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Ep. 549 Hollywood Elitists Unleashed

2017-09-18 | 🔗
In this episode - Did you know that liberals now consider artistic displays using cotton to be "offensive"? http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/09/17/hobby-lobbys-offensive-decoration-has-gone-bonkers-viral-33k-facebook-reactions-and-counting?utm_content=bufferf8aab&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer   Barack Obama is in love with Wall Street, now that he can profit from it. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-18/obama-goes-from-white-house-to-wall-street-in-less-than-one-year   Hollywood lost its mind last night at the Emmy Awards and America continues to tune out. http://bit.ly/2y89cYL   http://www.newsweek.com/do-award-shows-matter-emmys-ratings-have-seen-steady-decrease-2013-heres-why-666081?amp=1   The NFL continues to allow agenda politics on the field, and Americans are changing the channel. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sliding-nfl-ratings-could-throw-networks-for-a-loss/   The Democrats are making a really bad bet on identity politics. https://www.wsj.com/articles/coalition-of-the-descendant-1505487105   Sponsor Links: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan www.PrepareWithDan.com
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damn bond you know i owe you was home you owe me i owe you there's nobody dan bungee no show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground burned stepped on gasoline port on it and burned again ready to hear the truth about amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas and arms and have gotten us on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i was the rapporteur public of it thereby genome police jar uniting until well dan of doing well thanks yeah vandalism what the hell happened less the emmi awards what is evil for those of you miss did so either the army awards otter what others
i care so little about hollywood i mean the of the oscars the tony's i guess the enemies are non sinner words like tv and each be oh series or stuff or i really don't care it doesn't matter but they had the awards last night there were on tv as even call bear house that i did not watch this at all i'd just comment thing off what i'm seeing are hot takes on twitter where either public you know who right who care but dear towards less and i turned into a complete loser asked with hollywood losers total degenerates mere ribbon on trumped the entire time you know i don't get it so we can show notes right i'm gonna put you pieces out there one from the wash the but the mps were co bail just loses its mind timidity gets up on the stage just destroying trump you gets
leopard he's gonna one specifically i want to focus on somebody put an article up into show no today upon gino that come into my email list of each used to subscribe that bunch you know that come on sunday the articles of the washed in times of the basque vast that became the amis cause i'm sure most viewed and watch it because they view or ship is down fifty percent but are put at times he sent me to put a news we piece which newsweek is no again bastion of conservative values joseph and then the new three peace i want you to read it even though we were given a cliff collects because it's important the enemies joe since two thousand and thirteen or down by fifty percent viewers ship fifty percent now read the deuce reed short but really smaller nations that news we cast you want the explanation americans who have conservative values don't want there don't want that crap bash that of on tv they're not gonna watch why is this hard to figure out really that complicated ivy guys ladys what
i have a business model is this let's ok let's play the game so trot blossom popular vote nobody cares he wasn't running for governor california in new york but trouble ass the popular vote but he got millions upon millions of votes probably has a support right now of let's low ball at just to be nice to democrats let's say has the support of your forty poorest the red should say thirty percent this is still in show tens of millions of people a large concerns the base right bright idea was to go on the mps and tell colbert that it was ok do with three hour bash rest on tromp i'm sorry i had a jump right into this but i'm just its joe beyond frustrate frustrating because it's just a bad business model and you're just idiot so couple of things i wanted i wanna hit on this number one view ships down fifty percent since two thousand thirteen so you're winning thank you for not tuning and i appreciate that very much but i remember
you're not being in the in the secret service and especially during the current ears when you're running around with these people these these these celebrities who don't celebrities and you know the inteligencia and academics and everything in the political type special on the liberal side and i remember that the bubble pop after all in a bubble and you have to understand folks like you and i were probably normal average rene hardworking america's you know sitting here listening part gascony i don't get it like these celebrities are they that can you be these dumb but you have done this and that in their bubble this is the only accepted form of group it's not considered dumb at all it's considered these standard operating position because folks they ve never met anyone like you they ve left out well they're insulator world now completely surrounded by liberal group think trump is banned trumps racist trumps a xenophobe trumpets everybody that's the only accepted method of thinking over there they don't consider this unusual at all another point this
business is suffering but if you read the new we peace and this is critical is what i wanted to put that in their the tribulation the reasons they give for the failure for hollywood box office your seats down the emmy awards down fifty percent this year for lorries movie mother joe member jennifer lawrence couple weeks ago she insinuated that trouble the cause of these hurricanes and all this isn't say it directly to be fair but it was more than enough of endeavour insinuation for americans to get there and so she's been we bashing tromp brightest she's doing promotion for her movie or new movie mother the box add that the movies an abysmal failure its age disability sandridge about it today is the mother of all failure the mother of all fair use em away like the mola the mother of all by mother vulpine again in some circles we call that a clue you have another hour
look at the shone out city nfl viewers ship down dramatically down fourteen percent this is from cbs news this is not from cancer but have leaning outlets like conservative review and bright bar we don't hide our affiliation this is from cbs news saying the nfl us down again listened the reasons they'd slush lauer gay man germany penalties folks when you act we ask people something like seven three percent of people say there not watch any books are tired of the anti american protests again at some limited circles we would call that a clue but before i move on thing i wanted a hit on here because it was so outrageous was there is an actor who i know this guy some guy daddy glover he gets up stage last night at the enemies and said something so outrageous that this guy should be exempted polite political conversation from this point on he gets up on stage he goes i want to thank donald trump four may
being black people the most up number one in the most depressed political class list or something you not just that the question for you in the audience with reasonable thinkers right this is a reasonable shall we try to give you and we try to use facts and data to make reasonable arguments how how exactly is trump repressing you this is the aim of assuming a guy who makes millions of dollars to play other put to play make believe for a living this guy it is not easy coal mining he's that it you know he's not laying sheet rock he's that it does the fisheries that knocking turns out there s not a plumber there's a guy who gets paid millions of dollars to play make believe for a living who is sitting on a stage and senses no irony in this show at all he happens to me black broadway eddies
progress is made now black people the most depressed people in the united states or something i mean how how ridiculous and absurd immediate he doesn't see that normal everyday average americans probably across all the racial devise probably looking at this gone who really folks you know liberalism is is jumped the shark completely you know another story i saw this what you want to talk about like there s this what you read it you're like i get it out of liberals finally reached peak stupid and i keep doing this all the time because they keep surpassing their prior peak stupid with with dumber and dumber efforts to create a new victim class did you see story joe but that a hobby lobby disappointed my eyes what this thing the most absurd that before i get really just get party produces this is so bad it's what i do yeah i know it's like you want you want to cry you can't even laugh because really think it's an onion story i today's your body by bodies
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yeah exact rocket and exactly so the lady lost your mind it said that this thing was offensive on so many levels and folks you know again i don't want to hammer the story too much because i don't want you to lose iq points but i want i want the point i want you to take away from this is it this the woman who stand all right or whoever had never matter but who put this up on facebook who if she brought this up a conversation of normal average working the americans would probably be summarily laugh that you know me i is as sallow linsky pointed out rules radicals is a powerful weapon it's out of here equally good weapon at all it's definitely not a christian values weapon and ibm be guilty of it all the time it's not but it is powerful one in denying that is a strategic mistake folks this that the if someone were to bring this anywhere else again you would be laughed at that she walked in and there was it looks like a rock cotton innovation and she said
because there was a a privacy history we have a history slavery in this country and our people who have their black americans forced through by forced labour fix cotton which is not a mystery to anyone nobody denies that but this is i mean really i mean what's next i caught in tee shirts i mean this work is that we stand at the left and this is what they ve when you embody when people joe a meant audi that you are a victim of a larger repressive effort by a why patriarchal power structure which is the whole idea of critical theory that white patriarch why patriarchal power structure has to be destroyed at every opportunity and you imbue people are idea that this is real go and look for excuses all the time to find reasons at their being somehow offended and this is the logical and result of it there we kind of scary i saw the story i put it the shown of red had been its frightening because folks i dont see this ending anyway there's no there's no law
google and gave to this i mean are again are cotton he shirts next meeting nobody no sane person would wid nina would defend their the countries with this and we have we ve made mistakes where a country of human beings i get that what's next show i mean if you see farm equipment i mean is act gonna be offensive on me when you looking for a reason to be offended you will always find one sure and the logical and point of liberalism and this is what critical theories imbued never again critical eye theories critical theories this idea that the white man a power structure makes the rules and there for the rules are always meant to reinforce their power and if you are one of these oppress groups that you are to you or to fight back by any means necessary it's the genesis genesis of innovative tita genesis of speech suppressing on campus really when the end justifies the means you can do anything and these are the excuses they yeah they yeah they used to do that these things like while look at that
that is what the white patriarchal power structures are showing cotton in a hobby labianca everybody freak out no everybody don't let's be rational about this and have an honest conversation i'd ever at a good pace in the wall street journal today i really hope you given a lot because it's it's a good one the coalition of descended the james amen pc that some really good work over there and i think we touched on this before but the pieces at the strategic miscalculation by the democrats it has led to just a route at both local state and now federal level they are losing while they vary the presidency they are now to lose the court system do appointments they have lost the ledge they have branches republicans took over the house they have lost the senate is republicans took over the senate they ve lost govern ships they only have sixteen democrat governors out of out of fifty now or obama a math fifty seven they ve sixty that's it only sixty now keep it
they are even the republican governors and deep blue states like maryland illinois massachusetts the democrats or in big trouble and in this peace coalition of the seventy points the two reasons and it's their fast creating an amateur add to it a little bit a couple these even discussing one of them is democrats are we felt it did demography is destined joe what i mean by that dave relied on illegal immigration a solidification of the minority vote in the belief that what they are losing a mugs middle class working white men and women member this their identity politics gameshow that they're losing that vote they think they can make it up do unfettered illegal immigration with basically a boost than hispanic also just to simplify what i just said they think if you hispanic yours future and a growing number of hispanics in the united states means that they're gonna win forever that didn't happen
but if you're losing and you're losing badly so it basically to take away there were lying on minorities to continue voting democrat at an increasing number of minorities make sense show yet not complicated or they think that minority groups are going to vote democrat and these groups are increasing in number therefore we're going to continue to work in the future but that's happening what happened what happened freemen touches on one part of this and i want to add to it and he's right forces a big problem here with that theory and i'm living proof of it my wife is hispanic so has her mom so point number one that minority is going to continue to vote them democrat in the same numbers they think black americans are going to upwards of ninety percent is just not right governor gregg abbot texas what a large swathes of the hispanic photo more
rubio in florida that's i don't know if you like i can't stand this guy doesn't matter i've just giving you the facts marco rubio when a large swap metastatic boat texas panic voters lot of involved republic in rather large numbers i think governor gregg abbot texas get something like forty percent of these paragraphs in other words you are not getting them point number what does just that dump one if you could do simple but we don't even eat jays advocates for this one or steve's dictionary we don't need of this is common sense will double might but he's going to continue to vote democrat yet but they're not they're not going to my wife is systematic she's republican my mother laws hispanic she is a republic it my kids more hispanic than anything they are trust me going to be republic it's your kids your map is just not right so that primitive on that point it there over reliance on this silly theory that minorities we're going to continue to vote democratic perpetuity is nonsense
this pattern is repeated itself over and over to an american history when the irish with the italians came over to l a silent in new york a lot of em largely voted democrat at seeing that anymore you're seeing enormous numbers of irish americans it even consider themselves irish americans such just americans that vote republican specially catholics a talons the same thing this is simply ridiculous strategy now let's dismantle point number two so point of a woman's that minorities will continue to vote democrat when that's just the path just not showing matter decreasing numbers as we go on and he did bed donald trump that better monks hispanics and mitt romney it and black voters do by the way secondly joe here's the kicker if you we're going to make skin color right a delineation point between victimhood not i want a big this is
important point i want to be very clear on this if it joe if i lose you please stop me ok you know i will if you are a democrat and we're going to make one of your signature issues victimhood strictly on skin color the your black and therefore you are not why and why people can't stand you and they are in power you should fight them at every opportunity so skin cup metaphysic rigour the severe successful or not so if you're dead we go over and europe on stage at the amazing your millionaire actor and america is clearly been better to you than it's been to just about ninety nine point ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine percent of the population you're still a victim because you're black bright it covers point was joe i in common sense ease up on stage is a multi millionaire actor telling you is a victim at everybody we eat set up so if your point study glover and the left is that skin color makes you a victim but what happened so it hispanic voters when is
ethnic voters mary people who were quote white their kids joe and a lot of hispanic member george zimmermann the white hispanic nevertheless we have just heard a tray on mark georgette minutely describe mr white hispanic so their inventing new class of people when you delineate victims versus not victims and you abuse victimhood to get votes but then you tell people is based skin color right and then skin color doesn't mary up because their king these have our might my kids are white skin if that's it did there if they don't have an elevated level of melody and in their skin then over time that allegiance to minority groups based on your own ideology fades away you see what i'm saying just like that skimmed holler begone aids victimhood what my
skin color is mad you said that that black people and anna and hispanic serve our victims but my my father's why my skins what eventually they stop identifying as the victim group you want to claim as a victim you think i'm making this up ray the freeman peace are begging you it's into show notes that i in the freeman is he talked about how the wash your journal peace by james remedy talks about how this strategy can't possibly work because as hispanic americans mary italian americans like in my case irish americans asian americans eventually the allegiance to the victim group allegedly of victor eyes to spanish by trump they don't associate themselves with that anymore increasingly generations of kids in in whatever mixed culture marriages dick of job which identify themselves joe as white so this is an accurate guys i'm not given the democrats it
because i get emails i'm telling you that they can they cannot separate from identity politics their critical fear embedded an empty hollywood in other words the wiping morocco power structures the problem and it needs to be dismantled to hollywood academia and the media there is no escaping it they are married to this they're married to this there's no way they can separate from it because their entire ideology full support received nothing else to sell you they if so told people for so long that republicans hate you conservatives hate you and here's why because you are ex black hispanic asian immigrant whenever it maybe there's we're going back and saying now ok they really don't hate you but let me just offer another solution we're gonna higher taxes to take away healthcare they can't do it this is all they have this is losing strategy so two points here
why it's on the fact that minorities are gonna continued about republican doesn't pay out the data and secondly point to you reliance on growing class of minorities insists on the fact that in general the people will consider will continue to classify themselves as minorities and they don't you can't win this is a loser for you it is a loser on steroids now mama twenty water to make on this a couple years back when i was running for office of dr a little while i'm sorry i was dating site about the monday show take the weekend off i want to like just reminded a rocket monday cosette does my wife tells me when i go back to bed you were talking so fast that usually when i get excited for these shows i was at us beach a couple of years ago why the county maryland or something like that
grover norquist came out and norquist resent trusting speech arming i disagree with a lot with grover says but is take on taxes is always pretty good and he gave us beach and it was fascinating it was about this demographics is destiny bob strategy identity power six by the left any but up an interesting point to forget me i don't remember the exact date of this was three or four years ago but the point salient none the less aware one of these is that free means peace is just an addition i want to bring up he said that as regards most of your whatever we however you classify yourself a black american sporadic american asian american white american regardless of what your parents are like i'm pretty sure my kids would class by themselves right now is is white i don't know it doesn't matter i been there more spanish than anything but people ass by themselves in all kinds of ways right but he brought an interesting piece he said that as people's work
that wealth and stock ownership and ownership and afford one k as their net wealth grows others of racial ugh itself classification joe and people decide classed by themselves all kind of ways that jubilant network goes up you are more likely to vote conservative over time is point mrs simple one that has economy recovers this is why you saw overwhelming landslides and the reagan years people generally vote their own economic condition in their own financial and economic welfare first regardless of category meaning you may not get fifty one percent of the black vote if your republic it but if you are a report who presides over legitimate republican policy show tax cuts patients centred health care patient centric health care the latter you know smaller government things reagan and so much more gun but at least tax cuts things reagan did you're gonna do a greater percentage of the black boat and people did before you so economic growth
hurts the democrats do so not only is the identity politics a loser on that front illusion it for them people are going to identify themselves as minorities can identify themselves americans are white as they might have over time as these he's category start to dilute themselves but you are also going to if you make growth picks up the democrats losing both for us so i just want to bring not because they ve so merry themselves this identity politics thing that there is no escaping folks this is all they have they have nothing else this is it or ituri show also brought you by friends at my patriot supply placed in order that we finally i know i i never lie to my audience i said i was going to did i brought i bought a couple of boxes they haven't it they have a couple theo's which is greatest go to prepare with dan dot com by the way folks i know i just more convincing i can do to get you to pick up emergency food after what happened is less couple weeks i mean gus virgin islands what's happening over there now and in the
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that's right they close to a million dollars on security now to protect shapiro against against anti then it's fastening liberals blame shapiro shapiro cos the university one million that was no we didn't eighty four thus the university a million dollars nobody that's like saying donald trump cards the secret service a billion dollars no terrorist threats caused the secret service a billion dollars at the president doped so shapiro this speech and it was a q and i at the end there is a lot agree is a very very skilled debate or i have no problem whatsoever throwing major league shadows to people who have really good debating skills and shapiro very very good this week an abortion but that one's got kind of viral up a pass on that one for a minute i want to go to another what a kid gets up one of these students and he's a real smart ass in which most of them are eddies he challenges bench appear which by the way brilliant guy harvard law grad eyes you know i know reasonable person question superiors intellectual bona fides rachel i mean you made
i kissed position but he's a smart guy made i like it presentation style it's up to you but you appear as a bridge guy courses is intellectual capabilities this is point but that's it liberals do so liberal kid gets up he said he asked superiors while you're com they got all these issues euro algae b t two way b c d energy issues your car i think i know these social issues but do you have a degree sociology around like now i'm not knock and events response classic i keep his like while i've read the research like i'm allowed to have an opinion but i thought to myself away i gotta this is despite this was the greatest moment ever think in the history of liberals exposing themselves as really dopey and not picking up on it at all so let me get this straight
you see the premise i'm setting up a job the guy the commentator deliberate kid gets up choose me yet speaks disappear he's the conservative commentator many jim why he feels like he should be commenting on these all these social issues gay rights wherever it may be transgender bathroom usage river maybe if he doesn't have a phd in sociology because apparently not smart enough now let's hear about messroom put you in germany you're go with this if you're out let me give you a hint ass if you if you're a liberal what is your take on who should control healthcare joe people are the government or the government yeah ok if you're a liberal what is your take on who she control cash flows money taxes the government or individuals of the government ok if you're a liberal does your click on the public education system at the education system should be controlled by parents should be controlled by education bureaucrats
bureaucratic how can you get me you gotta get this straight liberal student kid i wasted here on this question i wish to peer what puts them and they got on this i mean rhetorically when it we don't recommend violence unlike the leopard guys a whore you just reviewer liberalism your whole premise is that a harvard law grad can't on anything because he's not swallowed up but yet your political religion is had governments is determined your health care should spend your body should tell you where your kids go to school should regulate your business should regulate the financial industry should tell you how to use your land should tell you how to sell your farm should tell you how to use your form should regulate water usage should determine of food is safe should determine if judges should determine if a doctor's licence show the terminus of a hare brained areas licence should be determined at the teachers like what are you it saying this hi or what i want i don't know
and shapiro listen survivor anybody who dissociated shapiro does but ben begging you to go back on you show i will highlight could from your show up my show and please addressed that kid and brave i know ex post facto ets after that i get it now but tat was a bit he did a great job and that should be really did i made its unity you think about it so it's not fair you know he added on the spot but jody you see how these kids die what should i elites liberalism completely lawyer whose entire life is studying policy this is what principle he's not qualified to comment on any issues of transgender ism or sexuality re peace not qualify but the government is qualified to do everything to make every this his ship about you for your life ivy it is just a staggering and stupidity i'm gonna u
so why are you playing to cut folks i huh did endlessly for this thing this morning and i get up early i mean mouth should send probably insulting the hardworking people america get up about six fifteen but they are only i get up for joe gets up into two o clock in the morning but i try put a solid three plus hours into the show and i'm telling you after twenty years thirty minutes i couldn't find i mean i want to twitter and idle rubber where i saw it i will try to dig up this clip after this don't play it tomorrow if not covered on the vienna wednesday but it is just a perfect summation of just how silly liberals are again egg had been i like you know i'm times i've watched you now my data and they don't even get it data is our sense of shame but all ok couple more stories here wanted a hip before we for we break for the job you have that bernie cut ready go yet
i have just quickly bernie sanders again selling this single pay your nonsense he's got a bernie sanders absolutely totally lying to you about what go payer and notice before you play the kind i want you pay very is very short when what is it about fifty seconds shells nets version i want you to notice on before we play it you didn't notice themes that were similar and neo balmy cared debate that don't worry if you like your plan you can keep your plan member the famous obama line pre ababa care don't worry second it in other words show you if you like you planned you can keep your plan what's the gist of that nothing's going to change right that's how old
be asked you doing you a bomb a cubic debate keep tat in your head is you listen you can't play the gallop does a lot of pulling on this issue and what they find out is that the most popular health insurance programme in this country is medicare people seeing israel really good veterans administration rags very high in fact private insurance company is not all that part what we have to tell the average worker the only thing that is changing in this forum this is not quote on quota government take off the only thing that changes is the color of your insurance card from a blue cross blue shield cod are united help cod to i met a careful look at you still gonna go to the doktor you want it's the same structure euro cosette me the cook this morning and i wasn't going to use it and then i listened again and my sister i'm shapiro thing you're done this is
liberal saying something just like the liberal question of shapiro who doesn't realize he dismantled the entire premise of his argument within the actual question or statement it has a realise at all he opens up the club joe ripe ever europe i guess you can rely listen again if you think i'm making this up by telling you that private insurance which is a private issues market shares a private some like an exclusive club anybody can go buy insurance anyone peeping when's the collaboration of telling you how it says in pole well while joe most americans have free market insurance because i'm ahead argued by saying but don't worry you're free market insurance while change at all which is absolute lie it is a government take over able make private insurance in some respects unfeasible you will have to beyond government run healthcare so let me get this straight your premise is that nobody likes free market insurance but don't worry you're free market insurance won't change eddie he said
with a straight face and it's like you if these interviewers catch this stuff or if the interviewer themselves are so baked into liberal ideology they see nothing wrong with it i would just say that clipped like is for the first time i was a guy just crazy bertie bernie i didn't like online but often unlike this is beautiful this is the shapiro thing all over again a guy a liberal makes a statement intending to insult conservatism whatever where does is the entire premise of his statement breaks down liberalism here smart enough to communist socialist but we're smart enough to run your whole life is liberals and admit bernie hey free market insurance really sucks but two have no fear have no fear your freedom heard without change at all which is an absolute why he has just made a hundred percent making europe a right i'd good clip by the way i was appreciated thanks one last story and will rock and roll here for that they bother i buy books
tomorrow it's available on amazon now protecting the present you gonna pick it up thank you to everyone who i did i really appreciate am i gonna beat you to death with a book on the show but means allowed put a lot of work into it thank you morocco barber liberal hypoxia ass folks sketch easy it's every day to so we really this is not a hard job i love my job it's italy painful sometimes i'm in a red about liberal policy of the time is not a hard job at all but it is so easy as you oh hedge as an email is pretty good this morning as economic and i was going through the blast too i pick up a lot of my financial stuff from and i ve about paraca bomber who just took another four hundred thousand pay day joe to give a speech northern trust corporate you no financial industry also apparently took a big chuck had changed to speak at the carlyle grew carlo and as a sixty million dollar book deal with his wife now folks i wanna be crystal clear on this
i am not alleging in any way that this is corrupt that is made even rolling pledging it's illegal i'm not even lodging it's wrong what either point i want to make use of its hypocritical and if you are but i really mean this liberals listing i know we got them cuz i got a nice email from a guy the other day and said i was at converted liberal lesak i searched all over a podcast not kidding and he's like i found yours and you know who wrote it thank you for writing that meant a lot to me but if you're liberalising is this really i'm seriously ask you put it try it put aside emotions format it for me it's hard i get it it is hard for me so maybe i'll be in orbit hypocritical here too but unsaid you think rationally from i'm not saying anything obama is wrong taking these huge bait pay days for a book or for his speaking but here's a quote here then you to challenge or self with if you would be so kind this is a quote from a guy named tom need us and i d s who was a deputy secretary
state under hillary clinton the obama administration so he's probably a big lip talking about these big pay days he says i love rocco and if someone's willing to pay him they give a speech god bless america said tom they may say ok what's a permanent isn't it isn't there a word in there that should really strike you willing in other words this guy whether he knows it or not is sanctioning the idea that people should be able to make free market interactions freely they to be able to buy insurance at a price they want or they don't want they should be able to choose to buy insurance or not because the willing people should be paper aka obama four hundred thousand dollars but we you understand that that's not the premise of your liberal religion the premise of your liberal religion is that smart people and their government just like the liberal a question ben shapiro should be making these decisions for you whether you are willing or not that was the whole
purpose of the individual mandate obamacare that whether you are willing to pay for a hundred thousand dollars to barack obama or not that's too much it shouldn't be allowed to happen that was the individual mandate better ensure its companies we're going to charge you this much for insurance you're gonna have to buy it no matter whether you are willing or not that do you get my point joe didn't want simple little says emma ladbruk obama someone's willing to pay and to give a speech gas we agree tom it's amazing how you're such a hypocrite how you support government policies that don't take into account at all what people are willing to do and use the the monopoly force government has to force p under penalty of finer jail to do things they are in owing to do people aren't we to turn over more their money but you want higher taxes people are willing to buy inflated health care insurance place but you penalizing if they don't people
are willing to send their crappy kids crappy schools but you don't want school choice there is nothing about willing you will unless it's perfect personally profit you or your cronies i parag obama it doesn't make you a criminal it doesn't make you corrupt it makes you a big stick pile of hypocrisy sure am apples i folks to get for tunein and i really appreciate it i'll you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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