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Ep. 540 Are We a Nation of Laws or Not?

2017-09-05 | 🔗
In this episode: The use of conservative "blacklists" is growing. How can we fight back? http://www.truthrevolt.org/commentary/greenfield-blacklist   Liberals have it all wrong on DACA and illegal immigration. https://www.thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/immigration/348871-obamas-pen-and-phone-have-been-trumped-when-it-comes-to-daca%3famp   The new liberal narrative in their Hurricane Harvey blame-game is building codes.  https://www.cato.org/blog/dont-blame-houstons-building-codes-either?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=2275b27be7-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-2275b27be7-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-2275b27be7-143016961&mc_cid=2275b27be7&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Liberal states are bankrupting their citizens as Republican Party dominance grows. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/09/how_president_obama_shrank_americas_consumer_dollar.html   http://dailysignal.com/2017/08/24/conservative-surge-puts-gop-control-of-states-at-95-year-high/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTldReE1qRmlZbUkxWVRWaCIsInQiOiIrV1p5dHFYejlKTWcrTklhZE9IOUoxK0liZllObDI3SlExMysrVjNcL3pLeklBM1pQQ1IzeEFBcFBDMUJWQkhuZDN1NlZXaUp5cHRmRVRQXC9PMXg5c2hYMGRRZWhNMEJEZWZjdlcyalNlR0FxXC9uWmdRRFMzVUl2MCtrak1LYW5NaSJ9   A Value-Added Tax is a really bad idea, despite this author's assertions. https://www.wsj.com/articles/tax-consumption-through-a-vat-and-voila-1504550331
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damn bond you know i owe you was home you owe me i owe you there's nobody the din bungee no show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground burned stepped on gasoline port on it and burned again ready to hear the truth about amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas and arms and have gotten us on a show that not immune to the banks with your host bonds you know one of the regular rubbing the damp aren't you don't we should show our unity and hang in there in april hurricane zone down here simply say a prayer for all of us gosh i hope it doesn't go into the gulf coast i hope it just goes you know we'd euston doesn't need any more did right now and no one in the gulf coast louisiana either i hope this thing just a hurricane armitage's hoax out into the atlantic
disappeared because where just gas lines already down here in florida where i am and palm city folks my wife just got back from the gas station so i'm gonna go fill up as well after the show and start getting finalizing my preparation plants are prayers would be appreciated i can so our doc up folks this and that good thing this coming deferred action on childhood arrivals a simple question for liberals are we a country of lawyers or not you want to make this about immigration but you understand the conservatives this is not about immigration migration is an issue we can solve immigration wait it's not a difficult one to solve either what are our needs while work we find those needs around the world to be we're coming here from other places around the world fit our economic growth models you know you could certainly as a component of it for you know who for whatever international tragedies wherever you wish to implement the law but immigration is a separate issue from doc dhaka is a constitutional issue and rule of law as you president barroso
burma when he was a present united states clearly said that dhaka which trump is is do at eleven o clock today like a fox news on right now the attorney general they're going to discontinue dhaka data the actual childhood arrivals was an unconstitutional legal programme using barack obama's own words himself his executor action barack obama which gave amnesty to peace oh abroad here when they were kids were not kids anymore folks this is for we're talking about people in their twenties who are now don't you were brought here illegally they were given an exemption from the law there is no disputing that that's just a fact ok now i just want to read you a quick i move because i'm not for this programme you want to the legal immigration process fix it but we are a country of laws laws have to matter i mean i just want craig ass we don't get to pick and choose laws right guy get it you don't doc i understand that or you do like doc or whatever it may be if you happen to be a family of illegal immigrants i get it you
benefits you to stay i ve no doubt about its greatest country on earth i'm glad you wanna be or my clad how you did it but i'm glad people want to come here but like a lot of laws i don't get to ignore them i think j walking is really dumb i think other cares even worse i hate speed limits a charm accosted speed limits joe i mean so do i by the way i do we get it but the idea of a constitutional republic is that we allow representatives in a demo eric process in those representatives vote on a bed and a bunch of laws which the executive the president i stated forces we don't get to throw out the window here's morocco was own words on this he said on amnesty to illegal immigrants even if you are brought you when you were kids he said with respect notion that i can just suspend deportations through executive order which is what he did by the way that's just not the case because there are laws on the books it congresses pass congress passes the law the exact
braids whose job is to enforce and implement those laws and then the judiciary has to interpret the laws there are enough was on the books congress there are nuclear in terms of how we enforce our immigration system that for me to simply do executive order ignore those constitute congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role is present but that's what he did so again that is the most liberal president we ve had an office in since one f the since jimmy carter ever ever saying that he can't do it any didn't anyway focuses a rule of law issue if we mean if we add our understanding browser you made about obamacare even though it stinks and bank rubbing in a number of americans is that you have to follow the law even though the lost thinks it is actually hurting you because that law is the law it was passed and that's what we do here but when it comes to immigration they make the exact argument when it comes to immigrants
while we know you don't like the law and you may be impacted by but like it we're going to choose to ignore this one and we're going to support net in illegal constitutional executive action by barack obama it does it makes smokes i'm sorry makes no sense at all i got a lot of stories to get through so i'm going move on i gotta email yesterday and i've been intentionally avoiding this topic because it's a tough one to talk about but give you a forgive me but given the sensitivities of what happen hurricane harvey and what's going to happen with us down here hopefully not but you take hurricane irma down here in florida so what's happening about price gadget you see no then you know you you're just economic stuff i love the your take on on price gouging over the idea that people can sell a bottle of water for ninety nine dollars or something and hurricane harvey its it deals are emotional topic rightfully so people see and as a moral and ethical issue as well as illegal want now they d
texas government is as has a bunch of policies and on the books against price gouging you could be put in jail for doing it and gotten a couple emails on this room people said three while our there's any i'm excited this in a moral and ethical and i'm gonna spend too much time on administrative here's my opinion i don't they government has a role in price gouging i don't i am not going to be a hypocrite on this i believe and limited government and i believe you know guy wants to be or or woman wants to be a jerk anyone to charge you ninety nine dollars for you know the water then don't buy it i mean it you have to be prepared anyway now i get it but i just want to say to you from a moral or ethical per so legally i've the more to say on the legal side other than i laws are gonna help that ok now on the moral and ethical side just because you can do something doesn't mean you should now
this is unquestionably a signal joe when you selling a case of water for a hundred hours that signal something you know it that signals scarcity that means there's not a lot of water around someone saw that signal i gotta pee some water cheaply maybe they they bought a couple cases in an hour it opal home i drove down to texas whatever may be to make a few big make a few beans but the moral and the cook opponent to that's troubling one i mean i don't think it's a great idea folks to charge people ninety nine dollars you were struggling there are people right now not only not trying to make revenue off of a national tragedy do gouging ices of products they got a hand they gonna hold there are people donating their own money in other words joe making less revenue to help people out in hurricane army including my wife and i who made a full donations now maybe you got people like no j j water of the houston texans was a defensive in raising in twenty million dollars you have people giving money
from a moral and ethical perspective i think it's pathetic i the arbitrary that you kind of a jerk you have where's the economics of it makes sense yet scares we're bringing their water people wouldn't i bought it otherwise all right well great fine so the economics of a work does it mean the morals or ethics of work you get my point you're just because can make a bean off it doesn't mean you should sometimes there's that you know maybe you should just take a step back and that at some point and say you know what maybe it's just do the right thing instead of the economically feasible one so i appreciate question is no question about the economics of it it does or scarcity and there is a debate about well we don't allow people to price gouge into water wouldn't show up i don't know i think that selling human being short what you're saying there's kind of strange listen does no one more passion about economics and me but somehow this thing that if i can't make ninety eight dollars i say to you now say that the bottle of water cost me you know whatever ten bucks
charge ninety nine dollars so saying oh i'm not going to show up unless i can make eighty nine ninety box on a case of waters ridiculous people are already giving some of their own money to do that so by any of that i think are yea so much is said to be at facebook live you have the unity of the right to be stupid and you know it's a damn thing to do i don't think there's legal remedies for this i think again getting the government in all of this is always gonna mess things up they just don't at the incentive to do things right there was a piece i saw this morning a truth revolt which really really got under my skin by daniel greenfield it's a really good piece and about the growing use of these blacklist for conservative groups if oaks is a big deal i beg joe and i have addressed repeatedly on the show and the problem i'm having with this besides the obvious let's describe what is worse it said the youth the growing use of organizations like that that hack group grab your wallet that wants to boycott trump and he business affiliated with trump
southern poverty law centre which is labeling people hate groups if they have political disagreements with them another hack group by the way greenfield dresses and other group in their color of change this group color change is now doing the same thing they're going after me well that don't agree with their political agenda and putting them on these black lists and reaching out to corporate sponsors and people they may do business with and say put these people on a blacklist folks this is really troubling because as ache expressed in a prior episode this is going to create a schism enshiu completely alternate economies and i don't think the left undone this cannot possibly work out for them in the end because they don't have that cost of hers they dont after the birds do my we have people in america or conservative libertarian brutality and republican or moderate democrats they don't support the radical agenda of the left so if your
is this model for boycotting is we're gonna start groups that are going to boycott businesses that do business with companies that are largely conservative republican or moderate democrat you nowhere to go that's what's gonna happen george you going to alienate the consumer base of the united states is spending the money in the first place so the point green makes which is a good one and i can't besides you and strongly enough to strong enough terms here is eddie but he who does business with these boycotting terms should be boycotted themselves folks to see on the way to fight back i'll boycotts dumb absolutely are boycotts economic we ridiculous absurd and and counter productive at times absolutely but if you are a company that poles advertising or disrupts doing business because of its southern poverty law centre hate me disingenuous label of a hey group on someone then that companies should boycotted by us to there how there's no other way and what you gonna do
he folks as going to see a schism and you get to see an alternate economy develop a mediator happened would fox news i have to use a story before when a fox news he'd have came down to speak of the secret service training centre education and brought up the point that fight the news came about because people understood that they were alone swaths of america wasn't being sir by mainstream media far left news the same things going in future google stops but starts boycotting whenever companies that's that's or traditional biblical values because the southern property law centre has montenegro plus group are they're going too far they're gonna find another path there's going in other path and it just gonna happen is what's going to happen with what's happening now to mainstream media is there going to be eliminated no gonna be bankrupted like the new york times the washington post and all these other people are they make it a little bit of money now but they write avenant really hard time sustaining and a liberal only business model there's a he's in fox news is still number one and these other
places are struggling to mean msnbc made a slight come back but cnn still harding and we're talking long term after there's just no way you can alien a fifty percent of america by putting everybody on a blacklist who doesn't agree with you it's ridiculous are i got a couple other duties to get to hear so stay today nobody by bodies at my patriot supply folks this is the end if there was ever a time to be prepared and consider preparedness food supply water supply of a generator this is the time we ve seen what happens this is really critical that you be prepared i strongly encourage you to go to prepare a dandy com prepare it that common our friends at my patriot supplier so you one month supply of emergency food is not good for twenty five years folks it's better to have it not needed that need not have it we have these crazy north koreans threatening necked electro magnetic pulse attack now go pick up you want supply of emergency food today prepare with dan dot com it's only ninety nine dollars spread vessels dinner they'll send it right to your house it's easy store better to have it
i needed the need not have you any border to sir utter to prepare it it's available from ninety nine dollars now prepare it then dot com please go there tat it all right i saw an article salon which i put in yesterday's show no two upon gino that com if you want to check it out which is but this is just my blowing the there is an s ship vonny and fascinating piece about the left's use of growing use of identity politics now it's basically destroying the democrat party now salon is a far left the liberal website was stunned reading this piece it came in from if from a listener because this is all the left has and went far left website start to acknowledge that their growing use of identity politics which in case you don't know what for me most of you do but it's the it's the use of them if it's the late that's the racist massages anytime you disagree with the left they call you
racist massaging the xenophobia homophobia transit foe before before beneath the east whenever they just make the stuff up by the strategy and how they came to identity politics was it largely had to do with the growth in critical theory now from a bigger all of you here critical theory was the idea that the end of the day the white patriot local power structure is the male power structure in the united states is the progress has to be fought at all costs which led to an explosive if an identity politics or the idea that if you are we want outside of the white patriarchal power structure you're being victimized by someone and therefore we can exploit them victimization for political game dammit that's gonna sums it up we're going to put you in a group before the democrat party you're gonna be a black voter hispanic voter you're gonna be a union voter and we're gonna use that as a weapon and we're going to get those groups to believe that republicans and conservatives hate them and therefore the vote for us by default display she's he's been a total loser and lip
also starting to wake up and he makes for five really solid points is by the way against the liberal same is about there is no future in calling conservatives races in calling germany's homophobia in transit phobias and xenophobia and every opportunity and about their jobs quick because a really good point he says what is in effect does is it put some culture on a pedestal and instead it doesn't address politics and policies or inequality through the legislative process it just addresses it through victimization in other words does well you don't forget about it here's a quick way to sum this up job if europe a specific victim class they want to use like you happen to be a hispanic voters and immigrant you our knees or prioritized over say a white struggling family in you know a mountainous region of pennsylvania that's haven't a tough time by two in other words the was poverties poverty no
saying racism doesn't exist but when you're alive in poverty i assure you skin color alone is not going to get you your next meal so he says the problem is it privileges some cultures over others while it eliminates aid and its it basically blames out for the upper inequality without addressing real problems that could affect people who don't fit net victim class which is a really good point point number two we brings up joe that economics is subjugated that the only thing identity politics focuses on because it has to do is winning over people's hearts and minds by selling them that they are in a victim class but it does focus on any substantial policy initiatives going forward because you can sell policy in issues if you're only answer to every question is that white men this to you tat there is no that's the cause of all your problems there can't be a policy fight their deposit
defied fight has to be an inequality fight any inequality is due clearly to racism homophobia trans phobia and it's a hearts and minds brow you know what i'm saying job because you're blaming it what's in people's heads not what they're doing racist that's why they're that's why you're into conditioner it there's no you're for that this legislative cure for racism that's the problem there's no there's no end game do identity politics it can end in any kind of a substantial strategic win for you here is a good one i hadn't consider frankly the kind of guy comes out of sprouts out of the second one i just address identity politics requires you to be a mine reader i be big joe if everybody's a racist and transit foe but all my a xenophobe and how do you know that exactly seriously like i think about it requires you to be a mine reader which absolutely breeds discontent
because mine reading in suggesting somehow tacitly are openly that every conservative republican is a racist or does i came agreements or does it like people who were gay buyers you to get in their head which you can do ok joe is that a mystery anyone there are no and readers out there i mean it i listen i don't know about those you believe psychic sets out to me i'm sorry enemy defending that's all crap i believe me nets that that's that don't waste your time and garbage it's all junk remember in a federal agent see in some of them in this scams they were involved and it was ridiculous i there's no such thing so when you insist that you can be in fact of mine reader and you know that all republicans our races for breeding what show your breeding account or reaction the counter action is wait wait wait wait up a racist now you're mad
counter reactions you want to fight back the hands go up boom boom boom you're ready to fight you ready for the cross you're ready to shoot a double he did a little americana from them out last night my jujitsu class which is nice harlin to come in the instructor appreciate that came in labour day you want to fight back because you're saying the same thing joe you're saying way this i can't read my mind what would she write he does it here she doesn't know what's in my head it now early breeds content contempt of the other side and finally separation or insisting on separation into groups burbage your black republicans hey you you're a sporadic publicans hate you your train its republicans hey you you're almost action republicans hate you you're an emigrant republicans hey you say parading people into those groups in insisting the other side hates them while insisting on reading their minds in the process breeds preparation joe on the quote
i hate to use each airport schubert other side you create another side by separating people in decides virtually what you get is you get a sight of people who are claiming to have their minds red who arrive he pissed off about being called is there s a phobia phobias and noma phobias and transfers and you put it the other side and you act we create a counter reaction by creating your own separation into groups is here possibly work is a future and this is a good but he s up when i want to move on get some really juicy stuff tat i there's another blame game going for the accused and hurricane harvey which is just the you know these people don't want to do research of data but he says acknowledgement and credit based on identity alone there is no end to it it becomes a institute for reward in the capitalist sphere which is disconnected to identity
when you are obsessed with identity as the cause and solution to all your problems there is no relationship to the real world there again there's no fix and a free market for that if everything your failure is gonna be blamed on some racist or xenophobic there's no reason for you joe to pursue any kind of free market capitalist endeavour because you're always gonna lose why because you're a victim of the white hiv arco power structure there's no winning you're always gonna lose the system's rigged it systemic you have no chance it's all over despite all of this evidence by the way of people out there who have succeeded despite great odds white black hispanic or other gay great doesn't matter you don't want that evidence you separate isolate yourself into a class of people blue american hispanic american you believe the other side is victimized you you're believing the up again the liberals out there tat joe when you think about it there's apps
i see no reason to pursue any kind of a solution because you're always gonna lose there's no i mean there's no fix you get what i'm saying there's just no fix on this i it was a good piece it's in yesterday's showed up on gino dot com it isn't salon i hate given him the collects i get it it is a far left website that rights are really kooky stuff but hey listen i give them credit for publishing and it's a pretty damning piece on where there go on with this are another interesting story sent from a reader which has been a right up right at my alley here from the american thinker to peace about the emily titus into another piece of the daily signal to practicalities stores together so piece about the growing use of local local taxes that are not being factored into economic models models that good sense a spear puts out two way too export need simply stated joe it's is their studies that study the effect of say tax the tax rate nest
a tax rate on people leaving this day tax rate in economic activity are in fact doing it all the taxes some taxes that are left out are the big ones pretty taxes sales tax is gas tax is not at all about you but if you're in florida floor we don't have an income tax down here thank god but we have proper taxes we have sales tax is and we have gas taxes and they can add up so this the thinkers a really really good peace talks about when you look at the tax burden per person in other words just forget about the distinctions federal state local get just them out of money you're paying taxes per person unsurprisingly here's the state's right down the top five joe theirs common denominator here and you tell me what it is worth died by these states ok is that can be hard to figure out you don't need jays abacus but check this out the taxpayer per person in these states are the highest in order the highest new jersey
aided by particular brand the politics number two connecticut number three vermont number four new york number five eleanor now joe what five states have in common with the politics of bring into focus it's gonna be like democrats there your girl bingo run by democrats now i know some of our liberal listeners will say well some of whom have some of them have but governors they do illinois does new jersey does vermont right now so yeah i get that but the states are dominated clearly by blue politics at the state local and even the federal level there is no question about that you can ever looking governor but if you can't do anything because of a democrat super majority like you have in illinois it doesn't marrow exactly marilyn's good point larry whole guineas a republic and governor marilyn but his eyes is being destroyed aid by i state house thousand delegates in the state senate which is run overwhelmingly by democrats the taxpayer
there is tremendous now d peace it's really good because it talks about the tax burden and how they spent most of the tax burden at the state level is being it is being delegated to things like state paying off suspension eddie conomic wrote the suffering now i bring this only because i saw another piece his warning the daily signal which is a really good one talking about how even despite the republican parties massive failures lately on obama care this dark i think but i can't seem to get their act together there still die maintaining jobs they are ninety five year high geo peace they dominate today have a try fact as a daily signal peace calls and put all these pieces of the show no it's available upon gino dot com as bungee no doubt com you wanna join my email is i will email you these articles are all really good i pick a few deuces everyday they have a try factor in twenty six states now republicans you know what that try fact is its when they a republican governor republicans
eight senate and republican house of representatives or house delegates so they have a try factor the gnp now in twenty six states and they had a number right here i couldn't william underlying twice or forget this one in a thousand p a day or leaving overwhelmingly blue states dominated by democratic politics for red states now folks again in some limited circles we would call this a clue that something's going on that the fact that the my bringing this up in light of the tax argument now because trump and the river look in congress and and senator going to push from what i'm hearing pretty solid initiative on taxes i get another story on this in a minute but this my other point like liberals talk about higher taxes but they don't live that way people are evacuating these states in droves that where the tax it is the highest ladies and gentlemen is where people are leaving so i'm just going to leave you with this to our liberal listeners does is pretty simple if you pay we even what you're saying and you
leave paying higher taxes as a public good that's going to lead to a better life for you and your children if you really sincerely believe that and i'm not mess around with you this is a serious question why evacuating you're states i'm really serious i'm messing with you if you're a liberal turning to the show for the first time it's a deadly serious question why are you not only evacuating your stay where you think the taxes where the taxes are highest even though you think taxes or a great thing why you then moving to stage where the taxes are noticeably lower florida texas nevada why what's happening there where is the disconnect the disconnect is if you just hypocrites you don't really mean that you don't we believe taxes are a good thing if you did a thousand people a day job would be leaving from red states into blue states not vice versa it's not happening poor evacuating you're states and shows a thousand people a day
there is an end and the point the daily signal pieces is that the real the gnp is at a ninety five year peak in power right now the reason iraqis peak in power is precisely because people are leaving these crap run states with these high taxes these crap democrat majority is leaving for states were government gets out of their way and as the population in these states increases joe so does the voting power of people in these states as the voting power people in these states increase so does their number of house of representatives and the congress and also their starting what's happening is the power in these blue states is ebbing because they're losing population this is i think the house of representatives right now in the united states government is dominated by republicans because outside few population centres in california in new york in illinois you have nothing behold countries left you behind you are being so left by you by you u win ninety two ten in new york city because all
liberals what there and in los angeles and everywhere now you're losing sixty forty because as liberals joan liberals still to start to evacuate liberal states along with conservatives they're moving the red states and there being outvoted everywhere you can't win there's no future in this there is no future in this tax and spend ideology not zero now i see one piece in the journal that i was a little disturbed by this written by it in up a writer and and i thought leader that i i really appreciate dodge on cochrane do some good work he's suggesting that with this taxpayer that we share the tax debate we should consider that anybody have some really good points is quickly on this topic as i got another story i really want to get too because it just goes to show you how bulls make stuff up again i washed imposed peace we get at the bank but
that he makes a suggestion that we should start to consider that a value added tax ladies and gentlemen please please i'm begging you this is an atrocious idea a value added tax now on i we the pros and cons you're all grown adults you can figure out on your own what you want to port not support i'm not here to lecture you have just here to give information you do with what you want he brings up some very it points about the tax law now which i absolutely agree on this point to this job when have an income tax attacks on work the money you weren't very simple you have have a corporate tax and you have to have it capital gains tax as well now why that a corporate tax being attacks on corporate revenue a cat real gains tax being attacks basically on investments on capital which are former capital do you need the other two if you have an income tax what's verse joe i mean if you have an income tax and you don't have a corporate tax what are people going to there
corporate in other words thereby gino is gonna become de in bonn gino egg which i'm not right now i'm a paid so employee of conservative review but there were say let's say they did this so decoctions point is a valid one who if we have an income tax we have the other two if we didn't and it was an income tax say too conservative review hey guys tell you what i'm gonna become independent business dan bonds no ink and you need to pay danbridge you know ache rather than paying their mancino the social security number makes sense jobs rather than media individual you'll pay attacks identification number for corporation which is joe just me but we incorporate is it makes sense to them and you know it can i be attacks identification number rather than a social security number what would happen then if the tax rate corporate taxes with zero i don't taxes at all so would you makeup actually the corporate tax you also need capital gains tax this gets a little more complicated
when i say need i mean the government needs to raise revenue i personal careful where his taxes go away i'm just given you the economics of it from a cash flow perspective to the government you also needed capital gains tax because if there was an income tax would know capital gains tax most people corporate environment joe we just take their salary then as stock options are carried interest which should be taxed on there capital gains tax which would be zero which would mean watcher they take no taxes so the point that point is he's not wrong there when he says if you have any contact you need a corporate tax in either capital gains tax he's not wrong for me as a solution i think is a terrible any suggest maybe it's time to consider a value added tax which is basically folks a national sales tax levied at every level production every company adds value to the value chain someone you produce a computer the company that produces the glass that's the chips at every level of production
they will pay a tax based on how much value they headed for the computer the problem with it value added tax and why this is a atrocious idea a really an idea i don't think you should ever support not give you the idea should support a am i going leave ag in here but that i think much better idea a value added tax is a bad idea because its hidden folks the tax at ever the level of production is hidden into the final product so although you can comprehend what the vets gonna be if you see it on a sales receive you really have a tough time breaking down what is basically a hidden tax and the old man about value added tax is as you know republicans love them republicans had loved because its efficient and democratic law because it raises boatloads of money it raises butler mighty because you don't really understand how much you're paying in the end its built in every
babylon its hidden at the sub levels of production so in other words if you just see a sales received the end for a computer and you think you paid a thirty forty i'll attacks show that tax built in their levels of production really could have been something close to two hundred and forty so democrats level because you just don't know how much tat your pay you nobody what's the difference between an income tax when you get your pay stub you can see it in your like oh man that's really stick with your minds ruby i got to pay but then my quarterly state taxes when you write check it really thinks when the taxes hidden you can raise more money they loved this really bad idea that's gonna go up it's a really bad therefore a national sales tax i like the idea of a few attacks or a fair tax a flat tax across the board rate this quest aboard joe you do a fifteen send income fifty percent capital gains fifteen percent corporate good to go pretty simple i think their taxes and even better idea the problem is we just don't have the votes are and how to get it through fair tax is basically again i a not a national sales tax and a different respect at the end point of
someone without with a pre bait start now the poverty level it also get rid of the income tax but both better ideas and value added tax the value added tax demonstrate that a fair tax is evaluated that goes into every single level of production and goes up and up and up over time if we as we ve seen and i'm pretty convinced if you get a vat evaluated we are also going to get a value added tax personal contact i this stories another this one get really gets to me because it just goes to show you again how liberals cannot stop they just kids i put the narratives when they who's the narrative i mean this is a national tragedy hurricane harvey and potentially irma come in my way liberals are not obsessed with helping not all of em but did especially the media was their obsess joe wait the narrative than stay up to tell a story which strategically benefits them now yes covered at how they were blaming it on houston zoning laws which is crap
today they're moving another the zoning and climate change in all these other false liberal narratives declining and climate change course harvey zoning laws course army they're moving on to new narratives they think it benefit them before i get there we shall also brought you by bodies of brick ass nutrition bay of a great product out there done that i guess it by why they gotta got the stuff right now because what were the coffee it's hard to one of the things about it eric is used power but we did aware member been maryland it was really rough eddie you can't coffee and i gotta caffeine headaches like you wouldn't believe my heads get explode so i got down dont does they sent me a couple bottles of its great stuff say ten our long energy products it will give you the highs and lows of other energy products i hate that yeah louisa energy drinks are a cup of coffee and a few hours later we need another one because you had a high in india had a law when you take it up this stuff is less for ten hours it's time release its really terrific my wife loves it she does it before you it takes up its appeal it's really terrific it works great i've got to get tough
positive email about this product go check it out a situation that calm slash dan that's break out nutrition dotcom slash the and pick up a product daunted dusk cross bidders cops military guys working moms and as give it a try i give you a nice mood elevation throughout the day to get you to those long they break ass nutrition dot com slashed egg or check it out so i saw this doozy cato this p it exposes the washington which is now moving on to another narrative so first it was i'm a change second it was zoning now joe this title of peace by the way their blaming now hurricane harvey's damage on houston quote wild west growth and now it their blaming the building codes it's the building codes it did it climate change that climate change zone did it out i got it now building codes this is the new what i'm telling you would never ends instead of like it out we can worry about this stuff later let's worry about fixing it now nope liberals
this narrative it all types of building codes meeting this meaning if the liberals love control country was there thing they want control of the economy that's why they tried to advance the climate change in our control the economy to carbon taxes basically being able to attacks of business for using energy which joe every single business does so well climate change narrative failed they want right over the zoning because zoning allows them to control who can build what and where they loved liberals love love zoning sadly some republicans you do i do as well and i dont get it now they're going to building codes because building codes or another way of of of instituting de facto control of the private economy what people can build how they can build that is going to be up to the government now i'm gonna give you the evidence on this because and i want to be clear on that totally knocking the washed imposed peace i'm upset that they they seem to jump
what conclusion without the evidence the cato peace which is done which is more responsible and being the showed us today we addressed and says hey did you simply is debate codes basically have anything to do with it image in harvey after which it it puts out you studied here's thing i found this really interesting here's the years the problem here is the conqueror university of georgia economist look at this hate a building codes work right any scully says no he said what happened building codes is there's a race so the bottom here in other words joe chinese that say build homes according to a building code mandated by the locality or the state that we have an he's on bringing this up as we have really strict building codes in florida for hurricanes but does what happens if you get a race to the bottom that builders build according to the code will wind up not worrying about the sturdy near the structure their building but just me
how it doesn't really lead to stronger structures and you can check out the study yourselves indicate or peace but i thought that was interesting and i think it insert a b and if it's not done this way we're going to find you even if it's done in his shoddy fashion they're going to do it that's what the building code says so he says no it doesn't really lead to stronger structures and you can check out the study yourselves indicate or peace but i thought that was interesting and i it shows how government doesn't always have the ets and one quitting on us i think there's something to this again i'm here to give you the evidence not jump to conclusions i washed imports were allegedly journalists but i live near stuart stewards off the water down here in florida i live in poverty but it's near stuart and my fr i always fastened it we got our farmers market once in awhile and joy right off the water in florida i mean a ground zero for hurricane impacts there are structures there now tat stuart that have been there for eighty years
that's listen about saying that maybe it was just an isolated it maybe just that one house was built really well maybe that corporate there it's some kind of iter knowledge of the angles of the woodwork whenever maybe but i member states that they could gosh they must have known something the government doesn't we have the answer is also one more thing when we were moving and here we were looking at some homes and and people here are people the down here most of the homes are cbs concrete block instruction year some the older homes are still built out of wood and i remember real estate guy telling me that but these would homes are great in hurricane because they sway more than the concrete block once so i think there's some frozen here's the common side though that these things work because i don't i don't like government bob and i think you want to build a home that's hurricane resistant find a builder who builds hurricane resistant out florida we have a really strict go down here and there what is the national centre for atmospheric research university pennsylvanian austin college did you study
two thousand and one florida code after hurricane andrew in eighteen ninety two they instituting a strict building codes my house was according to their code we have concrete block everywhere me my house is like a fortress ripe and frowned when damages were far less in buildings built according to code and its savings from the reduced damages were greater than the costs of an over of building according to the new code so joe building a house according to the new two thousand one code cos you ten thousand dollars more that over time would you were going to save form far more and far less win damage according to code so there's a bit of conflicting data might be for this is my beef with the media this is i mean we're you don't about building codes one i love economics and i love wonky stories like this but this is more the story about the media how them yes we watched imposed in this case specifically immediately jumps to a narrative because they have a liberal political agenda the liberal agenda is they love government telling people what they can build and where they can build it because they always crave control but they won't give you the day
like other more responsible outfits like cato are so you can make an educated decision for your own you like building codes there's the evidences says doesn't work here some but its says it might some cases you can decision on your own yet just upsets me when all these people you know that in a liberal media what i saw you in an air i folks here to get for other great reviews rubbed almost four hundred and fifty somethin reviews on itunes if you have the time please review us on itunes apart guess i really appreciate it goes subscribed to my email lest upon you know that calm and my new book is available on amazon protecting the presence i appreciate if you pick it up thanks to everyone who did and sent me your views on it already thanks a lot you oughta mark you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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