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Ep. 551 The Big Distraction

2017-09-20 | 🔗
In this episode - With all due respect to Jimmy Kimmel, what about the rest of us with sick family members priced out of healthcare due to Obamacare? http://fxn.ws/2wwSu8U   What is going on at the DOJ? What are they hiding? https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/the-cnn-wiretap-bombshell-that-wasnt   Why are people allowing themselves to be manipulated by the "Net Neutrality" crowd?  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/backers-of-heavy-handed-internet-rules-are-all-thumbs/article/2634936?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Examiner+Today&utm_source=StructureCMS   Another misinformed liberal claiming "white supremacy" caused the Trump win. https://www.wsj.com/articles/ta-nehisi-coates-and-the-politics-of-contempt-1505861888   Sponsor Links: www.CRTV.com Promo Code "Bongino"
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they you know all the sandy supporting darwin bombs at me i come right back i'm out here to pull any punches right the deadline juno show this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals way under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now punish showed its not immune to the banks with your host in bonn jean i rang irrevocable their budget oh please show how are you did i do well on this wednesday morning in bad the hysterical response of monks they liberal intelligentsia and believe me i use that term intelligentsia very loosely do the trap you speech yesterday is is maniacal i mean it's padded rooms you have actually seen padded rooms as a real you know i mean maybe
it's time to put the media there liberal hack friends in these patted rosetta jumped back and forth they get back their heads but they were poland their hair out yesterday screaming clawing their eyes out it's just this margaret had spent a ton of time and this is one of the hit two quick points joe as a great cut get that sucker however also is terry moran or jim miranda whenever who cares that miranda folks funny inside baseball story sergio gets to work like one o clock undemocratic w c p m for the morning shep eddied some cod so ill email me and i get up about five years you fall back the seed get up again about six or so so a fiber i listened to the cutty sent over and it said moran trumps beetle once in a while joe upon commentary on the cuts like listen to this moreover so unlike what's a guy's name it was i swear was a whose on first moment i might what's a guess maybe he's miranda go now i know he was a more i don't show spell the wrong might get i gonna what's his name ever mcmurphy goes dude
its moran that's the guy's name i swear i thirty spell moron wrong so now terry how terrible i thought your competence but too quick things one major plaudits big backslapping trump forgetting up there at the u n and call it socialism for what it is on a very serious note folks this go and my life personally has been dedicated since i entered the political arena and the ideological activism round to combat the dangers of socialism socialist is the most dangerous political ideology right now on earth it has the potential to kill two about your eye your economic condition to starve you i mean the evidence of failure is conclusive i say about socialism all the time it has one hundred percent success rate of failure everything go places been tried they'll tell me about them craddock socialism is no such thing you're talking about
government natty states not socialism do your homework and come back to me when you know what you're talkin about socialism as evidenced in venezuela is a deadly is deadly and god trump got up yesterday in front of a bunch of socialists many of them and a bunch of pseudo socialism fake social set the u n yesterday and set about venezuela folks its a bit socialism failed in venezuela it's that it worked as intended that's the problem when it works is intended you will starve or you will die but moving on quick before we get to the topical matters on the show today play that a of this vile oh i thought was a guy named evan mc murray his actually spits every moran talking about rob calling out the north koreans calling him rocket man saying basically will obliterate you if you attack is we re point not just to get this straight the present united states is responding to a maniac in north korea who has threatened to
turn the united states into a heap of ashes so this depressed responded by listen you attacked us we're going to take you back and we will and i await you and this is how the cooks and illiberal media respond play their words totally destroying a nation of twenty five million people that whereas on the threat of committing a war crime memory ass an dude david we'll kill us around a corner dude dennis forms a dude this is one of those is a different one but do this isn't a serial killer round the corner dude this is have your hand in your face your friend you said something stupid you put your palm in your face you go to do mr moron are you serious so down this is how is now you wonder why ab
we no one with a brain takes the media serious animal mr miranda i'm begging you an average everyday middle class working my puts resigned find a new line of work please this is not for you that's all prs committing a war crime by pledging to defend the united states against the north koreans who have a neutral device by the way annihilating the united states what an imbecile ah this year i really needs to seek a new light work trial a bulgarian metal a brick cater picked framer studio operator commentary your thing body ok moving up yes i don't know where to start today because there's really again always a lot of good material and i don't like to leave stuff out so you know what let's start with this this is nay i wrote in the title of the show i title three show the big distraction
and i don't want a harp on the trump russia thing because it's it's not a thing it's made up its fabricated and i understand i did i did get i pay attention to the listener email shows for you folks if you dont like shows it it bobby s words my feelings and ivory the amendments being serious illnesses that any sense of light for ego we very rarely get a negative email but i did get one of those guys today i'm really sick of the trump russia thing i get it this is not about trump russia at all trump russia's now real it's fake it's a made up story by the media this is about what hell is going on in the department of justice you know i worked inside the government one of the things that bother me and a kind of hit on it a couple my writings in my books and stuff is how people who work inside the federal government to secret service the fbi department of justice donate their under this impression that they own it that is theirs ladies and gentlemen this is an ibm ok stockholder
actually own ibm like they own like it's their money that's what a stock is it's an equity stake in accompany defence we'll government is not owned by the people who work there you are employees listen to me this not an insult degrading your work i was a government appointed was a cop and a federal agent not degrading your work at all now take this as an attack of you do it's is europe not my sets out our way intended just stating a fact taught logical statement you or an employee of the taxpayer you do oh and the fbi you do not own the department of justice and you do not own the secret service i'm skin you as a taxpayer rug out i'm just a small part of the bigger the three hundred thirty person country here but it experts are nonetheless what the hell what's going on over there they may sorry what what are you talking about get to the point you know there's a narrative
and when i say narrative i know usually when i bring it up i bring it up in terms of disingenuous lying fake liberal narratives like trump russia but there's an actual narrative starting to brew even amongst some people on these sensible left that are still no wonder joe if this trump russia fairytale it was totally made up is one of the yes distractions in american history the shreck you from the fact that the ep b i initiated an investigation into the park withdrew the department of justice where they worked whether whither sheltered and the department of justice into a presidential campaign based on fake information folks this is not a small matter i'm not going to spend a lot of time on it but i you to spend a lot of time thinking about what i'm telling you even a lot of left this right now again this reasonable ones are starting to think to themselves that the day make this whole trump russia thing up
here's the theory let me explain you they d be a reaching narrative starting to emerge from the water here like god jason and friday the thirteenth one is that his mom or something at the end comes of the lake is at the bomb or jason are you are a show fattened up now not here the narrative goes narrative goes the bomb administration plain and simple spying on trumped up that's it do asking through all kinds of different things wiretaps which we learned about from cnn you can listen to yesterday's show but so orbit spying on the trump deep now you may say to yourself would not be dangerous weren't they afraid of getting caught while the urging narrative is no joke joe they weren't afraid afraid it all now why would they not be afraid because they think we're gonna be elected president hilary they are neither were under no illusions that all that hilary benn who expose them it was bring gallery now now to be cleared
not a conspiracy theory guy and i really detest label especially when it supplied to you no mark levine who is correct the whole time and is owed a massive apology by sea and advocate away albion full of internet by the way you want to listen and the third is that they may not have been working together but the above administration at a vested interest in continuing its policies and wanted to get for information on the trump campaign the gathering in rivers happen through on masking into wiretapping and they use the oj to do it now that the old i can't just randomly initiate investigation we're not a banana republic this isn't a third world they had a have something so what did they do again merging narrative is that they relied on the fake dossier dossier i see the the intelligence document put together by christopher steel in future gps on trumped full of fake information totally debar so obama spies
obama needs the dear j and fbi the obama administration to start an investigation they can't start best with no information go at higher fusion gps work with fusion gps fusion gps creates a fake document use fake doc the spy on the trump administration and expect hillary clinton to cover it up when she went right simple as that yet why is this a big deal folks because the information was fake information was fake if it was real the administration assumed hilary would win and no one would prove any of this stuff you're talking about the federal bureau of investigation starting an investigation into a major party presidential candidate opposing the white house unfair give formation now to wrap this up guys i love jes jeff sessions i think he's doing a great job and a lot of issues but where is
theo j on this i don't listen on refuse yourself i don't care what you have to do but the eric and public deserves some answers here and the big traction the theory joe to wrap this thing up is that the big distraction was the panic after the election where they said we cry the keys man we just lost was a crack at then there are currently agencies jeff day david we're doin what are we gonna do spying on this guy the documents fake what do we do so the theory now is somebody said let's invented trump russia collusion narrative and now distract everyone and keep everybody focused on that thing right there and it'll keep everybody away from the misgivings in the misdeeds of the obama administration folks really i mean legitimately really
scary snuff moving on i want to spend time on that but its import ok story number to you i gotta be careful with this and i have been a moderately i'm not really afraid of repercussions my shawl amene servitor view lets me do whatever i want and i do whatever i show but i really am in many ways sympathetic but camel is really really got stop doing what he still heard that jimmy i'm also late night host and you know what all the rest back to him in this situation i do mean that i'm mad and i'm just throwing it out there he's got a very sick kid was born with some kind of a congenital heart problem and i don't if these famous a liberal green communist that all can i ride out i'm sure most them down all the lesters out there you don't know would wish that on their worst enemy right and i'm sure it's emotionally ravaging and we want so listen a stern ana sir
six thousand seven hundred and eighty he's friends with kim elendi you know he thought you didn't talk about it detail but says and then i'm sure i take him at his word that obviously they were devastated as they should be at this heart problem but kimmel last night came out again on his show which is a major platform i mean he's got a big audience and stuff it bashing this obamacare replacement bill which i am not a huge fan of the good i think it doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare but i have a quick kind of response let me come on his thing is well i can't eighty call like the camel task now is of jimmy kimmel really frankly focuses very little policy expertise at all then doing ben shapiro thing you're them say he doesn't even understand the bill meat need a phd to read the bill and understand the basic he has even done that he has even like ray we read through and understand this understanding what is the best way said jimmy kimmel whose
we insisted that this bob care replacement bail that cassidy a republican centre from the wheezy anna and lindsey grandma put out there which looks like it maybe asked by the way it's not great spirit we have now it doesn't repeal obama care make no mistake but it does repay a lot of the taxes and those black grant a lot of money camels problem with this is it gonna take away insurance for people with disabilities and would somehow impact him gets the camel task is going to take away insurance for people and i say to jimmy camel you know using your platform you know if you're listening ready bitter notion the salmon is a serious question when you do your homework on this and you responsibly these programmes on both sides have ever wondered how many people have lost insurance and price that of health care who have sick family members and sick kids to do too but here it is any of that body this issue of i know you're a comedian
retainer and it's your fashionable to rip conservatism make us all to be credence and we don't care about people we want to throw granting of the cliff and we want babies to die and kids the dye puppies to suffer i know that but put at us i didn't ask you to be reasonable from it and not be a fool don't get jumpin with liberal lemmings off the cliff and to think this through have you ever considered the dumb digit in some cases gonna be triple digits at some point in the very near future hikes in hell care premiums precisely due to obamacare because of community rating guaranteed issue have you ever considered how many people don't have insurance because of that war equally dire predicament their kids joseph who don't have millions of dollars i know fault you for your success in hollywood but who does half a million dollar buffers to pay cash for their workers are any that bother you at all or is this all about a partisan talking point outside of any policy knowledge at all i mean
a grossly irresponsible to use a multi million person platform to talk about something you absolutely zero expertise or even a second there your turkey every level of expertise it you don't know yeah i'm sorry you don't know what you're talking about you know absolutely what you're talking about about your kid nobody knows that situation sadly better than you do and you have my sympathies everyone else commenting on larger policy issues based on your individual situation without an appropriate level of knowledge about what you're talking about isn't is growth task we irresponsible a platform on the show nothing close to camels i've i've that's obvious we have a great audience it's pretty big thank you but i can already clause joel don't you commentary on things we don't understand manufacturer was you always sent me clips on stuff and he about things hey what are you just clip and i've said them joe i don't know enough about that
read on its we're not gonna do it that's how we we are wrong which happens a lot by the way we correct theirselves i don't talk about things i dont understand or don't know he doesn't understand this i addressed on the show thousands of times the problems with obamacare community rating and guaranteed issue you cannot promise people who have a high risk of high health care costs the same rates for insurance as people don't have iris it's like saying i want to charge the guy who drives a motorcycle drives drunk never open traffic law has been arrested a thousand times and speeds everywhere the same insurance rights as emma who drives a hardly civic has never been an axe and our entire life better it makes sense it doesn't make sense make mathematical sets its not logical you're talking about an entitlement programme and you're not talking about a actually wearily sound risk it i stood insurance that's not what insurance is it's what community rating is folks it control
the prices for everyone regardless of the cost what else your life is what else in your native india in a free economies handle that way what else what else is handled regardless of cost your car insurance of course not if you cost a lot to an insurance company prohibited twenty accidents last year you have to pay more thing else boxes were about the rules of economics may not be q they mean be nice to me so what are you saying sick people have to pay more jimmy somebody has to pay more and if you don't people who are sick to pay more who do you want to pay well but i really thought about that of course you have it because you haven't you're just using a platform to propaganda is people who do you want to pay and no camels answer is clearly everybody else who buy
we also have their own sick kids and their own sicknesses and their own trouble finding jobs and their own financial problems but we the rich people kramer listen i've already gone over that ok rich people already brought cover the overwhelming amount of tax law into the country is paid for by people who are rich if you confiscate every dollar their wealth the billionaires in the country would be able to finance the government for one year the real money through the middle class all i'm skin jimmy and i'm on a rapid up on this and by the guaranteed issue cuz added mentioned that guaranteed issue is the idea that not only should the guy with the motorcycle who doesn't obey traffic laws pay the same amount as grandma without their civic that the guy with them cycle should be guaranteed insurance policy almost at any time so what do joe he gets it an accident goes inhospitable say any insurance that's up way insurance works and it by the way after they pay for papers procedure i'm asking jimmy one quarter
move on i got a lot of great stuff that i want to get too to why not just be honest why not just come out and say yes under this oh bomber care replacement plan people are gonna lose insurance but to be candid a lot of people have been price that of insurance under a bombing here as well and i think i support obamacare as is obviously i dont speak for jimmy kimmel here i'll take that as a sound by debt that happened to me in the last election by someone took a sound bite like that made it seem like i do you supported obama character is absurd but you say hey i support obamacare and i think that middle class in the united states should pay more for insurance to cover every one else just be honest i disagree i think that people should largely being responsible for their own condition i don't mind some form of a social safety net for people who can't put just goddess than say i think you should pay more in premiums i think to pay more to the government and at the middle class should finance the other middle class people's health except what you're doing your neighbors
for your health care what you're paying for it that is exactly it's happening right now but again people like jimmy kimmel with all due sympathy this situation they don't want to do the hard work joe i get up its it's a clock in the morning and put together this show and do my homework and i gonna cato and heritage of bright bar and conservative review you know i gotta roger i go to heritage and edges and heritage twice but these are people of the detail policy and this is hard work to do this that that's on our its intellectually challenging but you people do hard work you do real hard work but jimmy doesn't want to do that and now you get people lemmings liberal lemmings watch jimmy shoulda republican plan bad obamacare good can you explain no jimmy kimmel me all jimmy kimmel ok it's gotta be terrible at its root they ashamed folks that's what that's worthy the the actual rigorous debate
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we have found interesting is creeping up again that comes up a lot i know i absolutely no i'm going to get some hate mail on this one this is one of those shows nan whenever bring it up i always get some nasty even from conservatives who seem unbelievably misguided on the topic i'm sorry i'm not trying to sell you but i just don't i don't think you understand ramifications what support that's net neutrality there's a really play top it'll be at the show notes i'm going to put it in the show notes available at bongino dot com and if you subscribe to my email list i will email the show notes very convenient to go to bongino dot com is a big subscribe thing but i'll put the op ed there's from the washington examiner it's a really terrific piece about the dangers of net neutrality folks net neutrality just a quick summation of what we're talking about the reason this is come up again is because the they are looking at room getting rid of the administration net neutrality i form which it what net neutrality is folks are taxes and regulations on the internet that's all stop telling its anything else the map because it's not it's not
bid is a bit is a bit its effort to government control where the content out that's coming you re that's what it is it's not a bit is a bit is a bit because a bit isn't a bit isn't a bit when it comes to things like political traffic over the internet it's just not true nothing you're saying about net neutrality is true and by the way this throttling argument people make all well you know do this internet companies i s peace internet service providers vagina throttle stuff another slowdown content for certain websites there's no but instead that the ep the evidence people constantly put out it's the same few cases every time we're just disagree between wholesalers and retailers it had nothing to do with throttling content the reason you content is slower because you're consuming alot of content just making it up as an excuse i'm sorry so why am i bring this up today because there's great up at about this about our conservative some conserving are still being suffered by this thing we gotta supporting it trot here's what it's about folks to give me the color
he tells you need to go forth and argued this thing they put the they put the internet under title to title to was an old government basically betty regulations of regulatory apparatus design to to regulate basically communications companies and taking the internet under title to in an effort to tax it unregulated that's what net neutrality is it's got nothing to do with a bite is abiding by that's just a guy's given the people to soccer them into believing this thing is real but they throw a number out there in the epp peace expect pizza options really good pisa since this happen and basically the government's trying to price control and tax the internet i internet sir providers joe that provide the internet internet service providers who can approach really price their product now have now archly decrease their investment in providing the internet so this is fascinating again your argument is that with the net
be neutral that we should get information bits to everyone it shouldn't be slowed down by internet service providers let's let the government taken over that's your argument the government takes it over under the obama administration and theirs a hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty to two hundred billion dollar reduction in investment in actually getting the internet the people guys ladys i can't scratch my had enough when it comes to things like this i just i genuinely donna i get it by liberals get this what i dont see when i get emails from kids urbanism libertarians who actually believe that the government is going to fix this does mean this data in evidence bother you at all these please have stopped investing or actions stop to be more precise they have slowed down investing in the actual internet you think you are advancing the cause of
for advancing the cause of a neutral growing flourishing internet it's actually not happening now she pointed this is a twenty five percent reduction in investment why is that having an easy example that used over and over and this in this getting incredibly ridiculous debate if you wanted an airline a seat as a seat is a sea when it's joe a sea does not see is not to see i mean what do i mean by that is people pay or for more like room people pay more for first class right people if they could would pay more for the exit roused do i mean urgency exit rocks is more serious people need to walk through the air but people per seed is not a seat is not a sea just like on the internet a bit isn't a bit isn't a bit
i downloading a seven our full age the sixty two billion megapixel movie in his house is not doing the same thing is a guy who reads the drudgery report that is not the real world just like jimmy kimmel describing to a world where the obama care replacements you repeating takes insurance away from people is not the real world the real world is world palmer care is taken health insurance away from people that's what actually happening what's a b disingenuous about this but it is not a bit is that a bit a seed is not a sea does not see the he's in price crimination i'm using air quality because liberals love that term which is really a liberal but algae for price differences the reason price differences exist is not because discriminate against peoples just people are willing to pay more for more product if you're a net
puts user what's the download get out i have a hundred hours of content in one night or whatever it is then folks obviously that's not possibly what i'm saying october movies you wanna keep watching movies and movies and movies and you never get to you it's not the same thing it's at the same thing as your neighbor owes clicking onto your post article it's not i'm sorry it's not the same thing you pretty i think it's the same thing is just pretend you are ignoring the fact that once you price everything the same someone is gonna pay more and who too equally pays more the guy in the coach see missile that's not possible no it is by putting first class seats on a plane and allowing people to have a couple extra inches a leg room in a meal on a plane joe and charging them double what the coach person pays its the ability to charge them double do that price difference
enables the coach seat to be cheaper what you wipe out the the the premium on the first class eat me extra revenue where does the revenue come from the coast passengers what part of this are you not getting that makes sense so now we're not going to allow internet i am pleased to price the score price their product we're not going to our prices it's ok everybody pays more at a nobody gets the internet began it and frustrate me when liberals do this i totally and liberals do not live in the real world they live in a world of rights eric and emotions nothing makes sense to them nothing is real the obama their premium hikes or if a fictitious the bill clinton surplus was real the ray tax cuts hurt the economy live in a world that doesn't exist that fine do you think that's great just leave me alone when you do it what bothers me as we conservatives get suckered by this you actually
the government has a fix for this as if the government is ever fixed anything ever in american history ever outside of our military you know it is it sits disturbing man it really it's hard to believe that people get get suckered by this i mean it's a fresh rates be folks i this tied all get emails on for people who was still insist that number one that throttling is real despite the fact that there are show me it's an actual case i'm not talk about the wholesale resale this agreement i mean an act ok you can prove of someone whose internet service in their house was throttled due to the fact that become but he didn't like that like netflix and stopping netflix traffic show me even network having a hard time a net neutrality these days and it too we again how the government's gonna fix that
you don't know joe airline prices went down after the government de deregulated not regulated the airline industry and you think the government's gonna fix the internet the idea is this insane it's absolutely insane i gotta get to this one this one's doozy i teach the couple of stars yes i am eager to my main up their good ones too but before i get to that we see riyos do my patriot supply a mirror natural disasters pile up i mean it this mexico quick you got this dismay unbelievable power unbelievably powerful hurricane in importer rico folks it's time to really start think it through your emergency management plan in your house you may have to fly you have an emergency ladder on the top floor you know do you a firearm me i'm a push in and on anyone it's not my prerogative to do that but i'm a second amendment supporter i think you know it's probably a good idea to do that drain that defend yourself at least a little bit you physically condition you know you ready in case civil order breaks down for a couple weeks
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this thing but there's an opinion peace on the left that's been making the rounds over the last couple days that is resurrecting they get raw joe i'm afraid just got a great main a harem afraid you're gonna start pulling out of this but this peace on the letter written by a guy named tawny he see quote coats excuse me just another utter absurdity its everybody celebrating this thing is this great piece of work you know opinion writing out there that resurrection the idea that white supremacy one trumped the election the egg it's back again follicle follies here we are ready and by one here they gaucho be borne by the end of the show their starting a judge women find ball men very attractive so maybe it'll work why i don't know but if this thing i covered this after the election i'm remiss debris it up again but
this show is about fighting back in the ideological war yeah and sometimes we need a bit of a refresher courses let's go over again with tiny he see quote coats agriculture quotes tat lets quote tiny he seekers who says that this was the election and true swim was joe quote a commitment to whiteness now that that's what it was ease their parents the left still as i told you yesterday because sometimes i get in people say why do you keep bringing it up that the left should abandon identity politics stop giving them hence they can't listen to me they care they are incapable of letting you go guys can't you see here coats they have nothing else do you understand view build your entire life around the idea that the world is flat right now that's what's that lapses you're like my gosh what do i do now i
a parachute for one i fall off all the what do i get your home i it's over liked your whole life is if it is is flatter theism their retirement this latter this is all identity politics they don't have anything else there is nowhere else to go there's nothing you if you that millions of dollars preparing to fall off the edge of the earth and now you realize doesn't happen to stop you the parachute all the equipping you have the grappling they get up the side of the earth would you fall on the water it's you so is this other you can do with it it's over they don't have anything else folks so called does up at all these liberals are celebrating is going to say we were right look trumps election was all about white supremacy quota commitment the white so reilly yes obliterates his peace because this is dumb but of course it you know what is in our ally spread around the world before the truth is whispered right so this thing or make its way around the kooky liberal ecosystem who allow believe again
trumps election was a was a commitment to whiteness and and white supremacy witches silly so here are some numbers from the riley peace we have three address this again it's a hare pulling moment i'm sorry but we do facts and data the liberals do kooky that's it that's all there ok who do you think joe this is now i'm going to do something if you do this and i quiz joe and i actually get the quiz wrong because i suck at myself because he's are such stupid talk about but we go to try this again who do you think what a larger percentage of the white foam romney or trump think romilly he did ok you're right now think about what it is that simple if this was a referendum on white supremacy the trump election how is it mitt romney what a large percentage of the white book i don't have it folks we didn't get this rock once in a while we did a thing or two
peace will be how to cut it out of the show because it was so stupid the counter argument we actually stupid ourself out of and we were like why that's happened we had to come up with that yes i do jos right who a large percentage wise mitt romney did so let me at this rate this election is a referendum on white supremacy but the law scared that aid actually want higher percentage what it's a lot of sense lives tata ye see really good job yet really this is although i don't have merely the sympathy for this guy because it's just dumb this is re speaking as i do for jimmy kimmel this is hollywood this is the entertainment intelligentsia mentality just say something no facts or data to back it up at all say it began dies people a move along what rush ruslan bob recalled that you're the dry by media it's a dry by here that's all this it's ok moving on to suggest that if someone who do you think
what a greater percentage of the black vote mitt romney or donald trump link trump united again bringing mending good cause to do so this a reference and i the trump election on white supremacy yet trump got a lesser porch the white vote the rami at a greater portion of the black boat than robbie great job lives this thorough analysis by tiny he see coats nice job how really really good work ok one more year john who do you think if you got three four thea be very impressed a greater percentage of thee hispanic vote mitt romney or donald trump i think front did oh oh picket two three four three happen tat now here's like
the third variation of dude in the shall write yet serial killer you haven't you friend that's some stupid with a face but this is what many want to celebrate your friend you know this is a dude nice job three four three who got a greater percentage of these spanish vote in a white supremacy election folks i map now i am under no illusion that yours psychotic liberal friends are going to have their minds change by any of this but i just encouraging read the jason riley peace work even the new york times and liberal much beg media outlets are starting to acknowledge that this has nothing to do white supremacy and everything to do with voters tired of the status quo and is one more eight point i want to go which is an important one and it's a simple one if this election
the referendum on white supremacy and to quote may he see here tiny easy a commitment to whiteness how is it that barack obama left office with a fifty seven percent approval rating how actually i take it back i'm wrong fifty nine percent approve it the name fifty seven percent on election day make any sense to you so barack obama joey's black re writing you sure my pretty much but can we get so abacus we can further we don't ever maybe we need a science manual maybe that's the next we have these dictionary james advocates maybe we need aside spock ok so that anyone out there once said that we will move maybe we'll get over by jos gotta have all collection a prop soon but that one a bad idea somebody the biology text first one wins ok no we don't care but problem is black is elected
is by pretty wide margins right popular vote electoral vote with pay so this is a white supremacist country that elected a black president twice who left office with a fifth seven percent should be fifty nine percent approval rating and these guys who paid him got a higher percentage of the black photos panic vote any lower percentage of the whitefoot it an alleged white supremacist election where there's a commitment to whiteness again tiny easy don't let facts data gettin away of your stupid ridiculous port research idiotic propagandizing argument just keep doing what you're doing and dividing the country because that's what you do best that's all you do ok one lessening alright i wanted to mention this i spoke about the serious argument of vanilla all our time here so you know liberals they always says it's joe it's it's always you know i receive a little as yet is it you want to help you it's that liberals and doesn't help you that an act we heard you so you know
liberalism is so called it's about so called environmentalism and they loved the environment so i am thinking who's the interior secretaries inky has been there there try do control burns and our national forest to get rid of a lot of the underbrush because we don't do it and is really good book there by the way by gaining gregg gray ghip call foolproof mission a few times and shall be talks about this how our efforts this too eight the forests by stopping forest fires are actually cause worse forest fires google the brush builds up so the interior secretaries in this we gotta do some control burns we gotta get rid of the fuel on the forest floor to do some of this of course the left is going absolutely wild about because they want to say that they want to cut down some trees to god forbid job because their overgrown these are like the directive did that there's a there's a timid box in these forests subtle are saying now when i can do that their fighting at the alliance for the wild rockies and friends of the wild swan that's a real group there suing to stop this what had national forest despite the fact that liberals again
for the save the farce i kid you not are actually incentivize in the forest to burn down even more by the build up of underbrush and the over growing of trees why bring up a just a point out again how to be a modern liberal is to ignore facts is to ignore data and to not only not help people but to create a dangerous potentially deadly situation liberalism and socialist there is nothing it is a cancer is virus spreading amongst us who do not want to accept the real world as it is they want to accept that only as it should be in their minds i folks tuna delivery did i mark within show felicity
a market and show that come i'll be filling it for mark be a good show and i will see you all tomorrow you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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