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Ep. 572 An Absolutely Inexcusable Attack on Trump

2017-10-19 | 🔗
In this episode - Beware of this dangerous liberal scam designed to destroy our Constitutional Republic.  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/truth-catches-up-with-the-effort-to-abolish-the-electoral-college/article/2637915?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Examiner+Today&utm_source=StructureCMS   Ted Cruz destroys Bernie Sanders on taxes! https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/ted-cruz-destroys-sanders-robin-hood-tax-fantasy   Busted! The disingenuous congresswoman attacking Trump for calling the widow of a heroic serviceman has a spotty record on veteran’s issues. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/19/florida-democrat-wilson-no-friend-veterans-vote-record-shows.html   Federal spending per person has exploded. Check out these disturbing numbers. https://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/terence-p-jeffrey/capita-federal-spending-sevenfold-1941   The real dangers of the DC “swamp.” http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/18/trump-not-replacing-bureaucrats-enables-deep-state?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell%22&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTTJJeVl6VXhZVEZsTURZeiIsInQiOiJkTXdGampvWFdENmNsK2V2NVZcL0pqMERTMzZjVGtURHZ2U1pzQXgyQkhLcklnMTRRSVwvZ01iczRpb2VrTEJHcCs3Z09pZUlla0UwUENFMUpmejZwXC9UZkd5Z0VpZ1hoS2IyaWNKUUMwekFxMFE1MDZiUlFcL243Rkxya3N5UTdLd3QifQ%3D%3D   Here’s how to listen to my podcast on your Amazon Echo.  https://www.amazon.com/Harrison-Digital-Media-AnyPod/dp/B072HY3T7Y/ref=lp_14284855011_1_2?s=digital-skills&ie=UTF8&qid=1507912308&sr=1-2   Sponsor Links: www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan www.CRTV.com Promo Code “Bongino”
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damn bond you know i owe you was home you owe me i owe you there's nobody dan bungee no show anything run by liberals will be run into the ground burned stepped on gasoline port on it and burned again ready to hear the truth about amerika there arguing about things and debating how quickly they can deconstruct the greatest country in the history of mankind and all of the ideas and arms and have gotten us on a show that not immune to the banks with your host damn bonds you know i was really get a publican thereby gino preschool our unique o ways glad to be here daniel busy news they thanks when he was yesterday show how near nuclear meltdown about this crap go along with this rush investigation they turns out the trump rush scandals evolved into an obama russia scandal which is conveniently gone away because the mainstream media bunch of fake phony fraud
liberals in disguise political activists not journalists to em out don't click on their stuff their garbage cancel you subscriptions and i really have nothing nice to say about them at all didn't have anything nice to say yesterday don't have anything nice to say today meets its business we could do they have the absolute first amendment right to put out what they want and i support that but that doesn't prevent them from being totally works and now really destructive to the country an egg of moral influence i mean they're totally unethical and i'm just scots that by the whole thing they data factor for months we ve been told to be about this trump russia thing joe you get in here it back on yesterday's show now i mean by tat three hundred emails people loved it so i appreciate the feedback i just i'm so disgusted by the state of the country and you know i just albeit in the secret service and sit near amongst the press in watching the group thinkin i just guy and understand that i'm want to move on from this i want to repeat yesterday show but others leave you with this point folks i
can't understand for the life of me why we're supposed to take the modern mainstream media seriously as this serious question i am i mad this isn't i personally for effect again this is a serious question i don't take an orthodox it is a word seriously in orthopedic doctors words seriously when you're telling me about a brain condition i may have if i i don't mean that as an insult i just mean joe a fire in tumor god forbid which i may but yesterday's shots fired a brain tumor what kind of doktor you think you'd go to for a brain tumor most likely brain doktor brain doktor specializes in you know
ecology the brain cancer the bright buried there wasn't a get sometimes show these questions are so obvious i'm afraid you think i'm set you up these are simply yeah i know but i'm really not like you're the audience unpleasant so i go to a doctor specializes in cases of the brain if i have a can bone i go to matter fact i have a broken bone or a sprain and a joint i want to go to a doctor to not only is an orthopedic but who specializes in that specific joint guy for a shoulder ok why i mean this is a very serious question i posed to my audience why a door why do you why do you take these people seriously in the media these are some folks sorry and this is not a mile i experienced with mrs not i am not trying to stereotyped the entire industry i'm telling you my experience with the majority of media folks i dealt with behind the scenes in my time working at the white house these are really really well maybe they are not very they're not bright people they're not i've done
tell we dare not they are even though these are people who prob we couldn't hack it in biology couldn't marketing chemistry couldn't hack it in physics couldn't hack it in here the hard sides is probably had a tough time in engineering dropped out and came basically journalism majors and yet right about stuff and we're supposed to universally except their position that there the dvd barometer for universal truth what why why why are we listening to these people folks to say you should be openly embarking laughing at these people i don't mean at a bad way but there that i mean it this is truly their whole tromp russia thing was a fairytale was made up any upwards you all know that the new york times set it up ok even worse why can't we understand why we're listening to these people i don't know anxious to me that that's why i was so upset yesterday makes no sense and again we are hearing
again on the taxpayer is why one of the send little sideways intentional one sometimes i terrorism is an intention to me again as injecting themselves into this tax cut debating the trump is pushing for pretty pronounced the substantial tax cuts but again the media were not brain surgeons who were not engineers who are not architects we're not nurses or doctors and they are definitely not economists we're supposed to take the new york times word for the economic effects of tax cuts as if the new york times are the watery job should be the worst imposed has ever unable credibly report the facts why we take it these are not economists these are just folks i'm will you they are really not smart somebody conversations i had with these media people by the seas i would walk it would be like did he just say that like is that real did that person just say that and write articles for the blank outlet for
in the blanks prime reuters whenever you your stun at the level of stupidity i would take us secret service agents word every day the weak it twice on sunday over that of someone in the media who i am their media demetrius job is that what you have just the fact man but this tax thing is infuriating to me because we would they refused important report the truth now chuck sumer whose it was turned out god full clown he's gone full clown mode he's on the floor yesterday in the house and ironically starts you know answering the american public against these tax cuts and it's funny how we frames shown it goes to show you the hypocrisy of you democrats listening you guess you me not all of you not you joe but the democrats i know where you stand but today a crass listening your party i hypocrites you're hypocrites you're not genuine not all of you the good majority of democrats or total frauds we don't have that problem the republican party we don't
a pay higher taxes that we don't want you to pay him either so church humor on the floor joe gives a speech and that on the floor and out some self as a complete total fraud he starts how about you know with what work but the national debt middle class taxes going up to this plan wait what a truck sure said that folks ever say that wrong it's not like i'm confused are you could fuse they get you one could feel that church humor the look ro hack democrat from new york gave a speech on the floor pan the trunk tax cuts saying how magically how the trunk tax cuts are gonna high taxes on the middle class and increase the debt so chuck let me get this straight over you care about middle class people paying more and you care about the debt going up what do you actually believe that now report kids actually care good ones not the bad ones i don't onawandah stereo type
in a positive direction in our society that we certainly have our share of abysmal failures but ladies but we have been fighting this fight for constrained government spending forever the democrats have exploded the budget and is not a dollar of government spending they won't support and all sudden shock humor goes on the floor renounces fit plus years paul you know posted after you're more than that of objects and a government policies oh and if you think i'm making it up whereas this year in article i put in a show notes today upon gino that com you can subscribe to my email is there and i will email you the shown us as well great art by sea and its new joe since night in forty one federal spending per person inflation adjusted is not nominal numbers he's a real numbers inflation adjusted in eighteen forty one we spent seventeen hundred eighteen dollars per person per capita right now two thousand
eighteen inflation adjusted twelve thousand two hundred and thirty nine doll per person that's a seven fold increase in federal spending so let me get this through sevenfold that's a big number follow that's an enormous number what are you stand democrats i don't understand is the dead your concern that's your concern what are you take real action like cut spending so the debt your concern but you support more government spending and middle class tax rates are you concern despite the fact that you have consistently argued for higher middle class tax rate folks these eyes or total france they're making it up as are going along at church humor stands for nothing he's a fake he's a charlatan he's a magician that's all he is now folks i have a suggestion to solve these problems and i think this would be the few ways we can because i guess i don't see any any real solution in the future under the current status quo of taxing spending taxes
continue to go up is spending goes up cause government spending is taxes whether the tax is now our taxes in the future the taxes you're gonna pay from there's only three ways to solve this problem should get you in a second but let me just suggest a strategic way to stem the tide of excessive government spending folks i get it people don't think this is real they'd out i'm sorry people don't think this is spending anymore they don't think it affects them they don't government spending like they see house all spending when you get a bill in the mail for a product you bought it feels as i four hundred hundred and let's say you got i had some ducked work done at my house recently about a two new air conditioners and adopt workin handlers so they came in like manner we gonna do duckworth too it was two thousand bucks that's real to you why because i had to write a check in a two thousand dollars cleared for my bank account i wanted to the bank kind of each rack company right between the eyes right between the eyes raina kisser people too see government spending is real
i know you may say ah commandeered yes they do no folks they don't they what's it they see government spending as either some hoping error or they see it as like all don't worry we'll be long dead before the bill comes do because the bill hasn't come do so simple suggestion to make this real to make the grow task amount of government spending for trillion dollars and twenty trillion dollars and accumulated debt years and years of annual deficits and projected way into the future you know what you i make this real job we should start billion people at the end of the year well but you'd do agree yeah you send them a pill you'd see and feel that way you'd see and feel you want to pay for government folks no this is going to suck this would impact me because our people wouldn't save people could go bankrupt already go we break grub you're making my point but why not just now
hey that it's it's the same as saying it oh government spending is a little worried is dad if he was going to make his pay you were going to pay you want to pay later you want to pay now who are paid later with interest sent everybody a bill on april fifteen no more for no more already financing the government with dead what does it matter forget paper withholding send everybody a payroll tax bill for yourselves security a payroll tat bill for your medicare and a payroll tax bill for your she'd be and an income tax bill at the end of the year in april fifteen and watch what happens when the average american making say seventy thousand dollars a year is a family that's a little bit bob the median income but here are people or median income plus a bit wait till they get there twenty das dollar bill in the mail about about report get spokes about lecturing you guys already know that this is a problem good republicans i'm talking about the damage you think this is all free they and the money fairyland a bill twenty
every year plus interest on the dead you watch how quick this turns around because democrats are full of crap there on this issue i can i just showed you the full of a church yours arguing on the floor that the democrats now care about debt middle class tax rates nonsense they support endless government spending spending is taxes which is a hike it'll class in the middle class government debt is just attacks and a future plus the interest on the dead there's no deal this is real forces is real money is a fake now there's no i said i'd get zoe three ways for us to finance this government debt that's only three ways for us to pay for number one which have discussed before and this is our make the case to you strongly and stand by this is why the democrats absolutely adore inflation despite the fact that inflation is a double whammy for you because
inflation due to you joe it makes prices go up for stuff you have to buy inflation makes your salary effectively go down because inflation means you're dollars worth less right inflation means your dollar dollar yesterday bought product a b and c place it means the dollar's been devalued means it a dollar now only buys a and b places where is that it only buys a as a half a day in the future inflation is a double whammy prices go up earning power and your spending should say you're spending power goes down pandemic it's love inflation because inflation also reduces the value of government debt i know i have spoken about this before but it's important it's why the damn crash right now i like to tie stories together folks are very worried about the upcoming appoint two of the federal reserve board there extremely concerned trump is going to appoint a what they call a hawk and not a dove
monetary hawk would be someone who supports a strong dollar or doesn't support unfair inflation right a fiscal of would be someone who supports the heavy robust inflation as a way to inflate away the value of their debt that's a little simplified way saying and i get that led down one but that's why you know i like to tidy stores together is a big debate now go on because it is an open seed about who trump should appoint to that hocker a dub trot possessed he spoke in a kind of dovers terms which worries me a little bit on that to be candid we need i cannot support a strong doubt but democrats inflation because devalues the dollar and also devalues the dollar of government debt these john maynard keynes who ironically the you know a parliament name keynesian economics which is the bedrock of democrats liberal economic principle even he explained the dangers of inflation way by giving the example i will give it yours couple is the port the goose right if you want to get twenty
percent of the population money because you want the government to spend it there's two ways do a job you could basically say the economy was a hundred dollars you could tax away twenty five dollars and spend it federal government comes in taxes everybody twenty five percent takes twenty five dollars out of a hundred thousand the economy and spends it right the other way to do it is they don't tax you at all they tax you very little and they just print thirty three thousand put in circulation so now there's a hundred thirty three thousand circulation but the government automatically prince it and gives itself that thirty three out may may it's great enough the taxi when all they tax you you just don't know it because now with a hundred thirty three thousand circulation your monies devalued and buys less there's no free money there's no money very that's why demo that's love inflation so the three ways to do this we can inflate away when i say this i mean a programme a fleet of getting rid of our debt we can inflated away we can tax it away now you may say well then europe
that you're you're a supporter of decrease government debt but now you're saying that we can tax it away folks we could tax it away but the irony is taxing away doesn't mean higher tax rates it generally means lower tax rates while now i'm really confused you folks lower tax rates to a point is called the four curve named after art laffer ellie f f your i just look it up its it you know there's a tons of pages at describe what is a very simple laffer grab this phenomenon through taxation where obviously zero taxes led to joe zero tax dollars but a hundred percent tax rate eventually leads to zero tax dollars to outside because hundred percent tax rate to government confiscating all peoples money what people stop doing joe working generating money right generate better way to say it as you actually correct that's could throw like other peoples
generating money why because it's not their money it's the government so laugh allegedly on a napkin as he describes it was showing a bush economic adviser ones how the laffer curve and he showed that there is an effective peak that curve may tax rate that people will find generally fair and not a disincentive to work because that's so high that their money is being confiscated and where they get decent value for their government dollar court system the military that well it's in dispute where the p get out curve is i would argue through new due to some it's been done in the past that didn't have described on the show that is probably around eighteen it ninety percent based on houses lama can get to deepen that but its around eighteen to twenty percent in my humble opinion based on the work of a financial analysts from the west coast hauser that people around eighty
the twenty percent of their income is enough for them joe to continue to work and not be disincentive eyes by paying so much of their money that they stop working so the we are making here again point number one you want to get rid of the debt we can inflated away very bags inflates away your eye your dollar two so could be done but it's bad i'm not recommending it that's the democrats of method number to effective tax rates the attacks rates though have to go down a bit not up were already at thirty five percent for a top marginal rate on the on the above the fair the income side tat marginal rate but the problem is forty five percent of people right now are paying federal taxes so that tax it is about fifteen points above where it should be i would the case you strongly that if we were to cut the tax rates it would incentivize people to work more frankly folks these are being benevolent joe poppy
as they want to earn more money and now they can keep more of it the catches they earn more they produce more they produce more money in the government even at twenty percent rather than the fifty at thirty five percent gets a a bigger nominal chunk of the pot now the third way were we to grow out of it which is kind of tied the number two we're not gonna grow out of it do inflation and we are certainly not gonna grow out of it to higher tax rates that justice probably why lower tax rates can actually lead to more money coming into the government but we need growth folks at seven said growth over ten years we would double the real value of our economy think about what i'm telling you now that's ridiculous amount of growth are not suggesting that that's even plausible but at three five percent half a seven obviously we could double our economy twenty years in our lifetime it twenty years on forty two gotta be forty three the time i'm in my sixties if we hit three and a half percent growth every year not a difficult targets been done many times reagan hit nearly percent now one of the use of his presidency it's one of joe we could double the size of our economy think about what i'm telling you we owe
one trillion in debt era economy is twenty troy so right now we owe every single thing were worth if we were to die the size of our economy it twenty years just by some growth alone simple growth alone we would we would shrink debt just through growth even if we pay nothing you have to be some interest payments but you get what i'm saying these payments right now are lower than three percent i just want to bring this up i know i spend more time on and i am afraid if i get to want you sometimes illusion but i'm just i'm disgusted dealing with democratic hypocrisy and all these issues choked humor we gotta worry about the debt shut up chalk shut up you never gave a damn about that you don't give a damn about death and now you're a liar i mean how do you get on the floor the senate and so your soul of the devil every single time you just taking it up you're just talk
we completely making you never cared about the dead you never cared about middle class tax revenue now you care about middle class taxes since when you just hack pathetic and unlike those characters i'm offering you real solutions ok offering you solutions that are bad inflation second higher taxes because it clearly to lower tax revenue so they're not really solutions are proposed solutions that are be failures thirty do it is to grow grow to lower tax rates and more investment duration but you are but he's a brick house nutrition fancy these guys man than i need him yesterday how they can become a mine melt the astonished tat joe before the show like my mind just melted away and i think it led to such just explosive anger in that trunk russia story i covered to begin the short so upset yesterday so i appreciate all the feedback they show by through every constitution they make one of the best energy products out there i just said it was sponsored by them twice dog
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nutrition dot com slash dan and go pick up don t does today and give me your feedback daniel happens you know that come i really love the positive emails i get i forward and right on the orders of the company they love one other thing i forgot to mention i was on cooking with friends a few weeks ago and funds in france which is fine go about this firefox is always so he's body i view the eba you see people on tv all the time and you run into a green room and the thing about fox and i say this because it's a relatively conservative out what folks i could but i'm not going through is behind the scenes of people are very genuine i'm tellin you have had a bad experience with anyone and honour personality the booker's the camera folk there really unbelievably nice people and i want to go which out the janis theme i know we have a listeners she was unbelievably nice the weather machine is taking the weather oh she's great she she some of her freddy the frog castor books to my kids and she signed all of em and
donates a significant portion of those proceeds of the book to various charities and she was an unbelievably you know elegant and just wonderful person to my kids anna i appreciate it so go pick up a copy of a book if you don't mind freddy cast or she has a big siri she don't it's a lot of money she's really a wonderful person so thanks to jan esteem for doing that i really appreciate go check him out freddy the frog we call box my five year old loves about she signed all of them to which was amazing so aright this is a story i saw today folks that i hope gets reporting on elsewhere although i am not confident well our committee careful not to be overly dramatic because i got to a fight yesterday on twitter with the former about a rapture zephyr now i'm not kidding foes checkmate mike macfarlane we like a decent enough guy wasn't like hostile about it but he didn't others i tweet i was talking about that that the historicity about the uranium one deal and i said that the
looks like the russians bride their way through the obama administration and its a bribe the obama administration is surprised their way through the obama administration meaning that they for influencing these deals that we're going on through the money exchanging hands with these private companies that was alluding to although not in a fashion of a bribe exits illegal term yet the clinton they should payments so macfarlane like that but he was always court without i'm not i have no problem of people fire and back i fired bombs on twitter but so this story so i want to be careful how i presented because we're stu matter and that's why very delicately worded that tweet yesterday because i don't like to get until i conspiracy stuff right as you well know much ironic because some people maybe it's treat me like what are you spears there oh my god my god i can't win with this i can't whenever wherever dude
there is a story in the wash them examined the shown what you please you have to read it if you don't want to subscribe to my email is fine go to punch you know that cop you don't want to go to punch you know that cop find me on twitter i tweeted out you know what our discarded wash them examiner and look up the peace it's really good there is this they're trying to give the democrats are trying to get rid of the constitutional republic in our system of electing people i don't know any other way to say and i'm trying to be precise careful in my language but there's no other way to say it organize group of democrats joe wants the white clean the electoral college which i have warned you about the past is extremely dangerous to get rid of just to be clear what talking about i'm trying to them the show down in a most of you know but for those who are familiar with how exactly we elect president's the election of the president i this is not a national election it's not it is a series of state wide elections that the risk all of those stay wide elections are determinative of of
the number of electors debtor selected two then elect the president it ebb to think of it a series of fifty governors racist and it's not a national election is not a popular vote election most of you know that you're winner of the microsoft vote was not donald trump we are not not the first time this has happened by the way i'd al gore on the popular vote over george w bush the less argument is that all that subverting democracy folks we are not a democracy we are not in the in the you're a constitutional republic we have a demo process but we are not a direct democracy no one subverting anything we were now intended to be a direct democracy and a market to this end a second because this is it there's an organised effort and robert rice who i really frankly cancer and i mean it because he just he abroad get a whole video about this guy he's an economist who just make stuff up all the time i mean
does any any hides behind the guise of a doctor a philosophy his whatever's phd to say things that are just factually incorrect and he gets a public to believe robert rice exposed a whole kitten caboodle on a thing called national popular vote legislation folks when you hear this thing run for the health what is the democrats want of always a direct democracy why is that while the line about a direct democracy is its were too were to wolves and achieve voting outlets for dinner right that's it there we don't have the direct democracy in other words people vote every single issue an errand and majority wins folks is because majority rule can be just as tyrannical as actual tyranny what do i mean by that the electoral vote given that fifty states get a say in the presidential election based on what happens in their state state not nationally prevents
two wolves and a sheep voting on for dinner because joe it prevents is let's say i was trying to think of an example today i'm sitting near walkin around my house it's early in the morning and i work out early now and i'm like he is a good example do you think farm land again this is not a true question i promise you do you think arm land generally benefits people who live in midtown manhattan generally no no no because there very little if any far blackened may download at so i thought to myself ok what if new our city got together a direct democracy and banded together enough votes to put her verandah money national ballot that said or farmland is going to be taxed at ninety percent and procedure going to go to subway systems nationwide could be what new york having one of the biggest what would that be fair no that would meet again now
tricks actually open if you suppose i do sent em up a little bit but very rarely but very reality using catches me anyway so it's not really that fund when i do but at that is that not a democracy right he's gonna go to you i ve ever more people voted for a bill that said farmland procedure to be taxed at ninety percent monies to go directly in the subway systems and it benefit in new york city that's democratic right still sucks do that's going on a mug joe armor cost quote it still socks bout out direct democracy will put you will put your next july next direct democracy karma cost it still socks you're right it's sort of course it sucks and end the found there's understood that there can a tyranny of a majority that's not different from a tyranny of an oligarchy or a monarchy people can't vote
away others rights folk that's why we don't have a direct democracy we have a constitutional republic otherwise called in some cases a representative democracy where reelect people in certain regions to represent our local regional interests not national interests in many cases the democrats tat is because i understand the tyranny of the majority and they understand they own the population centres new york city chicago wolf los angeles love they are baltimore we're all the populations are for the populations of major regions of the country are concentrated in america's big cities they always understood the liberals that if they could get the electoral college to go away and make this a national popular vote referendum they can enforce the tyranny of the majority and take away the rights of the minority the united it's never wanted that so now we have a system where the may just because i'm afraid it explains why the electoral college when them
already of people in the state of wisconsin joe vote for president from which they didn't this election president trump at that i'm candidate trump gets the electoral votes from wisconsin what the democrats are trying to do this scam and remember the name cause you need to tell the legislators about this the national popular vote legislation this is really slack what they're trying to do and it goes to show you by the way i'm at a quote for a second and how they always i might add that we lied to you they always lie they never tell you they in this the phrase zaga we're not trying to get rid of the electoral college and now robber rice exposed the whole kickapoo by seeing all yet we need to get rid of the electoral college again pulling the wool over what they're trying to do is there trying to get two hundred and seven the electoral vote states to sign on too have their electrical member joe you need two hundred seventy electoral votes nationally to win the presidency to sign on two points
pledging their allegiance to vote for the winter the national popular vote not devote mistake me do you see what i'm saying ass he was cards and would have in fact the present would not be present if this is the case because president trump one wisconsin he not win the national popular vote so if with pledged its electors to voting to it is this it is an unbelievably brilliant scamp because once of these state election in wisconsin we'd have president will says it's a folks i hate to say i don't mean this in a complimentary qualitative way it is it is an unbelievably brilliant scamp because on two hundred and seventy electoral votes states or more sign onto that compact it
the matter what the other states do joe the winner of the national popular vote when you see my point i should live in wisconsin michigan new york california they all sign ought to say we're not we don't care about the vote in california in new york was cuts we only care about the national popular vote then the winner actual popular vote already has two hundred seventy electoral votes it doesn't matter what happens in the states genius now the well intentioned folks of the electoral college was to avoid the two wolves and a sheep at dinner a conundrum the point of electoral college was too it sure that farmers in wisconsin engineers in wisconsin that ought workers in michigan that western pennsylvania call minors that view our interest could be represented on a government at not coequal level but in a representative democracy
you see what i'm saying joe it's not coequal because pennsylvania doesn't have the same amount of electoral votes is california california is more people but have a say based on what happens in pennsylvania based on their population if slovenia swears onto this national popular vote thing then event pennsylvania don't matter because workers this this they're just swearing ought to what happens in the popular vote nationally swearing their allegiance to it also the house of representatives is obviously waited on population so although each take its two senators to protected against that the two wolves and the sheep scenario to also allow some representative democracy they just the house of representatives based on how many people live in the state is basically a member you get a member for roughly every seven hundred thousand people in your state so it's they are totally wipe affects the white wide clean the effects of population but it is not a majority rule system this
then the examiner today it's an amazing peace and this would folks this would go into effect is now no popular vote legislation i took some notes on this for four years after two hundred and seventy electoral vote states sign on for obvious reasons post this is a huge scale this is a total subversion of from of of our constitution republican representative democracy and another a brilliant point brought up in a peace and read it quicker little snippet from the minute but a brilliant point brought up in the is joe do you honestly think cassettes a bookkeeper mind there's nothing stopping these electors from going back in their pledge f a republic and with the national popular vote member than this i'm sorry it's always a scam the democrats only want this when the democrat wins the national vote to get a state like wisconsin devoted for trop to vote frailer they don't we want to tell the truth you but do you honestly think that if done
tromp wins the popular vote and liberal states that sign onto this same marilyn massachusetts places like that that would sign onto its somethin like that potentially do you want us think show that the massachusetts electors are going to vote their state for donald trump if you were to win the national popular i dont you laugh because there's zippo chad's this national popular voting is it is a win win for the democrats it's an excuse to some representative democracy when the democrat wins the popular vote at its etiquette by the way it's not binding so what a republican windsor national popular vote tell all turn around a go now tat we ve we really mean that if not by they were going to vote for the other person it's that it's a total joe this is the biggest scam ever don't fall for now here's a quote from the washings out a piece of good want to show you how liberals are full of crap every time they ever tell you the truth chuck humor where this is good
increase the debt decrease but of class taxes this is the same guy who supports end was dead and hiking tax payers liberalism is a scam a fraud it is a bs act it's a bad magician at a saturday early morning kids party where you sit near going my got out of the kids like this this is but they are there are jobs there fraud they never tell you the truth they have been saying this national popular voting this is not an effort to subvert the electoral college will rice as it so here's a call for the peace for anyone who has been following this issue racist language is astonishing his state contradicts everything the national popular vote people been telling legislators especially red state legislators for years national the vote has been steadfastly pretending joe your names out there that is proposal whose pro constitution and pro electoral college yeah ok ok though goods so this is their words
let's be clear national popular vote lobbyists laura broad blasted several years ago now popular vote legislation being voted on and supported by legislators across these gradation does abolish the electoral college other national popular vote lobbyists have routinely agreed the idea that the net popular vote abolishes attacks neuter subverts the electoral college or the constitution we're not sure why just came out mouthpiece basically said listen let's get the national poppy i mean let's get rid of the electoral college completely by instituting this national popular vote in other words telling you that everything i ve been telling you folks you don't believe me read the peace everything let me tell you the whole time is complete utter pull garbage its pool just make you never ever trust liberals ever trust rhino republicans either but definitely don't trust liberals
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website punch you know that common lake where you if you'd linked you'll get the we get credit forty or so out of me at their service i too had a couple more stories and wanted to head on and off went to get the bottom i definitely want to cover this growing then the media foe controversy about trump conversation with this wife who lost her hero husband in combat in nigeria you know folks i listen i i don't know how many times i have to explain i'm not trouble psychologists and i'm i'm i'm not trying to be i'm not absurd the truck trumps a sinner like you and i are ok he's a man in an incredibly stressful position he's had a really busy life is clearly made
mistakes but i'm be no not want to throw stones for his moral failings if he sincere in his redemption which i think he's try and i really do i'm i'm by support the president i'm really offended by this whole thing you know was it was a great idea to bring up we'll bomber called and didn't not to be candid folks now it may probably wasn't i mean each president as a different way bush obama you no clear and i know this isn't me be in you know chickens do about it just each president has a different way i i understand that i've never obviously been presided states but i've been in some really odd positions before where people have asked me can you call this person about this in your like and it's okay people euros but some people just don't want to hear president sounds crazy so its people wasn't a good idea to bring it up but she's trump for calling a widow of a
unbelievably heroic american green moray when all its alleged alleged trump said trot if need be saying you said this but even if we did is my point molly said joe was he knew what he signed up for and he did it anyway what what's the problem with that let me get this straight he's a queens guy like me he's not claimed to be a wordsmith we're not you know shakespearian orders were it's a bunch of new york kids whoever lifting wage issues in politics obviously ran for i do the see i i am you joe seriously your regular it be mere literally that the average joe i mean that as a compliment shows our working guy goes to work he likes motorcycles cars guy stuff sports lifting waits what is it's a kid he's just job
you see i mean probably asking you to be strictly care that with this decision thing wrong without at all i think that was his way of saying this man was a hero the exactly i don't i'm still try hit a desperately get what disk hat congresswoman integrate florida where live frederick wilson who is a joke a farce i mean a complete dickie was side show of an act she's i was going to pick up the phone curse about war you look good luck doing that you complete peace a garbage you will get a curse him out for calling a widow to emphasise the point that this hero knew we could die and signed up anyway give me a break and break this is a false fake news controversy invented by hack disgusting filth politicians like fred a week fred of riga wilson wherever a name is whose a total farce a total joke
a total sideshow has no business being in congress or in any position of leadership at all to bear from it to herself her district and our country we're going to curse out the president for cod a widow on her time over can hero building in ended in earnest and combat situation for saying that he knew what he signed up for any did it anyway that's all you ve got an you wonder why people like frederico wilson only appeal radical hack liberals in their own districts this is a woman who could never run stay wider aims should be left off the stage left off the stage embarrassing out i'm sorry i we to get such a macabre story this is sometimes this trend these transitions are tough but i just saw this to it and fox and some call me about it from bustle back home yesterday is they asked me
a linear tromp uses body doubles the stories been getting some cause they share some picture tat there were our glasses folks listen to me please i beg you i know my audience i love you to death there are no body doubles in the secret service ok it's not even legal if a number of reasons spend taxpayers money defending civilian pretending to be the president is probably what you would probably be fired for that there are a body doubles there's no milan your body double it doesn't happen not they get secret service protection it does work that way there are no body double so scrap that story i don't forget doing in tomorrow i got a couple more things i want to get too i gotta talk about the collapse of total utter complete collapse of one of the three imbecile musketeers you know holly with the media and academia it's just lapsing right now there eating each other over there which is in some ways sir you know it said
watch because not that i feel bad for hollywood but through efficacious it s going to affect all of us and so the story about their let's go phenomenon who alexander murray bill is terrible lamar alexander patty mary focuses its complete mess that forget it away from it it's a total disaster it basically funds obama z economic failures in exchange for a little bit of plasticity for the states to mould their individual state programmes but it's a disaster get away from adam glad trump is in supporting it it's a night bambi i talk about a little more marked but thanks again for two and please go to punch you know that calm and today my email is by what i put in a instructions if you have an amazon echo it's really simple by the way on how to listen to our show using just quit boys commands and amazon echo i will put it at the end the link on my show notes today about gino dot com so go check it out
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