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Ep. 555 The Genius of Trump's NFL Stance

2017-09-26 | 🔗
In this episode -   The Left, and the NFL, has fallen right into the trap Trump set for them. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/spiked-34-of-nfls-best-fans-less-likely-to-watch-after-protests/article/2635489?utm_campaign=Washington%20Examiner:%20Washington%20Secrets&utm_source=Washington%20Examiner:%20Washington%20Secrets%20-%2009/26/17&utm_medium=email   Liberals can't get their story straight on minimum wage.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-15-minimum-wage-crowd-tries-a-bait-and-switch-1506381303   Here's the wage increases you can expect if Trump gets his tax cut. http://dailysignal.com/2017/09/22/government-scorekeepers-wrong-corporate-tax-reform-mostly-help-workers-not-rich/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell%22&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURsbFkyVm1OMlV4Tm1JdyIsInQiOiJ0SElXMzVhWDlyT1VENXVaYVRBNVBhOUNIVmQ0RVB6MTZJdmU4RUhSU1NKcE1Bc0VlU0dhako2SE5GejdtUjUybjBpcG84VXA0aW9na0FTMWJTQlZzUzVnVFdoSHJYRWVmVEx4ajY1VklNbkF4a0hScGsxSVNMVGhtM3Rla1JnWSJ9   Winning is never good enough for the Left, they must force you to comply with their demands. http://dailysignal.com/2017/09/22/hawaii-pregnancy-centers-go-court-law-requiring-promote-abortions/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURsbFkyVm1OMlV4Tm1JdyIsInQiOiJ0SElXMzVhWDlyT1VENXVaYVRBNVBhOUNIVmQ0RVB6MTZJdmU4RUhSU1NKcE1Bc0VlU0dhako2SE5GejdtUjUybjBpcG84VXA0aW9na0FTMWJTQlZzUzVnVFdoSHJYRWVmVEx4ajY1VklNbkF4a0hScGsxSVNMVGhtM3Rla1JnWSJ9   Puerto Rico is in trouble. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-25/day-5-in-storm-ravaged-blacked-out-puerto-rico-this-is-chaos
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they don know all the sandy supporting darwin bombs at me i come right back i'm out here to pull any punches right the deadlines knows this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals way under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gene do the ragged republican thereby gino bruce joe how are you today always glad to be here how you don t know yet good you know today is this is probably the first time in maybe six or seven months gosh i can't even remember could be six or seven years i can't remember the last time that i'm going to take a day off from the gym like plan they offer made me you fall you hurt yourself your bus somebody had take a day off but you know i for though
you work out hard every day cross bidders mme types and people who are real jim rats you not tell you get older you really have be smart about plan in your lay offs and i gotta take a day off my shoulders are really really bother me bad there so inflamed that i just don't want to take any abbe problem which reminds me that for you unintentional sideways i'm going to do rough cut show for the weekend i decided on at whether joe and i do with this week and next week and i will let you know i'm just trying to put together pretty good before you to be aware that a lot of different things you know work at stuff nutrition stuff just lifestyle stuff i really enjoy free to tune in freedom not obviously but i think you're really enjoy it but i made the decision whether it be this week or next week come i'll let you know but i am sorry good video today to our water a kind of corporate seven material from his great video about how great presented jujitsu is you get in the street and some guy what you're caboose the grave it seriously generally calls i get it today show this and a lot of
i miss you get these com it's between than ever trump crowd the democrats and the pro trump crowd and the car it is always about is what trump is doing so egypt or is it just an accident of lies the net from gravitative trumps big mouth here's what i mean to get right to the point something these says things and i think i must have the president i and many of you are either move us tend to a tribute that to a strategy when in fact it's not another word you don't eustace sometimes chop you know like myself we just says that because he's a normal guy from queens like me and he has to say and it was no focus group tasked there was no pre planned strategies at a rally he feels it bore me just goes with it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and i think so jobs is a natural bias we all have to supporting the present if we do that we're like all that was genius later on now
examples are the second i promise i'll make sense there are also is a i use by the never trump crowd that bathing he says joe is always off the com is never plan and is always just stupid political move you see what i'm go with this giant as i'm trying to be a real trying to cut down the middle cut through all the nonsense adjusted are you that our biases cholera advance what we think about the comet donald trump i mean i think that's obvious proposes i'd do it now bringing this up because i am i so we believe that his comments on the nfl worse teach a genius i do and i listen call me whatever you want i think most of you listen to show i'm not going to defend my security know i've been fair to both sides in this i been more than willing to counter the present when i think things have been policies have been poorly thought out so i to get into that defending myself crap you listen show you figure it out in europe but i have been
more than fair on this and i think these comments were strategic gene is now you ve hurt i've heard this where in the press as things are all will trump supplying food dimensional chess and need other left is playing checkers i don't believe that i think a lot of stuff job does it is just totally off the cuff it is you later on they they clean up the mess i also but i don't think that's everything i think this by a strategic genius why do i it is these nfl commerce and when i say the nfl comments you sometimes people send me about this tell us or tone but i miss the news trump called out the nfl for the unifil clowns for kneeling at the national anthem disrespect their national anthem at a rally for luther strange the senate candidate republican sending aesthetic candidate alabama at a rally this pass friday where he said if he was an nfl owner he would get out quote get those sons of bitches off the field of course you know joe the left
this goes to show you by the way for you to buy their point how the left is so out of touch with american media joe let me get this levels yet the language margarets this is class a job we're off you and i regular you know app its jos lab lay jos case literally like us we're supposed be grossly offended the trump call people who disrespect our flag and our national and that's what you do you didn't choose to protest in any other form other than when the national anthem is playing and you get down on your knees and aside of disrespect that's obviously anybody watching this thing he calls them sons of bitches and we're all supposed to be horribly offended this goes to show you how the media has no concept of what going on with real americans on any given sunday right but do but they keep her mind
these are the same people us the average joe's the same people joe who been called for the last eight years in the obama administration can't leave for the last fifty years yeah i'll do the far left march of the democrat party you called us racist you've called transit forbes you ve called us homer bulbs you ve called us zena folks you ve called us massage it is you ve called us is lama forbes insert any proof explore an identity group and put forward file or east after it and the democrats have done this to us for years for decades and it has taken on an extra level of absurdity the last eight years on the robot joe we we're all supposed to be a friend it now because the president called disrespectful millionaire athletes crap and not our flag sons of bitches is like hysterical we're all supposed to be enrage the media pointless
on both this is who the president of the united states keeper by nobody gave a rat's ass when barack obama compared literally folks the republican party why rainy hardliners in other words you compare the republican party terrorist media couldn't care at any less but donald rob calls out boiled over paid on great four millionaire athletes scrapping on our flag on foreign soil in one case with the ravens in a market where joel sunday morning shelve those you know jobs at work all supposed to be an the practice crash child at joe they believe is familiar believed they actually bully now i dont want pete yesterday show but very careful at this but folks this is a bigger story than just the nfl and i brought up here
our job work should a morning show in a democrat market theirs what does she works in the state of maryland in the county of baltimore is a democrat now the show is a conservative show but it is my credit market hours calling into his wanted show about the ravens who crap donor flag and kneeled in a foreign country why so tediously standing for god save the queen the college were in they thought it most unsavory daniel most so what we were all supposed to be pissed off at the president not the internet now right right at another point so i neglected to bring up yesterday had a huge blow out with spencer tillman anatomy show your goals the batteries podcast i think it's or two hours after the whole hour i have like a massive blow language mediterranean but about this topic gag tweeted like crazy yesterday but here's what s interesting just own it liberals on what you're doing i didn't
my place by going back to my report but i don't want to miss these is nuance in this argument own it liberals won't even own the argument i was watching this this commentator adriana right over it was on fox news this morning all this isn't about disrespecting flag the liberals will say this over and over and over joe here's a very simple counter to your clownish uninformed and intellectual liberal friends you say that if this is about this respecting the flag and it's about joe whatever everyday changes give systematic oppression police brutality every day it's a new argument as i said yesterday show the protest is overshadowed the cause because there is no cause anymore it's just grievances they just want you to be angry they can't even tell you what they want you to be angry at they just want you to be angry new gas were angry at what dot systematic repression what does that mean i don't know but i'm pissed off about in its proposals put out where we're viewpoint brutalized
now but someone has not really pissed liberals are the most hostile ang angry is forty be say this our group of clouds on the entire planet they just every day they search for something to be angry about so my point your liberal friends is if this is not about this respecting the flag disrespecting their country them the raven stand when the national anthem the united kingdom was played why john i'm asking you this to why why would you but what i ask those ravens players if this if this milling gesture while the union it states national anthem as national anthem was played in london for an nfl game in london and you knelt but it wasn't about the anthem of the flag the why you stand when the united kingdom's national anthem was played watch these intellectual buffoons these people who have
no concept of what did we go well couldn't nea we don't want disrespect were that the british you what why i don't understand you just said it was i guarantee you put them on the spot one of almost say that clarity because they don't know what you're talking about they have no idea this is the most on intellectual v iqs nonsensical protest i have ever seen this is surpassing occupy wall street in pure stupidity deception makes sense what i'm saying joe yeah why get up why would you get up for god save the creative it's not an active disrespect towards the may at them but why is it then and active reverence to stand up when god save the queen was play you not i've heard that there are some royal marines that are a little angry and think that their that those guys we're using guys eve this queen is a point of mockery towards
i am absolutely sure that stories accurate that people who served in the united kingdom but believe me my point here folks i want to be clear on this because liberal the shell when misconstrue constantly in penitentially i might add what i say all the time they do discussion and i am not suggesting that the raven should have double down and knelt for god save the queen as well if you're gonna make a full of yourself like you did these buffoons overseas by kneeling for our national anthem that don't double down stupid by crap on a far country whose hosting you as well but don't then don't take a leak my leg and tell me it's raining you idiots we weren't disrespect and a flight but we stood for god save the queen why what we do want to discuss the united kingdom get you wonder on this show why ever i loved i mean this is my favorite thing to do i love my show so much but
and it's not hard work you guys were card ladys out there you do i do not work heart my job is met billy challenging it is not hard but the only part of frustrates me emotionally aims being candid with you cause you guys live and die with me on the show i tell you everything is it is hard to not but it can act more so will change and a transformation and how the country thinks about itself that i can't buy platform the platforms big thanks to you we do very well but i just if we had a bigger voice i mean it's great we get up fox everything but i just wish i could challenge more liberals about these very simple thing you're not this despair the i were why'd you stand that it wasn't there but clearly you weren't disrespecting yet but you stood for the further forgot the queen they have no answers because liberals never i've answers because they don't know what you're talking about so about police protests we're what's your evidence that all will there the case of all cases of everything all right i'll get it there
there's isolated example outta about the systematic police brutality where where's your evidence of a people being brutalized everywhere by the police data required a national response and in this case an international response where's your evidence of that you couldn't intellectual argument you gotta problem some kind of solution bridge more community policing civilian weights view boards we can have an intellectual debate is gonna meal of cigarettes the magic oppression waits sir let me get this straight you may ten million a year and how zachary you report a repressive job ye do you wonder and with the term systematic oppression means let's get to the root of these two terms ok system oppression means there is a system stem that liberals let me quote you through this means systematic means it widespread and enforced through a system that you are being held bound
against your will that's what oppression is you're not voluntarily being held up that's what oppression is so let's defying the terms for liberals who use terms they have no idea what it means if you are being systematically oppressed a system is holding you down how are you making ten million dollars to play a game in london wow i mean it it's not about me it's about this is known you just said it was about the system while other people ok so now you're talking about isolated examples of people who you believe due to race have not succeeded by saying it's isolated examples and not you you aren't refuting europe this make any sense joe you can claim the system is keeping you down when you have not been held down oh but other people ok well why well i don't know ok sure there's no systematic oppression you're talking about the ritual examples like i heard richard flower on fox
tonight i mean i'm sorry but this guy he rarely says anything that makes any sense he's debating ben shapiro wiped the floor with among the ten o clock show lesson i which lord ingram is taken over next week and fallow starts talking about how it's about police brutality and again brings isolated examples of what he thinks our use of force incidents that we're questionable to me a rice and other situations are all bobby a very tragic outcomes and i fully understand that it is a question we should review i kind of stuff it is a monopoly on force and we should always have robust oversight but he's very the premise fowler refutes the entire example is trying to make the shapiro that police work quality is a systemic problem picture quote systemic data showing people are being brutalized everywhere all across the country by cuts he can't so what is it brings up isolated examples to which shapiro could have responded you you're making my point yours you're making them
you only have isolated examples of quote a system keeping people down when you can't prove that you can only show isolated examples the very example of millionaire nfl athletes taking a knee on the sidelines taking in the the sunlight refutes the power of systematic oppression but liberals again don't let reason logic facts don't let any of that get in the way of your growing as what has been shapiro call us i uh vortex stupidity and was a great line by the way kudos to have your voice taxes stupidity which he set as a compass to give it that was a great line which i put a lot of good work it is the vortex do parity is growing by play check me out when louder with crowder his podcast i did i did a stint with him yesterday or steven crowder it's really good so go check it out and i'll be on hannity
tonight as well unless they can't salami rose on last night on the tv show that as well as i do with friends with my wife and kids aren't there stay on fox in france or check that i'd like maybe she hasn't we do my life to make an opponent has so yeah what make you next time you come down will make some job visit me once in a while so are you sometimes people memories i wish you'd tell us about your appearances so we got hannity denied fox and friends theirs they morning i got love be filling it for marco van on friday and again check out loud with crowded we didn't really really good segment on his show i d i died i have to finish up this point and i will be i did not like the start and steered enron but there's a lot of new wants to it this is this is jean is ok with donald trump did with the end i do think this was intentionally done is trump understands or is team matter of its him individually or steamers sons whoever's advising him here their stance that the left
is irrational when it comes to dealing with him so let's set up the premise point number one trump the trump t monday there's the left has is is emotionally involved with tromp not reasonably makes sense shout he had they dare hate for trop override all reason he gets that folks it you know four even for the never tried crowd i know you're gonna deny what i'm saying like all this and i felt that he just set it off the coffin he's an idiot shouldn't have said it did you get these weak kneed republicans i call rove y gotta be answer i like personally very nice to us in the secret service i will never steer you wrong on people's characterised but he said the yesterday criticising trop about this and i felt that you should be set which i thought was totally outpace i think this was strategic so we understand the left will react emotionally the emotional reaction to tromp not base than reason is a trap it's a trap kyo he's done this a couple times let me give you some examples and what i mean by the trap says something using hyperbolic language that candidly
thank him and his team no isn't exactly true hyperbolic court you know exaggerates for a fat guy let me give you a perfect example we're gonna build the world and massacres gonna pay for folks this regardless of feelings about donald trump let us be honest we need there is absolutely no way outside of a a literally a world war starfleet world war what do we get to invade mexico serious like all what we can do it through terrorism as folks there was really no practical way to make mexico pay for the wall but what strategic genius this was one of those moments where i think for dimensional chess was accurate here the guy's not dumb more the never trump crowned the liberals you think trump is dumb i abort joe how many times i warn republicans against bomb damn you
member this we did it over and over don't that you are really miss calculating or bob if you taught his team was done they were geniuses their policy was all wrong but the way they are implemented it was genius and is a tactical mistake to underestimate your opponent i set about obama and i'll say two than ever trump crowd disk his team is smarter than you're giving credit for he throws up probiotics able to build a wall bacteriological paper and what does he do it no left in that of letting you go he forces them pardon my language your folks but he before is there an expression we had in new york to show your ass joe you ve heard that term i know so when a guy its use you know what a term in new york when a guy's a coward neither easy you know in summer two thousand and five events where big mac i showed his ass i've used in a number of times of course who use that i may talk about other people right ivy we add you show your ass trot forces the left to show their ass and respond to a hyperbolic statement everybody knows is frankly not drew pillow
what is the left do instead of responding by saying listen we need a sound immigration policy by were probably i can get mexican looking like the reasonable you're probably in mexico to foot the bill but why should finished sentence looking reasonable joe what is the left do trump there stands inherently that they are dammit it is by emotion and that they hate him and he their stance that they are going to respond in an equally hyperbolic manner and x pose who they are and expose their unpopular opinions please please please digest what i'm telling you the left is met reed anti americanism anti capitalism high taxes bigger government government controlled healthcare government controlled education these are free positions that are inherently unpopular in the left is hidden them for years
now bernie sanders has brought some of it out in the open but i promise you these positions are massive losers look at the walter mondeo ronald reagan election walter mind they are the first president at that time in a long time who had run in intentionally i can taxes got annihilated forty nine out of fifty states by ronald reagan the left since that time has run away from their own platform and they ve hidden it they have their desire for this they ve all in that way on immigration go look at the speed bill clinton and hillary clinton on immigration where they talk about border enforcement you think again you think i'm making any of this up about order of about four forcing laws at the border the democratic party clinton years do the democrat leadership committee they figured out that they had a moderate their message because america is not a far left extreme place they hid this forever joe now trump has forced them because they are emotional and
reasonable to come out and show there s an exposure they are so he says build that wall max i was gonna pay what do they say now we're we're not a wall this is crap we're not going to mexico now seated the left bill ran democratic can any of the sub go look it up yourself bill clinton who actually campaigned on a wall of border security has now seated the bill clinton democrat party to the far left who showed its supposed to all of amerika and now said trumps crazy but i feel that any wall and reasonable moderate americans forty to fifty to fifty five percent of the country like white the democrats donny one a wall anymore and it was all because of what it was because of a high profile like overreaction by the left who can't any more from its positions because they can't hide their emotions they cared they can't do it many give another example
the media on the north korea response so trump that gives a hyperbolic response on north korea what does he do he's called i call on a guy rocket man something never done before ever i mean really believe it i mean about whom my try me with prior president's i've never heard of a president in a public speech do that demean a guy like that but why this great don't you don't take this is i'm not i'm not you know this active at this just terrific a user whisky tactics use all its key humiliation tactics on on kim jong the fat kit and that's great what is the media do instead of responding again the medium by the media we democrats to the media and democrats what do they do instead of risk and in job like moderate reasonable voices in the room right it just come in well you know me
we should call the guy rocket man maybe there's a better diplomatic but what is the media to media start backing up kim jong mood and may show there as hollywood people are doing it all we let me what was at home one of the actors are actresses out there that a couple of us just one that's why i'm blue strangle who was that they were like i'd kim jong wounded donald trump do it there are you fell right the tribes trap just like one we don't want to border wall anymore no potter wall we want all put emigration em what a moderate americans here well now no wall now you want to trade the president for north korean communist murder that's the democratic party do their spare you morons how you for hope right into the trap puke ignored or completely instead because you media hacks you goons who cannot assess great yourself from your over
our emotions about shrub you kids separate yourself you fell right into the trap and supposed yourself to all kinds of i have two political stripes of americans who now see you for what you are a guys it's a communist murderer and no wall over over recent years you just got exposed a couple more examples but to get as much speaking before tongue here because i am an emotional guy obviously aiming at an email from a garrison alibis show but you get oh beauchamp they listened sorry man that's my its that's me i'm gonna faked the funk for anyone where's i'd go with this oh yet our to this i am not speaking with forked tongue others when it came now two obama air there are a couple moments i got personal specially after the obamacare supreme court decision a very rarely metaphysic even if you read my books criticised met not read my books no you're not gonna find any personal criticism obama outside of policy related stop presented
feel was necessary also there the time when i got gave a speech inheritance foundations up their youtube you can check it out yourself and some he got up and try to tell me you know this is where he was all in all it is crazy and i i said us and i don't believe that i'm sorry and i had no problematic conservative forum saying what i what was right the reporter and it makes the pet myself on the back folks tat you have to divorce your emotions from reason when you making political arguments if you expect to attract the other side and the left can't do it now i know that was a long set up maybe the longest set up ever but it's important that is where this nfl thing was a beautiful stroke of genius he comes out gives a very hyperbolic exaggerated response you sons of bitches get off the field what is the left to the left this
i now we're gonna double down where good are really give the middle finger to go we're not even going to come out what mass lay them is playing an added value at joe their applauding themselves this is cry what the media's all over and this is also look at this david neither dead loser from the x files gillian anderson there like seven hundred years old there twitter now we're me away get solidarity conservatives are like this is great because you all of you people showing your ass and getting on your knees are saving us the time in body of having to patronize your product but do you think don't wait a year el the rate exert down a percent over the weekend again
from last year were ratings for the and i love this brian spelter the other short fat guy cnn whose justice sickening example of a media type who just i mean it was just so nasty remark of animal and refuses to correct himself right stealthy it's out or sub tweets out a piece tracy i'll ratings are down there are three percent folks again never take the joe never take liberals at face value so of course i unlike spelter what did my homework three percent when you factor in monday night football last night now the man has they were down over the weekend eight percent but when you factor in money football last night where this these by the way this this whole entire nfl kneeling he had taken on a life of its own one of the theories
they're about wide monday night football did well last night in the beginning was because people do and then just to see what the cowboys we're going to do and it turned out tat you want guys nice job fell you really showed us you really stuck to america out what this the strategic genius of donald trump he forces you to show america exactly what you are you liberal anti american america hating fools you ve been exposed no other way around it you been you you been able mean you just you ve been so beaten on this issue that i almost like it's it's it's stockholm syndrome it's almost like you're starting to have sympathy with your hostage takers because your mentally in such an emotionally distraught place you have no idea where to go with you lost you have lost over you have
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have to start getting up early again to us tell it joe i've i just on work a deal within our atv allah publishing say thing now but the hell you my audience i'll let you know next week i'm not going anywhere of conservative review its all symbiotic stuff don't worry but dominance nap super early and get to the gym before the shower so i bought you think i've why now wait till a regional on the show wait till i get it here after all after twenty minutes kettlebells dead lifting bench pressing tab it spreads i'm gonna be under show like that other eu besought out you're driving me crazy guy i got a lot more to get too i spent a lot of time on it but this is a duty so pull up the picture we screen shot to step up when i see quotes i really enjoy a screenshot them on my phone make sure i read them accurately stand easy folks stand easy ok here that's a different one
a different story but i'm out at yet so there's a story the wall street journal tonia being shown our children are always available but you know that camp policing for my email is its exploding i will send you the stories every day also with a link to the conservative review podcast veal want to listen to it on i hard right you know what i mean skywriting but his story about how liberals cannot get their story straight on minimum wage you know one of the central themes dramatic elements of the show from day one has always been the idea that dont trust anything liberal say it's very rare that what they say is true and typically what they say and we know what we're going to help the poor but i'm gonna get you healthcare usually results in the exact opposite their speed it is based on emotions but their results their speeches are based on a motion but the results are usually usage for very short of what they actually do in long does is a terrific worry about minimum wage in the wall street journal now let me some some neat little polar points we liberals law to quote research and cherry pick
search their backs up a point but when the very same methodology and the research proves a torch unsafe it shows a different result liberals will at the messenger this is happening at minimum wage right now joe we covered this a couple of weeks ago maybe a month ago there was a stating minimum wage study studying facts of the fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage in seattle that one up in a graduated fashion yet that showed that we just give me the exact number so i don't screw this up university of washing study on the seattle minimum wage that reduce working hours by nine percent in earnings dropped by a hundred twenty five dollars a month so let's be clear what we're talking about the entire the bureau premise of this quote fight for fifteen i already told you the reason why liberals want to fifteen dollars a minimum wage it has nothing to do with we're making more money folks is everything it with union wages being indexed unions give i need a liberals you
wages are index to a certain wage floors in some cases minimum wage meaning if minimum wage goes up union workers get arrays too that means what that means hopefully that they would get more union money in union money would floated democrats who fought for that remedies i point folks is a complicated a figure is has nothing to do with actually getting people minimum wage workers more money why you search out of seattle is merely conclusive nothing's fully conclusive but it shows it to work browser reduced by nine percent of people lost two hundred twenty five thousand one low wage workers i think about what i'm telling you you government forced a higher wage costs people money so what happened this is key its key to understanding the liberal my back and ninety ninety poor joe there was a study done and liberals love this study on minimum wage and compared a minimum wage hike in new jersey too
cross border comparison in pennsylvania and they take all this kind of study this is important i promise i won't lose you they call it a close comparison study this has been the goal standard study for liberals because it showed at the time that after the minimum wage hike in new jersey that we're gonna wages and job growth one up and say that wrong and look i love that obviously the clerk minimum wage went up in new jersey and we did this close comparison study and a close comparison studies where they compare obviously geography look we close areas this case new jersey and pennsylvania and the like rolls deduced from that be since pennsylvania did not have a i can minimum wage joe new jersey did that this clearly be causal and look minimum wage increases jobs wages economic growth this is all terrific and close comparison studies of the gold standard now to be clear this
one thousand nine hundred and ninety four study is used all the time i've heard it i've had people throw this thing that be constantly they're all kind of monopsonistic arguments about it that are economically complicated and honestly beyond the scope of the podcast today but there were a number of critical flaws in this study the study it makes sense show how you could demand employers to pay more by a gun regulation who don't in fact have the money if they did they pay more i'd say it's gonna lead to more economic growth makes absolutely no sense its i made it should be a rule of thumb but liberals love to make up fantasy met these studies whose forever as an example of how great close comparison studies are now why am i repay this up because this is hysterical the universe wash this study that showed the exact opposite use they more refined better ample of close comparison
were they not old because remember jody close comparison study new jersey versus pennsylvania use different states i mean pick about how many contaminating factors could be in there when using two separate states you know what i'm saying but liberals love these all its close enough don't worry that is their jersey and pennsylvania its close enough a lot of critics of the study felt that new jersey which is having some vibrant economic growth at the time and their wages and everything went up joe despite the minimum wage and that wasn't happening in pennsylvania the seattle study was even was even better on the close comparison mark because it was all done in washington take bared seattle to outlying metaphors follow followed in syria was in other words it was a better example not worse of a close comparison study which liberals told you is the gold standard now when the study using a better technical statistical analysis she code that minimum wage actually cause people a thought of money here's the response it's from berkeley professor this is classic he says
i only from areas in washington state do not at all represent seattle but these are the same guys who defended a pennsylvania new jersey study bob i don't want to beat this they did that but the article b in the show no it's it's a really governs the wall street journal peace but it just so site prima facie evidence of how approach may larder your face about anything all the time just to make a point point of order course comparison studies of the gold standard go to the nineteen eighty four study new jersey and pennsylvania new jersey ways to minimum wages and economic growth through the roof away wages went up ok what about post comparison study actually in the state of wash they showed the alps that doesn't matter close comparison socks way what for
three the peace is a really good bit short it sweet it's not overly economically walkie waukee really well done at it just lays out for you how liberals make stuff up all the time they just make it up take glitter they just break it up enable change their position on a diet because that's what they do today show assure also brought you are but my patriot supply you know forces tragedy going on right now in the show no to have a really sad piece about puerto rico what's going on a porter rico right now you know we have this entire island basically without power running short on supplies on fuel and it's really a herbal time to bring this stuff up but it is really one of those times we should focus your attention on preparedness you have to be prepared folks and unfortunately become a plan for the future the light of the way we want to u dont know what's but you don't know what's gonna happen with earthquakes you don't know what's going to happen with these crazy north koreans we don't know what's going to happen with an active superstore season you have to be prepared we
sure our homes we reinsurer cars why would you not ensuring food supply please go check out of friends at my page supply these guys are great they handle every single issue i sent them right away there always interested in doing volunteer work the really really good check him out my page if i go to prepare with dandy come as prepared with the that com they will send you a one month supply of emergency food for why have a couple boxes come in this week actually go to prepare within that compact a couple boxes just ninety nine dollars that's it the food is good for twenty five years it is its breakfast lunch and dinner in their go to prepare within that com by the food stack it in europe has it hopefully you never needed for better to have it and never needed than needed not have a worst case scenario as illicit are sent to me twenty years it twenty five it goes betty have a feast eat food you good to go you have to buy food from us but go check it out go to prepare within that come i am in a one final peace owing to bring up a maybe i'm thinkin more to it than to this story tomorrow
but there's a piece i i've omnipresent shown us from the daily signal about a legislative a piece of legislation in hawaii right now designed to replicate eight other disastrous piece of legislation in california is about abortion and a bet does he listened to my show in in a new listeners on informing i am avidly pro life from conception to natural death i i don't think this is even remotely controversial position but the left apparently does there is a line in the eric suited to some cometary red state has this has line you will be made to care how and i bring up frequently in a kind of a similar way how joe it's not just good enough for the left to win the left has the rubbish and this is where they strategically make a huge mistake instead of say winning on gay marriage they had make sure that that that that lady in kentucky that court clerk was put in jail when she wrote is the sign a marriage typical eighth again just like their overreaction trumpeting an affair nfl what they think they're winning this amount
i saw that when they when it can be put in jail for being a question this is the kind of stuff the left constantly overreacts onto this is their strategic mistake was happening in hawaii and there's a case i went to the court system now that's really troubling ensure bother everyone is another example of how you will comply the left doesn't want the just win the law once the stick it to u bigtime hawaii these protests he's pro life pregnancy centres where you can go away and you can get free diaper as you can get counselling on a crisis pregnancy whatever it may be i've the product of say rape or any anyone who even just a pregnancy where you don't feel like you're ready right now but you can go into these pro life pregnancy centres which i support strongly will obviously try to encourage you to keep your child i would strongly obviously encourage everybody to do as well but they give away free dive so let us not good enough that for the last to win on the abortion debates now legal to terminate children in the warm and the united states been legal since roby weight of course but it's not good enough
there are forcing hawaii and this is already long california to post these pro life pregnancy centres referrals to apportion centres so if you go in it's like it's not good enough that they can council you on life we the show you how to terminate your baby and you will put this sign up the timing abortions or you're gonna be penalized in fine folks it's a d casting story but against another example of the eu will comply mentality this is what the left thinks and this is the strategic miscalculations tied into the beginning the left makes every time overreact based on emotion not reason it wasn't good enough for you to win roby way now we have incentivize abortion it wasn't good enough for you when on gay marriage now we have to put people in jail who are bakers are refused to sign an air a marriage different it's not good now now to want to build a wall now we have to respond by telling you now open borders is the way to go that is this routine
genius of donald trump and this is where the left is always going to fold their strategy is way way off makes for i really appreciate it i will see you are you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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