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Ep 541 Liberalism is the 8 Minute Abs of Politics

2017-09-06 | 🔗
In this episode: Liberals are still pushing false narratives about the causes of Hurricane Harvey's damage.    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-08-31/a-hard-rain-and-a-hard-lesson-for-houston   Why is liberalism the "8-Minute-Abs" of politics? In this show I'll explain.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/something-about-bernie-1504642242   This Democrat legislator couldn't answer a simple question of Fox News last night.  https://www.google.com/amp/insider.foxnews.com/amp/article/57774   Who is really censoring content on the Internet? https://www.wsj.com/articles/whos-the-real-internet-censor-comcast-or-facebook-1504653147   Why you should fear any government firearm registry. https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/05/us-virgin-islands-governor-orders-seizure-citizens-weapons-nra-threatens-to-sue.amp.html   SPONSOR LINKS: www.PrepareWithDan.com www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan
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they don t know you want the truth comes at his pipe guess you want someone to be issued and before the crap go to a political reality dandelions knows we have to call it what it is we have to stop being delicate about ready to hear the truth about america when i like the leftist israel conservatives don't need say spaces they don't need lollipops in colouring books and teddy bears i'm good ok on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gino i want the renegade republic of its ambiguities joe how are you today age it back watch baby listen i gotta lotta emails from people and ivory really appreciate this i mean it from the bottom of my heart saying you know on labour day just so you know the genesis of this common about to make is that people are saying if you dont have to work on labour day and produce a product and we appreciate you doing it and you know this
hurricane bearing down caught my house here in down here in the treasure coast on the east coast of florida and i a lot of really nice email saint aid not take a break in on a personal note philosophy allow me for just a moment i know this is a substance bay show and i don't like to waste your time but a lot of personal crap you know but dumb you guys ladys at their everything to me this is which is what i do now i've is a cop i was a business owner i was a secret service agent owes an author i still write books but this is my life my life is i love what i do and joe and i both feel like we have an obligation to produce a product every working day of the week now i take the weekends off not really because i need them off but because you do some people do not want a list of politics on the weak and it's the only reason i don't three days off ever i am going to try my heart is through this hurricane to get a product and a good one up for you joe keep the updated but if i don't have power i can't do it
i guess my wife and my kids left there up in maryland we're looking at a pretty potentially devastating landfall if it comes near us maybe not but the new track show we're going out towards the atlantic ocean but irma is a big storm my boy that my house yesterday have accordion shutters they seal them shot in my office right now is completely dark outside of the little overhead life for my studio here because i have the shutters closer no daylights getting at my house right now so i feel like a two but it's a lonely place usually my wife is around when i'm recording but i feel propagation do this for you just quickly i gonna wanna wasting your time but you guys and ladys work hard joel i will we do not hard it's not i love what i did i love my audience and i feel an obligation to people out there now challenging but it's not hard i go tough you know it was a there's some chow view starve there is some i mean i've got a battle talk about ammonia because it gets we cannot but if it's in my
you know i wrote about a little bit in a book i wrote i didn't get it too much detail i used to dig ditches in a cemetery you know i used to work in a store where that they had an oven that was six hundred degrees nice have to go up in the attic where in and get bottles out the refill astok shelf and to get the bottle because the attic was only like four feet had a crawl around i gotta hernia in my back from trying to lift heavies cases snapple iced tea all the time do in it that's hard work this isn't you were a card you deserve a kind and producer that's going to show up every damn day give you a product i don't care if it's a hurricane if it's a holiday it's gonna be there this show is going to be there for you all the time if you choose to listen that's a perfectly fine it's up to you you want to take a holiday on your holidays i totally understand but this it's gonna be there for you and i deeply appreciate the compliments but please don't worry about me i like what i do we enjoy so sorry about that long to three minutes
but i get a lot of his meals and that's why that's why i am not taking any days off so prescience alright love you guys and make sure the best man it's really it's tough so like you guys so much i get very emotional that's custom so i saw a couple stories today that were fascinating one i read was just the kind of loan me away because something we ve been talking about for a couple of days and it speaks to a whole larger narrative on the left which as you know the fatal could see the preacher of knowledge in other words the idea amongst liberal damn it sent a lesson and sadly a growing radically cooper far left this dead people government show no things that you don't their smarter than you would therefore they should have your money you know you of care and control of your kids education that you're what what what diet again the fatal can see this idea you're smarter than you so there is a great great piece which i'm sorry again as wall street journal i dont know if it's subscriber only because i'm a subscriber so when i click
but it comes up but amateur put in the show notes at bongino dot com sorry i didn't get an email at yesterday's hurricanes cause a lot of chaos in my house i'm trying to get gas it's just a pain in the butt butt i will try to get it out today but it is it's all available budget that can be the way if you want to check out the shores but these articles terrific because the ties in this idea of the pretence of knowledge and is amazing get hillary clinton is back again with this work what happened and she's blaming who at times together for you so just follow me she's blaming now bernie sanders sergio her loss the russians it was or was it although in server farms are to macedonia in macedonia server farms it was the dead sea was debbie waterbirds shawls she's applying to everybody and their mother for our loss besides herself she was a crap candidate wrap it so this gap is forthcoming i'll call what happened in the book and its people
so go to myself excited talk but i can get my thoughts asher in a box claims bernie sanders and she says the gist of complaint is that every time she put out a policy pretty said joe with one our power a policy and she had retorted because our claim is that bernie sanders there's no way he could make this and he was just doing it everybody knows the one up right here a party like ag scots as rapporteur to really great truck i love the rap the rather ngos gee i'm scenarios and you're the one up our everyday age the one up her complain the party was the one up or a policy and that there is no way you can pay for it so she said we're gonna do twelve dollars an hour national minimum wage parties there's gotta be fifteen if she said you know of quote free college for dreamers bernie set free college for everyone and write what everyone rifle for everyone if she said we're going to expand
obama care birdie said free health care for everyone now mrs clinton complaining about this in a book saying how do you compete with that like she the short he destroyed my reputation because he was the way he was the political one opera and i thought this was absolutely genius this cut this is this thing by james remit of the world's future he's as anti semitic the theme of this shell he made the greatest analogy i think i have ever seen joe imprint i'm not kidding that's what i propose i read it this morning i get my wife off to the airport at four o clock in the morning i read it we groggy eyes and a groggy your brain i was like hole we this is terrific he says this is it this is the with the democratic party mrs clinton doesn't even get it she's exposing liberals right now for what they are joe pity gives member the movie something about marry you what we can renew has bred sailor
a comedy hysterical one of the few comedies ever left it there's a scene in a calm and something about mary where ben stellar picks up a hitchhiker and the guys the killer is a murderer amulets event to be funny and to see i know it sounds crazy add two guys crazy and he talks about this great idea yes joe he has the greatest idea ever sailors listening ip knows the guy's not to now and he's like regretted pick it up and a guy goes burn a matter is remember eight minute ab show the video because i got here sir more jobs beds like this is the dumbest thing i've ever seventeen we could do a better job abscess guys got seven you have so bent steelers talking to goes dude it's kind of i'm right because an why doesn't somebody's come out within six meant acts in a guy scratches sandy's like oh no you're
what the hell does this have to do with hillary clinton one upmanship liberals the fatal conceit and a lack of knowledge well this is what i think we do differently in the shower right he may the point freeman it through the analogy that that's the democratic party feed on ignorance just like eight perhaps that the great analogy i know it sounds silly but it's really terrific joe few bereave tat i worked out to work out a big into diet nutrition if you really believe that an eight minute work out is going to give you a six pack it adds here you're out of freak in my baby eight areas inhabited so if you're a sucker enough to believe aim it adds you're surely a sucker enough to believe in seven minute apps the seven minute ab guy is the bernie sanders he's the one upper you you ain't milligrams i could do seven but you understand showed you see what i'm getting at their both rely on one thing you our understanding that
there's a whole array of ads even possible makes this analogy democratic party and it was so good and get a forgive me for people like teasing it because it's like this is the democrats this tell you things like eight made it adds that if you're dumber to believe them you're setting yourself up for the seven minute ab guy you set twelve dollars an hour minimum wage dear so ridiculous on its face that government an dating people to pay more is going make society richer folks i've done whole shows on it i'm not gonna this shows that about the minimum wage you you can listen to my library which spend the bump thousand times over it is it's not even common sense but if you please the government could make people richer than why not later twenty our minimum wage service jobs why not
five dollars an hour minimum wage search murdered herbs why not fifty our minimum age for jobs why not a hundred thousand for a year for everyone jobs ivy reductio ad absurdum here i get it back i baking point do absurdity the absurdities real it was tell me that's not a killer analogy now easier although run on the money you because you know how a common theme of this show from day one and somewhat get me a nice email yesterday which i deeply appreciate forgive me i don't member your name right now but he said back and listen to your attire library which is quite a feat for a new mr is over five hundred out general attitude with joe and i remember the whole library he listened to the entire library and he said
and if you go back and listen now he amazing how many of your predictions came true peace like bingo go back and listen you're gonna be its eerie but this like one of the predictions due to show we ve always made is how the fatal conceit the lack of knowledge on the left now people and understand policy was ultimately going to tie their hands in the long run because your promising better bennett and it's never gonna happen i'm a care was never going to cut a families healthcare costs by twenty five hundred dollars you wouldn't we're gonna be allowed to keep your planet eventually this was all gonna boomerang because you're gonna do the eight minute apps work out and it's not going to work suddenly like wait i'm over six pack i have a twenty two of ward of chris go it never work it as such a beautiful analogy about the problems on the left this this people can see the idea that peat when dc have the knowledge and a power to give you a minute apps sets
for the seven minute lab guy we're bernie sanders did the hillary clinton she's absolutely right by the way you're nothing she's telling you she's lying what i'm telling you is freeman beautifully points out not only is she not lying she's egg to the larger umbrella truth what we would call on the show the why she doesn't understand why like the why magic why did this work why it was she one hour by the seven minute ab guy when she's the eight minute ab girl because she was saying things that were unbelievable and are ridiculous where a common air we're gonna cut the costs of health care to government can do that it has no power to do that it doesn't have the knowledge to do that ladies and gentlemen if their health care industry doctors hospitals nurses administrative employs hospital manages insurance companies that varied livelihood depends on producing an effectively price product that people like if they can't do it what they
you think someone in government with zero knowledge of that arena of that sphere can do that why you leave that we give you another simple analogy i thought a before the shell would you trust a government bureau crap to manage your favorite baseball team diving sounds silly joe you what i like that's the dumbest thing averred but when you i have to try this with emotions because sometimes taken where the emotions of the left there someone love what government that they don't let date that reason never gets in the way of their emotional love government its way genuflect at the altar of government but when you tie it to ports maybe it'll make sense that people on that why wouldn't you let it government bureaucrat manage your favorite baseball team now you john because the obvious answers they don't i don't get it all they know about the oil industry squat about health care either put i don't get it you know about the oil industry they know about
technology they know about net neutrality and the idea that they don't know any of this and yet entrusting them to run the united states economy this is absurd you or if you are a liberal you are the eight minute up guy you're selling a nonsensical plan that is never going to work praise on people's ignorance i'm telling you i've been working on my whole life when i saw a minute apps and the time ass come out i laughed and i knew i was gonna sell because sadly there is large swathes of people say liberals by the way who seeking an answer but don't want to do their homework i'm sorry i know that doesn't sound cute trying to offend anyone i'm really not an immediate not helping by feeding people garbutt and garbage information telling people that eight minute apps works that's what they
liberalism they tell you our tax cuts don't work they will never give you any data backed up because they don't have it put folks there's a guy for people out there liberals who are emotionally seeking a better tomorrow i get that data gotta be worse off but they don't what do the hard work of serious policy analysis so they go right to the emotion we need to help poor people want just tell the government to pay the more ok but what is that going to do well gonna up the employers cost what what's it going to do cosmic rays prices what what's acting to do it's gonna make people spend more money on basic food products what's accurate you what's gonna make people poor but i thought the whole goal was to make people richer by paying more all year but it doesn't really do that that's the conservatives have to take over a b the adults in the room we're not the eight minute arab guys we're not where the guys and ladys you're gonna go to the german let me give you the hard news you want apps folks
i with no heir of potential i gotta damn good said ads for a forty two year old dude i work hard and you know what it box today it sucks you want to know the truth you wanna get ripped you want you want a teenage arms you for arms that look like pop why you want to pack absent its ox get to the gym get onto the kettle bell do your cabinet spreads get your heart rate above one eighty dead with squat do waited pull up bench really heavy lives stuff overhead this fast as you can chop as high as you can do it five days a week bench but yourself out in the sauna afterwards and sweat you're could jones off for twenty minutes after my work out our two hours a day forty five days we plus applying on weekends which leaves me aching in pain the day of my life
they die i may die of our not gonna die a pain i have a lot of our time but damn it i'm not gonna die of any kind of like basically related disorder cause i didn't take care myself it's talks there's no eight minute apps there's no to governmental pay people more because i said so well tat day our just going to spend money on infrastructure therefore we're going to create more jobs where the money i'm from that's good i like us who s to tell you the truth there's no eight minute labs now folks i'm serious its success worked out show us considering out and a weekend do in a show called rough cuts with joe with some stuff you know we really enjoy talking about outside of politics but i'm telling you you wanted get ripped and shredded it is due actually correlated with the amount of pain
mean raw pain you put in a jam you talk about pain gulp scope get a deadline bar right stack yourself wanna dubbed the deadly bar and do a set with your your eighty represent your eighty rep max to us twenty breathing deadlines were you take i a minute between each rapidly and you are want to throw up your guts into a bucket it stewart set a search your squats where you do you pick your ten rep max and you do twenty twenty me you're like but i'm not kidding the actual sound you make it rep eighteen when you're like i it possibly be hurting anymore right now you know sit under a guy in a brazilian jujitsu class who was warping you're caboose anymore brutal way possible you cared breathe you been roland around after twenty five minutes his
is on papa you covering your nose so you feel like you're suffocating your head is in his armpit and he is literally choking the life out of you and you don't want to tap be a bad ass we'll get on my mac you want to like a bad ass go get under the damn bar and to clarify for the listener the key is the clothing worn doria grab yes that's good great good guess why you're the audience on bulgaria guided jujitsu their super thick so you really can't breathe when it hovers over your face its ox there is no eight minute apps now why because i like to tie things to current events and obviously freedom peace was about the current event of hillary clinton book she's a pirnie i thought self gosh uses a deeper story than even freeman may understand right but man maybe now maybe these very market bloomberg has a piece out today which i put in a show notes i approve my point to tie
a couple stories i why brought up that email about predictions on the show intentionally nothing here is done unintentionally i watch it fox by the way it is a woman give it a speech congressmen and a microphone is how to stay and that you guys you see it is lives and the microphone it they didn't screw the thing it right and it's going they tightening up its historical and watch it is now dead this is like a joke but the stories i saw bloomberg about the knowledge problem how democrats don't have the knowledge to institute an eight minute apps programmes will have to rely on manipulation which eight minute adds did merriment everybody's gotta get bore it's the same thing there's a knowledge problem with planters as well so to be cut where i'm going with this on what end with the aid perhaps thing i'm talking about democrats manipulating the net the lack of knowledge on behalf of liberals to get eight minute
pushed through which minimum wages its eight minute acts is something it can't work but sounds good aim it adds madame wage we're all gonna get arrays because the government is great that relies on the lack of knowledge and a manipulation by people who do no better folks i'm telling you i ve these conversations right most elected more crap who push minimum wage no it doesn't work they told the others that neither taken a mike off this great they know it doesn't work they had been to our cause it get it does work they know that their just relying on manipulating your lack of knowledge the other problem what liberalism is deep pretence of knowledge be half of the people who are elected or in the government bureaucracy in other words voters you're liberals can be very dumb they believe eight minute apps but is even worse is that people who are elected some of em
we ve been appealing people but some of them actually do believe they can institute eight minute apps now this come across a book peace about harvey and a prediction i made the other day what did i tell you sorting was gonna be the new thing right here is an article from bloomberg harvey wasn't just bad weather it was bad city planning we go there we go we say i'm not taking any credit for this are just telling you on the show there's nothing i can do better than the far left i've read entire box is a really good book on the left by its big idea flint told the can of history the american left read the book it's a long but it's a really really guy was almost better promoting other people stuff the maya but it's a good book read books like that and you'll always be able to predict what the left is gonna do because the left is easy to predict is i think they know better than you and they do now it's amazing that again the zoning thing out our now use that it was the zoning problem this is incredible
they're saying now that the zoning and the lack of planning by government officials led to this is flooding in houston which as i pointed out and shows this week is absurd houston has more pervious surface not unless impervious surfaces then a lot of major liberal cities that have extensive planning so sure where you're going with this now a peace they make some other articles about canals and drainage and things like that but folks that is totally completely not correlated the central planners ability to fix these things at all new york is a new jersey are our sense replant or socialist central joe and hurricane sandy nearly dead decimated most of those areas they were a lot of those were planned so you may saviours of if bloomberg is making the connection here and if i lose you joe let me know if blow
org is trying to make the connection because he's liberal writers have an agenda and i don't know if these right as a liberal i just suckers but if there gender here on what the left's agendas clear is to push the idea that government planners would have solved this problem then show how come they didn't format routes for that now let me tell you that i think that we got it we guessed right these down we need the format gloats forward a government planters what i got it for miracles but they didn't you data for that includes in you're like while my body still stands fat as it was the day before nothing changed at all not shapely format includes didn't happen you super storm standing in an extensive govern socialist dearly socialist run regimes or is a semi semi socialist regimes and the damage was as extensive was was was extensive as well
if your premises the planters would have fixed it i've just making a very simple statement of fact or base the question then why didn't they now again this is based on the premise that we're clear that the government officials some special class of knowledge that few stony and didn't and if who would have just let government planners plan the city they plan that and not of this flooding would have occurred at least not at the levels it did folks there's no evidence to back them up at all now you may say why because this is important on the show the why matters were are you government planners why can't they do it spokes it comes down to two things knowledge and incentives number one government planters have no special class of algiers no set of facts out there on flood prone areas
the climate signs that you can't access as easily as government planners can it not of its top secret you can go on the internet you can start to study you can access to stop the information is out there for anyone to see the government has no special class of knowledge at all but what's the secondary problem why didn't planners in new york in new jersey stop the flooding in the damage from hurricane africa soup storm sandy why why didn't they because folks the incentives are all wrong for government as i said to you repeatedly probably two hundred plus times on the shelf the government bureaucrats who work in the government do not air about your money when they buy things because its their money it's your money they take your ma we do taxes they did not earn it somewhat we urge the dollar is always go to care more how it spent can someone who just took the dollar and gets it basically for free from someone else secondly the government
by things for itself a buys things the government in other words when homemaker jones or lawmaker joe we beg doughnuts goes by something he's up by yet for himself he's buying it for the military spying for the court's he's fine four votes is buying and infrastructure package in his district it's not his if it works out doesnt affect him at all maybe the votes later on but very rarely everybody our support because nobody follows up on it you want the bridge unaware five great go right nobody cares its your money so not only does the government not have any special knowledge when it comes to building up houston to some special flood resistant area it the incentive to do it either i you again if government planners can plan better
a private free market free americans can on their own why pray why you have zero have now do you have i believe that this is it it is no evidence at all this is true even worse joe i took it couple notes about some some natural disasters and had to the cabin williamson international national view put this in one of his books these you want to talk about government planning not only not helping but actually destroying the environment and making it worse here are some they are once again planters is supposed to joe day would have they would have done houston so much differently than then is this this wild west building going up what we call economic freedom and liberty here is something disasters that happened in economies that were totally plan like socialist economies where the government owns the means of production chernobyl member chernobyl the nuclear disaster in the soviet union that was planned that
planned economy and it was a plan of the cod recovery plan chernobyl but again if open amber economy can do things so much better because the government has a better incentive and more knowledge what happened there you may say what will happen happened in the united states to i'm not making that point that it doesn't happen you're making the point that planters do it better i'm telling you you're wrong they don't i'm not telling the free market and for economic liberty doesn't have some downsides people make mistakes your making the point that planters do it better and don't make mistakes you're wrong said dan chernobyl that's one example are not all i got more i got more three horses them what about them i'm acts disaster in mexico but the yankees river but the irish sea drying up what
pollution levels in china right now wait i thought the government does it better you ever been to china europe have i've been to china good luck walking going from mile and a half run in beijing members are told you what desserts squat on number eighteen go why would i have run in beijing and a leisurely pace you're gonna be like the air is like thick withstood when i was there at least maybe they've cleaned it up since it's been awhile so to be fair to the chinese i haven't been back in a while but i'm telling you when i was there it was bad really and what their michael shirt off the age s secretary they wouldn't even run outside but i thought understood it better that's a planned economy to others now you're premise is completely absurd we are
making the case of the free market doesn't have a downside you're making the case that planning has an upside with no evidence at all to back up that assertion eight minute apps for medical lutes set is that's what i did i so brought to you our bodies it my patriot supply guys ladys otto i mean it so this is at an opportune time but i'm sitting in the middle of a potential directed here so i say this with with with arafat absolute with absolutely pure heart you have got to be prepared got thirty gallons a gas right now in my garage i've got above fifty bucks if i've got five or six cases of water and entire fridge rater stack we gator aden pd alight crazy i don't care i am not going down like that you have got to be prepared i implore you
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about the virgin islands that should really could you not freak you out completely the governor are the virgin islands this guy when map there's a a human tragedy unfolding therewith hurricane and he issued an emergency order allowing his national guard to go and sees the weapons and firearms of private citizens because they may need them anymore active in emergency folks is you know again i did a show gosh i don't know a year and a half ago maybe in the first hundred would gale trotter she was one you guess i've ever had on the show member that recorded that at my base and i pray sure during the show the idea came up of a government registry and government less if it didn't i'm i think think are spoken a gale about it so many times and much of it came up in the show up at this is the problem this is
problem this is why you never trust government with that kind of information so now they ve got a list now they're not going on your door so now when you need it most joe in the event of forbid a civil disturbance say the power goes out for three to four months you know we would say we're only for miss meals away from chaos you know block alice you said that you know it's a civilizations a thin crossed on a volcano we're we're always a few minutes away from revolution right when you beat it most in the event of a disaster the government comes are not going to diagnose aid by the way that they are you have and that pistol yellow we need that no no facts back and then they go out i got forty guys outside and attract and around to the teeth and now we're gonna need that folks do not ever ever trust liberals ever with your guns or your registry or a red do not possess is what have this is what inevitably happens when things break bet as it can but in the united states thanks
i doubt it but i don't know but is enough to trust them with a national firearms registry absent could we not don't ever for yet this story because the next time your liberal friends guy that's crazy it should be a registry of fires we need to know as the guns why do you need to know why you want to take up now people are going to take him are really that's interesting because a u s territory the virgin islands we u s the governor over there that's exactly what they did accident virginals erewhile it happened so don't tell me it doesn't happen i wonder whether these i brought it up to you because we did a show in the past about the a general over there and the virgin islands who wanted to sue axon because you didn't like the outcome of their climate science research and we must try and get a get get money at a acts so you know can't trust these liberals they'll just they did they there they're just table manipulate the power or of government to impact both business and individual liberty and not just don't trust them
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long to load you store it and it s about seven days of a couple work out to some go look into mere again you're gonna see look totally different i mean far better check it out i've gotten to not them a compliment special wanted a cop friends of mine by a former conference new york he loves you stop products foundations available a brick house nutrition that calm slash there that's brick nutrition situation that calm slash the and go pick up a bottle foundation today you'll be dynamo when the gym you'll get a few extra reps after whilst go check it out when also o or use a doozy met new so net neutrality comes up all the time and they show home get tat jewish yet spears post to fill in tonight for someone but he's coming back ok this aid is shows like a total stream of consciousness i love how we do this we're line has been now you of course yeah they can get attacks from a radio so net neutrality is another example of the pretence of knowledge the
government officials can do things and regulate things better than the private market although the government has no substantial p either either entry sick or extrinsic knowledge about this this array then the people were actually in the idea now net neutrality folks i get it i totally understand listen i'm i'm cool the fact that a lot of cash relatives and liberals both feel strongly i get it i respect your opinion i get a lot of great emails as a liberal lesser mindset me a great email he loves net neutrality i disagree we obviously it's my show i'm never going to lie to you i think net neutrality is a disaster in it in essence net neutrality say give the government should be able to regulate through title to the internet as a communication service rather than an information service now why anybody thinks government regulators know more about the internet then the people we actually work and built the internet i have idea
getting there are some conservatives you support is still failing wow gonna happen is you know the government if we don't stop this kind of stuff then providers of internet internet service providers joe we're going to have a monopoly and are going to start shutting down websites and basically going to start making companies pay more in our case going to treat a bit is a bit as appeared in other words a bit of transmission data as every bit should be treated equally you note noticed the equality language by the way right comes all the time with the left they always frame things in terms of emotion never reason it's it's always emotion they use that term equality for reason ass not so that those folks swine the conservatism republicans support net neutrality please i'll be a sucker i up i should say i get it i i've got as i understand i'm not going to get it to do net neutrality debate today but again
i wonder if this is an eight minute apps problem and there's a piece in the journal today about this where they go away where they said listen the real problem out there and why the left because liberals its largely as organize group joe liberals who are pushing for government regulation of the internet and their debts their preying on i think some evolve ignorance about the problem to get some conservatives to go along now what premises they views is what i just said that all well i s peace can block sites now here's a quote from the wall street journal train it's interesting how they avoid the actual problem about blocking of information for a fake problem that i as peace doing up article in the shown us today well one problem no and has presented a single credible case of any major internet provider censoring web content based on political beliefs do you know who does the very
companies calling for net neutrality map or face for twitter google pay pal and other tech firms are engaged in increasingly strict political censorship do vague in some active prohibitions on hate speech and fake news folks format who's this they for net neutrality is a four minute glued problem today believe you could develop gluten four minutes or that they go make it somehow regulate the internet better than their internet can regulate itself why are we following for this they are selling you on this idea that these i s peace are somehow going to block on popular websites and block bits of information they don't like when in reality what's really going on joe is facebook apple google are blocking right now information made on why do their monopolistic run over social media and an internet communication the internet communication ecosystem they're the ones doing this do you see baden switch year oh how this is i mean it another one
so basically just leave eggs i want to run on too long about that but the point maybe that is neutrality is another eight men at arms from every it it requires you to believe something that's not true in order for them to advance the agenda the again they requires you to believe that this is happening on a massive scale is a big problem and somehow governments gonna fix it when the actual problem is people like facebook google and other people censoring content it's not the i s peace there when it and now you introduced the government in to solve the problem pretending they have the ability to give you absent eight minutes or to fix the internet they have no ability to do that at all not can't fix anything the government government doesn't owing operate the internet the government is even i operate the government i mean it we serious making fix itself other thing i saw this they d d knowledge problem so last night how they pray on annette manipulate people based on emotional jobs or but includes they had i represent
if quae our democratic from texas was on talker last night tucker girls and children of you saw this but i love hocker shall we always desert the really good dismantling these left isn't he was very respectful the guy i'm a guy sounds like a genuinely nice guy but he comes on he's a democrat from texas and he wanted to talk about the benefits of dhaka you know the illegal amnesty for children what brought here illegally into the country the outcome situational amnesty programme so we are trying to defend a programme and tucker asked them a basic question now i will the fox news insider article in the short and i strongly encourage you to washes it shows you how the democrats play on emotions just like gate minute arabs and debris the reason and the substances never their tucker sk as must the vast him joe i dont know five times he must have that's why i'm ok what then are the rules
how long do you have to be here before you are given amnesty what age do you have to be here can anybody whose brought here as a kid forever now be eligible for u s citizenship he would not answer the question no matter what because is only talking point is dreamers dreamers dreamers dream is but he's not willing to engage in the higher second order conversations what next ok we get it some people brought here when they were young who gasp we do no fault of their own who may be working in the united states we all get tat i agree with the programme i think it should go away ok that's everyone now that's not every case and the these secondary effects of that is its going to incentivize anyone all over the world to bring their kids here leave them here and get them u s citizenship by an at never ending cycle of amnesty quite i would not answer the question because
he doesn't have a solution for all he has is emotion that's it dreamers dreamers working at this all yes he doesn't have anything else again eight minute apps every every time great peace by raymond really you need to read it i folks thanks again for all the reviews on itunes and i got a thorough and an extra time to come today the end here i presume their views on amazon my book doesn't come out bookstore sought to build two september nineteen but it's available amazon now people have already read it and i got up a really really nice reviews on amazon because for up there now so if you have the time and you know you feel like doing it i would appreciate a review and i really means a lot to make it a really nice review there from a couple of folks and amazon my books com protecting the presidency thanks a lot i folks mr marsh show if i want to get this story about govern bonds and stocks why they're going up at the same time and why this is like a pit really unprecedented
they go and on the economy a people have had a really hard time explained so don't miss tomorrow see ottawa you just ten bond gino she did then all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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