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Ep. 539 Is Someone Trying to Tell us Something?

2017-09-04 | 🔗
In this episode: Melania Trump expertly trolls media-hacks by doing this. http://trib.al/XWHmXf3   No, Hurricane Harvey will not be good for the economy. Destruction economics is for fools. https://www.cato.org/blog/bad-economics-hurricane-harvey-part-2?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=1af3773aff-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-1af3773aff-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-1af3773aff-143016961&mc_cid=1af3773aff&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Another liberal Hurricane Harvey "narrative" debunked. https://www.cato.org/blog/lack-zoning-not-houstons-problem?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=1af3773aff-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-1af3773aff-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-1af3773aff-143016961&mc_cid=1af3773aff&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Are liberals ready to abandon identity politics? This liberal writer thinks it's time. http://www.salon.com/2017/09/02/time-to-give-up-on-identity-politics-its-dragging-the-progressive-agenda-down/   The Universal Basic Income is still a really bad idea. This study is deeply flawed.  http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/a-dollar1000-per-month-cash-handout-would-grow-the-economy-by-dollar25-trillion-new-study-says/ar-AAr35pQ?li=BBnb7Kz
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bone jean david tweeting to me on gmos are not by gmos blanker boycotted indulge notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger and he's liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves you any examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best inherent in on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love to the rank of other give it the embodiment of resource are you re fine labour day it is my friend is gross i totally this my my guy like a puff protector you don't look like a few tipp on the end and i get up on the mike pretty good sitting my jonah just like brushed my lips topic
it's that younger than those things are always gross talking until the whole time that they have made today's deb birthday might start to in the jim if this took weak and off joints feel good love deadline for the you have to have the greatest thing on the planet the dead left there is nothing like a man i'm tellin ya loved them if they so i'm stuck i let's right in just one personal story here with me over the next week or so just talking to produce joe before this we will get our shows out of on time as we always do but there is a need we heard a another by massive hurricane barreling its florida now we don't know if it's gonna hit us or not it's you know i don't i'll fifty fifty this some of the coins have come in upper tool blogger i am some of em down but that just bear with me if it's been interesting able to walmart yesterday joe and there was i kid you not walmart there was literally not a case of water left now
you need only say this because we amortize patriot supply network operator but prepare early i sniffer hurricane i went out so we had our cases a water already but i was going to buy a few more just in case but it's all out so just bear with me with the hurricane and if you're out there in florida get prepared right quick you know our i took jump in writing these stories for today so i the end an export active trolling like i haven't seen nears milan diatribe trump gives a big a barrel middle finger to the media hacks they go back texas this weekend to are to help out with recovery effort over there and what did she do rolls out of the white house again and a pair of high heels in a beautiful double barrel to the mainstream media clowns now i don't want to die this story to de because it's just a beautiful thing to see the trumps just stick it to the
media goons who have nothing better to talk about it discusses less meat in milan you trumps footwear as she boards the the alex up there to go to andrews to go to texts but unless you never got off the plane and heels it's just that she got on a plane and heels that bother de media because they have nothing else they can never ever lose the narrative and their narrative is now that the trumps are religious so that's all they got never mind the obama's up you know vacation dover in vineyard but now so what did she do instead of change you she gets back on their backs with the heels on again out the only reason i want to bring this up as because i've been through something like this and i want it for any of you are candidates out their political activists people who are public figure in the conservative rotarian a republican rob i just want give you a lesson that i really really hope you take with you is important i messing around here my trying to be funny or silly i
been on the receiving end of the media mob like the trumps are every day now obvious the far different scale i mean there's just like international outrage why was relatively localize the couple of national stories but i on the receiving end of bullying group think i hate the term bullying at all you sound so whining button you gave up i enjoy i mean you know we did with the at slob capuano that incident with him i remember they whenever you can gently how much they went especially in maryland dick i'm kind of savage private a victim of a few of them a media such as once or twice in early life term used are victim i've been on the receiving end of a i know what their life like the bullying effort because maloney trump or heels onto anyhow so insensitive you know what asked you here's the only response to this and i mean it we only works and group think but
good media acts by the way they are all cowards i'm telling you i have been behind the scenes of the media is a secret service agent these are the top about these systems vacation of human kind we are talking about a class of people who i'm telling you fifty percent of our total losers who could never do any can ever be corporate theirs they can ever be cobb's they can never be in a military fifty percent of decent folks but i have one or two ro complete losers david lee exclusively on the power of the pack the hoard the wolf pack they will never act alone your total cowards they made the pact when the pack leaves them back off so my point is things the bullying that they tried to do maloney the only way to come back to this is the way she did it with a big double back early middle finger we your tongue out at a big app you pardon my language
the only way that listens you're wrong in your pals i mean i've done some things i felt bad about i'm a guy you know animal human bad move out but the baton i've been on the receiving end of the group think bullying like operate worldwide you by the way she did nothing wrong at all for the white house and got often seekers the only appropriate way to respond is dead way to respond is dead very cower and fear to cowards listen joe sometimes fear helps you ok when you are against the lion in the middle of the serengeti be afraid very afraid the hell out of their right quick move your caboose get about a southerner biological but expression get out their fast you're overmatched will not win and you're gonna get fast ok you're a looting situation in texas you're gonna get tat real cool
you should be afraid of your looting and tax and so away to get dead real fast ok this rise miami vice movie with the lady with a gun only one person's gonna get dead you're you'll get dead real quick and allied situation including in texas ok but when you're not no wrong only way to respond is the well these people with big double barrel middle fingers only way yet i would that instead of with that slob caboodle what are the biggest losers anywhere near my wife hates when i pretty start but it's it's applicable here i don't know who's this guy thought he was dealing with break he thought he was going to get an apology for me telling them they go off himself that was never at work in the car to ever like ever going to happen like the next day it was a day after that when the next day after that i came out with like secondary video telling it because basically double down ongoing himself you know
do i think he was shot this little goofball what is gabby he's disguising the epitome the clown class white i don't understand what he was expecting the milan you did the same thing it's the only way because they don't have anything else joe what what are they gonna do what what is udo or the media clouds of milan you gonna do i'm dead series what are they actually gonna do they got nothin pick out another what are they this is game of thrones or something like they're gonna come after you add a watch the show but there's a dragons armies and stuff and anna and what it is that you walk or china what maybe i am yet i see all the previous facebook so what are they gonna do like attack the castle these are total cowards believe me that suggesting that violence years the answer i mean that i'm have a do i fear i love god but i fear of violence is certainly not the answer will you are talking about a verbal
spots in your occasion in bologna his case it was a show a minute was its its okay to needs a non violent act of of basically i might going to fall into your trap shut uterine either deal with it or or this it's one of those like matt damon goodwill hunting how do you like them apples mom there's nothing you can do like that's the thing with the coward class like there's nothing you can do it's what i love about brazilian jujitsu and grappling in and weight of its ultimate equalizer like when you go in grappling s view like a guy and he constantly be to pieces there's nothing you can do you ve tried everything negotiations are gonna worry he's gonna side bout you and choke you out it's the way i love the budget but in the media what's out like they d take note all now will say i know you are but what a boy that's gonna make me feel really glad you like really what did you grow the same world i did
the guy on the high school i that's why brunette example of even in conversation with too about how these the kids i sadly who got beat up what highschool which is terrible they did their probably nerds and they got an i'm not being funny about like that's really rude their people and noxious and nasty that people do that i was on the receiving end of few beatings before i started you know turning to court run up and it sucks but that doesn't work two wrongs do not make a right because you got peter a lot in high school doesn't make it call ron i want me to get everybody back later on because you know i'm going to double down on it and i'm going to use this pack mentality to go after people too much time on this that i wanted you but i'm just warning you out different candidates for office and stop if you and the right on something do not back down don't at all ever i don't care how many people what the social media pressures like they people drive to all the pact
wolf pack in the media wants is for you to go i'm really sorry when you're not don't do it it's a big mistake i sit in canada directions will cover a lot of that stuff on the show and i haven't brought that up in a while my wife hates it but it is applicable all right title today show is someone trying to tell us something and i mean a more serious note here you know i'm watching the news this week and we have these wildfire los angeles joe you know we have north korea now with hydrogen bombs and for those of you must come out of it we are scientist obviously but without being in the secret service and stuff this is the case were required to know about at least eta and not a deep i but an a superficial enough level it you know what's going on the device simply requires an explosion to get the bigger explosion so a hydrogen bombs can be in most cases is far more devastating than obviously standard battlefield nuclear weapons edna and these into
continental la nuclear weapons that are designed to take out cities as well bomb is a really big big big problem for the united states if the north koreans are in fact accurate that they ve created what so we got wildfires we have hurricane harvey one of the richest most true jack natural disasters in american history we have hurricane arm now beating down of florida you know the bahamas and i just start to my this week at joe you know is this guy trying to tell us something here i mean you know we ve seen this the country taken over by an unprecedented level of hatred for the president for for people who have opposing political views we have this anti for crowd and i you know i would just even for me this is a little self reflect a moment on labour day and by the way thanks to all the labourers out there on labour day buster butts every day but
you know maybe it's time for us to be a little self reflective as well i don't want to think on our side i don't think we did anything wrong but if you know if you're one of those people out there on the left that taken it upon yourself to two to hate and an end use everybody whose conservative of evil idea of e being evil people rather than having evil ideas beaten maybe it's time back and say hey maybe they're trying to tell us something just a thought i move moving on to another story on a different note i say got a great article this for all the all the emails with articles and stuff i read them all i got really budget tremendous emails this weekend and forgive me forget who and this one over maybe it was rich she's a regular email but the eu versus basic income jos made a comeback now want to turn this into a different story here but the universal bay became calm again as the the government should give people a basically a salary every month for doing nothing and
industry is supporting this the zuckerberg and elon musk from must have tesla people of the world because they're they're they're thesis which is silly joe is at robot action automation and artificial intelligence and technology is going to leave human beings with absolutely nothing to do if you're not going to have anything to do all day therefore if the government doesn't pay you we're all going to be working like starvation which is nonsense that's been said about everything but said about shoes in france eighty aims in the united states and the bottom line is each time we develop a technology human beings find another way to produce something that human beings didn't know they wanted in the first place he's rabbit isn't it you think about walked down a war in any island walmart and i challenge you to given that i'll answer the products they are and ask you if those products with their fifty years ago and if you say why would you do that because you
cities are logically if that's correct that human beings are going to have anything to do because everything we have will be produced by robots how do you know what we want i was walmart this and i'll give you a quick example is that going to tire i'll dedicated to hand sanitized people clean hands in the fifties why didn't someone think of it because no one dorothy me that a portable saying that at hand sanitize or no one thought they needed that you'd go away and wash your hands why what the world change people travel lot they may not have access to quick water itself someone said why are we call it a job great i oh my gosh someone thought that the factory it didn't go on to produce it later because a robot or machine produces the jail does not mean that the person who invented it his product designers his product testers and the other people involved in the company in the beginning in the investors do not turn me money from it you see what i'm saying joe
i have no idea what people are going to need in the future summits robots are going to create everything we need because you don't know what you need it takes people it takes creative people artificial intelligence will never be able to match the creative instincts of a human being because they're not you men you if you'd like to buy doing all kinds of pet scans and whatever i got news for you you will never know what it's like to be cat if you'd like to buy doing all kinds of pet scans whatever i got news for you you will never know what it's like to be a cat humans that what humans want so with that there's a study out now put this in the show notes and for those who again but the show no other thank you to all the new subscribers please go to bomb gino that come it's my last name bonci dot com and subscribe my email is i will send you to show notes interesting articles i pull across from the internet i wasn't do you remember every day or you can just go to bond you know that common check out the show notes every day there's a study is a story and emerson that congo that the far left thing
take that saying now if we were to give people a thousand dollars a month as you be a universal basic income that job this is a good one and grow the economy by an amazing twelve point five six percent the ears wall ass crazy give people thousand thousand month somehow gonna grow the kind of like magic take the money fairy but here's the caviar this distress because it requires a level of economic ignorance that only a far left think tank could produce it says joe but it will only grow the economy by these twelve percent over five years roll over twelve percent if its finance government debt and not on route taxes now we have to relate this in a second to disaster economics and some or some other stuff because this is creeping up again the idea that hurricane harvey is gonna be some kind of a boom the economy is gonna be a benefit which is insane folks
require how much is the econ one o one right there is no different between taxes and death there's no difference think about right if i tax you now joe tat of thousand dollars a month tax me baby take you take that thousand dollars marble cost and give it back to arm a cost in in the air now in the in the form of universal basic income i've always going let's generous joe and say that government only takes twenty percent to manage the programme really quickly allow the data shows its closer to forty percent of our higher but let's be generous so i thousand from job i give him back eight hundred and again that's being generous post please point to me jos any richer now you may say
then what's the problem the report clearly said that that taxing is not going to grow the economy and you're just confirming the point nobody i have to say that all but if we find that your government that it'll definitely grow the economy that ok so i dont pact joe now i borrow a thousand dollars from an investor and or the or anywhere anyone say china that and i give joe the thousand dollars and then all of a sudden we're gonna be twelve point five six percent richer over eight years you may say then i make sense is just found money is it now we're not only paying the thousand dollars back from jos income but we're paying you're with interest for host do is this complicated now my stupid there's going off the energy issue not economists right neither am i a but i love you gonna fix my passion but this isn't difficult figure out correct that
their way your pay you're either paying up for are you paying what interest this is like that nation of of basic this isn't even financed one or one this is like fire it's kinda guard mike my kid gets this but the report makes distinction as if these things are different if we find it that is a ok but an ogre now folks i thought about this on our way how do i get people just simple analogy here let's say this was a private company and they said we need to grow we need to grow by twelve point five or six six percent of eight years so jobs the growing podcasting business or joe says well i knew that money they come in because i need to redistribute that money to why employee whenever it is ready to give my employer joe i say unemployed employee johnny johnny johnny botz right solution fox news thousand dollars joke and do what joking right is the prices to me for joe charges us to do the the pot
he's gotta get the money from somewhere to point or joe could take alone but either way g not of georgia's and grow ways business subsequently which the united it's why based on our growth rate based on our debt levels were not growing we're at two percent were barely keep it up with inflation joel better off by the way you he's paying back either the customers are paying more right now for joe services make your charging me more joe could you need more money to pay your plate or you're going to charge me more next year plus interest so you can charge me more plus the interests you pay because either way the monies that fabricated out of thin air now the private the sri as a benefit here because joking growers business the government doesn't produce anything you know what i'm saying just like you actually have the benefit of europe grow your business substantially you may fall the way later on where that works i offer you a workshop for everyone because your business growth and you'll be able to be more productive it doesn't even do that it does
produce anything to offset the interest that has to pay the debt folks this is unbelievably stupid idea you have to be a tech industry tightened the believe it i mean really this is it believe we dump idea put the m send peace in their it's a good piece it gives both sides so don't don't we could view by the time of titles like studies as universal basic income will benefit the economy given a red it says in the end it goes through how you know there's there's a counterfactual here too counterfactual meaning what if we didn't do that what fifty thousand thousand me economy now i want to get to the salon peace to make at this so much good material today there is another story i saw which relates to current events in cato in this area it is a thorough thorough dismantling of destruction economics and it's a short piece it will be in the show notes please read it i take a look can i put in these articles together this is a duty because
this is coming up again to this is creeping up this idea that this is somehow gonna be good for the economy now why is the left love destruction economics and keep in mind this theory behind it so you it's the end the tie in here folks is the exact same theory and the east same mistake being made i should say is being made with universal basic income that tax and debt or different that payment how is somehow of if it's a pay me later pos interests it somehow more beneficial government debt is somehow network then even today and others vinyl tax you now but we take a government loan and i have to catch you later that's better it's also hit the saint destruction economics it's the same it's the same garbage it's the same nonsense it's this my dear that somehow a taxpayer dollar plus interest later is better than a taxpayer that were taken from people now this is creeping up again and the why bowed his folks why does the left love destruction economics it loves destruction economics
because at the left is always about control it is about the control of my the control of funds the control of the economy and destruction economics onwards the idea that the government can come in might they did after the new deal job and poor all this taxpayer dollars ike into the tennessee valley authority and other things that if the government dictates the flow funds pools it like gives it to people and controls it that somehow this is gonna be beneficial i've to tell you may ominous say something a little controversially i dont think the left really believes this i'm very worthy educated left that i mean that an error that sounds like an oxymoron but idle the educated left really believes as the crude minutes polychrome in all these left these right about destruction economics how hurricane are asking to be so good we'll get a poor infrastructure in the economies of adam think they believe i think they are that's what the idea of the control the flow of funds that's as simple as that they
your money they want to see what your money goes they wanted to dictate where your money goes because that's the whole that's that's the corpse so while the base on which the socialists houses built on that there should be no peace the property in the government can control everything can control where the money goes they loved this step now this is nonsense for two reasons i know i addressed this last week but it's coming up against i'm hearing it overnight even from some conservatives out there were no nobody better like well could be a long term boost gdps think of all those construction jobs folks i'm not getting over them with a basket broken window think i did that last week in this listen last week show look it up but think about it you now have what forty fifty thousand destroyed properties potentially more properties no longer exist these more productive assets that no longer exist that's number one you had assets you have destroyed them now if these were unproductive asset
in other words that say your machine joe that's outdated and does it help make money anymore let's say you know joe you're making coffee cops or whatever it may be right now and you have a coffee cup making machine and your competitors have the new machine and a out twice as many coffee cups per hour its clear joe if you don't exchanger old equipment capital for new cap no new equipment and you're going to go out of business because you're just not producing the you can't feel that demand while your competitors can make sense now i'm gonna have to get rid of jim you gonna have to get rid of it as devising later you're gonna have to go find something else you two more productive workers or better capital right human capital or equipment right that's an unproductive asset but say jos equipment was working just fine and he was competing with his coffee cup competitors everywhere right right if jobs weapons destroyed joe now
to go back and just by the same equip it over you this is not a net benefit to the economy not to mention so again active assets are destroyed and number two in the time it takes sport between when jos equipment was destroyed because of the flood to joe by in another piece of equipment that produces coffee mugs in that it shows that producing any coffee monks soldiers making any revenue folks this is not only destruction economics is not only dumb it's it's a hundred percent counterweight to the far east narrative ladies and gentlemen i can say this tuna is and i got a story about the sony things going to really kick your caboose built but that this is what i got it night the shower this morning before i'm thinking about the show and unlike our way spain to my audience with such a passion why liberalism bothers me so much because it relies on joe
total manipulation it's not it's not true it's there so why with intent it's a lie with intent to manipulate you to believe in a narrative that's not only not helping but is give we holding you too for the left try to convince people that an biblical level storm and flooding in one of america's great cities is somehow gonna be a gdp boom strictly for the purpose of advancing a narrative that the government should control the control of funds the federal government to control the flow of funds and build new infrastructure that's what i'm telling you that's why they're doing this they don't really believe this just sick it's just so they just make this stuff up folks they just make up eight thousand makes sense on its face
nice swept over my own words here is so aggravate about who we there right mine thinks that if a wrecking all was the accidentally take out your house while you're at the jim that this is great for my own personal gdp while we're just now i get the rebuilt my do as do any of you believe that what why would you leave that done on a mass scale but go now job when it happens fifty thousand times that it's really good this requires like a blind stupidity its infuriated some more evidence by the way in the in the potato p that this is just as if you needed anymore evidence that damage done but shower as was the case you would think after hurricane sandy right hurried up in new york right you would think that which devastating by the way they took out lobby my eye of an answer because it lives in long beach up the whole area was devastated if this was the
it's that destruction economics was going to lead to some kind of an economic boom because look at all the new jobs there i did the new york economy suffer twelve quarters twelve quarters after seeing they had the area when i say supper i mean performed lower than the average across the united states again folks than we do it is a fact and database show and i appreciate the emails i got a ton of this we can say in how we do things differently than other shows me give facts and data research that you know how i learn if there's everett otherwise why would you continue to say it if destruction economics work new york's economy and new jersey due to hurricane say they would be booming it's not it's it's its anti booming it is doing worse than the national got now is it just because of the destruction of new york in new jersey tax rates i'm not saying that its causal but i'm just saying if you if there was an for it to be made that
cause or even correlation in the other direction the left who put it out but they can't the evidence is the opposite job but don't get don't let you know facts get in the way of a good argument they didn't just over the weekend i was watching boxes java harvey and was watching thy business and i heard the broken glass theory brought up a few times and i knew exactly what they were talking about net due to the shop yeah the barbarity broken winded i didn't know that list resorted heard it too and a private yeah nobody's dogma she's dead they cover it mackay peace to ensure its really something you need to learn we talk about it last week because it just so it's so elegant its simplicity today show i brought you by our friends at my patriots supply folks i believe be man if we perhaps though if you i understand the value of preparedness now it's not much my might live red commercials or gerda gotta do for you but i am imploring you i gotta be prepared you have to be for its incumbent on you it's a combat on you
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pick up your one month's supply of emergency food today isn't it paradise i went out this weekend picked up batteries i got my mag light i already have all my guns and am oh of course i'm always i always keep that doesn't go bad we suffer a long time i've got my rechargeable i shall i battery operated my my radio you can my crank radio which you can crank if you run out of batteries i have my three phone chargers go get your food though folks food water safety security needed up ok the great material the sir this week and i saw another story aquino cato is bringing it near newsletter you sweet member this story about zoning it's you my wife is get ready to go to yoga this morning and my power let us now he's rid radio even though i gotta you gotta maniacs we mention this thing about zoning last week how their money is always obsessed with the narrative not all dammit
that's not even all liberals but the left is a radical group of people that despite its national tragedy like hurricane harvey an almost unprecedented tragedy in that area in our time how they will never ever let go of an advantageous narrative even if the narrative is false in other words as i said to you before it's not just that liberalism is lying to you it's lying to you with intent they how do you about destruction economics because they want you to believe that the government should be able to rebuild things in control your money not the private sector there lie i asked you about what's happening in hurricane harvey with climate change because they want to control the allocation of resources and climate change as a way to do that through carbon taxes and things like that although climate change as the left wants you to believe it is largely mythical now they lost those narratives those narratives regaining no traction at all because nobody cares right now about climate change so what did they do next instead of telling the truth
they moved on to another narrative a lie to manipulate no lie was houston suffering joe because up saudi or lack thereof right now the left loves zoning now zoning to be clear what we're talking about for those you miss last week show is the idea that governments control who can build what where you can build this type of building on this ground you could build this type of building on that ground the left off of zoning they think it's the greatest thing ever why because the left is test with control if they can control who sweden where than the left can be bought off can say all you want to put that seven story building over there were and are now what do we can change the law zoning laws joe but you know why care panic people for joe we beg about us you're gonna have to write it care page and by the way you should backs up at maybe we'll get you a little hearing in front of the zone abort waken about the left loves zoning it is the
harrowby of government control or can all private land joe you just can't you cry for the less we tell yourself in that sweep the left loves zoning houston although they have zoning comparatively speaking has very few zoning laws compared to other other localities this is driving the left wild so these joe they see an opportunity again for a narrative for a lie alive manipulate because a left can't tell the truth even in the time of crisis they must manipulate people and i said you know that's it that's it houston had knows outing which is natural by the way but had relatively little zoning they built on a day paved over you think out use than just a big parking lot according to the left and therefore the war i know where to go and look what you crazy conservatives out and use the debt which by the way is not a conservative city overall texas he's got a democrat mayor so this
craig i enjoy more than the bugging stupid i promise i did some homework found a p cicada which again will be the show not sponge you know that come on we gotta go to the video tapes i want to read this directly because it's it's it's so its job is comical this is from a piece by cato about zoning first now it and keep in mind the less premise year is at houston paved over everything everything's cod what do i know where to go because of zoning and if it liberals can take the zoning laws there would have been all kinds of green space and use that would have been ok so he's from the cato peace there is in fact a map of use decades the city has a low level of impervious surface cover over more than nine papers out of the city most of the remaining ten
said falls under the average impervious pervious surfers ratio category and hardly any falls under the high levels of pavement category don't let that gettin away this story lives now now if you re intelligent listener like the overwhelming majority based on the emails i get people are the ragged we got a really smart already you may be same yourself ok dad so mostly use than is not in fact paved over by is that relative to other cities maybe it's not paved over but its paved over a little more than other places in europe here they bother quote from the peace here's a chart amateur reduces them here's that has substantially more absorbing services retreat he's caresses and soils that similarly populated american cities ok houston the percentage of
impervious surfaces remember the liberals why did we houston's been paved over everywhere joe there's not a blade of grass anywhere at houston pervious surface thirty nine point two percent there absorbed surface sixty percent that's compare that some liberal enclaves maybe new york city that has but the worst zoning laws and the entire known universe and all alternate universes if you believe in string theory new york empty free service the exact opposite sixty one come on you're devalued cherry picking two examples you're cherry pick a comma do let's go chicago chicago's pervious surface fifty eight point five percent absorbent surface forty one point three that dad come by you'd devalue cherry picking two examples let's go to los angeles another one of your liberal favorites fifty four percent impervious surface paved over
absorbing service forty five percent do you know what this is really ridiculous let let's go to new orleans knew well as quick forty one percent compared to fifty seven percent absorbing surface folks you don't see why when i'm sick in the shower there and i think a lot should i put the cold water on at the end and indignation whole brain and my nervous system do you see why now would people email me and they say why are you so mad liberals in my wife gets mad have even a yell liberals on the showed you understand i'm gonna be in serious i know joe does because we talk about the salon apathy lie to you said they lie to you with intent and that i ain t within ted manipulate you into leaving false reality and not on a false reality but believing that false reality creates a completely alternate reality i know that
all convoluted but what i'm trying to get out here is if you will take the liberal narrative that the whole cities been paved over because of zoning and you believe that you vote for the next liberal candidate to get into office precise because he's going to institute government control over who can build what where more zoning the pro created a false reality that ignited action that is going to make situation actually worse than this situation you dont you we're gonna help the situation in liberal cities is worse they ve there more if over the use that their children did you check out they created a false reality that got you to work to do in action a volitional action manipulated you to do something that made your situation worse not better use the has less impervious service but live i
as the lord almighty will be my ultimate judge i guarantee you you watch sienna msnbc or even fox and you'll see some of the liberal people on there i guess aren t you they will bring up this argument about zoning despite it being factually absolutely false with no problem at all none they will bring up the destruction economics thing afterwards and sadly very few commentators will call them out and i think the news personalities s was the marshal with debate none not predetermined i'm talking about the conservative they bring out the debate not a viable call about they just let it go ahead over the weekend as well you dead right here since their new argue it is actually not correct it is just made up oh it's infuriating i'm not gonna get to the salon peace today but please please do miss tomorrow shell
secret salon the left wing out but you may be require you are you out show nodes today up its folks would never do hate given them clicks but this is a really really good piece and we can as conservatives i'm not lecture anybody you can make your own decisions or libertarians when we have an ideological ally in the other side that sees a weakness in the liberal armor and thinks he can make them country better or she added i doubt it is she volume much servants a here she'd be honest with you sorry that's you or through the peace he points out the grotesque failure of liberal identity politics in other words you are racist caesar raised this array sissies rates is either raises do yeah i mean that's the left's theme song he feared they that the author here should say by better we say points out four or five just grotesque values of identity politics and for me to cover it you know it
minutes or so be doing you sincere injustice it's a good piece i know it's salon i hate to given the clicks but it is definitely worth reading i met a covered low more depth tomorrow and i'll just teased it a little bit like us he doesn't just talk about the how the privilege of talking about things like white privilege alienated class of people and create the identity politics that you think you're combating but he talks about how its forfeited way the economic arguments as well how they the left is so far based on what they think they're doing joe winning the hearts and minds of people do race identification of culture identification that the political or is completely pass them by there's no saving it at this point because there's no end game today in other words you can't make the argument that there is a legislative solution to i d if politics because
the solution is enacted it takes away the victim of class you know what i'm saying job here i mean it who pass a bill that's gonna like this is gonna rescue asian americans from s or hispanic americans from this and it passes legislative solution you don't know where you can go with it then what are you gonna say if democrat do it there's no legislative solution for identity partial to good piece of money gets with tomorrow i'll bring you some of the good stuff in and one final request them my book is coming out it is already available on amazon or be available bookstores on september nineteen please go pick if you haven't i be honoured if you would consider and i understand you know monies tight so you know no pressure but died is my i put a lot of work into it is called protecting the president and it's an inside did not salacious on a kitty kelly book is not designed to do that it presents a lot of positive solutions but it's a real surprising kind of astonishing inside story of the collapse of the secret service at the management level and i think some of the the stories you can arrange about the pressure especially the clinton's put
the secret service to do things and you're gonna be like that really happened so please pick it up today it's called protecting the president's available on amazon now there liberty in a day or two the available bookstores in september nineteen that really appreciate it hey thanks again for tuna folks don't miss tomorrow show you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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