here i don't go in there ask him for his political opinions the value added you provide to society as a hollywood actor is to entertain i don't mean that is as up as an insult sometimes i haven't i really don't mean it now it's a skill i can act i can't i'd be terrible out they asked me to act wants it a secret service thing will for students who was the worst thing ever i wish i could i was like i can't do this i'm sorry it's this guy sing forgotten i want to hear me say you're like my daughter's really really good but i can't sing it skill the value eta do provide to society's provide entertainment people love to be energy if you put smiles on people's faces and i applaud you for doing that and i will see movies with actors who either keep their mouths shut or get out
early just say things that are ro america although seem you sure pro american ignoring the good movies the patriotic american movies by a lot of stomach i bought that movie risen you know because i want to support the cause but i'm just asking you if you have a sense of your business model in your future economically to jewish either shut up keep your political views it knew in political conversations about private first amendment then you're absolutely free to do it but i'm absent frida not spend my money once you elliot me with your political views i have zero problem whatsoever with you being left this zira and joe i don't think you do you're out of the guinea one of the audience that you want to be hard core liberal that's fine i respect your political opinions i will i'll go see your movies that's fine but what am i going to do who is spend a dime on you in the nfl or anywhere else if you're going to tell me or my country that the country's crap and we're crap too because we're conservative i'm not going to do it and i
why you think that's a sane rational business model you'll be a job in ten years industry as it slowly but surely folds in on itself you'll be our job and you'll be saying what happen i'm telling you today august twenty seventeen what's happening to your business model wake up it's not worth burning your entire yours over my folks thankfully opportunity and i really appreciate it please please go to you that calm subscribed to my email is i'll get you those shone out today and thanks again for four really being muscle unbelievable audience ever i am it sent me a really nice email yesterday and included some about producer joe who does tremendous work and came all the way down here to florida be with me in the studio and we all really appreciate it meant a lot day thank you thank you my our folks the ape man i'll talk to you
edward i'll see ya tomorrow take it you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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