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Ep. 526 It's NOT About Confederate Statues!

2017-08-16 | 🔗
In this episode: Liberal efforts to tear the country apart, piece by piece, are intensifying. Their new enemy is Confederate statues but they'll move on to another to show their political power.    A far-Left website completely obliterates the Russian "hacking" narrative?  http://www.salon.com/2017/08/15/what-if-the-dnc-russian-hack-was-really-a-leak-after-all-a-new-report-raises-questions-media-and-democrats-would-rather-ignore/   Why aren't you getting a raise despite the economic recovery? This report provides some answers.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-wage-paradox-explained-1502838674   SPONSOR LINKS: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan www.PrepareWithDan.com
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they won't you know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want to allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb g no i wasn't renegade of other good thereby gino prejudge oh are you re a man i am pleased to be here you better believe the edge of the long trip long trip home last night but he's a trooper thanks forget it done today i really appreciate joe you're a good man but a lot of work into the shouts i appreciate it up folks this is we're in a rough i'm right now you know this is the time for messing around and you no kind of joke
about politics is over i mean the year the glory asia the reagan ears and frankly somebody clinton years the economy is moving along through the idee boom you know that to love and happiness stuff appears to be over and i don't mean to sound apocalyptic or you know do catastrophic politics or hyperbolic or scare anyone but this is get really ridiculous you do i put up peace up on my facebook for those you watching a facebook live beforehand a piece of isis terrorists ripping down statues in i was it mosul and left wing loony tunes tearing down statues and durham north carolina lovely the joe i is assisted were in an era of utter insanity universe has fallen if an email thread yesterday amongst the bunch of four i respect that they said listen to feels like sixty eight all over again one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight now i wasn't alive i know joe was i was in a lie before one thousand nine hundred and seventy four
do you know reading about the iranian surpassed work on the topic for another subject completely going to have to remember the republicans came out of that actually pretty well because people you know like law and order now a couple of things i want to discuss today press conference yesterday would drop first what are liberals doing right now all the conversation about statues and charlottesville and everything that's going on i think the larger umbrella conversations at missing that's missing right now is the why and what do you pride myself on this year the why why are they doing what they're doing folks liberals don't care about statues and they guest on talker less as image john if he was david city rights for the federalists he was fantastic and he from this up nicely and i'm not meaning to take from its neighbours absolutely correct but there's a topic you and i don't have that does have discussed before and i have discussed as well on market in filling a nationally why liberals do this folks this is not about confederate statues ok please
get that out of your head that this is about a few statues anyway if it wasn't about that use it would be about something else this is about the far left concerted effort to this shit you from the greatness of america to make mutable believe the country you live in which has an obvious surmount of prosperity and well is it absolute failure and needs an upheaval and a change in its economic and political system this is what this it's always been about you may say my guys that was kind of a that's really jump out to something larger than it really is right no no it's not folks this blubber fair the left with identity politics with america's racist with america's past as a stain on its history now in its future going forward is an effort to distract you from the wonders of the country you live in now no reasonable person let me i ask you this question to prove my point joseph
a space of your a martian from space and you visited earth than you had a degree of intellect and can engage and logic and reason and we did no you were here right so you up in some invisible hovercraft above the atmosphere and you're watching in detail everything that's going on and you're getting a snapshot of every country on earth where do you want to live after scrutinising i want to live in a united europe day your name the darn right you want to live in the united states should all with their debate that old thing right from the sun episode whereas they they choose what they want to be they were aliens of course if they choose that they want to be italians because the guy had heard somewhere that italians with the best looking guys well if your third ran from the sun you want to choose where to live you'd want to live in america now that's a problem for our left this ideologues who want to destroy capitalism because they crave control in the guest on talker last night beautifully sum this up i say this is about our political power this has nothing to do with it better at monuments folks this is it
at the left organizing to fabricate an enemy because enemy dont present themselves easily in the united states it i'm sorry if i'm not getting the only when you we a wealthy relatively middle class country compared to the rest of the world joe and we're not living in the jim crow era anymore which had a real enemy job in this slaveholding holding era which had a real enemy these are a thin stains on humankind on quest do not worry there's no reasonable person would dispute that no reasonable space alien would dispute that they would say wait let me get this straight people who an elevated level of melanin in their skin who a darker skin color have to go to drink from separate water friends separate places in a restaurant wow that doesn't sound right or
let me get this straight people are forced into labor by others in their beaten and a whip does nothing could do about those were wrong your enemies enemies joe morals enemies to ethics enemies to religion enemies to spirituality enemies to humankind now the and it states lost hundreds thousands of men wiping that clean you get it thankfully getting rid of slavery and now we are in a different era real enemies don't present themselves easily joe ever you happen to be in the united states the chances of you prospering here relative to the rest of the world a great the left can have that the left needs anger at the system they need rage against the machine did you use the name of the famous ban they need rage against the machine to persist because the rage does it presented itself automatically what raging against
the poorest americans in the poorest places live better than people in third world countries that's not to say living in poverty is a good thing that to say we should focus collectively as a society with increasing prosperity and everyone that's what i'm saying what i'm saying here is developing rage against that machine is really hard so you have to fabricate new enemies the enemy today joe is confederate statues the enemy yesterday was kentucky court clerks the enemy the day before where was christian bakers the enemy the day before that was bathrooms that had a sign that said man or woman understand how they will fabricate an enemy each and every day to recreate new rage against that machine because they need something have it they don't have what they think they have they did this spirit of rebellion against the most prosperous liberty loving country on the face of the earth is
server readily transparent to the it and then observers so liberals have to create it they have to fabricate new enemies and in order for that ok do enemies and exercise that raw political power for control over the system they want to destroy they have to eight new enemies folks it is never going to end the why matters here this is a distraction mechanism it's happened before its i've been repeatedly job it is a distraction mechanism to distract you from the fact that you live in the greatest country on earth due to one thing our respect for the visual liberty and a limited government you get someone just posted on my facebook in there i patents you can't disagree with anyone many more without being called the racist of course not because they have to
abrogate an enemy because they don't have an actual argument ladies and gentlemen you want to talk about economic liberty the failures of obama care how the country he's scarred but how america has a history like anyone else and we should respect its history and learn about its history and learn about its various uk say that you're a racist they have to fabricated enemy in the enemy is you now i am bringing this up in relation to yesterday's press conference because folks trump won't let you be distracted because trump i have to be really carefully this right i'm not trying to be careful to be pc i'm trying to be careful to get this right because folks please i'm begging you take this away from the show today the reason the establishment class republicans and democrats i make no distinction has arisen what the real
the establishment class in conjunction with the far left radicals who hate this country the reasoning a tribe so much is precise we because i'm gonna quote trump doesn't stay on message on mess it is political will elliot newspeak fur focus group tested nonsense that is not the truth tromp is that for love em or hate him he's not capable of charlotte committee be candid he is not capable of sticking to a focus group tested talking point he's not now and what that guy these instead of allowing the distraction to continue in the distraction now is confederate statues job they gotta go because the country being destroyed by confederate statues that's did district yesterday was transgender bathrooms the day before was kentucky court pork is destroying the country they will fabric a new enemy every day to distract you from the wonders of the country you live it trump does
play along doesn't play the game what happened yesterday during the press conference which is absolutely elvis for you here turn it around on the on the left leaning media because that's all they are their liberal hacks he turned around of the liberal hacked show it started asking them questions that i had no answer what did he say joe he said during the press conference hey i'm these anti guys that showed up with clubs as well and started attacking people that i have any blame is at a media like why what do we say to this you can't say no the media was shocked because the media always absolves the left to blame because the left is fighting to fight their raging against the machine the evil cap the celebrity loving united states they didn't know what to do now tromp was
probably told by political via advisers in the establishment class and by the way not of those focused grouped occupies ever resonate with middle america right but he would i guarantee you he was tall by his establishment class adviser what do you do when you think they told him he's what they said they should you need to go out there and say there are two sides there's only one side no there is two sides there are two sides they were people who showed up to be violent some who profess neo nazis at some who professed to be far left radicals and they were the nonviolent folks was there are sides to this end he's apps the movie right to say that those who decides it matter if you weren't there to commit violence and another human being you're a criminal savage and this story i don't care if your home drawing up a nazi flag or an isis flag and you should be damned and prosecuted show that was not to talking point right right and middle america said yeah that big
and to me violent people bad this is it complicated for american understand vi let's go let's do it do we have to do the tim the tormented taylor they get violence bad peaceful protest ok i'm not you not sanctioning what anybody says you're just saying peaceful protest america beating people up america this is only complicated for the media which is dying to put out the focus group tested talking point on their behalf joseph than this it's all a bunch of conservative right wing lunatics destroying america he's not playing the game he's not i am a game he is not one way to do it he's gonna say what he wants to say any just doesn't care what you think so what does he do he brings instead of the distraction joe the shiny red ball confederates choose conservative right wing nuts are attacking people everywhere look out dangerous they are he brings you
back to it by asking a question you can avoid a statement show you can never avoid a question you can avoid a question you can avoid a statement people cannot avoid a question because i question intuitively cues yours you're you're grey matter to want spawn so when he comes in a press conference and ask the question why are these levels in groups that attack people clubs and bear any responsibility all the suddenly the package because they know the general public's probably thinking the same thing folks here something else that was not the focus group tested talking point he asked another question he said oh if we're going to start ripping dow confederate statues what's next what about wash then what about the george wash you what about jefferson what about the founding fathers and own slaves show these were clearly imperfect human beings as we all are certainly every single one of us for
ronald reagan a j of cato george wash dinner john adams every one of us had major league flaws but is that discount every may didn't cause of humankind and liberty everything folks amish dinner man all boccaccio my joe you are too yes but when i about believers belief in jesus christ requires you to understand that you are not perfection but this was obvious so we're gonna wipe in the stain of american history the stain on american history but because i noticed slavery and jim crow we're gonna wipe it clean what never learn anything from it never learn how we overcame it lets will what happened we all just started singing combine one day around a campfire nothing ever happened bad joe there was never any problems with slavery never any problems with civil disturbance never any problems with jim crow forget all of it let's just jump right to the end of the book let's go right to
through twelve were all rewrote than freakin marshmallows you tops african stupid put are you no i'm serious how dom do you have to be u buffoons this country is is at such a wonderful beautiful place we have overcome so much and you wanted pretend we jump right to chapter twelve let's wipe it all clean this is not any way shape or form an effort to get rid of confederate statues i cannot say that strong enough terms talkers guess lesson with damn right this is an effort by the far left to exert pure political power to rewrite history to distract you from the fact that you live in the greatest country and are precisely due to american liberty uniquely amount
in liberty and limited government and the rules of a constitutional republic they cannot have you understand what you see in front of you what you are what you see in front of you has to be a mirage you see well you see prosperity you see abuse flat screen tvs you see people driving nice cars you see people you know even people who don't have any money can come to this country walk into an emergency room and get health care this doesn't happen in most places on earth it happens here they have to distract you they have to get you to believe this is all a mirage and that's the way they do by fabricating a new enemy every single day folks it will never end the slippery slope with the left is a slippery as it gets its not a phone argument it's very real once go down this road with the left and this is why conserving to understand this among us
educating some pretentious pompous way but i mean people who are ready and on the programme folks people who of abyssinia behind the scenes what's going on joe and we talk about this all the time jonah and i talk about it not want email circles to conservatives salute we understand what's going on there line in the sand folks that the hole in the red it has to be drawn it the stop because and it doesn't stop it just keeps going and going and going and going you have to fight if you don't fight fighting for the confederacy you'd have fighting for can edward statues you're not fight for a man sign on the wind the men's bathroom men's like they have an outbreak would i have to have some special sign an outbreak which always confuses are blows blokes yet not fighting for a bloke sign in the outback you're fighting
our political sanity you are fine to maintain control of individual liberty which means limiting the power of government by the left is doing the opposite they are fighting for the power of government to overtake every single sphere of your life you're not fighting for confederate statues don't you want stan all visas ablishn republicans ago three really get lost in in man in the women's room transgender bathroom stuff you're not getting lost it has nothing to do with transgender people in the men's room a women's room it doesn't anything to do with that it has everything to do with the encroaching sphere of government on every single aspect of your life we'll never stop they were never ever ever stop folks it statues are just the latest adoration of far left anger they are look
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calm slash they pick up a bottle of foundation today you won't regret it gimme your feedback to i love to hear i another blockbuster story here's my role of facebook folks i'll show you my book the book is stack today you see there's a good eight you see that you're there's a good eight to ten store easier i could get you but this one is a blockbuster that again no one in the media is covering it off now this was said me by a listener so thanks to the person who said that over and this is really sad because i do a lot of show prep for the show i saw this article nowhere nowhere job it is a i mean a deaf con up a desert this thing is like nuclear war for the left okay so long dot com has a piece out right now which how do we saw on folks that as a that even a left leaning website that is a far left
meaning website that absolutely decimate pray take away the entire russia has merited this is salon if you don't know salon just gotta i hate to promote their website provokes fair is fair and this is absolutely damning peace for the left dammit i have to give them credit for running this because even there were during why the story hasn't gotten picked up now to sum up so on covers a report by former intelligence professionals right these are but these are i level intelligence professionals you ve done work like this before and this is not a right leaning group joe this is a group of people there involved heavily in going after birth as for the fault the intelligence in the iraq war so this is a right leaning group but their acronym his ribs stands for some like intelligence professionals or something like that but these disk has been around and these are people
been inside the government at the highest levels they didn't analysis of the alleged russian hath not just that this story and i know you do too but its critical you understand this because it speaks again to the larger narrative how a new liberal enemy yesterday was russia right today joe it's its confederate statues got its it speaks to how when the narrative falls apart they just now ever corrects it they just move along to a new enemy to remember the russia thinks departure now it's robert e lee and stonewall jackson open data very long immigration is that saw the hall tromp russia collusion story was built this fairy tale that army see the russians wanted hilary to win obviously kind of airports because that's what the democrats want you to believe let me assure me they want to try to ensure that if they want to try to win it wanted to hurt hilary the
russian narratives built around a trump colluded to win the election because the russians wanted trump to win and they want heard hilary now the bedrock of that our narrative arm cost was this this this ridiculous nonsense that the russians hacked into the dnc server and speed the information out to embarrass hillary clinton and john asked and all those other people even though produced as email was hacked due to a fishing scam and had nothing to do with that anything else but that that was these then that was that's the bedrock of all they saw just to be clear where we stand russians hack the server but the sea serpent heard hilary because they want to try to win but let me ask you a question joe yet what if the russians never had the server this is a member this is salon i can say this far left website who says teachers thing because easing our genes professionals put out a report saying that it is physically impossible that the russian
or goose refer on behalf of the russians as he allege it's not possible that they hacked into the server now you doubt me here's here here here's the data for because we love facts and data on the show and i'm gonna give you submit a minute to that's going to stir you're interested in buying out a piece of information from a source a little while ago that i feel comfortable enough putting out there i love you guys to run it down actually if you can't job the alert jude hack into the dnc servers was a download that took eighty seven seconds the seven second download of the information downward twenty two point seven was it megabits per second year now i am like my wife and intelligence excuse me and i t professional there so i added that doesn't mean a lot to me but to this day these entail she's professionals who are experts in this and hacking and this kind of this kind of espionage they said folks like news what we is a quote from the peace that's a download speed that court
far exceeds and internet capability any internet caper quality for remote hack less a hack from overseas as goose alleged and the democrats or alleging that russia's did in other words folks well you may be asking now if you listening right well if it wasn't act and how was the information downloaded it couldn't have been there loaded over the internet and how to be downloaded locally meaning was an inside job folks this entire trump russia's story is collapsing even the left they even a lot is acknowledging it it is not technologically possible that the russians hacked dnc server it was an inside job the download speed was only possible if someone inserted a usb drive or some other storage mechanism and didn't locally it was an inside job there was on peace and put the salon peace at the show note
the russian hacking that relied on the goose of her story that he did it on behalf of the russians is a myth it's just not true now here's a from the salon peace and put the salon peace at the show note available as always up on gmo thou kommeni subscribed to my email list if you choose i'll email the shipowners do every day in your inbox has a big subscribed butner quote from the salon peace it quarters about the mainstream media now ignoring the collapsing russia narrative and moving on now to its all about confederate statues and racist conservative a set made the logic goes out of mainstream journalist leave this on touched that allow will be enough to discredit it true believe the russian hack narrative can point to bright parts coverage to dismiss this new information without consideration before and the quota for a second because as important
in the salon i'd want to read the whole pisa waste your time but earlier in the salon peace remember their left leaning i can say this up they say that the reason this is being dismissed by the media is because a barge already picked this story up to and they're saying you follow each other's the mainstream media me honor that's his pride bar we don't pay we attach should a bright part is too despite the fact that the story is true now moving i quote again through guy saying you so these just a bit is the left leaning websites lancing we this is that's not good enough to say that because bright park it should go away so stern here's the quote again since that is good enough lords this article which is the article about the hack and the report behind it deserves some proper attention folks this is really disturbing stuff now i'm gonna move on a lot over the stuff to get to hear but i
a call otherwise got a man i can't say who because the source asked me not to say who it was if i say here gee mistakenly by the way i am i may go back and forth doing because i dont want even give up the agenda of the person who called but i got a call little while ago and i'm very hesitant to put this stuff out on the air here if i can't back it up but the more i think about it i think it's it's responsible enough for me because i trust the source i know the sources access is legitimate and you know listen i'm not a journalist and usually double source your information especially when it points the somewhat specifically i would never intensely defame someone without you know knowing you know that when defamed someone at all but wouldn't put someone's name out there if i couldn't double source it but this doesn't it the name is also very credible source or comfortable putting it out there this makes it sound like a big deal but when you think about what about to tell you i sure you it is source
me and said he was contacted by someone who had worked in we are in seas operation in dc where they are some headquarters there was really strong evidence of magnetic with some finer details but it was really strong evidence that it was actually the aral sea headquarters that attempted that it was an attempted hack and there was evidence of a what he said a hasty escape not do they anyone was chased out of the building after try new meaning someone tried to install some types of listening devices in that head orders and there were strong evidence that they tried to get out there very quickly based on the evidence that was left behind i assure you oaxus was not somewhat level guy called me now that stuff he's never made it into the mainstream media but think about what i just told you if that's true and based on the credibility of the source i believe it is and i don't think you she's put any this out there if that's true this
tire russia narrative was not only a lie it's actually and effort likely to distract you the fact that they were trying to nail the currency and get information from them that the end the thing was an inside job folks that's beyond disturbing but i'm telling the source you contacted me on it is a very very reliable guy who has contacts at the yap absolute highest level i u digest that do with it what you want i can assure you boss about by our friends at my patriot supply you know troublous times folks here you don't need to be a bit alarm to go out and prepare preparedness is that's what we did the secret service we prepared for contingencies that hopefully never happened but not having an emergency which supplies is pretty crazy you gotta go out there you everything in your life the matters mean think about a right your health you future your car you sure you're home sure your kids teeth you know have i glanced coverage everything else but we don't ensure our food supply it doesn't make a lot of sense go to my patriot supply pick up a one month emergency supply food today and one more
merges by food that's only ninety nine box at all it is that's a small price to pay for the security of no if there were some food crisis of natural disaster or god forbid something worse that you have a food supply to get you in your family through the day solely ninety nine dollars a small price to pay its available prepare with dan dotcom that's prepare with dan dot com they for ninety nine box you get an emergency supply of food last for one month achievement it had one month emerges by food at last for twenty five years that's two five not to point five twenty five years so one of those like you know your by the euro have to worry about its breakfast lunch at dinner you any water to support what water to prepare go pick it up today prepare with dan dotcom aright i saw a story that what's your journal tonight i'll put it in the shown us it was interesting one or more of an economic one more economic angle but this one's critical because it it it discusses this paradox it's going on right now that economies having a really difficult time explaining joe do member a couple weeks ago we talked about how the
economies recovering right now is recovering its not recovering in in the vibrant rope best way we would all like were still in the midst of the post obama slowest recovery and post war a to history but we are covering the economy's growing albeit at a very slow rate and i brought up we gotta meet before but it's been a constant theme throughout the show that one of the big questions miss have out there right now is this wage paradox why heck or wages going up like a member that revenue but there's nobody there hasn't a really good answer after yet i propose that patting myself on the back ever actually where i am for this but i said you were a prior shows again last week or the week i remember i said it is pretty easy to explain if you look at it from just a purely economic perspective in any and you you get all the static out of the way
we have a reserve army of workers out there right now folks although the unemployment rate is low the labour participation rate is low to meaning that the unemployment rate is just people act we're looking for a job so if you're not looking for job right now but you can work you are not counted so i gave the example your warmer cost us you know joe is a job at a b c b i'm in here conservative review if you went in and asked for a rage a way a wage increase arrays what you're what we would call in normal everyday language and joe was the only person available to do the job joke it probably walk into his bosses and say hey guys i want uk year then they could come i kind of jobs the only option they may have to say i will tell you what we'll give you say joe made would ever fifty i do i don't know joe sounder met you disclosing and honour but joe made fifty anyone's double they may come back and say will give the eighty joe and emigre right there they don't have another option it's either a job or you got no she's ok
with this reserve army of people out there who are capable of working but not king right now we're not counted in the unemployment number when i propose an upright joe was at the problem is as the way just go up in the wage demands go up these people are coming out of their own worst retirement whatever it may be balls yeah i know dusted off toward the there did you know the work boots and you're saying you know what w c yams offer in seventy thousand dollars looking for an engineer where i was do it for fifty but i'll do it for seventy show this reserve army of people are coming out of the workforce and are keeping ages relatively suppress why while ah there a governess there are poor so report the wall street journal today great object that confirms exactly what lesson about about being but the only person who would at some like debt budget out there you don't get a cap that economic say you any reasonable person could a figure that out and a lot of people have been
talking about it but it has never been the analyzed in a deep way like this study did so here's a quote from the explaining this wage paradox in just to be clear we're talking about how the account these growing but wages aren't it doesn't make sense the economy is growing up kitchen for labor should grow that people should be making more money and it wasn't really happening and it said he's a quote from the peace it's his wage gross for the weight gross for these workers is now as to the previous session two thousand seven pete but there are met more workers you been on the labour force sidelines were moving to full time employment thus creating a drag on wages exam actually what i told you before folks now this is what what's going to happen is people start creeping out become eligible you may even see the unemployment number go up because more more people who worry counted in the unemployment numbers in the past as they weren't looking as wage start to creep up are now the one looking for jobs that is to take away from this i want you to take away from this piece is critical number
the obama entitlements they created this reserve army of the unemployed make no mistake about it not entirely blaming barack obama but i am blaming him for a good swaths of this they create it extended unemployment outside of the twenty seven weak windows you could get paid for not working they created all kinds of abuse or bomber care subsidies for health care did they were all kinds of of tax code deductions and were clearly have the you know that there are all kinds of doubt tax payments made the people weren't even paying into the tax system they made employment not comfortable but viable in other words joe you could survive economically with it with being unemployed so your wages you're gonna just explained by example setting convoluted i'll get my hair cut in place in maryland and east have empty barbarous shares in there all the time and i member state of the lady sharing i go showing you kid barbers role that you know what all these people are looking for she was know i can find barbers she said but i come
they come in aid of you and i tell him what it pays and they say i get more on unemployment forces complicated i understand so we complicated for liberals the entitlement they the a reserve army the unemployed now this fit in to take away number to take away but who is going to take a while for wages to start increasing dramatically increasing commenced with economic growth why because job what happened unfortunately during the creation of the obama entitlement stating the really devastating recession is the first people that were let go companies out there let's say cbs where you work right the first people that were let go where the least skilled right so if you always jos been there forever joe knows that studio like no one else if they i'd say an apprentice they had hired at at whatever minimum wage whatever it may be and he was learning the trade even owed
oh cost more during the recession meda wanted to show to go off the air so the least skilled people were the first ones to go so the apprentices got so the problem joe is now five years later if the apprentice hasn't been looking for work and it's been living off the obama entitlement state those skills of atrophied a bit so what's happening what's happening now as is the apprentice makes his way back into the workforce is skills of a road in its demands for fur for a salary erode too i mean resume now doesn't demand say the fifty thousand dollars salary you would would have been able to demand if he'd been working five years and had those skills makes sense so problem is one of the reasons you're seeing wage growth stay low now too is because the people coming back into the workforce where the first ones let go are the ones you ve skills of atrophied a bit so you're going to see on average that's gonna be taking down the average wage growth in the united states a little bit too so just people because she's about these these data points when you can hear the media tack in trumpet about doing this to be like need our concern
if you know go golden calf worshipper here i'm just try to give you the honest truth there still recovering from the obama entitlements state and when you see these figures come out the washed impose a new york times in extreme i say well wage growth is slow yeah still slow because people are still making their way back into the workforce their skills of atrophied a bit it's taking down the average that's what's happening right now i mean it should be pretty clear that i am one last story resources really disturbing to me because this i'd like to get to into it but in impacts me personally in my family it's a really sensitive kind of disturbing topic but the of the opium lloyd i want to call it an epidemic as its maybe it's listen it's a problem but i think the language contributes to were an argument that the government should somehow committed fixes and i don't think there's been a real government support
since this may be education programmes on the dangers of of of dependency but for my opinion on this as you deserve the truth for me i'm going to give you a focus group tested talking point is if you are prone to addiction that actions going to find out what you have define jesus christ her fine strengthen you somehow because you're going to find out whether its gambling whether its opiates whether its heroin cocaine you're going find the now that if you have a personality prone to that sure that government has a solution to this but the opium problem right now and when i looked over the problem took about we are have there are unbelief and folks but this is affected me intimately in my family and me well then i know yeah i now we talked about it and devastating because you can't you can't help you can't have there's no help you can give the folks who were hopelessly addicted to these through these drugs
they have that they have to come out of it on their own i've tried everything and it just doesn't work and its destroyed me you know spiritually and physically in a number of ways to cause i'd distress to deal with it has been just overwhelming but folks again not only is there not a government solution to this the government is should we creating some of the problem the watch colonel has another devastating up at today that should a blow your mind here's a court this is staggering joke expansion of medicaid under obamacare am i making a political argument was making a fact based argument for how the government is contributing to a problem they met kate expansion of the robot care with a federal government incentivize states to put people on eta care who made more than a hundred per cent of the poverty line in other words to give them taxpayer funded we can quote health sharon's even though its terrible insurance one quarter medicaid patients have been prescribed opiates now
here's a staggering number them overdose overdose debts joe from opiates rose twice as fast in the twenty nine states that expanded medicate under obamacare now what's happening folks peep above the poverty line now who are not poor by by statistical measures by reason of relatively poor and income i don't think anyone would dispute that but they are now giving taxpayer funded we actually code on along with some help by healthcare benefits here's what's happening a lot of a lot of you're buying oxy code on pills they're saying at the number and peace to forty oxy pills purchased on a medical cargo cost one dollar ok with a cold and there being resolved on the street for four thousand dollars you bet for the first so what's happened is the government is unbelievably incentive rising in illegal drug trade in opium aids as the government takes more taxpayers money to show its so called fight the open
the epidemic folks the government is the problem here they are not the solution is another example of things i cover on the show about liberals who want to believe governments a solution to all of life's ailments when government is the ailment they are the problem they are the one paintings they're the ones paying people in many cases to by drugs complete resell them on the street it's amazing and now what nobody's cover this just a story darwin there because as particularly devastating to me personally and if you want to get something done get the government out of this health care system there creating nothing but trouble i folks thanks again for tuna and i really appreciate it if you wouldn't mind i've i've when asked this often but you wouldn't go and itunes too reviewing the podcast cast we appreciate it those reviews really matter i read them all so go to itunes apart gas tap and put in a review if you got a second i don't mean to you to haunt you back but it really would mean a lot through my audience is great member that survey we put out their job i thought if we had two hundred and
if the responses it was considered that top notch by the company that asked us for the demographic data on the audience we caught something like twenty times that don't thank you to the audience you guys ladys at their truly amazing i owe you a dane oh yes sir nice job today buddy i thank your man sorry about the yellow and screaming and beginning but sometimes it's important event and i feel good fear fear a better i guys i appreciated thanks joe i'll see you tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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