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Ep. 568 Is This the Biggest Political Blunder in Modern Times?

2017-10-13 | 🔗
In this episode - Why are the Democrats arguing for bailouts and fewer healthcare choices? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/trump-to-end-obamacare-insurer-subsidies-putting-pressure-on-congress-to-act/article/2637381   The bipartisan “Bump Stock” bill is a scam. Please read about the troubling details. http://thefederalist.com/2017/10/13/new-bipartisan-bump-stock-bill-would-actually-ban-all-semi-automatic-weapons/?utm_source=The+Federalist+List&utm_campaign=92a95a12c2-RSS_The_Federalist_Daily_Updates_w_Transom&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cfcb868ceb-92a95a12c2-83971621   There is a real and growing danger from this type of attack which could wipe out 90 percent of the US population. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/congress-warned-north-korean-emp-attack-would-kill-90-of-all-americans/article/2637349   Despite claims of “climate change” risk investors are pouring into Houston. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-12/investors-head-to-houston-to-buy-from-panicked-homeowners   Is this Trump’s biggest accomplishment thus far? https://www.wsj.com/articles/scalias-all-the-way-down-1507847435   Sponsor links: www.PrepareWithDan.com www.CRTV.com Promo Code “Bongino”
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They won't. You know they were waiting to me by Gmos are not by Gmos. Blogger blog bungee ocean everywhere, big government gets bigger corruption, growth, bigger unease, liberals is going on, and on and on about how great the government is. Any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about Amerika young kids. You are too stupid to figure out your health insurance. These so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death. I tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bone, Jean unto the renegade publicly with their budget. Oh, please, jar! You! I'm fine had be Friday. in Friday, the thirteenth. What a news we man I got so many notes year, I'm afraid that dumb gonna miss something so right to the point here. First, an explanation because talker. Last night and fox and I went on to talk about the LAS Vegas attack. Again
And I got a lot of feedback on that. First, one right to the thing about the I was not precise in my description of the body armor and I cleared that up. I haven't totally my fault, like I told us eighty vs re door, my regular one o clock it there. I said it is a job to be absolutely precisely to use no excuses for speaking in over a generalizations at all What, unless I get? No, I always get a lot of feedback always every time I speak about this LAS Vegas Attack and a lot of it from people who say. Did you see this and it's a Youtube video when there was a you know issued or on the fourth floor, and there was a second shooter and folks I get it. I'm not, as I said Tucker less. I I don't blame people for wanting answers at all, but I feel like I owe you an explanation is I think some of you think I'm dismissive and one thing: I'd devil out of my listeners. Ever is dismissive and man, I'm absolutely not in any way intending this to be condescending, but I think I owe you an explanation as to why someone said the reed. The genesis- so there is so little background. As someone said to me yesterday, I know you
like conspiracy theories but- and I feel I owe you an explanation as to why that is why but I dont like them. I just I mean in Spain Sky and until I see evidence that I find convincing, I'm an independent think you're, just like you. I do To put it out on my show- and let me just give you a quick explanation: why do you understand what I'm coming from? I feel like? I always you and maybe it'll make sense. It is not me in any way being dismissive cause. People get insulted, I'm serious Joe. Like I get emails like I can believe you don't believe this theory and, unlike while here's number one eye in the Obama, a white many No, that is a secret service agent. I was one of his lead advance agents and I barber dealing with staffers online, advances. Loved loved people brought up: the Obama versatility of controversy, they loved it. The Obama staffers now folks,
I'm not a student of war, but I am pretty convinced that, when Your political ideological opponents, just I can't say wartime are doing something you want them to do. Europe it's probably doing the wrong thing for them. I've just say a fox table, absolutely love it, and I used to ask people who would tell me I get it. I totally understand that people have quite genes about everything question. everything you want- I'm telling you that again, when insiders, it me Obama, White House, I watched. I saw this up close and personal We are saying to you and this. This is one example of why I have a real problem with, I think, out of these things. Here's my you ought to hear a conspiracy theory, jackknife, here's my conspiracy theory, and I don't mean that the negative. What I
Democrats set us up a lot with this step. To make us look like idiots who I am I heard it. I was there, I'm telling you did you You can go with. This is making sense yeah this. This is it. This is a Peyton switch. Eleven all of it I mean listen. I would it if there's someone, I had some information, I said that sweet Obama Gape was gonna blow wide open it. I did heard some things and it turns out it wasn't a conspiracy theory, the elbow, Administration really did on me- has Trump administration of vessels, that's real sort of theory that actually happen, but there is something like the Obama perspective, getting right, I'm telling you behind the scenes. I can't tell you anything, but a hundred percent. Sir. The all I know is day. I think. Therefore I am that's the only thing I could tell you with absolute certainty, ok, but I can tell this: with near certainty that I was they are listening to these people and is nothing may liked more than when report its brought up, the bursting nothing, and I
are you? I think it was a scamp. Secondly, self perpetuating this information campaign yes they loved, it was good, was the greatest thing ever and as a rule strategy, when your opponents doing something you want to do you think you're probably not doing something right. Secondly, work, for the government and having had one of the high clearance levels. You can have it a top secret, sensitive compartmentalized information clearance level when I was on the presidential protection division. Protecting the president access to some very privy conversations. Folks, I'm telling you in my experience the government, not the people within when I talk about the collective iq here, the collective I you of a government of fallible people and centres which we all are. They are not smart enough to do things you're, giving them credit for doing I've just tell you they are now smart enough to pull these things off. I dont know. Why is serve additives and some
pretentions, we argue and one and that the governments too dumb to manage healthcare, but on the other and we we propagate a theory that they were somehow able to blow up the World Trade Center focuses it make any sense. I'm sorry I I just it. I was there. Kay I worked in seven world trade center is just doesn't make sense. I know you're gonna send me emails, I get it. I listen. I respect these people. I understand your naturally inquisitive and I'm not trying to be condescending at all. I'm just giving you my explanation of why. I believe why I believe I understand why you believe what you believe and I, I really debated even talkin about this because people they go, I mean really. I the only reason I brought up is cuz. After the talk or head on LAS Vegas probably got fifty or sixty emails from. Personal swears, I'm covering up for the CIA Cia. I had now my guy you realize I work out of a home office till Homesteader Florida rights, Joe you been here correct, yeah, my stuff,
you think I have CIA operatives visiting my home play big store, he's on my ipod gas, guys commodities that even realistic, let you know. There's a principle, I strongly encourage you all if you, if you would allow me, to live your lives by it's a very simple one: documents. Razor right, some people's AIDS could keep its stupid right at all region that it's a little more complicated than at the border, I guess you know. Pseudo sophisticated version of people want to sound, really apology necessarily by the way because keep it simple. But really sums it up at outcomes, as you would say, something like give it up possible explanations for a scenario except the one. That's the most parsimonious requires the least amount of explanations. Right, that's a great! way to live your life, it's a accept the one we are talking about accepted blind to any future evidence. I've just saying, like always, exe
the explanation at barring any other evidence. That requires the least amount of additional explanations. You want to know why I don't believe the World Trade Center was taken down as an inside job, because I worked there any effort, you I have I saw with my own eyes, absolutely no evidence at all that someone was hauling explosives into seven World trade centre. On the other We M floor, we were on the ninth and tenth floor to blow up the building, a nun. I was there all hours. We had a vehicle security facility down there. We worked there all hours we were. There are two and three. In the morning we had a duty desk at midnight, not one person in the town. Years. I was in the secret service ever reported to the desk that they ever well would be twelve without two thousand want one get got, and I cannot deny nine, but you my my point, those three no one ever report anything unusual ever it just for fun,
I believe a conspiracy theory requires me to assume a lot. Choirs me to explain away things that make no sensible. Why did no one report it? What it just it makes sense gosh. I went away to one that this. This is. Why am I thought thus, but You know a guy I've just I'd. My apologies photo want to waste your time it. I did get a balloon. amount of email and I like a few nice enough to tune into my podcast, I should be fair enough to give you an explanation. you gonna want like that. Are we going to do when you do masons a junkie when you get there? that my son's, I don't have a son piano, listen to show you get the jokes just like jays advocates, someone actually posted on my facebook yesterday, who is this infamous Jays advocates making a joke. They of course bear can folks inside joke if you're a regular listener, you'll get it. If not, you figure it out over time. I promise you it's a yesterday, shrub thankfully put out an EU executive order kind.
Bending Obama care a little bit in the direction of free markets. I got a lot of questions about this to an email. One guy sent me one in it said way way way. My euro, liberal friends, work or say, and you didn't, like Obama, cares, executive orders and other ok we're trapped. Folks, I always hate this just to be clear on this: it's not possible Did it somewhere about? I set about what I like or dislike my beef with Obamacare executive order, was about specific executive orders that we're not executive orders. They were legislating from the executive branch of government, which is not institutional. We a legislative branch of government, is called the Congress. Most of you know that the exactly branches there to enforce the law. That is that they are to make the laws what Obama did with the darker. They die a programme deferred amnesty for childhood arrivals, the basically amnesic amnesty programme for kids. You were brought to the country illegally, which was
a number of written here, I'm Bob Administration why people good conservatives had a problem with this was not because it was an executive order. This illegal or unconstitutional, but executive orders what he did re, wrote the law based on a really torture definition of prosecutor aerial discretion it sickly said why we gonna the example I was usually was the equivalent of the darker executive order. Why we gonna be for that of a highway cop? Who shows up to work in the MIT Highway to real shout out to those highway, two guys and says: listen, I'm not getting any more tickets ever for anybody with us and last name who was brought here illegally, you can't do that now. Our prosecutors are costs, but you get my point Europe has discretion in individual cases,
on the highway. Most of you know this is an under no obligation to write. You would take it none, but he here go to work and say I am not going to write tickets for anyone who is? Has the last name Brown or Jones Ramirez whatever? Maybe you can't do that. That is not what Discretion was made to entail prosecutors and the executive can't do that either what Obama did you didn't say: hey we're gonna, look at individual cases of children who are brought here illegally. What he said is we're gonna, let everybody go. That's a prosecutor of discretion, hats rewriting the law. That's my beef with the EU. Now is it tromp executive order on Obamacare bomb care, gonna be challenging. Court sure are the things they may have issues with yes and are going to get into this in a second? What one specifically, though, is subjecting on plans to the Obama CARE lie, however, a bad it may be written in. It is and not subject, other plans. They may have an issue. We cannot mean for me too,
nor that said, because Obamacare Bobby CARE make make me just as bad as the liberals, You know I'm saying Joe being made at some point: we're gonna have to legislatively change Obamacare. We can't just well, you know, listen, Obamacare sucks, but I'm a believer. the constitutional republic. It was passed. tortured banner. It's the one of the worst healthcare laws, if not the worse than american history, but we can't prefer a fidelity to the constitutional republic and throw them Public out the window, when it's our turn, because then we justly Democrats do more of it now a couple things about this. number one I find a kind of almost amusing that the Democrats due to this executive order and breaking news today. By the way I want to cover two Obamacare topics: the executive order, what it does and, secondly, the these stopping at the CS. Our payments. They see our payments were poor bail out payments. These
tromp put out a tweet this morning at age S put out a tweet Jeff sessions that it hit this morning. The attorney general support. Stopping these are the pale our payments. That's what these are, I put a an article really good article from washing examined in the show notes up on. You know that com be subscribe. My email is that bonds, you know that come. I will send you the shown us right, you, your mailbox, but let's go. The existing again two things I want to cover stopping the bail out payments to health insurers and, secondly, the executive. what are expanding healthcare associations, what it means for you and end the arch? Perhaps she s position the damage That's a red right now they folks they are there. They don't know what to do their heads, you spin, and you can tell, by the way, Chuck humor reactionary number. What what are these? to do it basically expanded the abyss? of small businesses, to form health associations across state lines. So It s the best way to say that is Joe works for a radio company. The radio company can get
to the if they have enough employees they can get into the bigger insurance markets. They can get group rates and above subject there be subjected to Obamacare rules and regulations because of that what the Trop Executive What does that allow some of those regulations about what those plans have to buy Joe? That's making a machine more expensive, but Joe doesn't need maternity catholic array. and my crazy, that's Ardour Jody What are you do? We are in them The job does it need maternity care. They regulations that force Jos Company to purchase maternity care for Joseph armoured cars with zero need for inflate the prices of Jos Healthcare. What this executive board is gonna do is going loud, a bunch of smaller companies, maybe three four five employs a bunch of em they get together and get access to some of the similar rates that the bigger companies can get through grew plans because once the benefit,
replant show if you were never going to use the my wife's company is example, but let's I had another wife, just a spider wanna get their company, I read out another wife. Would she worked for IBM Bright and that other wife in this fictitious life works for IBM and IBM, gets group rates, meaning if I joined with ibm- and I have let's say- diabetes- condition- the group AIDS will not charge me a different amount that, within it render would charge another healthy employee for IBM. Now you may say Why does that were well worked because IBM as so many employees that the contract is still profitable Joe for them? ensure sure, because they get whatever for five thousand employees and, of course, in there are going to be some people who are sick you I'm saying I'm saying worth it for them for them, because there's gonna be a tunnel healthy people, they're gonna pay. Now
small insurers- don't really have that benefit. So now what this executive order? I'm trying to make this really simple. It's obviously a little more complicated, but this is the essence of it. It's going to allow smaller employers, three hundred and forty five employees that say, they're all sick. That's not We profitable contract it's going to allow them to ban together, spread the risk amongst a bigger health association of Say tenants. many companies with two or three employees, each and all of us, get access to lower group rates where the risk is pool not just in your small business but amongst ten or twenty small businesses joining together in the association makes answer. So it's pretty simple. It's a great idea. I think it's affair ass. The idea I applaud, ran Paul also for pushing for this. For a long time Panacea is it going to fix the markets overnight? No the very simple reason it's gonna be massive lawsuits by the left. To stop this step now. Part number two: it is this morning we dealt with
so they're gonna stop Theseus our payments Ccs. Our payments are this: their basically cost sharing payments, a sort of stands for core sharing and what they do. Is they there payments from insurance companies to other insurance companies from winning George companies that was most win under Obamacare profit. Wise, of course, thought of you know what Olympic Sport going to share some of that. We companies that we're losing as a way to get these companies pass the initial stages of Obamacare. Well, what happened with this? Well, sadly, but may I mean assist its goes to show the futility the Democrats, how dopey this parties become their work. almost no winners in this, so everybody lost money. So what happened? Obama, and and the Democrats in Congress, when Obama's office authorize payments, basically from the? U S, taxpayer, because there was no money to pay off the losers, so they took it. In essence, from the taxpayer. The money was never paid back. What happened do that the republic rate, went to court on it ass, they
one the case because I Joe, the president cannot appropriate money like that. The appropriation has to come from the legislative branch, the Congress and it didn't that Never in the bill that they could do that, so they asked in court. these cost sharing payments can continue, though, because of I'm a care, is so bad folks that if the tax payer payments were not there, you follow more moment as these companies don't have other companies to rely on to bail them out. They only have the taxpayer because Obamacare sucks so bad. So now Let's reminder tat. Go back to the beginning: here's the! awkward position: the Democrats are now in there trying to claim. Now. This sabotage trumpet sabotaging Obamacare no Obamacare sabotaged itself. Therein awkward position as of now arguing for two things on me:
association front with the executive order allowing small companies to form associations the Democrats how arguing for fewer choices? Folks, don't like you liberal friends, do what are they Tipsy due for Peru, audio tat routines. Don't let them do this El gave a New York city- fine, albeit under the shell, where but there's no being you're gonna lose at all the time. It's a scam. They arguing? Now that note? Oh, there should be no associations and no choice of associations were for small business. You all should be forced into the massive voluminous black hole of suck known as the Obamacare known noticeable I'm a carriage stages that folks, that's it. That is not Hyper Balikh. That is not me exaggerating for effect. That is exactly what the Democrats are arguing and you should be making their case to your liberal friends who were fight the Trump executive order.
You should be saying, I'm so basically are arguing for me to have fewer choices about or more saying is. This is gonna, undercut the exchanges how's it going under cut the Obamacare changes, because, what's it can do what's going, it's gonna! It's gonna this. What the Democrats are actually saying: I'm not kidding output, articles in the short or look at them yourself. It's gonna under at the exchanges, will how's it going to do that. It's going to offer, low cost alternatives and what's gonna happen. This is me argue with myself as a fictitious chemical and what's gonna happen with lower costs alters, while people are going to take him. Will you do This is where we need a job. Gap and opportunity on the couch, ninety brisk away of the people, we ve changed where you folks, their standing argument there, making that people don't want crappy Bobby Carriage change insurance. They would rather low cost alternatives, like Small Business Association back the assurance that once that's offered.
The chopper YO people will leave the crappy Obamacare Democrats or say no? No, no. No! You need to stay. You need to stay. You definitely need to stay. If those elicited yesterday's, shall you pretentious vocal, fried buffoons. The democrats- I be duty this day. Why that's your argument? That's the best you can do. that there is no other argument to be made. If these points grams were such a terrible option. These health association programmes were small, businesses can get together, offer loquats alternatives if they are so bad. What are you worried about what I seriously. What are you worried about if they stay so bad and nobody wants them. Why do you care The answer is because Democrats hate joys and in case I miss the EEO angle, these equitable order wrangle, folks,
reason. I believe this one is going to withstand the the rigour of of of review on this. Unlike the dock executive order, Bonobo Balmy did cannot think of a clear on that summits. Remind that too, is, because most of Obamacare was written with the stipulation that the h h S, Secretary Health and Human, services at that scratching of appears endless amounts of times, but remember that was at the time Some of the Obama H, H S secretary to time, Kathleen Civilians, but now under there's an acting, but it was Tom Price, but now an acting Trop administration, official they're gonna have a tough time this the Democrats beatenest up in court, the law written for immigration. There I challenged Obama zeal in Dhaka, Joe just to be clear, was not written at the discretion of the aid for bull. Force this ward, you're old discretion? Did it didn't say, then that's why I think that Jobs are going to have serious problems in court and for those you asked a question about while Howard.
top, owes different, fair enough good question? I appreciate now. The dams now so they're going to argue for fewer choices, which is ironic but here's. The second thing where the Democrats are really on their heels Joe there now force than the position of defending these cost sharing payments hoarsely the position of defending health insurance company bail out by the taxpayer. Then that is that all This is what we need a video podcast yeah. I like struggling in my chair here to put what, for fifty years, as you been beating up health insurance companies talking about how they are torturing the american people with their awfully devised. Health insurance, prayers, pricing us out of our own elf gear. Now you want us to pay them with tax dollars, our money to bail them out this didn't mildly ironic to you, folks, without telling you right now the only
pull who are buying this. This extra and this line of horse crap, I'm sorry and I'm just going to sound rough. I'm sorry, but are you alright? Billy dopey people with limited. I choose I'm sorry if you it left. This, too is buying this. You have done no homework and all other words buying me idea that not bailing out Europe's companies taxpayer dollars is sabotage. Seriously have done no homework on this issue at all, and I strongly encourage you to stay off of television. You are we're going to humiliate yourself and the country and your party it Paris, you don't know what you're talking about I gotta be, as we have had a lot of format, these first through segments. I know many gotta lotta email both of October, probably the first one more. but just as some that up the demo fats are now the Party of Insurance company, bail outs and limited choices that healthcare? That's it there's no other way to explain it folks
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will benefit someone else, but none the less. You guys are great lady, so you'll get an extra ten dollars of twenty hours off. If you use promo code docks at sea or tv, so please go sign up today. We really appreciate all the support we ve got. Ok I saw a story today that I've addressed on the show repeatedly- and I think is of great concern to you in a kind of place into one of the the live reads. I do, but that's why? Why I'm doing it today abortion examiners, apiece again I'll put it in a show notes about eight Congress no hearing about the threat, the growing threat folks, the very serious and potentially existential threat for many of the north korean nuclear, that nation in the atmosphere know this kind of stuff sounds. You know we started the show about conspiracy theories. This is not what I cannot be. IRAN this. This is a very real, credible real world thread that the potential for it happening, albeit very low, thankfully, is not zero and, as we can
about my show, redress the blacks, Swan scenario and gun control, and I addressed on any scenario that role that result, even if its low probability but is for high risk, meaning death, meaning the risk. Like you, no longer exist is worth youth. king, about preparing for now. That's why, like me, patriot supplies a sponsor. This is, I have to read for them later on, but that that's why I'm into preparedness, folks to North Korea threat there's a dated, eight its Obadiah article at Washington Wash examined their supporters washed secrets, which I really like a promoted, that a couple times you this great work, I'll put the peace in the show Please read it, here's the gist of it. If the North Koreans managed to pull this off basically a destination in the atmosphere of a nuclear weapon. It would generate no less your magnetic pulse, which would fry our electric grit.
Now you may say what what's the problem, you know we're blackouts and you may get a greener. We get their power back to homes in a week or two folks. No, no! No! No! This is not that threat. This blow out the transformers. It would overlap but all the electric lights, we don't have, the capacity right now to wreak struck our entire Electra grid. Ironically, without electric we would have to read build the transformers. The entire infrastructure would have to be rebuilt. The problem with that is as this in this is a congressional hearing. Folks, this isn't like some joke, some crazy. A blog site. This is the real deal, the guy The congressional hearing said This were to happen. There is a potential. That within a year, ninety percent of the population, the United States, can be wiped out. That's not a joke. Again, that's something we should all sit up at night be worried about. I am not suggesting that I'd. I'm telling you did be prepared
ask your legislators, you're congressional representatives and candidly speaking, your local representative. If they thought about this, there are ways to do this, the hard, not the grid, a believer, but what they call Faraday cages, or things like that we could put em around transformers focuses, a very serious threat. Now you may ask yourself: oh gosh, why haven't we done anything? Well, one of the experts on the issue I spoke to in the past said that there's this big beef going on between basically power companies in the government about whose responsibility it is gonna billion dollars. Folks, I get it at all stand, I'm not blind to the business effect. But again this is an existential threat, someone better figure out, you know what I'm saying like right away may move on with that Eighty percent of the population I mean Joe, even if he's off by by fifty sixty percent, yours talking about tens of millions of people potentially starving to death because there's no electricity no way to get food? It's a very serious,
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Former senator Harry read his two thousand thirteen decision. two to nuke the filibuster, the judicial filibuster for federal appointees. Further, you don't know what that was in two thousand thirteen democratic, Senator Harry Red. When the demo, That's controlled the Senate, under Obama, decided. we're going to throw out a Senate rule that required basically sixty senators to vote for any now many of the federal courts make censure He threw it out for everything, but the Supreme Court. The Republicans subsequently white that clean too, but he said no or filibuster we're gonna go majority now and basically, fifty one votes is enough to confirm in of the federal courts, So, what's the problem folks, this will go down. I am telling you in history as one of the biggest political blunders in american political strategic. Why is that? the Wall Street Journal trades, pretty good one by chemistry so. The very good article, just some good work over there and her
she's she's, tries to make two points. The first is You know there's a lot of trump bashing going on and you know people don't like his tweets and stop and she's, not a big trump defender anything, but she said one of the things that's being overlooked repeatedly and I've you ve talked about it here. Is this guy the administration is doing. amazing, a plus plus work on trains forming the federal judiciary back to action. Judges and not legislators on the bench, and now she makes a cup points I wanted to talk about. You know you may so, how does that relate to the strategic Thereby Harry read because did the obvious. The Republicans have fifty two votes. Well, you know what fifty bushes cows releasing a Republican Frankly years Mccain, but they have a tie breaker with the vice president. They have enough boats right now, because the damage
rats wipe cleaned, Philip, a school Joe kid all these judges appointed. So this is the big. Political blunder of all time- and let me just add to that- you may say, What I mean is it gives one the Democrats take control the renewed, be right. The same rules apply to them. They only need fifty votes in the Senate. We are assuming something air yours, the Democrats are ever going to take control again folks, the Democrats we understand that they have been wiped out outside of the coasts and and basically Illinois. Even in Maryland Massachusetts you ever republican governor. You have Ray bases of power for Democrats. Right now you have California New York in Illinois We could actually micro that even further of LOS Angeles, San Francisco New York City in Chicago, that's it so got a dispute. The premise at all that you're ever gonna get power back in.
maybe, and then I could be wrong, but in the end spew election cycles by that time, Joe the. The judiciary is already been replaced with a bunch of We have fifty year old who news flash are gonna, be an office for probably forty years or choose we on the bench. I should say: let us be clear, where'd you get what I'm saying we now Brussels like Harry you made like tromp, whatever man, but this is a real accomplishment. Now here's some of the numbers he's already got sixty nominations for the federal bench out there and are a hundred and sixty more openings. That sixty now are right now are more than Obama had the entire first year, when I ve done with the first area. Now he when doing a spectacular job folks, because the circuits ass, she points out the peace, the circuit court. You have circuit Helen and the Supreme Court, the lower level federal courts. The circuit court show where ninety nine percent, where federal legal disputes, are settled, Mandy, five percent trump is
transforming it back to an actual judicial branch and not a bunch of legislators in black robes, advancing the liberal agenda and how doing it puts rob asks about and listen. I had some beef with some of the policies to in primary trump problem. Accident. I was not a conservative, I guess. I don't care we talk, security does here, Is it ministrations been working with the Federalist Society folks, which is die hard textual list organization that believes in the text the law should matter, which is what judges be reading an air appointing a plus people to the bench. Folks, I'm telling you decision is going to go down by Harry, read as a colossal, apocalyptic blunder for the Democrats, because you are going to see when Trump after this for years. Hopefully, eight if
he transforms the judiciary and has these people these conservatives on the bench for forty fifty years, all the stuff they managed to change through the courts on the social front, on the migration front. That's all gonna go out the window. There are in a world of trouble. A world of trouble just want a brain. That's a really good piece in the journal today all right. Would we go next? I t something you're gonna wanna be behind, but this is a bulky another one this is my speech, will pass you meet with member that meet the weapons, because I got really had been so much. You see stuff out there, and I know I'm not gonna have you tomorrow, so I don't want to. I want a message. I should think article there was a Bloomberg being shown once you can check it out self, but the odds cover a quick
despite fascinating, liberal hypocrisy and how liberals really put their money where their mouth is. You know I bring up all the time how, when you ask him how much they voluntarily given higher taxes, it's the numbers, zero net effect. I recounts to avoid paying our taxes, but they want you to pay more well. I've always interested not because where people put their money is typically not what they put. You know what money where your mouth is? You ve heard that line and something's going on right now in Houston. That should make you think ICE about the whole liberal narrative about climate change. But what is it article and work about investors right now, piling into it where Hurricane Harvey happened. Joe pilot into real estate over there and making people basically low ball offers on their homes? I'm not suggesting that that's more earlier ethically grade or not greater whenever it may be, for some simply suggesting to you that there are people out there esters with real money who are
I too, by homes that a ravaged by those floods, namely so what's your point folks, what The point you think these people are all conservatives there's a debate. money flowing in there is not from conservative think tanks it's from the market. There are tons of liberals and Democrats, you probably have a lot of money and in real estate funds and reads and other things that are pouring money into Harvey, but Joe so the very same people tell us clearly to change it's gonna destroy use than in flight. Really it's gonna destroy used in Florida. How come monies piling into these areas right now? It doesn't make sense, only bring it up, because in Bloomberg peace. The author hits on that, but since the irony redeploy shall see what I mean they're like while you know the effect. of climate change in the future could be dramatic, mean the Mexican should have been, but it's not so dramatic than to keep people from buying property in the very same areas they say, you're gonna, be destroyed by climate change does not make any sense it it doesn't it
again speaks in a liberal hypocrisy. You need to pay our taxes. Well, you know I don't, but I want you to climate change this grey Area army? But why are you making low ball offers than homeowners to buy their homes, but because I think can make some money what your answer to that you're just making it up all this stuff, it's just upsets me from moving on this Bob Stock Bill Folks, I got an article up from the Federalist from Davis, if you ever gonna read an article. I put up a punch. You know that calm read this one, it short it sweet is to the point this quote pop star, bill has almost nothing to do with Bob stocks. There's a bail out, thereby Republic. Any should be ashamed himself, Carlos Cabello out there. Here. I don't know this, and I don't know this guy personally, but he had the responsibility to read this bill before he put out that's his job. You have one job as a legislator. That's too, I just slate and right bills that will help your constituents. This is He bill to pump stock
let's supposedly bans, bump stocks that conveniently partly mentions a bomb stock. You know it. Let me read this to you to be absolutely clear and precise on this ok home on. Second, here's. What the basis it shall be unlawful for any person pay attention focused on the details, uses critical, chubby unlawful. for any person to manufacture, possess or transfer any part or a combination of ports that designed to increase the rate of fire of a semi automatic rifle, wait. What where's, the barber stuck in their any part or a combination of parts designed to increase the rate of fire or semi automatic rifle Davis makes a terrific terrific point new species. Nowhere and the builders it described the base the base point there going to judge the rate of fire increase from so we make point, which is not a conspiracy theory that
it doesn't say, like increase the rate of fire from you know twenty rounds purred whatever. Second It says nothing about three may The point that bad, and any semi automatic rifle? Because if the rate of fire you using, is your baseline zero? Any? semi automatic rivulet increases the rate of fire from zero to one could be banned. You may say that stupid use you sure about that. You want to take that chance. Are we We talk about me talking about lightening the trigger low now, so let me get this straight. You owner, I have a Smith and Wesson Mp Fifteen, you back to the gun to illegal, hey. I don't like this trigger Paul. Can you liked it up? A little bit, are you afraid profound them now. First, got news for you, you may be read peace. This is why never ever trust the Democrats and rhinos like her bello. Never with fire on legislation ever there is always Joe always a trojan horse in their read them? Just read them
folks, its linked in the piece you think I'm making any of this up any piece of work, it increases the rate of fire. What is that Does that mean what? What? What are you talking about you talking about? What is it you know, a forward, pistol, grip Because, if I hold It- and I press it further- my shoulder- I my finger- I can get better mechanic, so my finger, I Beckett case, could be made in court against you ever trust. These guys never show yet one job one job, you only had one job to write legislation. This is what you put out there. Never never! Let a crisis go to waste right, the Democrats and weak Republicans. Do it all the time time now. There's a lot of argument: It's a little walkie story, but about what's going on right now with the dead. But I find it interesting. You may not
A little bit of a pickle right now, when interest rates we have kept, the Federal Reserve is suppressed interest rates for a very long time. Now this arguments about is what the natural rate of interest would be, as it is not a lot of the man from when I want to get a lot of that. I'm just telling your interest rates are low right now. So that's the premise work what they deserve a lot of time to get through the other stuff interest. it's a very long theirs a kind of a battle going on right now, I'll between put they become like doves and hawks and peace in the journal covers this yesterday, which is fascinating batch. Do we raise the interest rates to lower the interest rates and, in essence, Folks, raising our interest rates nationally the Federal Reserve are trying to do. That is no way to directly really do it. You have to do it through secondary means. There's an you made right now. Do we need to do that and that the reason there talking about that is: is the economy getting hot enough under the Trump Administration and and the tail end of the Obama administration, is the economy growing enough that we have
make sure we don't over inflate the money supply Joe and get get gets a bubble burst. You know like like we had now, and so they want to raise. Interest rates are pretty simple step, but the Andrew Maureen. Is we ve had interest rates so low for so long and here's a number for you? The the bank for international settlements, are reported. Borrowing outside of the United States is there's too point: seven trillion dollars and borrowing in the first quarter alone, outside of the United States, because low interest rates make borrowing easier right. You want to Joe four year. You know your coffee cup factory whenever it. Maybe you want to the interest rate loud borrowing is increased, but here's the problem folks and here's gotta pick a word a third that money is owed borrowers and emerging markets, milk or who cares vermin.
Well emerging markets? Their currencies can fluctuate a lot because you're not a stable as places like Japan or China. Spigot emerging markets have hot and cold and of hot and cold governments. At times the problem. with this is, if you borrowed at a low interest rate, especially you how to convert those dollars you borrowed into the local currency. So, let's the currency, is whatever it may be reached the column jets. So you say you have over, but have you committed at the local currency, which is cheats and when you, converted your c h, violent when you can vote, your dollar into a shit in interest rates was low, was one dollar four one shit, but now The rangers rates in the United States go up which dries up. The money supply, making the money more valuable right I mean you drive the supply of anything, make it makes more valuable. Everybody wants bangles you get few bengals everybody starts, did not a price of the bagel. Tobago goes up, money is no different, so if we re interest rates and start to dry up the supply of money, the value when he goes up before the vote, without money goes up for people.
Took loans? It? It is well, so now are these emerging markets that borrowed New s dollars, but have to pay it back and jets because it was girl yet converted to spend it locally. Are now be screwed because you, you out dollar per jet, and now you five or six chits to pay back one dollar now you're in a pickle this but the Mexico and happened with some of the east asian countries? Folks disco? a really big problem. I always say that, because I think we do have to raise interest rates to get ahead of it. I think I'm a big believer in sound money, but the journal author brings. interesting point that this may bring on some kind of a global recession. If we don't handle this carefully because all these countries may go bankrupt, try pay us back it basically stronger dollars makes that sounds pretty Judy to me, though I do I do I you know that How come you didn't idea? I knew I kind of set myself up. I should have called you disputes such as we call them screw you shit c h. It's a family friendly folks
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