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Ep. 550 Was Trump Right the Entire Time?

2017-09-19 | 🔗
In this episode - Was Trump right the entire time about the "wiretaps," and does the media owe Mark Levin a huge apology? http://fb.me/8Zlcspi9K   Liberals are losing their minds over an op-ed piece promoting hard work and family values.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/higher-eds-latest-taboo-is-bourgeois-norms-1505774818   The Secret Service is collapsing because of inept politicians and poor management, if we don't fix it soon someone is going to get hurt, or worse. https://shar.es/1VrXhD   You should be very concerned about this Fed policy and its impact on your wallet. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-18/wall-street-s-bond-gurus-have-it-all-wrong-as-qe-unwind-looms   Why are illegal immigrants shouting down Democrats? This is a really bad strategy.  http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/09/19/nancy-pelosi-confronted-dreamers-over-daca-deal-trump-dan-bongino-reacts   Sponsor Links: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan www.PreparewithDan.com
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they don t know you want the truth comes at his pipe guess you want someone to be issued and before the crap go to a political reality dandelions knows we have to call it what it is we have to stop being delicate about waiting to hear the truth about america when i like the left this network conservatives don't need say spaces they don't need lollipops in colouring books and teddy bears i'm good ok on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i was running in public about their budget ovaries jar you re doing fine on this national top like a pirate stay down like us i could see that people wanted to jump off the top of their reaction if if national talk like a pirate gabriel carbon game don't get out i know i've really after about five minutes of that i'd be like no more i was i promise national talk like a pirate they who gotta that i don't know man
you know where to start because there's so much material today so i had a number that this stuff the number my story so we get to it but before we yesterday i promise you that i would get this clip and shapiro absolutely annihilating a you know goofy liberal at this each at berkeley and adjusted the recap a bit from yesterday the lib last question that destroyed liberalism in the course of the liberal asking a question and a liberal was a smart enough even figure it out he basically visit i can venture piero for not having a phd in sociology or psychology in commenting on social issues of the day that the word so his prayers this shapiro not smart enough to have opinion on social issues although deliberate his realise of course if you say yes we show that the entire premise of his question destroys liberalism altogether so you to a harvard trained lawyer by the way is that's me enough to have opinions critical issues but liberals can
the entire government health care businesses banking everything it's a joke so here they caught listen a guy opens up by the sounds a little tough together thanks to all the listers email me with this clip i really appreciating tyler sent that over me so i appreciate that are played a car so i was it tat you see lay in political science and then not harbour lawful you have been in i dont cancer sociology particularly expert feel but god i think
able to read a sociological study last there are lots of fields and static may not allow us about welding than i do about sociology says well brought up tonight a lot more about all those others then let's be necessary as far as if you wanna take issue with the argument i would urge you not to use the argument from authority which is somebody has a phd by they didn t know it they're talking about that's denmark ok remember the remedies ernie of experts have discussed this before the pass all your folks never ever buy into the tyranny of so called experts in other words shapiro said is absolutely correct and had tipp to him for saying because someone
as a phd behind their name does not give them the right to declare that facts are therefore not facts and data because you have a phd and the example i give all the time that some of you are tired of some of you not is the bill clinton surplus i cannot tell you how many phd economists who are liberal will tell you that bill clinton ran a surplus when he was the present united states government surplus he presided over when in fact no such surplus exists because the national debt rose every single year of the bill clinton presidency this is just the left the guy liberal asking these dope request again only the recap yesterday showing that this is important if the question critical the question exposes the leper what it is you have oh right to an opinion unless you have a phd and yet the guy's entire opinion is a people or elected into government office without said phd should be every single aspect of your life including the local congressmen who may have been whatever he may have
a business executive in pharmaceuticals whose now presiding over banking policy he has no phd in either by the way so liberal submit just full adults but don't let that get in the way pay another thing cleaning up our descendants to die never joe right i never send you stuff on issues on email because and i want to bother you but i anyone yesterday chop walking into the eu are now by the way i don't know what else to say about the social security show ok a guy email me yesterday guy named john i guess you didn't listen to show or if he did aegis angry listen i don't i don't get a lot i get a lot of glowing email i get a couple or not so glowing emails but what i don't appreciate her all is people sending emails about things i didn't say in and asking me to defend them in an email is water bobby you to stop taking my show security a die or i do i'm done i'm done with that i'm done i've got about a hundred emails on the social security explicit show john
open your ears or please this continue i don't care i don't the money from the show i don't you i do the show because i enjoy it i enjoy put good ideas and hopefully you i'm not going to listen to stupid email ok you know you that is not what i said i said this agenda dude if i get one more these emails i'm telling you i fired right back and go duty endless solution about answering this some people will hear what they were here dan that's but when i reply to you that is exactly mean capital letters you said that i am that is not what i said about the social security show that is clear as day there's no in the programme i did not say that
fifty five and older you should stop sage taking your social security and die i said the exact opposite as a matter of fact that the program's bankrupt by no fault of your own you did pay money in you are not old you're not young enough at this point to start your entire working career over again that we should prioritize getting those funds do you did you not hear that or are you intentionally death my god i can i buy meat i really turned my age and behaviour i can't believe you you'd again these do not send me emails if you don't listen to i'm sorry don't your way the real listeners time it's really offensive the com and i do you want me to respond to you about some i didn't say i really was annoyed about and what other thing it's daddy glover not dance like you even joe was right or wrong now and daddy however is an actor i know that he was in a lethal weapon i think he was an operation dumbo drop recently that is
the actor i was talking about yesterday's show there is other act or a younger guy at the rec using a tiny glover not danny their different people i appreciate that you too walton should really be the males me a lot and given joe tried to correct it show he goes dude i think it was danny clever it's not as daddy glover that was the guy who gave me terribly speech at the academy awards about trump oppressing black people body it's not any added i met polite bronx bolivia cultures that but not this one ok i dig into this jokes are so much talk today so levin was right the info markel event tomorrow right markel vain deserves a big apology from all of the hacks at sea and ends brian spelter with who it was just become a disgrace to media member when the vin one about what consent eight listen up seeing the wiretapping stories about trump being wiretapped under new york timezone reporting and everybody attack levinus bar
bavarian right wing conspiracy theories through a man with them all the conspiracy there's people they said this guy's not credible lisa he's looking for ratings they all attack them it turns out what by them mark was using new york times own reporting about wiretaps that mark levin was right breaking last night poor man afford who was the campaign manager when one of the campaign executives further donald trump presidential campaign zat cnn of all people broke a story last night that man afford i was in fact wiretapped and mode of waiting for live job trump tower during the time in question so not only was donald trump it appears at this point because i see that i'm gonna hold out cause they're using sources and even though it cnn reporting on a story that would hurt cnn i give them credit for doing that reluctantly but i do i'm still not willing to accept the story at face value until we get something confirmed here because
not going to make a mistake they make of on names sources but these unnamed sources are correct donald trump about being wiretap the trump tower was true now don't expect the media people are most of the media acts to go back to new york times and admit they were wrong the whole time but i do expect brian stouter and all the people who attacked scarborough it at mornings as well who attacked mark levine i do expect you to some decency so the decency to go and apologize television for saying he was a conspiracy theories for promoting economic value promoting for just documented what the new york times in fact reported themselves that the trump campaign was wiretap now this to take ways from this that are really important before we get to that is to take away next was the obama police state at this point you may say bye it is true that what out there that's a lot of really you just do it in their so casually about yeah yeah i did because it's on
is there any reasonable person right now that the obama administration at a minimum in its last year i would debate law that happened at a minimum its last year while the presidential campaign was going i use police state tactics we now susan rice as national security adviser admitting to unmask ing without any good reason at least no good reason anybody's heard yet and definite you're not a national security reason we now is national security but visor admitting to spying on trumped campaign offers that's already but admit that liberals time to show off now position we do facts and always some it's me some zippo treated me back last night some liberal writer as well one way to look at it not that that the obama administration police state corrupt theirs no other way that's the only way to look at it there is no other way susan rice already admitted to it and if this story what we do and masking trap of inward spying on trumped campaign members
this story turns out to be true and see and ends reporting is accurate there is no other way these are police state tactics what a police states do they spy their political opponents what the obama administration do its pilot its political opponents motive that's open for interpretation anymore the degree of it if there was unmask king and wiretapping as well which you can like the same thing under different premises year one pfizer one criminal in in a kazan there's this is you stay tactics there's no other way to look at this now couple take away from this agenda but what is it that allegedly the decree there was a criminal wire folks as a former lot i'm a it's important for me to make the distinction here a wired it would be listening in on a call without the permission of at least one port in new york
state where trump towers located as a one party consent state is critical you understand the legal terminology one party consent state means that it's not a technically a wire tap if i give permission for the call be recorded joe doesn't care so say gee always is being investigated for conspiracy to inflate the renegade republican download downloads rosato don't be ridiculous and where they get arrested joe and i the fbi pinches means as you inflated your download numbers on a renegade republican you're going to jail but we know the armor cost is the technical genius behind the add the renegade republican in these egg producers so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna put it device on that and that phone and we're gonna give joel calling you gonna recorded who's the one party who gave consent to record it made me now fly you know where i live now is a two party consent state meaning both of us have to get permission for the call or else you need a warrant right a wire tap
in what new york therefore which is one already consent state job would mean by default neither joe nor i it can said because it one party consent state there are refugees no consent that means ones listening in a third party being the government so there was a criminal case built apparently against man afford or trying to be against a man afford that they use that mental case warrant to get the wiretap that went away the case because according to see an end to reporting i can't believe i'm saying this i really according to see an edge reporting there was a lack of evidence lack of evidence really there was a lack of evidence of a cried folks that again in some circles rude call that a clue that there's no there there but the government led the obama administration apparently hell bent on record the conversations without the consent of either party of trump administration officials good didn't too good
wasn't good enough that there was no evidence of criminality so what did they do they want for as a warrant joey far and intelligent surveillance act born which is now require probable cause of a crime it just acquire some evidence that you were in fact interacting with a foreign power and effort to harm the united states hears the kicker though tell me how this is a police state package you want for a criminal weren't you get the criminal war so now the conversations cases drop no evidence you there a good enough is good and you go back for a fire of weren't you claim that evidence of a foreign power trying to influence man a fortune you go to these surveillance courts instead what did they base it on allegedly again according to cnn reporting they based its of it's what we hearing on the dossier the fake trumped up yeah but how he likes all these perverted sexual things that's a family shell
we don't need to cover that gives a dossier is garbage it was made up is all fabricated spent discredited by every credible person on the planet think about what i just told you job again liberals listening including ass the twitter knucklehead decided tweed bactria cited this evidence of trump corruption think about what i just said but this is what he said not obama you went after trumps people on a criminal case you had nothing having nothing wasn't good enough you went back to a foreign intelligence court with no probable costs apparently you couldn't get probable cause for anything at this point so you went back in a legit they were allegations of foreign interference in it or to get those allegations of foreign interference in front of a far pfizer court judge you use the dossier that is categorically untrue then listened on conversations between man afford and passed black donald trump as well depressed and shall now many folks this is the big political scandal of our lifetimes now do what you did
eleven to me i don't care call me a conspiracy theories call me crazy i'm telling you if you are on the wrong side of this you are supporting absolutely the downfall of the constitutional republic in the implementation of police they tactics in the in the last surely free country on shit shame shame on you shame you disk to me if you support this don't like tromp fine don't fall for trump fine don't like republicans hate republic as i don't care supporting this makes you when apps lately morally corrupt ethically bankrupt illegal criminal and despicable despot who acts ultimately supports the use of violence and the monopoly of government force to destroy the lives of people who don't align with political ideology it's all you are you're nothing more don't pay yourself on the back don't take your on the right side a history you are a disgusting person i would never ever ever regardless of the timeline
regardless of the politics of people involved on my experience in the government and my fear of what goes on the inside ever support use a police state tactics like this the spying on a political people and they wired being a political people for clearly nothing then a political agenda i don't care what the parties involved you should be ashamed give yourself view self if you support this i got a lot of stories to cover day so but you by bodies a brick ass nutrition man thankfully got too low up on foundation yesterday had a great performance in a jam although my left me sore i did my search or squat yesterday which your great for grasp and by the way you hold the barn cookie robot i mean look baby netanyahu season fall asleep at the u n right now i love db video so tired goes perks global but yeah great data jimmy's attacks role the emails about their product whether we don't dusk is a really great products products i want to talk about today strongly encourage you to pick it up i know most really let me busy living in a huge day today today's my book launch day protection
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this story has be fired up to eight i addressed this a couple weeks ago and its resurfaced again due to end up added a wonderful up had written and while she journal today by heather mcdonald does some terrific work our criminal justice as she's just a really fantastic right and she has an up in the wall street journal today a body a u pen a piece by a u pan profession university pennsylvania who wrote a piece joe talking about now i'm only quotas to be exact this has been a big uproar by the left there on fire about this peace now i'm gonna region controversial ideas she wrote their name is amy back she's a u pen professor who wrote at these highly controversial ideas and liberals are losing their collective about type is a quote from our other metals piece in the journal today to the list of forbidden ideas on american college campuses ed bourgeois norms such as hard work of wall
self discipline by this is could oh my man marriage and respect for a third way hardened self discipline marriage and respect for authority liberals are losing thereby ok go on last month you a professors publishing up in the philadelphia require calling for a revival of the cultural script that prevailed in the nineteen fifty and still does among african americans here's a quote from the filled for filling inquiry these joe this is highly highly controversial material liberals i'm not kidding joe the drawing of petitions to get this woman out of the classroom the professor who wrote this the dean of the universe is right and what is as the claiming this is this is pepper aeneas without white supremacy therefore alleging that connection here's the culture script she thinks we should all be talking about not and not the other alternative to what she says very controversial get married before you
children and strive to stay married for their snake oh my is she doesn't do that then watch chain this is not joe about actually crazy she says we get a lot of this one get the education you need for gainful employment work hard avoid idleness of why i do too i can't listen understand did you there was a comedy skit years ago about the thousand ways to manage the word do did you ever see this one i think there was it's funny it's like in genoa watching a horror movie and is a guy around a corner at it in a friday the thirteenth talking and ask with it with them that machete and you're in the house alone and you're ready peak around a corner near like dirt cuz you're afraid he's gonna to be there but is like two quizzical do like someone says i'm to i do like tat the greatest comedy school this is one of those two really
this is controversial let me get this straight get married work hard avoid idleness ok wait there's more more controversial spoke this goes to the intellectual vacuum that has become the pathetic disturbing our duty and tea for violent forelimbs she says you substance abuse and violence why this is so we should recommend what that pay take on substance abuse and crime i don't issues eschew substance of other issues beginning of these traditional norms has contributed to today's low rates of our work participation lagging educational levels widespread opiate abuse the professors argued folks liberals are losing their there is a petition on one of these college campuses now again to get her ban from tee
into the school said that this is contemporaneous with white supremacy i got i got alike like i really like i deal with with paul i get that she gets upset when i do too many we liberals shows that's gonna break it up there's a reason here folks there's a why here now for those of you who will think that maybe some credibility that i want you to understand that radical foreign left this understand that what the author is saying is true they are not stupid don't for a sec i'm begging you as illicit my show do not for a second by into that the fact that the eu or the up the any assertions that these liberals are dumb these people are not dumb they are very bright they understand exactly what their due and they understand that the promotion of hard work of marriage of stable families of avoiding drug abuse they understood
but all this stuff will lead to a successful society but what is it also lead to job let me ask you this what do but who are poor who may not have jobs and people who may not have a high level of education people who are some who are dependent on drugs what is their ultimate backstop i mean did you're a democrat that what they depend on the state debts they just a guy i should i you know i should marry you always come through for me to close by going to take a little nerve cells afraid i wasn't set not upright agar has this state of course stay folks the liberals provoke bob i promise she's me victim biology and victim culture in other words we can't hard work its people work if you don't work on it's not your fault but where is your fault but where is your fault i'm really sorry just like the social security show that drives people crazy i'm sorry i'm not here to be ass you if you're a liberal or even of europe you know a demo
leaning left working hard is your fault there nobody that can make you work hard but you making people work already servitude you have to work car debt is your fault in the middle liberal star promoting these values theirs nobody to blame sucks so be it your fault it's the promotion of the pharmaceutical industry you know what substances i'm sorry i have this in my family s is very biochemical component to it yes is theirs physiological component yes but don't worry i'm not gonna to fall it's a disease it is a choice ok i'm sorry it is a choice if there is a disease putting a pill and your mouth or smoking a joint or so putting cocaine or may mining heroin is a choice it is a volitional at the fact that you are
predisposed to do it because of some bio chemical or biological propensity for addiction in your family i don't deny that i dont denied your situation joe is more difficult than others and i dont for some their people just our approach to addiction no matter how many times you put a couple lines of cocaine in front of them they're not gonna doing there's a pie chemical signal in your head that debt pushes you and await its i've doesn't push other people i don't doubt that and i don't mean to discredit your fight and i'm not judging you don't mistake this living through this right now my family so i don't need any lectures don't tell me for a second this isn't a choice it is a choice you know folks my wife's gonna kill me but it's all right it's important you matter me i've got a lot of fights a mile
i've had a ton of him i really there were areas i've been very weak in my life and i to this day i it pains me i mean it does i say to you all the time you know i'm a sinner because i mean that i may use that term very deliberately i can't they trying to correct my back when i get know when i pray i pray very deliberately ida you know i say the our father because those are the words jesus gave us in his words mean something but a lot of my prayers extemporaneous but there they their spoken from the heart and i pray constantly father make it better man amar than i was today please move me back to that righteous path because a temptation for envy greed last rage anger it's always there i know i'm not in a position here too morally lecture any of you but there are things i the temptations out there all the time and folks in his heart it is really hard to avoid
a lot of this nonsense in your life have the matter to you and you have to a conscious choices you to make real choices to do the right thing and an excuse can't be well all you know what it's just a guy thing or a family thing or a drug saying or a history just that's not an excuse liberals want to push that excuse on you because they blame it on other people as an avenue to move the state state control back into your life that's why they're gone wild over this that is why they're losing their mind over a woman highlighting the fact that if you stay married if you children and your line you're europe your faithful to your wife your faithful to your kids you get your kids in if you go and school who work hard the minute you stop to propose those values on a massive scale and suggest to people the obvious job the obvious that this is the path forward
this is the path to a collective better future to steal the less own terms the idea that this state can i help you do that or that you been a victim of some dangerous republic getting conservative movement and the liberal democratic state is gonna help you goes away folks this is a big peace i'll put the peace and shone out forgive me if it's a subscriber only i can't help that if the journal i'm not i don't think it is being the show no tap on gino that company it is really really good these by heather mcdonald and its comes up to you why i am so passionate it gets this fight about above issued before this fight against liberal ideology because as said do you repeatedly it's not that this victim ology doesn't help people it doesn't but for supplying that's not the pernicious part of it i'm worried about its that view homology and liberal ideology active
harms you it actively hurts people by promoting the idea there's no individual control over their life that they are the victim of side circumstances that outside circumstances those circumstances can only be changed by elected leaders you know liberal visionaries using air quotes and politicians you put all of that aside and you say to yourself i'm not working hard having taken my marriage seriously i haven't focused on my kids i decided to take drugs i have worked hard in school i screwed this up that is the first step towards saying i can fix this i can fix this not nancy policy not donald trump not bernie sanders not george w bush i can fix is the only way forward folks it's an impasse
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whatever i mean if it's any kind of that's what happens in the secret service often and you get qualified people protecting the president because of diversity initiatives now i talk about things in a book and you know what that a pc no but their correct and someone needs to expose these problems before someone gets hurt i go into the fall of the sea service from the inside perspective please pick it up today it's available today south bookstores also on amazon bonds a noble cause protecting the president at the last i'm going to mention it but i do appreciate might you're a great audience you move my boy from sight ten thousand an amateur hunter like three thousand a day i mentioned that which is pretty good considered eight million bucks for sale there so thanks so much folks i appreciate picking it up all right so are you so i get mixed feedback on the economic stories post with this one's really important all right economics and in a passion about it but the fact is finally decided on wine is balance sheet now without get to walk about this is topic i bring up often storing them
the financial crisis the federal reserve decided it be a good idea the federal reserve prince our prince money it's got federal reserve notes look on the frontier dollars or you're twenty certifies whenever they monopoly power over printing money so someone at the fair daughter would be a good idea to print money i kid you not go out by government bonds so you this clause i government agency which it is i don't care what anybody tell the federal reserve it has a monopoly prickly pear money printing going out mean giving the government the money to buy bond so the government it by so they have about four trillion dollars in bonds they have to give you exact numbers they have one point seven trillion the two point four trillion of u s treasuries they bought with printed money and one point seven trillion mortgages folks this is a big deal it's a big deal because they're holding onto these mortgage bonds now and these treasury bonds and i have the hard time figuring out what to do with it so they release the statement recently says ok here's what we're gonna do we work up to releasing about fifty billion in these bonds
now there's a really good example i read today in an a peace about what this means and i have kind of explained before he's an bangles but the hallmark it's is better here's what we're having a real problem right now so the government money so the government did print money through the fed by its own assets imagine if this happened in your neighborhood ripe and what they wanted to do as they wanted to prop up the prices of bonds that forget just this the why believe for another shout pursuing have a lot of time at the government the federal government wanted to prop up the prices of bonds because the prices of bonds or inversely related to interest rates so by propping up the prices they would keep interest rates love which will make it easy for people to get loans makes sense it moving invert they move the opposite right i know you know what inverse means but you get my point
imagine this if they did this in the real estate mark is with the bond market people get confused because prices and interest rates move in the opposite direction scrooge people up financial assets it gets complicated but imagine this in simpler terms let's say that government wanted a proper the price of your house fifty percent of the houses in your neighborhood where foresail joe fifty percent of the houses in your neighbour for sale and no one spying prices are going to take a pretty huge tumble get pretty darn fast so is gonna be like all right there has been on the market for six months and i want to i do not want one ninety one eighty i'm almost sixty i want what fifty the government said why we got a fixed this instead of letting the price signals readjust which it should have they said we have to fix this price rate problem right now so we have to butter is the bond markets are working to come in and we're gonna buy up those houses to stabilize they the stabilize the housing market offer great idea right sounds one
liberals loved this exhorted some misguided dopey republicans you have no idea what you're talking about their like this great the gun it came in joe bought up all the houses and now it's holding out nobody lives there but a part of it bought them he asking price to say the fifty percent of how they are wanted two hundred thousand dollars so now abraham this is everything's fine there the prices of stabilized what's that joe who was the house no not you that the government are we going to do with the houses that's been if i've been bringing this up on the show forever they have all these bonds just like they have the houses what are they going to do with the bond the same thing do it the houses they gotta get rid of us so now happens when they get rid of the house's joe bigger start selling the house again now all of a sudden just when praxis stabilized why are all these houses for sale sell my block because we owe them the government or the so now there government is unleashing the torrent of bonds they're saying they're going to do
the billion a month which granted i understand here here too the four trillion they are now between were mortgage bonds and treasury bonds is not a lot but the problem here joe this thing is gonna screw up and distort the market because no one's ever done this before understood at this nobody knows what's going to happen there's no historical precedent for this this was really bad idea that can only get worse here's what's gonna happen here right now when these low interest rates the problem with because remember prices by trying to stabilize the price you or the interest rate by trying to bump the price up prices aren't you going to move in the opposite direction for a lot of reasons as prices go up interest rates go down as interest rates go up prices good that so by the guy i'm trying to keep the price of houses up with the price of bonds in this case they kept interest rates low now what happened with that the stock market one up or why did the stock market go up people could invest in bonds because the interest rates were low joe
and a prices were high the intro rates were low because the government drove them down because he kept the price up so nobody so could there was no yield so what people do they survive back and invest in a crappy interest rate applicable to all my money in the stock market why telling you this folks listen i've this that investment show k i don't do it advise you know i be everything mine investments if but i bought little bit a gold i little bit in inequities i got a little bit in the specific stocks in a lot and index funds and a lot of cash right now because i very worried that the minute this tape our starts to happen and they start to let those houses or in this case bond show get back on the market and prices started all again and interest its go up what are people going to do they're going to say well i can get a higher interest rate and more security by get out of the stock market and go buy in a bond or house instead be careful now tell me what to do your money just be careful sex
this has been absolutely crushing savers out there because by their efforts keep the prices of bonds again interest rates go down prices go up woman agent rates go down sir version mostly older folks who are living on fixed incomes haven't been making a dime they ve been getting crushed so this may actually benefit the middle class and savers by interest rates going up but it has a really really heavy and shall be hurt the housing market stock more just be careful but i'll put that peace so an interesting bloomberg peace output and shone out today how people have this all wrong economists about this and you could take a look at its pretty good piece or i ll see what else our one last thing here on that i got a couple of tourism get to timor one on too liberal policies that are just again not helping but blowing up a people's faces one about trying to get oh people low income housing that's actually benefiting rich i'm builders and that people who would low income housing no surprise air and other what about truth in efforts where though trying to
out the trees to prevent forest fires in the browser actually causing more forest fires but that no worries let's keep it up but i'm not going i'm today to hammer those but i want to finish up with one maybe this maybe another one to this dark i think so he's dhaka recipients yesterday you see is joe they nancy pelagia liberal democrats given a speech in these dark recipients interrupted each start screaming the idea had on fox about it this morning it i just want to say quickly these what kind of stupid strategy is this here in the country illegally that's not in question other tough cases here are human beings issue yes they should be treated as such here illegally in violation of the law you invite you have actual broken the law by being in the united states not only are you making demands upon the u s taxpayer and demands on legal status when you have you didn't do it the right way but now
you're only friend and ally the democrats or i should say only got hacked republicans who don't stand for the rule of law either but you're only ally whose big loud boisterous about it in this case nancy policy and you attack or to make what kind of dumb strategy i set on foxes morning do not afford them general chess is decided strategic brilliance one dimensional checkers isn't this is possibly the dumbest strategy i've ever heard my life let's go down nancy policy and a political rally good move like me why i really needs to be done you ve done to your causes incalculable and what more or less that was interesting from actually yesterday skies no political guy who started this website they have a nemo was that other email is today they say listen there's a problem develop around trot but i found this interesting i've heard this on a few conservative with serves i e mail this i am on
they said joe who surround tromp right now is more important than who surrounded people president's in the past and now i'm not saying it's their sing sing listen he's not i think every it gets us he's not ideological tromp he's a deal he's not ideological on die hard ideological conservative he was a democratic one point but how not ideological there's not really strong ideological underpinning he's a deal make we want to get things done so the play as if it is who we surrounds himself with is more important than it was in past presidents because the last person basically to leave the room can infer when someone direction at the president's would have got the fear amongst some conservatives out there is at the last person leaving the room are saying things to him than are not conservative you know you'll give tat cuts to the ridge we have to get these dhaka kids taking care of so that they are saying that they did archer of banning and a lot of these you know my
flynn early on a lot of these people who would have been associated with conservative but maybe populism to in some respects that then being god is the establishment in charge they bring up one other point on that they stated can you see it because the only time you see trump tweeting things that do not aligned with what the establishment wants him to right now is their hours when he's not basically in the white house he's in the residents and the media manager over their dance greenow who is it was not establishment guy is speed we control twitter account so the point is trying to make is that the white ass may be taken over by swamp rats and after where's the media account is a reflection sk vinos more and not at the establishment thou leanings i just found out really interesting how axioms pointed that out and folks the departure it may not have been may have been a really bad thing for us we need some i don't agree leave on everything especially trade approach but
cabin and ate the establishment voice in the white house would have been important and frankly folks don't really are many left anymore so taxing effort you today i really appreciate a fox i will see you are just ten bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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