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Ep. 567 Trump’s Lasting Legacy Will be the Collapse of Sacred Cows

2017-10-12 | 🔗
In this episode -   Trump has destroyed any credibility the liberal media, and Hollywood had left. Here’s how he did it. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/hollywood-media-nfl-government-america-sends-its-sacred-cows-to-the-slaughterhouse/article/2637192   Did a sports journalist really compare being an NFL athlete to being a slave? http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/10/10/espns-wilbon-compares-jerry-jones-slave-owner-requiring-players-stand-national-anthem/   Hollywood lectures us based strictly on the “illusion of knowledge.” The Weinstein scandal has exposed them for the frauds they are. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/hollywood-is-brave-so-long-as-the-targets-are-easy/article/2637230   I’m posting these easy-to-read tax tables, again, because liberal liars continue to insist that tax rate cuts “cost the government money.”  http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/statistics/federal-receipt-and-outlay-summary   Liberal College administrators are panicking because they’re losing the free speech “narrative.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-free-speech-wars-1507763446
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They don T know you want the truth comes at his pipe guess. You want someone to be issued and before the crap go to a political reality, dandelions knows we have to call it what it is. We have to stop being delicate about waiting to hear the truth about America. When I like the left this network, conservatives don't need, say spaces, they don't need lollipops in colouring, books and Teddy bears. I'm good. Ok on a showed its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bonn, GINO welcomed the ragged Republican, thereby GINO produced Joe Power you today, I will you gonna. Do we get there my daddy brass current my sons, a junkie wing of the lakes when he had died- and I know what a great movie I'm not a Hollywood guy, obviously any more, but not other and manner can't stand half of these actors, but that dead, lefty character and that will cracks me up hey by the wagon kind of questions about my stem cell procedure. I had done where they take this
cells covered a little bit and rough cuts. They take the stem cells from you from your back from your back fat, which like we have enough left to use and they been day get stem cells and they put him in your joint cause? I've really severe ass. The author- I just saw him go and back today for a consultation, another stem cell injection, my right shoulder now is my left show that has fallen apart now, my I shoulders fallen apart to because I'm falling apart gray but I'll. Let you know folks how it goes because out. I am grateful also my left side, but just one quick, thing on this. I had a surgery to had bone, spurs or move them. I can't absolutely sure was the stem cells just to be fair, you know, because we are Republicans believe in size. Was it the surgeon there was the stem cells are not sure it seem to work pretty well, my elbow, but Thou lets. You know, I know a lot of you are interested in and I will give you the results. I have to go today of Euro Beach for consultation. So let's go added to it. I you know, I, like
to do themes in the show. Anti stories together and today show was easy, because the first story I looked at gave me a theme for the subsequent stories were going to talk about today on the show in the theme of today show is going to be this just left. The far left effort At the narrative framing framing, they use this all the time The girls are in love with this idea of framing and re framing. In other words, taking story that could be easily told by just laying out the facts show and distorting the facts and re framing it to advance. You are now, if I may give you a simple example, rather than talking in highfalutin terms here the tax thing I want to get into this and a little bit to the tax argument, because now the big thing, the Trump tax cuts it gave a speech yesterday on it rather than the liberals just giving the facts, which is what We think journalists would do you no shame on us, Joe. The facts catch, that's not going to happen so Well, here's what happened with the tax cuts. George W Bush instituted this income tax caught. Here's! What happened? A federal tax revenue, that's an easy story to tell.
Covered Inn on the show, anybody can go into it and looking around mine when George that Bush car taxes. The tax revenue go up or go down. It went up, that's not difficult to see. It said it telling that story, the media has a narrative to tell and the narrative is not the truth the media and the laughter. All one big, you know amorphous blob of far left liberalism, when the media is dictating that narrative- that narrative always works to advance their agenda, so they don't want tax cuts because they want to control your money. That's what the liberal agenda is big, big biggest. Eight power. They wants a power state power needs to control the flow of funds. They need taxes to do that, that's why they want your money. So there now I've always has to be the tax cuts are bad and tax cuts are bad because will refrain as they always making the rich richer, making a poor poor, whatever it may be, but so many examples of this in today's news, Joe sent me a cut this morning of leftist attempts to re frame and while just to be clear, we're talking about to take a set of
Facts show and you tell it different story about that fact. That advances a far left agenda instead of just stick, the facts as they are words acts is going to get into this descent. I fell thing in a second how people trying to refrain this? What's the story store is very simple. Here are the facts and Joe. If you spewed any of this. Stop me me. I mean if anyone listeners these are, we'd better paid a lot of money. Crap you in any cases, but not all my the millions of dollars. I dont know what and I felt minimum is, but I'm sure it's upwards of sale we wise three hundred thousand- maybe I'm not sure how low ball say. It's a hundred thousand either way it's a healthy salary right air- and I would say a lot of them- come from of a poor background to go through that got through that, so
those are just facts. Those are just I'm just giving you this that this salary numbers based on what that salary out related, so the the average salary America. So these are people being paid a lot more than american. The nets effect they also kneeling, while the national anthem is playing also a fact that that is widely considered. To be a sign of this respect, you don't need for the national anthem our hour, Cultural norms dictate that you put your hand over your heart and Stan Bout now. Standing as a sign of this respect because it violates the norm. That's that debts those again those just the fact. That's not the story. They want to tell right now because they're losing the argument just like they don't want to tell the story about taxes and the facts on taxes. Taxes were cut revenue, goes up. That's not the story, they wanna tell, so they have the refrain. Now I thought about these examples. I wanna get it through a little bit three new story this morning about, and the Wall Street Journal about the for non college campuses. Now
the kind of stymie. What's going on in the Justice Department now Jeff sessions, the attorney general gave a speech. It was Georgetown, I believe, a couple weeks ago talking about free speech on college campuses. Now I am most of you know this view. Listen my show. The free speech is in jeopardy at college campuses. They are. What they're doing is their allowing the hecklers veto on college campuses and the hecklers veto is left far left to show up when conservative speakers show up the college campuses, they cause violence, they cause a disturbance that destroy Prince cost the college money in future security costs when a conservative shows up again the car. Let then uses the excuse of security costs for conservative speakers to defend against violent liberals as excuse to not allow the conservative speak on campus. Therefore, the term. Hecklers veto is clear me now, you see what it means. The heckler, the far left, the violent, far left in this case in many cases on these college campuses device,
the far left. There are the hecklers they get to veto free speech. Now, just like the NFL kneeling taken me controversies, blown up blown up in the NFL space, Emmi catastrophically for them for base advertising dollars. This has been an absolute pr disaster for the NFL. What's happening College campuses this this sanctioning of conservative speakers, is de facto banning of conservative speakers. In many cases show. This is blue. Up in their faces well so just like the FAO and the Far EAST, that needs to protect their left. This agenda needs rephrase mad college, campuses are trying now to rephrase miss as not a debate about free speech, but a debate about something else now in case you Again, I making area this up like a man. What were you struggling for material, though? Actually one two, three four five, six seven stores with this is important. You understand is because I loved to explain the why the tactics of the left
always clear and you'll see common themes. If you know what to look for, the story in the journal today, here's a now Jeff sessions speech that he gets it was about defending free speech. College campuses. Jeff sessions is the attorney general, the Trump administration I know most. You know that, but something I get emails and say you got away out the story. First, I quote some Mr sessions speech concerns our legitimate there's much talk about re, framing the free speech narrative. As in this from Williams College President Adam Falk, listen to this they're talking. ray framing the free speech narrative you because it doesn't work for the left up. This is a quote from this Williams column, Press Williams, college president, Adam FUCK. This framing of the problem is free speech they debts the issue. Its equality of the camp is discourse. What's you make this about free speech? You ve actually given up the narrative from the very beginning.
oh Adam for gives it up right away that it gives it up, and I quote, which is just beauty. I gorgeous just a wonderful day. It is through does the repose of bone ticket servitors right there by admitting that, although Joe factually again Finally, this is top level a fax and dated stuff is challenging, but factual. This is about free speech. Yeah we're not talk conservatives are not if it was not about free speech, and it was about to quality of the speech then comes. Urban would be saying you know are we gonna we're just trying to get our guys on campus, but we don't want left this on campus either conservative. The conservative argument here to be Crystal clear, is that we well liberal speakers and we welcome Server, two speakers we're just asking to be treated fairly. Therefore, the argument is not about the quality, because conservatives think liberal free speech is of crap quality. It is ace,
thinking pile of monkey dung walking onto a college campuses, lecturing kids about income, inequality, high taxes and socialism, the quality of speech is zero. But no serious, conservative or libertarian is arguing that those people should be kept off. A college campuses makes sense Joseph right with you so far you write in those are just a faggot yeah you do. I'm telling you for that guy you just have to once in a while. Some absolutely rock. Are you really wrong now, but, but I'm just saying they keep their twitter guy? Have the just the facts right operatives are not making this about quality. Now that doesn't work for the left, because left does not support free speech anymore. The left is against free speech. They are to quell conservative thought, because their argument is that, while liberal speakers can speak put conservatives because we have to be concerned about the security costs,
nonsense, I mean gave a loud MAC Mood Ahmadinejad to speak college campuses, talk about a coup the state power left, this gas leftist protected purity cost all matter there. This two left on the left as a matter of free speech and just to be clear, they need to refrain this because this argument is blowing up in their faces. You now the attorney general looking into this, you have public opinion on speech amongst rational people. Madam, you know not what the snowflakes, but amongst your people. This is moving in the against them, because purposes or losing this and there's a cow. then obsessional must have left when they're losing an argument to rephrase it away from the facts and into the narrative. The narrative, the narrative told about the narrative, the narrative here free speech. No good guys. We can't keep talking about free speech, although this is what this is actually about. We have to keep talking about Joe quoth. The king, but he have campus discourse now the we who determine
the quality of the camp is discourse of the cap is which is run by left this. They love, you subjectivity, don't they then it's it's yes. Yes, Madame, I was thinking about that. This morning I was. I was listening to Tucker last night, near Charlie Kirk on I was listening to it on earth. Are you doing out? Last night, I was coming back from something I don't even remember miss why they teach a class- and I was coming back last night from the class and had talk around and they had Charlie Kirk and talk- brought up an interesting question, and- and in this I thought- Charlie gave a good sure, but it wasn't the answer. I would give him and he was asking it's the about objectivity versus subjectivity and gladly brought that outbreak, though did the right is Did the conservatives and libertarians are obsessed with the idea of liberty to objectivity folks. In other words, they are objective values out there, the goodness of God, the goodness of a moral and ethical compass. You no limit
government for debt for the power of discretionary individuals. You know the benefits of of of of quality behaviour throughout the course of your life. Even if you fall off the track, the left hates that the left is in love with subjective behaviour. They may not words other. human beings in government determining what your values are subjective, not objective values and at the glad you brought it up. Cosette applies here too there not that the left is going to be the ones to subjectively analyze the quality of the speech now, how they think work for them. I'm not sure this is going to blow up in their face, and it's not gonna end well, but this guy Williams. College Adam, for I want to thank you, Adam we have a larger listener base. I'm sure somebody knows you. I want to extend the personal, thank you for exposing liberal hypocrisy in one fail quote now, conveniently I read that story first that I and I thought gosh they are it's right, like this framing re, framing King a set of facts again,
gas lighting people repeating lies over and over and over again repeating them confidently and isolating people from the truth. That's what gas lighting is to get them to believe. A false narrative, not based on the facts, is in fact correct. Taxes reduce revenue, but don't get much shop. They do without pretence. Let's, just not let anybody, let's on expose anybody the real world and hope they don't look it up themselves. let's say this college campuses thing is about free speech put. It is about free speech, conservatives just making the argument that they should be free to speak like this. No doubt all know, let's make it about many of the discourse. We're who gets the determined equality? We do all that's fair, that's hounds sounds logic. Write to me, Joe member. Never a trading places, What airport is that line of training places where the two big eyes and eighty Murphy's into jail, and like the guy, so my we don't need. No Turkey's all tat has given any other guy goes where that is
This is one more year. That's all that's left does there's a guy in trading places, the other guy in the jail, so you're here I think tat the conversation put to affirm what the other stupid left to say. That's This is real, I'm glad you brought the vital by the way. The training places Hollywood. It already lost its my, but it wasn't crazy. This is still a funny movie and that seen in the jails classic we don't need. No Turkey's half the exit year, someone Sabena you to buy. You guys are great with that. My audience, you guys are the best- are another frame thanks. So Joe pulled this this morning, This is Michael Wilburn Debbie's, european writers, something like that European Union, the sports guy. I use the watch it. I don't watch ESPN s pm anymore, but you sad because thirty, four thirty is a great series and I just like I can actually took em off my favorites. I wouldn't be tempted to turn it on because I'm just sick of it part of it tired little, yes,
MIKE Cnn for sports. You know it's a joke. It's it's like fakes, ports, news mixed with really bad and ignorant politics. So Wilburn It was the leftist Unabomber sports writers are some commentary about the recent edict by Roy. A journey down the NFL, the head of the NFL there that the players, should stand now, get those already blown it I'm done with the NFL. I strongly recommend you be done with them, to which you know. You're, all adults, you make your own decisions, but the NFL scrapped Onest, one too many times, I'm finished. Now, for me, once you know, the expression goes right. We put it down now come out cause he's realizing now that they're gonna get slammed in the pocket book in the NFL based on just pure polling data, facts and data. It gave a show last week. This is blowing up in their faces the core audiences abandoning them and there are starting to suffer so get else. I think it's a good idea. We all stand for the anthem. Now Michael Wilburn
responds to this. Not play is caught in a second issue on both If we add a line and so while rageous on its face, but I want you to pay hurry attention to his efforts to re frame this away from the first. And that's how I started the show these are. many cases million dollar athletes, paid lot of money to play a game you and I would many of us- would play for free because we love it so much better brazilian jujitsu, which is about his heart in your body. I pay to do it No one pays me, but these people paid millions of dollars to play a game and I want you to hear what he compares to in order to refrain play that cut the word comes to my mind, I don't care who doesn't like me using. It is plantation the players are here to serve me and they will do what I want, no matter how much I'd pay them. They are not equal to me. That's what this
to me and my we wait. What come again did. I don't know why Joey I try. I have no idea. I know why he did it why he chose such an out. Rages comparison, what that completely discredits Michael Wilburn forever from polite conversation, did he just compare playing in the NFL too human bondage and slavery that the hidden Did I hear that right? You heard the writer Joseph, couple cuts this morning in the first two. I went crazy because they were about Hilary always appreciated by the Crystal Wilson. Fostering sweating is bought off. These had to the gym made with Egypt and a poor but Joseph a couple. Hilary quotes a guitar, Herod Hilary darling
procedural out wrath or no income inequality, jobs? They extract brush it whenever, but then he sent me this robot thing and I had to listen to it twice because I I had heard But I didn't really hear it and this can time, unlike wow. The he just compare playing in the NFL. A lifestyle that Joe, I don't- have a public survey on this, but can you and I both agree that if we had, if we had the physical capabilities to do it, that being a profession, athlete is probably a career. I dont know seventy eighty ninety percent of people if they had the choice, we take it man, it's a dream, career now, but that system its outlets. Let's be reasonable here and let you analyze what he said now, if you would given the very same survey the same people that the exact same group would you, who is to be put into human bondage and
slavery. What's the number would be zero, maybe less than zero, if possible, now, For this guy too, but they have this thing called out. But you know that the Godwin Rule Geography of her the garden, but it's just the garden rules at that. The first person to bring up a Nazi analogy loses the debate and the end. It's it's a fair. The rules, pretty fair maids call the rule, but you get the easy part of rule portion of it is you're, obviously meant to be tongue in cheek. The God when roommates. If you have nothing else, people or typically reliance on Nazi analogies and obviously the reason you should ever do that it should be this at least two, maybe not the liberals, is because this they very unique portion of humor- history, the mass extermination on a scale that we had never seen of jewish you just don't it up casually Joe? You bring it up like when you talk taxes ago, nazis you'll at what level. Now the left does this all the time, but it
grotesquely. We irresponsible and my my opinion immoral to do that. Show the slavery, and the unique stain on human existence of slavery, not just in the United States, but around the world is a, neatly horrendous phenomenon. bringing it up incomes function with the NFL protests and suggesting that the order you maybe I was clearly robot- is actually suggesting that owners have there. There is on a plantation like slaveowners,. Folks, do you see now how I think this is. People are going to do this. I really believe they're gonna turn this guy out What do you see how this is an effort by aid noted leftist passports guy, because most of them are sports rights, sports journalist, whatever you call em to now, a re frame. The debate it at a wave
Where was the facts of the debate or clear? It was started by a guy who protein The american flag, colleague, capita key Sadie was protests thing the country, those were his words not by he or a pair of socks depicting copses pigs here. T shirt, celebrating a communist killer. you see how those facts that man whatever you want to call. It doesn't Mary up with the left distance, and that they need to make you eight America. They need to hate they. The left always need you to hate America, because they want you to believe or an imperial empire because they want to discredit live. the conservatism and economic freedom, because they need those things discredited to advance state. Is the agenda the only way to discredit them, despite the obvious, disparities. United States is get you to always focus on the evils of the United States. This was designed. This left this protest, of which the NFL like a bunch of suckers, fell into a what,
design by people on the radical left who got the column, Catherine s head to discredit the United States and suckers in the NFL fell for it and now They are losing the debate. Badly grotesquely What's going on, there, now trying to rephrase it and they were getting desperate, they're trying to rephrase it as this is ape ed. Equity power and equity relationship at a power and equity relationship on the scale of slavery, hoping Joe that they can somehow reclaim this. Its lost guys, you lost so the the for a bit we had the reef framing on the free speech initiative on college campuses, not about free speech by the quality of discourse, the and I felt was isn't about the american protest, even though Capron except the way at the american protest nano. Now it's about power in equities, because inequality, Joe bothers everyone, now that,
you screwed up whereby just to be clear on this is but comparing this to slavery, you completely discredit you ve made a mockery of yourself. I sang. Do you think any reasonable person would compare? Slavery to playing in the felt you ve gotta, be kidding me and I got more these four not done thankfully, but today show but he's a brick house. Nutrition need our big fan of these guys. I know I say this a lot, but thank you to everyone who emails me about brick house. the feedback on the proud. I send it to miles. He owes the company he, spend a sponsor from the beginning with actually become good friends. His you're amazing he's got some surprises, come and see. What's up superstar about, I was email kind of yesterday about it, They never stop these guys. Actually, sometimes my you're all right do we really well, but this one is really good, so I'm excited but the product. I wanna talk about that. We don't the dusk too great product. Listen! The problem with the energy industry was obvious to anyone who taken those energy drinks or anyone. Was drinking fifty cups of coffee. At that. Why do you need
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available. Brick ass nutrition, that consular Stan. That's brick, house nutrition, that calm, slash then go tried, dont the dossier and eleven are right. Now this one's doozy Joe, you know, I love these three framing things so this morning, I again I wake up, rarely been working out a morning feel great about it, and I pull up drudge You should get the journal first and drug second, but I've managed to pick up drudge versus morning. There's a piece in the yellow times about the Trump tax again. This is a big argument going on right now in the left there, the left is grossly unhappy with the direction the argument is taking because I'm gonna get to in a moment. In a moment, up his dismantled the media, as the mouthpiece of what be framed narrative is gonna, be be clear on that pre trump most Republicans. The overwhelming majority of Republicans were deathly afraid of the media.
if the media had a narrative. These are tax cuts for the rich. You know, he'll Obamacare, you're gonna kill grandma, they just accepted the narrative and they would largely behind the scenes to try to pass the legislation, but they be afraid too We challenge the narrative publicly you mean you ve been seeing people say I got leader attacks. We can't get the rare you know get. While. Why does someone just command say yeah yeah? They may be tax cuts for the wealthy to and that's a really good thing for the economy, because actually, as though the Reagan tax gets the wealthy after the tax cuts paid actually more in tax cuts You know why does no one say that you're afraid, because their cowards, inwardly, guts and some Just don't know, look sum of March, sadly, are very bright. the left is trying the old dino narrative again. The old narrative, of course show is that this is going to drive up the debt and deficit or just comical, because the liberals have zero, zero credibility and debt and deficit now to be clear, because I'm always fair in the show Republicans most of them,
have almost no credibility left either on debt deficits. Deficit. Listening yesterday, showing you ll find out why, where I give you the numbers, so I am not say all there because they have the high horse that they don't they ve been clownish on debt and deficit. But Democrats have Z Ro credibility shouldn't even open their mouths on debt and deficit, but now they don't all these tax cuts are going to drive up the debt and deficits because they know it. A focus group that that's Joe, that narrative after rephrase it now the problem. Can, with the reef framing just like it was well bond, comparing million dollar athletes to slaves on a plantation, which is actually absurd, just like the college campuses debate, which is about factually about free speech because we're on for free speech for everyone they are trying to make it about quality discourse. The left is trying to me
this about debt deficit and tax cuts for the rich even know. That's not the case. That's not what happens now. Here's the peace in the early times every region quote and show you end up for those you irregular losers. The show right away, you can see them go with itself for both playboy. So here's what They argue that tax cuts that over the left, they argue that tax cuts, even if deficit finance, will spur auction. Let me take up This is then, I lay times talk about the Republicans argued about tax cuts. Forgive me for sure. Do they argue that tax cuts, even if deficit fight, as will spur economic growth and provide new revenue because we're gets get but The economist question that theory saying it hasn't work that way in the past. Okay, now Joe, this is the away times? This is a journalism, Alfred right. This is a blog. This is
an opinion peas. This is a journalistic endeavour, a a journalism with outlet that is supposed to be reporting the facts. Now you would think John, you would think. Shame on us by the way for thinking this, but you would think that an outlet specialise in journalism would be able to figure that out pretty simply but many economy. question that theory that tax cuts would provide new revenue, saying it the work that way in the past, how hard is that to look up now Joe I'm like. I know this sounds like you know what I'm doing recasting chinese you and, of course I am, but I'm making a legitimate point to you, the ombudsman, how art is this to look up now. Let me ask you a question: you have the correct. Oh yes, a trick. If you to the internet. Do you think you could Google
federal tax revenue by year and get an answer in five minutes me. I think so. I would debate two minutes matter of fact: It would make the case one minute, because you already have it in the show notes that I gave you a couple weeks ago were actually have that tax bus centre or whatever it is tax foundation them tables in spreadsheet at a screen shot of it. Where you can see right there, how hard is this for the media to do folks? This is puzzling to me how people read this and take. It is a fact: The media is obviously re. Framing they're, just not telling you two facts. Just go. Look You will find out. There is no major income tax cut in An american history that is low, to a decrease in tax revenue, long term or frankly, even We extend to short term I don't. Let's as I got
so the robot extended shorter meeting over multiple years and when I say long, Montagnier windows are more, just hasn't happened This is a hard liberal listers. I beg you, I'm imploring. You went to our conservative listeners. Listening, I'm just asking you to go to the homework. I tell you what I will put the link again for the fifty thousand time. Bop, it bongino dot com in today's show notes, and I will email you the link today. Please subscribe to my email list. I appreciate it and it helps me a lot to get the information out to you. I will send you these article, but I will send you the link to a not screw this up. It is so easy to read they fed road tax tables, and I begging respond to my email edge? tell me where, after eight tax caught, whether it was nineteen, eighty six, whether it was night
Ninety three, whether it was Calvin Coolidge, whether it was nineteen sixty four other John F Kennedy show me where Joe quote: it has worked. Way in the past tax cuts. Haven't the increase revenue, I'm not sick. Yes, thing! A causal link, I'm not suggest tax revenue wouldn't have gone up more. If you had tactics, I'm not suggesting any of that. I've just suggesting you're an idiot saying that tax cuts have liked the decreases in revenue. That's all I'm sick, you cannot, you were saying something. That is absolutely one hundred percent. Factually incorrect that Joe, whose admittedly, is not an economist, has no training and find its role could find on the internet. I'm telling you another two minutes met effect now that you know rapid GINO, that camp I could find that link and probably a minute by going to the shop tax tables. Ok,
it's got nineteen eighty six, the tax revenue go up. Yes, ok, so the many times, let me do you work for it has worked out, in the past, go to the tax tables and find out This vote is hard. really me like deep throat for this. Do you need get inside government source to go to publicly available Treasury data. Folks, listen! I have some. Graduate training and finance site that I have an MVNO talk about it over cuz. I hate people without their academic or they make me sick. To be honest with you really does I really can't stand. I applaud people who I value education? Obviously I went back twice to graduate school. I do, I think it's a great thing, but touting academic credentials to pull stir BS arguments makes me sick and the left, as at all the time I dont know an MBA to tell you that night
hundred nine billion is greater than five hundred five billion. We don't even know Jays advocates for that. Now we do. We will you were you, people By the way I'm gonna be millionaires. They forgot. He takes his even funnier that that new listen. I thought we were talking about a guy named Jason, set up yeah. I guess he's always quoting this chase. Abacus dude man. Now it's Jays abacus! So I dont me: that's it some left. This economists, like Paul crewmen, we'll town, is Phd. It is academic girl, and I do that your stern Howard stern robots all time he hated this vocal fry thing. You know uncle fry issue. The car dash
do it. They do this thing when they go yeah. Oh, that's why you're pretentious way of talking like I went to the polls. Leah heard it. I didn't know that that was called its call, vocal fry. It talks about a dry, some crazy. It have worse, it's the more like the car dashi and talk like that. It's a really pretentious way, speaking that that's Krugman got a Phd Egon, we're all support. Ok, you got a phd in economics even worse. You have been advanced degree and economic. You wasted what a hundred thousand dollars on, and you know, Nine hundred nine billion in tax revenue is greater than five hundred and five seriously. What what you don't know how to go to the internet. You can't read numbers. Do we need to send Paul crewmen, Jays Abacus I mean, did J and poor Caribbean I'd, send him another abacus. I mean it's embarrassing. That's why people their academic credentials. Wait a butcher, simple arguments! You don't need a p, it's the economic. This is a
framing of one other thing here on this piece: soap, towards the end of the peace. This once hysterical. Because these are obviously left this speaking according Guy Mark Missouri from the tax policy centre, which, by the way, remember that name the policy centre is a joke, it is left leaning out whenever a liberal quotes it just folks put up with I'm outside sign them, at flag say not a credible sources, not the tax policy centre, this places a Jew look. I didn't show up at last week date. They scored action plan, the tax policy centre, without even knowing what the tax plan was. That makes them a joke, therefore, but none the less the media, loves to quote the tax policy centre because they have a veneer of legitimacy despite the fact that their bunch, a partisan hat so Mark Missouri directly the taxpayer Centre said he was quote Joam. Incredibly, The goal of the White House is four thousand dollar estimate, the fourteen Thou estimate is the expected pay
raise. People will get roughly after this tax could now this guy from the tax. He's incredibly skeptical sceptical today. Is that the words even annoying when you do it right, vocal right explaining that there are Many reasons why wages have not kept up with the growth of corporate profits, corporate profits, wait. This is the sense you do. captain hypocrisy right away. This guy's a left this by the way he sighed less powerful labour unions and competition from lower wage workers abroad. Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, tee o red flag under the hood, we're going review here I thought you guys print borders advocates. So get this straight up one day and you fight Trump. anything that has to do with immigration, security in any change to the legal immigration policy, as you
I don't, I don't know more Missouri immigration politics to be clear. I'm just trying to suggest a tax policy centre is a left, leaning out, but no question about it. That is now making the case? That trap is making it up, it is tax cuts will give you a raise which, by the way, is not making. It was basing it on a lot of historical evidence based on price. our tax cuts by the way you know evidence what left to the left doesn't do he's not making a case true, because we're allowing a lot of cheap labour into the country. Wait. What what do you have a narrative tat ever make sense that Damn narrative Dan I get it always gets underway. Ten minutes to go. Liberals were arguing for open borders, we don't want. We want dhaka dreamers, we want everybody in the country. A points based system point can have that. I mean signing points based on people's economic value to the United States. That's insane! Let's let everybody come into the country I mean. Did someone tell more from the tax policy centre. Like a mark, he caught the narrative. You get that man,
you got the narrative rob like mark. You said something that directly contradicts left this policy. These people are totally completely inconsistent every single time. It's unreal naw man. I got couple more duties here. If I can't get to one of these stories, I want to cover tomorrow fascinating piece on international that I know that's it you're, my god that sounds like a sleep or no, I promise is not. To really interesting. What's gonna happen right, how they did these fascination with government debt, low interest rates scout isn't really precarious situation right out when interest rates are at issue. so brought by sea our tv, where I work folks, big announcement, today is through twelve. By the way you know I guess it is not right, I have a big announcement today lose track of time. I get so much go on out of serious and get into late at night they have a big ask me come and today we are adding content are being
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had I tweeted it out, I guess the best way. To sum up, we give you thirty thousand foot view is the one big benefit thus far. The Trump presidency that this guy in the skies opinion Joe and I happen to agree, but that's why I'm talking about has been the EC oh right, utter abject failure, the government and trumps willingness to expose it. Now he is, let me just go through the little if things that this guy writes about the peace that I am opinion and he doesn't say that some kind of adding to this that's the premise that one of the benefits Tromp presidencies is exposed the failure of the government to get just about anything right. I agree with this view. The problem we would have had with a standard establishment republic in President say like a George W Bush typewriter is their fair. You failure to challenge challenge. The media and the media narrative is always to defend the government, even when the government blows it. So they were
afraid to call out government failure. You failure. You now want to offend government government, poise, government poise, Europe either system is broke, the people in it the people in a fight, They go to work. Every day system is completely broken so he says, listen disguises. I was, the failure of the North Korea, India and I made them A while ago that it's the way he talks gosh. I hope I'm not gonna confusion here. It's the way tromp talks about this stuff, exposes the failure, in contrast to the past, where the failures were covered over excuse for even by Republicans, because they these wanted some wriggled wiggle room to kind of moderate their conversation to try to get democratic vote trump. Doesn't care peach Doesn't care trumps? what he wants to say when he wants to say it because he's not in the pocket of any big donors or anything Joe. He just doesn't care. Now. Here's a couple of things: North Korea deal total failure, trumps,
but also very it's a mess. Emily's comes out there. This is this crap is garbage diplomats speak. Air quota would have never been used in the past. The Randal total failure. It's uh, it's a disaster and the american public is here in this kind of language. For the first time the clean power plant role guy makes the point this was revoked yesterday, which was gross overreach of EPA power trying to regulate the energy energy infrastructure energy grid within the states, a gross overreach power EPA it comes out, says: listen going, it's going to see we're power going to do in the car, a pc. You know what the lights came out right. Nobody there are going to be the Obama Clean power plant. Environmental agenda fell upon the world's gonna end. It's not, sadly, establishment Republicans would probably have kept the rule open like well. It was a good thing, but trouble just like at socks, we're getting rid of its terrible Obamacare
choice in every single day on twitter? There's? No, why? Well! You know there are some good and some bad, some other Sergio, listen! Even when I heard some initial stuff in the beginning of this. I did some diplomatic talk about this because I thought to myself. Gosh. If we can get free markets would be great, but this thing's, crap and trump doesn't care. He dogs, it up. Tax cuts doesn't use the diplomatic speak about the tax cuts. He talks about mass of tax cuts in the past, but well, you know we have their attacks benefit the middle class. I point, and this is he just doesn't care. Folks trump is different because he doesn't care here not subject to the data under pressure and now let me just give you quickly when I was running it when I was candidate running for office. I know about this every time I took a stand on an issue right, you would always get someone who would email you and try to pressure. I was a big supporter of the fair tax I still am. I would always get emails from people who were so
where donors somewhere influential republicans- and they say damn you got to be really careful you going to offend this person and maybe the real estate lobby they're not going to like it, and this person's going to lose after induction oaks. Terrace thing. I trust me on this one. I was there three times there is nothing you can. Take a stand on. that will not have a constituent group on the other side of it. I'm serious you, you wanna, do you why there and you want to make a law against puppy abuse. some are have something to say about it. I'm serious, I'm not making it up some while you know I'm a libertarian. We don't need new US for just sake. This there was never trouble. Just some care, Peterson feel the need to new wants the issue here: poses the failure of government. The examiner pieces greatest like this guy has shown Americans model Americans, Democrat Working Class Democrats, a Pennsylvania governments, a total failure and dynamic, but another piece up and say that it is the
Secondary benefit of the term presidency has also been a Samantha Wing of the three skip of doom. The media, academia and Hollywood upstream let loose attacks on the media which they deserve. It may bring it they brought in on themselves and by the way, I support a free media by broad support. Any restriction, but I also support the present its right to attack them when their church They are most of the time, bears destroyed their ability media, the media, academia and now Hollywood lots. Akademia, maybe okay, to wear the three is in the Meatloaf song, two or three or two out of three ain't: bad make that Hollywood with the Weinstein scandal and these Hollywood actors constant attacks on Trump cuz. They cannot control themselves their attacks on, Beacon Junction with the media's lying about the Trump Russia thing all this other stuff, the trumpet Didn't see as not only dismantled the power of the state or the veneer of power in the state,
Supposing them is failures. The trump presidencies Also dismantled the veneer of of what I called here and the thing the illusion of knowledge in this peace that the Luzhin of Knowledge, the illusion that successful powerful people in Hollywood Journalists have some kind of special knowledge. You don't it's collapsing. Look at the pulling the Trump present see will. Finally, in my opinion, the sum this up will finally have turned the corner to bring it back to the beginning, you the show on the media and highly its ability to he frame, issues away from the facts and into the chosen left. This narrative, because their ability to do. That was based on the illusion of knowledge. and then illusion of knowledge has been dismantled by Trump and his team that has exposed these people is frauds and just a
bunch of in many cases, with sexual harassers moral vacuums and just outright liars journalists. The illusion of knowledge is gone, their power refrain the narrative is going with it and lover him hate him. That is gonna be think trumps lasting legacy for the Republican Party is taking back to culture wars. I folks scan for children, and I appreciate all the reviews for the show on Itunes, we're close it and seven hundred soon. It thanks to everyone who subscribe to my email is upon you no doubt com. I appreciate it. you just heard in Bonn GINO. She did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.