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Ep. 569 Are Trump Approval Polls All Wrong?

2017-10-16 | 🔗
In this episode - I explain why Trump approval polls are misleading and may not be predictive of either midterm or 2020 election results.  http://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/355066-why-the-polls-are-still-wrong   Hillary Clinton is a really awful person who appeals to the worst instincts in her political base. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/16/hillary-clinton-defends-kneeling-nfl-players-says-thats-not-against-our-anthem-or-flag.html   Sick Liberals are now demanding that Christians bake “Satan cakes.” http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/13/exclusive-colorado-baker-asked-to-make-birthday-cake-for-satan/   Democrats are doubling down on government-run healthcare, despite this devastating story about government-run healthcare in the United Kingdom. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nhs-winter-crisis-latest-waiting-times-british-medical-association-sleepwalking-nine-year-high-a7997461.html   Did illegal immigrants vote in Pennsylvania in the last presidential election? http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/pedro-cortes-resigns-pennsylvania-secretary-of-state-voters-20171011.html?amphtml=y&mobi=true   Technology isn’t the enemy the Democrats want you to believe it is.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/get-ready-for-the-internet-of-goods-1508105816
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they don t know you want the truth comes at his pipe guess you want someone to be issued and before the crap go to a political reality dandelions notion we have to call it what it is we have to stop being delicate about waiting to hear the truth about america when i like the leftist israel conservatives don't need say spaces they don't need lollipops in colouring books and teddy bears i'm good ok on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanted the ragged rubagub diverging every show how are you today monday diana let's go baby here look at heart and i shall spare were all my energies yes it narrowed to being stored i gonna gas thank all weekend ready to rock and roll poured into that wrapped the wrench and buried a gas let's rock and roll with his right eye couple takes over the weekend the guy who by the way set that thing on facebook that meme
you are the forty is dude ever so few haven't seen and if you go to my facebook page you see visitors posts sets a one other your post on my page islet that you neither people do that you can shut off but i think it's kind of funny specimens liberals pass a guy pose a thing for you regular view is what you find hysterical most of you know i ran is an and a book atlas shrugged and who is john galled that was a short of those you don't never the book who is jungle became a rallying cry you don't get people to go and read it book atlas shrugged and was a big libertarian and it was it was a basic interests thing book to great book to really logbook but it's pretty cool but three someone put on my spoke wishes hysterical who is on gold but more importantly who is jays abacus lad if you're a genius i forget your name i think it was carlos you're a genius i actually saved the photo and i put it on my twitter and
i was thinking i put it on my instagram at serious sad love you free back i think we they do let me know folks show is all for you i think so do i proper stick or a mug who is jays abacus i really am i right who stays outbreak is the greatest thing ever so like going on this week found out just injury up they beg you for the email so my right shoulder is a mess i am rotate or cuff tear which is absolutely wonderful but thank you for the guy recommended me the c m o product i'm going to give this a try read a lot about this it's a some kind of fatty acid or fan yester or something like that and i'm gonna give that a shot gov he says it swears by first joint so thanks for the advice and i i i've been right in solving oh you know hilary susan remind again she was dead and weaker with this stupid book what happened what do app and that's what you happen to you you ran for office that's what happened she angry she's bitter and and for the view listen to your regular you know i worked with hilary and although i don't do a lot of daniele steel type jack
collins whatever i tell all bodies and i i've tried to avoid that my secret service books at all costs i feel it's him to tell you the hilary is an awful awful human being she s folks she's terrible i've never said that about obama personally cause he wasn't i dunno i beg disagreement is politics obviously or any of his family members they were pleasant to us although they ruin the country calories awful person she's a terrible mean so i've i saw it up close and personal socially added again when choosing gazed in this identity politics stuff ok sure she can't get away from it your yet that cut ready gemmen so here's how this weekend of talking cowan capra nick and dog whistles folks this is simply cynically and effort for hilary to stay politically relevant play that cut you have to resist what are very clear what we called dog whistle
that baby that's what the black athletes kneeling was about that was not against them anthem or our flash ashley kneeling is a reverence position was too demonstrate in a p four way against racism and injustice in our criminal system i think it would be a grave error for democrats to receive from those fights and so therefore we have to stand up fight back resist yes that's great advice hilary despite the fact the polling says it fifty seven percent are possible the more i based on the yeah you know they standard error in all these poland's fifty seven percent of americans think you should stand for the flag so yes it's great advice for democrats democrats listening please i i'm imploring you as a friend actually not i'm obviously not your friend was put airports front as event please take calories advice and continue with this stupidity why
to bring this up there for a couple result that double danny nfl stories frankly getting old i mean inoperative what is turning out i don't want any more have a wants it in a year and a half you say you are i don't care i mean really didn't even miss it a little bit this we take deadly and you your guard right but this is what i find funny about this this is gas lighting at its best three regular list as you know a gas lighting it is democrats do it all the time it's an f to rephrase faxes alternate facts in other words to lie reef aiming as it is a democrat term for lying ok they lie about things they repeat the lie over and over again they repeated competently like she always does and they get you they isolate you from the truth and the democrats isolate you from the truth by controlling academia the media hollywood you never here you only here the lie repeatedly sue actually come to believe it's true where's the lie there i mean you you cannot see why did listen against great part about podcasting but she open
by saying this was not a protest by the against the country against the flag ok lonely give you call and its own words from nfl that by the way which are better put shown us because up cuz these trust me when i tell you these are his words ok there are precision loss to green bay leaves i stadium on friday night this is when this was said this was last year by the way here's capron its own words about why he's professing i am not to stand up to show pride and a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color he is these stating clearly why he's protests that he has not protest here not going to show pride in his country those are his words i m not going stand up the show pride and a flag for a country that up his black people people colleagues a million dollar athlete by the way me and i felt he's a while these make it please oppressed me for millions by the way he's would you right dear the protest was against the flag now
am i bring this up again one because i enjoy hilary storage costs you such an evil person that i mean if so what i saw you do understand my animosity and everyone else who knows or rather i believe me the secret service gasser just keep quiet that's cause any this date they need to pull out of their pensions i don't care i wanted no connection for that role i cast my out mike i'm done because it is really a cancer in the country but she's telling you the opposite of what capron told you started is why she doing is well fast baiting peace today actually from last week someone said this to me an email if they didn't i'm sorry but i saw it somewhere there's an article in the hill which put in a show notes available punch you know that complete subscribed today this is a must read article you subscribe my email is i'll send you these articles you don't have to worry about it but his veil punch you know that come in my shown us from last week this is
article joe by hillary clinton pollster ok there's not a conservative who wrote this kind of mark pen the articles amazing any talks about in the pool heart are the approval poles wrong again i'm going to this into the hilary thing in a moment but our trumps approve poles wrong again now we discussed in a show last week one of the reasons why we think the general pauling is off because there's an extraordinary number of undecided remember that shall be there's enough wash their examined a piece of your listening to our library you probably heard it already if not go back and listen there was theirs it when it comes to a relaxed you know its trump gonna get reelected knows type of poles there's a theory out there that the poles are wrong consistently on trumped because there's somebody undecided in other words people anew no amount of other side as i think it's five to six percent when you paul about trumpet shook it goes up the somewhere between fifteen and twenty percent that's right
a very unusual and impulses are starting to believe that people just don't want to answer the questions over the phone on trumped joe now doesn't it this is an article takes a different tack detox about approval paul's nieces are the approval pulse wrong again and here's his theory on this he said which is a good one the problem with that austria which are systemic our most of these paul's that appalling are pulling all adults but why where'd you pull all adults i mean joad we can't do this this is politics right politics is the projection of power rejection of power empowers obtained two elections elections are won through votes why would you honestly why do you care what all adults thing maybe nice i mean a baby it make you feel good if you're a democrat well all adults if you're not voting that what is poor matter i gonna maybe eco porphyry all looked the democrats all adults say or sixty percent of adults in electronic data voting moment about what do you care
this is a really big problem that they're pulling all adults and they're not pulling likely a registered voters manufacture these joe code all adults paul's will even find in their sample size a bunch of illegal immigrants were here illegally who can't vote now we read that laurie in philly dotcom today about the pennsylvania secretary of state now you see is what you know he stepped out as the motor voter system was allowed allowing illegal aliens developments so yes only one may not even be a problem but all adults but that's a really big issue you don't want to pull all adults because all adults don't vote there are people who are likely who are registered there all differ so again combined nap the number of undecided and this is me telling you as a friend not as an ally of any party i find myself to be more of a conservatory and these days than than a republican anyway
he's telling you i think the poles on trump are off and our way off and i think the democrats are synonyms i was up in twenty eighteen for a big problem why does this matter because at the end of the peace pen brings up a fascinating point that i wanted the kind of pile on a little bit more one of the points he makes two about this poles and why he thinks a lot of this polling and approval rating stuff in is not going to matter much and he doesn't jumped to the conclusion i'm going to but he says tropic the opposite of obama this is his point which is a good one remember them burma joe that when you ask people about the issues what direction is the country headed enemies the stuff we covered on the show repeated it never no bombers favour we're headed in the wrong direction how do you feel about the economy we don't feel good about the economy do you like obamacare we don't like it and lot what happened obama was re elected and i have to tell folks a lot of us we're just stand by me me included i was willing to bet the form
the fact that romney was gonna win it just didn't correspond and what i was hearing on the ground people when i was knocking on doors running myself in the senate race at that time during the reelect for obama people were really pissed off economy obamacare health care everything the state country put on not only want one job bandit and made it wasn't even really that close to be honest with you i mean it was it was it was around so makes a very astute point uses listen chop is the opposite of obama in other words palmer one on basically a call to personality show that people really like doberman out folks again i'm not speaking for every on but this is his theory you know and i think something to it obama came off do a bunch of moderate americans moderate democrats and a weak republicans frankly as a
equable guy and that called the personality one out but he never here's my problem with the peace he doesn't give you were why you know i'm into the y y matters but why why do people vote against our own interests and and and why are they not doing it now so contrast that with this theory about trubner so just setting it up quick he says composer off depaul i'm all adults and he says secondly the approval ratings for get him for a moment because this guy is the opposite of obama where people didn't approve of obama's policies but like them personally but with trump even though they may disapprove of him it's i called a personality anymore it's ed people are voting there while it am i making sense censier sure but he never give you know why you should be asking yourself as i'm sure most of you are well why is that why did people with obama vote against their own inclinations about the economy creating what paul folks the poles were clear as day under obama right
action wrong direction they all where we're going in the wrong direction they didn't like obamacare they didn't like the economy is going get people revolted re voted for him again based on personality traits why are they now telling approval pollsters all also in these paul saying we don't like trump but he got away did and pen whose democratic warning the republicans it this way mean anything because people are voting personality anymore like they voted for obama there now voting on their wallets and they think trump based on exact same pole right direction wrong direction how do you feel the economy's doing are now saying the economy is doing well unlike they set their obama job and right correction wrong direction or saying right direction makes sense that i sat upright it did good ok you did good what he had to eat what why why the shift though by the wayside
so we really funny response to that when i put out there who is jays abacus someone said i don't know what do you do that's how you know you are loyal listen you're not only where jason because you're where what do you say why the ship here that thereby gino theory append doesn't make the leap e bay and his personal ideas in indonesia folks the obama coalition was largely composed of minority voters and younger voters who found obama's personality to be enough at them over the hump these votes this did not show up for hilary mine voters younger vote is not in the numbers they did for obama that's clear as day i mean children when and she didn't have that coalition the coalition of interest groups on the left mine many voters and young voters got obama over the hump it both elections now i would some of those very same voters now show up to elect hilary
and now in turn some of them vote for trump despite the fact that they don't like what do you think's changed folksy answer i think is a very simple one time they just got older these very same younger voters who are voting odd basically a cult of obama personality work our let's beyond that it be folks please don't take this the wrong way i mean i'm trying to be you know that candy s anything of the show but i'm really not malign and younger voters i'm not i know it's an easy thing to do i'm just saying that when you're younger because i wasn't ready if you were to you're more impressionable to outward you know kara mystics and personality trades and you historic have the basin bedrock of information may because you have a lot of work experience or you haven't pursued you know academically alot of your interest you just don't have the ability the wherewithal you will later in life to annul its policies as they affect you i mean makes
show when you're eighteen and your voting you probably don't i hope you haven't had a life experience can't break all your own image joe and i just this is a matter being old committed itself coppersmith vehicle we ve just been through more as a matter of pride illogical time we how are you know we own homes we own cars things that happened in the real world affects us voters who are voting for obama now you know nine years ago you know me eighteen or now twenty seven and other i came back obamacare think socks i just got put first insurance bill bill it's just a man or of time so i think we're pen here so great is these theories great but i think he fails to make the job and i think this bodes very well and this sum this all up for republicans that is especially for trot maybe now for all republicans london bridge is failing for differently altogether that's sick in your principles but i just
what you out there to be very very coming show up get motivated show up and twenty eighteen show up and twenty twenty but i don't want you to pay over these approval paul's member this is clinton pollster that wrote this peace ok don't panic a lot of this stuff i think trumps approval paul's could go down into the high thirties and he could potentially still went because i think that is a the correct people will asked on the ford you to prove a job they don't like that tweets joe they may not like his personality is brash is a queens guy i'm queens guy like me it's fine but they are i stand that may now own homes and they now have jobs and the country's headed in the right direction are going to vote for what i mean we'll see and twenty twenty go back and play this episode will find them but really we good piece in the hell i put it in the show not please go rita aright today show brought you buy he's a brick house nutrition out a long conversation my body more of these guys are just doing crazy stuff i am that i can't release information yet but there they got a phenomenal loop
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nutrition dot com i give out my email daniel up on gmos i love to read the reviews out of there always good go check it out daunting ask available brick ass nutrition dotcom slash dan sorry that's my special link so brick ass nutrition that calm slash stand if you want to support the show and support our sponsors and try really really good right now you may say what you said you were going to tie that to the hilary peace that store how about our millennium voters who supported trump and frankly a lot of minority voters as well why they support the trouble is that tied the hilary peace folks hilary if you if you go back and listen to that that quota beginning where she's trying to hammer the cap or next thing hilary is a political creature of the worst kind i've heard talk of her to talk behind the scenes she cares about nothing more than our own political career on political reputation she will slip on a dime on any issue if she thinks it all i can't see if she thinks it will benefit our i can't say enough things about
i warn you how malignant of a personality she hasn't how dangerous she would be if she was in charge of anything you're a comes through my voice because i'm really concerned about her re entering the political scene she's a danger this person why would she go back to this identity politics thing now she's an astute political creature folks i dont know she's gonna run again i said i thought you would a little wild on guess i'm still leaning in that direction that i think she setting yourself up unbelievably for another run i find myself but i don't see any other reason she would be doing what she's doing an aggravating to base but why is she going back to identity politics identity politics is at the core of the cap renege issue it's me and she's trying to distract you should try to say all this is as you know this is about this and that the other thing despite the fact that capital himself said it's about not being able to show pride in that's capron its own words
why is she gas lighting it saying it's about systemic appreciated all this nonsense despite the fact that two million thou rafi folk she's doing it because i think the democrats are worried right now they are worried that this movement from from obama to trump as millennium voters mature and start voting their pocketbooks in our personality anymore joe are going to leave behind only the angriest voters now you may say but how does it and if the democrats folks it doesn't the point i'm sure make it you have to get to a primary before you can get to a general election bout in a national election and even at state level and senate races raises gubernatorial races i think today crash realizing what's happening they are seeing a lot of these voters they voted for the culture programme of personality and voting hence their own interests actually cause they thought obama was a nice guy now moving over to trump voting against personality before their pocketbook and their funding
the only people left behind you were going to show up in primary show are the angriest of angry liberals and the angriest angry liberals joe are only motivated by anger they dont have a platform their platform is hypocritical to their very existence they don't donate more in taxes they send their kids to elite private schools but they want higher taxes and they want public education what motivates them to show up as an anchor a trap they know identity politics at accusing people randomly of racism massage needs xenophobia is the only way they will win a primer and i think they think they are chance in on the general election you don't say in german republic because they have nothing else saw this with our appealing only to the angry so people this is why hilary stick with the identity politics in but i saw a story this weekend today they signal that i'll put the shone out which is absolutely bizarre but makes my point again that liberals aren't really playing for the general election right now they're playing
the primaries and their catering only to the angry sir voters using identity politics and these stories another one that judging not just making this up hilary is not dumb she's doing is because she understands its all the democrats now have left everybody they did ran on on the economy and they tried to run an economic messages already left they only i've transgender bathrooms right now showed false chow this of racism that's it and are hoping to motivate the lay the left at the left's angry base which is all that is left to go to the polls so story at the daily signal which is so this is this is one of those stories your like can liberals be this done any answers yes it's almost always there's a colorado baker guy's name is jack philips it's the oecd this guy was soon enough reduce gay wedding cake thing get it might make a case cake for a wedding you know god forbid the guy's christian doesn't want to partake in a ceremony he feels violates is religious beliefs you know the democrats the demo
i can't just like good enough be good enough of course the democrats have to punish because again the only people left are the angry base on the left they don't have anything else the j f k they're gone at least in the primary sees now instead of leaving just so the guy and trying to bankrupt him for not wanting to bake a cake for gay wedding job that's not good enough now because remember their angry so now someone said this guy and email requesting him he's a christian by the way in miss their power they want to to design a cake celebrate say birthday gay i am not yet no no no no no i am not making this up its output it has shown us read the dark story yourself now there
this thing he make a cake with an upside down cross and like a satan ahead on public what kind of satan had like with the horns or is it like reagan from the exorcist sate mad like which which integration are we talking here they want him to make a satan cake and saying you know really is protected and we are satanist folks this is again obsession with the left they have an angry base left and this is all can cater to this they have they have no substantial policies there higher base is motivated by revenge that's all they want they want to keep to focus on i agree i aggravating black voters do false charges of racism against the gnp aggravating people who are aggravated transgender voters by keeping up this bathroom issue which appeals to almost no one but the very limited angry base they wanted
keep suing christian bakers out there now they want bakers to make satan cakes dams i mean i get a body we give you advice i'm just saying it this is it satan cakes my satan cakes saint cage bail out for insurance companies other obamacare get than the second go to hell every sip over here the visit this is the best you got this is your platform twenty twenty you know vote harry smith for president we support satan cakes obamacare bail outs and the end the iranians mullahs vote smith twenty two this is all you have it seriously jays advocates would have a better chance three what he's got better navy did through by shell i know we get at least twenty five thousand boas base thereby on yourself that's where we get twenty four hours of lesser somewhere i know exactly how badly we have focused unbelievable this is this is the
ass they ve got satan gets the democrats the party of satan cakes of every i should love is a really nice it's up way but in a way it's like you don't love you gotta cry so read the articles of the show knows and get it just doubles down my point they only have the angry left yet and i got a couple of stories to get through here before i get to a moment to discover hatred supply great sponsor of our love these guys they produce a murder if food some the best emergency food out there and you may say to yourself it all fair enough or what do i need emergency food for well that's a whole the idea behind an emergency folks is rarely know what's going to happen if you know what what's gonna happen it would be an emergency you know we had everything in our lives matter we ensure cars are home our health how do you sure you're food supply now i have a lot i did surely my foods by seeds i have boxes for my patriot supply have their fruit vegetable packet but at a minimum it's probably
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nature s for those you don't know what that is a national health service and united kingdom is the single payer healthcare system in the uk now they are and this is a quote from the peace joe the chess government run healthcare in the united kingdom is sleep walking into way winter crisis that's a quote from it is the independent which i strongly encourage you read valuable to show notes again today ascending from a viewer or listen i should say and it's a terrific my my bringing this up because folks this obama care the the trump eeo too rid of executive order to get rid of these cost sharing payments is linked to bury obamacare i say that because the the cost sharing payments were poor taxpayer bail out for ensure companies that basically could make money by taking on basic back
extra population of sick lying is because of the way it was set up i said i said that their bedroom them up i didn't explain alone they were bailouts for insurance companies that were forced to take on six sick clients because of the individual mandate community raining but couldn't charge them for the amount of honey they were crossing the insurance companies that make sense if you are a sick client insurance company you are going to cost money because you're going to require medical care again this is only tough for a liberal they can't seem to understand basic math when it comes to you no actuarial accounting and things like that the democrats seem to think that these costs disappear because they say so well they don't doctors have to go paid nurses have to get paid administrative of assistants have to get pain lands you won't hospitals and and and doctors offices have to get paid their the ecb me runs based on a value system where we transmit value to other people in exchange for services and goods is only complicated left the left out by its
shooting obamacare and say no no no you are going to give insurance these people but you're not going to charge them for what they cause that the costs disappear while they didn't disappear sure it's companies were then force of course to pay out more than they were taking in from these clients makes sense so what up so the cost disappear the cautious poor turned over to you the taxpayer to taxpayer bailouts the catch with these obamacare bailouts the money was never appropriated by congress obama basically dissuaded the treasury which is completely unconstitutional the power the purse is vested exclusively in the legislative branch that it's not that question so that they were deemed unconstitutional these payments it were bail out payments now now the trumpets these bail out payments folks obamacare spinning but they did a show and at last week and i would repeat if it ever has been exposed because you can't keep the cost structures it's not going to marry up you can't keep charging people is this amount of money why paying out more someone's gonna pay the difference so now
who cares that could disrupt that's the bad news it can't it can't survive without these subsidies that's why the democrats or in a panic now how does this work to the end of the story in the independent about the age ass the democrats are adopted right now because they listen the endless and good on this what because this is absolutely crystal clear they know with one hundred percent certainty that it cannot say five without these subsidies there are ray they are still gotta be blamed now how do i know this job because i pay attention i listen all the time to the language i listened to the gas lighting i listened to the quote re framing democrat terminology for lying did you notice now when the day across on tv and iran cable news listen to them talk about it what do they call it my care now now all of a sudden a subtle bomber kerosene affordable care i what do you think that what you think the shift despite obamacare being very proud to call it or barbecue misuse means by mama
saying it was gay obamacare were proud of what we said that a debate y all suddenly they shifting now you know some of them call that the asia the whole time and now you're seeing it almost exclusively afford to refer to is affordable care trying to use rand yeahs yes because they are terrified because it's going to collapse and i wanted collapses if its if its upon emissary name they have throw bomber there were afraid people are gonna blame obama so their switching the conversationally affordable character they're gonna try to say trump cards it now trouble already sabotage you can't sap you cannot sabotage obamacare obamacare sabotage this so i made a joke on twitter i tweeted i'm trying to say tosh o barbecues like trying to sabotage copper oc remember that show was its stephen botch go show is aware show ever the cops we're sing in is that was like the laughed attitude they can't let s do it do three episodes it does you it's just a bad idea copyright open
i care is the cop rock of health care it was a bad idea from the start it was designed in such a way to tell insurance companies you will pay out x amount of money despite not receiving x amount of money from people who are your clients that is a business model that could continue i would by the way you don't make enough money taxpayers you're gonna pay off the insurance companies that sounds fair sounds totally legitimate democrats it was never gonna work so how did it's failing they are desperate dependence on trump so they will you will not see any of them call it obamacare they will call it the affordable care act in an effort to write chose right to rebranded tie at the trump because it is going collapse there is no mathematical way for this to continue ok now a couple percent me emails said last summer republican a mature brought i'm a little worried does mean that if they stop these ella payments my insurance payments are gonna go up for some of you it may a very limited number of people but folks again i you know
i was going to say this we got you gotta get big the army i'm taking a hit on this tax plan i am certain that it doesn't benefit me mad effect the taxpayer may in some respects hurt me a little might not my taxpayer not that i want to pay more of the government but i think it will benefit the economy overall you know i left a job in the secret service gave up absolute jobs here about patty myself back i'm just saying i am not speaking to you with forked tongue about lecturing anyone and that your preacher i'm not anybody's university professor i'm just a dude who is you know i'd like to believe i've at least led by some example here before i speak which i have i've giving up a lot in this fight banners you're sure its gonna go up folks you either going to pay for your taxpayers are you gonna pay at an you're gonna get that money the insurance company or we're going to do the right thing a taxpayer bail outs of health insurance companies get rid of oak obamacare and joe hopefully two or three years you're premiums will come down drastically and more than make up for a temporary
but for a very limited number of people this can happen but my job here is not to lie to you like democrats that's not job that's not why do the show i pray the questions are very fair questions lot of your struggling but we all organ to take a hit a little bit here in order for long term prosperity we're gonna have to take a short term hit makin a lie to you like damson say not on all the cautious disappear matter we took out about sick people who don't worry it'll cost anything on that suggesting they should be carefully just suggested tat we have to be realistic about the costs and obamacare was now what does this have to do it independent peace will now the democrats realizing this is all going to go on their joe are now doubling down on this medicare for all which is government run healthcare now read this speech about but the any just because you're always here from the democrats about how wonderful single payer healthcare is overseas hears on the pc is equal to the number of
patients waiting too long for routine operations has soared its highest level and nearly a decade amid warnings the any just is sleep walk need to weigh winner crisis here's a day the killer number folks and upon attended the seriously new debts just data shows that more than four hundred nine thousand people waited longer than the official eighteen we target for now on urgent treatment in august we'd hundreds languishing on waiting lists for me more than a year wow folks think about what i just told you well you have almost half a million people on a waiting list in quote government run health care you no single pray free healthcare joe it's free not to mention their tax load is extraordinary to pay for nearly half a million people were in close to four months on a waiting list to be so
for non urgent care now keep her mind when i say not urgent care they mean non urgent for the government not non urgent for you you know you may have a torn rotate or cuff where you can like i do right now my right arm where you can lived through it for you get to work you do this thing fixed going to do some stem cells i'll let you know how it goes but you my poor joe show by an urgent they mean like you're not going to die tomorrow doesn't mean it's not urgent for you imagine going in there right i have a friend i'm going to but she is me a little while ago you know pretty pretty our conservative and was really you know in a bag situation said my husband's mess right now with the shoulders basically reach out to me because of my shoulder problems ends in themselves and said he basically does a lot of manual labor and says he can go to work he can't eat can't live without i be profanity folks i'm lucky i
blessed by god and by many of you by the way to who been nice enough to listen to the show that i don't have to make a living with my hands anymore i don't have to go out there and been been and dig ditches for a living i nothing but respect for people do but what my body in the condition its in i don't know that i physically could do that anymore so again because it's not urgent meeting my rotate or cuff injury john i'm going to die from it doesn't mean it's not urgent for me people have life so if they gotta get back to work you have five hundred thousand people in up four hundred and nine to be absolutely precise here for waiting lists for over four months at home more for more than a year and you think this is good idea for why matters ok why is that because you cannot locate scarce resources into society and any other than to ways there is no other way does the hard truth for the get big crowd wouldn't
it's to understand the real world not the fantasy land made up by liberals he scarce resources a doctor's time joe correct correct it time is not unlimited there's aren't unlimited and doctors is not unlimited in any respect if he can do two or three rotate or cup surgeries a day the only way to incentivize more doctors to do more surgeries is to give them an incentive to do it that is done the pricing system that sends a signal the doctors that they should go in that field that's how the free market works when the cost for a service a rotating of surgery goes up to a hundred thousand dollars doctors go gosh i get in that field and more doctors committed lower the price it's only work every single places been tried flat screen tvs cell phones telephone service computers and everywhere else liberals ignore that they wanted to or the pricing system what they were
i do is they want to institute the other way a rationing system it is the only other way folks can you suggest to me you will be the nobel prize winner of economics if you can send me an email telling me another way to allocate scarce resources outside of pricing it meaning allowing suppliers and prob demands of a product to meet him clearing price or you can ration it there other way is there to allocate a doctor's time i'm not kidding copy and silly with you send me an email the so just might my problem what this whole thing is we're are being honest with you saying folks pricing is not a panacea pricing expensive but that expensive price signals joe other supply there's two committed lower the price it warns everywhere else has been tried it is no solution for rationing when you out government run system that allocates time because there are ro pricing you turn your
ex pay or money over the government they don't use the price model they just pay it out for you only way to our eight the resource is too rash in it when the gun it controls that you have five chairs and ten people want em you could price m incentivize people too more chairs or you can say every other person it's a chair oh and by the way we decide that's this is happening that's why they're five hundred thousand people on waiting lists because they have the ration it first all the failure of our system now if you can come with the resources and meet the price even though our systems broken now whether it your charity through insurance to your own save that funds you will find the doktor to perform a procedure any you cannot do that the uk without the connections you will be sitting for quote non urgent care on that waiting list because you price or you ration that is it
there's no other way and i just wish democrats would be honest and say after push for single pay or as a result of these obamacare here subsidies trying to tie this all together in a neat little package here which they would just say to people we pushing medicare for all which is government run healthcare basically and by the way we're going to have the rash and new health care that you know you may say they would never do that why it's the truth not just say it just tell the truth now to so many other things i'm gonna get you here cash so goods to tie the whole thing in together why democrats is as a response to these drying up of the bailout payments pushing not to feel the health care system but pushing for the most radical approach go pay or healthcare why
my views and show the answer should be obvious right now because folks again the only people left in the primary season for democrat voters we need to win primaries to get on ballots are the angry angriest radical left this that's it that's it the moderate democrats in the moderate republicans are moving on they are getting older they tree is getting collectively older they only either illegal immigrants to push into the voting population to take the place of the millennials and are getting older voting their pocketbooks not trumps personality anymore or they after here too the most radical angry left this left whose were left in the party jehu support single the most radical idea this making this up the angry left as identity politics and radical left his policies is the only way to get through right now in a primary because all of the moderate democrats at all but a good swaths of them the millennium
screw up the a lot of them full voting park about issues of voting for tromp right now because they don't see him having having attachment to the republican label like our vote this guy sound generally good although approval party i can't stand them not me i'm talking about universal rotors debts i agree as people left and they will support these radical policies that's why they're doing that rather than something a little more realistic or else that i want to get to hear you know what i'm going to get to this story marxists can require me you really begin to a but let me just teasing a little bit there's a i've initially storing the wash your journal today about commerce versus retail and your midst cover what the heck i can do it quick what am i like the fijian on your computer the gist of it is this folks you know the democrats line about the economy has always been they know technology atm aroun and everything that destroying jobs robots are destroying jobs automation destroying jobs at all i got em don't have anything else they all
productivity total factor productivity the the of less inputs more output sailor understand any of that or they do in there just lying to the democrats view of technology is a nonsense ridiculous you know secular stagnation they call it base theory that everything that could be invented joe has been invented and now go men in the future should just reallocate what's been invented ok just dump it stupid but the great peace and wash your journal today about how the democrats fears that e commerce was gonna put people a work are completely found it so again i like numbers facts and data which are basically like garlic to the democrat vampire so here are the numbers into peace e commerce jonah words like amazon type retailing rather than you know the standard old sears thing where you go to the store by stuff commerce wages joe are thirty one percent higher than the from a job in a retail establishment so if you're
an amazon fulfilment centre where king in in fulfilment of goods you're not like in a serious and storefront their wages are thirty one percent higher now mister what does it do which up retailers down folks there's no question the amazon effect is taking stolen retail retail jobs down a hundred and twenty three thousand basic dad you just proof the democrats point you say robot did it atm stated tidal waves data whenever obama the nuclear disaster obama play me i mean these guys hey technology retail down a hundred twenty three thousand e commerce show up a hundred and seventy eight thousand and delivery you know like being able to deliver from the warehouse careers and stuff like that tack on another fifty eight thousand jobs folks now again we don't have time for at jason a jays abacus to make an appearance today but joe doesn't need to figure out that a hundred seventy eight plus fifty
thousand is far greater than two hundred twenty three thousand lost a perfect example of computers creative destruction jobs are always gonna be lost in the economy folks there's no way to preserve we lobbied in horse and buggy if we wanted to employ horse and buggy drivers the account he is going to have some winners and it's always gotta have some losers that's the way the world works it's a tough place but don't let the democrats tell you technologies killing jobs it's not it just producing jobs in different sectors and more importantly in greater numbers i felt thanks for listening please you're my email is to punch you know that can give us a visit over there we always appreciated and i will see you you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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