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Ep. 557 They Just Can't Stop Insulting Us

2017-09-28 | 🔗
In this episode - Hillary Clinton is in no position to critique Trump voters. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/09/former-secret-service-agent-worked-hillary-clinton-savages-viral-tweet/   Are public schools producing more "tolerant" children? https://www.cato.org/blog/more-competition-better-citizens?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=6f09db4da0-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-6f09db4da0-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-6f09db4da0-143016961&mc_cid=6f09db4da0&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Are police using more lethal force against black subjects? http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jul/11/no-racial-bias-police-shootings-study-harvard-prof/   The Obamacare death spiral continues. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/health-care/article175550671.html
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Bond you know all the sandy supporting our bombs at me. I throw em right back, I'm not here to pull any punches right. The deadline Juno show this is the great irony of conservatism, even liberals win under conservatism, ready to hear the truth about Amerika. Are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can one your lives better than you can, even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on his shoulders, not immune to the banks. With your host in Bonn Jean, I love the regular publicly that the embargo on British Joe our unit, I hang in an airbag app, is a day for me today at a box and friend A whole load of stuff go or not. So are eight votes, we could start. I got an email, really troubling email. That's bother me! I can't verify the antiquity of it, but I have no reason to believe it is not genuine from my name Anna and ass. She knows as above she'd list
to my show, and the situation. A porter ego is horrendous. The emails really troubling, apparently, some of the remote areas. Importer Rico up in the mountains are not getting any of the aid coming and they have no water. They ve no supplies have no food is a really devastating situation, and I know you can't are you the stupid media narrative Joe, that the trying to make this into another hurricane Katrina, because the media, of course doesn't want to help. They want to hurt the situation and large everything for politics, because you're a bunch of nasty frauds I know, tromp administration is doing what they can. The problem is infrastructure. Importer ego is never a good before the hurricane. It's it's it's not up to standards of a lot of places in the United States are in a lot of trouble, but keep them on your mind that the woman's story is pretty terrifying. They're stuck up in the mountains that they're they're taking him to get calls out. They have no food, they have no water, a terrifying situation so mean a prayer matters I'm Christian I'm a sinner like everyone else. Folks, but per does matter,
God, listen so keep them in your prayers. The emails. Pretty disturbing. Am I going to read the whole thing, but an if you manage into listen. Somehow, were you know, gosh, I, I hope I hope you get help soon. Ms really disturbing I am moving out so yesterday show a dead covered again. This Jessie been or are going to have raider at the Huffington Post, he's a loony toon he's a liberal, and he wrote that the athletes who don't stand for the national anthem. Now the white athletes who hosts and excuse me and don't kneel for the- So I threw a white supremacist, but I'm not gonna hammer that again, but one thing I forgot to mention just one of the cover yesterday and I gloves Nobody has ever so much stuff yet It was funny. I congratulated myself for such a good job and I missed one of the big points I wanted to make folks comes to liberalism, you have to remember they gauge the United States by a different standard, and it was evidenced by a tweet. I saw yesterday's jumping off the NFL topic into something else:
a guy who sent out a tweet yesterday, my phone with working again, thankfully, what a mess that was. I was like terrified where's this tweet, I didn't I get into this too deep but a guy sent out a tweet issue about Saudi Arabia, which just allowed an amusing their term of loud because it so disturbing we ve been talking in this killings allowed women to drive, and this guy, who is apparently a liberal, where's sky man. You know my phone is always is like killing me. I do everything on my phone. I I want to share this region. And with me for a second Aouda. Are you deleted it? He tell our daily and it's free. from a guy upon the mental islamic fundamentalism with a p did it all day, I'm a bypass the just
The treaty was that look this out he's done more for women and trap as they let women driving. I Q, Saudi Arabia. This is women get DR now this way, so I treated out with the point here anger downwards that this the internet for the dumbest tweed of the twenty first century. This is like of Eddie Century of any universe. If you believe in string theory of multiple universe, it is the dumbest tweet in the history of the entire web. That's it the point I want to make it how this relates to liberalism, and the Jesse Ban story, a story about people, white athletes, and for the national anthem who are now in Jesse bends view white supremacist, which has again is probably this. Maybe this dumbest thing in the history of the internet is there's a difference. between relative and absolute stand there somewhere you to walk on this, but this is: where
liberals confuse everyone. I do this on purpose, especially people like Ban and the guy you upon the mental ISM with a twitter account throw the deleted the tweet. That's all that told you that freak out over this right there, hold the United States to an absence. it standard while they hold everyone else to a relative standard. Now, Joe here's. What I mean by this, this is the ship. Oh MAGIC Act, the technical magical littered, the main with a hands engage in that gets all the college, kids, confused or liberal David Hold us to a black or white standard, in other words, show slavery it states United stay. sped member, they there's no further thinking on this required. Ok, because that's an absolute standard of which they are correct about slavery being an absolute standard result justifying slavery, no relative component that you and slave another human being here,
merely vacuum here: just Euro Euro zero. We get that part they don't hold that absolute stand. In other words, slavery makes you a terrible country to anywhere, because every other country on earth had slavery to magnify. We worry country. That's if forfeited hundreds of thousands of lives in the civil war to wipe the stain of slavery free from the United States of America, but you that's. Relative standard- in other words? Well, ok, the United States had slavery relative to what how bad was the problem here relative to other nations on earth and when you see Talk to use relative rather than not a yes or no black or white standard me! No, no pun intended on that. At all. I mean that when you use black and white standard, the United States, seems likely worse country on earth until you realize that relative to other countries on earth, we are one of the better countries, but don't do this and other places do this in Saudi Arabia, where women-
still couldn't dr legally up until now. Sorry, maybe it's a fine country, because Saudi Arabia's, based on relative standards, in other words, well what they it is ok because relative to where they were yesterday, this is a big advancement put if the absent won't standard, they replied the United States, in other words, United States, does anything wrong. It's an awful country, slavery, Jim Crow women, couldn't vote there there horrible, yes, it's horrible, but when you All that standard to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, looks GEO met typically worse, so that they use all the time is to hold the United States the black and white, yes, and no absolute standards. You are bad. We are good, while holding everybody else around the world Joe to relative standards for those standards. In other words, how are they doing relative to where they were yesterday? But nobody holds the United States to that standard on the liberal site, and I
I'm really sorry for not bringing that up. Yesterday was a debts to the judge, a trick with Jesse Ban again the trick there with the realm standard is not about the racial power Aggress, the United States has made not about the b the leaps and bounds black athletes have made not about the leaps and bounds, black middle class, America's made through school choice programmes not of that stuff to be discussed worded to talk about an absolute standard. The United States had slavery and Jim Crow, the United States, socks and the story. You don't agree your white supremacist. That standard applies nowhere else. Everything else all over the world is relative to where they were. Yesterday, it's it's a it's a it's a scam. teach a trick. They used to get you to believe we really stuck here. It's just that We think it makes my phone died, the middle issue. I do everything on my phone by the way. I put the Jason Riley piece in the shown us from the Wall Street Journal, but just a quick, a note on the use. Force against black. Eric out this thing whole started. They sing started. Mccall incorporate this idea that police use of force. They were hunting down black man.
this is absurd. For the Jason, Riley Peace and, again liberals. Don't These facts get in the way of your silly arguments. Ok, I understand I'm making no difference with you at all. This is for moderate people who are reasonable, who care about what actually going on right drive to Justice Department Report published in two thousand, and one noted that between one thousand nine hundred and seventy six and one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, the Tina A population grew by forty seven million people and the number of people officers Joe increase by more than two hundred thousand, yet the number of people killed by police did not generally rise over this period. Moreover, a girl, the percentage of felons killed by police, are that Why at a declining percentage. Are black a separate justice, steady released, two thousand eleven also reported a
Klein and killings by police between eighteen, eighty and two thousand and eight guys, ladies don't let this get in the way again of you really really stupid. Silly arguments are wiki water a conversation, a real. What I mean every everything's about a national. Conversely, you want to have a conversation about. What's going on the black community, we gotta talk about school choice by the way is a peace. I have been Cato, put the shown us, it's a really good one about how pub schools they did ten Daddy's John Public schools, ten ready, robots studies- and I wrote the stance of the young studying student tolerance and civic engagement that words power is how they tolerated other PETE. Basically, the where they teach kids values, ten out of stands tentative step. A ten point. Two studies on public should show the private schools that a better job doings, but again Leubronn and everyone else and colleague Capron it don't let the fight
we're school choice in something that would actually change the status of inner city, kids in the minority, kids, and that would step maybe do have a positive impact in positive ramification on their life right, don't let any back in the way of your argument that police are killing people, whether or not because again, It's a fringe, not position, and they wanted. They did date. They have to distract you. This is all they. Ok, something is we ve been on my mind. I wanted to get this yesterday. The broad James earlier in the week, who is a basketball player for those you know no place for the cleaving Cavaliers, very talented guy one of the best, if not the best player of his generation. I think Jordan, with a little better only by women James, just seems to mouth off all the time now now Lebron James is platform is substantially larger than mine. I don't care, I dont, not afraid of. RON James or anything else. I really couldn't care any less yeah, I'm not afraid from coming after me and social meat or anybody else, but Lebron James came out with a statement
We call them directly to not get this wrong that folks, by the way, I'm crazy direct quote. so, if it sounds like I'm making a return, go grammatical mistake here: I'm not this, isn't exactly when talking about Trump and people who vote four trump Lebron James said at the end of the day, I don't think a lot of people was educated. He said and I think that's one of the biggest problems that we have when it becomes vote time, I'm not making this up are just not educated on either the individual or, what's going on in the state of the world right now, I dont think a lot of people are it and they make choices and say things that are right, you gotta. Let me just right opening sentence again- because this is Braun James. criticising Joe what I four trump. This is criticising people like us by the way, I'm not I'm, not even get to tell you my I've said it before the shamrock, because it I hate talked about on that
You tell you my academic bona. I feel I need to, but I know why I went to school. How many times I went to school, where I graduated from, but a court. Bronze age people? Like me, at the end of the day, I dont think a lot of people was educated. Maybe we should learn how to conjugate before we start insulting the education of other people abroad, just an idea just an idea that why bring this up? folks because one of the things that the again that they use the iron triangle of Hollywood median academia do is again. They live in insulated, liberal bubbles and, in that liberal bubble, its acceptable to say things like this. The Trump voters are stupid that were really dumb, despite the fact that we have probably he ate expansive data. knowledge set on policies. I would actually help them. I nor any community, but Leubronn doesn't want to talk about that. So when you say things to the product of the Brown, you say, HALO brought. How do you feel about things like school choice where were struggling,
black children in minority communities and terrible schools would get to pick better schools at by the way too. More social tolerance, civic engagement and they would do better academically according to a large number of lobby, James will look at you, like you, have fifty two heads like fifty six as like you're the Hydra Times a day would have. He doesn't know how to respond to that, because we're Brom lives in the insulated liberal bubble, and in that liberal bubble discussing policy is verboten. Only three insults and lobbying insults and other people for being created and being dopey? And what I said during yesterday's show that conservatives are just evil people, not people with bad policies, that What really matters on the left folks. This is never going to stop until we fight back the rest they can't stand. Trump is because Trump gives them
a double barrel middle finger, any just refuses to accept the premise that liberalism is a benevolent force in society. Fights back in it absolutely drives them crazy. I don't want to see, Upon a time an appetite, I felt the need to address it. Ain't, oh by the way I put in the show, no cities while that Washington Times article from earlier last year, but it's a what in Times piece about that. Harvard study about how police officers are actually less likely to engage non whites than whites after factoring in there he's meters and there are no more likely to shoot non whites than white after factory in extenuating circumstances in police use of force incidents, but again liberals, don't let that get in the way. We argument just keep spouting off things like their hunting black people. Educated. If you vote for Trump, that's all they have, they don't want. to engage in any kind of rigorous policy debate actually fix the problems because they can't fix the problem, because all exposure cause the problems, but I'm glad you took the time to educators because we was educated. You was you now
You was educate. Now I mean it I believe they, the the guy, can't even like it speak in a sentence that makes sense in the proper tents and where is insulting and we're supposed to accept it, because it's what brand James now remember, Leubronn, James. By the way again, he doesn't want to engage in a substantive policy talk, because what you do that you, the liberals, what do they do again? They show there s o school choice, Braun that would actually help kids were black, should ensure ugly salt, not at all, the democratic me I'm not supposed to support them to have you read anything on will not really ok. Well, maybe you put down a little bit play basketball, that's what you do great terrific at it I enjoy watching it, but clearly you don't know what you're talking about you're, actually hurting young black kids who are trying to get an education. Yes, you're doing that.
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very difficult. It is obviously it's not on the mainland, the United States. It is difficult to get supplies in. They haven't we the Jones ACT yet so that its tough to get into the port some of the ports or damage. This is a completely different situation. They Katrina is the chaotic over there. It is it what's going on catastrophic bullets. Interesting. Is that the governor route? the same Marcello over there we been interviewed Many times in the media has been crystal clear. The trump has been all over this now. If this thing breaks bad- Few weeks, based on the devastation in the end and level of it, I mean really it's almost apocalyptic in certain areas over there. If it doesn't get cleaned up- and we don't do it best effort it you're going to help the citizens, their american citizens, importer eco. Then, yes, I mean obviously will have some critiques, but resellers been Chris.
A clear Joe, the Trump has been all over. This he's been on. The phone with them is monitoring the situation and its really grossly unfair for the media to try to create a paid Katrine analyses, and it just talks. It I mean it is: it's really one. The way I'm so disgusted with liberals in the media about kind of just just forget. I can't you know what I'm gonna lose my mind than assumed for sorry, but I'm gonna cut this off right now, because I am really I you know, people die India People's D run out of food people lighten up all day to get to an atm anything immediate help. now now they sit around and recycle. How can we create analogy hearing and paint trumpet? Besides George Bush, Michael Brown, you no great job brownie analogy and make em look bad Katrina just sick. It's a six, though I a little bit of attention came my way. History, Diarrhea I guess I don't know. I wanted it by day the gateway pondered who does really good job.
Over there. In the sum of some of his stories, I'd like to redo staff, Jimmy Hoffa, he wrote us I ve been a tweet I sent out that has now been retweeted eleven thousand times or something like that keeps going up. That's a lot of retreats. I think that, for me, that's a record and I read tweeted out that basically, Hillary Clinton is a fraud building on a bad person. Folks, I didn't that to be vindictive. or you know to be unnecessarily personal with Hillary Clinton. I did that because one of the things that really bothers me- is that these people get a pass Clinton Joe, is out there right now, and the recent talking about this is causing Lebron James story and again is insulting American she's insinuated that women who vote for tromp or just not smart enough to get away from their mail overseers or whatever. It may be a mean, a ridiculously massaging. The statement. She's again
doubling down on the deplorable type comments, and he out there on that book, tour basically again saying that we're all morons for voting for trumpeted. We should have voted for her because she's? U to this debate of light and we clearly missed an opportunity. I dont a lot of this lake, Jackie Collins type stuff in my books or on the show, because I don't think is particularly productive, but this case. I want to make an exception, for Hillary Clinton is not a good person. Now again it's groundbreaking news to many of you listening, but I saw Hillary Clinton up close and personal for a very long time and I feel it opera it right now, if she's gonna win, died the entire country and try to basically overthrow when election through propaganda, by insinuating again waiting the Russians DNA. We should re evaluate the election results. I feel like its responsible for me to tell you she really is she treated people terribly? She was wire. How do I know she was a liar because
He would say something at a speech in and get in the car and say something completely different. She treated people around their terribly there are people on our staff that only stayed there because they thought they would get a political position, but when you got them behind the scenes show on advanced gonna talk to him. to tell you how miserable she really is she Whilst there is a sense of loyalty through fear, she add, a genuine person relies more on focus groups advisers to tell our wish. You should stand on any position on any given day and she treated people terrible. You know I cover in my book how bad she was with the cops. She was awful. What the cops she? the cops around she were. Our staff would tell the cops to hide a long island, because you why she wanted to seem approachable, I guess she was a. the liberals at the rally she was trying to rally to go out and vote, wouldn't like the prey the police officers and we know what that's too damned bear. These people have a job to do. I'm telling you I was there. I saw it. What you choose to do, what you will. I I some of you may not like this. This line of universities
what them talking about now. That's that's fine, but I feel a responsibility to put it out. This is now good human being folks, Morocco alma. I disagreed with them a lot. I think that's obvious on most of the positions he put out there, ideological opponents of mine, but Obama was ever rude to me. His family was ever rude to me either I know may really would but the media painted them the b so at least and they weren't with us. I can you tell you the truth. What you do with it is up to you Bill Clare, was never router obnoxious to the agency. There I'm telling you Hillary Clinton is an evil person. She is not good person take car early on anything about an election at your own peril, because she's lying to you, because she has a Hilary focused agenda. She cares about one thing and one thing only, and I assure you it's not the truth. It's Hillary Clinton and I debated talk.
about this, never mention this stuff in any kind of specific detail before, but she a really really bad person and that's why I sent out that tweet, because she's running around Joe telling us we're all evil for not having worked for having learnt now, it's really awful. I. This is ample so the tax bill is they are floating around. It looks like they're gonna try to cut the corporate tax rate from thirty five to twenty percent and the pass through to two, be five percent now. This is an important story. Folks, it's an important story, because the data that let the liberals, are losing their minds and class warfare stuff just to be clear about what we're talking about the corporate taxes attack ex levied on business is obviously in the country on corporations that in the country. Right now, the United States is thirty five percent now that the effective rate clear understand the difference as the actual rate, the effective rate, factor in deductions, in other words, taxpayer
companies gap is anywhere from sixteen to twenty two percent, depending on the it's very hard to calculate hard number, meaning, that's not the You will write thirty five percent. Now very you know about King person, listen to the show, would say well why the hell would we have a thirty five percent corporate tax rate if, on average, companies are only paying sixteen to twenty two percent? Why not wipe out the adoptions- and just me get sixteen to twenty two percent. While that's what they're trying to do now, a lot of Sadly, a lot of american corporations are losing their minds over this because Joe they don't mind. I corporate tax rate as long as they are not the ones paying it so again you got Joe and is production business Jos, paying thirty five percent corporate taxes. On Joe. You know, Jos, radio productions LLC but chose apart
there is managed to lobby Congress on some business carve out for his company he's only pay twenty percent Joe has an advantage. Joe is at a disadvantage to the competitive because they get a tax break in you. Don't so there are companies out their lobbying to keep their tax breaks. Now, a twenty four rate- be fifteen percentage point reduction if in its in conjunction with wiping out the Dutch and you would save yourself a lotta headaches, because you would again, you would have economic decisions, Joe being made on the basis of value added, not on who's got the bigger tax breaks So what about shopping for radio broadcasts production services show, and I, price from you in a price from your competitor. The prices are a real signal to me. What? Why is that? Because Your competitor is paying last because are paying less in tax. They can offer me a better price got and it's not, based on the value their adding it's based strictly on the tax code mouth, the twenty five percent rate They're. Looking to institute on past throughs pay,
throughout, are basically people who businesses and eight they collect the income as personal income, not corporate income, you gave him say not incorporate yet come so that They show doesn't have an LLC L, see literally worked for Joe Armor costs and concern review and me we pay Joe directly that would be passed when it comes to the looking to get that kind of business income tax at a twenty five percent rate. Why am I bring in any a sum that the bore you to death with economic waggery? one of the comebacks, the liberals are making right now, which is pretty common for them cuz. This is what they do all the time is there a saying all of this is this is just going to benefit them. Rich gonna, benefit corporations: everybody's was a big corporation tax. A fair share, fair share, pay more folks show notes today
I think in a way ass. She had to get put in yesterday's shown outside with me. Travelin suffered its in the show notes for yesterday or today. Forgive me that's why we can send out last night at thing: yes, either she made the day before last night. It has been a crazy week with the Balkan me all over the place, but an article from the daily signal which points to folks again rose, closure. Ears, facts: and data, Jo Leinen, who actually pays the corporate tax, the corporate tax. links to a heritage foundation. Study I get it lives, is the heritage foundation. You're going to say are: there are right wing! Think tank as if, if the fact fact has a right or left component to it like two plus two dozen equal for fewer conservative, but the dailies, no peace, links to data showing pretty conclusively, in my opinion, having read the report that of this many five to one hundred percent of that corporate tax is paid for by customers and, in fact, in wages, our focus is not complicated in he wages big about it right now.
Do before the show, what is a business, do with its money right it can consume, it can invest it or it can spend it. This is important, since that earns revenue, Joe LLC radio productions, whenever it maybe they can consume. It can spend it on itself. So joking, take the money he earns from customers right and he can spend it on growing? Is business? now. You may say we to say, consume investor spam or what is investment in asked when I say, invest that media can invest it somewhere else joke and take the revenue. If you want to urge a hundred thousand dollars, excuse me any does want to consume it, in other words, spend it on his own business. Grubbing up is, as he can invest it somewhere else. He can invest in Apple and Facebook invested in Snapchat, whatever it may be. That Three things you can do with about it or you can spend now. What do I mean by spending you? Can spend it on, let's say dividends, so let Hey Joe has stockholders in Jos, radio, whatever LLC
I can say you know we're going to spend some of this money on our stockholders. I Invest. Spend this way. I remember it, you can chew the Debbie those three ways up anyway. You choose, I'm certainly not suggesting that my labels make the most sense but its it that's. The way I remember consume, invest and spent, or you can spend dividends and disperse it out to your shareholders right when you there's still bad, it's pretty. Yes, why? Seventy five to one hundred percent of an increase in corporate taxes does in fact go into lower wages and higher prices, because folks, businesses are just tax. Collector for the government that although we are when you increase attacks to a business in the money has to come from somewhere it doesn't come from individual managers pockets. It come from wages in the form of lower wages for the workers or higher prices. There's no, by the way or put it the consumer. Will they get to spend less on their own business,
may so. How does it lead to lower wages because it doesn't leave increase productivity which doesn't it the increase revenue which doesn't lead to increased wages, the investment well you're, not invest and other companies and achieve less money spent or spend it on the dividends. spend less on derivatives which, by the way dividends, pay a lot of pension holders? Folks, I don't want to get too complicated with economic issues that they take away from this report. And please, please read the article daily signals very good. Is that these stupid little? talking point about the tax got planet which is launched. Is that the business, is our pay, their fair share. We shouldn't cut business taxes, business taxes are paid by you. They are not aid for by the businesses. They are just tax collectors. When you their stand. Our businesses spend money. How taxes impact away businesses spend money, makes all the sense in the world they are paid for by lower wages and higher prices. This is not complicated. Read the report yourself, the liberal friends. Again, it's another stupid liberal talking point infringe position held by liberals at table.
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dad come Slash Dan. My nephew loves this stuff. I gave him a bottle which I had the German always I can drive up. It gets more like you just you know a puppy save the gas, it's really good I'll. Take the mirror test. You won't be disappointed, go to brick, ass nutrition, that calm, slash, dance. Pick up. the foundation today watch performance in the gym and your your ears, What's your general looks, gonna make a big difference, really terrific stuff, I loved all right. I mention this bitcoin. Yet I had two quick things. I want a big fire through I put this in the show notes from yesterday's show about Bitcoin folks, Bitcoin because a very is a good idea. Blue change. I am like that. I've already wanted to add on a prior show. If you listen my library, what it is, it's basically old mining, but doing it through technology right the harder you're willing to work more gold you'll get the hearty you're willing to work on computers to mine and verify a lot of these exchanges. Then you'll be reward.
Like gold mining, but doing it through technology right the hardy you're willing to work more gold, you'll get the harder you're willing to work on computers to mine. Verify a lot of these exchanges, then you'll be rewarded and pick one problem. I have we'd Bitcoin now is the evaluations are really high. It's gone up. Six followed this year alone in his Bloomberg. Peace. I put in yesterday's show notes. I encourage you to give it a look, I think this is a solid technology. I think it will stick with us, but I'd be very cautious and what it is in this is what I didn't get to him yesterday. Show I left at four today starting to trade and the riveted some big coin. Folks, and not always worries me a little, but not the derivatives are bad thing. They're, not the riveted markets can stabilize markets and what our derivatives financial products that are based on the value of another product. So, in a good way to say it is say a derivative on the price of gold. You, u short, gold, a derivative would be approved that is based on the value of gold without owning the actual gold itself. So
let's say, maybe a quick example like you betting on the price of gold will be a certain price in six months. We can't you think Their prices gonna go up so few. Cat prices going to go up in order to make money on the derivative you want to be able to buy the gold in six months at a lower price. You get what I'm saying Joe. Do you think the price of gold at six months going to be one hundred and forty dollars an ounce? You buy riveted product the product allows, you may be blade IRAN to buy gold at a later date or trades. The value of this directive is based on the goal being at a lower price, so it would allow you to buy a saint one, twenty which would have you a lot of money? I beseech you can make a fortune, but derivatives are not advocates of you not actually buying a goal to get what I'm saying it alive. Contract based on the values of the US now people are shorting right now, Bitcoin some people will go along with short. Shorting means, you think the value of its gonna go down
this worries me when people start paying money, mahdiyah shorting products, especially Bitcoin, and new technology like this, where people generally the lotta people just don't understand what it is. I would just be very Gosh, sky and Jim asked me about the other day. I think it's terrific, don't I get nasty emails everytime I mentioned, because I mean that I think it's a terrific technology blockchain fantastic, I'm just saying: as an investment just be cautious, like you would anywhere else something jump, expelled in a year. Anything you should be asking yourself. What's the value behind that, if I am Stan Apple Joe and it jumps six all than a year you would be looking to see six fold increase in potential future revenues are a productivity increase that lead to read you increases today right at me, secure investing in the value of the company which is vested in devalue their products, but if the value their products aren't going up, you should be a little sceptical, so read the book. peace, a pretty good one, some people a good money. Some people are losing, but the relatives you can lose a whole lot because remember, you're not devote your your leverage you're, not by
the product they are buying a product debts value based on the price of the product. You get more of the industry. Then you what? If you actually bought the products you can move about whole money. I one last story for the day: what's the cared their spiral continues and I have a suggestion- and I hope you take me up on this- I don't think we should call this an anymore. I think we should This Mccain care job Mccain is obsessed. The senator from Arizona is absolutely obsessed with the idea of hurting Donald Trump. I get feelings were hurt. Trumps said some inappropriate things about him during the year. Election season. It's time. move on and it's time for everybody who grow up John Mccain sunk Obama care I'd. Oh I get it for building to tell me about, ran Paul and TED crews. I think they objected to Graham Cassidy Obamacare replacement based on principle. I think Mackay is genuinely doing this because you just can't stand Donald Trump, so I This should be called Mccain care from this point on article in Miami Harold out today. Folks, a premium
in Florida, where I live, are gonna, go up. Forty five percent, forty five percent in Florida all do Mama care, because the death spiral continues. Folks, what is putting without Obamacare is due to the large number of regulations things they have to provide and pay for what's happening. What's happening is demands to bridle. These products are creating a product people can afford. So who are the only people buying products really sick people right who can use the insurance at you? No matter? What because if they don't have insurance it because I'm a hundred thousand to pay out of pocket if they have insurance across a ninety, there still up ten grand sicker in sick People are joining as the products more and more expensive, which is causing insurance companies to raise their prices more and more to pay for the sick people. Folks, its we're gonna. Mrs stop at John Mccain. Clearly at this point, just is not interested in any kind of reform and also really disappointed. This is not going to end of warning.
folks is not going to stop. These premiums are going to go up and up and up and the desperate will continue. There is no way out of this other getting rid of Obamacare. I'm sorry to give me the bad news on that, but there is no way out. I wish John Mccain understood that Folks thanks, you get four June it in. I really appreciate if that please go to punch. You know that calm subscribe to my email is I'll. Send you the show, notes right through email box every day, and I appreciate all the feedback on the show see you just heard TAN Bonn, GINO she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.