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Ep. 538 Panic Everywhere on the Left as They Lose the Narrative

2017-09-01 | 🔗
In this episode: Liberals are desperate to change the "narrative" on Hurricane Harvey to one that suites their political agenda. https://www.mrctv.org/blog/8-times-left-looked-really-stupid-during-hurricane-harvey   https://shar.es/1SA7P2   The media lost the "climate change caused the hurricane" narrative, now they've moved on to blaming Texans. https://www.wsj.com/articles/texas-thou-hast-sinned-1504221194   Big news; Trump may be scrapping the DACA program. http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/08/report-trump-may-end-daca-on-friday/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LegalInsurrection+%28Le%C2%B7gal+In%C2%B7sur%C2%B7rec%C2%B7tion%29   Trump is resorting sanity to welfare program by reinstating work requirements.  http://dailysignal.com/2017/08/31/obama-gutted-work-requirements-welfare-trump-right-restore/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTW1FM1lXUmpZakJpWWpndyIsInQiOiJLV2JaNE5jNW1cL3lSZG5EazVEZFB5N0NoRWhIMHhCa0tVYWFCenc0aGd0QnFKK1ZxSmM4dkNnUGRuZkRVUXJQV0I3TkpPcG0yZHFQTFVTdVNqY2J2allianpabFplTW9PY1JHcUpZODdcL3ZwVitUVVwvd2xMcGJud2lsQjVsQmNSZSJ9   Why are unions losing members? https://www.wsj.com/articles/american-workers-need-a-new-kind-of-labor-union-1504220896
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They don T know. I owe you was home. You owe me, I owe you there's nobody. The din bungee, no show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground. Burned stepped on. Gasoline port on had been burned again, waiting to hear the truth about Amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas norms and have gotten us on a showed its not immune to the facts with your host bonds. You know, I love you, the renegade public, if it thereby Jean up, you show how are you today, it's Friday, I'm doing good man about you. Do a great again, a big fat juicy. Thank you to our audience. We had our best month of downloads ever were closing in on a absolutely preposterous number, a doubt behind this. So that
see you in spreading is that you're the word of mouth on the show? I deeply appreciate it means the world to me. So thank you so much. It really was a bad a month, despite the fact that kids are going back to school, and its summer we're still ground. We grew by ten percent this month so that a big thank you, hey, I'm lots dogma let's get right into it, so the left is not for but the narrative, no matter. What remember yesterday show the gas lighting. The left cannot tell you the truth. They are obsessed with narratives all the time, which is frankly disgusting, pitiful grotesque. In a time of a an app national tragedy that again, we just can't come together with People on the left that we have no problem coming together, we Democrats with their unity of all Americans, but the liberal left wants a sit near stupid bubble, their insulated bubble of profound dopey ness at a hundred posts- doping is on the cancer curve. They want us.
there and they want to stick to the narrative, no matter what so I've been teasing. This clip all week, but That happened to me yesterday, to which again the left will not force, narrative, gas lighting matters than them. Remember repeat: Alai over and over again repeated confidently and isolate people from the true. So what's the lie, What am I talking about the left wing Never ever let a crisis go to waste ever because their sick, that's just what they do, So this horror, what's happening right now in Texas, is being blamed on course, climate change. They do not but the climate change narrative, the change, no matter what God a pot, no pun intended there, but I have some some numbers on this too is well justified monkey because his show is, you know, involves facts and data, and it is not to do at all with climate change that the severity of the storm, not these so called, frequency of the storms not of this, but the left will not force
the narrative, no matter what and when the narrative starts to get out of their comfort zone, Joe, which is climate change, because we have to take political advantage of this if you're a liberal, that's all they do all the time they gonna comfortable now established unmerited first in case you say to yourself come on Dan now your politicizing it this isn't really happening. The left is committed to an end, but if about climate change at a time of national tragedy, or are you sure Joe. You can confirm where this is. I had tipped gravy and out there. This is a gravy and Clip GR a bee grab. I e in they do a lot of these s besides, this was a two medical at bright day. I think we took like a minute I've read because we want to eliminate any five someone. This goes on you just have a minute of the media hacks because they are liberals trying to establish for you a narrative, their politically benefits them in a time of national crisis, despite the fact that none of it is actually true play the cut very. Why to this? Why
There is so much water associated with this storm. What does thing we fur from scientists of the last ten years is that climate change does impact the intensity of many of the storms that we see probably would tribute. What we're looking at you is not uncommon. Occurrence could climb a change, be fuelling the history making nature of this. storm into question. A lot of people are wondering why shout there could be more months, the hurricanes they come, and that's that the theory that climate change is impacting all of us what we're not sure a local officials and you didn't have any plans to study the effects of climate change, he or think about whether the city needs to plan for more frequent and more indent rainstorm put most scientists Are you sure they do? You have a changing climate. We do have warming waters with warming waters, you get more moist jack coming into the atmosphere and what hurricanes absolutely love is moisture because that gives them right,
Paul and that's what happened in this situation with hurricane having that there is no doubt that climate change makes because what we want. Do you wanna get a warming. The ocean waters in the Gulf Waters makes storms like this more common. then from sign an executive order, rolling back Obama era regulation, which required all government construction to take into account the flood risk which was being cause and the future flood risk being caused by climate change, and rising notion temperatures in sea levels. The timing now seems almost ironic that goes on with that out for another minute, you're right job making this. That was a two minute and twenty second or something cut said The gel when I send it over to Joe, can you do me? A favor can cut this up with the show Asia, thing I should know it's too long. I said you know, I don't wanna want a boar minorities that goes on for another minute media hacks, trying to tell you that climate change is doing this because folks, they can never ever ever lose the narrative, despite the fact that what they're telling you is
actually inaccurate from the Wall Street Journal today in case you're, having any doubt that, or maybe a tribe, any climate change, climate change that than the intensity frequency this or that they are just making it. This is what in fury age me about before that. Now you know how I want. The care that with you, because I love my audience said I I I I I don't know how I come off to you like you: can bird analyzer think that when I was in graduate school for psychology they had this thing called. we'd be sustainable. Social monitoring and people were goods. Social matters monitors are those guys who end? Ladies? Who, in a crowd, are always the centre of attention people enjoy being around them. they're good social monitors, meaning that they they see themselves or can see themselves as other people see that a bad, social matter. Joe, is a cloud at a party? Is everybody's trying to get away from boycotts. We talked about himself and populists puffed his chest all the time you know everybody knows I got you were everybody
those that guy right now I bring us up because my mother in law? This is to the show, so is my wife and they don't like it. When I go after liberals, they don't they think like. I should go easy on him at school at my mother in law. I love her to death she's like one of the greatest women I've ever met, and I obviously love my wife she's just she's, just the bomb This is why I'm an explanation pointed at best not gets into my personal lipid. I think about this. Lotta gotta. Sometimes I go to the gym out every David, typically after their activists, and unlike was I to after the show. Was I too angry today. As I say to myself, I question everything. folks. This is why I am angry this Why? Sometimes I have to go after these people are talking about all Democrats, I'm talking about liberals because they do things you'd better, so deranged? So I've been so below what any reasonable human being with you we are? This is an epic level crisis. We ve had the United States, we haven't seen
being a but even then this scale, this is gonna, be even more than that. You we're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars. We have people who died, Georgia billions of dollars. We have people who die people lost their homes and all the left can do all they can think about, which is a sign of a complete moral vacuum, any genuinely Jenny. only sick person, I don't usually terms lightly. All they could think about it. How do we lie to people? Because what to telling that climate change is factually absolutely not true and I'll show you in a second year. How can we lie to people and how can we score political points? I mean Joe Friends you- and I seriously- I mean I know we're talking to our bodies to take years, but that's sick, me? That's just really real. He sent me like psychopath a we ve talked about there's a number of times. I know I know you're genuine on this and I feel the same way You do any just it really bothers me folks. I can't we have you what would happen
if there was like an alien invasion tomorrow. Would the liberals, like start talk about all we push the budget cuts for extra terrestrial Rita, I mean. Is there any law full of human tragedy where, when Europe liberal. You just start thinking about human beings first but I mean it- I mean it's a sincere quite know we have liberalising. Should I get your Haiti males? It's it's a genuine question? I'm not I'm not! I know it comes off minority, but I really mean it is there a human tragedy mass chew starvation a virus wipes out. You know a third of the United States, you know an epic flood, natural disaster that kills hundreds of thousands? Is there any human crisis deep enough in profound enough that you will forfeit gas lighting and forfeiting political narrative. Anything I mean the fat. you're doing this to America and dividing us up and I so fair enough points for some people be were why're. You doubling down
you contributing, no folks, because listen I'm not we're in a fight here. And it's you understand what that fight is. We cannot allow the left to continue to put out there to moroccan people, nonsensical bogus information, that's going to allow them our or or or incentivize them to make bad decisions in the future. This is not due to climate change. Your jus literally just making it up from the wall. Shooter is a quote from up at peace and which are put the shown us the problem with this argument. The climate change argument is that it back free. As Roger Piercy Junior has noted, the link between global warming and recent hurricanes and extreme weather events is quote unsupported based on research evidence. Mr Palkee was no climate change denier has shown. with data that hurricanes hitting the U S, you're in his folks have not increased and free let's see or intensity, since nineteen hundred there is
notable trend up or down in global tropical psych loan landfall? Since nineteen, seventy and floods have not increased and frequency or intensity in the? U S since nineteen fifty I made it, and this does any even bother you a little bit. I mean if you're, a liberal Does it bother you a little bit that what you're saying in the inn in the in the wake of a really incredible human tragedy and a mass scale. The large states in the union. Does it bother you even a little bit that you're just like the people of Europe? Really sincere here. Aren't you Wonder why I mean you know it again, my mother law, my my my wife at times like you know why you are we so angry at these big agar, did that my wife thinks it it's the shop. She Does she says? Well, then you know. Sometimes you come off really really hard about some out. I'm not! I'm just being genuine will hear the answer. You'll get. He don't know what he's talking about. You have cut, because I don't want
or Joe that's all they have it all that they will never when you say that adheres to response, so give them. Ok, where what part of I just told you about intensity of hurricanes. Number frequency of hurricanes? What part of that, when I told you is factually incorrect and they don't have anything you're a racist. Now you'll see here's a forty point. I did that purpose, I'm not I'm not kidding. I set you up on purpose armoured cars because that's funny to you, because it should be because it so dumb Like all my gosh, you are racist, you're talking about what happens in a hurricane. Clearly your racist happened. It happen. think progress, hack web far left website, I mean really wit media matters that damage the two biggest protect clown. Out there, I mean even worse and salon big progress. As a peace up above gotta put it oh. No, it's really Ellison. Look it up. If you want, I I'd, rather, you not give them the collects, but it's up to you I'd. Think progress
up on their website, has a talk about my Tucker costs in appearance. Here then, I talking about looters how loot his words. You have to be a savage to steal from people entire Zverkov job. Again you, the audience. Ombudsman I would agree. I think you would agree as well a completely non controversial point in any respect. You weren't, you wait our game. You walk in you still somebody's cash register. I would pretty I'll call you when I called you earlier, which is a a viable savage man bees here, we gotta think progress Joe, that was racist, we're racist, Tucker, Gaza. There I told you I had to Alex plaintive quickly where they go with filling. This is coded language for racism, Europe Fox it so tired. If I'm glad you laugh ordinarily, We need to bring this up because it's so stupid, but again it shows you how, when they lose their merit it when they lose can I have. The narrative has to stay focused on a something that's going to benefit liberals and
spite data two. Second, how they're moving on from climate change does not get the climate change narrative by the way they are losing it and how to trying to move on other things out, the climate change now they were losing and when they saw looting back on my got just gonna turn a narrative over to law and order, and how law and order is s law and order doesn't work for the left. They have to stay focused climate change. So what did they do any time people bring anything up, that diverts away from Mayor narrative, Joe Climate change. What have you got go with the racists, their gas do that's their go to that's their ground ball. That's it! That's it that's there, but they have every time. The problem is an age old, see this baby, they really. I think moderate Democrats do its tire, Joe, it's old It's a you know what I was a kid or if they still uses term, you know that, It was played out it's over. but he listens to you anymore. It's the same oak rap!
every single time. Nobody listening folks nobody's, and is everything is genuine authentic cases of racism, which should always be called out at an thankfully are by by whatever your party affiliation as they get watered down by. baseless charges array. The word doesn't even mean anything any more. The left uses it every single day how is calling out a guy or a woman who stealing someone else's property? How is racist it it is. The answer is when you were a deranged leftist who has anything else. You don't have anything. and your narrative about climate change is being lost. You have to stay, focused things that matter to you. So what do you do? You call the other side racists and happens every single time now. The climate change narrative is, is there losing it? Because I made candidly folks? Nobody cares. Nobody cared
right now about climate change, shot at any significant number that nobody cared about climate change before this thing outside of the fringe left, because they made they fudged statistics on it. For so long they lost, declared grown credibility. So all of their dire warnings about how we're all gonna be floating polar bears are going to be in Florida. None of it came true, so people just tuned amount. I mean, if you're on the left, is the first time listening to the show, and I get it by some. the reviews on Itunes, some of the left, the sugar whenever they get angry how do you know when you get angry, because I'm telling you the truth? Nobody cares. If you are irrelevant matter fact, there's a piece on judge today, Dua Matthew Continetti at the free Talking about how a relevant the Democrats are Republicans or in total chaos, but Democrats are completely irrelevant national argument picked. Let me get this straight Houston, massive flooding, epic, human tragedy, Democrats talking, point climate change,
I do like. Are you serious what you really think this is a credible party platform to show your leadership for twenty twenty, two? Twenty, eight eighteen you're, not european, He is totally irrelevant. Your ideas are bankrupt. Your parties bankrupt, you are literally a party of fringe kooks, like Elizabeth, warranted Bernie Sanders. That's at your party, if not a total nuts, it's really a shameful totally completely shameful about. What's going on now they are losing the climate change narrative because its false and its nonsense so now they're moving onto another one, Joe and there. This is Reducing their narrative now is that she did this to itself yet died. I mean a folks. If you take the climate change narrative on this is a loser blaming tax as for this and Texans Ford, for this I mean odd, but
either we horrific event wow, I mean just when you think the left is hit a hundred percent on the gangster curve for doping? Is there managed to surpass that we have to actually reset the curve on the exam for doping. Is I mean It's just staggering its happening already ion. I I'm gonna send out tweets and put in a show notes that I saw because, from the media, research centre show now as a salon and other far left outlets insinuate that this is the these you stones and the taxes it did this. Why? Because of zone now zoning the new thing, Joe ship member, the left love zoning rules. Voting rules are basically local or not and state, in some cases, guidelines about what you can build. Where now fascinating about zoning, its use them, as is known for
it's it's, it's paucity of its of zoning regulations are relatively few now. What is that lead to ok horrible thing show like rents, sixty percent lower than California, of course, are being sarcastic because we don't have a bunch of zoning lodge. You have to pay an army of lawyers and accounts the do what together those zoning laws or comply with them so Houston as long as you meet safety standards at me, and that there are black and allow you to put a nuclear power plant inside of a school bus? because you get around some basic safety standards in Houston. You could build what you want when you own the LAN Wall, all my liberals, folks liberals quake in their shoes of that they love zoning concerning allows them to do whatever they want. Zoning. Alas, discriminate against people. Zoning allows them to move people around based on racial quotas. Remember the shows we did on the affirmative, affirmative housing thing under the Obama administration, where they were going to move my
parties into neighbouring Gazeta meet a racial quota. Keep the matter reversed. By the way they were, they were going to move white people at the black neighborhoods. They wanted to move people or minorities into white neighbours because they weren't diverse and keep in mind. There were no allegations of racism in those neighborhoods at all. Nobody ever was telling people your black or hispanic or asian. You can't move here, it's just that they govern, like where black people chose the live, so they love zoning laws precisely because of this, because they can use ozone in laws to sue the state they are in love. So now the narrative folks the narrative matters, always more than anything. Now that the narrative of has started to change to a couple, a different things: they lost climate change, climate change things they're still gonna, try it, but it's said, be they're getting laughter. Pretty much roundly by everybody in America right now, because that's what the Liberal Party is its aids? It's it's a bunch of coupe.
Aren't we started to change to a few things. Are stories about religion and you stones lover for church in love, for God, love for their fate. You ve seen RO videos of gospel singers it at the m. I t: some of you saw that Georgia's than amazing performance by women, but the left by who happens to be black. Oh my gosh for mentioning the Chopin. This is like triple reverse quadruple reverse racism now have their eyes, imagining right, yeah that lets it triple quadruped, doubling: reverse races, they're, just mentioning a black woman who has faith in God because they want to seem like they are not racist, because conservatives who were automatically racist you're like saying that, need I'm trying to follow liberal but she's getting increasingly difficult, because my brain cells that my den dried sort are slowly withering away. Every time I mentioned liberalism, but the merit This changing away to the truth and the truth is now
the lie. The gas lit narrative lie, did neared. Add that the liberals want you to believe, and they are deeply troubled, so they're moving his own it now the narratives. I extend religion, how taxes You ve seen stories about this, how their faith is getting through this people on the news all the time. I got that that that Absolutely not gonna work for the liberals, as I've said, repeatedly liberals cannot stand bigger God, given rights at any any affirmation of fate, because what does it do competes with them? our this state liberals care have any that so conversations about religion or to be suppressed immediately and are starting to permeate the social media ecosystem number two stories of rescue on a massive scale by people who are not government This is driving the liberals mad folks, please I implore you, don't think I'm making this up and steel, aligned from rush? Don't doubt me don't help me on this at all the
these social media viral things that they know people are saying it is driving liberals, wild cage and Navy, the Texas Navy, people with monster structure. The liberals think raw budgets open ran back. That's how are you are you down on us? still elites with their thirst and how will bow tie wearing you, don't say, redness, stick snobbery, they see all of us down south an endless, and I grew up the northeast. I live in the south. Now I've lived beat on Marilyn's. It depends. I mean the hit they stay with me: These dinners they Marilyn's are the South America distinctive northern emerald, maybe a backwards, but having in both in grown up a birthmark trust because the least think you're all a bunch adopts, because that's just what they do. They are deeply disturbed by pictures of a man
carry women out of the floodwaters all by guy sets like white male privilege or something critical theory monster truck southerners all by GOSH. Look at these hey seeds, their rescuing people and what case rescuing members of the National Guard got their trucks. Another bunch of heroes by the way they like bella- he's doing the right thing: oh my gosh, I bid citizens rescuing people, know without instructions from the government job. We gotta do something we can't let people see the truth. Narrative number three: they were a door to door. look out beyond this love listener. Rush, everyday search out to rush on our I'm acknowledging the theft of that line. Footnote had Tipp rational, and I do not doubt me for a second thereof, broke out there, a large swathes of the metal who were apt
so loosely hoping for trumped below it. They were helping. You and I both know when they had their fingers crossed, and they were like all my gosh, please blow it now. I want to be crystal clear on the this is not over. This is close to over this is gonna, be a multi year operation there, the the of the built rebuilding of the Houston. the Houston infrastructure, the rebuilding of uses economies is not over. By any stretch, there is still a sadly tremendous opportunities screw this up, but folks Annie, Annie, feasible person knows I'm not talking to liberals right now plea again to now. What are we at the twenty three, mark or whatever we put new promos twenty four you kids now this is for reasonable people. Any reasonable person would have to conclude at this point that, given the epic me sure of this tragedy that the the government Donald Trump and under the
Poland, governorship of Gregg Abbot and some fine local leadership has done a pretty pretty good job. There, always room for improvement and bothering them even more is at the the decision that has been question, the decision, to evacuate used in its drive. Create I'm tellin. You five just telling you. What's out, there was made by a Democrat, the use the mayor now notice, and I mean this idea being incredibly sincere on this. It's a bit I, I hope that that decision by the Houston mayor, because is not the time for that now famous public, and may I assure you that the liberals and the media would be called for our hanging in effigy that's just they do, they would call for a public I'll attire and furthering that cassettes. What liberals do? I am very proud that Conservative media outlets have largely kept away from this because, although I think it was a bad call, it's, this is not the time for that.
this is not the time to back the man up, he's doing it. job he's out there. This is not the time to do it yeah, but I'm saying that I'm not like quietly like bringing it up either and I strongly urge forget all and that that is not its not relevant now, but leave me when I tell you Democrats receiving that the only decision, really- and this has been largely question- is that one and it was a Democrat, I'm telling you what their thinking. the religion narrative. The excellent on government response and the excellent government respects it's under Donald Trump are driving liberals mad. They can't have it folks, they are obsessed with the narrative at all times. They will never ever ever let a crisis go to waste. So what are they switch? Do they switch disowning? Now I want to reach you just click another light from this Wall Street Journal up at which is really terrific and it tribes, how there there are completely uncomfortable lives with what's going on right now, they're talking about them
spots, this is this is but even faster than usual, perhaps because the Katrina to scenario for emergency mismanagement in pan out the state, local federal government On a competent job at the terrible conditions and stories about neighbourly charity ratio, goodwill The heroism of rescuers and big business creating money in goods, don't fit into any agenda. Liberals a ring Overall Maloney trumps heels in a land also lack there were at their ringing over Maloney trumps heels also lacks political legs. I don't even think of that corporate goodwill that strive and am not american businesses are supposed to be and the fact that american businesses you have Walmart stepping up. You have a bunch of people out there. You ve home depot stepping up doing the right thing, driving liberals crazy because they gaslight narrative, they ve told you over and over climate change. Did this wrong corporate Erica Horrible wrong. The government is the only way to fix our problems wrong, Donald
There's an idiot he's gonna be a competent wrong, nothing! They called you it's true, so they after move out, they moved on to climate change. Any time you I to change the narrative. It's always that guy's a racist any time you too that there does work they right onto the next one, this one about zoning now for them, we say well and keep in mind. You may say. What what do you mean? What's zone Maybe I was clear on that with the zoning The liberals are trying to say is that wow? You know Houston built all over the place because it was no rules on who could build. What, where you follow in jail and because of that led to this massive flooding, folks new mark in New Jersey, as pointed out in the journal today, have some of the strictest zoning laws in the country and had an epic disaster with, with wit, what one hundred and ten to the rain, I mean I don't even know what the rain was in sandy, but I can tell you right now as a fact: it wasn't even close, to what came down Hurricane Harvey added at the damage was phenomenal.
I mean it has nothing to do with the under all I'm trying to say that an end by the way zoning leads to very cheap branch. Cheap house prices is all the things you think liberals would fight for, but again liberals or not just in the truth, are not interested in helping people they're interested in power and control and controlling what you think, whether what you think is true or not, M telling you folks is completely irrelevant to them. It doesn't matter the zoning LISA cheap housing. We dont want she paused and we want to control the house. Dammit we're liberals. What are you an idiot? Get the programme jack just really frustrating every time I got a couple. Stories. Here I don't want you to mess, but that today show body by brick ass nutrition, one of my favorite nutrition companies out there these guys a bit sponsors from the beginning. We always proud Emma what I think I got like five or six really glowing emails about brick house yesterday. I do appreciate the appreciated the annual happens. You know that come if you a semi. Any about means a lot brick as a product ethical d,
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my conservative and I liked Donald trump me personally, I think he's got the right attitude go into the swamp, but I think we ve been pretty fair, but there it. These are three stories were. I think he deserves a really sir. Round of applause from the conservative crowded do some fairly so putting some of our what's your but I'm it fairly shall have given him some some guff over some decisions, and you know that the right- but these are three solid- once used number one So are you probably, MRS story yesterday? So that's what the renegade Republicans here for to fill in the gaps in hack left media coverage, so he revived The Obama administration Tsar waivers of work requirements for welfare now about its explaining what happened why? This isn't really a huge deal? still does matter the after that the new grit Congress. In the Clinton years there were work requirements built into welfare, meaning you could only collect that supplement the assistance from the government run. What will we would call welfare? Leave you
greed to a certain amount of work requirements, or you were actively look for a job, clear job. Well, oh boy, you know what he's effort to get as many people in America not working and on the government dull as possible. He decided he's going to change that and make things like making this up folks, I've I've that this is not a joke. This is real. Make things like attending watch, your sessions, the looking glass Looking for work, so you wouldn't have to actually go get a job. You could still collect government welfare benefits, I'm not kidding. Ok, So do you need to cut that out? now that's a great sound if we need that the future, like you need that on instant, ok, I love that was great oak. We can hit the ok but everywhere it is set up like those great ok, yes, so way, watchers is now looking for work. Now. Obviously,
that's ridiculous, and it's just an Obama administration. Wasn't Obama Administration initiative to get people on a doubt government doll because it leads to more votes and that's just what they do lips topics. need control at all times. Well, Trump revoke that now to actually be looking for actual work like not trying to drop a few well being at the local wait: watchers whither, you know low calorie brownies or whatever it may be. A dozen or more proud await watches, but that's not looking for work, you may saw its great news why you sell it short, I'm not I'm just saying that I'm glad trumped did not mean. Obviously, when talking about the story, I tell you that every year we're here for facts and data, its I gotta have a big effect, and why is that? Because, as this Eight you how to apply for a waiver to get like way, watchers included as looking for work and no state they had so I'm glad he got because now states don't even have the option of doing it, which is great but truth, be told
folks: its knock at a really change anything because no one had applied so, but but that's very good for tromp. I applauded for doing it story. Number two this one's. Getting out you. I didn't hear anything about the first one is limited. I mean really. No one was talking about it, but it happened. There is a strong rumour going around that today, Friday, we're going to see Trump ending Dhaka, the deferred action on childhood arrivals, which was the programme under the Obama administration, where, if brought here as a child illegally that you could stay and not only that that you could eventually get a work permit. A few brought here before a certain date, Trump bizarre talk, You bet ending that today, I think. That's a good idea for If you want to change the policy than you know, elect representatives and I'm gonna to Congress and change it. We are a country of law. the laws say how you can come here legally, if you dont, like those laws than change them, I'm sorry. We have courts for the hard cases, but he's talking about ending Dhaka. Today me, meaning he will not work, but he will not renew. I think it was every two years he will
river renew any of any any. There will be no waivers that you will be subjected to deportation like anyone else, so good, getting minnetaki. Also, the third story, which is really easy to describe cause. It's just, I think, a very nice gesture. I their trump donating a million dollars of his personal money towards the Harvey effort. Is, is the guy billionaire? I don't know, I don't have access to his financial records, and nor do I want them. But, ladies gentlemen, beyond that mean a million dollars a lot of money on ok, how rich? You are! That's a lot of doubt, and you know we need to sit there genuflect at his feet over it now. But it's a really nice gesture and it deserves a nice pat on the back for the present it states take his own money, a million being sets a lot of beans and say you know what I'm gonna donate their memory member. He doesn't think a salary at all for being you don't need salary to you know first,
Second, I get it you're not going to vote for my get it there's a swathe of my liberal audience out there that just viscerally hate Trump. I get it Dovo from whatever but can you just for a second say: you know what a nice gesture, even if you say it internally, dont say to our friends, because people can beat you up. So I don't want you to get hurt the Mena Tee for what while slug you and put at one of those shields and bury you and try to suffocate unit that, but maybe internally, for a second, you could say to yourself. You know what not death. It's really really. Not. That ok can. I shall also brought you by friends at my patriot supply. You know, sadly enough tragically idea. This is this is really one of times. Are you? You really should be thinking about preparedness folks, they will say you were one month supply of emergency food. I am. I am picking up some. They haven't told my wife, you put even more this week. I mean after what happened. I said to my wife: do we have the cell phone chargers that we have a watershed? I went to the public's yesterday, picked up for cases of waters we may get hit by Hurricane Mitch. Hurricane Irma enough
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Given the Texas response. First, climate change now they're moving onto zoning laws and which is just ridiculous and absurd, is absolutely nothing to do with. As I said, Hurricane Sandy had zoning laws everywhere. The damage was outrageous. liberals, are freak out, left and right about how good trump is on the stump. When it comes to taxes, he's been pretty good speech I'm sorry, I thought was going to Aunt Coulter didn't like in that. You know. I know, and I like him, but I thought you was off. She thought he should focus more on immigration. That's fine, but I thought the speech was very good and Joe the browser freaking out because they have on the tax cut argument for years. Tax cuts are always about their work evil wretch an area and the fact that Trump, one out sold it has as when it was a growth agenda. An agenda. The tax cut agenda benefit the middle class. That liberals are told if we cannot. I cover this yesterday showed a day before us and I want to beat this horse to death, but folks, some my proudest moments on the show, I'm telling you it's coming down the liberal pipeline, I'm telling you
get. The narrative doesn't work for them right now. The narrative that these tax cuts are gonna benefit growth and benefit the middle class. I'm telling you they're freaking I'll just go to twitter give a lot. get salon anywhere. They are melting download. These are not middle dogs, colleges, problem, Reggie they'll lose in their minds. If you are going this a concerted effort to freak the hell out on the left and scare the american people into believing that these are tax cuts for the rich and ate their just upset. The tribe seems to be selling it like no one else did in the past there losing their collective over the whole thing so mark my words, you get to see more and more pieces, you gotta see a reference Tipp to attempt to peek at the petty pick a t his of class warfare book you can see our group men, their organist output, now pieces about how these only benefit the rich, because their panicking that Trump is getting them are a final story I saw, which was interesting. I read the journal today,
only too poorly stores. You're. Here out of here, anywhere else emulate the seat of the journal, but this isn't gonna get a lot of pr, but it's important EU and it did stories about- differ model for union nation in America me not put it in a show notes. If you want to read it, it's at the price of the article was it was interesting, but some of it in the overall premise I did take was was fast but some of the nuggets in their work and one of them since then, the pieces why unionization in America is dropping in its eyes: You know this guy nailed it unionization America, here's some numbers for us from the peace it says, since one thousand nine hundred and fifty three union membership has fallen. This is staggering from thirty six percent of the private labor force, less than seven percent rule, but yeah. Here's! The kicker, though, while workers share of national income is increased. The sixty six point, one percent from sixty four point: five percent: now we have a whipped out dumb, the abacus awhile, but job get that up my right, the advocates or it here we go,
now, if your share of national income in your worker out there go some sixty poor, sixty four point: five percent to sixty got that abacus good. The judges Abacus shut out the J six. Four point: five to sixty six point, one. Let me ask you this on your biggest is sixty six point, one greater than sixty four point. Five, Yeah guy days advocates the rescue I get outta this chamber, was a wizard said the Joe. The advocate it's amazing. So union membership is gone. I'm not knocking union. Folks. Believe me, my dad was in the union, my brothers in the union. You want to join a union have at it. They do some good things. I was in a semi kind of you The patrol means Benevolence Association arouse a cop. I just tell you that if you're gonna tell me that union membership leads to all these wonderful things all the time. I do facts and data I'd. Ask you to provide the and the fat
The matter is: union membership has collapsed from thirty six percent to seventy percent to private wherefores, while the workers of national LAW of national income has gone up by by a pretty good job. Sixty four, sixty six percent now that Lord lot of that's due to work or productivity, in technology, and you could probably make the case, be. You know, making a silly economic argument, but a counterfactual factual would want to warn you know anybody could say that, but what s interesting about this is so number one. You are committed you do know, unionization forcing people to unionized as an automatic, positive public good really goes out the window based on some of the numbers, but here's a second part. Nato is an interesting point. This guy made peace, that I want to point out that he said. Listen, here's the reasons: people, our joint and unions anymore. Not only basically is national income gone up and worker productivity got up and wages of stayed pretty decently, a pretty decent behind the United States, but Joe all the stuff.
The union's used to do a lot of good stuff that these do fight and for workers, rights and n. You know when they are in the early part of the century lesson. we went when it was pretty darn dangerous to work in some places this that's already law. He makes the point. It Government laws are already in effect for forty, work weeks, overtime, minimum wage health sure and safety standards on the job now you'll have to agree with these. I certainly are agreed minimum wage. A lot of forced union forced the labour laws. I think we should be able to make private contracts on our own, but really I mean I'm just saying they for unions about knocking aims, set what what are you bargaining for any monitoring and understanding most of the big stuff is already done, and if you're asking What a pay a large swathes of their wages to support, you lobbying for things. You should be able to tell people what those things are. So again, it's not knock on unions. I know a lot of people like I'm an that's great, but forcing people to join unions that social, that's a real winner anymore, but interest story. Nonetheless, I thought I bring up here. I have
these stories. I will send them to you in your email box. If you join, my email is upon GINO Thou com. I appreciate it if not You can just go to punch. You know that common read the show notes every day, I've not imperative that you join the email list, but I put all these stories up there and the US I appreciate all their views on Itunes. We are well over four hundred now, I'm reading them all. Thank you to anyone who goes and reviews S on Itunes. I've really really appreciate. Thanks for a great weakest, folks and for our biggest month ever renegade Republican Joe, and I deeply appreciate it I'll see ya. Take it easy. You just heard TAT, Bonn GINO. She did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at DU, bon GINO.