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Ep. 529 Popping the Media Bubble

2017-08-21 | 🔗
In this episode: The far-Left's entire political strategy is premised on making you believe that their fringe positions are held by a majority of Americans. Hint; they're wrong. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/democratic-hopes-for-big-2018-win-fading-confederate-statue-backlash/article/2631934?utm_campaign=Washington%20Examiner:%20Washington%20Secrets&utm_source=Washington%20Examiner:%20Washington%20Secrets%20-%2008/21/17&utm_medium=email   The D.C./Media Bubble is reading Trump all wrong. Again! https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-pershing-and-persuasion-1503091778   I'll debunk the premise of this study showing the economic performance of Democrat and Republican presidents. https://www.jec.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/democrats/2016/6/the-economy-under-democratic-vs-republican-presidents   Democrats are celebrating a minimum wage study showing it will cause tens of thousands of job losses?  http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/2017/Minimum-Wage-Study-Authors-Estimate-Job-Loss-Figure-Will-Be-Cut-in-Half-After-Error-Fixed/   Is the Secret Service bankrupt? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/08/21/secret-service-cant-pay-agents-because-trumps-frequent-travel-large-family/529075001/
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they won't you know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want to allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb jean i wasn't eradicated public if it thereby gino prejudge show how are you today and i wanna be sedated area cotonou is going on and oh let's get right to at no time to waste so bigger solar eclipse full eclipse day for people in large swathes of america everybody excited i can only imagine i was thinking about this this morning before i was we'd get ready where the show here as they can imagine
hundreds of years ago we didn't have the scientific data we had now imagine all that liberalism existed back then how committed they are to lie in all of us they would have told us it was a sign that we all need to raise taxes or something like that like school joyce was a terrible thing or that the apocalypse was coming because donald trump as president though you think there's big black disc in the sky is blocking out the sun donald trump is the president we all that everybody needs to repent now we're all going to die but you can only imagine what the liberals would have said if we didn't have mounds of scientific data showing us exactly what out of the sky so have one put your glass don't hurt your eyeballs may watch out for your kids don't let him stare at it so i move it out this somehow course stop it was a really big weekend and now you know why i read really but today show just let me sum up before we get started is going to be you know the liberal again lying to you i mean studies coming out research coming out anecdotal data coming out on malta
all stories this weekend about things liberals are telling you that are just not true when i read a piece of weekend it's bird me to monday show and then this was in the wall street journal was called trump pershing and persuasion and up the peace in the shown us but it was a fascinating peace i tweeted out when a big like must read please check this out because i fascinated the entire premise of the peace was something we ve been talking about for a long time and that is liberalism in the entire far left their strategy joe is premised on the fact that they need to make you believe that their binge positions are why we held you're in the french and you're in the minority absolutely the now i have mobile more cases of this somewhat appoint out today and i have of course you know data research and articles to back it up because unlike liberals we don't talk out of caboosa on the show it was really an incredible peace and a premise of the peace was was was was just that but they
who is the pershing tweet and what happened well it's real is an example of how what the elite dc bubble thanks is going on in america and what's actually going on in america are two completely different things and almost never ever marry up now for those he who mess data base your most people know what happened in charlottesville reuben case you missed it there is obviously a person died ethically some guy we saw associated with this sir they said neo nazi brand down a woman i everybody kind of knows what happened eighty four showed up there was a rally i saw my some coup klux clan members and some other people showed up in support of it at you and there was a conflict now it has been missed answer that trumpet pointed out that listen there people on both sides looking to cause trouble now ets is factually correct i mean no one saying
either side was right met effect both sides if you were spouse violence are wrong just by showing up if you they're committed to committing via the ethic everybody gets that right is that's kind of common sense not only the liberal mediators again but when trump where did that out the liberal media had a total meltdown now after the test attack in barcelona again if if you missed it there was a vehicle that ran down people in the street in other another savage decided to more people down another hostile vehicle attack and drop responded with a tweet indicates that we should take the pershing strategy pershing strategy was was an american military officer who went in the philippine war it was alleged now some people say the stories been the bank but it was alleged that huh lined up a in the end in the philippines bunch of fifty so muslims killed forty nine of them told one of em they go back tell them what happened now well what happened he killed forty nine well supposedly they dip the bullets and pigs blood
bury the dead bodies would pigs and trouble well maybe we should try you know this strategy now now with that backdrop the story or make sense the point that i made then the pieces it's it's an incredible one he says this moment you don't let me too read what he says here this is the author of the peace and this guy does strategic research and focus groups and sees what america's thinking he says take its political case of mass hysteria and one of the strangest we ve ever seen it's not about the event self another word charlottesville to the media folks joe it's about trumps ray the event because he's a most famous and fascinating matters ever lived and what we ve called the trump infamy ecosystem it's from exploiting that trade strange fact any citizen even about whether trop as racists it self evident that he's not because there's no evidence that he is just as itself evident that is campaigning conspire with russia to hack the election his sin
is that he has failed to express his outrage at the event in a particular way and he goes on to say that that way doesn't aligned with the dc identity politics mall in other words an identity politics when something happens that's supposed to inflict kind of strategic damage upon the right like a coup clocks rarely which is absurd these are these people are not with us these people a racist they have nothing to do the complex there was a democrat organization that you're supposed to resign in a specific way to point the guy makes a trumpet and respond in that way so the dc bubble thought oh my gosh is catastrophic he's gonna lose he's gonna get us but kick this is horrible look how terrible trumpets but the pole don't show any of that so i opened up the show telling you the premise of this is that liberals want you to believe that a fringe idea a fringe yeah what's right wing klux clan that's not us we have nothing to do with these people at all they want you to go
their fringe idea the response that we're supposed to accept blame for this and apologize for them not just condemn them that fringe fringe ideas as is covered by mainstream america but it's not that's not showing when the poles at all a matter of fact he brings up another interesting point about jobs pushing common joe now they say well it's been bogdan trumpet out a treat about dipping bullets and pigs blood that never happen this has been the bunked whenever an dilber creek it is quoted in the peace that comic gilbert trump supporter and he says it does it matter if the store real or not about pershing that's not the point he says that he makes in a recent really really good point here is the this is that the american public whether the story is true or not understands that trump is willing to take a harder line terrorism whereas others are not and they be that as the qualities of a leader folks obvious quoting
whether you agree with the tweet or not the idiotic anxious to the polling day is that the immediate response the trump and what's happening in the real world are not the same thing i can't tell you this enough they are not the same thing you're lying to you that is not the mainstream american position at all my guess trump really gap it charlottesville oh my gosh trope really blew it with that pershing tweet you think that use you know what i'm saying you're like they think that in the media but that's not what the data shows that's just not i mean they are going to continue continued a blow it they do this survey and pulling data predicting the downfall of tromp trumps get trumps going to go away is gonna be peaches gonna reside is terrible terrible everybody hates them that's just not what's happening aright moving is another piece in the wash them examiner today a really good one i might add about pauling the confederate statues issue and it was impossible
guards washed in secrets i'll put in the show notes again available always upon gino dot com and you can i join my email listen i'll send you these articles i pick out the duties every day off you subscribe to my email is again available but you know dot com the worst examiner pieces fascinating because again entire strategy joe is leaving infringe ideas men in the women's room women in the men's room we have to tear down our statues recent vandalized statues rip it all down we rename washington d c o as michel balkan said this weekend oh boy i'm a city i mean and all after democrats get rid of washington jefferson adams everyone you name it happened madison wipe of all out because they were all flawed people rip down get fed statues everywhere the law strategies at this fringe position is shared by the majority americans and if a majority of americans and if you don't share this position geo urine at the maniac crazy guy this is
home friendless of modern liberalism now again you would think that would itself in the polling data just like the charlottesville response if it was so terrible like the media told you trumps but said is to charlottesville joseph you would think that the polling oh a decrease in his approval ratings it actually the one up again you would think of trouble pershing tweet was so off all my god how can you send out this story about what muslims in the philippines now it is so terrible you would think is these appalling data would go down it didn't it went up are you don't have to agree with it i'm not defend you are not defending i'm telling you what is if you decide to accept what is or not that is totally up to you but others and if you don't accept what is you are living in a world that is it in other words fantasy lab which is causing we the dc babo now the confession statues thing i get a free
position that we should ripping rip down could statues we should attack the founding fathers because an international disgrace we should white clean its history this the french position on the left that they want you to believe is shared by the majority of americans wash them exam peace chosen polling data what is it owing data show joe even forty set of black americans and democrats think they're tearing down confederates that this is a pretty stupid idea black americans democrats you barely have a majority of black americans are democrats they think this is a good idea forget about republicans independence you think it's the dumbest idea ever tearing down confederate statue was going to do nothing to solve the the uk we ve seen in cities run by liberals for decades for decades it is not going to solve one crime it is not going to get one so drugs off the street it is not going to create one job it is not going to
it had better healthcare system isaak gonna fix a hospital it's not gonna get it poor child through canal of reckoning you gotta do none of that but he's gonna do one thing it's gonna keep the liberal base angry now folks one other going threads in this show from the beginning has been the idea that you understand that liberalism lip tourism festers and anger it needs anger its anger because it has nothing else now whether europe public in or not is not my concern i frankly too care you're all adults you can pick your own political party affiliation and judge your own candidate i have pointed out the problems the republican party frequently the failing us right now but at least good publicans conservatives in principle libertarians out their understand that
our entire ideological bedrock is based and very consistent things and even though those things can be hard to explain sometimes economic liberty the benefits of a they are to explain healthcare liver the educational everywhere consistent we don't change our minds the good ones where are we now good republic and i know it changed its mind and obamacare on tax cuts economically school choice anyway i don't have that note ascendancy democrats look please don't have that joe there entire ideologies an ideology of distraction they have to distract you from the greatness of america because the greatness of amerika was was our greatness when however you judge greatness as a common sense person right i reckon prosperity our system of our health care system education system whatever it may be our level of freedom anything succeeded is always succeeded because of liberty and freedom the left these unity to distract us from you
after the strategy from the greatness of america capades everybody s look so what do they do they always point out its flaws always they need to keep you perpetually outrage against an end and keep you focused on america's mistakes not its successes it successes are obvious joe people people emigrate the united states and emigrate from their home countries here they come here that we know we don't we have to keep what we have to build walls to keep people out from coming in illegally it's not the other way around we don't build walls to keep people in like country you have to do they have to distract you levels because they have nothing to sell you they have nothing to how you other then we need to apply children ripped out kick inanimate statues kicking statue joe kicking statues this is what we're doing now we're kicking statute we have the kick statues high taxes growth from it take away your liberties we have to put that put people in jail be a cakes fur before i forget weddings this is what that's their entire this is there for
position so in order to keep perpetually agri they have to constantly fabricate and refuel the aggravation machine and the ovation machine today's confederate statues even know this position is clearly a fringe position its barely got a majority of black americans and democrats you think this is a good idea but you have to fuel outrage machine because the outrage machine keeps people distracted at all times and true this week knowledge his role in the cool its agenda gender and his refusal to acknowledge his role in the complex and which is zero by the way his refusal play that game has the media pissed because in the past because you got all yes yes this is ass we did this we're very sorry we didn't do any of this not us i saw agree video prager universities we can show about the did the mythical so
then strategy how the left they avoid the american left avoids the history of the democratic party in all costs of course how without oh you about their democratic party member the google exclaimed was an exclusively democratic operation and they all tat the view that all what happened is the party switched all the races democrats became republicans and that's why the south republican but think about it we're getting sets think about the old while picture does that make any sense at all so what you're telling me is as the united states has become an unquestionably less racist more open and diverse society especially in the south rachel it is oh did more republican but you're making the case that as its voted more republican the re systemic its became republic as does not make any sense to you makes no sense at all the southern strategies a myth it's a why told to you by democrats to make you to believe make you believe
the racists history the democratic party there k k k legions their bare dominance of the south when it was racist and hasn't subsided it became more republican there they want you believe put that that it doesn't exist they want to wipe the stain of the democratic party and its history of racism clean now to be clear unlike what democrats do to us but i'm really mean this sincerely i am not associating today's democrats with the bull connor democrats of the south at all but a few i want to acknowledge history at least acknowledge it honestly ignore knowledge honestly that the history of the south was a history of democrat racism not southern rabies democrat racism that's the real story of the south and the cool klux clan and the simple fact of the matter is as
democrats started to subside and relinquish power and it became more republic in the south became more devote verse and more open to the flourishing society we see today you trying opinion europe the democrats races history on republicans issue lying you have nothing else to say again gems lying to you and making it out that a fringe position is held by the majority of the public it's just not true this can fit statue thing is not a position held by the majority of america's you're just make get up ok father stories i saw this week and came out i get a lot of you are equal and i really appreciate it read every wanted daniel app on gino that com really great stuff dick a lot of good articles and i an email this weekend from a gentleman he sent me peace and i'll put it in a show notes aris peace than by alan blender who is
a phd economist who has left me and i dont really trust this work as i've read is operates in the wall street journal i think their ideological not i'm scientific or or particularly well thought out to be candid nobody did write a piece and i don't want wanted i don't want to i don't want to just sweep away analyzing it because the peace is interesting in the email said hey what do you think how can you debunk this the premise of the pieces at the economy as better under democrat president's and republicans and i've seen this peace come out very is formed from various authors in the past that i want to say that the research and the numbers that blender puts in the piece which is going to be in the show note in the chart or not inaccurate democrat president there's under some democrat presidency economy is done quite well and just to be clear how we're measuring how well the economy did their measuring a percentage of gdp growth average of each year the presidency now folks what's the problem with this peace again the democrats
that's tell you because their disingenuous and they'll lie to you that's all it means democrat policies are better for the economy republican policies are therefore you should vote democrat now i'm gonna make it hasty that although the peace of the numbers in there are not inaccurate what this is the problem we're getting lost in that bubble without looking at the actual policies in other words show getting lost in the label rather than what actually happened what i found fascinating is data is skewed by a couple of presidencies the johnson of course kennedy been tragically assassinated him into his term the kennedy johnson years and the their average is by the way and the current meares now you know what's fascinating about those two years what democrat policies during those years that you would associate with liberalism are you gonna pay and on the growth like what what are you what actually did it
what would they don't tell you when my blender leaves out of the peace but he does say i'll give him credit he says these results should be interpreted with caution i'll finish the quote in a second if it'll make more sense what does that tell you specifically in the peace is a john f kennedy adoring kennedy years cut the top our tax rate from indeed a seventy percent which is larry cub was pointed out numerous times was the law are take home pay tax cut we ve seen in decades think about that is joe you may sit well how's that if f kennedy cut the tax rate from ninety to seventy percent but reagan cut it from seven thousand two hundred and twenty eight wasn't reagan a bigger tax cut it was a big it was a bigger percentage point tax cut but when you think about it the actual amount of money in your pocket increase than their kennedy even more the reason is very simple if you are making if you're done you ve got the last year you're relatively wealthy and your dad you're less dollar of taxes with tax that
eighty percent right so you are taking taking home ten cents because the government took ninety percent and rock and if you cut it to thirty percent you now take excuse me to seventy percent you are now taking home thirty percent so you want from ten to thirty a pretty big jump about that now you go for in the reagan years if you were taxed at seventy percent you were taken home thirty cents on the dollar but it at a time the eight percent you were taken home you know it listen it depends a little bit of its zero dollars and seventy cents seventy two depends on what marginal tax rate you have it you get it so you went from thirty to seventy but it's a bigger from ten to thirty than from thirty two seventy cents take up so you actually made more of a percentage increase in you take on pay under kennedy than you did underrated again need the numbers wait a little bit because we're talking about marginal tax rates which these aren't flat tax rates it's it's not that i
don't understand a math adjust that these are that i want to give your hard numbers like that was every dollar marginal tax rates means alas dollar earn solve the tax rate minutes say two hundred fifty thousand dollars more and you made two hundred and fifty one thousand you are only acts that ninety percent on that two hundred and two of that thousand dollars over two hundred and fifty so that's the only reason that but kennedys tat covers bigger so it's interesting from take on pragmatic pray perspective that he leaves that out of the analysis and the only tangentially refers would also under the clinton years folks listen not everything happen under the bill clinton years was an exclusive we far left policy initiative after we got rid of hillary clinton hilary care there were something that happened in the clinton years that were largely conservative base policies thanks to the new which congress and a lot of what republicans push clinton assign you had welfare reform you had government spending the percentage of gdp of historically low bryn at times at least we were spending out nineteen percent of gdp under the obama years it was twenty four so
just i say to the author of this piece of work and the guy who said the three great peace thanks for sending it your ass all the wrong questions when you say well i just read this piece in the economy is done better and the democrats and it hasn't the republicans you should be ask yourself what policies not what party if the palace is that the economy is done better under where the reagan year tax cuts and kennedy your tax cuts because we're too significant jumps in gdp growth than the common thread joe is tat to be fair democrat the republican also the economy should be interpreted the clinton years was it the welfare reform was that the control of government spending i mean let's be candid now again to be fair to blunder he says he says the result should be interpreted with caution with caution since numerous external factors can impact the economy including demographic and the strength of foreign economies and actions by the federal reserve so just to be clear on this he's not he's not saying the
a hundred percent certainty that wishes to de in front of their name that did this but he doesn't get specific detailed and after that always bothers me because it leads people to believe that yes in fact electing a day a crowd is better for the economy when if you noticed by the way in the peace and the research peace the last them we elected barack obama that did not pursue a pre centrist agendas agenda joe and did not pursue almost any conservative policies at all you'll notice there this growth is historically low compared to other presence so a kind of refuse the entire peace so just checked out it's just you know i got the knapsack while this is gonna get to cover this during the shovel watch out have liberals like to spend your wheels all the time they want to tell you something it's not you would get you to believe a fringe position is in fact shared by the majority of americans in this peace the french position is that far left liberalism is somehow good for the economy when the evidence is overwhelming medicine in fact it is that's this nonsense are last week we talked about this
this article in the journal about randy weingarten this peace really pissed me off man big time randy weingarten who's the head of the american federation of teachers who is i mean did this that the woman's this great she is a total disgrace i cannot believe what she's she is so adamant that that minority children and struggling school district should not have a school choice because she's she's ahead of a teaches you now don't blame teachers i blame this this this woman our union representation that last week she tried to point out the fact that school choice leads to greater racial segregation so as if q again this week i'm home do some research for the monday show and cato among their email list cato she over its weak and articles and the first article as does all choice led the greatest racial segregation they must have the same piece i did about how again how randy wine guard is now trying to paint people who supports
choice as racists which is absolutely unbelievable so beyond the pale but it's just typical for liberal cooks because they don't care about kids they care about themselves they care about union fees and and and keeping their use so corey the angeles did this peace which is really good and he quotes weingarten who said that this increase racial and economic segregation so that's a quote from a window so in case you think i'm making any isa now joe this is fascinating there's a piece here's the cato piece which will give you the actual numbers against we can argue with your loony tunes wacko liberal friends who will say things do that are factually incorrect to make sure that kid they in schools that are failing he says we pointed out in a policy form about school choice of the eight rigorous miracle studies existing on the subject of race integration in school choice job so of them show that school voucher programs get ready gateway for it
crease racial integration within the united states they wait wait what way why where we going ready so rarely weingarten ahead of the empty emerge federation of teenage teachers union hack just call you are racist for supporting school choice and separately the racial segregation so let's river let's get the so in their pencil imitate for the tape back for you kids spinning around because your waterways the battery under cosette recorder young listen they're right i'll go what the hell are you talking about other folks now gino jonas let's three that again of the eight rate chris empirical studies existing on the subject seven them show that school voucher programmes increase its racial integration within the united states even has a table hagar folks or for those of you on the facebook like the table is in the cato piece which will be in the shoulders louisiana milwaukee cleveland washing
all of these studies done show that racial integration in these are the words schools became more diverse after school choice now why hack randy why garden liar disgrace to humankind why would randy weingarten lie well she does liberals always do because she wants you to believe that a fringe position that poor boy kids and spanish kids should be kept in struggling schools because it benefits union membership she wants i believe that that position is accepted by the majority of americans despite the fact that most black american support school choice so what does she do if you have jet that position joe your ay oh do our good friend tom more god rest his soul who used to say that all the time much better than either
of course you're raises she doesn't have anything else she doesn't have anything else to support a fringe position other than making you believe that the people who support the mainstream position of school choice are racist it's all she has that's all the entire democrat party has that's all they have they are married to identity politics and trump is not playing the game and it is driving the media insane tromp was supposed to accept it federal statues argument that a few objective taken taking down here a racist if you objective school joy you're a racist if you are if in charlottesville if you don't acknowledged republicans or the complex when you're a racist they think this the majority of america but it's not it's now the of america it's just you wouldn t see that's jets id it is only you when the dc bubble you're the only one do you believe this nobody is buying your ps now
fine guard here's what she did though because democrats are was its imitate them back liberals and democrats liberals are dumb joe weingarten dear tried a fudge a little bit of data in other words when they make stuff up with you they do is they are cherry pick let's say there's a hunch studies on school choice and theirs one study shows a result let's say school choice led to a one point decrease of maskers if them ninety nine others study should show that school choice had a one hundred percent improvement in master it doesn't matter they'll pick that one say look the data look at the data they want the lagoon the restaurant so what weingarten did is quite quite clever here but she's a hack then this is what hack still she pointed to some international studies not the united states because joe if we're talking about
cool choice in the united states and we clearly want to see the results in sweden not the united states right i mean it makes sense that you right of course it doesn't because just having joined get a lot of sleep he's been up all boys works hard but i know joe jos always frosty for my show and even at your semi for steve ever right now you can probably figure out that researching school choice in sweden while or a results in the united states that point to the opposite premise of the one you had that's probably a pretty stupid thing to do but not for a liberal ever but not for lives for lives it's a genius thing to do so what happened and this is how they always vice why loved debunking section of the show yeah what she's using as a study in sweden correlated school choice programmes and racial segregation not integration and what they found is that there was a correlation between the implementation of school choice and they said nation of certain schools by
the correlation does not equal causation i can go into it but you know i've done it a thousand times the swedish study proves she's correct school choice happen again segregation happen number one poor relation of the correlation does not equal causation i can go into it but you know i've done it a thousand times yes that's it this because two factors change at the same time doesn't mean a causal but even the own researcher their own researcher nets that he said by the way folks we did not control for a massive influx of immigrants into sweden during the time of the school choice study oh oh oh so even you school choice study overseas does control for immigration and why do immigrants do generally they tend to send their kids joseph to schools where they were grants will coalesce into certain specific community so that the school choice had no most
nothing to do at all with the fact that schools became a little more segregated in even acknowledged even by the author but let randy guard lying hack from the union's from the teachers unions let her go out there and say that that school choice leads to racial segregation despite the fact that the research in the united states points to the exact opposite factor are these people incredible folks i'm not i will never tell you who devote for ok it's not my bag as you are all smart people i have liberals listen to show conservatives libertarians and i i i really respect you a lot of political views and i had that guy i me a couple weeks your remember we talk about very respectfully may disagree mia neutrality personally i responded back he knows that he's populists allows it thanks if you re a lot to think about here what i don't respect are lying liberal and randy weingarten is a liar because she's not dumb
you very easy for me to say our she so stupid she's not dumb she's art woman who was lying and manipulating you to get you to believe that the united states is a racist country and all she has is raised to get you to believe that her fringe position is in fact shared by the majority of americans when it is total complete crap its garbage and its she is completely making it up what a disgrace i folks to asia but you by bodies and see our tv but i am very proud to work it can a bit of review year we have one of the best if not the finest conservative network out their methinketh shows were put now there right now right we have mark levine shall live in tv we have seen crowded shall we have steve data show we michel balkan show which has been fantastic she's she's doing unbelievable job i call it the conservative sixty minutes and it it's an amazing show i'm asking you give us a lot give us a shot you're you're paying a ton of money every month for cable frankly for a lot of crap programming go to sea
the tv it just a fracture that'll even give you a promo code which ought to be about knowledge unless a month it's pond gino when giant oh my last name will give you ten dollars off the subscription fee go to see our too the dot com that see our tv dot com you can watch it on your computer which is right in front of me sling it's your tv can watch it on your eyes on your android device you can watch under ipad it's really a great problem am i not our line of programmes is always increasing railways looking to add new talent we got a lot of great stuff coming in future so give us a look see our tv dot com i would really appreciate it alright another story i saw the vault this week in my s they'll follow marilyn politics idea goody the joe maryland ending i lived there for a while ran for office there and i still light follow it because lotta each thinking by the way the republic governor marilyn larry hogan who i have a lot of respect for its taken a beaten right now and i have to say and i think justifiably so
decision that did tyr fall prey to the mob with the taking down statues with all due respect to larry i was a big supporter and i think you did a great job winning a democrat state but really just then a full decision and i i can't say about i think it was just terrible but marilyn politics fascinating i was on one of their email list this morning and a peace came out with the magazine you may so rash why we get this kind of a national show why you cover that because it get him it's an example of how far the left this wall joe this peace was comic always get a cover quickly move onto a secrets story which is getting i go a nuclear right now but most of the peace process mom wage researched story which we covered a couple weeks ago in montgomery county maryland jonah numbers were wrong the democrats or so reading this now we cover this a couple weeks ago they did at the democrat county executive legged ike legate montgomery county monk
ray county maryland which is a very liberal county they call it occupied montgomery county of an m did democrat county executive commission to study on me wage and he wanted to see the effects of what a fifteen dollar minimum wage per hour would be by twenty when he too so the study came out and it joe joe that met him away he's gonna cost forty seven thousand jobs by twenty twenty two the liberals what'd to do patting bell mode we covered it on the show live out of this your show its ibm or whatever but this this they were in a full blown panic they were like what are we gonna do what are we going to save a minimum wage disposed to increase jobs post the increase taken by how we can explain to people seeking to class forty seven thousand job forty seven thousand about levy it's funny but both goes to show you would get a fringe position that forcing apply here's to pay more money they don't have is somehow going to lead to more employment which is economically one of the
dumbest things ever heard my life member minimum wage johnny became a political issue when it cannot went out the window and politics took over you go back to the region decades ago that research was crystal clear on this ask import to pay more in shockingly they will hire less and points this was not sure to anyone fifty or sixty years ago it's only now because become a political hot potato so energy even worse after the washington study we discussed a couple weeks showed devastating effect the magazine peace today their cause acting the researcher deerlike now our numbers were a little off due to the way they asked two questions of employers in the survey and the gonna cost it get ready uses make you feel up at her arm cost it's not cause cost forty seven thousand jobs okay so eddies its own gonna cost twenty eight thousand jobs only right are no big deal ok got that day you got
that's great don't worry folks minimum wage hikes in montgomery county maryland they said it's only get across half as many so only twenty three thousand people are going to lose their jobs and liberals there's a job i can't you not i will put the peace in the show notes even oh it's a liberal magazine to their ecstatic then take this is the guy it is a big ever feel like we know the study was flawed we do it here is flood agrees moreover we gonna lose twenty three thousand instead of forty seven thousand jump good job fellows nice job lives euro we get across the bay oh yankee stadium not so busy night writs about one
three thousand people and i may be a tuesday night or so and it's a game nobody's interested everyone in that stadiums gonna lose their job in one county in maryland and they're all celebrating because it would have been twice as many it would have been maximum capacity a weekend game against the red sox forty seven thousand but it's only half the stadium is gonna lose their jobs that really nice job lives again getting you to believe again a fringe position just on freakin believable they think i watch my lying may scare me for a second year i now joe and because especially since we're doing facebook live joe can't do editing on facebook live not yet these aids last story of the day hold on what sexual graves and i had a reach back and grab something in my elbows from the jujitsu might you could see it on my face glad my elbows don't ban much presented on board a lot i got tooled again this week and by this sad the sky role with ah he so good he sees brown belt now jujitsu any just dominant i mean that the worst thing in the world
folks if you'd out if you ve never rest older than judo or sambo procedure jitsu the worst feeling in the world is haven't dude on party whose grappling monster who you just can't get em off you can't get em up it's like having like a car sitting on a guy only ways a buck eighty two hundred forty pounds and i was like your command ike get this guy is a visa is check he just old me again but its very refreshing to get you bought kick he learned not to make a lot of mistakes were getting back i normally distracted my personal life or jujitsu but yet my i got on board a lotta my elbows will swans i couldn't reach the book u s today is a story out and put the shone out it's it's getting a lot of are bought a press at their manufacturing got an email from sea and in this morning s can be to come on oh by the way folks sorry nothing direct but i will be on outnumbered on fox on thursday this coming thursday outnumbered twelve and make sure you tune it s been acquired
bad news stories this the expense thing trump travel profile and the number of residences and the large size of his family is called the secret service to basically go bankrupt and they don't have any money to pay their agents folks then i have a lot of people with the peace on that knocking usa today they have a lot more kingly usa today some conservatives over there i know it because some why communicate with one of them regularly premise of the story though it's not wrong the secret service is going bankrupt now just to explain what's going on here and if you will allow me i know some people get annoyed and promote my stuff often but this is my new book protecting the president you see i show you the cartel you watch and at no but happenings you said oh yeah i thought you were like watching and facebook so my new book it's available right now for pre order on amazon i'd appreciate it if you go out by it if not i totally understand but the book is about the downfall the secret service and what happened and how it happened and i cover this topic in there
many stories you gonna blow you away because you think in an area like this so not artisan at the present united states to be protected but there would be by partisan support but it's happening right now in the secret services they have a pay cap here's how this works and i get it soda it's a lot of money so i before me just premises i get this is a lot of money the secret service aid our cap that about a hundred and sixty thousand thousand year depending on cost the living things and stuff like that they can't make more than that tata money i get it this is why why they don't make enough money thing what happened shows if you work a lot of overtime you can't make more that pay gap it's a hard cap no matter what so if your work king sixteen our days six and seven days a week you a hundred and sixty thousand dollars because your salary plus what they call leap law enforcement availability pay where they get a twenty five percent pump any overtime you will be built
make that money say in right now it's what we in august the years not even over the agents by we are already cap out so they can't get paid for any more overtime because if they were to get paid for any more overtime after august whatever the data is today whenever august twenty or even though that they want if they decide what is that if they get paid anymore overtime they will go over the cap you know what i'm saying so now they work sixteen our days and they get paid free now you may say all what are these guys whining about and these women agents that make it a hundred sixty thousand dollars i would kill for that folks totally one hundred percent get it it's a lot of money but here's the problem i just giving you reality if you choose to accept that are not as you will call not mine ok there are other agents in the federal government who work for the fbi and the dea and others who make about the same money one hundred and forty two one hundred and sixty thousand dollars because their journeyman gs thirteen if you are secret service agent working quite literally
some cases two and three times the hours why would you stay in the position if you had a family if you could just transfer somewhere else and work like a normal person i'm just telling you what happens there having a mass resignation problem in the secret service because you are saying to themselves listen i have skill set i can apply somewhere else where i can work a normal out its forty to sixty hours a week rather than eighty to one twenty sometimes reich and work normal hours and get paid the same money they're leaving now i say well i'm sure there's there's hundreds of thousands of people willing to replace him maybe but folks again we live in real world not liberal fantasy land in the real world but wines are happening is it's not people that there are people willing to replace him i'm sure there are people love to be secret service agents i'm joe is they can't there
pirates to get in the secret service are very strict and just being candid here they eliminate a lot of people i was recruited for a long time so it's not that people don't want do the job it's at they care when we were polygraph and people i remember one point we were eliminating eighteen out of twenty people on a polygraph alone flow then you get yeah then you get other people who at physical problems at a medical problems they didn't have the proper i say they couldn't past requirements they couldn't passed a physical some failed the written text it's not a matter of take there are people with their obviously patriotic americans would fill the role tomorrow it's at many of them are sadly cannot the requirements sometimes it was a history of drug use in the past they don't have the people the numbers to back it up there eight hundred people ass you the secret service thing that they need to get paid five hundred thousand dollars a year i'm not suggesting area are you workforce joe added eight hundred people the workforce but they are
i have three hundred additional people at the end of the year than they did before why because more people left they hired eight hundred eight have three hundred more employees folks i'm just telling that i am not suggesting that they need to get paid five hundred thousand dollars a year on that suggesting any i've just trying to lay out you from experience and i cover this in detail in my book protecting the president how this is leading to a massive brain drain in the secret service now rather than talking about me of pay raises and all this other stop because i really don't i'm i'm sorry but i don't i don't think we could if i paying people three hundred thousand dollars a year and a federal government is gonna be a really tough sell because its taxpayers money and taxpayers that why the waiter all the promises because i want to leave you with a you know our world stinks and you know this is the paper on him whatever move along i talk about in a book in a little more detail but the way to do it is to do which conservatives have been talking about for years we have to streamline economy government combined agencies wider how do we have an alphabet super federal agencies right now fbi
the epa etsy i as secret services be a t f it goes on and on about why and liberals italians conservatives progress it was because we don't want to national police force folks we already have a national police force every violation of civil liberties we ve seen as happened under an alphabet super federal agencies the unmasked scandal the patriot act how is that help do you need a national police force what you need is one law enforcement agency one intelligent the agency and one internal affairs agency that reports the congress is ripe burnt robust and well source and overseas the other two we are bring upon pot of the secret service we need more people we need more money no you don't let me one quick story only the show at the show europe with kind of crap this is they don't need me people more money they need to join up and mary forces with the fbi idea cross train and cross polity that where they wouldn't have such a manpower crisis it would have to pay all the overtime quick story when i was an agent
baltimore field office i heard a stir and i can say told me about we live extra space and our baltimore field office in the secret service of pratt street the fbi need an extra room someone told me they offered space to the fbi that because they don't see it from the bigger picture they got space we weren't using you guys have not on how we can do what they want the renting a whole separate space altogether taxpayers money totally down the tubes once again as isolated example but its epidemic in the federal gum total waste assets combined these federal agencies let's get it done and this is just a few of the usa today doesn't doesn't harp on that because i do not see it from the bigger picture they got lost in a small arguments i folks think for june really appreciate it if you want my going mind going and review in the show we jump last week from two fifty reviews to i think now at like three hundred and thirty or something so thank you all these a lot to me you all are great i read all the reviews and i'm really flattered thanks a lot of folks mean
i will see you or mark you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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