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Ep. 546 The 2020 Election Has Already Started

2017-09-13 | 🔗
In this episode- The Democrats want to take away your healthcare and they will make it a signature issue in the 2020 presidential election. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.nationalreview.com/article/446689/canadas-single-payer-health-care-system-cautionary-tale   https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-single-payer-siren-song-1505256839   California leads the nation in liberal voters, it also leads the nation in poverty. http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article172973181.html   The Democrats' attacks on Trump are blowing up in their faces. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/13/teflon-trump-democrats-messaging-242607   This is a creepy drone story. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2017/09/12/man-charged-after-drone-hovers-outside-high-rise/   Please get rid of this terrible Obama-era initiative on public school discipline. https://www.wsj.com/articles/another-obama-policy-betsy-devos-should-throw-out-1505256976   Massive numbers of people are "cutting the cord." http://variety.com/2017/biz/news/cord-cutting-2017-estimates-cancel-cable-satellite-tv-1202556594/
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger and he's liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love to the regular public about their budget ovaries jar united in their daniel hannan it isn't my wife and kids made it back yesterday all safe and sound no problem you can run on a gas but that europe funny thing my five year old she is gosh i love her too at the mere she so cute she's on the plane
it took spirit airlines on the way back which is a no frills airline you know you pay for a seat that's it you're not get married no drugs have been zella that big the way back if i five year old design she's in bay in school any do they do snack time as is used to fly it on a plane she goes and there was no snacks she's mommy she wakes up she was my five euros mommy did i miss at a time she was so i should get a snack time that's our kids thing that's our kids enact i bought a flame there are those like liberals is right you i guess they just expect things that happen i love i could it can get out like your kids are so cute you just want to like how then there's so much did i miss snack time i'd a lot to get through so much going on so we have or a bit it adds show a minute apps yes it's at it again shout out through the wall street journal for bringing it up as if james freeman over there
liberals eyebrow there how their constant eight minute ab sales pitch is about free stuff are blowing up in their food recover this a couple weeks ago in the eight minute ab show which i strongly encourage you to listen to but joe it's happen again about the gist of that for those you miss that shows that the liberals for so long had been selling us on nonsensical things like eight minute acts which are never but the video you know eight minute ads you can get absent training eight minutes something that is impossible it is ever going to happen that liberals opened it's so long that other rose can now abandoned the eight minute apps people by saying work what are these seven minute adds at six a matter that is if you don't mind my cop render account we recently had said you missed the point of that that eight minute apps thing from something about mary the funniest parties at the guys like a win win still it s more why not six committed acts as a uk do absent it's better that's the whole point of the way is that selling videos which liberals do it
policies i gate made it absolutely impossible encourages people to one up you on more info simple staff because you're never telling people the church of the true doesn't matter so it think peace today and in political otherwise known as bolton go because you they rarely if ever tell the truth on anything but an average peace none i saw about their with their what they're calling the tough one don t worry about donald trump now that tough london's been used for me including john gaudy in new york we kept get no away from criminal prosecution from the feds but one of the things that can hounding dams joe this is a really really fascinating peace i got a diet something i did you and i kind of alluded to quite a bit is it not the democrats are doing right now is working i traps approval yet isn't sky high right now i get it i mean the republican party is but a total disaster a sham they kick it anything right kane repeal obamacare you know the full
on the tax cuts it's just that kind of a disgrace right now the swamp republicans but nothing that's going on against tromp is working and the democrats are are lummix their perplexed they don't know what's going on they ve tried russia they ve tried impeachment they maxie waters approach they ve tried to hillary clinton approach that nothing is working joe like trouble space is still there are generally speaking the democrats global ratings aren't going anywhere either and folks i'm not really doing an old show here i've just tell me you how much i love the eight minute apps analogy it's there this is the reason why there's a reason all of this is happening and what the i matters here so the why i'm trying to get is why seemingly after everything that's gone onward trump all of the democrats just disingenuous attacked brush the added you know that trumpet peach man
trump is stupid trump is this trump is a white supremacist trump is a member of the ku klux klan why is none of this working and why aren't the democrats approval rating going up responding lee and why aren't their chances and then you know some areas isolated areas they are but overall they aren't why is that of this working and the reason is the eight minute absent is a fascinating peace because it describes joe some facts and which is rare for political but things we like in the show and they are doing some focus group date in some surveys and what their finding out show is it the eight minute absent is failing grotesquely the democrats major party platforms things that their think they're gonna run on to beat donald trump and the republican show fallen flat interface so they go to a number of things for college free healthcare and free is how i'm framing it has of you know there there s sir i obviously nothing's rate but free college we health
minimum wage their open borders immigration stuff and it's not pulling well at all it's the appalling well joe hears the kicker its when pauling well we democrats lay even democrats are starting to believe reasons given often they don't think it's going to happen people know it's a lie a bit it they know it's free as they tracked now folks the eight minute absenting rate of aid but it if you bought that video and everybody was walking around with the six pack apps then why is it eight minute i'm still a thing the reason is because people bought it like liberals support all this nonsense years ago about minimum wages can increase wages when it didn't you know obama there is going to save health care when it didn't you know schools we're gonna save education when it didn't the governor giving student loans going to lower the costs the college people when it didn't people bought the eight minute it out just like it bought the policies they found out that it didn't work so they're not believing it anymore so the pole
data is fascinating and you know for them the view who i know this may sound like a pessimistic story but i don't think you should take it that way i think this is a very optimistic story about how much is sometimes we look it liberal voters democrat voters and we say my gosh their destroy in the country they kill us you would all this crap policies it's good to know that least on an individual level our policy wise joe free college free healthcare minimum wage you're starting to get it that this stuff all chimerical all nonsense its fairytales its teddy rocksmond stories it's made up any interesting that disappeared in political because political elite the wing rights you know it's a nonsense outfit but the fact that political this peace you know folks they should be this is kind of a good sign i say this to the loyal conservatives in pretensions out there and even the good republicans not the swamp rats but this is good sign that americans are generally where were we
politically astute people and i think a lot of a lot people in the media give us credit for the apron apps thing is not working now why bring that up today you mean i did this show before but when i saw this but secondly folks i'm i'm i'm worried little bit worried tat was the optimistic note the optimistic note is even democrats awaken up their free stuff is in free and what by the way what i'm a questions asked by the focus group people asked about free college was well who's gonna pay for well if asking that about free college you have obviously not accepted the premise joe that its frame you're asking who's gonna pay for what someone gives you something free airports yes you are that is without cost eu when someone says who's gonna pay for it that means even democrats are rising up to this nonsense i bring this up today here's what ivory i just kind of through that in at the last minute writers i was prepared for the show joe got caught some traffic and i saw this political peace on my legs to draw that in quick to give
people little note of optimism years the pessimistic note for the show is when i wanted to start off with a model worried single payer single payer healthcare in other words government run healthcare is going to turn into mark my words remember them look beautiful thing about podcasting is this law be recorded and people will go back and in twenty twenty one doing this in the press and shall election cycle someone's gotta listen to this show and i guarantee you we're gonna be right there signature issue for the democrats and twenty twenty is gonna be go pay or healthcare something that day we're cracks in the united states traditionally ran from not liberals liberals love single pair but democrats there are always ran from government run healthcare because american there are very independent entrepreneurial people democrats included they do not want the government controlling their healthcare they just don't they don't minus if you now joe they certainly don't and obviously good democrats i'm talking about a republican they certainly don't mind a government
printed healthcare but they definitely don't want government controlled health gets never pulled well it's never done well we're just did in america were an entrepreneurial minded independent minded people we do not want the government controlling our healthcare nobody like as i have always said you don't like go into the dmz for your driver's license but all of a sudden people have no problem with the government bureaucrat what dictating are your chest is gonna get cracked open in the event of a heart attack no god forbid it i don't think so don't want it so it's never caldwell change now why is that changing because there it's been a dramatic shift in the democratic party base the base of the party which was largely composed than the passive bill clinton democrats more moderate types and when you look at that falling data that switch that used to be liberals were roughly about twenty to thirty percent of the basic democrat party that is thou switched liberals far
liberals are now between depending on the polling gaiety look at thirty five and forty five percent and their starting outnumber moderates now what does that mean and what does this have to do with government controlled health care in the twenty twenty election and why this has become a big issue what when you're the so the party joe who turns out and primaries the base the most active people in the party the bait somewhat based the base of the party turns out when you're running a presidential primary that presidential primary for the democrats and the republicans realistic with the democrats for now the only people in the majority of states who can vote in a democrat primary are democrats right and in primaries which are not clearly general elections will you just get to pick the candidate who runs in the general the people who now this is all fact based database stuff the people who turn out and large proportions joe are the most active democrats the most active democrats me for a second here are usually people in the base the base the active for by four
voters in other haven't run for office you know you you deal with these kind of numbers all tat the words the vote in the last four primaries unless more general super active voters those also happen to be now joe liberals whereas in the past they were moderate so now the calculation in twenty twenty by these major party presidential candidates of the democrats and by the democrats out the major parties i should say the democrats bernie sanders koala harris the mud the senator from california they are going be candidates most likely for president twenty twenty again our lives worn they are going be running on a single player government run platform because they you're gonna need those voters that are now showing up and greater proportions and democrat primaries right to win the presidential nomination folks this is a big deal single pay it would be a disaster for the united states so in an effort to an end
just so you know because i always relate to show to current events this is not although it seems at times some world the shows where this is not an ever green show which is a medium term for shows that are you know you can do now that are good five you sure now so we like didn't show up control you can listen to what five years from now but that's not what jos designed to beat it to bring this up today bernie sanders is getting ready to introduce a single pay or health care bill in the end state senate this is a big deal i know it's not getting major coverage but it's going to and it is going to become a litmus test for democrats to get the twenty twenty nomination where do you stand miss harris on single pair i think it's great this is good could be it and as one numb journalist said for me i can't member who was it's good become the repeal and replace for the democrats in other words if you ran for on this in the last three or four election cycles joe and you didn't want to repeal obamacare you are not getting the republican nomination
the other side this is what's going to happen with the dams are you for bernie sanders single payer bell better say yes if you want those liberals to show up but folks this is at this after you're going to hear your college professors talking about it you're going to hear the media talk about it and you have to go into this debate armed with the facts because what they are going to come back with joe is what they she with every single time where you care about poor people what you want to your people don't you talk off a cliff the rabbit i care about people most of i'm sorry control and i'm sure the some have care about people most of whom scare about control and power but they they net they never ever come to a debate on the fact that i heard ben shapiro on foxes warning and he made a great which have her to make before that three liberals of such poor debaters and folks they are i'm telling you i do talk radio all the time fill in four levine inanity and i always leave a line open for liberals because it's it's
i mean it's just so easy let me show talk radio at your entire life right series i meet a serious question we have a deal remember a liberal ever calling in winning a debate with tom are showing me jos but how long you been a radio twenty is easily yeah so probably listen to ten thousand liberal phone calls over the years and tom mark rest his soul was a conservative hosting a b c p m and i shot him the morning shall i listen to it when i looked i still do it now and the absolute time and it's interesting because the the liberals call on all the time and they never win an argument you get when you hit him with the facts where do they go because it you joe i didn't want to shapiro underlines this fact don't care about your feelings and they just don't go so when liberals call it and they say things like you're worried care about old people and you hit them with facts about how single payer actually hurts older people their only responses you're raises another hang up the phone and was at
so i've have challenged very smart people and talk radium so i am by the way subscribing to my show notes in my email list at bonn gino the wall street journal i put the shone out thank you for all the people by the way subscribing to my show notes in my email list at bonn gino dot com its growing dramatically now so thank you i will eat you every day with the show notes and the podcast so the articles i find much bigger terrific that'll have these facts it don't worry about taking notes to harden the show do you want to remember this stuff i'll send it right to you so this is how these are facts from william goals that the wall street journal today and a bit of an older peace in april twenty seventeen from kansas malcolm at national review but really good pieces on both single payer and canada reason i'm using canada although to be fair single payer exists in a lot of other countries all around the world you have you know you have the united kingdom obviously mostly europe risks payer dominates
using canada specifically an example of the single pair government run healthcare failure for for one reason it's the when you want to generate a sample size joe that replicates the real world so if i want to see for drug works say that you know it four cholesterol i'm generate experimental group of say five hundred people i'm gonna give the drug too but i want that group representative what the united states would look like or the world in general so i can generalised those results so i don't pick a pocket people who are whatever you know asian american or black or spanish or or white from it that you want to do that you want to pick people with various genetic make up so that you can generalise the applicability the results right the reason picking canada's the same reason although it's not a direct coral and how we see the united states the only thing that represent the united states is the united states and we don't have single payer so it's impossible to run an experiment candidate is obviously in north america added
the closest experiment we got added shit the border where this obviously up north need disagrees aren't there is nothing and you but it's the best we have of what single pay or wood like in the united states the reason i'm using can sell first from the gods be some facts about single payer in case you're perplexed than you believe the liberal narrative that this is somehow panacea i'm going to save old people and puppies and dogs and kids and everybody's going to go to the doctor whenever they want and it's going to be great and it's going to be free and everybody's going to be healthy and nobody's going to get cancer or alzheimer's and a doctor and you were going to sing down and sit down and rub each other's backs and roast marshmallows and tell each other medical stories if you believe that i've got a bridge over the over go in here in palm city i sell your super cheap right now so here's some facts in the gas and peace this was tried in vermont burma which is a state the united states for liberals after vermont this day four march
i guess vermont is a deep blue stay by the way run by democrats or you would think if single pay or health care was ever going to work and be supported by a large group of people what happened in a deep blue state where a large group of people are liberal and liberals liberals tenders the port single pair dat democrats not over all democrats but liberals do so joe this work seamlessly in vermont vermont tried this or acts i didn't instituted but they did studies on what it would take to institute single payable in other words where if you live in vermont europe residents native remarked healthcare is free joe and peter rugg said if you think government how if you take health care is expensive thou wait till it's right so from i tried it and found that they would need a payroll tax a payroll tax eating like a social security medicare tax like a fake attacks you get a new pace up now you would need a dish no payroll tax of eleven point five percent so if you vague a hundred thousand a year you're upwards
between between six and ten thousand dollars a year in in an additional taxes in vermont d thing on how they how they instituted a really nice it's supposed to be free not free geologist freed only gonna cost thousands of dollars of course but that's the deaf in a free when your liberal you know what to do any additional homework and they found that then the income tax hike they'd have to hide the income tax nine point five percentage points just to make this thing work and it with is joe this once again this is free this is how is this how expensive free stuff is it gets better if the fact that it would increase vermont state budget by forty five percent of its that's really too bad free that's really cheap for free stuff and increase the state budget by forty five percent the thing flop immediately flopped immediately now from the gauls than peace another data plan and the liberals to let any of these facts and data get nowhere if your argument that this is not going to cost anybody anything that's free joe is that not the definition of four
without cost freely amida folks do me a favor someone out there we i never like one in a free stuff really but if someone has a spare dictionary running around can you send it the armor cost playing all the dictionary and we could well labour like we have jays abacus j who said this the advocates the do math for liberals we're going to need dictionary for liberals well we'll name it after you go ship jos well i will give you the station address or something and you can just put your name on the front whatever your name is down a year or joey beggar donors and we'll go to joey bag it don't s dictionary and i'll say joe can you please you can have the earmarked a page joke and really go back to it often we're gonna go back to the alps and we're gonna play for major go back and please read the definition of free i guarantee you it says something meaning without cost now for something without cost this is pretty damn expensive for something designed to cost you nothing pets just incredible it's like walking it affords you start i got man look at
at the ottoman is that of word i might even like but not a furniture guy like i've never seen anything what is an item and is it wasn't empire the i know the turnips enemy i'm looking for folder she's virtue put your feet i want to thank the eighty eight feet thing i'd say you go in asia the admin a guy goes agent you see aside outside this is free out have been right now this is called the patents which you would probably be arrested for if you actually did this free ottoman so you how can you you want to throw you dogs up on something in your like hey i got my truck out back i take that free ottoman they're gonna be ten grand you said it was free it is it's free when you get me ten thousand dollars like jude do that free like free means i it's without cost nowadays of course if you give me the ten grand like this is it if you're a liberalising exists ever bother you because never bother what you say makes absolutely no sense at all that the word for their people say free healthcare that is its it's up
debate bait and switch of the worst of the worst kind because he is relying on one of two things you're assuming that a number one is it either one or two things out assuming anything number one you're just you're just the liar you're just a lot you just lying to you you have to know it's not for your number two you really not smart so you the line of people about it being free or you really not smart enough to figure out that when people have to pay a large amount of money for something that is africa so moving i just get frustrated i start losing my marbles on liberal the gas and peace as well bernie sanders propose medicare for all or single payer system which sounds cute medic ever its government run healthcare folks did you don't suckers believe in single pair because you the payer and a government controls everything like you're getting totally suckered instead of you paying and controlling your own healthcare you're paying even more and you're giving your health care over to the government a study
the urban institute no bastion of far right values by the way this is a left leaning think tank found out that it would cost too point five trillion dollars in federal spending the first year this was implemented holy moses that expensive ottoman a bit it adds a minute adds folks two point five in the first year the entire federal it's four trillion dollars every still about about a half a trillion in debt every year so we're spend four trillion where between five during a billion and three hundred billion in debt every single year we have to a trillion and accumulated liabilities and national debt and in the this year alone you're going to add two point five trillion more plus two five hundred billion you're gonna be short anyway so you're talking about three trillion in debt in the first year to pay for a free program cheerful joe
so we going to joey bag a donuts furniture for the free ottoman and now we go in there we we pull up on my ford raptor in the back will like a joy can you roll a tin baby roll out of here for my freon yes no problem cut me a check for ten thousand bucks you said it was free it is giving my ten thousand then you go home and you find out that ok you bought the ottoman you bob the ten thousand dollars and you already out twenty thousand dollars so the free ottoman and enter into top of the the twenty thousand he owed your credit card cos you ten thousand dollars more which are going to pay interest on so the free ottoman ultimately gonna bankrupt you it's amazing how free does that one euro liberal me we don't even have the money now and you they spend almost the entire federal budget on a programme that supposed to be free this is insane folks this is the debt in addition of insanity you have be a total succour to believe as i want to move on to get it
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it's a good piece i have i have bookmark actually i read in a while ago but i thought this a good time to bring it up i'll put it the showed us today a couple months all but no less now canada great example for us again zero northern neighbours and we share a lot in common including a border so us by the frazier institute which again these aren't like right wing think tanks by any stretch found out that free free again there's that term we going to need that dictionary free health europe in canada with that fifty two thousand canadians a year based that is that they know about flee with an l that for flee canada to the united states for health care so let me get this straight they help
care system is so free and so great and canada when the government pasteboard runs it that fifty two thousand canadians a year which is what we know about by the way i'm sure there were more paying in cash who are not subjected to this you know don't fall in the studies that that this the studies customer survey base their whatever it may be fifty two thousand canadians a year are fleeing candidate to get away from free healthcare to pay again in a dish the taxes they pay in canada from the united states i am an end to the liberal kooks because i already know the risk i know it i had a big argument twitter with her with a guy on twitter with a guy over this he's actually good guys can show up america but he doesn't know what he's talking about comes to healthcare his point was that it's only the rich people doing it one not actually right if you if you read the peace in the shone out the study points out conclusively joe that is actually a lot of middle class people as well but let's play the liberals game for a minute let's safer
second those fifty two thousand people fleeing free health care and canada wherever they are i paid for their taxes and there now pay again in the united states to get actual healthcare its assume they are all rich job do you see the problem you like how does that make your point so let me get this straight hair care sucks so bad and canada free healthcare better only rich people can escape it and that's the system let me get this straight that's a system we want here even if your point was here at which it's not an up you also do the piecemeal showed oats read it yourself it links that the study i again website i know that hurts like facts and data like it's like a fool at first he was like you avoided at all costs really yourself even if your point was accurate you're still making a fool of yourself ask your car professor to explain that why you're fifty two i wasn't canadians year that we know about fleet
canada's how free healthcare system to pay for it again here i i redeem jolly the rich ones who can afford it so what only rich people want good health care i mean joel now how the analysis that the friends your liberal point of view makes no sense so don't i added i have those clicker pens and i you others but and i gets idle right on my face and scratch my head with the pan because my eye nervous kicks sometimes when i deal with this liberal stupidity because i dont know i really sometimes i'm i'm i'm bother because i don't know how to break through its like this show is designed for persuadable people who are looking for the real world some data and information you can use to defend your position in the real world but there are some people out there who are just not interested there is nothing you can say to them they get them to believe that three poster three equal six nothing there and
just in that equal seven point five you can do like me abacus you can take out six potatoes and break him in two groups and three and three nothing is going to change their mind look at not just one piece two hundred and fifty mm canadians here's another one the largest province in canada a study was done so pretty good sample size the largest province in canada has figured out that eighty percent of its entire budgets going to be consumed by single payer quote free healthcare joe by two thousand and thirty up from forty six percent in twenty ten the entire budget now you may say to yourself i saw it for you no free healthcare costs a lot of money which is it makes no sense but if you're a liberal you'd say we're free your casa but the countries all around the world they do so much better than the united states in health care metrics folks one that is total complete garbage though stuff
these do not measure survivability rates from cancer what they do is they skew the numbers by measuring live births differently so making it out like the united states has a higher mortality rate not words using the same measure for live births one oh man your viability after a certain amount of days while the united states does it at the time of birth so what it does the excuse that its statistics time you hear something from the liberal left it sounds crazy it probably is when they say things like all will all the studies of quality of health care around the world so the united states is at the bottom that's total garbage can you telling fifty plus thousand canadians you're paying twice for health care because our system sucks so bad doesn't make any sense of course it does since its ally when you look at actual stuff health care though this is interesting joe this is from the canvas malcolm peace she writes when it comes to the final metric quality of care she goes over a few metrics and the peace canada
ex behind most other develop western nations a twenty fourteen report by commonwealth fund reg candidate tenth out of eleven where the countries in ahead of only the united states and healthcare quality remember you get to be very careful how they skew this stuff but this is even using their own data ok and deadlines the timeliness of care the report show the twenty nine percent of adult canadians who fell ill and needed to see a specialist waited two months or longer and eighteen percent waited for months or longer compared with six percent seven percent of americans respectively interesting because this left research report says where worse than them but then proceeds to point out how the canadians are far worse than us in other words you have a damn chance of having your care rash and to the point where you're dead i read the report wants about how five percent of uk doctors report knowing someone who died on awaiting this those are the ones you admit to it so far
that of a hundred doctors in the united kingdom admit to knowing someone who died on a weightings compared with six percent seven percent of merit is waiting two months or longer for a specialist this the irony of these studies and europe is another up call from the peace talks because here too most of these systems are typically hidden folks people still believe this fraid so she says second the systems closer hit me he canadians are many progressives abroad like to think that the healthcare quote free and canada when in fact canadian taxpayers pay on average ten thousand feet hundred dollars per year for all their health care needs canadians we have no concept of how much the services they consume costs since this j that's the health care act in canada pass in the eighties prohibits provide from ever showing patients the bill folks this is not free this costing tens of thousands of dollars to every canadian a year to sit on a waiting list when you could have paid for it yourself in the united
it's a system by the way flawed nev itself it we could apply and they many of them choose to come here pay for that again it's a total disaster now i could go on for days about how bad things a payer is but folks i'm telling you this is gonna be an argument in the coming days i got a couple of things went to get to hear what we got you signed up for foresee our tv i read a report today jonah drudge twenty seven in twenty two million people are expected to cut the court on cable that is amazing my country of only three hundred and thirty million people think about that you're twenty two million are planning on cutting cable court now what are they doing there doing but we're doing it see our tv they're giving you conservative content for a far cheaper price that you can watch any way you can watch it on your smartphone you can watch any computer you can watch on your ipad you can swing the tv why pay two hundred dollars a month for cable even more in some cases why go to see our tv would my promo code i'm ok bond gino my last name bioenergy i end up being
gee i know promo code you get for less than ten dollars a month you get this conservative you don't have to worry about in this other garbage yet there is so much junk just go to see your tv doc subscribe today promo code bonn gino down you'll get it some ten dollars a month or two women aged crap you can watch it anywhere so the other cord cutters are growing in number all right i saw one story and i wanted to bring up quick and covers a nice piece in the wall street journal by jason riley does some good work she's talking about one of these dear colleague letters he's dear colleague letters was a phenomenon that happened the obama administration where they want to write anything into law because i knew a wooden pass would be grossly unpopular so they were these letters called dear colleague letters which would basically threatened people and institutions but they wouldn't make anything law so one of the things he did joe is a city listen we're looking at these public school suspension policies really dig it up like you guys are suspending people in a lot of these people happened to be black ah
k a lot of these schools were run by play principles were black and teachers who were largely minority in a minute keep keeper by no one made any reference to what people were suspended for so the dear colleague better from the obama administration to the public schools round the country said are really not concerned about why you suspended them were concerned about disparate impact in other words were concerned about how what percentage of people suspended or black or spanish compared to white so nobody cares but the reason show and by the way nobody cares about the victims either kind of similar to the looting argument liberals make like let's not worry about people stealing from other people
spend a racist your whole life that's that's all you can do is work of because we talk about looting least i'm is thinks black people no one else thinks that but are so that's her thing but don't worry about the victims in other words so you get a kitten classrooms disruptive beat up another kid won't let in the other kids learn let's worry about the proportion of people in minority classes or suspend the rather than why people are suspended again the very essence of racism the obama administration saying when you talk so you get a kitten classrooms disruptive beat up another kid what let india kids learn let's worry about the proportion of people in minority classes were suspended rather than why people are suspended again the very essence of racism bomb administration saying when you talk about suspensions obviously we're talking about black people nano you're doing that not us we're talking our kids in school one alert so
sent these letters saying hey you better be concerned about this you if you're suspending more black or a spanish kids and white kids you better look at this policy so what happened job of course suspensions went down now i may could we do facts and data on the show jason riley right now after at what happened of course a liberal policy which is supposed to quote help just like quote free again another war completely made up we'll have to go to the dictionary in the future for that is of course hurting people so rightly rights in the journal today after the lay schools strict more than eighty two percent of students are latino our black ended suspensions for non violent offences the district reported that the number of students who said they felt safe in school drop to sixty percent from seventy two percent the that's great great policy obama we really nice work there really nice so that's that's it kids who are causing disruption in class and then the percentage of kid you feel safe in school goes down nice work there when chicago curb suspensions students a d there's felt the increase disorder and following
york cities reforms making it more difficult to keep disruptive kids out of the classroom the schools that showed increase fighting gang activity in drug use tended to be those with the highest percentage of minority students again not getting rid of drug dealers in school and other things i mean how again as is helping the black community again another example of liberal nonsense oh it's affecting more kids were black into spanish folks i don't care about the race or the people suspended they care about why they were suspended any other kids in the classroom more liberal crap now one of the things and rightly points out the peace there they're saying has something to do with this the obama administration that is well it promotes this will the prison pipeline what's u suspend student is more likely to have that's dead stigma that hester prynne scarlet letter over his entire career but there's no so that an audio reilly in fact a march paper posted by the university of arkansas offended students who had been suspended were actually
better in math and reading after one year suspension we're correlated with improved academic outcomes the opposite of the chain of negative effects that liberals are reporting folks again for lips out listen to the show don't let anybody get in the way of your arguments disingenuous ones while suspensions then people right to present did they do you believe daddy doo doo ricotta homework and all the other no joke coarser they just make this up because wrote minerva miller member the narrative we need the narrative narrative is conservatives are racist everything they do is races we're gonna put out this dear colleague letter and we're going to let conservatives fight it because conservatives fight and what's the liberal point gonna be frenetic up any of the data are gonna be like you guys are racist you up black is to be suspended just like when we talk about lou and this idiot lisa hyman roth appeasing ah they must be talking about black people not all you are talking
about black people we're talking about looting you imbecile are you deaf dumb this is what we're talking about suspensions you're too king about black kids being suspended went up talking about any of that you are talking about that that's a liberal because they're races it's unbelievable are thrown he's got a weird story wrap it up i got one more thing oh by the way what more eight minute absolute headlines drudge today california the most restate the country the highest poverty rate in a country twenty point five percent compared to the name my rate of fourteen point seven percent eight bit it adds a minute i don't let that get in the way of your manner without california very liberal california very poor don't worry folks don't make the correlation liberals just move along ignore that song drudge today i'm just going to float that went out there you can chew on the cut on that one folks are used
creepy story s arguments that i just do a quick this lady was in her apartment chicago and high rise like the twenty second floor some drone was creeping in a window this day is crete me after a long time and yeah i've come wondered about music if you ever want to new york city a big city high rises your windows everywhere which most of them do that's kind of creepy folks i you know are you people than nor hauser in rome private time they do their own thing whatever unama get into the habit the shower you don't have a panel on all the sun is a drone outside anyone that's kind of creepy so the two got arrested the drone made its way back to the third floor innocent some kind of landing but this kind of creeping story story i pick it up put that out there that's worried me for a long time what i think they get to you know my book is out again and all other people hate it when i mention my book i'm sorry it's there are very proud of it a road so i've elbow on amazon now being bookstore september nineteen but i'm just bringing it up because obviously i'd like you to buy it and read it i put
work into a pillar he's got this book out now what happened which is a total peace a crap you know mitt romney never wrote a book about their laws mccain didn't write a book about the loss in the election i mean you just move on and shut up after an election it's just kind of a jerk move or right if i six years from now i mean just move on every she can't do that but you know every it's kind of funny didn't a book i addressed that that medical incident she had on nine eleven and that's not funny number that i mean i a wish anybody ill will many about whom at hilary benn up but i'm here should say ironic run a her how she now is blaming everyone but it's interesting how in the book guy cover what should have happened from the secret service i mean she had that medical incident and it's kind of iraq like she's a blame person and yet she would then to blame if that would have broken bad and i explained why for all of the patent negative medical outcomes are thank god she was fine again i wish ill health on anyone in my worst political enemy god forbid by don't wish that but if some
what a broken bad or net medical incident i explain how behind the scenes it would have been a disaster and i guarantee you she were to blame the secret service and it's really a shame because this woman has no sense of shame at all and i discussed more thing in the book did come up recently given the alot of love the suits and focus on the deal is looking at the discrimination against asian americans ecologists i discuss the diversity initiatives within the secret service and amusing their courts diversity and folks how this should really scare you there are things going on you know affirmative action wise and diversified behind the scenes in the secret service that one you're totally unnecessary is more than enough good quality female i kissed panic asian candidates but that are actually putting the present danger i think it's a real open or sugar pick up the book today it's called protecting the president end thanks were made it a best seller a couple times already on amazon even if it's not even out the bookstore shepherd is available on amazon out or ship it he had a couple days so thanks again for you
annex rather reviews on itunes i really appreciate it and i will see you all mark you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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