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Ep. 566 The GOP is Breaking Another Critical Promise

2017-10-11 | 🔗
In this episode -    Why does the Las Vegas attack timeline keep changing? http://nypost.com/2017/10/10/mgm-says-police-timeline-of-vegas-massacre-may-not-be-accurate/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=mail_app   We are winning the battle against the anti-American NFL protests. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/11/trump-says-about-time-after-nfls-goodell-calls-on-players-to-stand-for-anthem.html   The GOP is blowing up the budget despite promising us otherwise. https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/under-gop-in-2017-government-spending-increased-130-billion   Are the “rich” paying their “fair share”? https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-gops-tax-the-rich-temptation-1507487704   https://www.wsj.com/articles/tax-reform-and-deficits-1507676979   The Left are hypocrites on sexual assault and harassment.  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/540846/
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They don T know, I have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research. I can't you say: trade stinks thanks for children in the dim, Bunge Notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense, ready to hear the truth about America. When I was a young man, I don't remember it being sexy to want, it will allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed, its not immune to the banks. With your host in Bonn Jean, I went to the regular propaganda about Giovanni's Joe her you day, hey just call me Dan's MC man, I'm here with Ebay Gas guy to relate this area. Did you ever disagree with an or southern? Yes, he does matter back just we happen to share the same political ideology and be strange that we agree on a lot of things up. What time is the class? Then I bought my seven policy. seven August. I had ass my wife, a question flat teacher class. I forget what time it is. Sometimes,
I'm so just quickly. I want to clear so I'm so last night I didn't appearance on Tucker Karlsson Show on Fox and manner that generate a lot of email. And understandably so you don't, but my my job, be absolutely precise, especially when you're a conservative, you can't say anything in there. You know that could even remotely taken the wrong way, and it was about Vegas, shooting a couple things I want to talk about this today, not at length. I really want to get to the tax thing that I've been pushing off all week what's important and also makes them quick points about. other just glaring, liberal hypocrisy, regards the Harvey wisely but on the shooting. The timeline keeps changing now, moving all over the place. Now for those you, Mr Store, yesterday, the original timeline they came out it from law enforcement sources in the press. Conference? Was that shooting begins security from the Mandalay goes up to the room. Security guard is shot. I believe, as I seems, compost he shot now. defies the police and police respond and end. The gunman takes his own life. That was the original time. All the time
I'd shifted yesterday, big time to what would you call the beef these security our Campos responds before Are the shooting begins right to shoot begins and six minutes after which allow. people are saying well that's a big difference. If the shooting started them, they skirted gobbled up there and then got shot, but their use, the security will gobbled up there, then the shooting outside began. This is a big, I was on unless I talking about that. Yes votes, it's its, listen, it's it's it's! The information was incorrect and you know I repeat, we said well because I said this, and this is a really tough job and these guys are in a really bad spot. My guess years the why this happen, I'm not defending anyone by those people, semi nasty emails- I you know you're coverage for the car a covering for anyone? They ask me for my law enforcement perspective on the show and I'm giving it do. An explanation as to why I think the timeline shift or are you just want to guess I mean
you don't know you don't know you you're free to speculate yourself, but I was given my opinion on it and I said, listen my it my experience you have seen this before and I give an example of a case. I work where there was a credit, Fraud case cake, if the details, obviously about the case but he's a big case, and we a timeline problem as well the timeline the times on the security camera. Where the incident happened in one of the stores it was a home improvements, store and the time stamp on the credit card receipt did not marry up now. It didn't create a whole bunch of complications for us, but this is not unusual. Now, I'm not folks. It was, Mistake, I am, I can't be any clear on this The point I was trying to make is. This is an explanation of why may happen. I know why that was controversial, where I got myself in a little better water is. I will try to talk about the delayed response because now Joe it appears that time line between when the shooting began on the crowd and when the car respond. That has been extended now, but this fair cos
folks all of em. I again I'm just trying to give you some insight is too. Why have you not interested? That's fine move on you! Also! Your Frida have european is about it. It's a free country giving you my opinion, I bet my show it's what I do and wasn't my show. a sniper. They were asking me for my opinion on it and I had said that way they shooting was happening in the hotel room with around rounds. Five. Five, six, two to three: the rounds that these rights islands, would we'd penetrator a bullet progress, but I made it It was a critical mistake and I should not have said this. I said there oh vest that would stop that. There are vast that absolutely will stop that round. Folks, I was you have it from a law enforcement police officer, non tactical unit response team guy. When I was a cop, we would wear tip level too vast that they are not stop that at all- and I said, will go through that vessels at which it would be there are tactical. Some have the capability through their body armor, to stop their type around to tremendous raw blunt trauma.
But the point I was trying to make about the delayed response there was that the equipment on the initial responding officers, which was boo, opera we, Joe officers. They were not tactical or that the initial response team, the equipment like we had- was not sufficient to stop that round and not even close, and I made the point the bullets in the hallway they haven't. We think we can law enforcement, the fatal funnel effect. How bullets when you're firing in the hallway even Dry Wall Joe not necessarily penetrate the dry wall and may in fact ricochet off the dry wall and ride down the hallway. Now the sum Do you like attacked me on twitter as you say, bullets while predatory drywall, that's none. We will listen to what I'm Tellin ya, because this. What drives me crazy about you and media stuff? Sometimes that's not what I'm I'm saying the cops it likely responded, probably didn't have the body on my mistake: overseeing now comply on that one right. There are clear
really vast. We had them. Actually, why don't? You want to say- and I want to give up too much information, but they are. Arrests. I do that, but law enforcement officers responded, Joe probably didn't have those. What do you think? I understand Secondly, I am saying when you're in the hallway, like a hotel hallway, they call that long Horseman and tactics in close quarters combat fatal funnel because the I was going down the hallway theirs, there's a strong likelihood if they hit the Walter Surname, will actually travel down the wall. So Europe, funnel of of of hot lead. That's never going to stop and there's no, where to go. It's kind of like thrown a glass bottle out the core window. In wanting to hit the does doesn't break it. Bounces for their debts are fed. Past thick example like you like what what does he say? Glass bottles don't break when you get there can be. No, I promise you slammer glass bottles, I'm gonna break you're. Absolutely right, it depends. the angle: the thing is: moving you you're moving in a horizontal direction in your car and dispel again
best way. I've had this explained to make this important and understanding why this was such a dangerous situation. These cops walking into and what may have delayed the response. The best we have had this point to be the fatal funnel effect even with drywall type walls is a bullet doesn't act like a baseball and other why would throw baseball against the wall? Street was probably gonna. Go to the wall you to wear, stick in the wall right, if you throw at heart and that not how a bullet reacts like a football it's, it's decides its conical in shape, so if it doesn't hit the wall directly, there's a good chance, even we drywall at a specific angle. It's gonna reflect so I people with this lady had Melt down on Twitter. I did. I did you just say that the bullets ricochet of travel? Yes, absolutely at encourage. You strongly view that you know if you answer my rough cuts. In the future will go into some personal tactics that that's why you never get into fatal funnel unless you absolutely have to- and you know the lie,
with the fatal, for we had a. If you know if you're moving, you better, be shoot right, because at that point you better be suppressing the fire. Come about you, it not fatal. Funnel it's coming out, yeah, it's good with the ferocity, and it's very little you're gonna be able to do so. I just wanted to address that because I got a pot of emails and you know four, for from your cover for the cops which is absurd and has given you my perspective on to you know that there is body armor I granted totally legitimate that want to. You know a bullet don't ricochet of drywall folks, I promise you they do of that. I am don't make that mistake, Laura our lot to talk about today, so the ETA EL caved yesterday were Roger they'll put out a statement requesting that people stand for the national anthem. I been covering this a lot. I don't wanna beat it to death, but folks brings up an important point that I want you to take to heart. Whenever
you get downright politics. I know it happens to me a lot to mean just the other day. I was wine and about backed up and the liberals to stay where you down folks. They do because you like, how can they think things that are so stupid and and and managed to not see the light when its staring them in the face. I just want you to, take some solace and the fact that the liberals are winning the culture war. They are there. They always gotta leg up, because they ve got the media, they ve got her they wouldn't have got academia. They ve got the three biggest megaphone out there, but I just want you to understand that, even though their winning that did that the overall or they been winning over time that these skirmish is that, we are engaging in repeatedly with them are starting to take the tall, and I think the tide is starting to turn Joe. We the incident in Kentucky which black fired on them spectacularly when they jailed the court court for not sign and gay marriage certificate. That was a total loser for them. They may try fall bravado would be a God that was good. We showed that we put him in jail folks, backfired spectacularly
little sisters of the poor case where Obamacare is forcing basically catholic nuns too in some way de facto support the sale of birth control of their employees, backfired spectacularly other target boycott target that it was a good idea to allow men in the women's room in their stores, too peace. You know as specific special interests lobby and that backfired Spectre clearly target stock price. One down, you can argue all you want about. It was trending down today, the folks it went down even target themselves, acknowledge it was a disaster you saying otherwise makes you look like a fool five to this end, I thing Joe is another example I citing this is since the fourth example, I'm telling you now. This is just in the last few years of culture, wars and skirmishes. I should say to be more precise and clear
skirmishes skirmishes started in the culture war, Joe that have blown up in the left space it in spectacular fashion. This nfl thing I don't care what you're telling yourself and again to our liberal listeners, I get it. I get your name grams. I get your tweets, I get your remember. I don't care What you're telling yourself right now all I care about, but the facts: the NFL tracked on this thing, for one reason that one reason only it was absolutely blowing up in their face. Their ratings are down and there is now actual talk of the inner fell. Having to do make goods now you know, J Ai goods are re bet you know when you miss and add a you have to go back and later on the three play it sometimes even for free, the files ratings are hurting so badly. Now that the promised viewers ship for an add that someone who paid me to get in front of a certain number of eyeballs that they may at some point have to run free adds to make up for the lack of you wish it folks. This is hitting them right in a pocket for all
bluster, but the good- and I beg gauging as well, because I'm just being honest overtime that culture wars have definitely tilted in their direction. This Our mission is now we're taking their toll on them. This nfl thing was a loser for them a loser on steroids. There is no way they come out of this without egg on their face. They look like absolute fools. They have done nothing to it. Ass their message. They have only preach to the choir. They have made no substantive change at all, even on the issues they claim they care about. Their message was muddled and lost. They alienated their fans, the alienated alot of military families. They alienated the lot of cops. Not all. I don't speak for everyone, I'm just telling you. The numbers are obvious. Now you do with it what you want, but you should pay yourself on the back today in this boycott is definitely working, and I encourage you to continue it. I am I'm
with the NFL. I don't really care at this point. What they do they bale. You needed me for good you'd, get nail in front of the anthem and then you double down on it overtime, and then you insult the people who take a stand against it. Now we were all open to a conversation about you want to talk about race and racism. Fine that conversation talk about this advice did minority populations in inner cities. Let's have it s, not the conversation. You wanted app, you wanted put socks on my colleague cap connected did with cops depicted as pigs. That was your attack that, through your dad, you are done. After that there was no conversation had what would you have a shirt which shape of our honour celebrating Fidel Castro on our capital? That is we're done without conversations over this celebrating murderers now and will always which was that quota conversation, because you what you are twenty year old, now failed quarterback we're supposed to take your we're at Ford about about the year if the quality politics that the cuban regime, MEA Culpa, Gimme a Gimme, a break gimme that you guys, you you're done this
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the time release product less about ten hours? I get unbelievable reviews on a few having trouble getting through the day understand we give it a shot, called Don T, dusk surveillance, brick, ass nutrition, that calm slashed an that's brick house, nutrition that calm slash, then, I want to spend a little bit of time on this, because it's important, you know, there's the tax cut debate is out again and, of course, fiery, because it always is and what I find we fascinating about this tax cut debate here. Is that the facts not out there folks and what are they? What are they Cynthia Feedback. I give you EL on the show for people as they really appreciate our focus on facts and data, you know not just you know angry alchemy? Anybody could screaming yell about tax cuts, but I want to I want to see some data. I want to see where this is going now: there,
couple of pieces. I wanted to focus on and feel grandma one the other day. Folks, because I know a lot of you out. There are debating with your liberal friends and they're, going to tell you how wonderful Sweden and the so called democratic socialist states are ok, number one. there is no such thing as democratic socialism. There is either socialism more democracy. They are there's no such thing as democratic socialist. What they are called playing democratic socialism is really a big government nanny state, and if your ego, and understandably, if I'm gonna demand of myself, as you should have me absent, precision in conversation, you the man that of your left, his friends to there not be any such thing, is democratic socialism. Socialism is the government ownership of the means of production. You can't possibly have a democracy without economic freedom. If you vote people into off to control everything the food production, oil production, the energy production, the production of fluids keep you alive. You do not live in a democracy. There is no such thing as democratic socialism. What your talk
about Sweden in scandinavian countries are big government natty states that have title, mid structures, you and there's no such thing as democratic socialist. It is a myth, is a myth operated by socialists to get you to believe that socialism can be in any way democratic Socialism is very clearly the government's control of the means of production. You cannot get all the means of production and existence, democracy. At the same time, it is a full democracy. Just another freakin lie every time, Joe, and we think it is a disturbing because, with this wines, you think it's a bronze really! I now I mean the hypocrisy is just grotesque but feel gram as a peace which you put in a word. the journal, which I quote some numbers from, because this is important because again I'm hearing, levels of seeing them on Twitter, I'm hearing him in their conversation. I monitor a few twitter account to see what's going on out there and I'm here again about the wonders of the scandinavian cultures, which emphasise big heavy tax burdens and big heavy tax
urban specifically on the rich- and the argument goes like this- that way, Oh, you know the United States doesn't tax the rich enough, and if we did, we be able to live like the Scandinavians, where everything Joe is free amazing. How stuff is free, of course, that is a myth. Nothing is free. Everyone pays the cost, it doesn't matter. There's no such thing as it is it's a nonsensical ridiculous term. Liberals are made up in economics, there's no such thing in economics anywhere as free, okay, so and put some numbers out. There. Did the bunker liberal friends talking about again how wonderful Scandinavia's now imbalances the united? Bates is when it comes to tackling the rich the way these are numbers from the organisation for Economic Cooperation and development, OECD, widely accepted numbers near from two thousand and eight, which is the last time. You did really comprehensive analysis on this, so
study Joe look at all forms of taxes. I want to be clear on this. Liberals take the cotton out of your ears because they always have some counter argument that will make up at a thin air covered all forms: taxes on income, including social insurance taxes and state local taxes show so study looked at all forms of taxation. It found out that the top percent of earners and the? U S paid more than forty. five percent of all taxes on income, the top ten percent paid. Forty five. Set of all taxes on the top, ten percent of herbs now Member of the liberal argument means a book with liberal argument is always alluded to the fact that the rich don't pay enough, which is garbage, which is nonsense. Now, in the place They love song be in one of em. In Sweden, Joe the top ten percent of earners, paid less in twenty seven percent, you got Jays Abacus others who, daddy's advocacy member. So you get you
Traffic is here. So let's just be clear on this. So liberals are argument here. Is that the end in the United States, the rich people are getting a free pass? Okay, but when you factor in all forms of taxes show in the US the top ten percent those evil. Rich people pay forty five and you got that forty five or get the Brazil around forty location, Sweden, liberal you tell, yeah, they talk about all the time. Vague democratic socialist country, which is not not Democrats dosage, they it Sweden, the top there. pay. Twenty seven. So is twenty seven less than forty five less less less sets Jays Africa's Cubs, throw it have a deputation jays out because the best quality right available it is Annabelle is every single time it comes to so in Sweden, the rich actually pay less of a tax burden than they do in the United States. The top ten percent ok gets even better it
answer another euro of Liberal Utopia, Infrared Ed, by the way for those you sent me that critique of the econ thing I discuss. Yesterday, the worry they talk. about the author of a piece was interviewing. Econtalk was talking about. I wouldn't come in at quality, so horrendous in the United States is better in France and I disputed one of one of the priests. If France show the top ten per and pay less than twenty five percent. So again did the abacus out is forty five percent grey then, or less than twenty five percent. Forty five is greater than twenty parties yeah forty five, is greater than twenty five Jays Abacus in the clutch again this guy is they used to have a statistic, your major league baseball or, if they slob the guy unwitting our bee? I this
the gaze arabic uses the game winning our bee. I every single time the run bad at it. I've read that wins. The gonna think they have that statistic getting what they might. They might not, but I always remember that he let the League game winning Serbia's Like ash, dumb statistic that has pointed out: ok now by the way, We just go on to redress this courts in Sweden. In France, both large value added tax is a regressive levy, their top ten percent of Ernest bear even smaller share of the total of the truth of the total tax burden. So it's! The next time, Bernie Sanders demands that the rich pay their fair share. Someone should ask if you'd be satisfied. If the american Rich paid the same share as their counterparts in Sweden in France, what does he sang in the peace folks? It's clean his day that if you go to argue. We should be more like Europe in the scandinavian countries that these are just the facts. Liberals, don't let this get in the way of your stupid plans that you actually be arguing for a tax caught for the rich.
Causes Jays Abacus pointed out and never fails. Forty five percent is in fact greater than twenty seven to twenty five percent, which is the tax burden paid by the so called rich. Sweden in France, now folks and you ever email- you asked me sometimes why so great liberals, this is the reasons why they will never argue with you based on facts and data and numbers. It will only argue with you based on talking points once you dismantle the talking point. They have nowhere else to go, there's nowhere else for them to go now. More from the grand peace, because this is important. They will also say well if we grant a tax cuts to top earners than those top orders are not going to pay for a member their argument. We don't pay enough now, which is nonsense. We just a bunk that, but there also organ, then forget attacks cut well, that would cut their tax load and, in fact, put more the tax burden on the middle class which, by the way, this completely discounts the effects of economic growth and is now
commensurate with historical results and not knowing what is I mean, let's debacle, nonsense? Do that? Ok, if you give attacks caught the ritual pay, less and a middle class will pay more from the grand peace it is. Equally clear that by stimulating growth, the Reagan tax cuts, produce more revenue and increased Increase increased this air of taxes paid by the rich amazing goes on. This of income taxes paid by the top ten percent of earners which had been falling prey. To the Reagan. Tax cuts, increased twenty saint during Reagan's presidency now, folks, liberal please for a second, please, This clam up and listen. I know it's tough for you cause you always want to park, but listen to this part, the? U S been collected. Nineteen percent more real revenues. The day Reagan left office real, not in a meeting just for inflation, real dollars. Ok, more real
revenues today, Reagan left office than the day he came into office. Even though inflation had been broken bracket creep, repealed and tax rates reduced dramatically dont. Let? we have that get in the way of your dopey arguments. Folks, if you're the liberal site. I am what what report. What is complicated for you hear the rich. All Eddie pay more, the total tax burden. When measure I mean when, when universally measured, federal state, local social insurance, then you do in these european countries, you praise, and yet you continue You say the opposite now, just to dig in quickly to one the point that he made in there, but the value added tax, one of the things they haven't: Europe, which destroys the middle class on the tax front. That is is a value added tax which is basically attacks at multiple levels of production is value, you add to the product minister costs in essence right. Why
this hit, the middle class more than it would hit people who are high earners, because people or high earners will have income based on capital tend to basically consume the kids, option is not as big a portion portion of their. Come as it is. When you are in the middle class, haven't, I guess legged, I guess it For example, I was kind of foggy on that. If your middle class earner making fifty thousand dollars a year in your spending a hundred dollars a week on gasoline to get to your job, that's a big expense its biggest grants for me and my family. If you are wealthy, and you're buying twice as much gasoline and driving around twice as much. You may spend more on gasoline two hundred outright, but as a fortune of your million dollars a salary and told think maybe to capital gains and others that's nothing. It's peanuts. point with dad that he's trying to making the pieces that the value added tax which taxes consumption you buying stuff
is always going to be a greater proportion of your income. If your middle class, then it is, if you're rich, that's the point is translated, have such high value added tax is in a Europe that the country, you praise are the very ones smoking people out in their money. You live in the middle class, but again don't let em back in the way of utopia arguments so A suggestion argue with your liberal friends is the support of value added tax, so you support taxing the middle class and basically not the rich, because that's with the value added tax. Does it doesn't tax the rich, but that's what Europe does to suspects assets This is why this is so proud serious. This is why this is so frustrated, because here You talk to these people out there so carpeted in there are made said it's like you, it's gotta, be true, a liberal seventy one on Fox and set it and worries I will happily, as I did today, come on the air, and I mean it.
It's part of doing commentary to be self corrective, especially on our show we do this often I dont see Ray says, shut up. That's all a year. Do you know the rich they'll pay their fair share. What is their fair share? What we need to be more like Europe? Actually we paid less than yours he says shut up, that's all we have. I mean what we say take for you to just come out and say: ok, that's wrong. My comments, I disagree, that's not correct Bob I think we should be more like Europe because acts. Ok, Fine? We could disagree, but we can disagree on. If went up talking about the same thing. There's no way for us to have a substantial dialogue, and this is what frustrating that the left or right now, cashing in a lot with this next moving quickly Daniel. Ours is a great piece, conservative view today. I courage reed folks. You know you
ask me: yes, we got a lot of feedback yesterday showed that gonzo numbers are where I reckon and the Trump leave the GEO pave, and I made the I made a case. I thought a good one: how that YO p right now. The establishment party you know the Aral Sea that those types- the label offers them nothing, they're not doing anything the overwhelming majority of people in the Congress in the Senate under the republican brand of abandoned republican values, and it offers him nothing now, then or with the peace today, which I think proves my point peace than the fiscal arena job the gene- p budgets for those your under any illusion that we elected Republicans and are doing anything about spending. I'm telling you that's garbage. Just. Why hate this? What people call it talk? Radiant? Oh my gosh. What are you defending Republicans? Push meant a lot to yeah you're right. It was wrong. Good point taken. I when I made the point
Brok. Obama was a big deficit spending and accumulate a lot of that. I am not in any way saying that Republicans didn't do the same manifesto me to tell you that now, the republic in budgets, Joe these, are the numbers. This is downright frightening? If your electing GEO, P members of Congress, the twenties seventeen deficit deficit where responsible. Now my get, Obama was terrible up. I'm with you, ok, but we have to the intellectually honest as well the twenty seven deficit, Joe, is now up to six hundred and sixty eight billion dollars and eighty billion dollar increase from twenty six. The goods scale create in before the shelves we haven't been using Steve's dictionary, but next time I gotta pee wee
we we sit. We gotta get like an economic dictionary too, and go to like spending cuts. Spending cuts would mean that spending was less than a year before. Ok now I monsieur makes these dictionary has individual words not a little, not combinations like spending cuts, but I assure you any common sense that a definition of the word spending cuts made spending less money than you did the year before. I am reasonably confident. We don't need Jays Abacus for this one, that eighty two billion dollars of an increase in spending and a six hundred and sixty billion dollar deficit is not in fact the spending cut by any reasonable measure. But I don't worry, we elected Republicans either doing a bang up job. Now I get some people email me? What good does it? Do us beaten up? Republicans, yourself elect Democrats, that's not what I'm saying. I've never told you to elected crashed through the worst manufactory analogy, which uses you know, would you rather be killed by a chainsaw or by taking a pill? I'd rather not be
killed at all. But if you're going to do- and I certainly do not want to change the Democrats of the changed, their the most painful immediate way to go right Republican they're just prolonging get paper even like a more manage decline and less painful that I I don't believe in the depth at all. Ok, yeah, that's gotta! But I don't want the unnatural type ok and are causing an unnatural death and an immediate bankruptcy of our economy and the damn sign a prolonged bankruptcy on the republic is: what are we going to stay up to these people now outlays Joe, the total spending, but the federal government Alban's right are up to now three point nine trillion three point. Ninety two to be to be precise about three point: ninety two trillion dollars again absent We absurd amount of money and spending now rose three percent for the year now. Here's the kicker Where did the spending go up? This again goes to show you the absolute ineptitude futility of the federal government in getting anything right,
and why I can't stand Democrats lecturing us on how government is going to solve our problems when they saw no problems they matter. They exacerbate problems. Where this bending one up Joe, is critical risk it's, what three point three billion we spend. What did you say three point. Ninety two trillion. I mean achievement receipts for three point: three trillion outlays three point: ninety two trains forty seven billion more of the increase in spending was the debacle student loans. What did I tell you when we did? They show a year ago, Obama nationalized stewed loan industry because he thought all got those bags man rip. You kids off, you know, get ripped off now the taxpayers who pay, I did roughly a billion dollars more per state. Forty seven billion roughly forty six billion additional biology to pay for your neighbors kids college? Now your we get a load of this. What folks, because a government a government to come in
fix it to cover it's gonna fix nothing. The government, I am cannot stand this when I get to debates with these people, the government is screwed up health care. The government is good student loans. The government is screwing up public education. The government can get nothing right anymore they nationalized soon alone industry. It is now forty seven billion dollars in a red You are paying not only for your kids college saving for your kids college. You are now paying for your neighbors kids college. Do your tax dollars, but let's keep it up folks, these don't liberals will continue to make. The argument that somehow government is gonna fix anything. What are they fix? What are they fix This is what hysterical about them fighting against the tax cuts show. No, no. We gotta give more money. What to do what to ruin the student loan industry too, to double your premiums under Obamacare. What is the government done for you. I'm serious sit down and think get out of here,
possible for a second liberals. What is the government done that? forty seven billion dollar expenditure to backstop people didn't want to pay their student loans that you are now you're to tell me how you are not paying this. That's a bit we in dollars per state almost and by the waves? projected to get worse now there are but the tax cuts liberals are, we can have tax cuts. There's another interesting piece in the journal. My love Lawrence Lindsey, which is pretty good, he's like listen online, what I just laid out for you, Joe FACTS and data based evidence as to how government is screwed up government is cutting spending, including the Republicans and who pays the federal income tax. I just gave you the facts: rewind to tape, listen again so difficult for liberals out their Democrats can produce it think over a keepsake tax cat therein,
I don't get, all kind of voices is but It's me that I'm really pissed off today, kind of voice to adopt its naughty Lindsey points out that the nineteen sixty four tax bill who is very similar to the one trump is proposing now, and one of the key elements of the Trump tax plan GEO P taxpayer. Now Joe is full Spencer onwards, the ability to deduct from your taxes in some way shape or form the cost by new equipment for your factories rat then having a in Berlin, long, gated, depreciation schedule. We can we take small deductions on it over time or the the or just having a schedule, overtime and all being able to act Events that makes a big difference. Why? Because of Joe buys and equipment Take your word for Sierra Needs, new computers to process the shop, if joke This implies that equipment in hires people and any can write off the costs that equipment the real key
asked in Jos, while the equipment goes down, let's say paste, a thousand dollars for a computer, but it is ex return by deducting course he means of getting back three hundred hours on destroying numbers at the effective costed, Joe obviously getting the interest portion on the time effective money. Am I talking about that badge? about twenty seven hundred hours, Twenty seven, which less than three thousand random crazy you're you're right. So it is devices people to go out and in vast which incentivize is people to grow their factories and other businesses and hire people that eighteen sixty four? actual did a similar thing, although it wasn't the nineteen sixty four building have immediate expensive, like the Trump plan does for a law equipment accelerated depreciation, which is a fancy walkie finance term for just be unable to move up the depression. Patient charge caught closer to the time of purchase. It's it's it's almost. nearly the same thing, and he talks about how after that happen again. These are actual numbers, liberals tune it out, because I know you are interested in this now makes
be the only guy who tells liberals to turn out of his own show. Because really I know this is troubling you. He said, peace, these right, labour share the economy, Joe after the sixty four explain the tax cuts in the accelerated depreciation, labour, meaning you, the people who work for a living. Your share of the economy rose from fifty nine sixty three percent. It went up. Liberals Are you having a tough time? What what what means the flower or the color we're talking about Do you sixty three percent, the percentage of the economy that labour the employees talk was more spite any evidence that the bigger governments than anything or you real wage increases raffle. Five percent. They would get done get in the way of you arguing against tax cuts are continuing to make the case for a bigger government, despite any evidence that the bigger governments than anything or you told any of his urgent up? I'll put these all in the show notes. Today, the
because I strongly encourage you to read them. There are always available happens. You know that calm and if you sign up for my email is applied. No, that com, I will email the show notes to you. A lot of people respond to them. I try to get back to everyone. I'm sorry! I can't answer remember to try the shows really been grown by leaps and bounds. Do my best that promise it already today show also about your buddies at my patriots supply. You know Joe I've read apiece today on drudge about they found a super. Volcano and Yellowstone. I thought my yeah now I you know me: I'm always like a black campden apocalypse, but always worry about this kind of stuff, and I can you imagine if that thing, one off and blanketed the this sphere with dust and drown out the sun for a few months and plant life dieters. Oh I get it Abbe. Does it likelihood of that happening? Small, yes, of course, but is unlikely, and I want to take the chance. What now that's? Why
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the beginning, semi some samples, so I have a few extra bags line arouse well. Prepare within dot com, go check them out, prepare with Dan COM, okay, ok, last story of the day: this is just I haven't been talking about the wine steed thing Have you wisely? For those you don't know the story Harvey Einstein is an executive at the mines. Company. I think it was mere maximum point nearer allegations of rape actual harassment mean it happened in Hollywood, which really shouldn't surprise anyone Joe I mean the places, a moral vacuum. I stayed away the story of the first couple days because, even though the stories are repulsive I want to be sure the information was accurate. You know I put a premium on the show on self correction and precision and information, because I really think it matters. I mean that you should be suppressed. Some people don't believe me. I know some of them. It just say, happens, keep on go what if they're mess it up? I don't think that's right. I think Chris
Reality is in self correction, but I stayed away until the information so come out now now it seems like there's. You know these allegations are starting to be all right, but I find really fascinating about. This doesn't want to contrast to story so Betsy Device, who is our Secretary of Education in the Trump Cabin she's, generate a lot of controversy, because she's support school choice- right- that's device, basically put out a guidance letter and adjusted the guidance letter resist com. Judges under the Obama administration were encouraged to wait. Another guidance letter, not a law guidance letter to in essence, lower the standard of proof, first sexual harassment, sexual assault, allegations on college campuses, folks, here extremely difficult things to talk about. Ok, I fully I understand that, but we live a country with the rule of law, and I would rather
you know led. This has been said many times, Babby of hundreds of guilty men walk freedom, convict one innocent man having a standard of evidence on a car. Campus, which was encouraged by the Obama administration of preponderance of evidence, is now A beyond a reasonable doubt, aside, even close and the way These proceedings were being set up with the encouragement of the Obama administration was if you were accused of sexual assault. You had very a few ways to defend yourself by the way this man or woman this. What now Can it be mostly men but you had almost no way to defend yourself- will show what obviously happened after that, while a bunch of other people accused of sexual assault? Some of em, falsely who were you know, quote victims by these, these courts. These college- you know de facto, or using this extremely low standard of evidence, and what did they do they the rounded the college, because they're like way
no? No! This is it. This is our works in the United States. Now need to be clear. These criminal proceedings, these were these were like alleged type courts but Joe it began almost like a system of uniting. The Batman movie was the dark night with a scarecrows like presiding over these courts are guilty. I mean folks, you have to have some stuff you're gonna, VIC someone and basically ruin their entire lives. You better be sure you ve got the right person out of things they they controversial about. That night. Did this shouldn't be taken very seriously. Of course it should- and these are hard, Pics to talk about, but to the right topics talk about, but what I find, fascinating about. This is the absolute the brutal hypocrisy here liberal defending to be clear and job. This doesn't make sense you have to you. My bump has been for the audience. We know one of set that guy on Twitter again for a poor guy, you're right, then you're right,
You are absolutely right me besides. They get your right anyway, that this guy, that liberals are defending, not all, but the liberal interest groups are defend this lower standard of evidence and college campuses, despite its obvious problems, some people are going to be convicted in these courts. There already colleges or already being sued, not just one case by the waves, multiple cases, liberals, this law, which they are the revenue it. Why hold that thought?. Fascinating that standard of evidence with in Hollywood, prepared the range of evidence. I'll tell you. What am I convicted sky in any kind of criminal proceedings for Joe there, a lot allegations out there against wines the big time, but it took what I've days for Hillary Clinton to come out, no put her mouth about this about these allegations of sexual and propriety
days so we get this straight liberals on college campuses, Eddie spurs good enough to convict someone any time, and you will defend it to the death but when a Hollywood's involve than your bodies way, we better take a step back here and what walk through the evidence? Slowly, but surely I agree, but I consisted? I want body to have that right, not just people who are connected in Hollywood. Now. Why. Its answer? The first? Why, first, why would they defend that alone standard of evidence, I college campuses, oh, I get it because it hires more people and the administrative function on college campuses who, by the way, are probably recommended by left wing, think tanks who were diversity, officers and councillors, us a job. Ok! Now it makes sense. Now you administrators where these de facto courts all of us
it becomes a jobs programme funded by what Joe, by tax you're dollars because Obama nationalized student loan industry that's where the show connects everything all of a sudden makes sense. You're right tell it's it's there. About our don't you have you when you are judged jets Toby abroad, just for this guy. What wait? What would you like us in its ok? Thank you. They have put their gaieties Georgia's you'll, get it ok for subjects that we feel better. Do you see I'm going with, is open but the student load programme by default is nationalizing your higher education system that directly, I don't want to be hyperbolic, but enough to really control the cash flow in the flow of funds into our universities. Diversities Institute this programme? Stick. Ties. As you know, a brave basically created defined
the court system using an extremely low standard of evidence, creates more jobs for liberals by the way by this, matter leads to multiple lawsuits and other things they defended to the dead. Yet here's, though, second, why what but if their donors is a mega donor to Democrats, at least by the way, creates a lot of Hollywood jobs in an industry that sends its money to Democrats that guy is entitled to pay beyond beyond me, on a reasonable doubt hastened fitted and good toy story cat ripe to infringe. Beyond reasonable doubt, because he's a Hollywood guy. He creates jobs, Hollywood which dominates the Democrats, but not folks. Theirs. Our policy there at all don't worry about. This is what I'm talking about what these people. You wonder why I wake up in the morning, and I want to always go with the intellectual combat with liberals, because everything there tell you is either a lie or a glaring apocryphal they are lying about today,
They are lying about who pays obese federal income tax they're lying about the percentage? The rich people pay the lying about Democrats, socialism, they're lying about the state of taxes in Europe. They are lying sexual assault on college campuses, they're lying about their friends in Hollywood, the cover up for them, the lies. Never step somebody has call these people out. That's all been a goal, the shell from day one. Thank you for all the feed again please you're, my email less upon. You know that com. I will send you these articles. I really appreciate, and thanks for the feedback on Tucker Show, I have no problem at all answer in that, stuff, you feel the need to email me in one Diana meters, almost apologetic Joe, ok, I'm really I'm afraid of the show, and I don't mean to have the correct the other not brought brother, we're all good man, have on jobs, human, like everyone else, and you know, if I say something- and you think I don't know about that- you do not do it. You're not doing any favours by keeping quiet, send it over Daniel up on. You know that com is my email, always happy here. Thanks for all your
back on the show. Folks I'll talk to him. Are you just ten Bonn GINO? She did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.