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Ep. 548 Creeping Socialism

2017-09-15 | 🔗
In this episode- The Liberal media, and liberal politicians, can't get their stories straight about the costs of healthcare. http://johnhcochrane.blogspot.com/2017/09/duet.html?m=1   http://trib.al/LHM2LPE   New York City wants free lunches for wealthy school students so poor students don't feel bad? https://www.wsj.com/articles/in-new-york-theres-no-alternative-to-a-free-school-lunch-1505431078   The media only celebrates women in politics when those women are Democrats. http://dailysignal.com/2017/09/14/hope-hicks-shows-accomplishments-for-women-by-women-only-count-if-youre-a-democrat/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell%22&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWVdVek1HUTNOR000WWpJMCIsInQiOiJzM1ZpSFlyVFFzcjJGYjN6bjhDTmwzSE8zRTkrSlRIVkFpUnVSNEhrWis1VWI2YnFyeXJVTWduclphSU0yaks5Vzh5Y0N1a3hHcXNBQzhVUEl1TlNad3o3bUZ3eW5yODArdWdJazFPT3gwVUI4eWFNVElXYzJrYVRKT0QrcTU1aiJ9   What is going on at ESPN? www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/09/14/espn-denies-trying-to-bench-jemele-hill-for-calling-trump-white-supremacist.amp.html
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They don T know ass a novel your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? Where did that go then bungee knows it's time we take off the gloves. Ok, give waiting to hear the truth about America right now. We have a party that supports american values and any result party that represents everything. America is on a showed, its not immune to the facts, with your host Dan Bond welcomed in eradicating public over their budget ovaries Joe. How are you today, no always happy to be here? Dana man, you guys Ladys, are quick out there. I met this thing with a dictionary. Yesterday. Job doesn't work this morning, every variety, one Joe is Steve Roma's enhance their Maryland said the dictionary over. So now we have Jays Abacus and ass the this dictionary and by the way I got an email today, boxes joke. This is a really map out that sure of that
you'd was messing with me and if he has I'm not trying to its sovereignty and all because I do have a really Harry kind of New York Maryland, I'm did accent, so I get it back guy, sent me an email today, I'm not kidding or yesterday I should say, and he said I love the show. But who is Jays Abacus a lot messing with you, folks, it's a real email so high. J Zapper kiss like what they say, its Jays Abacus at the advocate euro that count device a guy named J does Abacus so Joe what I did we should accept you know. Maybe we should explain to remove recently joined this because, as you know, this like one of those real, Linda things with Russia, where rust we talked about the people in Rio, Linda and if you I've been listening to Russia's, I have since, like the nineties, you don't know what you have no idea. What you're talking about Albania, your new producer Zadig, shows advocates, Josie, etc Joe on, because it shows advocates Welsh. We we,
laugh about liberals care, council J, a lesser set us an abacus which is an old counting device. We have you know the beads. You move the bees over, so that's it now we have a dictionary from Steve. So you guys are great Liberals needed dictionary, because when we talk about things like free, he had been an existing, patently really dictionary, because liberals actually think free, means casting their taxes. there's a fortune, so we needed a dictionary. Thank you are right busy busy news they so last night I was watching talker out an awful lot of. You saw this, but this clown Mike Isaac Centre that you know what, when I a cloud I mean like these Stephen King penny Wise is another new Yorker Stephen King Gos Zeb king is a cloud, but I mean petty, wise, the deed, demonic. So we're dwelling clown- can pay gap an alien Kid goes into grabbed. The body they climb bites is our more for whenever there was a guy, tucker less. I try to justify a tea for violence and lighted. It Ben Shapiro speech at Berkeley for those EU
is the new story? Bench appear was a very bright conservative commentator. Yet becoming guy? He was giving a speech at Berkeley or otherwise known as beserkley. The capital of the liberal in the you don't have to lecture. Will vacuum and eve there are, of course, if it could service peaks at Berkeley. There has to be a riot. If asked to show up, you know they gonna beat a few people up, of course, because that's what the left does they The real fascist state there just profile, not anti for their pro fascism, not anti fascism and Loretta guy last night, who is allegedly professor, because I, like I can't still having art. I believe in this guy teaches kids. I heard it was that John Jay College in New York, which, ironically, is a law enforcement. Oriented college teaches Foresman type studies, I'm not sure it's true or not, I'm having a tough time, verifying a lot of information in the sky, but he was almost like justifying violence against yet justified,
violence as a means of you know oppressing conservative speech, because this is where the Brooklyn clowns do. I spent a lot of time on this, but I just wanted to sum up again the why, in the why they do this, why far left kooks this might Isaacson. You got march on the interview it's just so disturbing whose act professor, why they justify violence, why they say specifically folk speeches. Violence is for two reasons and you need to Their stand us to understand the mind of the demonic left number one folks, being violence is not easy. Thankfully I mean that as a guy and I don't say this to be a you know. Tough guy, I mean it folks. I met the tough geyser, a dime, a dozen and the time of homer, usually not tough, guys at all, violence is really painful, and it's hard to do. Thankfully, it's hard to punch someone hard to choke someone, it's hard to kick someone, it's exhausting its fatiguing and its
in full, because when you do it, someone is probably going to kick you back, and I'm telling you someone who is done yet recent years of sparring boxing and ground fighting it. brazilian jujitsu and wrestling it's been thrown. Podge kicked at twelve surgeries. Had arms hyper extended broke my nose twice, gosh torrent in this case it. My knee had a couple of gifts said my back popped out, violence thankfully really sucks this. not a mystery to any view. Most of you probably been punished in the face before actively at some point. In your life my bring any this up, because violence is hard to do the fact. Violence is hard to do is good because it keeps people from doing it. If Ireland it's fine you'd, see a whole lot more of it to get people to do gauge and violence in Manila, what a way to advance their political agenda and make no mistake. People on the our left, these radical ain t for Wacko terrorist their age.
there is to suppress and stop conservative speaking, though, They do. That is through fear. The only way to engender a sense of fear is to hurt people to use the force of this is that the only way, but it's the only way if you dont, have a monopoly on force. In other words, the cops can just say Hague If you show up we're going to arrest you buddy and teeth, I can't do that. So it's We rare Joe do just speaking in and you know, hey you guys show up we're just gonna yell really loud make up a little worried becoming to get again too scared, but by telling people or just doing it and setting an example that if you show up, we are going to beat you which is when in tee for does we're gonna hit with sticks we're going to spray you with power, pepper spray, bear spray, we're gonna punch. You were gonna, kick you we're gonna gang assault. You we're gonna, animal you jump on you, you can gender, a sense of fear and tv. needs violence to survive. So by telling people that speech is violent, in other words, what
Shapiro was going to say that speech is an act of violence. You ate it a way. Folks, you kind of psychologically condition people believe that they are acting in self defence when it clear your absolutely not having folks. I can't argue that. Ok, if you believe that someone talking to you, is an act of violence that enables you to punch them in the faces, an act of self defence, you just rational, it's not a logical human being? I think any of our listeners, who a reasonable, regardless of your political affiliation, will agree with what I just said. If I'm talking to you when expelling carbon dioxide. By speaking, I make aggressive act towards you at all, even if I'm yelling at you the yelling is not going to hurt you. I mean joke when we were kids or heavy snakes, install may break your violence towards these are like say tell five year old who, by the way I get it like that they big toe all sides Joe. It makes me it, but it does it make It's too radical way for kooks, so the way they get
to believe that pre emptive violence it's me punching you in the face, while you're talking is a good thing reason number one: is they want you to believe that speeches, violence, speeches speeches, violence, im talking is finally going to there talking you're saying these things that are there. then are so mean and so vicious that this speech is inherently violent. So your violence to self defence. Ok, again, you have to be like a five year olds, getting that's not true, but radical left this wackos do not. Secondly, for We have always believed in you know when an end justifies the means mentality. The far left it's an old marxist tool to get people to decide, guard the strategy to get controls or whether its violence or whenever don't worry about his lungs. We get the state control in the end, the the ends. Will justify the means we get there in the ends is some kind of a larger positive. Getting this need to take over control now, the way they suppress debate,
is by associating again so first as they want you to encourage you to engage in pre, emptive violence to at hardness all people and basically become terrorists, but secondly, is that they re right. This speech codes all the time as to what speeches consider violent whereas in the past you know someone started associating, you know Giving a speech of talking about your Nazi as many extermination of of Jesus is unquestionably a horrible speech. Nobody doubts that, but now what they do, they constantly expand the perimeter of what is except while speech and when you exit that perimeter, that speech is going to be associated with violence, so the Paypal. I always give on the show, which shows heard a thousand times, but a true is I guess toes the radio show in DC sometimes and one he's doing to show any at one time, and it was a story about how some left This activism got together and basically determined that the new term people who were were gaze
my sexual or the new term for people were homosexuals get. I honestly, I forget the order arms. I still haven't found the article, so if you use that other term, this This is unacceptable and you their view. Therefore, homophobic it doesn't and if it doesn't matter, if you read the article or not, if you are aware that this is supposedly making you homophobic or not it just matters it, they said what's acceptable. Not this is how they do it for they change the rules during the game. Knowing someone's going to slip up and make the quote mistake and say that power, this guy you can call em gay. You have to call my sexual you, ok, gay people are like. I do. What are you talking about this happened, but that's what they do and then its logical step from that when you use the wrong words, because they constantly redefine the perimeter. The next logical, that all that's clearly violence against people who are gay or homosexual or whatever the new acceptable term. As you know,
of the definition of violence from my Amira heritage. Dictionary, that's do it. What does it say? Steve evolutionary break it out round. One would see what does it say: job, violence, physical force, the jury where I won't wait, stop there. Ok, so definitely there's anything in it is the word you remember, I won't wait, stop there. Okay, so definitely there's anything. It is the word verb. force anywhere in their no we are also sorts of physical, okay, so we're all clear, Steve Steed. fiction. Airy. Its inaugural appearance, on the show, with Jays Abacus from our friend J Zopyrus, who said it over embed, says nothing about. So we need a dictionary, sadly to clear up what most of you listening to the show of understood since you two or three years all that violence is a physical act perpetrated on another human being I was really said. We have to break out these this area they want. It really is I mean really, this is pathetic, but this is what they do. Folks, they they'd have to suppress debate. They are
Fraid of a battle of ideas, because their ideas involved that taking away of your liberty, their idea, involve an omnipotent state and taking away of your liberty, the evaporation of your your civil rights, your individual liberty or economic liberty. Your ability to make your health care decisions, your ability to choose, we kids, go to school, all of ass to be taken away by the left in order do that they have to manipulate you, and this is They do it speech codes. lying to you about what they're going to do? Treating you like the great unwashed, constantly manipulating manipulated manipulate is all the left. Does. It's pathetic makes me sick, that guy last night, Isaacson talker, I mean what an embarrassment, what a toll all disgrace to humankind that this guy? teaching your kids at a school in New York City, if you I mean it's just You should be lighting up the board's over there. What the hell happened to coexist
coexist ecologists, put themselves if you exist outside of their comrades exercise or be crap out of you make sure you no longer exists, they do. I bet that was a subject I covered provincial one coexist bumper sticker are today show brought you our friends at my patriot supply. Thank you again to everybody. Support sponsors is a grey company. I was communicating with the Mayas night on direct message in your unbelievably responsive. These guys are too they're always concerned about helping out Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Irma. They ve been communicating with me almost nonstop about, and I find that really appeal to be associated with these people, because the first response, after the hurricanes for an Where does he food company at my patriot supply? Wasn't hey we profit off this guy's? It was. How do we volunteer donate a lot of our time and stop which I like these guys are really great. You know, but this is a really good company folks and I'm strong encouraging you to go, get numbered. She food supply was in quick storms and Jim yesterday and a guy
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And I thought well, this ties in great too now this growing debate about single payer, which, if you listen to yesterday's, show government world health care is going to be the Democrat wedge issue our primary in the twenty twenty presidential election the Democrats have, and that any sense of reason abilities nothing about the voters and talk about the politicians of reason, ability of office, reasonableness, I'm sorry, she's made of reasonableness and are now going full left towards government control health care. This is what they want. This is all they want so myself? How does this happen? How do we know Wagner's law. You know this. This government is gonna, constantly spend more money. You know how does this happen had as a start, what is the psychology of Democrats constantly winning the fight and intruding in intruding in intruding, in getting a bigger bigger role in our lives with nobody stopping. How does a start- and I thought I other story in the Wall Street Journal, tenement output and shone out the upon. You know that,
which I strongly encourage you to go to, and I heard you to join a reality as well. Well, send you these shone out every day, there's a story about New York City, Joe, which is held source of information for conservative podcasting there now offering free school lunches for all, even if you're a kid who comes from a wealthy family now the store that stories that particularly interests Machine York, city or surprising. What did you say is the reasons they give It shows you how socialism creeps and why, as a radio host from the West Coast, once said that freedom train never turns around, it goes back to the station. In other words, your individual liberties evaporate away every day and all can Derivatives have been able to do sadly and electoral public They will do almost nothing. Is there
what a slow it down, but it almost never goes back in the other direction, meet the press. You I'm just telling you it's true and it's a reason we need to do now am, I think, may need to consider a third party movement which, in the past, for me, was Harrison there it gave a unbelievable, the first reading give us well Joe. It's all about equity. There we go the speech codes again. Remember me inside in that sphere. Everything is to be discussed in terms of equality and equity, because this tested well in a focus group and when it test well democratic consultants, have told people they can manipulate other people to believing? What's an untrue is in fact true. Ok now what is untrue? What is Untrue is at wealthy school kids in New York City need for school much is that is factually incorrect. Their parents have both the ability and the means, probably by the school, not just by the school lunch. So how do we get
to believe that was that rich kids and upper middle class, kids need to have their lunch is paid for by other taxpayers who, by the way, are not rich. How to add an important Why are we doing this because they left aids control. I can't say this enough on the show they have to control everything when you believe in the power of the state that the states be involved in every thing. Then, if Believe the state has to be involved in everything that nothing is safe. You can't have people. king! Their lunch is the state ass, the control, their nutritional choices and their eating. When you control people's eating and you control their healthcare Joe, you pretty much have everything to buy this short and curly spider. Damn right. That hurts not that I know, but the equity This is the reason about a case you think I'm making this up, as is a quote from the peace in the Wall Street Journal.
There's? A woman named Miss Farina, who is the running this programme for New York City and Thick asked about the programme. She said this quote. This is about equity. She said a press conference last week. Erasing all the terrible history. The school food programme Way way timeout about what terrible history of the school food programme? Folks, but it should have hyperbole like really they exaggerating for effect, what that their terror. Oh history, of the school milk programme, Y Y? You don't like we're talking about something out of a comic book like Pizarro super manners of the data the history of the school lunch like we're talking about like a Stephen King novel or so. Are you kidding me so she says, were raised while the terrible history, the scoop ghastly, he's astronomy, crazy. You know females and keep coming down. Am I dropped out there all right enough? That's a twenty two women
we're racing all the terrible history, the school food programme, not just in New York City but nationally that has the vote children by income. This is a new day now. This representative chimes it representative event ARCA Brooklyn, Democrat added that it was like. I can't that it was time to eliminate, the stigmatization of young women and men who receive a free lunch, the ones The previously made up three quarters of the population wholly Moses folks. Here we go again so again the equity. What now? What you may say, what do they mean by equity but the gist of the article has at their saying, if you happen to be one these students, whose eating a free school lunch. Now that there's a stigma around you there's stigma. You're eating a bunch of french fries you'd. Think people are like. Oh my gosh, you got those french fries for free what a loser! This is incredible. This is what the left does. They have. creeping socialism. This is
what works. Let me walk you through it: start a programme, a food programme. What went up here, oh boy, exactly when these programmes initially started by probably somewhere around the great society, will now be J. Say six. These are seventies, it doesn't really matter for the purpose of this conversation, they initiate a programme and it starts as Joe their kids who are starving in school. We're gonna feed, some of those kids in a reasonable people say I will like how to make sense. I mean it's not going to cost much as not that many kids were starving. I mean the biggest problem in the United States. Right now, with nutrition. Wise is obesity. Let's just say, sit in the Sixtys and Seventys. It was a huge, catastrophic problem and there said okay, so we're gonna feed them. It's gonna cost that are now a billion dollars a year for the entire country. Right then, what happens while this? what happened? You start seeing people who may forty fifty thousand dollars a year say. Well, you know the people or me,
Can thirty thousand are getting it? Why don't I get the benefit for my formica's? Ok! Well, Claude, you add enough people make and fifty thousand dollars go. Well, that's not fair! That's not equitable! Liberals choice. liberals don't China it because they want to help people making fifty thousand dollars you get lodge they Pearl shy been far left activists because they crave control. Controlling people's eating habits, controlling their health care. This is the vote, the essence of statism folks. The essence statism is the power sphere is only centred around the state and a bureaucrat? Not you? The power sphere, meaning that decisions are made by them and not you so liberal. That's an opportunity, and they it's an opportunity to manipulate people by saying you know what that's right they make fifty eight. That's not fair! Then all the a new programme of all be made sixty seventy eighty, a hundred now you have three quarters of the population according to their own article job, three quarters the population on these risks. Launches an
becomes an issue of well that twenty five percent making a million a year their families well now It's a matter of just be stigmatize, because now we know that it's only the rich kids, you don't need it and we can have the rich kids not being like to poor kids, so everybody should get a free school lunch, despite the fact that if you read the peace that evidence in the peace that most these lunches are in fact thrown out. So again, liberals convinced, you, the untrue is, in fact true to advance a control agenda to an two to engorge the power of the state and evaporate your civil liberties. This is what happening right now, none of what they're telling you is actually true. These logic that the biggest now again is obesity. This one these are being thrown out. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good argument. Don't let the facts about Ain T for punching people in the face. Give away for good argument convince people that a pre emptive punch by an anti four person, not a conservative, is an act of self defence against speech, violence and
and even saying liberals start to lose their minds are: go! Oh, ok that make sense. Folks, the mission creep, Government is really just disturbing and I'm telling you they're lying to you now in case you got you doubt me. I have an unbelievable soundcore yesterday had to appear to the Washington Free Beacon that did a really good job on a covering this, and I have a link up in the show notes from twitchy that sub links to the free beacon pieces well You can see the video yourself by the that audio she's, the audio, but there's a video in the ant peace job then, but yes, it We talk about single payer now, go pay or is another example of the creeping school lunch programme designed to help you were poor that are now going to. given to the rich before we play the Saudi. I want to set this up for you. This is what happening with healthcare right now: health care, and the great society programs out their expanded definition of poor to give health care to people who could afford it
On some of the other things put making emergency rooms, you know that basically de facto waiting rooms for people who need healthcare. These were all efforts. by the far left to span the government footprint into health care. Now again, what it is a programme for the poor. Joe has now turned into a call for single payer just single launchers. Now everyone he's going to get the same, crappy school lunch every, no matter how rich you are just like you're all going to get the same crap healthcare, because Bernie Sanders is pushing for full government control over the health care Now? Why is this? The liberals have a mantra that you should never ever forget liberals. Listening Verde heard this before they don't make it public you know they talk about it behind the scenes. They all know it. The matters is a programme for the poor poor programme, You tell people that all the time a programme for the poorest
programme. Now it's nonsensical its nonsense. A programme for the poor is actually a very rich programme because, as we see it, the school lunch programmes it costs more and more and more and more until it benefits the rich, but the let that now the liberals line to themselves. They tell themselves a programme. For the poor, is a poor programme because they hate means testing they are stand, means testing which for can't lose you on the show position, The important show up. I would strongly to argue with you for the long term. This is one of the most important I've ever done. especially in the single payer debate, liberals and never want programmes to be about the poor because job How can you advance the state control over people's lives if the state they controls the lives of the poor. You can't That's. Why Medicaid and Medicare but came into being
and constantly move up and up. In other words, Medicatrix for the poor and lower middle, a little class, then middle class, now under Obamacare a expanded, the families- you know families with assets in the millions I've spoken, but that a prior shows people who have assets and not necessarily income, because the government? stick if you are a state is to believe in the power of the state. The only way to gain the power of the state over people is not isolated to the poor, so they don't want our programmes. They want well funded programmes that control everyone, so they hate means testing. What is beans? Testing means test, is the issuance of a government benefit sit, your income level, your ability to pay for it so income level goes up, you'll get less and less and less and less or this is come up and by the way, the emails on so security. Folks. I appreciate for those you listen. Yes, I really do, but some of these listen to the show jobless our clear yesterday, I'm not. I was in no way suggesting that people were fifty five, an older. I thought I was very clear. I thought you were
I have very little ability at this point, despair people under sixty Seventys and eightys to enter back into the workforce. I'm not suggesting any one should take away yourselves security, never I dont know why people keep emailing that I'm saying if people fifty five and younger there's no money, and you have to accept that. There's a theirs if people, so why don't we cut from Welfare LISA? I agree. I agree. Just tell you there's no money. The solutions are open, ended so but mean tests and excited me to get off track when I brought that, because means testing comes up in terms of so security, all the time that why are we giving social security benefits the people who are worth thirty and forty million dollars? Now I'm not going to debate that now because it while those people paid into their money. I get it, but the point is: the liberals, are not fighting that the liberals are fighting against, that they want to give table
keep it that way. You know what I'm saying Joe. The liberals want security. Universal ready, It means testing because they understand that wants that income stream and retirement social security is only a limited to people who actually need it. They can't control everybody. They could only control. People who were getting the money from the government. Is this make it that's true? they hate this. That's why they don't want school. Lunch is only going to poor kids. They want to go in. Everyone so that they can control these people. They can control what they eat. Dave Social security go and people who make millions of dollars because they can control the money they could use it to buy votes. They can use it to buy influence, they can use it. Informal lobbyists. This is how you gain state control. A programme for the poor is it. Your programme. That is a liberal mantra day. Hey means testing. Now they No, this stuff is going to lead to bankruptcy. They know it you're, not stupid, don't mistake is
the thing for a minute, liberals or dopey, they know exists. we will have some, but you know the submit this stupid people across the political spectrum sandwich. I've read it to you many of them are in elected office. Now reminds me of a line. I heard it from a conversation with him. He said the first year in Congress. You wonder how you, got their summer. Toby heard this rest a time. You worry how everybody else got there, so they are not too bright either, but these people are not the ones at least did? The far left activists are being their strategy to gain state control over your life there not dumb, they know with their suggesting single pay or health care, the government controlling health care for everyone. They absolutely understand that it's gonna bankrupt. Everyone don't believe me who is the biggest advocate? right now for single payer Bernie Sanders. If today's your first show, when you missed yesterday, show in the day before in your brand new listener, go yesterday yesterday showed a day before Bernie Sanders is pushing a government controlled single pay, a by the way. Good luck with TAT dude, really that
they. Political loser like I've never seen, especially after the failure of Obamacare, could even write a website. You think you're gonna run. Healthcare system. Here, Zayd Audio caught Joe was nice enough to put together it's about fifty something seconds, long Bernie, Anders in an interview that twenty our so describing how
Medicaid for all under the single pair of care, is almost guaranteed to bankrupt display. They cut the point that we understand that I think will reinforce the point when we finns icy expert, lousy number one. You want to guarantee that all people have access to healthcare, but I think what we understand is that unless we change the funding system and the control mechanisms in this country to do that, for example, we expanded medicate everybody, everybody, medical. We will be spending such an astronomical sums of money. We would thank recognition, somebody you, maybe one little bit about that and why Canada on their national health system, you can have access for all peoples and yet per capita is less expensive than in the United States. Well, for one thing, you don't have extra charges for another. The fee on go: she folks, that's birdies.
others I didn't make that up now show that legitimate Youtube: collect carbon out went up in you. No one at this. Isn't a sarcastic stupid show wheat stitched up together. Joe did not that the entire clip. We did no additional editing at all. I said Joe just run the whole thing right now. There are two take away from Bernie Sanders. Acknowledging that a sea You'll pay or medicate rural programme will bankrupt us number one. fascinating how Bernie Sanders opens up that little law, little dialogue, having within other gentleman would eat. First thing he said Joe, I'm not an expert ok, where in all that time out red flag under the hood for review, let me get this straight. Bernie people who when, in the health care industry, doctors, administrators hospital manner, There's nurses, studio staff in hospitals who no special ways the Queen Ass Protein, Queen, a hospital like going to the school seriously Emily expertise at every level of the health care system from custodial staff to brain surgery, health care
made a strange actuaries that you use acknowledging you're no expert in this way, acknowledging that you should also take away their health care systems, control from them and give it to you but you're, not an expert. So again, I can't say this enough to our liberal friends who seem to be easily confused by these things. Let me give you one simple analogy here, so you can maybe I understand you have and it's what say you had a sports team. Let's say you had a football team, Joe can we both acknowledge coaching, a football team at a professional level is a very complicated matter that would require some special expertise and offensive lines. Defensive lies run, play is defensive, alignments, condition, scales, diet, medicine in case players, get hurt, concussion and maybe expertise. Can we all acknowledge that year, so they need experts, actual experts who have experience no different than
health care arena right now. Why would you put a government? Eurocrat or a series of government bureaucrats in charge of an football team now pros. You pointed out that still it's not the afraid, because back I acknowledge problem Friedrich Kayak, you just don't Have the knowledge to do this? He is Bernie. Sanders himself is acknowledging this in the clip. Did you miss it? It's a pot you can rely on just one then again he opens by say he opens up by completely discrediting everything he says afterwards, I'm not we're. Ok, thank you. I should just cut the clip their job. Thank you already have a nice day. We know you're, not an export you're, a politician. You know Nothing about their health care industry, nothing, he goes to make another point of first he's got an expert, but he wants to treat it here. the handle the system. That requires expertise, expertise,
where's exports, but he's not an expert. Ok, great good, good logic, here, very, very sound. Second here as the system's gonna bankrupt us any as well. We move academy starts talking about some other items and what he's alluding to their, I believe, is he's alluding to rationing by saying the payment model to leave the bankruptcy unless we change him a little bit he's eluded per capita spending, meaning, but I think he's talking about what the other gentlemen talking about tubes, usually in the peace you're talking about rationing. In other words, we can't just pay for everything. Now, I'm kind of put it to be they are here because I don't like what they do. The stars. I didn't that's the guy. The cook got cut off the air and I probably should expand on it. But when he's talking about bankruptcies, is changing the payment models, usually typically, what most liberals are talking about? Is a former
asking, although, though, never used the words they'll use rationing by price, in other words, whether the guy doesn't anxious governing government bargaining with people. What does that mean? Folks just think- sure what the man who say if government is bargaining with people and providers wealth to price for placements for thousand and a government says, will pay you two thousand, but that's the price. That's the market price, for you know that he has to pay the anesthesiologist. They have to pay the hospital s, pay the administrative staff that four thousand covers that and you say I'll pay you three thousand, while they're just not going to do it you get ration by price. That is and this is how liberals play these rhetorical games- you sell, we don't ration, we made rationing illegal, what what make legal is the question why we aid legal price controls by government will, a price controls well, it says we're gonna pay and we're not gonna pay a dollar more than is. What is the doktor? Do tat? Well he's not do the surgery. So
just rationed it! No, no rationing, illegal! That's that's! What Ipad does the independent payments Advisory board? I package Obamacare creation me rationing illegal, while simultaneously instituting a procedure to ration by price kisses. What liberals liberals focus is disturbing, I mean I did. They think we're all suckers are a couple: four points I want to bring up on this. I got an email yesterday from someone asking describe it may be a new, listen. I've actually described this before the you know. What when you call health care a right in what exactly does that mean in America to spend too much time and because regular listeners I've heard it before, but it's important votes? We describe big our rights as conservatives we're describing right, you have not rights. The government, as you have the right to free speech, the practice of religion, the right to assemble. These are big our rights. Now, when liberals talk about rights there talking
conferring an obligation on someone else are not talking about rights, they use the word right, but never mistake. The two they're talking about following an obligation on someone else, meaning if you have a right to healthcare, a big our right to healthcare. That right means that you can claim it whether someone more chooses to provide to you are not miss it. What they did so lovely, should have the right to health care really now I know what you're it. Cannot what if I'm die, and what are you gonna kick me out of the house will know what I'm talking about that. I'm talking about you know you want to go in ice ice or someone sent me an email, the other day about getting your throat checked or something that would help cares free. Like this doctor, people used to walk in all the time to get their throats checked and they were like what therefore, while one of my throat check was anything wrong now, but it's free, so just haven't my throat check if you say no you're kicked out of the programme is adopted here. referring servitude on someone else. If, have a right to food. You could walk on a farmer's promising. This is my right to call
the right of permanent octave, we're all you brave our advance. That's right! You kid, for a right on government, you, you, by definition, confer an object someone else. If I have the right to food we'll? Take yours sure, that's widely what this kind of stuff, because it is dude class warfare, all they have all this stuff, the rich people. Therefore, I have a right to take it. So a member a right. Nothing but an obligation of someone else. Secondly, when it liberals talk about it, there's a an interesting piece. I haven't the show note, which is really good by John Cochrane, who has a blog called the grumpy economists, which is really terrific by the way, and he talked about the York Times the wash deposed how they can't seem to get their stories straight and in there other piece about administrate, this is interesting. Yours, administrative costs and healthcare thought, but up here are two headlines from the new one. For the New York Times were from the wash deposed to kick it there. They can get their head straight. Around healthcare
on from nine nine eleven seventeen September eleventh threw down seventeen new gene I repeat, treatments will carry whopping price tags for seventy five thousand dollars for gene therapy washed impose nine twelve seventeen. The dam is breaking condemned on the dams embrace of single pair? Ok, So what is it? Let me get this what is it and cock right, a really good piece. Mother say it short you. What is it this is. The costs, are gonna, be astronomical he's gonna, be able to afford it and yours can pieces. What did redemption should move the single payers, so the government should embrace the astronomical course. What which is it was these people Clearly, not economists, Joe, because the point I think he's too. Making the point I am definitely trying to make- is the only that's going to bring down the costs of four hundred. Seventy five thousand dollar gene therapy is a market force anything government involves itself in Joe as a third party payer. thing is going to go up not down in price, so for the new year,
times the worst imposed to make these conflicting points are not even not even see they don't. You could see the connection they probably dont, even read each other's work. These two the only way the cost is gonna come down by competition and what The government do the government, by default immediately eliminate competition, because the gun since the single payer. The single pay it, doesn't matter, you're giving your tax dollars to the government when you give your textiles, are the government to spend on on on health care for all you're walking and have your throat checked all the time, because it's free the doctor, no Peggy charged with everyone, there is no cost control. Its never gonna happen like fetch. It is never gonna happen. Member, when markets get involve costs go down when government gets involved. Moscow up think about the costs. The Lasik I surgery, which insurance largely doesn't cover many cases there.
reason: it's affordable, most Americans, now, it's precisely because the governments not paying and is a large competition out there to get the price down a final thought on this topic and I went quickly hammer a couple of things on a philosophical strategic note. The left does this all the time you take these big lurches left right. They start with a programme for the poor, Joe Free lunches, and it becomes programmes for everyone later, because member a programme for the poor is a poor programme. They hate means testing at one idea that they do this by making big largest left in moving back slightly to the mill. So this by Bernie, Sanders to to instituted nation wide single pay a program? I don't think it's in while it is sincere for him, but the Democrats understand by making
big bull, moose left they can move back to the centre and get more and more more. You know what I'm saying like: let's argue for a hundred percent government health care and therefore, when we argue later on for a more reasonable fifty percent control over the health care system, they don't seem reasonable compared to our prior insane. in requests of single payer healthcare. Why by bringing this up because folk strategically speaking for you, conservatism, libertarians out there there's only one counter. This do the exact opposite. I wanted to bring this up because, it did yesterday. I wasn't trying to manipulate you yesterday show the day before, and I thirdly, meant what I said, but I brought up obviously show about social security. Is an effort to do exactly what the Democrats do and the effort to do and on our side what they want to argue for expanding social security forever in and taking out the income caps. As you know, they only tax and up to a hundred thousand dollars a year and a payroll taxes. You know what we should. We're getting rid of social security of people. Fifty five and younger. Let spend money they want to argue
single payer healthcare. You know what argument should be: let's get the government to health care at all. Let's turn it but a charitable organizations. Let's let doctors, it off charitable healthcare. We have to do the exact opposite. because the minute we start to placate their demands for single payer, it makes their other ridiculous demands on our governments should control only seventy percent of the health care system, all of a sudden sell out republican start the sale? Will that sounds reads about least it's that single payer don't make them make them Do that them. Do that lets argue forgetting government out of health care altogether that way when it becomes our, I now we're only going to take care that temporary, the most poor in the United States. All of a sudden that looks reasonable. You get my point Joe. The only strategy to beat this stuff today show also brought you by sea or tv photos. The great line up over there. I strongly encourage you to go sign up. I use promo bon GINO by last name, your
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a fool like this off the air than they are about their dear tens of millions of viewers who see through is garbage so I'm done with ESPN, and I can encourage you and strong enough terms too to them out a your dvr in any other stuff. I gotta go their channel off my favorites list stairway used to what I'm done with them? Yes, paean is ridiculous so Susan Rice, major breaking news yesterday and Susan Rice and masking scandal, which again don't expect the media mainstream media to cover at all as an turns out Susan Rice in Asia in a closed door meeting up on capital, Hale has now acknowledged. This is It's unbelievable folks. This is absolutely unbelievable on masking Trump team members too, by on them with regard to a meeting with the Saudis and she a cot lion. She said just so, you understand the story. This is crazy that the trump
trumped. He met with a saudi, saudi arabian official and she was well We were curious about. You know what the meeting was about because the Saudis and cancel the meeting at the White House, but insisted on meeting with the trumps number one If that was true. Who cares? That's your business, but turns out. it's not true, it was asked. The White House, you put up obstacles to the meeting so the way I still want to meet with the guy. He went to go meet with Trump and now Susan met right use it as an excuse to spy. Now you see the problem with discretionary government whenever from it uses its own discretion and not a codified law, it will unquestionably take that path. or take it to the next level. Just like it's going to expire, The programme to the poor to a programme for everyone it'll take a programme designed to catch terrorist into a programme designed to catch political opponents. Every time the most dangerous force in your life is growing government. Don't ever forget it. I folks thanks again for tuna
I really appreciate it. I see on you just heard TAN Bonn, GINO she'll get more of their own mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.